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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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antioch police are investigating a deadly shooting near a school. police were called after shots were fired at around 10:30 this morning at crater peak way and black diamond drive. that's a few blocks from dallas ranch middle school. chopper 5 was over the scene. police say the victim was a 21- year-old man it's not clear what led up to the shooting. parents of students were sent an automated metsage that their children were safe. >> developing news out of richmond tonight where the man accused of starting a fire that killed his young son has surrendered to authorities. 53-year-old darrylone shuemake senior, turned himself in at a richmond street corner. he was telling police that he was suicidal. shuemake is now in custody in vallejo. he is the father of this five- year-old boy who died on in a house fire in vallejo on sunday morning. >> we don't know why he came to richmond to turn himself in. but we were just fortunate we
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had the officers. he was kind of despondent. he didn't do anything or hurt anyone else. he was taken into custody. >> the child's mother had second- and third-degree burns. a 13-year-old boy in the home as well had minor burns a fast-moving fire this morning ripped through a santa clara strip mall and several business owners are left wondering if they can ever rebuild. maria medina reports from the rancho shopping center with the damage and devastation. maria. >> reporter: liz, it took firefighters nearly five hours to put out this fire and we're still seeing hot spots out here. in all, eight businesses destroyed including one man who survived more than three decades only for it to end like this. hours after the firefight, as the smoke cleared and the sun came up, the victims finally saw the destruction left behind. >> it's shocking.
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it's really, really a shock. >> reporter: surin verma is one of the people at the shopping center to lost everything. he found owe at the gym this morning while watching the news. >> i just saw the front business and then i says, there's something wrong going on. >> reporter: santa clara firefighters say the fire began just before 3 a.m. spreading quickly even using a drone to help them put out the flames. the fire stopped right before donna's dance studio. >> it could have been me. inches probably literally inches away. >> looked like everything is gone. we'll have to build it up or do it again. >> reporter: many others weren't so lucky. long-time shops like surin's who opened the store more than 3 decades ago but he believes he will be okay whether he chooses to rebuild or not. >> honestly i don't know.
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i'll take the time to decide. >> reporter: firefighters will be here overnight because of those hot spots. now, they expect to go into the building tomorrow to start their investigation into what caused this fire. live in santa clara, maria medina, kpix 5. campaign 2016, things getting a little ugly outside a trump rally in southern california. take a look. this was the scene in anaheim this afternoon where police arrested one man in the middle of the street. a little earlier, some of trump's critics confronted some of his supporters while throwing trump paraphernalia on the ground and stomping on it. the tense situation prompted police to line the streets on foot. other officers were on horseback. >> when i say that, um, we will fight by any means necessary, i mean those words. >> there are reports of at least two arrests outside the rally and inside the event, a protestor interrupted donald trump as he spoke.
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so trump called for security escort the man out. >> out, out, out, out, out. don't hurt him. even though he's a bad person, folks. bad person. >> the chaotic scene this is anaheim come after these violent protests outside a trump rally in alburqueque, new mexico. protestors fought police officers. they threw rocks and barricades, set fires and broke glass. four people were arrested there. but alburqueque police say more arrests will be made. hillary clinton will be in the bay area ahead of next month's primary. she is scheduled to attend a private fundraiser at a home in atherton and tomorrow, clinton will hold events in san jose and san francisco. meanwhile, clinton is under fire again for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. an internal state department audit finds clinton and her team ignored guidelines for avoiding cyber security risks. while the report acknowledges personal email use by previous
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secretaries, it also notes that the rules for preserving work emails sent from a personal email account were updated in 2009, the year clinton took office. new details in the train crash that killed a mother and her young daughter. we learned today the area near the tracks is a construction zone. mark kelly reports from san leandro with how that changes this investigations. >> reporter: the initial investigation showing that this railroad crossing yesterday was also a pg&e construction zone. that means traffic was more confusing than usual yesterday when the crash happened. we learned today that where the crash happened that killed a woman and her daughter, pg&e had set up a construction zone changing the traffic patterns many drivers here were used to. >> the construction in the roadway with traffic lanes closures, condensing that traffic down making it heavier than normal. >> reporter: but the lieutenant
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with san leandro police department says the proper signage was posted warning drivers about the construction zone and that two lanes would be merging into one. >> there was very, very clear warning from a very, very safe distance that the traffic would be merging. >> reporter: but still, oaklander vanessa and her 3- year-old daughter were on the tracks. amtrak 532 smacked into their toyota rav-4 yesterday afternoon clipping the front of the vehicle with enough force to send it a quarter mile up the tracks. >> the likelihood is that car was stopped, that car likely was trapped in traffic never had a chance to even see that railway arm unless you were looking in the rear view mirror to see it coming down behind her vehicle. >> reporter: surveillance video and data from the train will serving a a black box of sorts -- as a black box of sorts to hopefully reveal new details of the crash and ensure it doesn't happen again. >> we won't have those answers until sometime next week.
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>> reporter: that computer data is supposed to show investigators when the breaks were applied on that train and also how fast the train was going at the time of the crash. but top speed through this corridor is typically 79 miles per hour. live in san leandro, mark kelly, kpix 5. tomorrow east bay mayors will be holding an emergency meeting on the rash of freeway shootings. they want state money for freeway cameras. the shooting last night on i-80 in hercules. there have been more than 20 separate shootings on that stretch of freeway since november. hercules mayor dan romero is calling the shootings a matter of public safety. today he presented a plan to ask the governor for state funding to install surveillance cameras on freeway on- and off- ramps. the mayor wants the cameras up in just a matter of months. new at 5:00, you think teachers are overworked? kpix 5's emily turner on a
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school staffing crisis that has left students suffering. >> reporter: one school, one nurse. but local school districts say that is a pipe dream. and the reality of the actual numbers, might shock you. this little guy is going home from rosa parks elementary school today with a migraine. mom came to pick him up but while he waited there was nothing the school could do to help him feel better. >> i feel really bad. really bad that he suffered from pain and i cannot be here to help him and feel better which i know just given him ibuprofen would make him feel better. >> reporter: but he couldn't have it because the only nurse on staff has to tackle administrative items and can't give him the medicine. it's one of the many school districts facing a major shortage of school nurses. your kids are the ones paying the price. the american association of pediatrics updated their nurse policy this week calling another one nurse in each school. -- calling for one nurse in
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each school. but across the state it's one nurse to every 2,784 students. most counties are worse. santa cruz is the worst with 13, 432 students per nurse. the best is san francisco, 1,517 students. >> we have been pushing for school nursing for years. it's just a huge amount of funding that we don't have. >> reporter: so school secretaries are now in charge of kids' welfare. but they are limited to ice and band-aids. districts like berkeley have asked but can't get the funding for anything else. so in the meantime they all do the best they can with what they have. in berkeley, emily turner, kpix 5. the san jose sharks play the blues tonight for game 6 of the western conference finals. here is a live look at the s.a.p. center. the sharks are up three games to two and tonight, they have home ice advantage! they are just one win away from
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their first trip to the stanley cup finals in franchise history. the game starts in just about an hour. you can see outside the center fans are pumped up for the puck to drop. now to the warriors. they need to win or the season is over. word the team may be in for a name change. "chronicle" says that when the "dubs" move across the bay owners plan to change the name to the san francisco warriors. like it used to be. we had our art department do a mockup of what that logo might look like. these are renderings of the warriors' new digs. the chase center in san francisco. it will be an 18,000-seat arena on the waterfront. it's expected to be ready for the move-in for the fall 2019 nba season. a sillicon valley billionaire at the center of a controversial lawsuit. >> coming up, why he is accused of getting revenge on a gossip website.
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>> it's a tool many believe will let you lock in the lowest price on airfare. but there's a catch. coming up how to cash in on fare locks. >> we'll show you a rare frog species on the brinks of extinction. how a bay area group is helping to restored the dwindling population. ,,,,
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to fix nightmare security l. the t-s-a will be hiring 76w screeners and hopes to havem job by mid- june. head of the tsa is project to fix nightmare security lines. they will be hiring 768 new screeners and hopes to have them on the job by mid-june. most will be stationed at the busiest airports, chicago, atlanta, l.a. in the past weeks, thousands of passengers have missed flights due to screening backlogs. the new help designed to ease the crunch of summer travelers. some airlines are now
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offering a type of price protection. it's an option to lock in a price for a ticket for a few days before you commit to buying it. consumerwatch reporter julie watts is live at sfo with who the plans really protect. >> reporter: yeah, you know, these tools allow to you lock in the lowest price on airline tickets, they are becoming more popular. more airlines are offering them. but we have discovered there is a catch. >> i really thought that fare lock would give me the best price. >> reporter: she knows a thing or two about finding good travel deals. she books travel for station employees. one of her tricks? fare lock a program offered by united that for a small fee lets you freeze the fare while you make up your mind for a few days. when she recently went back to purchase a fare locked flight she noticed something surprising when she checked the flight on a different browser. >> it was $100 less than i was locked into it fare lock. >> reporter: she thought it
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secured the lowest price with that period. >> i would have thought with the emails you get reminding you to purchase the ticket that there would have been something that indicated that perhaps there was a better deal available. >> reporter: but it turns out that's not the case. >> airlines want to protect you against a fare going up but protect themselves against the fare going down. >> reporter: henry says it's up to the consumer to price check often to ensure they are getting the best deal. and united is not alone. american airlines offers a similar extended hold program for a small fee but like united, american says it only prevents the price from going up. they don't notify you if it drops although he says that's increasingly rare. >> with demand up 4%, chances are fares are more likely going up than down and i believe you'll see more airlines offer this in the future. >> i ultimately ended up getting a better deal. >> reporter: as for gretchen, she says she will keep fare lock in her arsenal of low cost airfare tools. she will just use it a bit different. >> i would just price check it
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every day. >> reporter: now, there is a third party option called trip lock that you can use on sites like orbitz, expedia, third party booking sites and they say they notify you if the price goes down. it's important to remember that the airlines are required to hold a quoted fare for 24 hours if you make a reservation and you also are allowed to cancel within 24 hours for a full refund so there's two days right there. at sfo, julie watts, kpix 5. a new warning from tesla about its autopilot technology. after someone posted video of a driver asleep behind the wheel, take a look at this, a person in another car recorded this video that appears to show a tesla driver asleep in a slow- moving traffic. the company says autopilot technology is designed to give drivers confidence behind the wheel. tesla is using the video as a, quote, what not to do reminding drivers to remain alert and responsible. deep pockets and deep desire for revenge, possibly a
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sillicon valley billionaire accused of secretly funding hulk hogan's lawsuit against the gossip block gawker. kpix 5 anger michelle griego explains why peter thiel is suspect of taking action against that website. >> reporter: hulk hogan had sex with his best friend's wife. there was a tape that ended up on gawker. you willing got a lawyer and according to the -- hulk got a lawyer and according to the "new york times" peter thiel helped pay his legal fees. why does he care? consider this, in 2007, gawker posted a story entitled, peter thiel is totally gay, people. the article did go on to call peter the smartest venture capitalist in the world but peter was outed and not happy about it. a couple of years later, peter told an online magazine, i'm not particularly flattered by being targeted. he called gawker owned valley
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waving the gossip site that's no longer around the sillicon valley equivalent of al qaeda. so is this a case of an outed billionaire happy to spend a few of his many bucks to get revenge? so far, peter thiel isn't saying a word. just today, a florida judge denied gawker's request for a new trial and won't reduce the verdict. michelle griego kpix 5. love whole foods but hate the prices? a few hours ago whole foods opened up their first 365 store in los angeles. it's a discount supermarket aimed at millennials. 365 features a ton of grab and go options, a craft beer bar and a tea mixing station. two bay area locations are set to open in concord and san francisco. new at 5:00 some bay area help for a species of frog in danger of dying off. kpix 5's don ford on how the
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san francisco zoo has come to the rescue. >> reporter: they can barely contain themselves. fourth grade students from north hillsboro elementary school are visiting the san francisco zoo to see tadpoles. the iconic california red- legged frog. next week these kids and tadpoles will travel to yosemite national park where the tadpoles, not the kids, will be released into the lake. >> these frogs have been endangered for a long time and they are, like, really endangered! >> reporter: the zoo is carefully raising these rare tadpoles and more than a half century ago, red-legged frogs used to live behind the ahwahnee hotel. >> they're beautiful frogs, too. red-legged frogs this is the mark twain jumping frog. it's big. it's gorgeous. and it's to get back into the yosemite valley. >> reporter: when grown they look different than normal green frogs and, yes, they are red. it's an exciting time for both
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biologists and students. >> wow! how did you learn so much about frogs? >> science. >> reporter: once these animals are reintroduced know yosemite valley next week the park service will carefully monitor them for the next year to ensure they have a good start on life. at the san francisco zoo, don ford, kpix 5. >> bringing them back to yosemite. got to love that story. apple ceo tim cook may be seeing things. >> he says he sees an iphone depicted in a centuries old painting in amsterdam. decide for yourself. look at the person standing up. no, it's not a glimpse intoe future from 350 years ago. the title of the painting by rembrandt is "man hands letr to >> he does appear to be holding something in the shape of an iphone but it's not a glimpse into the future from 350 years ago. the title of the painting by rembrandt is, man hands letter to woman in hall. ha. letters. >> okay. weekend warmup on the way. >> your memorial day weekend forecast coming up. ,,
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julie watts live at sfo with a look at our weather. and it's going to be a beautiful weekend, sounds like? >> it is going to be a beautiful weekend. i will say it's a little windy here at sfo west winds at 23 with gusts up to 2. and, of course, up to 32. gray skies at the coast and inland, as well. a live look over the golden gate bridge, we have some peeks of blue with some clouds out there. current conditions right now in the 60s for most folks. 72 in concord. 67 san jose. 75 santa rosa. 66 right now in livermore. taking a look at hi-def doppler, we are active right now over the sierra. a low over southern california popping up some thunderstorms once again today. we have seen this last couple of days. this will likely be the last day. a closer look at lake county shows we have some impressive
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cells in our neck of the woods just to the east of saint helena north of woodland and davis. some impressive cells there. from the satellite perspective i can show you why. this area of low pressure which has been dominating the forecast now exiting our area. we will see high pressure building over the region over the next couple of days and along with that will be more sunshine and a gradual warming trend. so what to expect as we move on to the next few days? well, low clouds and drizzle, some coastal drizzle tonight possible. and then sunny and seasonal for many tomorrow. warming continues on this gradual warning trend as we head on into the weekend. overnight tonight lows dipping down into the 50s for most folks. 49 santa rosa and napa. 51 in san rafael. 53 fremont. 53 in san jose. high temperatures tomorrow, right around average for this time of the year. maybe a shade above average for this time of the year. temperatures topping out in the 60s and 70s areawide. starting off in the south bay
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mid-70s for many locations, 80 in los gatos, 67 in hayward. east bay temperatures similar temperature range warmest folks warming up into the low 80s, 80 in pittsburg, 82 antioch, 76 walnut creek. 75 vallejo. around the bay temperatures topping out in the upper 70s for the east bay. 50s at the coast. topping out near 80 in the north bay clearlake 80, 79 in lakeport. your extended forecast shows a gradual warming trend temperatures in the 80s into the weekend plenty of sunshine. sticking around in the 80s, upper 80s as we move on into next week. we'll be right back. ,, (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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tonight: your bridge tolls paying for i'm allen martin in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 your bridge tolls are paying for this fancy new office space. and we asked, what exactly are commuters getting out of this deal? there's big buzz for this bay area restaurant's debut. the top chefs on a mission to change fast food as we know it. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. >> thank you. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. up next, charlie rose will be filling more for scott pelley on the "cbs evening news" -- figure in for scott pelley on the "cbs evening news." >> see you tonight at 6:00. and remember the latest news and weather, always on captions by: caption colorado
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>> r >> rose: a government investigation finds hillary clinton's use of a private e- mail server, as secretary of state, violated security guidelines. >> the inspector general's report not good. >> rose: also tonight, dozens of tornadoes tear across the plains. >> oh, it's hitting the house! >> rose: cbs news investigates deadly seat back failures. and a six-year-old spelling champ's favorite word. it's something quite atrocious. >> pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovo lcanoconiosis. >> reporter: can you spell it for me? >> p-n-e-u-m-- captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening.


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