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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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novato. the first reports are just coming in but it happened on a hillside off of fairway drive not far from the marin country club. at first, one victim was discovered then a short time later a second person shot. the marin independent journal reporting there is a search under way for three suspects in this shooting. we'll have more on this as we get the details in. chopper 5 is on the way. new at 6:00, sticker shock for the agency in charge of toll money and other major transit projects. the price of mtc's new office is skyrocketed to more than a quarter billion dollars. we sent phil matier to find out who is paying for it. >> reporter: well, guess who is noting it, you and i and every other toll payor in the bay area. what do we get in the end? today they opened it up in
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typical san francisco style. let's take a look. after being serenaded by a drag queen, local politicos cut the ribbon on the new $257 million metro center all to house the bay area's ever growing transit, air quality and planning bureaucracy. >> this is a huge step in terms of regional cooperation. >> reporter: huge is right! 8 stories of offices and chat spaces with coffee bars, outdoor patio and high-tech commission meeting room with a tv control center. but like many projects, the building also went way over budget from $167 million to $257 million. >> get started on it start pulling things apart and the next thing you know, there's a little more to do. >> reporter: in this case about
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$90 million more. >> i was concerned but i think it's working well. >> reporter: it certainly is impressive but what do you and i get out of it? it's not like muni is going to be less crowded. and bart is still planning to ask voters for a $3.5 billion bond to keep the system running. bridge tolls will likely be going up, as well. >> putting the best planners we have in the same space is going to help. >> we got a great real estate deal. >> reporter: it's going to be interesting because we have been paying for this. and the real estate market in san francisco has gone crazy so they say this is a gold mine waiting to happen if we ever needed to sell it. probably even make more than $274 million. but the problem is, we're not going to sell it. we are going to keep using it. so i hope you enjoy it because here it is all yours. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. in campaign 2016, our exclusive poll shows where things stand in the big contest
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in the south bay nearly two weeks before our california primary. in the race for the 17th congressional district, incumbent mike honda has the support of 31% of voters polled while his main opponent ro khanna has 25%. devin fehely says khanna is ready for a rematch with honda like the 2014 election but with a different outcome. >> i always thought that politics could really make an impact in people's lives. >> reporter: despite trailing slightly in our exclusive poll, ro khanna is itching for a rematch with his opponent congressman mike honda dogged by an ongoing ethics investigation. khanna believes the political scales have finally tipped in his favor. >> congressman honda in his office gave special favors to donors so it started as this investigation about mingling of staff but it became something much worse. >> reporter: the june 7 primary will once again pit the
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political newcomer against the incumbent. khanna narrowly lost to him two years ago in his first political campaign. this time around he went to great lengths to distinguish himself from the long- time congressman even pledging not to accept money fro lobbyists, corporations or political action committees a move dismissed by the honda campaign what do you say that at best this is a symbolic gesture and at worst political smoke and mirrors? >> if it was smoke and mirrors, everyone would do it. obviously no other candidates are doing it because it comes at a cost, you're not taking money and there are only 9 candidates in the country running federally who have committed to it. >> reporter: the pledge hasn't hurt his fundraising. he raised more money than congressman honda and built a war chest with nearly $2 million in the bank compared to honda $800,000. he also enjoys the endorsement of politicians who both
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supported him two years ago. >> i give voters this promise that if they do send me to washington, i will work doubly hard to be their congressman. >> reporter: in santa clara, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> we know you would have liked to have heard from congressman honda. >> we asked his campaign for an interview and let them know we would be talking with mr. khanna but the honda campaign told us the congressman is, quote, booked solid until the primary. new at 6:00 a search for a teenager missing under suspicious circumstances in vallejo. this morning a witness saw 15- year-old pearl pinson being pulled by a man on the 780 pedestrian overcrossing. she had blood on her face and was yelling for help. the man pulling her has been identified as 19-year-old fernando castro. witnesses say he had a firearm in his hand. the deputies haven't confirmed if there was a shooting. investigators hope dna testing can identify a headless
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torso found by the bay bridge this afternoon. a worker found the torso on the rocks by the eastern end of the bridge. investigators say it appears to be the remains of a young male but so far no way of telling if this was an accident, suicide or a crime. >> it appears that the body may have been in the water for at least a month if not longer possibly on the rocks for a couple of days. so the body is quite decomposed. >> they will be checking with agencies across the bay area to see if the body matches any unsolved cases. a fire at a strip mall started about 3 a.m. this morning at the rancho shopping center off el camino real. firefighters work for hours to put this fire out even using a drone to help them get a better view. but it was too late for many
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shops including a family-run jewelry shop open for over 30 years. the man found out his business was on fire when it was on the news this morning at the gym. >> it's shocking. it's really a shock. i don't know what's going to happen. so i take every minute of the time. >> firefighters say that fire destroyed eight businesses. they will be able to go into the building tomorrow to start their investigation into the cause. it's a huge problem, people illegally using disabled placards to park for free. now the state is doing something about it. kpix 5's mike sugerman on the audit now facing the dmv. mike. >> reporter: liz, we have been doing stories about this, i can remember, back to 1990, that's 26 years ago, and attempts to stop it have been going on for almost as long. nothing has worked. now a new idea to audit the dmv. will it work? there is hope. there is an incredible amount
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of fraud going on for years. there has to be. does one in eight california drivers have a disability? that's how many placards there are out there. >> there would be no more meters available for everybody. >> reporter: everyone with a disability placard couldn't park at a meter because there are twice as many placards as there are san francisco parking meters. why? it's easy to get. just fill out there form and have a doctor sign it. maybe an audiologist will say you have a balance problem and can't walk for or a psychiatrist that says you're depressed. there's a way to get one. >> doctors get very low fees on hmo capitations so that what's it to the doctor to fill out a form for you to keep you as a patient? >> reporter: he helped write a grand jury report on problem almost 10 years ago and has been fighting for reform ever since. >> there was a place in san francisco where we were told that if you went for $750 in
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cash, you would get a completed form authorized by the right type of medical practitioner. >> reporter: but nothing was done. so the problem is massive. is this the answer? >> we think dmv clearly is [ indiscernible ] realize the magnitude of the problem. >> reporter: a democrat and republican joined together to ask for an audit of dmv procedures, a republican and democrat working together?! when was the last time you heard that happen in today's political atmosphere? >> the benefit of the audit is that it's going to bring to light the issue of whether enforcement is enough or whether there needs to be some additional changes. >> reporter: like whether balance or parking anxiety is an appropriate reason to park at any meter without paying as long as you want. that's what you get with one of these passes. we should point out that it is the disabled community itself that wants these changes because they don't think that
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anybody should abuse it. it's taking their parking spots away from people who need them. mike sugerman, kpix 5. a big win for taxi drivers over unfair compensation. a judge ordered yellow cab taxi company of mountain view to pay $175,000 in back wages. an investigation showed the owner intentionally misclassified drivers as independent contractors instead of full-time employees to avoid paying the minimum wage. the awards for the drivers go from $500 to $25,000 each. he is famous for creating the korean taco truck. now he is on a mission to reinvent fast food. the healthy menu drawing business crowds in the east bay. >> trapped in traffic. the change at this bay area intersection right before a mother and her toddler were hit by a train. how it could change the
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investigation. >> and some bart workers making triple their salaries just in overtime. only on "5" how bart is explaining the budget busting over time. >> and it's windy and cool here at sfo. in fact, temperatures today around the bay slightly below average. but a warming trend is on the way. details coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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search for suspects in and e search for suspects in nova. ken bastida is in the newsroom... etting word people two people shot and the search for the suspects in novato. ken bastida is live in our newsroom with an update on our top story. >> reporter: we are just getting word of people in novato who live near fairway drive are being told to "shelter in place." stay where you are if you are in your house. stay there. if you are working, stay in your office. all this as a search is under way right now for as many as three suspects. here's what we know. a lot of this is coming in as
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we speak. sheriff's deputies found two people with gunshot wounds in an open space area off fairway drive in novato. this is in the area near the marin country club. the shooting was reported about 5:00. one gunshot victim was found right away. then later another victim found. no word on their conditions right now. we want to give you a visual idea of the area that this search is going on right now. you can see it's open space right at the end of that cul-de- sac. this is a neighborhood of fairly affluent homes that dead ends in that open space. we have live pictures from chopper 5 heading to the location right now. marin independent journal reports that the shooting may involve as many as three suspected and a manhunt is
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under way. novato police and marin county sheriffs are involved. shelter in place in the immediate area of fairway drive drive. we'll have more as chopper 5 arrives on scene. >> thank you. the father at the center of an arson and murder investigation in vallejo turned himself in. 53-year-old darrylone shuemake, sr., called richmond police this morning and said he was suicidal. they took him into custody before handing him to vallejo police. he is the father of this 5-year- old boy who died in a house fire on sunday morning in vallejo. the child's mother is in the hospital in critical condition. a 13-year-old boy in the home had minor burns. new details in the deadly amtrak crash yesterday that killed a mother and daughter. we have learned there was heavier than usual traffic in the area because of construction. pg&e was doing work near the railroad crossing forcing traffic near the tracks to
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merge from two lanes down to one. investigators say the proper signage was posted warning drivers of the changes. still, vanessa enriquez and her 3-year-old daughter were killed on the tracks. >> the likelihood is that car was stopped, trapped in traffic and never saw the arm unless she were looking in the rear view mirror to see it coming down behind her vehicle. >> police say the crossing arms and lights at the railroad crossing were working properly. many san francisco streets are in bad shape so today mayor ed lee announced that the city will spend more than $100 million to resurface streets. part of the plan to improve the city's pavement condition index. busy masonic avenue will be getting a makeover. the mta set to break ground on that $18 million streetscape improvement project next month. it will span from geary boulevard to fell street. all in of safety.
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the board of supervisors approved the project in 200. >> more bike lanes and trees. fewer parking spaces. all in the name safety. the board of supervisors approved the project back in 2008 to cut down on traffic- related injuries and deaths. construction is expected to last 18 months. new at 6:00 well known chefs are serving up healthy fast food in oakland without busting customers' budgets. kpix 5's john ramos found out the restaurant owners hope their business will make an impact when it comes to race relations. >> reporter: broadway and 22nd may be ground zero in oakland's restaurant renaissance. but the long line today was for everyone's guilty pleasure, fast food. [ yelling number ] >> reporter: welcome to local, oakland's brand-new street chic sardine can of a restaurant that is a collaboration between renowned bay area chef and restaurateur daniel patterson and famed l.a.
6:18 pm
food guru and urban philosopher roy choi. >> what i'm bringing is just a little bit of l.a. flavor and sense of humor, attitude. but i'm connecting with the street. >> reporter: along with noodles and salads, you can get a $5 burger or tortilla wrap made with fresh natural ingredients. choi created a craze with his l.a. food truck and made for tv personality. but with local, first in watts and now in oakland, he and patterson are making a social statement. hiring workers from communities scarred by racial strife. >> our country isolates. we categorize and isolate people from each other. and so slowly about bringing people together. l.a., san francisco. >> reporter: sitting shoulder to shoulder on plain wooden boxers diners can't help but come together. it's crowded and loud. and a whole lot of fun. and the chef's enthusiasm is infectious to the customers and employees. >> where we taking local? how far does it go, the world,
6:19 pm
right? >> across the world! >> reporter: they want to use the universal experience of food to unite people. but, of course, nothing spices things up like a little southern california-bay area rivalry. >> you got a better baseball team. you know. but we got better burritos. you know? [ laughter ] >> reporter: in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> and in keeping with their social justice mission, the owners say the next restaurant in the local chain will be created in ferguson, missouri. julie watts is at sfo. i didn't see sun until 4 p.m. >> i can tell you the sun is coming out now. it's been in my eyes for most of this live shot. [ laughter ] >> yeah. you can see it right there. we will see more sunshine though as we head into the holiday weekend. just what a lot of folks want over the weekend. outside now there's sunshine for many folks this afternoon. highs today warming up into the
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mid-70s for santa rosa. topping out at 65 in oakland, 66 fremont, 62 san francisco. there are thunderstorms out there. a lot of folks getting drenched right now. thundershowers are popping up over the sierra and over portions of lake county. a closer look at lake county shows really some impressive cells east of lake berryessa. another handful of cells just to the north of clearlake and they haven't moved a lot over the last hour or so. they are getting drenched. area of low pressure now moving -- pushing off to the east. as it does we have a ridge of high pressure building in over the pacific that's going to warm things up. gradual warming heading into the next few days. low clouds with coastal drizzle tonight. then sunny and seasonal for most tomorrow. warming trend continues into the weekend with plenty of sunshine for your holiday weekend.
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high temperatures tomorrow topping out in the mid- to upper 70s for the warmest spots in the south bay. 76 in san jose. 74 mountain view. 59 in pacifica. 65 in san francisco. east bay temperatures topping out near 80. fairfield 81. 75 livermore. 75 vallejo. 80 tomorrow in santa rosa. your extended forecast shows more of the same topping out in the mid-80s as we head into friday and saturday. really sticking with plenty of sunshine. we could see some coastal cloud cover tomorrow but sunshine even along the coast for at least part of this weekend and then heading into the holiday on monday, 87 degrees, upper 80s through the extended forecast. so really a beautiful forecast if you like sunshine that is. if you like rain, well, probably not going to see that for the next few days with the exception of these thunderstorms. >> thank you. broken escalators and ticket machines? the repairs pile up while bart shells out millions in overtime. our exclusive investigation on
6:22 pm
the workers making six figures just in overtime. ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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of your regular salary? only on 5 phil matier found out: all you h how would you like to make tens of thousands of dollars on top of your regular salary? good job if you can get it. only on "5" phil matier found out that all you have to do is get a job at bart. >> reporter: look familiar? a broken bart escalator. motionless for months at the 16th of and mission street station. it's on a long repair list that we have learned has been keeping the transit agency's escalator repair team busy and they get lots of overtime to do it. we obtained employer compensation data for 2015 and found one escalator repairman alone with an annual salary of $77,000 made a whopping extra $139,000 in overtime. and that's just the tip of the iceberg. a system service worker earning $57,000 in base pay who made
6:25 pm
almost three times his salary over $162,000 in overtime. and a bart police officer, he tops the list at $96,000 in salary but $170,000 in overtime. we found that bart spent 13% of its total compensation on workers last year was over time. compared to an average of 3% in the private sector. >> really what this is, is our system is aging. >> reporter: bart's spokesman says capital repairs are under way. and that takes manpower. >> when we shut down the tracks last year with the transbay tube, all those workers are getting paid overtime working 16-hour days so we can rebuild our system and have the least amount of impact to our riders. >> reporter: as for bart police officers? >> with police, you have your first day off is time and a half. section day off double time second day off. >> reporter: broken escalators in bart is not new. >> right. >> reporter: why haven't we staffed up and paid regular
6:26 pm
wages instead of budget-busting overtime. what is happening we are having a hard time recruiting for elevator and escalator techs. the conditions aren't glamorous working 24 hours a day on our stinky old escalators we don't have a lot of people looking for that job. >> reporter: how hard could it be to recruit station operators who man the booths? we found one of them made $105,000 in overtime last year. >> they categorize everything as safety or maintenance. and that's an excuse for abuses in the system and poor judgment. >> reporter: state senator steve glazer is a long-time critic of bart. >> multiple station agents received more than $40,000 in overtime. what does that have to do with maintenance and safety? >> reporter: he questions whether the transit agency can be trusted to handle a $3.5 billion influx of cash if a bond measure passes in november. >> the list is so broad as to raise not questions about some impropriety by one or two but a system that's broken in their
6:27 pm
ability to manage their affairs properly. >> reporter: critics will say questionable management. >> it's not questionable management. it's us trying to provide better service. >> reporter: in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. >> bart has set up a task force to look at the overtime issue. we have posted the combination data on chopper 5 has just arrived at the scene of a double shooting in novato. you can see a heavy police presence there near the marin country club. the search is on for three suspects. we'll have an update coming up. >> also ahead one nurse for a school district. how bay area kids are paying the price for a glaring shortage of school nurses. >> and police move in on horses as protests get ugly. the arrests and tense moments at a rally in southern california. ,,
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the search is on now for the suspects. this is all happening near fairway drive. near the marin two people shot in novato and the search is on for the suspect. this is all happening near fairway drive right near the marin country club. ken bastida has new details from the newsroom. >> reporter: "shelter in place"
6:31 pm
is still in effect for the immediate neighborhood around fairway drive. as you said this started about 90 minutes ago. and chopper 5 is now live on the scene. let's take a look. that appears to be a command center that is at the end of the cul-de-sac. and as our helicopter moves up into the area there of the open space, if they can zoom in, you can see motorcycles in its pathway. one is on its side. not sure why. there's another motorcycle with a helmet on it. we don't know if those are um, police units that have arrived already but one of the bikes there is on its side. and down. again, this is a very fluid situation. um, we are told that two people have been shot in this area. one person was found right away by authorities. the second person was found we are told up the trail a little ways not sure exactly why is
6:32 pm
going on except to tell you that the area has been closed off, that the novato police department and it looks like units from the marin county sheriff's department are also on scene there as they putting together a plan to either search the area or secure it. you can see people standing around the area. no word on the conditions. people who were shot. the focus of the search looked like a wooded trail. it's a popular place for hikers. right now, it is closed down. this is near the marin country club. two people were found shot in the area. law enforcement has inundated it right now. they have relayed to us that
6:33 pm
they are looking for several suspects near fairway drive. if you live in the area, you're told to shelter? place. so stay in your house, don't come outside. "shelter in place" until the law enforcement gives you the okay. we are going to keep chopper 5 up in the area and we'll have more on the story as we get it n liz? >> all right, ken. thank you. another bay area driver has been shot on interstate 80. tomorrow the mayors of three east bay cities are holding an emergency meeting. we have learned they will ask the state for money to put surveillance cameras up along the freeway. last night's shooting happened in hercules. it's the latest in a rash of violence on that freeway. more than 20 individual shootings happened there since november. the chp says a driver was shot in the leg last night. it happened just west of highway 4. the chp says they are adding resources to a task force set up to stop the freeway shootings. antioch police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened this morning just a few blocks from dallas ranch
6:34 pm
middle school at crater peak way and black diamond drive where they found a 21-year-old victim with gunshot wounds. police have not released his identity. in campaign 2016, some tense moments outside donald trump's rally in anaheim this afternoon. we have video of one of at least two protestors getting arrested by police. some protestors wore bandanas covering their mouths as they argued with trump's supporters and destroyed trump's paraphernalia. [ yelling ] >> this ain't albuquerque! you're not going to pull that stunt here! >> they were arguing back and forth holding signs for quite some time. inside, the rally a protestor was escorted out after interrupting mr. trump's speech. he instructed security not to hurt the man. he called the protestor a bad person. this rally in anaheim comes a day after violent protests
6:35 pm
outside of trump's campaign event in albuquerque. four people were arrested after protestors fought police officers there, threw rocks, knocked over barricades and set fires. hillary clinton is in the bay area two weeks before the california primary. she will appear at a private fundraiser. tomorrow she is stopping in san jose and san francisco. meanwhile clinton is firing back after her opponents say an independent audit shows she has been lying about her use of private email. the inspector-general's report finds the former solves ignored clear federal guidelines that could leave sensitive material vulnerable to hackers. clinton's campaign says the audit shows her email practices were consistent with what others at the department have done. but the agency's communications problems are, quote, long- standing and that her use of a private email server was known to officials. california schools are facing a serious shortage of nurses. more than half of the state's
6:36 pm
schools don't even have a nurse. the main problem? money. kpix 5's emily turner found one little boy today who could really have used a nurse. >> reporter: the recommendation is pretty straightforward one school one nurse. but local school districts say that is a pipe dream. and the reality of the actual numbers might shock you. this little guy is going home from rosa parks elementary school today with a migraine. mom came to pick him up but while he waited there was nothing the school could do to help him feel better. >> it's really bad. really bad that he suffers from pain and i cannot be here to help him and feel better which i know just giving him ibuprofen will make him feel better. >> reporter: but he couldn't have any even though it's an over-the-counter medicine because there isn't a school nurse to administer it. none of berkeley's schools have one. the only nurse on staff has to tackle administrative items and it's just one of the state's many school districts facing a major shortage of school
6:37 pm
nurses. your kids are the ones paying the price. >> if the nurse was here and she can give him the ibuprofen that would help a lot. >> reporter: the american association of pediatrics updated their nurse policy this week calling for one nurse in each school. but across the state it's one nurse to every 2,784 students. most bay area counties are much worse. santa cruz is the worst with 13,432 students per nurse. the best is san francisco, 1,517 students per nurse. >> i think maybe the price tag is part of the problem. state realizes that it's huge and we have been pushing for school nursing for years. it's just a huge amount of funding that we don't have. >> reporter: so school secretaries are now in charge of kids' welfare. but they are limited to ice and band-aids. districts like berkeley have asked but can't get the money for anything else. so in the meantime they do the
6:38 pm
best they can with what they have. in berkeley, emily turner, kpix 5. >> back to our breaking news in novato we have just confirmed one person has died in this shooting. ken bastida will have an update when we come back. ,, ,,,, (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you
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around fairway drive... and chopper five is now live on good evening, i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. a "shelter in place" is in effect for the immediate neighborhood around fairway drive in novato. you're looking at live pictures from chopper 5, which is now on the scene. this is a cul-de-sac where fairway drive leads into an open space area. sheriff's deputies found two people suffering from gunshot wounds in that open space area. it was reported about 5:00. and we are told that one gunshot victim was found as he met authorities at the end of the cul-de-sac. police then went up into the open space preserve there the ygnacio valley open space
6:41 pm
preserve, and they found another victim in a creek. now, no word on that person's condition. but we are getting information now, um, through, um, independent sources the independent journal and the marin county sheriff's department, that, um, one of the those, um, victims has in fact, um, been killed in the shooting. um, there is a massive search going on in that open space preserve. you can see two motorcycles are there at the end of that trail and law enforcement walking up, um, on this end, um, that is about all we know. we don't know what precipitated, uhm this shooting or who exactly is involved. police are telling us that at least three suspects, um, are being sought right now in the ygnacio valley open space preserve. that's what we have. we'll get you the very latest when we come back. in the newsroom, i'm ken bastida.
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the man who saw that fish.. inspired to restore a watery an environmental clean-up in the south bay can be traced back to one struggling fish. the man who saw that fish was inspired to restore a waterway that once had hundreds of salmon swimming in it. that man is this week's jefferson award winner. once a month, steve holmes
6:45 pm
pulls on his waders and his ball cap and heads to los gatos creek in search of trash. >> what we had was pretty much a dead river. >> reporter: semi retired, the fi fisherman-turned- environmentali st was inspired three years ago when he discovered a chinook salmon in los gatos creek struggling to make it upstream to responsible. >> trying to go over a cement barrier unsuccessfully. it tugged at may heart. >> reporter: it inspired him to create the nonprofit south bay clean creek coalition because what he called a dead river turned out to be a manmade problem. >> we had probably eight major encampments along los gatos creek. we had 225 people that were living in the close proximity to the waterway. >> reporter: and with them, trash, tons of it. >> we'll need more bags. >> reporter: the coalition relies on volunteers like carol and george szymkiewicz. >> the fishing are coming back. the beavers are coming back.
6:46 pm
the whole eco-cycle is coming alive again. >> reporter: yes, beavers. this night vision video shows one at work along the creek two years ago. >> the fruits of the work, you can see in the creek right here. it's nice clean clearwater going into the bay. look at you, man, awesome. >> reporter: there are now more than 500 active volunteers working with steve expanding from los gatos creek to include clean-up of the guadalupe river this runs through downtown san jose. and the trash collect has become a visual message. they make artwork from batteries, syringes, even the shopping carts that become fish. >> we have moved a waterway from a complete mess to something that's starting to look like it's healing. >> reporter: so for helping restore the natural habitat and beauty of creeks and rivers in the south bay, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to steve holmes. allen martin, kpix 5.
6:47 pm
>> south bay clean creeks coalition meets every second saturday for clean-up projects. go to for more. >> great work. julie watts doing a little double duty today. >> i have a great forecast for had holiday weekend. -- for this holiday weekend. let's take a live look outside from the transamerica building. lots of blue skies with clouds off in the distance. temperatures in the 50s areawide, 71 santa rosa. thunderstorms over the sierra and lake county. showers and thunderstorms over clearlake and east of lake berryessa thanks to an area of low pressure. you can see from the satellite perspective it's going to push east. that's dominating the forecast as we head into this holiday
6:48 pm
weekend. what to expect? low clouds tonight warrant every warming neat weekend with plenty of sunshine. overnight lows into the 40s and 50s areawide. 53 san francisco. 53 fremont. 53 concord. 52 fairfield. high temperatures today running right around average for this time of the year. maybe just a hair above average for some locations. highs tomorrow in the south bay in the low 80s for the warmest locations. 73 palo alto. 74 mountain view. 67 in hayward. east bay temperatures topping out in the low 80s places like pittsburg, antioch, brentwood. 75 vallejo, 76 walnut creek. tons of rain in clear lake tonight, sunshine tomorrow.
6:49 pm
81 saint helena. the extended forecast shows a gradual warming trend: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:51 pm
warriors trail the thunder three games to one. so, is fair to say the series is..
6:52 pm
after winning a record 73 games in the regular season the warriors trail the thunder 3 games to 1 so is it fair to say the series is over? >> what? over? did you say over?! nothing is over until we decide it is! >> then they are gonna have to find a way to stop russell westbrook who dominated game 4 with 36 points stealing the warriors back-to-back losses for the first time all season. somebody's going to need one heck of a pregame speech thursday night at oracle. >> we'll bounce back. we'll play much better. um, in game 5 and, uhm, we'll see where it all goes. >> when the going gets tough. >> have to play desperation like our lives are on the line on thursday. >> the tough get going! >> we all individually need to step it up. >> let's go!! come on!! hey!!! >> i think we're a special team that, um, there isn't how we're going to go out. >> let's go!!! ! >>
6:53 pm
>> they better fire up that clip at oracle tomorrow night. [ laughter ] good news, nine teams in league history have come back from trailing 3-1 in a play-off series. as a matter of fact, houston did it last year. bad news, only three teams have done it in the conference finals. last time 1981, the boston celtics over philadelphia patrick marleau was two years old. steph curry shot just six of 20 from the field last night and made just two threes. could it be more than just a night off? >> physically, how did you feel tonight? better than the other day? still hampered at all by your injuries or was that a factor at all? >> no, i'm fine. >> but according to yahoo sports, curry is not fine. a source told the website he is playing at 70% since injuring his knee last month but steve kerr not buying it. >> nobody has said anything about steph being 70% to me.
6:54 pm
our training staff, uhm, relatives, friends, knowledge with our team's thinking, nobody has told me he is 70%. so apparently they told the immediate why but not me. jake peavy e.r. 9.58 this is last few starts. he finally located his location today. 2-0 giants, peavy topping the shutout in the 7th. ramirez to the gap. the padres cut the giants lead in half at 2-1 and peavy's day was done. but he could get the win. 3-1 giants in the 8th. a two-run blast, so that tied the game at 3 and poor peavy would be denied the win. five years ago, remember buster posey broke his leg at home plate? another scary day. bruce bochy says it's a mild sprain, should be okay. tenth inning brandon crawford off the wall in center. matt duffy scores the winning
6:55 pm
run. the giants have won 13 of the last 14 and peavy has turned the jeers into cheers. >> i understand the frustration. i don't think anybody in this clubhouse was in any kind of panic form nor are we. in knowing what we had done here, past few years, we all believe that the same guy is coming and here we go. >> couple of nights in seattle a foul ball goes into the stands down the third baseline. the guy in the front row tries to catch it with a full beer cup. not a great idea because he showered the lady next to him. check out how mad this woman is mouthing my brand-new sweatshirt! the by, of course, goes about drinking his -- the guy of course goes about drinking his
6:56 pm
beer and getting a refill. worse at the byron nelson last weekend where a player was hit in the face -- ow -- somebody, um, a member in the gallery was hit in the face with a ball. >> not good. >> all right. thanks. we have a quick update on our breaking story. reports now one person has been killed another wounded in a shooting in novato. it's happening in the ygnacio valley open space preserve. multiple agencies are taking part in the manhunt in addition to the sheriff's office. as many as three suspects, that's who they are looking for. but the people who live around fairway drive are being told to stay in their homes while the search goes on. more details throughout the night on, on nightbeat at 10:00 and right here at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado age of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank y'all. i appreciate you. thank you now. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today because today we are celebrating our 1,000th show with me as the host of "family feud." now, to help celebrate, got a special surprise for you. today, the winner of this game will not be playing for $20,000. the winner of today's game
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will be playing for $50,000. $50,000. well, returning for their fourth day with a total of $40,970 from decatur, georgia, it's the champs. it's the davis family. and from clayton, california, it's the blackshere family. everybody's here trying to win theyself today a whole lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, bold ford edge.


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