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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and i'm michelle griego. let's get a look at weatherd traf good morning. it's thursday, may 26. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's head outside and take a look from the rooftop of the kpix 5 studios. looking out to the transamerica pyramid. >> we have a deep marine layer extending inland 50 miles. led head to san jose. this is the home of our stanley cup sharks on the way to the stanley cup finals, yay! that's all i got! 53 degrees there, everybody is shrouded in a deck of cloud. temperatures today responding
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to ample sunshine. upper 50s, low 60s at the beaches. you will have some clearing there. 76 degrees in cupertino. san jos mid- to high 70s. numbers in the 70s north of the golden gate bridge except at the coast. west winds 10 to 20, blustery at the coast and stinson beach at 64. 80 in clovedale -- low 80s i should say there. we have the weekend forecast coming up. >> we have slow traffic in fremont and an overturn accident blocking the two left- hand lanes in the commute direction leaving fremont bound for milpitas near mowry. again two lanes of traffic shut down it's already slow in the area. it's the only commute with brake lights so far. westbound heading to the bay bridge is okay. the metering lights are off, leaving the carquinez bridge toward the maze 19 minutes. and over here at the san mateo bridge all the roadwork we had
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westbound is picked up and traffic is fine now leaving hayward bound for foster city. i'll have a complete look at "kcbs traffic" in just a few minutes. novato police and marin county sheriff's deputies are looking for three possible suspects in a fatal shooting and stabbing in the area of fairway drive in the country club neighborhood. the victims are two students from novato high school. >> we have a crime where someone was murdered with a handgun and a knife. so armed and dangerous, absolutely. we don't know the reasoning or what brought these individuals together, planned or chance encounters. that's what we'll find out. >> the novato high school campus is closed today as a result of the shooting. the principal sent out a letter to parents saying that the school is working closely with law enforcement on the case. counselors will be on campus through next week. new this morning, some concern that sfo is being less than forthright about security breaches. airport officials say there
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haven't been any this year. "associated press" says not a chance. kpix 5's keit do is live at sfo on a push for the airport to come clean about trespassing. >> reporter: this is a case of semantics between the "associated press" and sfo. the ap found last year there were three security breaches but the airport is saying there were zero. here's what the "associated press" found through federal records. in 2015, three breaches from 2012 to 2014 there were two in each year and the total from 2004 until february, 41 perimeter breaches. what's a breach? the ap found back in 2015 at sfo a woman walked past a vehicle exit gate on the tarmac and tried to flag down a plane. also last year a man drove past a gate and reached an airplane, as well. but the airport insisted those incidents were not security breaches. they refused to share numbers responding to the ap's request
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said you asked by sfo's county how many perimeter breaches has the airport had since 2004? the pra does not obligate the city to answer those questions. that's a public records act request. how does that stack up to the rest of california's airports? sfo again had 41. l.a.x. had 26. sjc had 21. and san diego had four. live at sfo, i'm kiet do, kpix 5. >> kiet, has sfo done anything to improve security? >> reporter: yes. so they say they have increased patrols, added closed circuit tv cameras and also beefed up the patrols as well and also added an electronic security gate that opens and closes by mechanics. >> thank you. a different angle on a massive blaze. the santa clara fire department is looking into the cause of this fire at a strip mall on el camino real. crews used a drone to help them finally get the fire under control yesterday morning hours after it started.
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a wall of flames ripped through the mall before dawn yesterday. the roof collapsed. it was a five-alarm fire. six businesses were destroys. no injuries. in san leandro, a new theory on why an amtrak train slammed into an suv with a woman and toddler inside. we have learned traffic may have been unusually heavy due to pg&e work near the crossing. drivers could only use one lane instead of two when the deadly crash happened tuesday. >> the likelihood is that car was stopped, that car likely was trapped in traffic. never had a chance to even see that railway arm unless you were locking in the rear view mirror to see it coming down behind her vehicle. >> investigators say signs were properly posted warning drivers of the changes. amtrak is expected to release computer dad next week that will reveal more about the cause of the accident. developing this morning, one person is dead and three others are injured after shooting during a hip-hop concert in new york city.
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chaos erupted while two rappers were performing on stage. as you can imagine, the sound of gunshots sent hundreds running to the nearest exits. >> everybody rushing trampling over people, i stumbled and fell >> i was terrified. i kept running with everybody else. we were running for our lives. i fell and got stomped on, my shoe came off. >> nypd officers quickly responded and set up a perimeter around the crime scene. but they didn't find the shooters. the environmental group "heal the bay" is set to release its annual beach report card today. 456 california beaches will get graded on an a through f scale based on the dangers to swimmers from harmful bacteria levels. the so-called beach bummer list of the state's 10 most polluted beaches will also be announced. google is locating its self- driving car project in michigan. it plans to open the center devoted to self-driving
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technology in the city of novi near detroit. google says it needs to have a facility there to get access to top talent in vehicle engineering. apple appears to be preparing its infrastructure for an all new electric car. the buzz in sillicon valley is that apple is secretly designing and building electric vehicles in these unmarked buildings in sunnyvale. reuters reports that apple is talking to companies that build charging stations and is hiring engineers with expertise in the area. new this morning a solar plane is completing another leg of its journey. hundreds of people watched the solar impulse 2 land at the lehigh valley airport last night. the plane, which once graced the bay area, has 17,000 solar cells and weigh about 5,000 pounds. it's on an around-the-world journey and pilot bertrand piccard has been smiling much of the way.
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>> i have only moments of joy and even airplanes passing by and saying on the frequency, wow, your plane is beautiful! what is it! [ laughter ] >> the plane's next stop is new york. and without a drop of fuel, the solar impulse 2 plans to pass over the statue of liberty. time now 5:08. an outburst on a plane forces it back to the gate and it's caught on camera. >> plus, disney fans listen up, it's your chance to own a piece of animation history. the items available in a new online auction. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody. the holiday is around the corner. i will reveal which day will be the warmest. >> we have a rollover accident in fremont delaying traffic in that southbound direction of 880. also getting word of an accident on 101 in redwood. i'll have details and give you some alternates to the backup with "kcbs traffic." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. this is the transamerica pyramid looking due east from the bay bridge. it's overcast. currently in san francisco, it's 54. due east of the bridge it's 57 in oakland. breezy winds, as well. some some of the plains states -- some of the plains states still having tornadoes.
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a tornado formed in niles kansas, last night. 25 homes were damaged or destroy the. there are no reports of injuries. the tornado came within a mile of the city of chapman which was torn apart by a tornado just eight years ago. a strange outburst on a frontier airlines jet halts the flight. the plane was going from denver to portland. the woman's behavior was so bizarre the pilot returned to the gate. the passenger stopped reporting because the woman took off all her clothes. she was removed from the plane. >> this was clearly a medical emergency. there is no excuse to see an airplane with a problem like this and not have paramedics on board taking charge of the situation. >> she also tried to pull out an oxygen bag above her.
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many question why she was allowed on the plane in the first place. she was acting strangely before the flight. actors in hollywood like it when they get to appear on tv or film but this guy might be regretting his 15 minutes of fame. he climbed the "hollywood" sign waving a flag that said, i'm back! when he was done, he jumped down. but lapd were there waiting for him with handcuffs. the plan is one of the guys behind the youtube channel, natural born pranksters. they are known for pulling outrageous stunts. this video is turning heads after a tesla driver was seen asleep tenille slow-moving traffic. the driver is out and apparently using his car's autopilot feature. tesla says it's using this video posted online as an example of what not to do. it says drivers should always remain alert. a teenager came up with a clever way to mess with people visiting the newly renovated san francisco museum of modern art. during his visit, he put a pair of eyeglasses on the floor,
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then sat back and watched and people who walked by thought it was art. [ laughter ] >> many were staring intently at the glasses. some took pictures. the teenager who did it said he got a good laugh. he has had more than 40,000 retweets. >> that's funny. how would you like to own an animator desk or mickey mouse sign? you will have a chance to bid on them next month during an online auction. other items are production cells from disney classics like the "jungle book," sleeping beauty and bambi. collectors can bid on costumes from the original mickey mouse club. >> this is a unique compilation of collections from the greatest collectors in the world tracing the history of the disney studio from 1928 to the president. it shows merchandising, artwork. it's incredible.
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>> the online auction begins on june 18. this is exciting. today one san jose middle schooler is grabbing the mic and spelling words most of us have never heard of. >> rutvik gandhasri has advanced to the final round of the scripps national spelling bee. he of course won our cbs bay area spelling bee back in march and has been studying 23 hours a week ever since. another bay area student [ non- english language ] also competed in yesterday's preliminary round but missed the mark with the written portion. >> 23 hours a week. that's a commitment especially when you have homework and you want to go out and play. >> impressive. >> there's a 6-year-old contestant in the spelling bee didn't make it to the final round but my goodness. >> that's great. let's check with liza battalones. >> the chp has issued a traffic advisory on 880. they expect lanes to be shut down for at least 30 minutes. this accident happened southbound 880 just before
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mowry avenue. this car overturned. it is now resting in the two left hand lanes. expect delays now. it didn't take long for traffic to back up, of course this is a very busy commute direction of the fremont-milpitas corridor. a couple of alternates, you can take fremont boulevard or mission boulevard to save yourself some time this morning depending on what stretch of 880 you're headed for. meantime, again, avoid the area. chp expects it to be out there for at least the next 30 minutes. san jose drivers we do have an accident on 280 southbound 280 before 11th. at least one lane of traffic is shut down there. that's not delaying traffic much yet though. and in redwood city, northbound 101 just before woodside road, we are getting reports of an accident, it's off to the shoulder but there is debris in labors so it may cost you some time this morning. 280 is rolling well to and through the peninsula so far. now getting into the peninsula by way of the san mateo bridge, traffic is very light leaving hayward bound for foster city. it a quick drive time at this point and all the earlier
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roadwork has been picked up. now, if you plan to make the bay bridge commute, no reason to leave early. so far, no delays leaving oakland heading into the city. 19 men's between the carquinez bridge and the maze. roadwork on the bay bridge, that will be out there for about the next 40 minutes. work crews eastbound approaching the center anchorage. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." now probably the biggest most loyal san jose sharks fan roberta gonzales. >> i just rolled in from the game actually. you know, liza -- >> i can tell. [ laughter ] >> you know, you and i went to games 20 years ago. >> right. that's right. >> at the shark tank. >> we're hard core. >> hard core. yeah. congratulations to our san jose sharks! we're still crying this morning. we're still so happy! there you have the shark tank where people -- if you look very, very carefully, can you see them? people are still celebrating that big sharks win last night advancing to the stanley cup finals. dennis o'donnell has that sports report coming up at about 5:20 this morning.
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right now at 5:17, temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. it is 48 degrees in santa rosa. hey, our weather watcher is in the santa clara valley. we have steve castian in los altos, 6 degrees cooler this morning. we are going from spring to summer weather today. and go, sharks! hey, now what, you nailed that, steve. we are starting off cooler, we are going to end up with ample sunshine and warmer conditions as we approach that unofficial start to summertime, the holiday memorial day coming up. becoming sunny today southwest and west winds to 20 miles per hour. so albeit sunny it will be breezy as this area of low pressure right here digs to the south just to the east making way for high pressure. that's going to continue to build in and we have a warmer weekend for the holiday. let's set you up with your futurecast. here's your lunch hour. we have clouds playing tag with the san mateo coast. otherwise the santa cruz beaches will clear out today. clouds gather again tonight but overall it also mostly sunny. some thunderstorms in the high sierra today. otherwise for the mountains to
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the coast 60 in monterey bay, our numbers 60 in pacifica to 71 degrees in oakland. average high temperatures right around 77 in san jose. 78 so pretty much spot on. upper 70s low 80s east of the bay. 81 in santa rosa. a bit breezy late day, otherwise it will be warmer. here's your extended forecast. saturday the warmest day of the weekend. then monday -- by the way, beside hockey and basketball, there's another sport going on, boy, big win for the giants yesterday, but the a's are back at home. 7:05, we have a's and tigers. >> we were looking that the earlier and i didn't realize manaea.
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>> i want to see the towel after the stanley cup finals. some people like to get fancy on talent shows on drums or jumping through hoops but one teen wowed a crowd with his bare hands and a bottle. with a little hollywood swagger, mike senator made his approach. and bam! he tossed the bottle so beautifully his classmates screamed and, of course, the video has gone viral much like the keyboard cat. look at that. despite his fame, mike has been modest. >> i really just wanted to be in the talent show and i didn't have many talents and i know me and some of my buddies were like when you go to flip a bottle -- >> the internet agrees. his bottle flip video got hundreds of thousands of likes and shares. that's his talent.
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>> like dropping the mike. i'm dennis o'donnell. 25 years of waiting have ended. we'll go inside the dressing room of the san jose sharks with history coming up. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. play o' the day... back to e sharks' series-clinching viy in the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. many of the sharks' previous play-offs appearances ended in disappointment with the hockey world saying, same old sharks. but san jose finally shed that moniker last night. the shark tank ready to see something they had never seen before. early first period, joe thornton messes but joe pavelski picked up the loose puck, scores his play-off high 13th goal of the post-season. 1-0 san jose. it was 2-0 third period, ward with his second goal of the night, 3-2 and the tank has the finals in their grasp. then five minutes later, put the game on ice! the sharks win 5-2 to win the series and after 25 years they have finally broken through to their first-ever stanley cup finals. >> pretty cool feeling. obviously, it's our first time here so it's, um, it was neat
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to get this done at home. the fans have waited 25 years, we have waited 18 years or so. so it's a great feeling. >> it's huge for the people who have been here for so long. it's unbelievable. makes our job a lot easier for us. so just excited four wins away from winning so we are excited about that. baseball the giants win 4- 3. the a's lose 13-3. and cleveland now leads that series three games to two over toronto. the big story tonight, the golden state warriors, they have to win to stay alive. that's where our sportscast will emanate from. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day back to the sharks series clinching victory in the stanley cup play-offs. one of the keys to san jose's success is the play of goaltender martin jones. again, the sharks are in the stanley cup finals... begin monday, against either pittsburgh
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or tampa bay. one of his 24 saves last night in the 5-2 win. the sharks are in the stanley cup finals monday against pittsburgh or tampa bay. so a couple of people here at sfo last year got past the perimeter fence and on to the tarmac. but the airport says they were not security breaches. i'm kiet do. we'll explain coming up in a live report. >> one high school student is dead, another one injured after being stabbed and shot. coming up we are live in novato with the search for the suspects. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ and san francisco
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blart blanning on making changes beginning today to help passengers stand tall on their trains, bart. >> san francisco international airport in the spotlight this morning. a new investigation shows they aren't reporting security breaches. >> it's going to be warmer on this thursday than wednesday but not quite as warm on friday. >> we have several accidents in fremont with a "sig alert" southbound 880 now near mowry. i'll have details. >> i hope you're having a good morning. it is thursday, may 26. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. marin county sheriff's investigators and novato police are trying to track down suspects in a deadly shooting and stabbing. it happened in the area of fairway drive in the country club neighborhood. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live from novato with the latest developments. anne. >> reporter: i'm here at novato high school which is going to be closed today. that's where the two students who were attacked went to school. everybody is obviously very distressed, confused about this, no arrests have been
5:31 am
made. and the investigation continues. here is what we know about this situation. at 5:30 p.m. last night deputies got a call about a high school student who had been stabbed and shot near the end of fairway drive. they took the teen to the hospital and started searching the open space area nearby and they found a second teenager who had been shot dead. the only description they have is very vague of any suspects, just that they are three hispanic men. neighbors also say they saw a white sedan speeding from the scene. >> my wife and kids hike there all the time so i was worried about it. it's quiet. we never have any trouble. so it's odd for something like this to happen. >> reporter: this is the letter that the principal of novato high school sent to parents saying that the school is working with law enforcement very closely and that counselors will be on campus through next week. but again, school not in
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session today as the community tries to deal with this shocking case. hopefully, we'll have more information as the search continues this morning. live in novato, anne makevoc, kpix 5. an emergency meeting has been called in response to a string of shootings on bay area freeways. the latest shooting happened on east bay i-80 near the cross of highway 4 leaving one person injured. in all, four people have been killed and in 28 shootings since november. the belief of law enforcement is that they are all gang- related but local leaders say that the probability of an innocent bystander being hit is high. they are asking governor brown to step in and upgrade the existing highway camera system and install new cameras at on- and off-ramps. the search is on for a teenager last seen on an i-78 0 overpass. witnesses say she was bleeding shouting for help and beating dragged by a gun.
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she never showed up for school yesterday. sheriff's believe 19-year-old fernando castro was pulling pearl pinson on the overcross, a 15-year-old girl, at 7 a.m. yesterday at home acres avenue intersecting with taylor avenue. >> we are very concerned. there was some form of fight that happened there or an assault. there was at least one shot in the area at the time. and a witness saw a female being dragged away that had blood on her face. we are very concerned. >> sheriffs aren't sure if castro and pinson knew each other. new this morning the "associated press" is putting sfo in the spotlight over security breaches but the airport says that they haven't had any problems. kpix 5's kiet do is live at sfo on the report that shows that the airport may be less than forthcoming about the trespassers. >> reporter: good morning. this is essentially two large organizations going head to head. sfo is trying to protect its reputation as a safe secure airport. so according to that report by the "associated press," the
5:34 am
airport says they have zero security breaches last year. but the ap found through its own investigation of federal documents that back in 2015 there were actually 3 breaches. and from 2012 to 2014 there were two in each year making the total from 2004 until february of this year 41 total perimeter security breaches. so what exactly is a breach? the ap found last year at sfo a woman passed a vehicle to the tarmac and tried to flag down a plane. last year a man drove past the gate and reached an airplane, as well. but the airport insisted they were not security breaches. the airport pushed back against the ap and refused to share its own numbers responding to the ap's public records act request saying you asked by sfo's own count how many perimeter breaches has the airport had since 2004? the pra does not obligate the city to answer such questions. so how does that stack up to the rest of california's
5:35 am
airports since 2004? the ap found sfo had 41, l.a.x. 26, sjc had 21, san diego had 4. live at sfo, kiet do, kpix 5. >> sfo says they have beefed up perimeter security patrols. have they done anything else? >> yes. so they say that they have added some lighting and extra cameras and also a mechanized gate that opens and closes with an electronic motor. let's check weather. a little cloudy out there. >> yes. you were saying you saw a little drizzle this morning. i was just talking to susan lee taylor at kcbs radio. she had some drizzle. i had some drizzle coming in from pleasanton -- or maybe happy tears. [ laughter ] >> at the airport so far no report of any local airport delays. but this is the scene looking out towards sfo and usually, when you have the clouds that
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low, you do have delays on arriving flights. we'll keep you posted on that. right now at 5:36, 48 degrees in santa rosa. it is cooler this morning by 6 degrees throughout many of our reporting stations. san francisco is at 56. later today, it's going to be warmer than it has been all week long. we'll have clearing at the coast. upper 50s an low 60s. otherwise 70s common around the peninsula. then we jump up to 76 in san jose. 78 in throughout santa clara which is spot on for this time of the year. 80 in los gatos. east of the bay the numbers stacking up to 83 in brentwood. southwest breeze up to 20 miles per hour. blustery at the coast in the 60s. 78 sonoma. 82 cloverdale. memorial day around the corner. we have that forecast coming up. good morning, everybody. big problems affecting traffic in fremont. first we are going to start off with this morning's "sig alert."
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it's an overturn accident still blocking a pair of lanes. two left lanes are blocked. you can see traffic is very slow. and right in the middle of that backup there's another accident at thornton so very long delays. it is already backed up beyond alvarado boulevard. your alternates continue to be mission boulevard or fremont boulevard. accident in the peninsula northbound 101 just before woodside road it's in the right- hand lane. there are some delays just beyond the accident scene. 280 still looking good through the peninsula. and getting towards the san mateo bridge, no problem at all. westbound traffic still fine at the pay gates will you delays are building and you can see that right here at the bay bridge toll plaza. some people can't reach the high metal bars on bart. bart is considering a plan to install hanging straps that help shorter passengers keep their balance. they cost $8 each. if the proposal is approved bart would pay $300,000 to put 50 more straps in each car.
5:38 am
>> that's good news for me. i'm short! [ laughter ] it was a huge night for bay area sports fans. the sharks are in the stanley cup fines for the first time in the team's 25-year history. >> amazing! [ yelling and cheers ] >> i love that fan. awesome. fans are just ecstatic after last night's game in downtown san jose. the sharks beat the st. louis blues 5-2 to win the western conference finals four games to two. in the finals san jose will face the winner of tonight's game 7 between pittsburgh and tampa bay. in the nba play-offs the warriors have their backs up against the wall. they are down three games to one in the western conference finals series against oklahoma city. there's steph curry. one more loss on the warriors are eliminated despite their record-breaking regular season. game 5 is this evening at 6:00 in oakland. we have to send them some good mojo. >> yeah. they have to step it up, right? the sharks stepped it up. now it's the warriors' turn. >> i believe they can do it.
5:39 am
memorial day usually means barbecues and sunshine and that awful feeling that you forgot to plan a summer vacation. >> but cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger tells us that time is still on our side and that deals haven't disappeared. so jill, for those who haven't planned a trip, is it too late? >> reporter: no way! you know, start with the flights. go with the largest search engines like google flights. sky scanner and other sites. you should call with your phone. there's a thing called a phone. you can call the airlines. evidently the big carriers often hold back best fares until they are pressed to offer them. so the phone could work. check regional airports outside of the week. the day of the week makes a big difference in fares. it's put pressure on hotels to
5:40 am
come up with better deals. super budget hotels. >> there are some good tips right there. in a connected world how can we make the most of our time off? >> you have to use the out of office function for voice and email. you want to let them know you're away and a backup who is covering for you. i will be checking my email voicemail, leave that out! if they hear that they will leave you a message. it escalates from there. another big problem is people say i don't want to go away because it's too hard to come back. to avoid being overwhelmed by too much email on your return, use those settings to organize your incoming messages. if your job requires a check- in, just take a specific time of day and let people at the office know when you'll be contacting them. have a start time and an end time. and then they will stick to it.
5:41 am
to help your re-entry and reduce stress, consider returning a day early. then you can wipe out that whole email box and, you know, maybe just toss some that you don't care about. >> that's no fun. a dayer? >> good advice though. or just turn off the phone. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger, thank you. it is 5:41. next, hillary clinton tries to put her campaign back on track this morning after a new report regarding her email scandal. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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taking alook at your thursday. this is so figures sun-up in mount vaca. we have the memorial day weekend forecast coming up. here's another sign that the presidential race is unlike any other that we have seen. more clashes involving
5:44 am
protestors and supporters of donald trump. the latest took place yesterday in anaheim near the venue where the presumptive republican nominee held the campaign event. the "orange county register" reports 16 people were arrested. meanwhile, democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton will finish her bay area campaign swing today with two events. the first is in downtown san jose where she will speak to supporters at parkside hall. that's at 1:30 this afternoon. at 4:15 she will be at the hibernia building on jones street in san francisco. a new survey from the public policy institute of california shows that clinton's lead over bernie sanders is shrinking among likely democratic voters in the golden state. right now it's 46-44, a dead heat. meanwhile, clinton is doing damage control after a critical report about her email scandal. as secretary of state, an internal audit released by the state department's inspector- general yesterday found she failed to get legal approval for the private email server
5:45 am
she used during her time as secretary of state. >> it's the same story just like previous secretaries of state, i used a personal email. many people did. >> and trump continues to bash clinton's character during campaign stops. questions about the zika virus will be answered today at a symposium event. it's happening this evening at uc-davis. zika experts from around the world will speak about the virus spread by mosquitos and talk about prevention tips. the event is free and open to the public. it starts at 6:30 tonight. meanwhile, researchers are getting a better sense about what happens after a pregnant woman catches the zika. scientists looked at cases in northern brazil. there's a 1 to 14% chance that a woman will have a baby with a severe birth defect with zika virus. the risk is highest for women who get it early. simla and other friends from the lion king were in
5:46 am
hollywood yesterday. >> yes. they got a little help from the "late late show" host james corden. ♪[ music ] >> can you imagine being in that car seeing all of this? seth rogen and rose burn helped him put on songs from the lion king during the few seconds when people were allowed to walk and the crowd to watch and you might notice in the video look at there's seth rogen he played a tree. he said he was surprised by the performance but still would have preferred a singing role. we should do that as the morning team. >> let's go. >> go out there -- >> broadway and battery street. look for us before noon today! i'll be the lion. >> i'll be pumba. >> you will be the treat. >> i'm be cimba the father. >> i'll be whatever. [ laughter ] they have seen crazier things on broadway, trust me. >> we'll all be wearing
5:47 am
clothes. [ laughter ] >> love it. the roads are good for most areas. a "sig alert" involving an overturn accident two lanes of traffic shut down for the busy commute direction leaving fremont heading towards milpitas. we call this the fremont- milpitas corridor. traffic is backed up to 92. long delays there. so far clocking in at 30-minute delay. take mission boulevard instead. in redwood city, this accident along 101 in that northbound direction it is still out there. right lane shut down. there's debris across lanes. traffic is beginning to slow down just beyond the accident. so it's not slow approaching the accident but you pass it and you run into some of the traffic there you see in the top part of your screen approaching and pasting woodside road. the bay bridge commute leaving oakland heading into the city, the metering lights are on. traffic is now backed up from the 880 overcrossing.
5:48 am
drive time clocking in at 19 minutes leaving the carquinez bridge heading towards the macarthur maze in oakland. golden gate commute no delays. typical drive leaving southern marin. 14 minutes between san rafael and the golden gate span. sillicon valley good shape. that was a tough spot yesterday. typical one for westbound 580 slow beyond the 205 interchange from mountain house approaching vasco. no big delays so far approaching the dublin interchange. so that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. liza, 20 years ago you and i had girls night out. we ended up right there at the shark tank. remember that? >> those are the days. >> you had nachos, extra cheese, remember that? >> aha! >> it was a good night. here we are 25 years after the sharks began their team, they are still celebrating outside the shark tank, they are going to the stanley cup play-offs! it's 57 degrees in redwood
5:49 am
city. it's now in the upper 40s in santa rosa. everybody is kick-starting their day with some overcast skies and localized drizzle. we have some teal blue skies on tap for today. a bit of a southwest and west breeze late day up to 20 and gradual warming through monday. this area of low pressure is digging south going east. in its wake high pressure. we have ourselves a warming trend all the way through the weekend. here's how you can plan out your day today especially lunchtime if you want to eat outdoors or kids have recess at lunchtime. we have clouds playing tag along the san mateo coast. clouds breaking up around the beaches of santa cruz. everybody has ample sunshine and as a result we'll be warmer today than yesterday. 60 degrees along the coast in monterey through carmel through the mountains we go. chance of a late-day thunderstorm in the high sierra. sun-up at 5:52. by the time it sets at 8:22, we have about a minute and 32 seconds of additional daylight
5:50 am
available to us and we'll have daylight. we'll have lots of sunshine. warmer conditions clearing back to the beaches. 60 pacifica. 70s around the rim of the bay to 78 degrees in mountain view. the81 santa rosa. 82, 83 brentwood and discovery bay. otherwise additional warming under the ridge of high pressure friday and saturday. there's your monday, nice seasonal conditions. enjoy your thursday. well, on canada's coast a fisherman caught a lobster that stood out from the pack. >> this one was blue. check it out. named opal, a man named scott found her. he has been fishing for 30 years but never saw one like this. that's because the odd are about one in 2 million. it's probably why scott says that this lobster is going to spell some good news. >> the blue lobster, the old people say my dad says that,
5:51 am
um, it brings luck and prosperity to the boat and that it's good luck to return it to the ocean. >> opal is now on display at the ballast ground fisheries so locals in great britain can see it. the chase is on this morning for two giant runaway rodents. they went missing this week from the toronto zoo. the breakout happened after a male was introduced to two females in the end closure and that's when he and one of his new girlfriends decided to make a run for it. it the animals are harmless but 30 zoo staffers are out looking for them. time now 5:51. bay area health technology company theranos facing heat this morning. more on the lawsuit just filed against the embattled company. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. the chp has issued a traffic advisory and many folks are going to be late to work this morning. this is why. we have a major accident and long delays southbound 880 near mowry avenue an accident involving multiple vehicles one of them on its roof. so an overturn, as well. two lanes of traffic shut down. it's currently backed up beyond alvarado niles clocking in at
5:55 am
over 30-minute delays. some alternates, you can take mission, fremont boulevard, which is starting to crowd up so go to mission to save time. we'll continue to watch this and give you a complete look at your drive into work with "kcbs traffic." a san jose city council candidate is trying to determine why his campaign signs are being stolen. steve brown is running for district 2. he says some teenagers dumped his campaign signs at santa teresa high school. surveillance video shows a person stealing a sign from a yard. he tracked down a car from a partial license plate that someone wrote down. eventually he confronted a young man whom he says confessed. >> he told me that it was part of a large operation with many different folks the same age youngsters basically 17 to 19 years old and they had been stealing political signs across the district here for a few days. >> brown hopes to determine whether it's an out of hand prank or something politically motivated. new this morning, more trouble for theranos. a potential class action fraud lawsuit has been filed against
5:56 am
the bay area health technology company. the suit claims theranos falsely marketed its finger prick blood test. the action comes a week after the palo alto company said it had corrected terns of thousands of blood --tens of thousands of blood tests over the past two years. president obama is in japan for the g7 summit. at the first sit down table the japanese prime minister urged world leaders to unite in creating a response to the faltering global economy. before the meeting the various leaders strolled through the grounds of a shrine. one high school student is killed in a double shooting. the suspect still at large. coming up, what we know about this north bay investigation. >> i'm kiet do here at sfo where last year a couple of people got through the perimeter fence and right up against an airplane. but the airport says that's not a security breach. ,,
5:57 am
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and i'm kenny choi. a north bay high school is closed today after a studens killed and another was seriy injured in a shooting... po good morning. it's thursday, may 26. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. a north bay high school is closed after one student was killed and another seriously injured in a shooting. police were called to fairway drive in novato last night for reports of a shooting and stabbing. they believe the crime happened in a nearby open space reserve. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live at novato high school with more. >> reporter: the high school is closed today because people are beside themselves and so many questions on this investigation. no arrests have been made. police have not talked at all about a motive. all we know


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