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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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neighbors say he was a nice guy, tonight the high school student under arrest for murder. ,,,,,,,,
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missing. the man hunt for this suspected kidnapper ends in a hail of gunfire. but tonight the 15-year-old victim is still missing. >> the search for pinson accused kidnapper headed dozens of miles away. that's where betty yu is with the wild number of events. >> reporter: the drama startedded with a kidnapping and ended with a chase and shoot out that ended on the street behind me. as you can see, it is still active hours later. chp has the road closed off for
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the investigation. coroners detectives just arrived to make a positive id on that suspect the search for a kidnapping suspect ending in gunfire more than 300 miles from where he was last seen in vallejo. >> there were two separate shootings that occurred. he was struck and killed. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> reporter: these pictures showing a moment before fernando castro was shot. other drivers scrambled. >> we got a text from my aunt that he was almost ran over. so we rushed out here. >> reporter: witnesses told police castro was yanking
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pinson as she screamed for help. >> the victim had what was believed to be blood on her face. >> reporter: police say that pinson and the suspect were acquaintances and they found disturbing notes at his home. >> we're asking community please provide any information and ask us find pearl and bring her home to her family. >> the sheriff mentioned there were two separate shooting scenes. can you explain what happened there? >> yeah, ken, so there are two cars involved in this wild crime scene. first that gold sta turn. that suspect took police on a chase in that car then crashed the car and exchanged gunfire from deputies not too far from where we are right now. then he tried to get away but
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he didn't get far before he exchanged more gunfire with police and moments later he was confirmed dead, ken. >> betty yu with the latest, thank you. reporter andrea borba continues our coverage. and pearl pinson's family is hopeful she will be found safe. >> reporter: that's right, investigators here in solano county say they believe the suspect is dead. all at the same time their search area is larger all the way down to santa barbara county. >> reporter: punctuated with prayers and songs from peter pan. family and friends gathered on
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the pedestrian overpass where pearl pinson was last seen. >> she is a fighter. >> reporter: she needs to know that her family and friends are looking for her. that we're all praying for her to come home safe and sound. and this tragedy has rocked our entire community. and all we want is for her to be back home safe. >> reporter: hours after the balloons, flowers and candles, there was still a bit of hope as solano county investigators said the teen was still missing and not dead. there was also details about where she might be. >> saturn was spotted in marin county this morning. we currently have deputys in that area searching, looking for other clues, anything that would give us information as to where pearl is at this point. >> reporter: pearl how are was not seen on the cameras.
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the search will continue tomorrow, among the things deputies will be looking for is surveillance video from businesses in san rafael that may have captureed the suspect's car. they will also be searching the water around the san rafael bridge, andrea borba. the warriors lived to win another game they stormed over the thunder. final score 120-111. and kristin schneider has the latest. >> reporter: and the warriors showed why they call it roaricle arena. >> perhaps this is what the warriors were missing after two
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brutal losses on the road the warriors came home to the kinds of fanfare you can only find at roaracle. >> we need to bring it tonight. none of this wine and cheese stuff. we need to be like draymond green tonight. >> i've been coming here for 10 years and this is the loudest i ever heard it in oracle. >> the crowd is everything, without the crowd the energy will not be there for the warriors. >> reporter: tonight there was no lack of evidence. >> reporter: despite a spring of questionable calls, a shot in the arm that fans hope will carry over into the next game. >> they are back, and we'll be back on monday. hello. please believe it when i tell you, you know it's the truth. >> reporter: now most fans are not going to be able to travel
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to oklahoma city for the next warriors game that's game six on saturday. but we just learned that the team is actually going to hold an official warriors watch party here at oracle arena on saturday. tickets for that watch party go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. hillary clinton is in the bay area tonight, she's campaigning across the state ahead of the june 7th primary. late today she attended a rally at the hibernia building in san francisco. she told the crowd she's the presidential candidate that can unify the united states and get results. before that she spoke to an enthusiastic crowd at park side hall in downtown san jose. among the things she talked about her intentions to pass reforms on immigration and gun safety. and she didn't mince words when it came to donald trump. >> people say to me, well you talk about trump a lot. and i do and i'll tell you why. because what he is saying is
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dangerous and devisive. what he is saying is harmful to our future and our country. >> clinton is fewer than 100 delegates away from clinching the democratic nomination. tomorrow she's scheduled to meet with community leaders. clinton turned down a debate with sanders. sanders may end up debating donald trump it turns out. trump said he would love to for a price. his condition, tv networks would have to donate 10 to $15 million to charity. tonight it is official. donald trump clinched the gop nomination. he needed 1,238 delegates. trump passed that number today after delegates promised to back him. a police hunting for the
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killer of a bay area high school student and tonight what we've learned about the suspects. president obama makes history by visiting hiroshima. we asked atomic bomb survivors if he should apologize for the attack. >> this san jose seventh grader made it to the national spelling bee finals. tonight now did he do?
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shooting that left one of t classmates dead... and anotr injured. kpix five's joe vazquez is tonight two nevato high school students are behind bars
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suspected of shooting two classmates. the man hunt is not over yet. >> reporter: that's right, ken. they're still looking for one more suspect. the two teenagers they arrested go to school at nevado high.. investigators removed bags of evidence. the boy is 16 years old they showed us the apartment near by where he lives, it has been ransacked by police. a sheriff spokesman says this young man and another teenager arrested here today are students at nevado high school and they're the suspect of a murder and attempted murder of two other students. the shooting victim survive. one more suspect is on the loose. an army of s.w.a.t. officers had been looking for the suspects all day. >> i was sitting on my porch and they had a big tactical. and eight cops went in the
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house. they had big rifles and tackty cal gear. and only one man came out. they only arrested one man in the house. >> reporter: this is the backyard where the other teenage suspect was arrested. the cops kicked the gate in and also knocked down part of the back fence. his friends tell me this suspect lives here and is 17 years old. yeah the folks who live there as well tell me that they didn't want to talk about it on camera but they wanted people to know he's a nice guy. they are flabbergasted by today's arrest and the murder and attempted murder before it as is this entire community here in nevado high school. reporting live in nevado, i'm joe vasquez. we learned that five arrests have been made in connection with dozens of freeway shootings in the east bay. since november of 2015 there have been nearly 30 of them. 15 shootings have happened along interstate 80. five shootings on highway 4. four shootings on 580 and three shootings have happened along
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880. most recent one happened tuesday night in hercules along i80. at least one person was injured. now a coalition of contra costa county mayors are asking the governor for help. they sent him a letter requesting state funds to install cameras onramp and off ramp from el cerrito to hercules. >> what's going to happen on the freeway is going to get recorded. >> reporter: police believe in of the recent shootings are gang related but innocent people have been hurt in the cross fire. still no word from the governor as to whether he will approve the funding. some newly released surveillance video captured the chaotic scene inside a new york city club last night. investigators say after a scuffle, a rapper known as troy ave who police say is holding the gun in this video shot two people and possibly himself. rapper t.i. was supposed to headline the
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show but never made it to the stage. one of the victims died, three others were hurt. but are expected to survive. a new report says san francisco international has the worse record at preventing security breaches. as we look live at the airport, sfo is denying that. the report from the associated press found three breaches in just the last year. last march a woman managed to get on the tarmac. two months before that is there were two other breaches. in one case, a man drove around the gate right up to a plane. sfo says none of those incidents should be considered breaches. president obama getting ready for an historic trip to heroshima. preparations are under way for his visit tomorrow. making him the first sitting president to do so. since the u.s. a launch and atomic attack there seven decades ago. while many will welcome his visit, there have been protests from those who want the president to apologize for the
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attack. president obama has said he is not going to apologize for the bombing. what do you think? >> august 6, 1945, 8:00 in the morning richard john gordon better known as chief jhonny was on the uss san francisco in the philippines. >> we were just getting ready for the bay. >> reporter: he fought in many battles, pearl harbor. >> i turned around to look at that and saw the smoke. >> reporter: herojima, okinawa, he was ready for this war to be over. >> americans pleaded to surrendered. >> reporter: near by,keshimoto was having breakfast in heroshima. >> i think he was saying
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goodbye to them. >> reporter: neither chief johnny or seiko knew that 25 minutes later the u.s. would drop the atomic bomb. 140,000 people in the city died. heroshima left in ruins. seiko's home collapsed on her and her brother. >> i said give me water. >> reporter: little seiko heard japanese children cry in a makeshift hospital that she and her brother were taken to. americans were celebrating as seiko was getting cancer care. yoisha never made it past his fifth birthday. >> that was the only picture i have of my brother. >> reporter: painful memories of world war ii still fresh as president obama announced his
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visit to hiroshima. >> i didn't think that -- in this world. i could hear, i could see that and i would just say, go over there. >> reporter: but the president's visit brings new life to a decades old question. do you think the united states should apologize for dropping the atomic bomb on heroshima. >> apologize? how in the world could he apologize, could anybody apologize. they don't need to apologize. >> seiko says she agrees with the man once her enemy. >> it was wartime and no country is the the winner. no country is the winner. >> reporter: experts in washington say the president's visit is supposed to be symbolic. >> i think the fact that he is going is because of the strong commitment to the organization and it needs to be cast in that light. i'm sure it will be. >> reporter: whatever the political aftermath, both chief
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johnny and seiko say they hope this will help both sides move on. today seiko still carries the guilt, guilt of surviving. >> why am i here and there's no brother, there's other people maybe should be had a chance to had -- to live like me. >> reporter: the president's objective is not to apologize but to showcase his nuclear disarmament agenda. but experts we spoke to say this will be hotly debated on both sides. >> president obama has said that he will honor those who died in world war ii but as cate just mentioned he will not apoll i -- apologize for the bombing. a great spelling bee adventure ended in a win today
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for a bay area kid. >> bethony, b-e-t-h-o-n-y. >> a seventh grader in san jose. all day he had been letter perfect at the scripps until betony beat him. 45 made it to today's final round. rudobik finished sixth. >> not bad. not bad finish. he's from san jose. he's good. >> kept a smilen on his face. first thing he said -- kept a smile on his face. first thing he said was thank you to the judges. which is great. >> great to see him little brother come up and hug him. the kids get an extended
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holiday for memorial day. upper 50s. mountain view 51. very interesting set up and it's something we do each and every summer where we keep a light on shore flow. you can see the wind rolling in from the north. pacifica, ocean beach, just as chilly as you have been you will remain that way. now go inland where the on shore flow. that ocean influence will not provide any cooling tomorrow. a warmer wind will take over north to northeast. we could see 90s this weekend away from the water let's stay right around 60 degrees for the beach. some people say how do you do that every day? we do that most days in the unofficial start for summer. a little closer than we first thought. that's why we'll see temperatures not topping out in the mid-80s we'll top out in the mid-90s. that said, beautiful weekend to get outside. it is all sunshine with that wide temperature spread. a little bit of fog near the water tonight. other wise we're sunny and warm for most of the bay area
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tomorrow. we will stay above average for the weekend. 80 tomorrow. lots of them. vallejo 83. mountain view 82. livermore 84. a comfortable 71 with morning clouds and pacifica you're the cool spot. hello 90s a couple of low 90s in the warmer spots. comfortable 70s near the bay and we will see modest cooling toward the middle of next week. unofficial start to summer and it's going to feel like summer. hello elizabeth, how will the warriors respond to back to back blow outs. very well tonight. curry shows up and so do the big men. a blow out and we will take you inside the locker rooms when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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russell westbrook showed up in all black tonight but let me tell you something there would be no funeral.
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golden state hoping to avoid the loss. the warriors led by as many 14 but the thunder refused to die. 74 points combined for westbrook and durant. draymond misses but fights for the rebound. 14 rebounds for bogut. a lot of chatter about curry's health before the game but he put it to rest. curry finished with 31 and the warriors go on to win. >> we want to hang in there. we want to win the last two and get to the finals. we want to know how difficult it will be and we will give it a shot. >> we played like we were
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really stressed. it shows how to let lose, be ourselves, have fun and enjoy what we're doing. got to bottle up that joy and take it with us on the plane tomorrow to okc and be ready on saturday. >> that game tips off at 6:00 on saturday in okc. who are the sharks going to play in the stanley cup final we'll have the answer that story on the other side. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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finally ecilps after 25 years of waiting the sharks are in the stanley cup final. and the biggest moment in franchise history and eclipsing a moment from the past. jamie baker's game seven winner in 1994 against the detroit red wings. the sharks are happy to not take her off the pedestal. >> we want to hear every detail of it. we see him every second on the jumbo tron. i think the answer to every question is who is is baker. >> the sharks get the winner of pittsburgh and tampa mid-way
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through the second period in game seven. ryan west jams in the rebound. that ended up being the game winner. game one of the cup finals starts monday in the steel city and ken and elizabeth as we go back to you. it keeps the dream. this win tonight keeps the dream of two bay area teens in their respective world bay area teams alive. we could have that dream become reality. guys. >> great time to be a sports fan in the bay area. >> it is. >> absolutely. >> dennis, thank you for that. >> you got it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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4-30. late show with stephen colbert is next. >> good night. >> stephen: neil young, man, hey, good to see you again. >> hi. >> stephen: thanks for being on the show. >> pleasure. >> stephen: keep on rocking in the free world -- i understand you're letting bernie sanders use that song. >> yes, i back bernie sanders. >> stephen: okay, trump used it for a while and you told him to stop. are you not in favor of trump? >> no, i didn't like that idea because of the misogyny and the racism. >> stephen: okay. but other than that, it's fine? >> yeah, but those two key facts are something you can't really ignore. >> stephen: okay, fair enough. but let me ask you something else, if someone wanted to use "keep on rockin' in the free world" for, say, a cat food commercial, would you be cool with that?


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