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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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you can see it's already getting light. what time is it? it's only 4:59. >> yeah. >> pretty early. >> sunrise around 5:51 now. we are getting a good glimpse of it inland. it's clear there. but along the coast we have cloud and that will keep the temperatures lower than 60 today there. this is our live weather camera so we have clear skies inland. we have clouds and very dark at sfo. we are going to keep an eye on the airport today for the possibility of any kind of delays because this is the big getaway friday for the holiday. santa rosa dipped to 47 refreshing degrees. low 50s in the tri-valley. you can see by this particular image the clouds next to the coast we'll see some clearing later. mid-80s in san jose. the full forecast is at 18 minutes after the hour. let's say good morning to
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george. >> that getaway could account for lighter traffic. >> this accident cleared from the traffic lanes but it's the slowest traffic past the scene that we have seen all morning and the backup is building for the westbound ride coming into the altamont pass. no delays for 101, 280, 85 or the guadalupe parkway. and your trip to the bay bridge this morning is a light easy one. no metering lights yet. and less than a 20-minute trip time for the carquinez bridge to the maze. the search continues today for a vallejo teenager after her alleged kidnapper was killed in a shootout with sheriff's deputies. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in marin county a focus for the serial for pearl pinson. >> reporter: her alleged kidnapper was seen this is area or his car was seen in this area according to officers yesterday morning. so this is now part of a very
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wide search area near the richmond/san rafael bridge near the sir francis drake area of marin county. here is a look at the rest of the search area on this map. it's from vallejo 300 miles south to solvang in santa barbara county where officers say the suspect ended up stealing a truck, and he was shot and killed by police. these pictures show moments before fernando castro died in the shootout with police. he is in a gold car leading officers on a chase in solvang. others scrambling to get out of the way before bullets flew. he shot first, they shot back and killed him. he was wanted for the kidnapping of 15-year-old pearl pinson back in vallejo.
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she was screaming as he yanked her. . >> she had blood on her face and found some at the scene. >> reporter: the two knew each other but they don't believe she went with him willingly. they also found disturbing notes at castro's home that indicated both he and this girl could be in danger. of course, this investigation made more difficult since the suspect is dead. live in marin county, anne makevoc, kpix 5. new this morning a firefighter was hurt battling ahouse fire in alameda overnight. take a look at the flames shooting through the roof of the home on fountain street. crews had it out around 1:30. no word of the extent of the injuries. a person who lives at the house escaped safely. the cause of the fire is under investigation. five people have been arrested in connection with dozens of freeway shootings in the east bay. since november of 2015, there have been nearly 30 of them.
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15 have happened along i-80. five on highway 4. four on 580, and three shootings have happened along 880. now a coalition of contra costa county mayors is asking the governor for help. they sent him a letter yesterday requesting state funds to install cameras at i- 80 at on- and off-ramps from el cerrito to hercules. >> we have to tell the public but more importantly the gangsters that, hey, what's going to happen on the freeway is going to get recorded. >> police believe that many of the recent shootings are gang- related but innocent people have been hurt in the crossfire. still no word from the governor as to whether he will approve the funding. it's getting warmer and now that the rainy season is over, oakland is preparing for the possibility of fire. that's why today fire department crews will be up in the oakland hills conducting risk inspections. it's an effort to prevent a repeat of the deadly 1991 firestorm that destroyed more than 3,000 homes. >> today the u.s. government
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will release its hurricane forecast. the atlantic hurricane season officially starts june 1. and there are already some concerns tropical weather got a head start this year when hurricane alex formed over the far eastern atlantic in january. and now there's a new storm brewing between bermuda and the bahamas. the 2015 season was below average with 11 storms. with all the barbecue fun that memorial day brings the occasion comes with major travel headaches. this year long tsa lines are adding trouble. kiet do is live at mineta international airport on the worries in store after we packed our bags. >> reporter: yes, good morning. travel is up this holiday weekend but the flip side of that is that the number of tsa agents is down. and so a perfect storm could be brewing which could lead to big headaches this weekend. aaa says the number of flyers is up 2.4% over last year. so give yourself extra time heading to the airport because
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the number of tsa agents has dropped 10% over the last 3 years. now down to just 43,000 workers nationwide. they are among the lowest paid federal employees with many hired as part-timers. as a result, morale is low, turnover is high and those who are still left behind are forced to miss breaks, cancel vacation and work mandatory overtime so wait times for security lines are skyrocketing. >> as our peak travel season started we started experiencing a total breakdown. passenger wait times were consistently 60 minutes or more. airline passengers have reported wait times as high as 120 minutes with thousands of passengers missing their flights. >> reporter: as for road travel, aaa estimates 4.6 million californians will be driving 50 miles or more this weekend. many by car, aaa says if you are driving, try to do so before 9 a.m. or after 7 p.m. by the way that 4.6 million california number there, that's the second highest number of californians traveling since
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2005. we are live at mineta international airport, kiet do, kpix 5. >> kiet, what is congress doing to help with long lines at tsa? >> reporter: congress approved $34 million to hire another 800 tsa workers a band-aid solution to get us through the mandatory overtime issues and address the peak travel season. but this is a long-term issuer. donald trump now has enough delegates to clinch the republican presidential nomination. he will be in california ahead of next month's primaries. he will speak in fresno and san diego. police are preparing for possible problems. outside trump events in new mexico and anaheim protestors got violent. park system is getting high praise. it's number 5 in the country. the trust for public land considered factors like size and investment and available facilities when sizing up america's parks. san francisco was a smashing success in terms.
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access factor. it was based on the percentage of residents living within 10 minutes a park. san francisco's score 99%. one spot in the bay area will be off limits this weekend the visitors center at vista point at the golden gate bridge. they will be closed from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. through month. it's to try and minimize memorial day traffic in the area. if you are in the market for a new home looking for something unique, look no further. the san francisco victorian made popular by "full house" that appears in the show's opening sequence, the current owner remodeled it but left the 19th century charm intact. the asking price, $4.1 million. time now 5:08. an antibiotic-resistant superbug turns up in the u.s. for the first time ever! the frantic work now being done to keep people safe. >> and zika experts invade northern california talking about the new ways that they
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are trying to fight off the disease. >> it's a big getaway friday forecast but why go anywhere? wait until you see our own local outlook. ,, introducing the completely redesigned mercedes-benz c-coupe, with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz.
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the houston area is dealingh flooding once again... after another roun 5:11. sun-up at 5:51. starting to see a little brightness out there as we take
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a sneak peek towards the bay bridge. we have sunshine for this friday and we have your memorial day holiday forecast. that's all coming up in less than 4 minutes. the houston area is dealing with flooding once again after another round of severe weather. yesterday's storm brought about 5 inches of rain to the town of tomball. >> down on the land the water is flowing like a river. i have never seen it like that before. in this area. >> >> a flood warning remains in effect for harris and montgomery counties. major breakthrough in the search for egyptair flight 804. according to the state-run news agency airbus, the plane's manufacturer detected the aircraft signals from sea. the signals were emitted boot plane's emergency locator transmitter. this is different from the sounds send from the flight data recorders. they crashed last week in the mediterranean sea.
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all 66 people on board died. a dangerous superbug that cannot be killed by anything. doctors discovered the antibiotic-resistant strain of e. coli in a 49-year-old pennsylvania woman. the cdc says it is looking for other potential cases at the hospital the patient visited. >> the medicine cabinet is empty for some patients. it is the end of the road for antibiotics unless we act urgently. >> one report suggest that is this kind of bacteria can result in the deaths of half the patients it infects. the zika virus drew top experts to california this week to discuss the outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease. lemor abrams reports. >> reporter: as summer nears the growing risk of zika virus has experts scrambling to find answers. >> the zika virus infection -- >> reporter: doctors from brazil at the center of zika joined top uc-davis doctors in a tech symposium exploring the question, what can we do to
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prevent a zika epidemic in the u.s.? chemical ecologists say the solution may be inside this secure lab. behind all these doors, the professor is breeding mosquitos in an effort to develop a new repellent to ward off the blood sucking insects. >> we can use these mosquitos before they -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he says the synthetic chemical deet is one of the most effective protections against it. the cdc says deet is safe even for young children and pregnant women. doctors worry about its bad reputation. >> the worst thing that we want to happen in an epidemic situation is people end up not using repellent and may end up harming themselves and contracting the disease. >> reporter: back at the symposium a man is paying close attention. his grandmother died after a long battle with another mosquito virus. >> tests come back you expect flu or some sort of illness but not west nile virus.
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>> reporter: he is studying the risk of birth defects. just as important, infect women who show no signs mostly fever and rash. >> they can't diagnose zika by skin rash. you have to test by molecules. >> reporter: the focus is on prevention before it's too late. >> experts are also reminding everyone to get rid of common breeding grounds for mosquitos like standing water near your home. all right. let's check the roads this morning with george. how's it looking? >> nice, michelle. we are not tracking any major incidents. in fact, the chp logs have been quiet. 580 incident is already cleared. highway 4 normally busy in the early hours, not so this morning. 65 miles per hour through the willow pass on bailey road. look at the 580 road into the altamont now that our accident
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has-cleared from airway boulevard. no delays for that trip. good south on 880 from union city towards fremont and into milpitas, you'll find a good ride there. south bay freeways are clear, as well. a look at the bridges for you now. the ride to the bay bridge, easy trip time still under 20 minutes for your westbound ride from the carquinez bridge to the maze. i think we'll see a lighter than normal commute here. also here at the san mateo bridge, this highway 92 ride, you can see that it's still pretty smooth here with no delays for this westbound ride. and the commute here to the golden gate bridge, a quick reminder of a happy birthday to the golden gate bridge, 79 years old today and lastly, a check of public transit for you where we are not tracking any delays this morning. all mass transit is on time. here's roberta. >> george, i know you'll know
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the answer to this. what's the official color of the golden gate bridge? >> signal orange. >> no! international orange! [ laughter ] >> excuse me. international orange. you're absolutely right. >> i get it. you're traffic guy. signal. i was close. >> no, you got me there. that was a good one. okay, good morning, everyone. take a look at the color of the sky right now. it's clearing out! we do have the makings of what's going to pan out to be a warmer day today as we slide towards the holiday. 47 degrees at this hour in santa rosa. double-check the temperature in redwood city but right now in oakland it's in the 60s. san francisco 62. breeze east of the bay. 11-mile-per-hour winds in san ra mow, 10 to the south in san jose, 14 in fairfield. it will be a breezy late day, winds up to 10 to 20. hey, this is one of our weather watchers. i want to thank all my weather watchers for their observations this morning.
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kim, though, he says tomorrow is the opening of fishing season. thanks for that, tim! by the way he reported 52 degrees in benicia. we had the clouds stacked up at the coast this morning. the marine layer will scour out early today as high pressure comes in from the west. sunshine today and as high pressure builds we are going to see a warming trend through memorial day. there's your futurecast. look what happens at lunchtime. the coast is clear. the stratus is out of here and with the abundance of sunshine we will see some warmer temperatures. 89 at the state capital today. 90 fresno. high sierra cool, partly cloudy skies, 60s. overnight dipping into the freezing point around 32, 33 degrees. so be mindful for that as you pack up and head to the mountains. 65 degrees in monterey bay. our numbers today anywhere from 60 in pacifica, 70s at the rim of the bay, 80s very common
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around the peninsula up to 90 degrees in fairfield. 94 degrees inland. 70s around the bay monday. 50s around the immediate seashore. we'll have sunshine. bottlerock concert, gosh, can you imagine seeing stevie wonder tomorrow and lenny kravitz? we also have carnaval. that's taking place in the mid- 70s and one of the best salsa dancers i know sitting right next to me. >> makes me want to dance! >> a lot going on this weekend. >> it's the holiday, right? >> you'll be at each of those events, right? [ laughter ] >> unofficial start to summer. so yeah, we are getting all our outdoor events happening. >> you're going to be in one of those outfits we just saw. >> not this year. [ laughter ] >> still working on that bikini. in new jersey, a woman named sarah is teaching people the wonders of science. sarah is a robot. she was born from a 3d printer.
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>> now move my index finger. >> amazing. some fine minds at the stevens institute of technology designed sarah so she could talk and move all thanks to a $300 printer. one student revealed just how many parts it took to make her. >> she is you will 3d print parts. so even her eyes, ears, every part over 500 parts. >> wow. how is that possible? the size of the printer itself, it did take eight pounds of plastic to make sarah. she is now on display in hoboken's liberty science center. and i'm dennis o'donnell at oracle where the warriors faced a do-or-die situation in game 5. would they win? would they lose? highlights and reaction straight ahead. >> what's cool about your school or summer camp? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school or camp on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,
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we're updating a car fire just in from the chp on the nimitz freeway. 880 southbound on lewelling. so far no lanes blocked, no backup. we're looking at lighter than normal traffic on this friday
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before the holiday. good morning, everybody, from oracle. only nine teams in the history of the nba have ever overcome a 3-1 game deficit in the play- offs. the warriors took a small step towards becoming the tenth team to accomplish that feat. steph curry's health was questioned after game 5. he looked pretty good last night. the warriors led by 8 at the half. but the thunder were like cockroaches, they just wouldn't die. curry wasn't ready for the season to be open. they won 120-111. they force game 6 saturday in oklahoma city. >> i knew how we would play. um, you know, this is, um, a championship team. um, they've, um, they have been through a lot over the last couple of years, always responded well, um, from adversity, and, uhm, this was exactly what i expected. >> two other players to note.
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andrew bogut came up big with 15 points, 14 rebounds, and maurice spates scored 15 points. it was a total team effort. the warriors extend it to six games. at least. they will be in oklahoma city on saturday. i'll tell you real quickly before we get out, the sharks opponent we know it will be pittsburgh, game one, monday in pittsburgh. that's it from oracle. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. back to the nba play-offs. play of the day, the warriors' andrew bogut with a long pass coming on up, touchdown pass! draymond green, green is good. and he is strong! finishes it with a three-point play. draymond green and golden state win and they stay alive for at least another game, game 6 as dennis mentioned tomorrow in oklahoma city. it's going to be a busy holiday travel weekend if you are flying or driving. give yourself extra time. we have a live report straight ahead.
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>> the search for a missing 15- year-old girl continues this morning. her alleged kidnapper is dead. coming up, we'll show you how far the search area has expanded. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ and, whether your memorial y , or a suspect dead 15-year-old still missing this morning as her family and friends hold on to hope. >> whether you drive or fly, pack your patience for the trip. >> we have a stellar forecast today but wait until you see the changes for the holiday. >> and the holiday ride might be happier but the commute this friday morning lighter than usual. look at the bay bridge. at 5:30 we normally see the
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metering lights activated. they haven't been turned on. we'll have the traffic report coming up. good morning, it's friday, may 27. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. a search is on for a vallejo teenager after the man suspected of abducting her was shot and killed by police. anne makovec joins us live from marin county in an area search crews are targeting. anne. >> reporter: yeah. this is one of many areas the suspect was seen yesterday on the very, very long police chase that started with an amber alert in the morning. that suspect is dead so the search right now is focused on his alleged victim, 15-year-old pearl pinson. she was seen screaming for help yesterday morning on a pedestrian bridge in vallejo. officers say she was being kidnapped by an acquaintance fernando castro, 19 years old, whose car was then seen on
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security video yesterday morning around 9:30 here near the richmond/san rafael bridge. >> we currently have deputies in that area searching, looking for other clues, anything that would give us information as to where pearl is at this point. >> reporter: this is the rest of the huge search area from where pearl was last seen in vallejo. 300 miles south to solvang, that is in santa barbara county, where officers shot and killed the suspect. we have some pictures showing the moments before castro died in the police shootout. he is in a gold car leading officers on a chase. they tracked him to solvang from san luis obispo county where his vehicle was spotted because of that statewide amber alert. there is a lot of concern, obviously, for pearl's safety. she was not found with him when he was shot and killed. apparently there was some disturbing notes found in his home that really call her safety into question this morning. this is an urgent search and
5:32 am
we'll keep you posted throughout the day. live in marin county, anne makevoc, kpix 5. friends and family are holding out hope for that girl pearl pinson. they held a vigil yesterday at the pedestrian overpass in vallejo where the teen was last seen. >> she needs to know her family and friends are looking for her. we're all praying for her to come home safe and sound. and this tragedy has rocked our entire community and all we want is for to be back home safe. >> there were plenty of prayers and tears at yesterday's gathering. in novato, two high schoolers are in custody linked to a shooting that left a classmate dead. investigators in marin county collected bags of evidence from this apartment where one of the teens was arrested yesterday. relatives told us he is 16 years old. police arrested another novato high school student for the same violent encounter which left a second victim with stab wounds.
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think third teen link to the case is on the loose. crews will be busy this memorial day weekend finishing work on bart train tracks in san leandro. passengers will have to rely on a bus bridge between the san leandro and bay fair stations from midnight tonight until 4:00 tuesday morning. the work will be mainly on the elevated structures. the ride should be safer and more quiet when completed. as for a sunny escape this weekend one santa cruz beach is getting buzz but only the bad kind. it's the third year in a row that cowell beach in santa cruz has earned first place on "heal the bay's" beach bummer list. the scores reflect water quality. officials say water on cowell is so polluted, nobody should go near it. but beaches much closer to home grace the list, as well. sunnyvale cove at candlestick point and pillar point -- sunnydale cove at candlestick
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point and pillar point also earn poor marks for pollution. >> pillar point i wouldn't have thought of that. that's where mavericks syed farook year. but if you are going to be -- that's where mavericks is every year. but if you are going to go to the beach go, to capitola, lots of sunshine there today and some warmer conditions. two-foot swells, semi glassy. this is the scene towards the bay waters. we have the sky already clearing out in the city by the bay. san francisco 62 degrees. very mild in comparison to 47 degrees with the clear skies in santa rosa. temperatures average high in san francisco 64 going with 71 degrees today. half moon bay at 68. we're talking about 60 however in daly city. 80s will be common around the peninsula. 87 in morgan hill swinging across santa clara valley to the eastern portion of our bay area. we're talking 91 degrees in brentwood, tracy, oakley and discovery bay, byron. you liked that move, didn't you, george? [ laughter ] >> we are going to pick up a wind up to 20 miles per hour in
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san rafael, 83 degrees there. and upstream into the cloverdale area at 87. so obviously a warming trend. it's going to be even warmer over the weekend. i'll have some new moves by 48 minutes after the hour, george. [ laughter ] a great ride around the bay bridge, normally by 5:30 you will see metering lights on and the backup forming. we are now five minutes past that and still no backup and no metering lights for the westbound bay bridge ride. we continue to track reports of a car fire here on the nimitz. but traffic is light enough leading out of hayward that there's not much backup. not much of slow traffic on 880 to milpitas. look at the 580 ride through livermore and the altamont pass, a little slowing but no backup into tracy on to 205 this morning. and the san mateo bridge is an easy ride for westbound highway
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92. 13 to 14 minutes over to foster city. with all that tasty barbecue memorial day brings there are some travel downsides that none of us enjoy and long tsa lines don't help h kiet do is live at mineta airport on the headaches in store after we have zipped up the luggage. >> reporter: good morning. we are live here just outside terminal b. take a look through the window you can see that this line is already stacked deep creeping along here. it was moving okay a little while ago but as now it's going to get worse throughout the morning. now, the u.s. travel association says long lines have become a national security crisis! two-hour wait times are increasingly the norm across the country, not the news you want to hear on a holiday weekend. aaa says the number of flyers is up 2.4% this year. but tsa agents have been leaving in droves in recent years losing 10% of its staff since 2013. that has pushed wait times to at least an hour at many airports with two-hour wait times frequent.
5:37 am
the agency has come under fire for hiring part-time workers and so morale is low as employees leave for other full time positions. workers left behind are missing their breaks, forced to work mandatory overtime. their vacation days are being canceled and they are among the lowest paid federal employees making on average $35,000 a year. that makes tsa agents more likely to miss security threats. >> long security lines, large crowds of passengers in queues are not just an inconvenience, they themselves expose the vulnerability and security risk. >> reporter: and if you are heading out on the roads, aaa says a record number of californians will be traveling 50 miles or more this weekend. 4.6million people in california alone that's up 2.5%. so back out here live at mineta, travel early in the morning, they say, or late in the evening to avoid the rush. kiet do, kpix 5. >> kiet, you said that the tsa screeners are quitting. what's the turnover rate? >> reporter: so, um, full- timers are leaving at a rate of
5:38 am
about 10%. but the part-timers turnover rate is 20%. >> all right, kiet, thank you. at oracle arena warriors fans were on the edge of their seats. but the team delivered. golden state won gave 5 on their home turf last night with fans screaming making it "roar- acle," of course. after two losses on the road this game was make or break for the warriors. and fans summoned the victory with all the screaming. >> the crowd is everything. without the crowd, the energy will not be there for the golden state warriors. >> they are back. and we'll be back on monday. hello. please believe it when i tell you, you know it's the truth! >> the warriors are hosting a watch party at oracle. tickets go on sale at 1 p.m. today. facebook is thinking about a different approach to its newsfeed. jill wagner of on the changes it's testing out and
5:39 am
more trending topics. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenny and michelle. the markets put the brakes on a two-day rally. the dow was down 23. nasdaq up 6. investigators are waiting for the fed chair to speak this afternoon. she will be at harvard discussing interest rates. apple reportedly floated the idea of buying time warner trying to ramp up original programming but the financial times says it never went beyond the preliminary stage. in australia facebook is testing a different version of its newsfeed organizing it by topics. facebook listed some default topics like animals, politics and travel. users could add or remove them. gas prices are down. about 40 cents less per gallon than last year at this time. but they are going up. >> jill, we hear that taco bell has a fun giveaway for the nba finals. what's that? >> reporter: taco bell is going to be giving away free tacos during the finals. the promotion is called steal a
5:40 am
game steal a taco. and if the away team wins during the first three games they will give away free tacos on june 15. this is a good business move. customers pick up other items when you grab the free taco. >> taco and tostada and bean burrito! >> thank you, jill wagner of james corden in a battle of rhymes with celebrities. who comes out on top? >> let's take a live look out at 880. this is in oakland. a little light out there. at least from here. george will let us know what the rest of the roads are looking like when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forecast in just a few minu
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new this morning... this is our live weather camera looking north from the transamerica pyramid. we're looking toward the golden gate bridge. there it is! happy birthday, golden gate bridge at 79 years old. it only took four years to build that bridge. new this morning, president obama went to a place no sitting u.s. president has been to before, hiroshima, japan. it comes 70 years after the u.s. bombed them. as predicted, the president did not apologize for doing it but he did join japan's prime minister for a visit to peace memorial park to honor those killed in the blast. obama said we would all be safe near world without nuclear weapons. -- safer in a world without nuclear weapons. >> we may not be able to eliminate man's capacity to do evil but among those who hold nuclear stockpiles we must have the courage to escape the logic
5:44 am
of fear. >> earlier this week at japan's g7 summit the president acknowledged concerns about north korea's nuclear ambitions. now the latest on the presidential race. democratic front-runner hillary clinton is making a big push in the bay area. this morning, she will meet with community leaders in oakland at the home of chicken and waffles. yesterday she went to campaign rallies including one at the hibernia building in san francisco. she told a crowd there, she is the candidate who can unify the united states. and earlier in the day, she spoke to a crowd in san jose she intends to pass reforms on immigration and gun control. she also talked about donald trump. >> people say to me, well, you talk about trump a lot. and i do. and i'll tell you why. because what he is saying is dangerous and divisive! [ applause and cheers ] >> what is he saying is harmful to our future and our country! >> clinton needs less than 100 more delegates to clinch the democratic nomination.
5:45 am
shouse also releasing her first campaign ad for california today. donald trump may debate democratic candidate bernie sanders. sanders request for another debate was turned down by hillary clinton. republican trump says that he would be willing to debate sanders but only if the tv networks donate millions of dollars to charities. donald trump has now accumulated more than enough delegates to clinch the republican nomination. he needed 1,237 delegates. he went above that number yesterday after some inbound delegates pledged their support. after he got the news, trump posted a photo on instagram on his private plane enjoying a meal from mcdonald's. there are some moments on the "late late show" that just need to be repeated. >> last night, david schwimmer took the stage with corden with the rap battle and insults flew
5:46 am
from both sides. [ unintelligible rap ] lacking." 31 - 41 you speak english, t you can't rap. your rhymes e no high gap. don >> pretty good. another person appeared on stage to, quote, show the dudes what they're lacking. [ rap ] >> as you can maybe hear from the audience reaction, she was named the winner of the rap battle in the end. i think she's got it. [ indiscernible ] >> we should have a rap-out on our news desk. >> i'd like to see it. george and ro. >> oh, yeah. >> michelle and me. >> give me time to practice that one. >> that's my problem. [ overlapping speakers ]
5:47 am
>> we'll try during a break. here's a look at the bay bridge, guys. we were talking earlier, you know, "friday light." but this is more than "friday light." this is holiday weekend "friday light." that's why we're look at no backup here at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound. that easy drive time. no backups. we are reporting a car fire. the chp is with it here southbound. there's a little slowing around the 238 interchange. nimitz nimitz southbound, not a bad ride. the ride over the willow pass those speeds are amazing. 53 miles per hour for your ride heading over towards concord and coming out of antioch,
5:48 am
pittsburg this morning. south bay freeways continue to look great. we are not tracking any delays here for 280 in the northbound direction and look at the 101 ride as you head up now toward capitol expressway or from capitol expressway toward 237. it's an easy trip. here's the san mateo bridge ride. it's normally about 6:30 that this bridge will back up. that's not the case yet this morning. as we have been saying all morning long it's birthday wishes to the golden gate bridge. with an easy ride, look at this drive time now coming up at under 15 minutes for the drive southbound coming out of san rafael for the drive down to the toll plaza of the bridge. and a quick check of public transit shows no delays for ace train, caltrain, also for the muni metro. bart on time. let's get to the weather center with the big holiday weekend. here's roberta. >> yeah, george. happy birthday to the golden gate bridge. 79 years old today. well, actually it was pedestrian day was held on may 27th when everybody got a good look at the golden gate bridge
5:49 am
but it was opened to traffic on may 28 tomorrow. but boy, only took four years to build it. that's amazing. this is official sun-up at mount vaca. you see the clear skies. isn't that beautiful? temperature-wise right now anywhere from 47 degrees in santa rosa, to redwood city reporting 67. calm in santa rosa through novato. we have stratus at the coast. high pressure is building in. today warmer than yesterday. wait until you see that memorial day weekend forecast. clouds swipe out easily by lunch hour. the coast is clear to sunday. we'll see the stratus return on the holiday. but still we'll have a burnoff. 89 degrees sacramento, stockton, modesto, redding. if you are heading to greater
5:50 am
lake tahoe area 62 degrees partly cloudy skies overnight freezing. sunrise 5:51. we are seeing a glimpse of it from our mount vaca live weather camera. numbers today stacking up from 60 in pacifica to 71 in oakland through berkeley. high 70s in napa, sonoma, 90 fairfield. nearly 990 in santa clara back through willow glen. here's the extended forecast. we are talking about a string of sunshiny days topping off at 94 degrees monday, tuesday. bottlerock concert 88 degrees this weekend in napa. and carnaval, you see, michelle right here? wahoo! enjoy the weekend. one bay area kid will begin the trip back to the bay today with a new dictionary in hand. that's after finishing in fifth place in the scripps national spelling bee. >> betony. b-e-t-t-o-n-y. >> no.
5:51 am
>> he should be proud. rutvik gandhasri [ indiscernible ] 12 years old, sorry about that rutvik, a 7th grader at chaboya middle school in san jose, all day he was perfect up until betony took him out. the final round ended in a tie for the third consecutive year. nijar janga and jairam hathwar will take home the top prize of $45,000. both boys received the coveted trophy and will each get that money and some prizes. and by the way, 11-year-old n nijar is the youngest winner ever. the plan facebook and microsoft are working on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. we have oakland a's playing host tonight. but that's a giants forecast. anyway, we have the a's playing host to detroit. game time temperature in the 60s. >> traffic is light around the bay this morning. here at the bay bridge toll plaza, no backups. no metering lights. no delays. the rest of your traffic and weather coming right up. facebook and microsoft say they plan to bury a cable deep
5:55 am
under the ocean to help customers. the two tech companies are teaming up to install a cable under the atlantic ocean stretching between virginia and spain. the move would decrease facebook and microsoft's reliance on telecom companies for bandwidth. construction of the line is expected to begin in august off the coast of virginia beach. in other tech news a jury decided not to award oracle $9 billion in the suit with google. oracle sued google for using their apis in their android system without permission. those are tools used to connect different kinds of software. google argued that the apis were open source and available for anyone to use. good news for people who struggle to remember all those online passwords. google is testing out a new password replacement technology. a program called trust api would use multiple sensors in your smartphone to determine whether it's you trying to log in. it would be even more advanced than the smart lock on the google android operating
5:56 am
system. that uses sensors that can scan your face, your voice, and even how you walk. more and more americans plan to dip into social security benefits before they retire. a new "associated press" poll finds 4 in 10 people plan to start collecting as early as age 62. but their benefits will be reduced up to 30%. 44% of americans report social security will be their biggest source of income during retirement. that search area for a missing 15-year-old girl is larger. her suspected kidnapper is dead. the latest in the search for pearl pinson next. >> and this is shaping up to be a busy holiday travel weekend. if you're driving or flying, we'll explain why you need to give yourself extra time.
5:57 am
introducing the completely redesigned mercedes-benz c-coupe, with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz.
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and i'm kenny choi. investigators will be in man county today looking for evidence in a kidnapping ca that stretches all the way to the centr as to. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. investigators will be in marin county looking for evidence in a kidnapping case that goes down to the central coast. anne makovec reports near the richmond/san rafael bridge where the search is focused this morning. >> reporter: that's because the suspect's car was captured on a license plate reader here near the bridge near the sir francis drake on-ramp. this is something that's expanded the search area which was already huge. the focus at this point on the search for pearl pinson. the 15-year-old girl was seen screaming for help yesterday morning on a pedestrian bridge in vallejo. officers say she


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