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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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started in vallejo. that's a two-hour drive from where we are at the pedestrian bridge there where pearl was last seen. friends and family are remaining hopeful. they have candles, signs and flowers on display. we spoke to her sister rose earlier and she says her sister is a fighter. >> it's heartbreaking knowing she -- that she is still not found and it's upsetting that fernando was killed because he is the one with our answers to our questions. >> reporter: castro is the suspected kidnapper. now, previous reports said that they knew one another but that's actually not true according to her sister. she said they were strangers. the police said he shot at them and they shot back and killed him. so the solano county sheriff's department arrived on scene just a few moments ago. we hope to speak with them and we'll bring you an update in the next hour.
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in jenner, jackie ward, kpix 5. a marin county teen is on the run after this week's deadly shooting near a north bay high school. two people were shot, one fatally, in novato on wednesday. kpix 5's emily turner is at the marin county jail where two other suspects are already behind bars. emily. >> reporter: whether or not they are here at this jail or juvenile detention center we don't know but they could be charged as adult. if so, this is where they will go. two in custody, one to g marin county deputies say they have a good idea who that third person is and now a statewide manhunt is under way to find him. >> i'd like to say we're really, really close but the fact of the matter is, is that we are being very cautious in what steps we take in regards to apprehending the suspect. >> reporter: several search warrants have been executed at the arrest sites in an attempt to figure out what happened and why. speculation of a motive swirls around a letter sent home to
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novato high school students last week after an off-campus assault between a male and female student. >> so the reality is, is that we know that there are some common names but whether there's any true nexus between that and the investigation we have right now, we have not clearly defined that. we're looking into that as many other investigations that have gone on that involve minors in the area. >> reporter: both victims and the suspects are students at novato high school. the crime rattled the community. and novato high canceled school until tuesday while they and law enforcement search for answers. >> as a peaceful and a safe community, these crimes are not a normal occurrence in our town. the fact that these crimes involve youth in our community is absolutely devastating. >> reporter: as a result of that, the city of novato as well as novato high school are both offering counseling at the high school and at the youth
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center. reporting live in san rafael, emily turner, kpix 5. tense moments outside donald trump's rally in san diego. you see police using force to control protestors who tried to jump a barricade outside the convention center. cbs news reporter danielle nottingham is live in san diego with an update on the campaign. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, donald trump has been gone for a long time but you can see behind me, the crowd is still here. law enforcement has been trying for the last couple of hours to disperse the crowd from the streets. they have made a human barricade around the convention center trying to get the crowd to leave. a helicopter is flying overhead warning the crowd that if they don't leave this area, they could be arrested for unlawful assembly. and this has been much of the scene today here in san diego. ♪[ music ] reporter: donald trump was
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ready to celebrate his big day! >> there was a big news flash that donald trump had won the nomination! >> reporter: cbs news estimates that trump has reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination for president. >> if you look at what's happened, tremendous support from all over the country, senators, congressmen, we have governors all over the place. >> reporter: delegates from north dakota helped put trump over the top. >> i asked him how many delegates do you have and they said they were sitting at 1235. i said let me let you talk to 1236. >> reporter: this was another day on the campaign trail for democrats. bernie sanders has several events in california including one here in ventura. supporters of sanders remain optimistic despite hillary clinton's big lead in delegates. >> if there's still a sliver of hope there's still any possible mathematical equation i think there's a chance. look at all the supporters. >> hillary clinton! >> reporter: clinton is
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campaigning in nevada and california. she criticized trump numerous times during a speech in las vegas. >> donald trump is an urgent threat to our rights and to our country. [ very scratchy voice ] >> reporter: the democrats go head to head in puerto rico in early june. and you can see behind me the crowd is starting to move a bit but it will probably be several hours before the streets here in san diego are completely cleared. and as for donald trump, over the weekend he will be in washington, dc with the rolling thunder. live in san diego, danielle nottingham kpix 5. at a rally in anaheim wednesday, trump criticized u.s. immigration policy by referring to the case of kate steinle. she is the woman killed in san francisco last year on pier 14. the suspect an illegal immigrant named francisco lopez sanchez who had previously been deported several times. today the steinle family announced they are suing the
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city and the feds over her death. specifically, the bureau of land management, i.c.e., and former sheriff ross mirkarimi who released a memo two weeks before steinle's death. >> it wasn't until this memo two weeks before lopez-sanchez gets released that things changed. and this is the abuse of authority that led directly in an unbroken chain to the death of kate. >> the lawsuit comes just days after san francisco made clarifications to its sanctuary city policy to exempt those who have committed violent crimes. meanwhile, hillary clinton hosted a campaign event at a popular restaurant in oakland today. >> look, we have a big problem, um, in affordable housing, and in keeping neighborhood character and opportunities for people who have been living in
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oakland over years. no city really has yet figured out how to do that. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf was also at this morning's event at the chicken and waffles restaurant. clinton focused on successful programs that increase opportunity this is oakland. [ also a scratchy voice ] those troublesome airport security lines are being put to the test this holiday weekend at bay area terminals. kpix 5's juliette goodrich is at oakland international airport where people are looking for any way they can to get around the long lines. how are they doing? >> reporter: we have been here most of the day and really it's been smooth sailing. this line hasn't gotten much locker than this and it's been moving along. it hasn't gotten much longer than this. if you go through tsa precheck you can go through sooner. getting that appointment for precheck is a whole different story. >> seems to be moving quickly. so hopefully, these couple of extra hours i came early will benefit. reporter: brin johnson will likely make it through this security line quicker than it took me to make a phone call to
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be on tsa's prechecklist. [ recorded message from tsa ] >> reporter: on hold 38 minutes before learning there are no appointments available for 45 days in the five bay area screening locations. but once you have that precheck status, you're set to go. >> we didn't wait at all. >> thank you. >> i'm to dallas and i haven't been here that long. >> reporter: for those who aren't tsa precheck approved, morning news reports helped remind some to get to the airport early. >> i was at the gym this morning and there was a whole segment on the news about tsa's going to be super backed up and long lines. i try not to cut it close. >> reporter: as for why the rush in travelers this weekend? we discovered a variety of reasons. >> we are going up to napa to bottlerock. >> reporter: you're going to l.a.? >> play some baseball. >> reporter: and xavier who flew alone is visiting grandma in the bay area. you made it on time? >> made it on time. >> reporter: how does he look?
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has he grown? >> yes, he has grown since the last time i seen him, yes! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: but the most fitting memorial weekend reunion at the airport, a marine coming home from iraq. [ applause ] >> reporter: greeted by fellow veterans and all agree airport lines are worth the wait if it means added protection. now, i'm not going anywhere this weekend but it's been a lot of fun just to see where people are going, ask them where they're headed and also see these reunions, as well. and, you know, the good news here at oakland international airport is they are going to hire 30 private security guards to be in the lines to help move things along in mid-june. that's the latest here from oakland. i'm juliette goodrich, kpix 5. coming up at 6:00, another trick by the airlines, booking reservations together. it doesn't mean that you will be sitting together. a consumerwatch report on yet another way that they are making you pay extra. well, we have a warm holiday weekend on tap. >> here's our chief
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meteorologist paul deanno with a look see. >> if you are driving maybe not flying, a lot of the locations will be some of the warmest weather we have seen in the past couple of weeks. 92 degrees in sacramento tomorrow. 91 for fresno. 90 for redding. 87 for ukiah but we'll be chilly at monterey only 63 and slight chances of afternoon thunderstorms toward tahoe or the sierra, south all the way to yosemite. we have a ridge of high pressure which is getting closer. that's why it was so much warmer today. it gets closer and it gets warmer as we head toward memorial day. as a matter of fact, that ridge may be hanging out for a very long time for at least a week. so it's going to be warm but not hot. i'll save hot for widespread 90s. we are not going to see that. it will be markedly cooler at the coast. but likely this is the start of a very warm pattern which may last a while. once we get to the 90s, we may stay there for several days. we'll talk about when that happens coming up. >> thank you. it may be a reason to put down your cell phone.
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>> coming up, the new research that points to a possible link to cancer. >> plus, a bay area rocker gets his prized guitars back years after they were stolen. the small price and stroke of luck that led them back. >> a three-day festival in napa valley starting today. coming up we'll go live to bottlerock. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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breaking news out of new yo. a search is underway after reports of a small plane gog down in the huds ny plane in thes seize we have breaking news out of new york right now. a search under way after report of a small plane going down in the hudson river. no sign of any plane in these live pictures but we see a number of boats in the river there. this is closer to the new
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jersey side. no word on how many people might have been on board a plane. a new study raising new questions about a link between cell phones and cancer. the national toxicology program says it found low incidents of tumors in male rats exposed to the type of radiofrequencies commonly emitted by cell phones but the national institutes of health notes that this study was too small to draw any conclusive results. and the biggest study involving humans done by danish scientists found no link between cell phones and brain tumors. new information on a story we have been following closely and it involves chemicals in children's car seats. a kpix 5 investigation exposed false advertising, legal loopholes and outdated federal regulations are exposing millions of children to concerning chemicals in their car seats. today the ladies of cbs' the talk invited our julie watts on to discuss new developments in
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the investigation that impacts every parent in the country. julie has details on the legislation. it looks like lawmakers are listening. >> reporter: some of them anyway. we did reach out to dozens of lawmakers with jurisdiction over nhtsa and now two are taking action. do you think parents should have the option to buy a car seat without flame retardant or is the possible benefit worth the risk? >> no way. >> reporter: chemical conscious moms have been struggling for years to find baby products without potentially harmful flame retardants. but our recent investigation repeatedly found known cancer- causing chemicals inside even allegedly green car seats and inside a child who used one. we collected similar test results from mothers across the country. all call on regulators to revive a standard that requires they add retardants to car seats. regulators say there's no evidence it provides a safety benefit in car seats and
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congressman jared huffman says administrative changes could take years. >> i don't want to wait years and years while millions of babies continue to be exposed to a carcinogen for no apparent safety benefit. >> reporter: so he introduced legislation this week that would force regulators to update the 1927 standard from an open flame test to a smaller test similar to california's new furniture flammability standard that will no longer require retardants. but huffman admits getting the big passed quickly may be tough. >> if i have interested colleagues across the aisle maybe i can get a hearing on this issue. >> reporter: for parents, that can't come soon enough. >> i even went into a store that had a comforter that goes into crib and they said they could not legally sell me that comforter because it didn't have enough chemicals on it to protect from fire in the bed. >> oh!! >> there are a lot of products like that. i will tell you the american academy of pediatrics is calling on the cpsc to outlaw these chemicals in children's products but they are regulated
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by nhtsa not cpcs so we are hopeful that legislation will exempt these chemicals. >> reporter: now, this is a rare case where both manufacturers and consumers are supporting the same bill and another senator called for a hearing on the issue in addition to huffman's legislation. but most of the lawmakers that we contacted seem uninterested. for a link to their responses, head to find out what your local congressman how they reacted. >> all right. thank you. >> crazy laws that hang around we can't get rid of them. >> this is a 44-year-old law intended for the interior of the vehicle itself. a decade later car seats were mandatory. they were looped into this. and this is the result. >> all right. good job. thank you. a grammy nominated rock artist is reunited with his stolen guitars. rob flynn from the band machine head had his home in martinez broken into six years ago. the burglars took four guitars among other valuable items and he says a woman returned two of
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them right out of the blue. >> i'm like a little -- >> thank you. >> the whole thing. >> thank you so much. >> i'm really glad that i found you. >> yeah. >> the woman says that she found the guitars in a store ridge unit. she bought them for $10. they were in near perfect condition. tens of thousands of people are in napa this weekend for the fourth year of the bottlerock festival for food, wine and music to start summer. betty yu reports from napa. >> reporter: liz, there is the biggest bottlerock yet, expecting 120,000 people over the next three days at this festival. what a great way to kick off memorial day weekend with gorgeous weather. we are standing at the entrance right now. now, it is just as much a food and wine festival as it is a music festival. let's start with all of the star power on stage. there will really be a great
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variety of musicians, some lesser known bands that will get great exposure and, of course, big names. tonight, big headliners lenny kravitz at 6:00, and stevie wonder at 8:00. on saturday, florence and the machine and ziggy marley and on sunday, the lumineers and red hot chili peppers will close it out. but there will be dozens of other killer bands and, of course, you cannot come to wine country without talking about first rate food and wine. right? there are plenty of local vendors food trucks and restaurateurs all over the bay area selling food and wine. also, there is a culinary stage featuring tons of celebrity chefs and special guests including some athletes and they will be cooking up very cool dishes over the next couple of days. in fact, in just a few moments michelin star gordon ramsey will be taking the stage. this is a sold-out festival. in fact, the first time it has sold out in its four years.
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but festival-goers can still enjoy great after parties around town. liz and ken, back to you. >> thank you. looks like fun. i'm hungry, thirsty. and i'm waiting for good music all at the same time. >> the weather is going to be great. i don't think gordon ramsey is going to complain about the weather. >> it's going to be warm, not hot. what's cool is people from all around the world will come to napa depending where you are -- [ signal breakup ] [ no audio ]
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overnight tonight 50s, mid- 50s for you in oakland 55 san jose and 53 for pacifica. seers who the deal. sometimes we get a strong onshore flow everybody is chilly. sometimes you get a strong offshore flow everybody is warmed to hot even at the time beach and it gets something in between the coast he is coast will stay cool but everybody else will warm up. it will be very warm and will cross into that hot threshold as we head toward the middle of next week. warm but not hot. thunderstorms if you are going in the sierra. that low, that hung out for a week is still kind of hanging out over nevada and utah and the western flank of that will fire up a few sierra
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thunderstorms. ridge of high pressure getting closer. we are warm. we'll stay warm. as a matter of fact, we are going to get warmer as we head toward next week. we are clear tonight with some patchy fog. closes to 90 san jose livermore and fairfield barely above 60 at the beach pacifica 67, san francisco 73. 87 for napa 82 for fremont. and 80 for oakland. here's your extended forecast. inland in the 90s but at the beach, going to hang out between 60 and 65 degrees. we'll be right back.
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defeated the it was a close one but the warriors are staying alive in the play-offs. golden state defeated the oklahoma city thunder last night 120-111.
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they play another do or die game tomorrow in oklahoma city and have a chance to tie the series. senator dianne feinstein is betting on the san jose sharks in the stanley cup finals. in a wager with pennsylvania's senator bob casey, she is putting up a case of chardonnay. casey is offering whiskey from a company in pittsburgh. game one of the stanley cup finals is monday night there. on the heels of the national spelling bee, google is out with a list of america's top spelling mistakes. dessert or is it desert? is the most commonly misspelled word here in california and in idaho, ohio and connecticut. and it turns out people in massachusetts and hawaii have a hard time spelling their own state name! >> i think spell check is making it, you know -- our spelling skills are going down. >> that's right. >> could be right. >> so are our writing skills. we type everything now. >> true. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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room is one thing.. but paying more just to sit with your family? how airlines are taking "extra fees" to a coming up tonight at clock, extra leg room is one thing, coming up tonight at 6:00 but paying more just to sit with your family? how the airlines are taking extra fees to a new extreme. >> and much more than just a chicken and waffles joint. this bay area restaurant got hillary clinton's attention because of who it's hiring. how it's giving felons a second chance. >> that's going to do it for
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kpix 5 news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news" is next. >> the latest news and weather, always on captions by: caption colorado le ter in t southern plains. devastating floods touched off by torrential rain. cattle are swept away. also tonight, the summer travel season begins. >> i left my house at 2:00, so that i could get here by 4:00, for a flight that left at 10:20. >> pauley: trump draws cheers at his rallies. ( cheers ) and protesters outside. >> ho-ho. >> donald trump has got to go! >> pauley: a study links cell phone radiation to cancer in rats. steve hartman with a soldier's remarkable recovery from death. >> i was put in a body bag, toe tagged and taken to the morgue. >> pauley: and his last request of you. >> one day a year we're asking somebody to do something.


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