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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we begin tonight with breaking news. the search for a missing vallejo teen, pearl pinson, is focusing on a remote area near the town of jenner in sonoma county. chopper 5 shows the search teams on the ground and we have seen search dogs in the water, as well. deputies are looking for clues along willow creek road. this new search widens the kidnapping case that happened in vallejo on wednesday and yesterday, pinson's accused kidnapper was killed in a police shootout in solvang. that's hundreds of miles away from the search area going on in jenner. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is in jenner this evening with the latest on the search. jackie. >> reporter: ken, you just spoke to officials from solano sheriff's county and they are here because they talked to sonoma county. sonoma county sheriff's officers are here at their request, i should say. the piece of information led
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them to this very spot along the coast. >> so i'm not doing nothing until she is home safe and sound. >> reporter: this is who everyone out here is hoping to find, 15-year-old pearl pinson, from vallejo. search crews have been out here since 2 p.m. about a dozen people searching on foot and sonoma county is looking for pearl from the sky and water, too. >> we haven't ruled anything out at this point. again, this is still very much a search-and-rescue operation we're hopeful. >> reporter: sheriff's officials right hand saying what led them here to a town so far away from vallejo. >> we're praying for you, pearl. >> reporter: 19-year-old fernando castro is the suspected kidnapper. he led police on a chase in solvang last night. officers said he shot at them which resulted in them firing back and killing him. so this does remain a statewide effort in search of pearl and search teams that you can see right now from chopper 5 are active. they will stay that way until
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it gets dark out tonight. search efforts may resume tomorrow morning or not depending on what they find tonight. we have learned the identity of the north bay high school student shot to death. the 17-year-old was killed on a trail and another student was wounded. kpix 5 reporter emily turner is in san rafael where she has been talking to a friend of the victim. emily. >> reporter: i have. in fact, the name of the victim the marin county sheriff's department released this afternoon as you said edwin [ indiscernible ] a 17-year-old young man and family friend said he was a good kid a stellar soccer player. he was really in tight with his family and he can't believe that this is what happened to him. understandably he says the family is incredibly upset. now, as far as the investigation into his killers is concerned, here's where we stand. two teenagers are in custody both charged with murder and there is a possibility that
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they could be charged as adults adults. the sheriff's office knows who the third suspect is and there's a statewide manhunt for him. all day sheriff's deputies have been executing search warrants all over novato gaining evidence to get more information about what happened and why,a possibility they said today is that it has to do with a sexual assault that happened last week between high school students of novato high school off campus. >> we're aware of that case. right now, we don't show any connections direct with our investigation. it does involve minors. it does involve minors who live in the area. so we know that there are some common names. but whether there's any true nexus between that and the investigation we have right
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now, we have not clearly defined that. we're looking into it. >> reporter: as far as what's next for the investigation, obviously coming up with that third suspect is paramount. but they are also going to be doing toxicology as well as cause of death investigations on edwin guerra next week and, of course, that will determine cause of death and if anything was in him when it happened. the community very upset is now offering counseling at the youth center in novato, the high school is offering counseling for those who feel like they need it, as well. emily turner, kpix 5. >> we know the name of the officer who shot and killed a woman in a stolen car in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. the "chronicle" says he is veteran sfpd sergeant justin erb. this is video from him -- of him from an interview we did with kpix 5 in 2002. the shooting promised the resignation of chief greg suhr. investigators say erb fired the
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shot that killed jessica williams last thursday. she was pulled over for driving a stolen car. police say she drove off and hit a truck. the sergeant erb fired his gun when she refused police orders. that shooting is now under investigation. the family of kate steinle, the woman shot to death on a san francisco pier, is now taking legal action. they say the former sheriff overstepped his authority and that the feds were negligent in more ways than one. kpix 5's mark kelly on the new lawsuit. >> reporter: the bureau of land management is one of the agencies sued today. it was one of their rangers' stolen guns that was used to murder kate steinle along the embarcadero. >> this is a systemwide problem of not keeping track of your weapons. >> reporter: attorneys for the steinle family say the blm's training manual makes it very clear that the ranger's gun should have been under lock and
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key. but it wasn't. >> somebody who didn't follow regulations. >> reporter: attorneys say the second defendant former san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi broadened sanctuary city regulations that went beyond his realm of power. >> so he made himself the judge and jury. >> reporter: they are talking about this single memo concerning a new stance toward i.c.e. that mirkarimi sent to his staff weeks before kate steinle's murder. no additional assistance shall be provided to i.c.e. representatives unless sheriff's legal has been contacted. >> and this is the abuse of authority that led directly in an unbroken chain to the death of kate. >> reporter: the attorneys also name i.c.e. for allegedly sitting on their hands saying they could have detained juan francisco lopez- sanchez once he was released from sheriff's custody. >> unfortunately, we saw a complete failure here. >> reporter: city supervisors have been looking at tweaking the sanctuary city policy and
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thawing the relationship between i.c.e. and the sheriff's department. but current sheriff vicki hennessy has yet to give her full approval as the one-year anniversary of kate steinle's death is around the corner. >> what we hope to have is change so that another family does not have to go through what they have had to go through. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> kate steinle was 32 when she was killed last july. the suspect had been deported five times and had a history of drug offenses. campaign 2016, and it's becoming a familiar sight at donald trump events. protestors filling the streets outside. we saw more of the same at today's rally in san diego. and again, things turned violent. [ protestors yelling ] >> police using force to control protestors after some tried to jump a barricade outside the san diego convention center. at least one person was
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arrested. inside the rally peaceful and donald trump spoke to the crowd. >> no other republican would say this, but we are going to play for california, we're going to win california! >> trump says that he will campaign hard in 15 states that he considers tossups including california. he made a claim in fresno saying, he can solve the water crisis and even says there is no drought. trump also accused state officials of denying water to central valley farmers so they can send it out to sea to protect a certain kind of three inch fish. it was breakfast in the bay area for hillary clinton. this morning, she met with libby schaaf and other community members at the oakland restaurant home of chicken and waffles. >> i want to be a champion for oakland and all the oaklands of america, places that have challenges like any part of our
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country and any kind of human endeavour. but places that are coming together. >> clinton is now working hard for votes in california. a poll released this week showed her in a virtual tie with bernie sanders. new at 6:00, there's an interesting back story to that restaurant clinton visited. kpix 5's da lin on the meals that really serve up a second chance. da. >> reporter: liz, a lot of oaklanders know about this spot at jackson square. i have been here quite a few times myself. this place hires ex-cons. clinton's visit today on this business model. >> places that are coming together. >> reporter: an endorsement of sorts from presidential candidate hillary clinton on chicken and waffles practice of hiring people from right out of the prison system. clinton picked this restaurant because of what it's done for oakland and people like curtis jimenez. >> if i didn't have in job i
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feel like i would have to be [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he spent six months in jail for selling drugs. once out he couldn't get a job. >> all they see is a felony and high school diploma and i'm 26. so they always wonder like what have i been doing? what do you do? >> reporter: curtis has a second here chance has transformed his life a stable income and new job skills means he can support his family. >> communication is the biggest thing i have learned. i'm not a big talker. i never did like to talk in school. you have to talk. you can't, like, not talk to your customers. >> how are you, beautiful? >> very good. >> hi. >> give these people opportunities. if you can give them, you know, some employment and give them a check then they are just circulating that money back into the community. >> reporter: the owner derek johnson says it's a win-win. he helps the community and the community rewards him back. he stumbled on this model by chance. >> needed help in the kitchen one day and one of the guys was
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like i can call the house and get help. he said okay. he thought family members or relatives. little did he know that house meant halfway house. that was 12 years ago. now out of the 44 people who work here, 60 to 70% of the employees are either on parole or probation. >> need to give people a second chance at life. this is not, what are we going to end up? we are going to end up just having a bunch of people on the streets, in prison? >> reporter: he find his potential workers from oakland's crime-fighting program "operation cease-fire" and other re-entry programs. he has several locations, walnut creek and daly city. same business model. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. people heading out of town for the holiday weekend are bracing for longer lines at the airport security checkpoints. here's a live look at oakland international airport. our crews say the lines have been moving well all day long.
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even so, the airport is hiring private security now to help keep the wait times reasonable. there's another issue that has been angering travelers. airlines are now charging passengers extra to sit with their own relatives or travel companions. kpix 5's julie watts explains why. >> i want you to count our bags. >> reporter: keeping families together at the airport isn't easy. and now keeping them together on the airplane can be expensive. >> who is going to sit by the window? >> reporter: just ask tom bear. >> in the past where we didn't get seats together in advance and we had to buy seats to be near each other. >> reporter: he is not alone. more couples and families say they are paying more to sit together on the same flight. in some cases, hundreds of dollars. >> we shouldn't have to pay together to sit next to your child. >> reporter: a travel industry analyst says long ago airlines figured out they can charge more for aisle and window seats and now many carriers are charging fees to reserve a seat in advance which you have to do
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if you want to sit next to your family. >> it's a business move that the airlines made but it's -- it's frankly they end up looking like jerks. >> reporter: they advertise getting an advance seat assignment is recommended to keep your party together. on some airlines the more seats you reserve, the more fees you pay. the result? families who don't reserve are forced to make deals with fellow passengers. >> try to get to an aisle window and in front and negotiate. >> reporter: but he says negotiating is getting harder to do. >> they aring a, i just paid $39 -- they are saying i just paid $39 more to sit in this window or aisle seat. >> reporter: a colorado lawmaker wants to require airlines to seat a family member next to his child so he says his family will be sitting together the whole way on this trip thanks to careful planning and lots of airline miles. >> you have to make sure we reserved those seats. >> now, under the new proposal, which is part of an faa funding
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bill, carriers that do charge fees for advanced seat assignments will be required to charge their least expensive option available for families and as you might expect, airlines don't like it. >> i keep waiting for the time when people say i'm not going to fly your airline. we'll go somewhere else. >> the problem is when one does it and gets away with it, they all follow suit. >> that's right. >> so can't say that. >> customer used to be right. now the customer is just a way to get more money. >> that's how it is. >> thanks a lot. south bay smoothie cafes serving up sex behind the scenes. a major update to our undercover report on bikini bars. how san jose is a step closer to shutting them down for good. >> on president obama's historic visit to hiroshima, two powerful accounts of the attack from a bay area survivor and a war veteran. the divisive issue where they found common ground. >> plus, celebrity chefs, wine tasting and some of the biggest names in music. we are live as bottlerock festival kicks off in nap.
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>> time of year with that temperature spread keeps getting bigger and bigger, at the zoo 60, lafayette, 26 degrees warmer, gilroy almost hit 90. half moon bay 57. all at the same time. right here in the bay area. temperatures getting bigger. find out which weekend day is the hottest next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in a story we've been follog for years. a breakthrough in efforts to tackle an on-g problem in san jose: i s. kpix 5 new information on the story we have been following for years. a breakthrough in efforts it tackle an ongoing problem in san jose. illegal strip clubs. kpix 5 reporter kiet do with the details. >> reporter: and we have a big update to tell you about on a story we have been following for years regarding bikini bars in san jose. police know all about them. they have become magnets for crime and yet they are allowed to stay open because of a loophole in the law. well, now a local lawmaker has
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cleared a major hurdle in closing that loophole. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: from the shady dark underbelly of san jose's illegal strip clubs it has been a long tragic and frustrating journey to get to this moment in our state's capital. >> we must act now. >> reporter: assembly member nora campos has introduced a bill on the assembly floor to help san jose rid itself of a cancer. >> we have seen increased cases of bars that double as strip clubs and attract crimes like human trafficking and gang violence. >> reporter: back in december, san jose had its third homicide in connection with an illegal strip club. gunmen drove by lou beer on monterey highway and sprayed it with bullets. an innocent bystander was shot and killed while waiting for a ride. there had been another shoot there is a month earlier. san jose police warned the owners to stop the illegal activity but were powerless to shut did down while the case wound its way through the court system. >> our hands are tied. it's very, very frustrating. in an ideal situation it would have been great for to us go in there initially after that shooting incident and shut them
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down right away. >> reporter: the vast majority of the illegal strip clubs including lou beer lie within district 27 campos' home district. campos introduced ab2082 that will give alcoholic beverage control the power to quickly suspend the liquor license of problem businesses. >> these cases have evidence. they are not just a witch hunt. they show for months that they have developed a case against these establishments. >> reporter: after a brief debate from an opposing lawmaker, the bill passed the assembly 50-15. the bipartisan support. >> we want to make sure that the good actors compete and thrive in the city of san jose. but if you have a bad business, you need to rethink what you're doing in san jose. >> reporter: and now ab2082 heads to the senate for debate and vote. if it passes there, it will go to the governor's desk for signature sometime by the end of summer. in sacramento, kiet do, kpix 5. >> governor brown just signed an emergency bill to allow a san francisco surgeon to
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perform a life-saving liver transplant between two hiv- positive patients. the feds recently authorized transplants of hiv infected organs to patients with the disease. but -- it has still been illegal in california and more than a dozen other states. the legislature unanimously passed sb1408 today. the ucsf doctor hopes to perform that operation soon. meantime, the so-called tampon packs bill has cleared another key hurdle. the assembly appropriations committee just approved the bill that would exempt feminine products from state sales and use taxes. the bill's coauthor shows the commitment to gender equality. the first case of the zika virus. the department of health and social services says a patient recently trapped to central america where the virus is prevalent. the public is not at risk. a petaluma biologist is in
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the hospital after being missing for a day and a half. search crews found the 77-year- old last night lying on his back at the bottom of a dry creekbed near freitas and adobe road. his wife thought she had to wait 24 hours before reporting his missing. he was found by witnesses. moore and his wife are known for environmental protection efforts. checking in with paul. he is busy making sure the weekend will be beautiful. >> we have a tropical storm in other parts of the country heading toward the carolinas this weekend. big time rainfall up and down the east coast. is he vee weather in places like kentucky and georgia -- severe weather in places like kentucky and georgia. for us, enjoy a great weekend, a nice weekend to get out. you have north beach at fisherman's wharf, alcatraz, angel island, marin, the bay, it's all in this shot and you have sunshine as well even though it's a little chilly and a little bit of sea fog moving
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in, as well. half moon bay only 63 today for a high with sunshine. the same sunshine was in livermore but without that ocean influence you were 24 degrees warmer n between we find 80 for san jose today. fremont high 76. san francisco 66 degrees. hey, fire season so many of us are going to be heading outside maybe camping or doing things outdoor. 90% of grassfires, forest fires, brush fires are started by people, not lightning. so be safe, be smart if you are going to be out this weekend. clear tonight, patchy fog at the coastline, with warmer days we'll begin to see some warmer nights. we'll drop down to the mid-50s tonight. 56 vallejo. san francisco and redwood city in the mid-50s about 55 degrees for an overnight low. sunshine tomorrow, sunday, memorial day lots of sunshine
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for the bay area, morning fog at the coast. and temperatures are going to be staying warm. but you have to get away from the water to do it. look at the spread. 60s at the coast. from san mateo through the city, marin, up to humboldt county. away from the water, 80s. no 90s tomorrow. we'll be warm but temperatures will be markedly cooler, if you hang out near the beach. so a warm weekend for most the warmest day of the three will be monday memorial day. we'll see some low 90s away from the water. widespread mid-70s near the bay and much cooler if you are heading to the beach. so many activities this weekend, the biggest one or one of the biggest saturday and sunday will be bottlerock! napa valley, weather will be perfect. sunshine and warm with temperatures in the mid-80s and next week has the potential to be even warmer so i think more so than a warm holiday weekend is the fact that once we get warm tomorrow, we are going to stay that way for a week or
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longer. so no big cooldowns. we'll be summer-like. >> all right. thank you. paul mentioned it. bottlerock, wine country getting ready to rock this weekend. betty, i know, it's rocking. you're there! >> reporter: that's right. thousands are taking off memorial day weekend with the finest food and wine and some killer music. coming up, a live report from napa valley. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they're there for the fourth year of th thousands of people kicking off summer with food, wine and music in napa valley. they are there for the fourth year of the bottlerock festival. kpix 5's betty yu is there live take it all in, the flavors, the sounds. hi, betty. >> reporter: that's right. right now, lenny kravitz on stage right now. and this year bottlerock is bigger and better than ever. 120000 people expected over
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three days. minutes ago we saw michelin star chef gordon ramsey cooking up scallops before a hyped up crowd one of a number of celebrity chefs that would pair with the special guest to cook up some special dishes over the next three days. you can't come to napa without sampling some of the finest food and wine and that's what thousands are doing this afternoon into the evening. there are plenty of local vendors, food trucks and restaurateurs from all over the bay area and serving up wine and craft beers, as well. lots of people will be rocking out to different musicians a variety tonight. the big headliners len ramirez ziggy marley and florence and the machine and the lumineer and the red-hot chili peppers. there are people of all ages here. i just met some festival-goers
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from reno. >> just excited to be here fourth time around kind of nice because you know the lay of the land a little bit but every year it's a different set of artists so it's cool so we are excited to see stevie wonder tonight. as far as food, it's a selection of the local flavors so that's awesome because you're able to taste wine and food from areas that are around here so that's awesome. >> reporter: this is the first time organizers say this festival pulled out weeks before opening day. but for the first time they are offering after-parties around town. you can still get tickets to that. >> looks like a great weekend. >> betty at an after-party? i could see it. i could see it. >> you know she is going to be there. >> behave yourself, young lady. get home early. >> you know i'll be there, ken! [ laughter ] >> thanks, betty. coming up in the next half- hour, president obama makes history in hiroshima and confronts a painful past. we sit down with a bay area
6:29 pm
survivor whose own home was destroyed in the bombing. why she says no apology is necessary. >> and witnesses thought it was a stunt until something went wrong. the search for survivors after a vintage world war ii plane crashed into the hudson river. >> a northern california student fights to show his cultural pride. the cloth that got him kicked out of graduation.
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i'm jackie ward in generaller with tonight's top story. we're here on willow creek road where search crews from sonoma county have been out here looking for pearl pinson since 2 p.m. they are looking by boat and k- 9 units. a dozen volunteers are out here looking for the 15-year-old from vallejo. all they have shared with us so far is that they got information in their investigation that led them here to this coastal town of jenner. >> we learned today that a recent sexual assault march led to the stabbing and shooting death of a novato high school
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student. edwin guerra of san rafael was killed on wednesda near novato high school. police have arrested two students. an emotional embrace in hiroshima, japan today. president obama hugging a survivor at the site of the u.s. atomic bomb attack that killed 140,000 civilians in 1945. >> during that visit, president obama sought to honor those killed while avoiding an apology. >> 71 years ago, on a bright cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed. >> reporter: he joined japanese prime minister shinzo abe in laying a wreath at peace memorial park and said he hoped hiroshima would be seen as the dawn of a moral awakening.
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>> among those nations that hold nuclear stockpiles we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear and pursue a world without them. >> president obama is the first sitting u.s. president to visit the city destroyed by an atomic bomb. and the visit has raised the question, should the united states apologize for dropping the bomb? here's kpix 5's cate caugiran. >> reporter: august 6, 1945, 8 a.m., a then 23-year-old richard john gordon better known as chief johnny was on the uss san francisco in the philippines. >> we were there getting ready to invade. getting new ammunition. >> reporter: he fought in many battles, pearl harbor. >> the arizona not far from us. i turned around to look at that. it had just went to smoke. >> reporter: iwo jima, okinawa ready for this war to the over. >> america begged, pleaded, with japan officials to surrender. >> reporter: meanwhile, a then 3-year-old child was finishing
6:35 pm
her breakfast with her family in hiroshima. >> going to have to go to dinner, cousin has to go to school. and then my aunties i think she was saying good-bye to them. that's all i remember. >> reporter: neither of them knew 15 minutes later, a b-29 bomber the enola gay dropped an atomic bomb. >> americans did everything as best they could given all the ologies. >> reporter: 140,000 civilians died. hiroshima left in ruins. seiko's home collapsed on her and her 2-year-old brother. [ non-english language ] >> give me water. givegive me water. >> reporter: chief johnnie and the americans were celebrating as seiko was beginning new battles. cancer for her and her little brother.
6:36 pm
he didn't make it past his fifth birthday. >> that was the last picture. that was only picture that i have with my brother. >> reporter: painful memories of world war ii still fresh as president obama announced his visit to hiroshima. >> didn't think in this world i could hear -- i could see that united states president go over there. >> reporter: but the president's visit brings new life to a decades old question. do you think the united states should apologize for dropping the atomic bomb on hiroshima? >> apologize? you're in sane! how in the world can you apologize? they have no need to apologize. >> reporter: and seiko says she agrees with the man once her enemy. >> no need to. it's wartime. and then no country is winners. no country is winners. >> reporter: experts in washington say the president's visit is supposed to be
6:37 pm
symbolic. >> i think the fact that he is going is because of his strong commitment to denuclearization and it needs to be cast in that light. >> reporter: whatever the political aftermath, both chief johnny and seiko say they hope this will help both sides move on. today she still carries the guilt of being a survivor. >> why me here? there's my brother. there's other people maybe should be have a chance to have children like me. >> reporter: cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> seven decades later americans are sharply divided about the use of atomic bombs in hiroshima and nagasaki during world war ii. a cbs news poll shows 43% approve of their use while 44% do not. close call during a fleet week celebration in new york today a small world war ii
6:38 pm
aircraft crashed late this afternoon into the hudson river. the pilot on board was rescued with only minor injuries. the p-47 thunderbolt went down near the george washington bridge touching off a rescue operation involving several boats. it happened not far from where bay area pilot sully sullenberger landed a jetliner safely on the river in 2009. shocking abuse claims against actor johnny depp! why his estranged wife says she feared for her life. >> and dr. heimlich to the rescue! the 96-year-old finally get a chance to save someone's life with his namesake technique. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:40 pm
wife amber heard.. because allegedly threw a cell phon her. heard showed a judge has ordered johnny depth to stay away from his -- depp to stay away from his wife because he allegedly threw a cell phone at her. she had a bruise on her face in
6:41 pm
court today. she filed for divorce on month saying there's a history of abuse. the judge ordered johnny depp to stay at least 100 yards away from her until a hearing on june 17. a sacramento area student got kicked out of his high school graduation ceremony this week for wearing this. it's called a kenty, it's a woven sash that the student says is meant to en express his african experience. he said when teachers tried to get him to take it off he let them know it is a cultural piece and i refuse to be forced not to take pride in who i am. he walked the stage, shook hands and thought that he was in the clear saying that he was smiling as if he won. then when he got to the bottom of the stairs, three sheriffs deputies told him that he had to go. the school district reps say they weren't trying to discriminate.
6:42 pm
just trying to enforce the established dress code. the inventors of the heimlich maneuver saved an 87- year-old woman who was choking on her food. it was the first time dr. henry heimlich had used his technique in an actual emergency! the cincinnati "enquirer" reports the woman was eating a hamburger at a senior living facility when meat got lodged in her throat. he gave her the heimlich maneuver. she was saved. baseball in the summertime is awesome. 69 degrees your first pitch temperature. the a's hosting the detroit tigers tonight and through the weekend, what's your favorite day? what do you have outdoor plans for? saturday, sunday or monday? i'll have the forecast coming up. >> hey, straight ahead, the warriors, not done yet. >> we can do it. >> i'm going to tell you how
6:43 pm
much your favorite beverage the stanley cup holds. that and a backflip no pitcher could love. sports is coming up. "feel the bern." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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because the sharks are in t running for the stanley cup 17:22:23 "...big congratulas for the great result" bocelli's go opera singer andrea bocelli's concert got bumped because the sharks are in the running for the stanley cup. ♪[ music ] >> yeah. bocelli is going on a day early at the s.a.p. center. so the sharks can take on the penguins for game 3 of the finals on june 4 but he is taking the move with style and grace. tickets purchased for the june 4 concert will be honored on june 3. we know the pressure is on students who take part in the scripps national spelling bee. but one contestant decided to poke a little fun of his competitor. >> take a look at this. you can see the student who is sitting down shaking his head upon realizing his competitor is spelling the word wrong.
6:47 pm
then when his competitor returned to his seat he leans over to clap in his face. despite the error, both students were later named cochampions. wow. >> kind of cold. >> ouch. >> tough spelling bee. >> thought it was good, everything is fine and dude is clapping in your face. shouldn't be shaking your head while still spelling the word. don't to that. you might think about it. don't do it. peek outdoors show you the temperatures which are mild. friday evening concord 86, livermore 81, santa rosa 83. warm yes, not hot. oakland 74. san jose 7 8. san francisco 66. i'm told pictures from chopper 5 are so amazing we have to do it right now. love to know where that is. obviously the beach sonoma coastline look at that heading into the holiday weekend. the unofficial start of summer. that's simply fantastic, folks. we live in paradise and the weather at the beach will be
6:48 pm
cool. but it's also going to be sunny each afternoon. tomorrow specifically for santa cruz although this would work in most coastal locations, morning fog, you will have some. and it will be sunny but still chilly. northwest swells 5 to 6 feet. afternoon temperatures 30 degrees colder than inland, only 6 3 degrees tomorrow. mid-50s tonight. so sometime we're all chilly with an onshore flow. sometimes the opposite happens we get the offshore wind where the chilly air above the ocean doesn't matter because the wind is coming from a different direction and you can see the 80s or 90s at the beach. sometimes in between. coast cool with you 15 or 20 miles like san jose and fremont and santa clara and walnut creek will be very warm because the ocean influence doesn't reach you and you will be 25 to 35 degrees warmer there. this happens when a high
6:49 pm
pressure ridge doesn't sit directly over the bay area. right now a wide temperature spread for temperatures this weekend and sunshine for all of us. it should be very pleasant outside. so weekend sunshine for most of the bay area just in a morning fog at the beach. and we'll stay warm but especially away from the water. 11 degrees above average, san jose. 86 your normal 75. 84 tomorrow for milpitas. redwood city 83 but only the 60s for pacifica and ocean beach. danville 85. inland pittsburg, fairfield, close to 90. daly city only 65. novato 84. sonoma coastline in the 60s, over the hills in cloverdale 89. cooler sunday. monday we'll see 90s on memorial day away from the water and once we get warm to hot, 70s near the bay, 90s inland. vern glenn has sports next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time
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and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. golden state warriors...the plane has landed in oklahoma city... ...another "must wi nba play-offs up top of. the show is not over for the golden state warriors. the plane has landed in oklahoma city and another must win tomorrow night. down three games to one last night, ken, looked like a "hail mary," doesn't it? that's draymond green.
6:53 pm
the warriors behind 31 points from steph curry. beat oklahoma city 120-111 to force a game 6 saturday at okc. curry says the key, attitude and approach from the start. >> for us, we play better when we're having fun and enjoying the moment. we play like we were really stressed in okc and it showed. kind of tried to let loose, be ourselves, have fun and enjoy what we were doing. um, it was a good feeling out there, too, obviously, to perform at a high level. >> was there some doubt creeping in your mind and did tonight's game dispel the doubt? >> no. we have accomplished a lot this year, facing adversity. believe it or not even with the 73-9 season. and we all know we're not ready to be done. we can do it. >> in a sea of big men inside, andrew bogut stood tallest. he was epic in the low blocks. 15 points, 14 rebounds, his
6:54 pm
best game of the post-season. after four quiet outings, he said last night, well, it was about time. >> four crappy games so didn't want another one tonight. so we're, uhm, it was a tough place to play. but you know, we feel like we played better. so we have things to work on but i think [ indiscernible ] >> they jump it up at 6 p.m. our time. nhl play-offs finally the sharks have landed pro hockey's holy grail, the stanley cup finals starting monday. sidney crosby in the eastern conference finalists beat tampa bay last night to join the sharks for the cup finals. unlike most of his players, this is the second finals appearance for san jose coach pete deboer. he led new jersey there in 2012. great feats like reaching a cup final brings great responsibility. >> from media to tickets to
6:55 pm
family to travel to hotels to, you know, everything, it's, um, heightened and has to be -- get those details put aside so you can concentrate on the important part. we played too long and done too much heavy lifting to get to this point to get ourselves distracted. >> so you're saying you don't have any tickets? [ laughter ] >> or hotel rooms. >> okay. >> all right. to the facts. we're all about the facts, ken. here comes the sound effects. [ bubbling ] >> game one monday at pittsburg. season games with the pens.e stanley cup trophy? hold 2. gallons of vorite beverage... (((play dorsal fin digest (g10) sound underneath cg))) >> they split the two regular seasons games with the penns. the stanley cup holes 2.15 gallons of your favorite beverage. over to golf. pga. they are in dallas! the colonial. and area native jordan spieth was sharpshooting. starting on the back nine, the
6:56 pm
13th hole easy birdie setup. 4-under 66 tied for third. two shots behind mulder getting it done in the fifth hole. almost an eagle through here. he is one shot clear of the field and still has to finish his second round. baseball, miami's backflip. look at the style points. this is a 9th inning three-run homer to beat nc state, 8-7. it ain't bragging if you can back it up. they play saturday in the semifinals. >> he is going to need to wear a bulletproof cup after that. >> saturday when he steps in? >> they will knock him down. they better be. >> we got moving pictures of the giants and a's later on. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather, always on whoo! i mean, whoo.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: how y'all? how's everybody? i appreciate you now. thank y'all. thank you very much. thank you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. got another good one for you today, folks. returning for their fourth day with a total of 40,890 bucks, from suwanee, georgia, it's the champs. it's the cox family. [cheering and applause] and from atlanta, g-a, it's the mcdonald family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new bold
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ford edge. let's go meet the mcdonald family. corey, what's going on? corey: how you doing? steve: twins. corey: twins. steve: because-because your're answering the question the same way. corey: yes, sir. steve: complete each others' sentence? twins: we do that./that's right. steve: yeah. [laughter] how old are you? corey: we're 38. steve: 38. corey: 38 years old. steve: my man. been together a long time, man. corey: yes, sir. steve: best friend? courtney: best friend. corey: that's it. steve: y'all done had some wars, though. corey/courtney: not really./no. steve: no? both: no. courtney: unh-unh. corey: nay. unh-unh. steve: look how this goin', man. this crazy. [laughter, applause] courtney: he got me. steve: let's play "feud," everybody. give me corey, give me beth. let's go. top 8 answs


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