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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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how he would solve california's water problem next.
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> a shift in the search for this kidnapped teenager. investigators are combing for clues along the bay area coastline in the town of jenner in sonoma county. >> it is 50 miles from the original kidnapping scene in vallejo and hundreds of miles from where pearl's accused kidnapper was killed yesterday. jackie ward has the story. >> reporter: search crews are looking for any sign of 15-year- old pearl penson. so far, their efforts turned up nothing. from the air, to the water. search teams were out along the the sonoma cost until the sun went down.
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the people you see in reddish orange jackets are all volunteers visiting neighbors, knocking on doors, tracing through wooded area. officials are staying tight lipped saying that a piece of information they discovered led them to focus their efforts in this small coastal town. >> we haven't ruled anything out at this point. again, this is still very much a search and rescue operation. and we hope we can bring pearl home. >> reporter: pearl's sister is i'm t giving up until she is home safe. >> reporter: pearl was last seen here on this pedestrian bridge in vallejo wednesday. witnesses say 19-year-old fernando castro was with her. castro led police on a chase. he died in a shoot-out with police. >> i'm glad he is dead. but right now, i'm upset because ... we needed him.
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he was our main source. >> reporter: pearl's sister told me she did not know castro. searches will continue tomorrow morning. jackie ward, kpix5. >> if you have any information on pearl's where abouts, the solano county sheriff's office has set up a tip line. that number is on your screen there. it is 707-784-1963. a frightening ride for a cyclist in san francisco. she passes a driver only to be confronted seconds later. the road rage that was caught on camera. reporter cate caugurian is along market street in the city where it all happened. cate? >> reporter: ken, we are told this video has caught the attention of san francisco police. who according to them, they say that driver should not have been in the bike lane in the first place. in this video taken by a cyclist, we see a toyota camry driving in a protected bike
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lane on market street. she rides around the car and the driver speeds up to pull over. that is when it gets ugly. it gets so bad, the passenger of the car has to restrain the driver as he screams and other cyclists get involved. >> you are driving in a protected bike lane. >> reporter: as the cyclist drives away, the driver appears to spit on her. david bach commutes daily on his bike. he says this type of confrontation happen to him on a regular basis. >> and he just gave me the finger and got upset. >> reporter: parts of market street bike lanes have plastic post to try to separate the bike lane from the cars but the san francisco bike coalition says that is not enough. >> the san francisco pd hasn't investigated the situation. there should have been protected bike lines preventing this kind of intermingling. >> reporter: some cars use the painted bike lanes as temporary sparking spots. >> uber and lyft drivers, to them, this is a park zone and they park in the zone all the
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time and the bikers have no resource. >> reporter: as we were interviewing david, we caught a ride share driver parked. >> you know you are not supposed to be parked here? >> i'm picking somebody up. >> any time there is a vehicle parked in the bike lane, we have to go into oncoming traffic coming from behind us. >> reporter: you here, there is nothing separating the bike lane from the road. the bike cop coalition wants concrete barriers to separate the bike lane. they say that's the only way to make sure cyclists are safe. san francisco is sinking. another big sink hole has opened up. this four foot hole is at lake view and margaret. so what happened? that is what the public utilities commission is trying to figure out. the streets closed except for people who live on the block.
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sink hole on mission street nearly swallowed an suv and forced traffic to reroute. a broken sewer main was the problem that time. fixing it took days. protests turned violent outside donald trump's rally in san diego today. police grabbed these anti-trump demonstrators. hit some of them with batons and threw one guy to the ground. police say the protesters threw objects at them. and, refused to disperse. they didn't just clash with police. they also faced off with trump supporters. about 1,000 both for and against trump gathered outside the rally. police arrested a dozen demonstrators. environmental records prove otherwise, but donald trump doesn't believe california is in the middle of a drought. listen to what he told voters in fresno today. >> i have heard this from other friends of mine in california
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where they have farms up here and they don't get water. i said is it a drought? they said no. have planety of water. we shove it out to sea. >> trump is flip-flopping on plans to debate bernie sanders as well. today, he said it would be inappropriate to face off against the candidate that he called the second place finisher. as for the democratic front runner, hillary clinton, served up politics over breakfast at home of chicken and waffles in oakland. mayor libby schaaf also attended. clinton told guests she used to live and work in oakland in the 1970s . >> i want to be a champion for oakland and all the oaklands of america. places that have challenging like any part of our country and any kind of human endeavor. >> this is one of several stops on her campaign swing through the bay area. tomorrow, she will open a campaign office in fresno. meanwhile, bernie sanders is coming to oakland on monday. he will hold two events there,
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first at the allen temple baptist church with danny glover. then a rally at frank ogawa plaza. 475 democratic delegate are up for grabs on june 7 in california. police identified the person who killed the woman in bay view leading to the resignation of police chief greg suhr. he is justin urve. he is the one who fired the shot that killed jessica williams. police say that they tried to pull williams over for driving a stolen car. she crashed but then try today take off. that is when he fired the fatal shot. an internal investigation is underway. a lot of bay area drivers want to know what is it going to take to stop all of the shootings on our freeways? christin ayers on what the chp is doing this very minute.
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>> reporter: highway patrol conducts this operation over memorial day weekend every year, but this year, they are not just looking for drunk drivers, they are looking for killers. it started at 6:01 this evening. the maximum enforcement period. highway patrol officers out in force during one of the busiest travel weekending of the year. there will be more officers than usual along the i-80 corridor and they won't just be watching for drunk drivers. >> the chp will be watching just as diligently for distracted driving and drivers that are driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. and most definitely, highway violence. >> reporter: gang warfare is fueling the spike in highway shootings. there have been 28 of these shootings since november. 12 people injured, four killed including shaniqua marie. >> this is a young lady gunned down like she was nothing. >> reporter: authorities say they tracked down some of the
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shooters. there have been five arrests since february as suspected gang members authorities say were responsible for multiple shootings. >> we are doing everything we can. >> reporter: the maximum enforcement period continues throughout the weekend and wraps up on monday at 11:59 p.m. christin ayers, kpix5. and more people are driving to their memorial day destinations this year. triple a is estimating that 34 million americans will be hitting the road. 700,000 more than last year. lower gas prices are a big reason why. for those traveling by air, long security lines are a bit of a challenge. at mineta san jose today, lines moved slowly, but steadily. kpix5's juliette goodrich went to oakland international to see how passengers were doing there. >> reporter: well, it has been smooth sailing most of the day here at oakland international airport. there are lines now, but that is typical for a three-day weekend. the precheck line is a lot
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quicker because travelers have been screened but if you want to get approved, you will have to wait at least 45 days to get an appointment. not to mention being on hold 40 minutes to make the appointment. as for the line today, not too bad for a three-day weekend. we have had a lot of people that are headed to the bottle rock concert in napa. even saw a marine coming home to the bay area after being deployed in iraq. the majority agreeing the lines are worth it if it means extra security. juliette goodrich, kpix5. police raid homes to find the killers of a bay area high school student. tonight, what we have learned about a possible motive for the murder. >> and dozens of spiked baseball bats like this chained to bay area poles. where did they come from? tonight, the mystery is finally softed. tonight. (weather >> celebrity sightings and crowds in the thousands. we'll take you to the bay area's biggest party tonight. >> maybe a party at the beach if it is your destination. you get the sunshine in the afternoon, but it will be kind
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of chilly. only 63 degrees in santa cruz tomorrow. which holiday weekend day will feature highs in the 90s . that's coming up. ,,
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found. the pilot >> the body of the pilot who crashed his small plane into the hudson river has been found. the pilot was doing a loop as part of a celebration in a vintage world war ii plane. but it started spewing smoke and went down. investigators believe it was engine failure. the pilot was the only person on that plane. well, a possible motive tonight in the deadly chain of events that killed a novato high school student. kpix5's sharon chin reports from the marin county jail in san rafael where two of the victims' classmates are now behind bars. >> reporter: authorities are looking into the possibility
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that the attack could be connected to an assault near campus one week earlier. authorities identified the 17- year-old as edwin jose ramirez gerra who was stabbed and shot on a hiking trail bordering a country club. he was fairly new to school, a soccer player, and didn't speak much english. deputies are investigating the possibility that the violence was in retaliation for a suspected sexual assault that happened near tyler street last week on a space dubbed the hill. the school e-mailed a letter to parents the day after assuring them that students would be safe after what it termed an incident between a male and female off campus. >> we know there are some common names but whether there is any true nexus, we have not defined that. >> reporter: detectives say
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they are close as they look for the last of three suspects in the brutal attack. >> we are being very cautious in what steps we take in regards to apprehending the suspects. >> reporter: two 17-year-old suspects are behind bars following swat raids. they could be tried as adults. the other teenager stabbed and shot in the chest is listed in stable condition at a hospital. in san rafael, sharon chin, kpix5. >> and novato high school was not in session again today. it was already scheduled as a teacher development day well before wednesday's shooting. in saratoga, a woman was walking her two labradors on dagmar drive and a truck ran over both dogs and sped off. the woman suffered moderate injuries. veterinarians had to euthanize her pets sadie and chudley. the truck is a newer ford with a camper shell. the driver faces charges of felony hit and run.
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the family of kate steinle wants justice. now they are suing. she was shot to death last year on pier 14 in san francisco. the suspect, an undocumented immigrant. francisco lopez-sanchez had been deported five times previously. the steinle family is claiming in a lawsuit that two federal agencies were negligent and they say the former sheriff overstepped his authority with a memo he sent two weeks before the shooting. >> it wasn't until this memo two weeks before lopez-sanchez gets released that things changed. and this, is the abuse of authority that led directly in an unbroken chain to the death of kate. >> just days ago, san francisco adjusted its sanctuary city policy. it no longer covers people who have committed violent crimes. remember those spiked
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baseball bats like this one chained to poles in san francisco? dozens of them mysteriously popped up around the city last year. we know where they came from. turns out, this guy planted them for an art project. he told hoodline he did it to examine the culture of fear in america. tonight, a grammy nominated heavy metal rocker has some of his treasured guitars back. rob flynn from machine head. somebody broke into his home in martinez six years ago, stole four of his guitars. flynn says a woman contacted him out of the blue recently and returned two of them. >> i keep getting goose bumps. it's a whole thing. it's a whole thing. i'm really, really glad that i found you. >> the woman says she found the guitars in the storage unit she had rented for ten dollars. the instruments were in near perfect condition. speaking of music, and
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food, and wine, napa valley was the place to be tonight. night one of the bottle rook festival. betty yu takes us inside. >> reporter: stevie wonder is performing on stage before thousands of fans traveling from year and far for killer music and fine food and wine. celebrity tv chef and personality gordon ramsey brought his popular dishes and signature foul-mouthed style. >> every freaking week, they go to rub [bleep], rub [bleep]. you would think. >> reporter: the culinary stage at bottle rock. the british star is part of an i-list lineup of celebrities and musicians rocking the three- day napa valley festival. lenny kravitz is performing as well. >> reporter: what is the best part about bottle rock? >> it has to be the mix of artists you wouldn't think to
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be at a normal show. >> reporter: it is as much a music festival as a first rate food and wine festival. >> how much have you had? >> a glass or two. >> she has had more than that. >> everyone here is really nice. everyone feels like their family is here. >> it is a little different than coachella. >> and partyers brought their sense of fashion. >> reporter: on sunday, the luminaries and red hot chili peppers will close it out. betty yu, kpix5. >> check out this cool video. more whale sightings. the company specialized helicopter spotted these blue whales just hanging out enjoying the sun as they swam in monterrey bay today. marine biologists say we are seeing so many whales because
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they are following the food. the bait fish they love to eat. >> they have so beautiful. this weekend sounds like the perfect time to go to the beach. maybe check out the whales. not much fog at the beach. 69 degrees in concord. 67 in oakland. mild night. setting the stage for a gorgeous weekend. overnight, lows in the mid 50s . fremont, 57. pacifica, 53. fairfield, 57 degrees. a lot of people camping, hiking, 90% of forest fires are started by people, not by lightning or nature. so be careful and be smart as you are headed out into the wilderness this weekend. now, the coast is going to stay cool. at the beach, the first line of
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resistance here. san francisco, san mateo county. marin, sonoma. you will be chilly on the water. temperatures in the 60s . hop about 15 degrees inland, not chilly. lit be warm. very warm. pushing 90 degrees coming up on memorial day. as for why there's a big ridge of high pressure just to the west. everybody is in the 50s and the 60s here. cloud cover, you will get a lot of sunshine. the weather we get to enjoy this holiday weekend. sunshine across the board. little patchy fog down toward half-moon bay. weekend sunshine, and quite warm. anywhere away from the water. how warm? 80s . lots of 80s tomorrow. vallejo, 84 degrees for you, san jose, 86. bottle rock, napa, 87 degrees. concord, 87. fairfield, 88. san francisco, 73. warmest day of the three will be memorial day. low 90s inland. mid 70s near the bay. mid 60s with sunshine at the coast. we will level there. it is the unofficial start of
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summer so let's see 90s away from the water. we will, most, if not all of next week. >> sounds good. thank you paul. how are you de? we will show you how things got shady at the spelling bee. >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪
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♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
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contestant. take a look. you can see the >> you have some strong words for a scripp's spelling bee contestant. he shook his head when he realized his competitor spelled it incorrectly. then he leaned over and claps in his face. >> despite the error, both students were later named cochampions. well, tens of thousands of people dress up in anime costumes in downtown san jose. they are there for the fanime con or fans of anime convention. it is a celebration of japanese art and pop culture. it runs through monday. >> there you go. just start nodding your heads in disappointment as i
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read this next copy. the giants ... just bigger issues than what went on tonight. you're not going to like it. and the as , boy, you are going to love the hustle from these young men laying it out. but was it enough? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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under the lights... ...we'll take you first to downtown denver... here's matt cains last pitch...bottom 2nd.... ...he pulled up with a right hamsg injury... became a bullpen >> to downtown denver. here is matt cane's pitch. albert suarez in. nolan arenado swinging it down. a one all tie. putting the rockies ahead for good. you won't like this. trevor story got ahold of this one. stayed in the park. but deep enough for mark reynolds to easily score from second. colorado won the game 5-2. giants ends at 5. jumping over to the as in oakland. who had it better. so good you
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have to see it again. the as , they just can't put all the facets together. 6th inning. nick, off of shawn. as have lost seven of the last eight. tonight, 4-1. they are tied for last in the west. with the the astros. tough, physical, ask kevin love. game six, cleveland and toronto in white. lebron james not fooling around tonight. slam from the corner. his highest scoring game this season with 33. they ran the raptors off their home floor. shot 17 three-pointers. jr smith with one of them there. and goodnight canada. next possession, kyrie irving. three of his 30 for the night. six straight for lebron james. final from toronto, 113-87. next thursday ... game one of the final it is.
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it will either be golden state hosting cleveland or it will be okc at cleveland. but that is up to the dubs tomorrow night. >> we'll know tomorrow night. >> you got it. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have a great weekend. >> late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a fantastic holiday weekend. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning about 7:00.
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>> next speller, please. your word is: >> could i have it in a sentence, please? >> certainly. millions of people are watching you try to spell phosphoramidon. >> may i have the origin, please? >> yes, the origin of phosphoramidon, is the oxford english dictionary of words you can't spell.


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