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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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here into the santa clara county jail in san jose after a search that went on for three days. this saratoga family is missing two members tonight, dogs sadie and chudley were euthanized after being hit by a truck. 42-year-old christopher was arrested this morning in the hit-and-run of the dogs. >> i don't know how that man or whoever did it could sleep. >> reporter: anne peter was walking her dogs when a truck hit them dragging both dogs and anne as she held the leash. the truck was caught on surveillance video as it left the scene but the license plate was obscured. flyers were posted and a sign asking for clues as anne's husband tried to spread the word to the neighbors. >> then he ended his story with his wife getting hit and her dogs being killed. >> reporter: the dogs were put down at a vet hospital soon
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after being hit. their injuries were too severe. anne is recovering from her injuries tonight. the suspect is due in court next week. live in san jose, anne makovec, kpix 5. the heat is on this holiday weekend. this is a live picture from treasure island looking towards san francisco. got up to 71 degrees in the city today. and things even warmer across the bay. in alameda we spotted these kids jumping into crown beach to cool off. brian, some parts of the bay area even crept close to 90s. >> they did indeed. and we're going to have a fairly warm memorial day monday, as well. as we look toward the pier at the foot of broadway street just to show you how warm things got in the bay area, close to 90 as you can get in livermore. 89 degrees today. san rafael 86. san jose 87. so the heat is on in the bay area. high pressure builds over the west coast. we'll look for warm readings again for sunday. not quite as warm as today and
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then on memorial day, things will be plenty toasty. they warm again all the way up into the low 90s inland. there's a break in sight. but we are going to have to wait for it. we'll have the complete weather forecast for new just a few minutes. breaking news in stanislaus county. a search for two teenaged boys who fell into a reservoir in oakland day. rescue crews are at the scene. investigators say the 15-year- old boys fell off a both into the water around noon. there's still no sign of 15- year-old pearl pinson last seen on wednesday morning bloody and screaming for help during a kidnapping in vallejo. mark kelly reports. >> reporter: the family searched today in three parts of vallejo, nar the san rafael bridge -- near the san rafael bridge, along a creek and the over past where she was last seen a-- overpass where she was last seen alive. >> you can feel what happened up there. you can feel like there was a struggle. >> reporter: the pinson family
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decided this overpass where the suspect was believed to have assaulted and abducted 15-year- old pearl is exactly where they needed to search today. >> what we're really hoping is to try and maybe find some hope, some clues, anything that might have been passed over by chance. >> reporter: it was this vallejo overpass where a witness reported to law enforcement seeing a man wednesday morning with a gun pulling a female who was bleeding and yelling for help. that suspect, 19-year-old fernando castro, was later killed in a shootout with police in southern california. with pearl nowhere in sight, the family's only choice is to trust the multiple sheriff's departments searching up and down the state. >> they have not let us down yet. >> reporter: and keep pearl's picture as well as the place she was last seen alive in the public's mind. >> to walk past there and realize, she was here and now she's not here. >> reporter: in vallejo, mark kelly, kpix 5.
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>> family says they will keep searching for pearl every day until they find her. antioch police are investigating a deadly shooting. they were called to sycamore and manzanita at 4 a.m. this morning about a shooting and that's where they found a man with a gunshot wound. he died at the scene. now, so far, no arrests. police are looking for an inmate who escaped a prison camp in santa cruz. officials say leroy hampton walk away from the ben lomond conservation camp on empire road at 10 p.m. last night. he is 5'11", 178 pounds, black hair, brown eyes last seen wearing gray sweats. anybody who has seen him should call 911. hillary clinton supporters in san jose are getting ready to smile and dial as they ask for votes. they got a pep talk from six mayors around the country who support clinton. they are prepping to man the phones ahead of the june 7 primary election. presumptive republican nominee donald trump discovered at the idea of debating bernie sanders. trump said it would be
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inappropriate to debate a second place finisher in the democratic party. but today, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders fired back at a rally in santa barbara. >> donald trump initially said yes then said no. then he said yes. then he said no. [ laughter ] >> so i think for a guy who changes his position, um, so many times, i would hope he would change it one more time and say yes. [ applause and cheers ] >> and while trump is dancing around a debate with sanders, dick van dyke is doing a dance for sanders. the comedian is one of his supporters. van dyke believes sanders has the power to turn the economy around. >> boy, dick van dyke looks good for 90. bernie sanders coming to oakland on monday. he will hold two events first at a church with actor danny glover, that's at 2 p.m. then a rally at frank ogawa
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plaza at 4:00. california's primary is on june 7. 475 democratic delegates are up for grabs. ahead of the primary, san diego police in riot gear did not mess around at the trump rally last night. trump gave a speech at the convention center but things got ugly outside. and police were armed and ready. at least 35 protestors were arrested. trump applauded the officers' response to the protestors. he took to twitter saying, fantastic job on handling the thugs who tried to disrupt our very peaceful and well attended rally. today islamic rights advocates honored an ice crew shop in orange county after the owners took action against a customer who yelled at two muslim women. the abuse and the response was captured on the video. >> you're racist! and this is on tape! >> reporter: video of the hate filled encounter inside an orange county ice cream shop has been shared and liked on
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twitter more than 50,000 times. [ non-english name ] used her cell phone monday to record a fellow customer took aim at her and [ non-english name ] who were sitting eating ice cream the trigger apparently wearing hijabs. >> i was fearful. >> reporter: they saw it as a sudden act of islam phobia what the video shows is that the swift response by the workers to kick the guy out. an instant act of kindness that brought amari and tackish and hundreds of american muslims back to andrews ice cream and dessert saturday for something sweet and then even sweeter a ceremony of thanks for shop owners greg and cynthia ramsey and worker jesse noah. >> it showed me that more than anything, people are more positive and more accepting and more tolerant than others. >> they would stand up for anyone and that's what a tree american does. >> reporter: maybe it was fate the encounter happened here at an ice cream shop decorated with posters and messages of
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positivity. >> i would have done it for anyone it didn't matter their beliefs. i would have done that for anyone. >> reporter: a victory some might say for lovers of ice cream and freedom. workers here say it was all in a day's work. >> it should be an everyday occurrence that happens in america all the time. it shouldn't be something that is any big deal. it's how america should be. we should all be that way. >> in orange, laurie perez, kpix 5. >> the ice cream parlor owner said they gave the customer who berated the muslim women his back. in bay area news san leandro to bay fair stations are closed this weekend for emergency repair work. tracks should be reopened by 4 a.m. on tuesday unless there is a warriors game in oakland on monday. if so, then normal service resumes at 3 p.m. on monday. speaking of the warriors -- >> yes, they are taking on the thunder in oklahoma city tonight. this is game 6 and the warriors
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have to win to stay in. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live at oracle arena where fans are getting pumped up. >> reporter: they certainly are. right now i'm looking at a full parking lot so if you are driving by oracle arena, you might think it was a home game. i know right now, we are just minutes into game 6, a make-or- break for the team. even though the warriors aren't playing at home, warriors fans still get a chance to watch the game on the big screen here at oracle arena. tickets went on sale for 20 bucks probably the cheapest you will pay to watch a game here at oracle. >> i think it's fun that we're here. last year game 6 when they had the watch party here, it's great. >> even though the warriors aren't here we are rooting for them. >> very exciting, definitely big screen, all the fans. definitely worth the money. >> reporter: the warriors say a portion of the proceeds will go to the aeg oakland community foundation and the warriors community foundation. we all know warriors will need
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to win this game in order to extend their season and force game 7 here in oakland. and if that happens, i'm sure tickets will probably be a little more than $20. reporting live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. [ laughter ] >> thank you, cate. coming up, we'll tell you why alaska airlines is apologizing for that flight over the bay area. >> and this bay area woman got kidnapped, cops call her a liar. now we'll tell you about the lawsuit against the police. before you b >> you can take cars out for test drives. now you can test out homes. tonight the growing trend to try before you buy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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county. a boeing "737- 900-er" was alaska airlines is apologizing for something i actually saw last week. and i looked at it in the sky and thought, i have never seen anything like that! what? is it? it alarmed some people in the county. people were confused. it was a boeing 737 in the air
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on tuesday and wednesday to shoot a commercial with san francisco as a backdrop. now, what was weird about it is that a film crew in a learjet was following close behind. alaska airlines says it planned just one day of flying but needed a second day because of cloudy conditions on tuesday. a vallejo woman is suing police who called her kidnapping a hoax. reporter steve large says the lawsuit accuses the cops of defamation and emotional stress. >> reporter: the lawsuit describes denise huskins and aaron quinn surviving a nightmare home invasion, kidnapping and sexual assault only to be treated like criminals themselves when they sought help from the vallejo police department. the lawsuit reads in part that the department destroyed their reputations through an outrageous and wholly unfounded campaign of disparagement and created a destructive nationwide media frenzy through public statements. >> mr. quinn and mr. huskins have took valuable resources
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away from the community. >> reporter: he characterized the kidnapping as a hoax and wild goose chase. huskins and quinn's attorney. >> the only crazy part about the story is the way the police acted. >> reporter: the fed eventually arrested matthew muller by connecting him to the crime by another case. >> you don't want the perception that a police department would respond to a crime in this fashion. >> reporter: former fbi investigator jim wettic says in his decades of experience he has never seen a kidnapping case handled the way vallejo police handled this one. >> the key in this whole thing would have been tracing those phone calls or email messages in an effort to identify the kidnapper and -- and recover the woman. >> reporter: the lawsuit alleges the police didn't track the cell phones instead questioning whether their story was true while allowing the true kidnapper to evade capture. steve large, kpix 5. >> and the city has apologized
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to denise huskins. fraternities and sororities are apologizing for trashing a campsite along lake shasta. a thousand student students left trash at forest island. they needed six hours to clean it up. now the university of oregon is among several schools where students are planning service projects at the campsite and national organizations for from a certainties and sororities have issued a joint statement apologizing. in palo alto another push to ban two-story homes falls short. city officials rejected an application from residents seeking a zoning change. that would prohibit new two- story homes from being built in the fair court neighborhood. the planning commission did approve new guidelines ensuring that new two-story homes do not interfere with the neighbor's sunlight and privacy. buying a home is a big commitment but what if you had the chance to live in the home for a while before you decided to buy it? reporter lemor abrams on the
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growing trend to try before you buy. >> reporter: it's a feeling of walking into a new house unlocking a new chapter in your life. >> retirement approaching, we have grandkids. >> reporter: but laurie smith isn't unpacking for good. >> not ready. it's a big commitment when you feel like you're entering your last phase. >> reporter: she is trying out this beautiful home before taking out a mortgage. you heard right. living here with its outdoor kitchen, majestic pool and master bed and bath no strings attached. how does is it work? in comes >> i think any home buyer who is serious in pulling the tryinger will find that very beneficial to them. the hurdle would be to have the seller allow it. >> reporter: they connect sellers with serious buyers of the lori pays a fee to stay, rates negotiated on a nightly basis like a hotel. all the while the homeowner checks out and waits for the
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deal. >> we get into a car and we test drive it around the block so same concept here with a home. they get to sleep in it. >> if you still don't want to take the plunge and commit to it, you can test drive another. >> you want to see how the sunlight shines know the window, you want to see if you have a neighbor next door that has a harley that might start at 4 a.m. >> reporter: with thousands of homes in the california region alone lori isn't sold yet and the search for the perfect home continues. lemoore abrams, kpix 5. >> in honor of memorial day, hundreds of san francisco scouts visited the presidio national cemetery today. they placed american flags on the graves of fallen u.s. soldiers. more than 25,000 veterans are buried there. organizers say the annual event is an important one for the kids. >> number one, we need to remember the veterans have served this country. and number two, it's part of the requirement to practice your citizenship for both cub scouts, girl scouts and boy
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scouts. >> on monday a special tribute will take place at the cemetery including a 21 gun salute. and in the weather department, it has been a warm one in the bay area with numbers approaching 90 degrees in spots. talk about that. here's one thing we haven't talked about yet, though. there are thunderstorms in the sierra. so if you are heading between here and groveland, there's thunderstorms abeam mona lake. rain itself on that stunning highway, it may be my favorite highway 395. juliette, have you ever been down 395, mammoth lake? >> i can't recall. >> stunning part of california like a different country. numbers mostly in the upper 80s today. concord 89. oakland 73. livermore 84. san francisco very mild by comparison 68 degrees and santa rosa 85. coast will remain cool but it's going to warm up by memorial day even more than we have seen lately. tomorrow, a little bit of a
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notch in the atmosphere. carves through the numbers will come down not much in the way of fog but it won't be quite as warm tomorrow as it was today. but on memorial day, that high pressure ridge that you see over the western pacific is going to build up a little bit resulting in warmer temperatures monday. fog in the monterey area. but for us, we'll have a mostly clear coastline and temperatures as a result remain warm just not quite as warm as today. tomorrow nice, memorial day low 90s inland. cooler weather but we'll have to wait until thursday for the return of fog and low clouds. hey, not bad though for carnaval tomorrow in san francisco. 75 degrees. and bottlerock in napa numbers will be plenty warm sunny and warm all weekend long in the napa valley. forecast highs for tomorrow will be looking at concord about 84 degrees. san jose 81. oakland 71 degrees. down in the south bay tomorrow nice, temperatures in the low 80s. closer to the bay shoreline then you will see upper 70s.
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plenty of sunshine tomorrow for the east bay. pittsburg 85. 86 antioc . 74 benicia. vallejo 74. danville 84. north bay numbers in the mid- 70s to low 80s. up to santa rosa 82 degrees. bodega bay 66. stinson beach, 70 degrees. in kentfield, 81. in alameda 71 degrees. up in ukiah, lakeport, clearlake tomorrow, plenty of clear for the lake and temperatures near 80 degrees. memorial day it warms up. it will be in the low 90s inland. even as we remain cool along the shoreline, in the extended forecast, the numbers are going to be in the mid-80s tomorrow in the warmest spots. low 90s for monday and tuesday. wednesday will begin to cool it down a little bit and then by next weekend, the numbers will plummet all the way into the 80s. so we have a fairly typical late may early june pattern kicking in, in the bay area but
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we'll have to wait until late in the week for that. in the meantime nice weekend ahead. check this out. the student got kicked out of his graduation ceremony. we'll show you what he wore that caused sum a commotion. >> and apple's new store in san francisco comes with a crazy price tag. wait until you see how much it cost just for the stairs. that's next. , ,,,, a ,, ,,,,,,,,
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of what he was wearing. a student was not allowed to walk in his high school graduation ceremony because of what he was wearing. nyree holmes was wearing african clothing during the procession at cosumnes high school in elk grove near sacramento. then sheriff's deputies removed him. holmes says it's just not fair. >> people with [ indiscernible ] i saw people with sneakers. they are not allowed. and, um, i didn't see them being reprehended. >> this is an opportunity to reexamine the policies at the district and school level.
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>> district spokesman admits the dress code requirements are probably outdated but school officials did send three emails out about them ahead of time. in san jose a special commencement for grads. san jose state university today, all eyes were on keynote speaker harry edwards. the civil rights activist and san jose state alumin conspired the protest at the olympics in the 1960s. he covered a range of topics speaking to the nearly 10,000 grads. >> your generation has established that marriage between consenting adults is a right for all, not a privilege for some. >> s it was the largest class yet to graduate from san jose state. we are learning more about the price tag for apple's brand- new flagship store in san francisco. construction costs for the new store which includes 40-foot sliding glass doors and a green
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wall will cost apple 23 million- dollar. they also budgeted a million dollars just for the staircase. the blog says that apple gave those numbers to city hall before construction began so the final costs could be higher than $23 million. you want all those scores high tonight. you have been multitasking right now. >> yes, i have. we have a little baseball early and then hard stuff a little later on. all right. the giants now, boy, they had a man down. matt cain on the dl today right hamstring strain but boy, did they bounce back from friday. here's the hawk soaring gaining altitude above coors field the rockies, the buster posey blast that ignited the team. three-run ride to get him on the board. madison baumgarner got a no decision pitch well enough to win the game out of a bases- loaded jam in the 6th with a double play. the bullpen did not have his back. could not hold down a 4-1 lead.
6:26 pm
two on. lead cut to 4-3. then gonzalez swung on gone a two-run shot. rockies came all the way back led the game 5-4. next half inning, posey again. three-run blast and we're done here. giants led for good. 7-5. posey's third multihomer game of his career, giants won 10-5, won 14 of 16 and lead the west by five games. we have josh redick bobble heads. this is fun. but he is on the dl. billy butler's second inning, boom!! a shot that measured 443 feet. his first big fly this season. top 6, victor martinez said, eh, take that! gave the pitch a two-run ride tied the game up at 3 but bottom of the inning the butler did it. this time a two-run single.
6:27 pm
a's scored five in the inning and an inning later chris davis smashed. a three-run job-made it 11-3. his 11th home run of the month. a's 12-3. for the moment they are out of the cellar in the american league west. warriors are battling the thunder right now. it is tight as we expected. curry needs to have a good game. at both end. >> yeah. >> you have 25 years in the bay area as a sportscaster. what's your gut tell you about the warriors? >> 27. >> my gut says warriors win force a game 7, comes back monday night, traffic jams everywhere, before a good game. >> we like it. >> that's my fighter sense right there. >> thank you. coming up in our next half- hour, a story you'll see only on "5". police say this serial crook is striking bay area businesses over and over again.
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>> a celebration at this bar turned chaotic after lightning struck eight children at a birthday party. >> think your commute is rough? wait until you see how these students risked their lives just to get to school. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police have arrested 42-yead christopher iles in a hit a run accident... police believe he slammed his truck into a saratoga woman while she was walking her two dogs.. the our top stories tonight police have arrested a man in a hit-and-run accident saying he slammed his truck into a woman while walking her dogs. the dogs were put down. the saratoga woman is recovering. isles is due in court necessary week. the search for kidnapped vallejo teen pearl pinson continues. today panicked family members scoured parts of vallejo. the san rafael bridge and the overpass where she was abducted, also.
6:31 pm
the 15-year-old was last seen wednesday morning bloodied and screaming for help while being dragged into a car. in san francisco, a burglar keeps hitting small businesses. he struck more than a dozen times in the same area. tonight police are trying to figure out who he is. reporter da lin with the story you will see only on "5". >> reporter: a burglar breaks into a restaurant through the back door and goes straight for the cash register. with the flashlight and crowbar in hand, he rifles through drawers, looking for cash. >> the way he operates in there, pretty smooth. pretty quick. he knows what he is doing. he is fast. >> reporter: san francisco police believe he is a serial burglar connected to at least 13 recent burglaries in the richmond district. mostly targeting restaurants and stores on clement, geary and balboa streets. police are alerting businesses in the area. >> when businesses are closed, then not very populated in the area. he is just through the side
6:32 pm
yard, through the back, not very much people around. >> reporter: this burglary happened two months ago. more recently, he suspected of breaking into the the chinese deli and meat store. the owner didn't want to the go on camera but same m.o. someone broke in through the back door at night and went for the cash. it's got neighboring businesses worried they are next. >> i work late nights on the weekends. i don't want to be the one person that finds this guy coming in the back door either. >> reporter: back to the serial burglar, once he sees the camera pointing right at him he covers it and breaks it. police say he appears to be a white man in his 40s, 175 to 200 pounds. he has a string backpack with a dragon design. they say he was riding a bicycle. it's clear footage. police hope someone will recognize the serial burglar. they need help identifying him so they can arrest him. in the richmond district, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> police suspect he may be linked to burglaries in neighboring districts. they have a few surveillance videos of the man in action.
6:33 pm
they say he started this string of burglaries in the beginning of the year. north bay police are looking for a woman. she was last seen at 11 p.m. last night driving away from her home in san rafael in a tan ford escape. she is 98 years old. the chp has issued a silver alert. flagg has a medical condition that makes her disoriented. a deadly car crash overnight in sonoma county. a 27-year-old woman was killed on davis lane south of east railroad avenue early this morning. she was first ejected from her car then run over by another one. the driver of the second car was booked into sonoma county jail and faces several charges including a dui. small lean that crashed into the hudson river last night killing the -- plane that crashed into the hudson river last night killing the pilot was recovered hoisted out of the water today. the police department secured scraps to the plane to be pulled up by a crane. the faa plans to investigate: the pilot was 56-year-old
6:34 pm
william gordon honored with a flyover today at the american air power museum. he was flying the p-47 thunderbolt as part of the 75th anniversary celebration show for the museum. he was a nationally respected piloted in their warbird community. in paris a child is on life support after a lightning strike during a birthday party at a park. party-goers took shelter from a sudden spring storm under a tree. an off-duty firefighter was nearby and heard it. when he got there, he found nine people unconscious. he started treating them as medics arrived. they were taken to a nearby bank used as a makeshift treatment center. six people were seriously injured. five had minor injuries. all but one person are okay. now they are under observation. parts of the u.s. are dealing with deadly weather this holiday weekend. cbs reporter wendy gillette shows us the devastating damage. >> reporter: the rain cleared saturday in harris county, texas, near houston but the
6:35 pm
damage was already done. vehicles sat submerges after water turned road into streams. the floods stranded some like this man. a truck brought him through the water to a rescue boat which delivered him to the other side where he was reunited with a woman. it was one of dozens of water rescues the past couple of days since the heavy rains started thursday. this family also needed help after they became trapped. >> scared for my house but we're good. >> reporter: in central kansas, search teams are still looking for an 11-year-old boy who was swept away by a swollen creek friday night. >> we'll be out here all day and as long as it takes until we find her. >> reporter: the surf is already roaring in charleston county, south carolina, where tropical storm warnings are in effect as bonnie moves in. the rough conditions were not enough to keep some away, determined to celebrate their holiday weekend. but riptide currents off an island in georgia generated by the storm proved too dangerous. lifeguards ran into the water to bring swimmers closer to the
6:36 pm
shore and safety. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> cal harris wealthy businessman, his wife vanished on 9/11. four murder trials, now the final verdict 48 hours tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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francisco will soon get a f resting place. ea the body of a girl found under a house in san francisco will soon get a final resting place. earlier this month, workers doing some remodeling in the richmond district hit a coffin with their shovels. inside was the body of a 3-year- old girl. she apparently had been buried back in the 19th century. now organization from across california stepped forward to pay for a burial plot, headstone and new casket. a service is next saturday in colma. in china kids will do anything to get to school and for some it means climbing vine ladders and risking their lives. they climbed down about a half mile and it takes about two hours. the climb is so tough, they
6:39 pm
only go home about twice a month but when they do, parent volunteers, supervise them as they climb on what they call sky ladders. a photographer who visited the school said the kid aren't scared. rescuers helped a humpback whale on cape cod stuck in fishing line. he was rolling at the surface. he had three wraps of line near its flukes. rescuers used knives to cut the line and they were able to get that whale completely freed. the adult humpback had apparently torn the line from a larger set of fishing gear. coming up, why these california women are surprising perfect strangers just to say thank you. >> might be grateful for the weather, too. a warm memorial day weekend under way as we look live in san jose. but there are a few changes coming tomorrow. the forecast is just ahead. >> ahead, something happened with the saint mary's athletic
6:40 pm
program that had never happened before. and what's on the minds of the bay area's other western conference champions? the san jose sharks, stanley cup finals await. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore.
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wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at themselves to make every day mother's day... and make them feel appreciated.. but what makes this passion pro special... is that it's all surprise. c-b-s reporter kristine laz two moms are taking it upon themselves to make every day
6:43 pm
mother's day. what makes this project special is it's called a surprise. cbs reporter kristine lazar has the story. >> reporter: the unsuspecting moms just going about their day when this happened. >> mom days every day. day. >> reporter: they are showered are flowers, balloons, candy. >> when was the last time you pampered yourself and got a massage. never. my mom took me on a cruise. >> and gift certificates. i thought they were telling me something. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the duo are christie and julie. >> we are saying hey, we haven't figured it out either but we do know that the one thing that feels great is when somebody comes and says, you're doing a great job. >> reporter: the two moms of three became fast friends through their kids and decided to start a passion project called mom a day. the goal is to make moms feel
6:44 pm
appreciated for simply having mom-ed it as they say. >> it doesn't mean you bake the perfect cake or you do something great. you did the best job you handled it, you figured it out, macgyver'ed it. >> reporter: since january, they have managed to surprise dozens of local moms like this woman. she just left a full-time job to be a full-time mother. >> i have been overwhelmed and stressed out about this kind of brightened my entire -- i don't even know what to say. >> reporter: most mothers were speechless. >> why me? >> she is the mother of a teenager. >> this is nice. >> reporter: she admits it's been a long time since she felt this special. >> do you get pampered or spoiled like this? >> never. i go out on a few dates thanks to my daughter but i have been divorced for 10 years so no. >> reporter: they admit while
6:45 pm
they are not on the receiving end of all these surprises, they are gifted with something, too. >> we always joke around and say like we're so selfish. [ laughter ] >> we're so selfish because every time we do it, we're like oh, that was so amazing! >> reporter: in pasadena, kristine lazar, kpix 5. >> isn't it amazing it doesn't cost anything. it doesn't cost anything to say thanks. so very nice story. what are we looking at here? pluto close up! nasa's new horizon spacecraft provided a view of the planet. it was if you believe it's a planet. it was captured last july and recorded by the spacecraft's long range reconnaissance imager nearly 10,000 niles above the surface and 3.6 "billion" miles from earth. that's something! as we come back to our planet earth bureau, we have a live look at mount diablo. and nice day for it. we have clear skies, numbers in
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the east bay approaching 90 degrees today. there's mount diablo at 3849 feet towering high above contra costa county and the numbers right now, concord 89 degrees. oakland 73. livermore 84. and san francisco 68. san jose right now it's 83 degrees. it's been a warm day. not record-breaking warmth. tomorrow we'll cool it down a little bit for sunday. it will stay warm through midweek. warming up on memorial day. fog and low clouds cool us down. tomorrow, much of the day patches of fog along the san mateo county coastline suggest that there's a little cooler weather out there. and the numbers will come down just a little bit. so sunny and warm just not quite as warm and then memorial day will come into the low 90s. so expect monday to be nice and toasty inland. cooler for everybody by thursday. forecast highs for tomorrow in the city 65 degrees. concord 84. san jose 81. and in oakland 71 degrees. south bay looks sunny.
6:47 pm
numbers near 80 degrees for tomorrow. morgan hill at 79. los gatos 80. san jose 81. east bay tomorrow plenty of sunshine. numbers in the mid-80s 93 in brentwood, livermore mid-80s. pleasanton 83. dublin 83 degrees. vallejo and benicia right around the carquinez strait looks good mid-70s very pleasant hold true for marin county tomorrow. mostly in the mid 70s to low 80s. and clear skies. clear skies, too, and warm for ukiah. lakeport and clearlake cloverdale 90. saint helena 84. rohnert park 77. memorial day warm inland and at the shoreline the only place you can find relief in the 60s. the numbers range 30 from the coast to inland areas. it's toasty through wednesday. cool down thursday and then numbers bounce back again by next weekend. so it's all up and down.
6:48 pm
but mr. vern glenn has the latest on a lot happening in bay area sports. >> all right, brian. we'll try to get you to the nba in just a moment. first of all, the nhl play- offs. after 25 years of existence the too many is now for the san jose sharks and while their cameras were shooting dr. harry edwards commencement address at san jose state i was across the street shooting this one myself. this is the sharks' last practice this morning before they boarded a plane for pittsburgh. game one monday sharks and penguins nhl's holy grail. i got hold of one of the contributing young ones number 50 center chris tierney. he cast a watchful eye on veterans for more than just their play. >> is there more of an impressive play-off beard than the one he has? my gosh! that's charlton heston ten commandments-like. >> i think him and -- they are 1-2 for sure. they are having fun with t think we get a kick out of it
6:49 pm
watching sometimes you know what happens it's crazy. something caught in the beard and they wouldn't know it. nba play-offs same old story with the warriors western conference finals game 6 outrebounded outplayed missed 20 straight field goals at some point. thunder lead 41-31. just before half. moving pictures on the late show. cleveland cavaliers were doing this all night at toronto last night. lebron james 33 points and winning the eastern conference, 113-87 advancing to the second straight finals. it will be james' sixth straight finals appearance. no champagne here in the locker room. they celebrated by spewing water. why? >> we didn't have champagne. we took waters. [ laughter ] >> fair enough. >> that's it. >> i had chocolate milk. [ laughter ] >> oh, plug, plug. >> hey, college baseball. never before has saint mary's
6:50 pm
baseball been to the ncaa tournament until today. bottom second a good time for jackson first history of the tournament a three-run homer. the gaels won the west coast conference 13-4. the pile of gaels is heading to the ncaa tournament field of 64. bracket comes out on monday. speaking of monday, are we still going to be talking about the warriors playing a game 7? >> we're going to find out. >> yes, we are. >> they got to clean it up. >> yes, we are. >> just missing blown shots, turnovers. these guys are so big on the inside, the warriors almost have to alter their shot just to get it off and that's missing. >> it's a low scoring game right now. we're not so happy yet. >> no. >> thank you. coming up, we'll take you to a northern california prison where the inmates are passing time by knitting. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
another win. tonight- they take on the oklahoma city western co coming up at 11, the warriors are fighting for another win. they are playing the oklahoma city thunder in game 6 of the western conference finals. we'll have complete coverage and game highlights tonight at 11:00. finally for now, inmate doing hard time at folsom prison are thinking outside of the cell block to pass the time. they are actually taking up crocheting and they are doing it all for a good cause. reporter tony lopez has the story ♪[ music ] >> reporter: as the dark clouds hover and the cell block doors slam shut, you're instantly reminded that granite walls of folsom prison are as cold as they are uninviting. but just outside d block a
6:54 pm
giving spirit warms this space in a way you would never guess. ♪[ music ] >> this is a great thing. great camaraderie in this room. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: this is where hardened criminals with their tatted arms and tarnished past work on putting back together the broken fabric of their lives by crocheting gifts for others. >> i got to put 8 single crochets in a ring. >> reporter: they call themselves the hooks and ladders knitting and crocheting club of folsom prison where inmates make toys for children, hats for cancer patients, scarves, blanket, you name it. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. okay. one more. >> reporter: for inmate eddie rand 25 to life it's helped him find a way to take a deep breath again. >> it's very stressful day to day. you don't know what's going to happen in here. we tried to find things to do to keep busy.
6:55 pm
the thing about crocheting is you have to relax. >> reporter: you have to have thick skin if you choose to be in the club. marsha oversees the program. >> as other inmates are walking by, they would kind of snicker and laugh and tease and that kind of thing. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: that was a few years ago. the only comment being made now include, how can i sign up? >> i thought i'd give it a try. >> reporter: this lifer says he gets better with every ball of yarn. >> the first things i knit were pretty terrible. but it got better as i go and just practiced and now i'm doing pretty good work. >> reporter: gerald hickman is also locked up for life. he calls this unusual inmate activity therapeutic. >> it's relaxing. it's a good way to center. >> reporter: it's a great way to give these inmates a feeling so foreign behind bars, a sense of pride. >> i really see them walk a little taller. >> it's really satisfying.
6:56 pm
especially when you're done with it, you know. >> i think this is a self-help group. they when start giving, they get so excited and they just want to give more. >> reporter: a giving spirit on display in a most unlikely way inside folsom prison where these men spend their time patching up old wounds by creating new gifts for others. >> this group is now considered -- >> i never thought i would see anything -- my grandmother would ever have any common with an inmate in folsom prison. >> when my kids were young i was knitting. it's very relaxing. believe it or not i sat in a place for more than 10 minutes or 0 minutes. it's relaxing. >> did you ever finish something? >> i didn't make what they're make, but a blanket. >> go, warriors! see you at 11:00. have a great rest of the evening. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
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i feel very happy. i don't know how to explain it. she looks brand-new. >> interpreter: he gets upset when he drinks because it falls out of his mouth. before, he looked so different, but now he looks good, and that makes me happy. he's very handsome now. >> interpreter: people say he was born like a monster. we have prayed for this moment to happen. he's gorgeous, precious - very precious. no one is going to recognize him at home. ♪ >> imagine if your child were born with a cleft lip or cleft palate and you were too poor to afford the surgery to repair it. you'd feel helpless, left to watch your child grow up rejected and bullied. that's the heartbreaking reality


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