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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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what a time to be a bay area sports fan. tomorrow is a huge day. the warriors hope to advance to the finals by winning game 7 against the thunder at home, and the sharks play their first game in the stanley cup finals. good evening to you. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. mark sayre is live at the center. game 1 is in pittsburgh. we know local fans will be glued to the tv screens tomorrow. >> indeed, brian. you can see and feel the enthusiasm here. both the sharks and the city are planning big celebrations tomorrow. >> reporter: just minutes after the sharks store opened with
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special sunday hours, it was already jammed. fans pouring in to snatch up merchandise and show their support for the team. >> how exciting is this? >> breathtaking. i don't know what to say. breathtaking. excited. >> reporter: it took the sharks six games to defeat the st. louis blues and earn the first spot in the finals since the team was founded 25 years ago. the fans don't get anymore serious than matt winstead. >> i was at their very first practice back september 6th, 1991 at the cow palace. >> reporter: and winstead says for fans, this long journey to the stanley cup finals is about so much more than just hockey. >> it's been 25 years, not just the sharks. it's about memories you have with people, life, family, and people that were sharks fans. >> reporter: winstead never imagined the sharks would get this far this season and so he and his fianci, melissa, scheduled their wedding for next
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saturday. >> kind of crazy it's also the year we're getting married. first guy has to miss the first game because we're getting married that day. we're just excited. >> reporter: back inside the store, sharky, the official mascot, turned out to take a few pictures and rally the fans. most of whom still can't believe that their hometown team is in the stanley cup finals. >> how excited are you personally? >> i'm really excited. if they win, i don't know what i would do. >> game 1 of course tomorrow night in pittsburgh with the sharks hosting a viewing party here at the shark tank. the doors will open at 4:00. the cost to get in, just $5. there's also going to be a big rally at plaza deceasar chavez. that will begin tomorrow at 2:00. reporting live from the s.a.p. mark sayre, kpix 5. >> oracle arena will be rocking tomorrow for game 7 between the warriors and the thunder.
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the warriors even the series last night in oklahoma city and now all they have to do is beat the thunder tomorrow so they can return to the nba finals to take on the cavaliers. that's it. pretty easy, right? coming up in sports, hear from the teams about their big match-up. back in the bay area we're following new details in a story of sacramento county. a boater found the body of a missing 1-year-old girl hours after her body was recovered. her father, kyler jackson, was found last night near the bridge. the two left antioch a week ago but never made it home to sacramento. deputies are investigating whether the father and daughter got in to an accident and drowned. and a search for the bodies of two teenaged boys from oakland resumed today. they jumped out of a boat and in to the windward reservoir and never came back. investigators say they were not
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using lifejackets. a dive team using sonar is trying to find them in waters that are between 14 and 18 feet deep. >> don't underestimate the water and obviously don't underestimate your swimming skills. >> the 15-year-old boys were celebrating the memorial day weekend with their family. it is the second drowning at the reservoir since it opened for recreational use just last month. a dramatic rescue this morning when a car went over a cliff in oakland hills. police and fire rescue teams pulled two teens from the bottom of a ravine off fish ranch road and grizzly peak boulevard near the siesta valley recreation area. the car apparently veered off the road and rolled several times. >> we had a team on top who was on charge of the systems and a rescue team below. they communicated with one another and they were able to go down the embankment and provide the care that they needed, package the patients, and get them ready to be extricated. >> both teams were airlifted the hospital. there have been more than 20
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freeway shootings in the east bay since november. officials are coming up with ways to crackdown on the shootings to make the freeways safer. one idea is installing cameras. kpix's anne makovec has the story. >> reporter: on one of the busiest weekends of the year, there's more to worry about than drunk drivers. in the east bay drivers are concerned about being shot. >> people are upset. people are concerned about their safety. >> reporter: two east bay mayors spoke about their plan to get the state to install security cameras along east bay freeways. in the last six months there have been 15 shootings along i-80. five on highway 4. four on 580. and three shootings along 880. the most recent happened tuesday night in hercules on interstate 80. at least one person was injured. >> it's gang-related and those victims are targeted. >> reporter: but innocent drivers are paying a price. >> the loss of a freeway, i know people who are not using the
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freeway at all. >> reporter: five contra costa mayors sent the governor a letter saying the shootings have reached crisis proportions, requesting state funds to install cameras with the capability of recording license plates at i-80 onramps and off ramps from el cerrito to hercules. >> the technology is cheap. it's the labor of storing it and viewing it and using it, that's what's important and that's what the costs are. >> that cost has not yet been determined. the meeting with the governor and transportation officials is set for monday, june 6th. in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. authorities say they have tracked down some of the shooters. there have been five arrests since february of suspected gang members who authorities say were responsible for multiple shootings. new information on the shooting death of a novato high school student. last night we showed you this picture of marin county sheriff's deputies executing a search warrant. deputies tell us it took place in the canal area on fairfax
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street in san rafael. however, deputies are not revealing how it's connected to wednesday's murder of 17-year-old edwin guerra. two novato high school students have been arrested. investigators are looking for a third person. a vigil will be held this evening for a missing teenager from vallejo. pearl was last seen wednesday on the i-80 over path. her accused kidnapper, fernando castro, was killed in a shootout thursday. deputies have suspended their search for pinson in the general area of sonoma county. still ahead, video of the moments a child fell in to a gorilla exhibit then was dragged by one of the animals. how zoo officials are defending their decision to kill that gorilla. >> plus, some of the presidential candidates hitting the campaign trail this holiday weekend. find out if protesters greeted trump at his latest stop.
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one person was shot and kild inside a car a shootout in houston left people dead and injured. when officers arrived, two men were shooting at each other. one was shot and died on the scene. police shot the other man. he was taken to the hospital. police then checked around the neighborhood to make sure everyone was okay. >> we were able to secure the scene and ensure that the neighborhood was safe. we went house to house to ensure nobody else was shot, nobody else was wounded. >> two officers and three civilians were hurt and one helicopter was shot at by a high powered weapon. police are investigating what prompted the shooting. the boy who fell in to the gorilla habitat at the cincinnati zoo is out of the hospital tonight. the 4-year-old climbed through a barrier and fell in to a mote. that's where one of the gorillas picked him up and dragged the boy. zoo officials shot and killed
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the gorilla because the child appeared to be in danger. >> the reason that tranquilizing was not chosen is in an agitated situation, which the male was, it may take quite a while for a tranquilizer to take effect. >> the zoo was open today but the gorilla habitat was closed to the public. donald trump and bernie sanders were busy campaigning today, just a week before a number of states hold their primaries. cbs reporter wendy gillette has more. >> make america great again. very simple. >> reporter: donald trump focused on the military and veterans sunday, while speaking at the annual rolling thunder event in washington, d.c. >> when you think of the great general patton and all of our great generals, they're spinning in their braves when we watch we can't beat isis. we're going to beat isis. we're going to knock the hell out of them. >> reporter: thousands of
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motorcyclists took part in the ride around the washington mall honoring members of the military who are missing in action and prisoners of war. the event was calm and absent of the protest which has become increasingly common in trump's speeches. on the democratic side, bernie sanders appeared sunday morning on face the nation where he discussed a proposed debate with trump. trump first said he wanted to debate sanders, then decided against it. >> i think the american people should be very concerned about somebody who keeps changing his mind, not only on this debate but on virtually every issue he's been asked about. >> reporter: trump's spokeswoman defended his change of heart. >> now that he's secured enough delegates to become the republican nominee, it doesn't make sense anymore. mr. trump should be debating the democratic nominee. >> reporter: seven states will hold caucuses or primaries next tuesday. >> while sanders campaigned in california today, hillary clinton is taking the holiday weekend off. california's primary election is less than two weeks away on june
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7th. and coming up, memorial day weekend taking on special meaning for a local veteran. the story behind her celebration today. >> while things cooled down a little bit, wait till you see what's ahead as we look live toward coit tower in the bay. forecast for memorial day. r's bottlerock r's bottlerock festival. ,,,, sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you r's bottlerock festival. ,,,, the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. plus 36-month financing.
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the mission is sizzling with sights and sounds today for 38th annual carnaval. it's a memorial here's what it looked like and sounded like in the mission today. the sights and sounds for the 38th annual carnival, the memorial day weekend tradition. people danced along harrison street and experienced the caribbean and latin american flavored cultures through food, art, and music. just in time for those long summer nights, a treat for bay area bike riders. extended bike path hours are now in effect. the new hours from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. started yesterday and will last until labor day. >> on this memorial day weekend, a special ceremony honored the courageous crew of the uss san francisco.
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world war ii vets and their families gathered at lands end. the uss san francisco took on the japanese. the parailous mission ended the lives of 100 sailors and seven marines. a hayward woman will celebrate memorial day and her 100th birthday tomorrow. >> kpix 5's mark kelly with why it's so fitting these special occasions fall on the very same day. >> this memorial day, bobby is celebrating her birthday. >> why is it special for you? >> because i didn't have to go to school and i hated school. [ laughter ] >> reporter: bobby has always loved airplanes, especially flying them. >> yeah, it was just something that we loved to do. >> reporter: and during world war ii, bobby got to fly quite a bit. >> first and only military
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flying school for women in the united states. >> reporter: she was one of the first women to ever fly military aircraft in the united states. the select group of about 1,000 female pilots were called wasps. women air force service pilots. >> in less than two years, the women air force service pilots flew more than 60 million miles for their country. >> reporter: these women flew planes, sometimes brand new, between bases and performed every task men in the air force did. their service freed up men to serve in active combat. >> you were never scared? >> not after i started. no. >> reporter: bobby passed that fearlessness down to her five kids. >> there's nothing i ever looked at and said oh, i don't think i can do that. no, it was always just, try it. try to see what you do.
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>> and we really respected what women could do. we never thought they should do any less. >> reporter: bobby and her fellow w.a.s.p.s. of which there are only a few00 still live -- a few hundred still living, have been awarded for their pioneer spirit. at 100 years old, that spirit isn't leaving. in hayward, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> good for her. she looks great too. born in 1916 during the wilson administration, all the way in to the 21st century. good for her. as we have a look at the kpix 5 hi-def doppler, a few thunderstorms are bumping out there in the sierra at this hour. mona lake and not as intense as yesterday but nevertheless a few showers popping up over the sierra. back in the bay area, not as warm as it was on saturday and not as warm as it will be tomorrow.
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we took a notch out of the temperature highs for today. still it's 83 degrees at livermore. concord, 78. oakland, 65. coast is going to stay cool. a bit of an onshore push close to the shoreline. inland things are going to be plenty warm with a hint of a northerly flow and a little bit of a tilt to the east. things will be warming up tomorrow. in terms of the winds, high pressure is building in. it's going to stay that way all week long. cut-off low forms over southern california. a high pressure ridge takes all of the moisture out of the pacific northwest. we did have and will have low clouds along the shoreline. breezy conditions close to the coast. always relief there. all week long, inland, we'll be near 90 degrees from here to eternity, to name another favorite world war ii movie. warm weather all week long. then a little bit of cooling next weekend. heading out of the bay area? 100 degrees at redding. 74 for lake tahoe. 74 at yosemite.
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97 for fresno. and sunshine and 99 at sacramento. overnight lows tonight in the bay area, we'll look at mostly mid 50s. sun up tomorrow at 10 minutes before 6:00. it's going to be a nice one too for memorial day. san francisco will hit 71 degrees. concord, 88 tomorrow. so we're well above average in san jose. 84 degrees. in oakland, 76. down on the south bay, you can go along the shoreline. there will be clouds. along skyline. but come inland and in to the santa clara valley. the numbers will be in the low 80s for the most part. 77 at union city. close to the bay shoreline. east bay tomorrow, plenty of sun. winds ease up a little bit. temperatures come up to 90 degrees at fairfield. 98 at brentwood. not so bad in the 680 corridor. 89 in pleasant hill. and 89 for dublin. about the same for pleasanton. north bay tomorrow warms to the low 80s in san rafael, sonoma, napa. all in the 80s tomorrow.
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85 for santa rosa. plenty warm for ukiah and lakeport and clear lake. low 90s up there. for memorial day, warm day and inland temperatures will range that 30-degree spread we see in the summertime. mid 60s at the shoreline. mid 90s inland. extended forecast, warm tomorrow. warm all week. temperatures will be near 90 degrees right through the weekend. cooler by the bay shoreline. cooler by the shoreline. a little bit of cooling by thursday but next saturday, sunday, no big changes. high and dry and plenty hot, just like the warriors. here's vern glenn. i thought you were going to say cool as the underside of a pillow. anyway, we can't stop talking about monday. sharks in the nhl stanley cup finals. warriors hosting a game 7 for a chance to get to the finals.
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...not every year we get a game-7... dubnation? 6pm monday...are you ready.... ...its all folks i ran into talked a nba playoffs up top. not every year we get a game 7. w nation, 6 p.m. monday. are you ready? it's all the folks we're talking about today. steph curry and the warriors, epic western conference game 6. arrived in oklahoma city 2 a.m. this morning. klay thompson, nba playoff record, 11 threes. thunder mistake, turnovers. steve kerr had some solid insight today. after all, he does have five rings as a player, one as a head
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coach. >> keep it simple. do your job. try to enjoy it. have some fun. even though the game carries a lot of weight, and we're all desperate to win on both sides, you have to keep some perspective too. it's not the end of the world one way or another. it's a basketball game. go out and enjoy it, embrace it. whatever happens, happens. monday an epic sports menu. warriors, thunder at 6:00. san jose sharks kick off its super bowl. the stanley cup finals, game 1 at pittsburgh. 5 p.m. our time. so here with the sharks today at the penguins consol energy center. can't miss looking at joe thornton and that beard in front of the net. eve of the sharks' first ever cup finals game. as for why they made it here, whatever the coach was selling, the players were buying. >> we realize he's a smart guy
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but he gets the beat of the team real well. he gives us a smack when we need it and he can pump us up when we need it too. he's been great all year. >> [ question inaudible ] >> some guys get them more than others. but i could probably -- hasn't been that long. get them every once in a while. we got sharks and warrior fans in colorado. rooting the giants. top 3rd, hunter spence is swinging free. giants led 3-1. pence had three doubles in the game. next inning denard span got every bit of it on this blast. wow. that's a big one. giants won the game 8-3. they are 15-2 over their last 17 games. meantime, as' rich hill on the bump. tigers on the way of the 8th win. how about a 6 and 1/3rd of 2-run
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ball? miguel cabrera. did leave the game with a groin injury. on the hook for a loss until this in the 6th. center fielder cameron maybin took it and lost. that was a billy butler bloop. brought home two home runs. oakland won the game 4-2. won the three-game series taking two of three. twins in tomorrow. auto racing. guess what turned 100 today? the indy 500. and for an event that old, a millennial, a local kid, a rookie ended up in victory lane. sold out for the first time in its history, 350,000 plus. let's go onboard with defending champion juan pablo montoya and watch him wreck. yes. 64 laps to go. and he's done here. almost midway through the race, sage also kissed the wall.
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he was done too. columbia's carlos munoz was in the lead but had to pit for more gas. door open for alexander rossi. 24-year-old born in auburn, grew up in nevada city. he didn't pit. he had just enough to take the checkered flag on his first ever start at indy. he's the ninth rookie to drink the celebratory milk and the first since helio castroneves in 2001. 11 years ago he was a sonoma race gateway champ. now he's in victory lane for andretti racing. >> i cherish the fact that at one point we were 33rd and we rolled the dice and came through and made it happen. this is phenomenal. i had no idea i'd be in the indy 500. and now i'm here and we won, and i'm at a loss of words. it will change my life for sure.
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>> he'll join me on game day later. >> that's a full menu. see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. >> quijano: the death toll rises from the texas floods. and a tropic shuts down a major highway in the carolinas. also tonight, donald trump rolls into washington for the rolling thunder biker rally honoring prisoners of war and troops missing in action. a frightening day at the zoo, an endangered gorilla is killed after an up close encounter with a little boy. and after a 12-year around the clock vigil, it's closing time for a beloved sea side church. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs weekend news." >> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano.


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