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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 30, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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commemorate memorial day. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's check in with roberta for a look at the weather. hey, where's your box? you look so short! i know the feeling. [ laughter ] >> every day. >> good morning. the coast is not clear but we have clear skies around the bay. we have a bit of a sea breeze, as well. the flag is now beginning to lay flat there you have it. 50s in the area. clouds at the coast. pacifica 60. 70s and 60s around the bay. fairfield 90s. 880 santa rosa. 80s tri-valley. 80s santa clara valley. close to seasonal temperatures for this memorial day. we'll talk more about your local forecast and the beach outlook right now. let's send it back to you. traffic shouldn't be too much of a problem since it is a
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holiday. but later this afternoon keep in mind two games, twins versus oakland a's at 1:05. and then also, the thunder versus golden state warriors game 7 at 6 p.m. so of course traffic is going to be heavy in those areas around those times. bart schedule right now, we are going to look at the bart schedule in just a little bit. but look at this. sunday schedule, so keep that in mind. bart service begins at 8 a.m. the train from san leandro to bay fair is closed but there is a bus bridge running until 3 p.m. an antioch family is desperate to know how two of their loved ones wound up in the sacramento river. kpix 5's joe vazquez joe vazquez on the relatives struggling to believe a dad and his baby girl are gone. >> reporter: a passing boater spotted the body of a small child near the georgiana slough bridge in walnut grove 30 minutes south of sacramento.
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it's believed to be a 1-year- old girl. but the medical examiner has not formally identified her. the body was found about a quarter mile from the spot divers recovered the body of kyler jackson, kayleigh's father, saturday night. >> it's most likely the other victim. >> reporter: the baby's grandmother doesn't want to believe it. >> he would want me out here until i have confirmation of his baby. >> reporter: the family has been trying to get the attention of law enforcement and the public ever since kyler and kayleigh went missing monday night. the father and daughter were last seen here they bay area in antioch. he was driving up to sacramento when they disappeared. >> whole new set of questions yesterday in my mind, a whole new set of questions. no closure. >> reporter: after recover kyler's body, the sheriff's department said the radar spotted a large object possibly his car but they haven't found out for sure. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> sacramento county sheriff's official found tracks suggesting the car drove off the bridge. authorities say there's no evidence of foul play. in sonoma county after a
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thorough search crews had no luck finding a missing vallejo girl in the town of jenner. authorities use the helicopters and ground crews to search for pearl pinson but called off the search at 3 p.m. saturday. now they plan to follow up on leads instead. pearl's alleged kidnapper was killed during a shootout with police on thursday. it happened in solvang, a town 300 miles south of the vallejo overpass where she was taken. daly city police are getting help from the fbi to find a bank robber. this man is their target. police believe he robbed a first national bank on mission street the morning of may 18. the fbi says he showed a teller a note demanding money and bolted once they gave him the cash. authorities aren't saying how much money the suspect got. investigators in marin county say a third suspect is under arrest in connection with a shooting and stabbing that left a high school student dead. 20-year-old elmer rivera was
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arrested. two high school students were attacked wednesday. one died, one wounded. two juveniles also students at novato high school were arrested on thursday. another juvenile suspect is at large. there's no word yet on a motive for the attack. you may notice extra patrols out on bay area freeways today. that's because the chp is involved in the click the it or "click it or ticket" program. research shows in california, roughly 50% of people in fatal crashes are not wearing seatbelts. if you plan to travel today you're not alone. more than 38 million americans an increase of 700,000 people from last year are on the roads this holiday weekend. that's the second highest memorial day travel volume ever. lower gas prices are a big reason why. 2.5 million people are expected to travel by plane for the holiday weekend. and for some travelers, it's
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already become a nightmare. a computer outage canceled or delayed hundreds of flights out of jfk last night. this was the scene overnight as passengers were packed in waiting for the system to come back online. some people waited upwards of 5 hours to get on their flights. and in hayward, people have a chance to honor fallen soldiers today. it's the last day this traveling war memorial wall will be set up in the lone tree cemetery. it honors veterans who died in conflicts from the gulf war to iraq and remembers missing soldiers from world war ii. the event includes a barbecue and talks from war survivors. and we always think of memorial day and barbecues but we cannot forget the real purpose of memorial day and that's to honor the "victims." >> one of the best things that we instilled in as a family was to go to one of the veterans parks on memorial day so they could just get the gist of what this is all about. and hopefully, take that opportunity and just spend a few minutes at your local park,
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as well. a park in pleasanton is one of our favorites. good morning. as you head out, we have a little bit of stratus next to the coast. that's about it. otherwise clear skies and breezy at this hour. this is the scene as we take a look out this morning at the flag a little bit on the fly a west breeze at 8. san francisco is at 53 degrees. this is the 40s in santa rosa. wind speeds fluctuating. 6 pleasanton. 4 berkeley. 5 san francisco. these winds will shift around later today become more of an onshore flow westerly 10 to 20 miles per hour. napa southwest winds 7 miles per hour. today 71 degrees in san francisco up from average of 64. 60s and 70s around the coastside. look at the 80s, 86 in cupertino. 84 san jose. 8 degrees above average. east of the bay this is where we'll see warm numbers, 93 degrees at discovery bay and brentwood. get the boat out today!
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89 degrees in san ramon. low 90s in fairfield. again, a west wind 10 to 20. stinson beach not bad at 67. 80 petaluma 70s sausalito. a little summery. 93 cloverdale today. more coming up. warriors fans may feel stressed during tonight's game but they no longer have to sweat about how they will get there. that's because bart had a change of heart and is re- opening tracks earlier than expected. the stretch from san leandro to bay fair station wasn't going to open until tuesday morning but now the tracks will be back in business at 3 p.m. to help fans get to game 7. bus bridges are still in effect. it's the fifth and final time they are replacing miles of shoddy tracks. bart says the work will keep riders safer and the ride quieter. this evening in pittsburgh
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it's the sharks and penguins in game one of the stanley cup finals. it's the first time san jose reached this level in 25 years. fans have been flocking to stores to stock up on jerseys, hats and other merchandise. two fans didn't expect the team to get this far this season. their wedding is scheduled for next weekend when game 3 is in san jose. >> it's kind of crazy, we're getting married and poor guy has to miss the first game at the shark tank of the stanley cup finals because we are getting married that day. >> wow. >> a rally to celebrate the sharks begins at 2 p.m. at plaza de cesar chavez. and although the game is in pittsburgh, s.a.p. center will be open for a viewing party. puck drops around 5 p.m. pacific time. >> that was a lot of excitement and, of course, the warriors and oklahoma city thunder. they will play the 7th and deciding game of their nba play- off series in oakland. here's kpix 5's maria medina with more on ticket prices and
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how sports bars are getting ready reporter: at o'sullivan sports bark in newark, the warriors pride is obvious from the decor, the staff, the customers. >> go, warriors. >> fans come from everywhere, standing room only. >> reporter: danny the owner is expecting hundreds of people to pack his bar for game 7. just take a look. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: at the crowd there when the warriors defeat the thunder. [ applause and cheers ] >> everybody has to watch the warriors game. it's that time of year. >> the more the warriors win, the more you win as far as business, right? >> absolutely. the warriors have brought us a ton of business. >> reporter: and the boom in business for him, he says, in part because of how much it will cost you. tickets went on sale $400 a ticket just for the nose bleed
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section. want a courtsid seat? $6,000. $32,000 for vip courtside seats according to stubhub. >> it's play-offs. it's going to happen. >> reporter: you're okay spending the money? >> to watch the warriors play? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> reporter: it doesn't matter where you sit, oracle arena or a bar or at home. any seat is the best seat especially if the warriors win. >> a great time to be a fan in the bay area. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. >> game time for the warriors is 6 p.m. ♪[ music ] time now 4:40. outrage over a gorilla's death after a boy falls into a zoo exhibit. a woman caught it on camera. we'll show you next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and a four- hundred-pound fe in iowa... and thousands ofs lose their lives in the fla it happened saturday mornin a hog confinement two buildings catch fire in iowa and thousands of pigs die in the flames saturday morning
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at a hog confinement center in hayward end. a pig knocked over a heat lamp and it fell a terrible spot the animal's straw bedding. the fire spread to the adjacent building. no employees or firefighters were hurt. at the cincinnati zoo an encounter between a boy and 400-pound gorilla didn't end happily. at first in seemed that the gorilla was protecting the boy on saturday but soon cell phone showed him dragging the boy across the moat twice. two females were removed from the scuffle but a witness saw the gorilla pulling the kid up a concrete area. they shot and killed the gorilla. >> when he scaled him up, his head banging against the wall as he is climbing up, so that's the part that people didn't see. >> dangerous animal response team thought it was a life- threatening situation. >> the boy's family said they
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extended a thank you for the quick action by the staff. the boy was released after a few hours in the hospital. in southern california, a 7- month-old puppy is recovering after she was attacked by a swarm of aggressive bees. this is just a couple of weeks after bees killed two dogs in concord. reporter: 7-month-old ellie is quite the explorer but she hasn't been herself lately. she is recovering from a serious bee attack. >> there were hundreds of them just swarming around. >> reporter: her owner said he ran into his backyard in la habra heights to rescue ellie friday but he was overcome by the bees too. >> they just keep attacking even when i was down the street. >> reporter: finally a neighbor used a makeshift beekeeping suit to get ellie out of danger. >> it was very sad. >> reporter: had he rushed her to the pet hospital where the vet said she took out 155 stingers. >> what they said is her kidneys started to fail and then they stung her as you see
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in her eyes and her eyes were swollen shut. >> had there been children back there it could have been worse. we love her like a member of the family. >> reporter: they think it came from a bee hive a couple of doors down. they didn't know it existed until it happened and wished they had a warning. no one answered the door at that home but another local beekeeper says it's hard to know where they came from. he says with that number of stings, they were most likely africanized honeybees which are extremely defensive and aggressive and sometimes have nests in the ground. it's also illegal in la habra heights to keep africanized honeybees. either way, her family hopes some good will come from what happened to her. >> to prevent it from ever happening again. >> i'm happy she is alive and doing better and getting well. that's all i care about. >> much like the attack that happened locally a few weeks ago, nature experts are now looking into what kind of bees were involved in the attack. a northern california race
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car driver is waking up a winner this morning. that's after the rookie beat out dozens of drivers to wint indianapolis 500. sierra foothills native alexander rossi won the 100th running of the competition. this was his first time racing the indy 500. the 24-year-old is from auburn. alexander's hometown neighbors who watched him grow up racing cars were overjoyed by his big win. >> we were just going crazy! shaking and crying. >> totally excited. >> yes. >> so excited. >> rossi is the ninth rookie to win the race and the first rookie winner in 15 years. way to represent northern california, right? >> congratulations to him. >> what an exciting time here in the bay area with the indy 500. we have our warriors. we have our san jose sharks. we have the giants. ryan, giants still in first place this morning? >> oh, yeah! >> sports mecca of the world, bay area. >> the rest of the country is hating on us right now.
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>> that's okay. >> they hate us because of our weather, too. we have ideal conditions a little sea breeze this morning a little bit of low clouds and a hint of some fog but that's all going to wash away to the abundance of sunshine. our live weathercam was looking toward the bay bridge right now. the winds are up to about 10 miles per hour. relatively flat. but we will see them kick up later today so small craft advisory goes into effect for our bay waters. 40s and 50s in the bay area right now. flat winds. east-southeast at 10 in san jose, 7 at napa. at the delta a bit of a breeze at 17 miles per hour. the stratus is at the coast but will wash out later. a little bit of central valley low clouds and fog this morning, as well. but we'll have the abundance of sunshine as high pressure nestles in. it's going to stay warm all week. wait until you see my seven-day forecast. nearly 90 in sacramento.
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63 in the high sierra. 63 eureka. one of my pick cities capitola. if you are heading to the beach, sunny skies. 74. sunrise 5:50. today's temperatures up to 93 degrees in brentwood, tracy, oakley. byron, discovery bay. 80 in santa rosa. low 80s in san jose which is above average of 76. approaching 80 in mountain view and low 70s in oakland. check out the extended forecast. not seeing much relief at all inland away from the bay into the 90s. but watch what happens on saturday. 102 degrees, 70s and 80s at the bay and 60s with some sunshine along the seashore. that's a look at your memorial day weekend. make it a great day. >> looks very, very hot. let's check the roads. of course it's a holiday today memorial day not a lot of people on the road.
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>> light traffic because of memorial day weekend. >> wish traffic were like that every day. in texas 14 donkeys are having a good time playing and rolling and clomping around until they get adopted. hundreds of people entered a lottery to adopt these little guys. they arrived at triple r horse rescue a month ago to be trained for just that transition. staff at triple r had to make sure they felt trusting of people and the first step was making sure they were all right with being patted. >> touching them, being able to get near them and touch them and pet them without them getting scared or defensive.
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finding that spot where they're comfortable as well as you are and maintaining safety for you and the donkey. >> definitely they are comfortable rolling around, right? it will be tough to part with them, he said, but he says he is happy he knows they will preserving mountain vegetation while grazing at their adopted homes. 4:50. some veterans have a unique way of dealing with stress. the healing power of horses next. >> and what's cool about your school or summer camp? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school or camp on the show. ,,
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good morning. these are the temperatures you
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can expect today. go to the beach. it will be sunny in the low 70s in pacifica but cooler in half moon bay. 70s and 80s at the peninsula, and east bay numbers soaring to 90s. a late day breeze. 92 pleasanton. 80 benicia. low 80s in santa rosa. abundance of sunshine in napa at 84. hello, windsor, nearly 90. roberta, it's going to be a tough day for you because you're going to the warriors game and you have to cheer on the sharks. >> all at the same time! >> there is a view party at the shark tank today. game starts at 5 p.m. it's an extra special memorial day for some bay area veterans. today bobby hinrich will -- bobbie hinrich will be 100 one of the first women to fly
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military aircraft in the united states. the flight crew of 1,000 female pilots were called wasps, women air force service pilots. >> you were never scared? >> not that first time. but -- no. >> female pilots enabled men to serve in combat. the courageous crew of the uss san francisco are basking in the glory of memorial day. vets and families gathered at lands end for a ceremony yesterday. one survivor remembered the days of pearl harbor. >> on that particular day at pearl harbor i'm getting ready, i'm a young kid then, barely 18, i'm getting ready to go to the beach and see the girls, and all of a sudden these airplanes begin to fly in and i looked at one of the first ones, i waved at him, welcome to the party. he didn't wave back.
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>> the u.s.s. san francisco was in pearl harbor that day but wasn't bombed during the attack. it became one of the most decorated battleships of world war ii. the u.s. department of vern affairs reports up to 20% of veterans have post-traumatic stress disorder. it can be difficult to seek help. weijia jang reports on how veterans are finding comfort with horse therapy reporter: kevin did not expect to find healing on this rural virginia farm. >> something peaceful about being around the horses. it's just really relaxing. >> reporter: the retired marine suffers from ptsd and says this former racehorse clayton is helping him cope. he was diagnosed after serving tours in iraq and afghanistan. >> i just had a shorter temper. but as a sergeant in the marines it's the expectation you're doing your job well when you're on the edge. the problem was carrying that home. >> we came over to him. >> reporter: susie leads this equine assisted therapy
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program. she says veterans learn how to handle stress and begin to feel at peace through walking and grooming the animals. >> when you have traumas, you have to put up defenses and find a way to deal. it's not always helpful. you think it is but it's not. the horses offer an opportunity to let down your defenses. >> reporter: one things they don't do is ride them. >> we're about relationship, companionship, partnership and connection. not about control. >> reporter: when army reservist mike king returned from iraq, he struggled with alcohol abuse and anxiety. he says spending time with horses is calming. >> you guys start to feed off each other and the energies inter 2009 and that's when twine that's when it starts. >> reporter: they feel they are moving in the right direction. weijia jang, virginia. >> in addition to bonding, the retreat offers free stress recovery programs for veterans
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and families. it is 4:56 right now. a shootout leaves two dead and others injured. hear from a woman who escaped the flying bullets. morning. it's >> reporter: and happy memorial day. there are a full day of events here across the bay area. we'll have a wrap coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's get a look at weatherd tr good morning. it's monday, may 30. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's look outside right now. it's a beautiful morning. it's sports center. not espn. we are talking about the sports mecca of the bay area. game 7 for the warriors and game 1 of the stanley cup finals. >> we have a big problem.
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are you going to the warriors game? you know i have been a sharks ticketholder for 25 years. it's a good problem to have. >> you'll be on your phone watching the warriors, right? >> just checking the scores. just checking the scores. >> i'm sure you're not going to be alone doing that. >> be at the game today at oracle at 5:30. they start to play at 6:00. they want everybody in their seats. we have to scream very loud. it has to be "roar-acle." game 7. plus it is memorial day. with memorial day a lot of ceremonies going on in and around the bay area. a lot of observations and observances for this very special day dad was in the air force mom was in the marines a very special day for those who have fallen fighting for our freedom. 49 in santa rosa right now. 55 in livermore. 60 in oakland. light winds except in san jose at 9. upstream we go towards the delta winds blowing to 17. the winds will rotate to the west 10 to 20 later today. so we'll see a bit of a sea breeze temperatures in the


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