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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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griego. and i'm kenny choi. it s a m day for bay area spo good morning, everyone. it's monday, may 30. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it is a dream day for bay area sports fans. the warriors look to keep their season alive while the sharks enter uncharted waters in the stanley cup finals. >> kpix 5 reporter jackie ward joins us live from oracle arena where you will need earplugs tonight. >> reporter: what are you talking about? it's not this quiet every time? it gets louder? yeah, i have been watching the games, don't worry about it. man, there is no place like home when it comes to the warriors winning at oracle arena. so let's just hope that that streak keeps on coming. good vibes all stays with us. as we know to get a seat inside this place costs a peretti
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penny. some courtside seats going for upwards of $30,000. nose bleed seats will be $400 per seat. it's a big chunk of change no matter what seat you get. but to see the warriors play in person at this point in the season, it's so worth it for faithful members of "dub nation." >> it's play-offs. >> so you don't mind spending money to watch them play. warriors play-offs absolutely. >> reporter: will direct you to tickets. the cheapest went for $384 that i saw. so just to give you some perspective if you are thinking of coming to the game today. i know a lot of people have the day off. kind of a perfect situation. up next, we'll talk to about the business owners who are also cashing in on the warriors victories. jackie ward, kpix 5. from the court to the ice tonight the sharks will make sillicon valley sports history, as well.
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>> it is san jose's first-ever game in the stanley cup finals. the sharks are playing the penguins in pittsburgh for game one. fans have been buying sharks merchandise. the puck drops at 5 p.m. pacific time in downtown san jose. a rally to celebrate begins at 2 p.m. at plaza de cesar chavez. and s.a.p. center will be open for a viewing party. between tasty hamburgers and netflix marathons it's easy to forget memorial day is about honoring fallen veterans. kiet do has the full scoop on what we can do around the bay area to keep military men and women in mind today. reporter: good morning. you may what be the to consider stopping by one of the -- you may want to consider stopping by one of the many bay area events meant to honor our member and women in the service. there are many places to go in the bay area to show your appreciation today as you mentioned here in oak hill cemetery in san jose head to the veterans section for an event that's happening just before lunchtime. in lafayette, there's a special memorial day vigil happening at the crosses of lafayette. participants will be speaking about the ongoing wars across
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the world there. in hayward, today's the last day to see a traveling memorial wall. the wall honors service members who died in the gulf wars and afghanistan and one of the noted speakers with pearl harbor survivors and a flyin. at the presidio in san francisco, will be the bay area's largest event memorial services including a marching band and a 21-gun salute. a wreath-laying ceremony and fly over by the coast guard. more than 2500 people expected to attend in that event. so here's a full wrap-up. 10:30 a.m. events at the presidio, also at 10:30 a.m. ceremonies at the tribute wall in hayward. 11 a.m. the veterans section of oak hill cemetery in san jose. and 1 p.m. there will be a ceremony at the hayward 9/11 memorial. the last event of the day is a vigil at the crosses of lafayette. that's happening at 7 p.m. tonight. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5.
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>> kiet, are there any early- morning events? >> reporter: yeah. there's a pancake breakfast at south san francisco. and it will be at the fire station number 61 on canal street. that's happening at 7:30 a.m. today. >> thank you, kiet. let's get a check on the roads and see what it's looking like. it's a holiday so not a lot of cars on the road. bart service begins at 8 a.m. it's on a sunday schedule today. keep in mind, san leandro to bay fair is closed. they will have a bus bridge until 3:00 this afternoon. caltrain and muni metro also on sunday schedules. mass transit might be a good idea later today. of course we have the a's hosting the twins at 1:05 at the coliseum and that game let's out warriors fans will be coming in into oracle arena as the warriors have game seven against the oklahoma city thunder at 6 p.m. it's hard to see out there. >> we have a lot of low clouds
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and a lot of fog lining the coast into the bay this morning. also at sfo where we are anticipating the possibility of airport delays. it is not foggy inland. at 10:30 this morning we have a concert. it's called the pleasanton memorial community concert. it will be taking place at the pleasanton senior center which is directly across the street from pioneer cemetery where we honor our local veterans. it will be sunny and already warm at 70 at 10:30. we anticipate that concert to continue until 12:30. it's a beautiful ceremony. and i hope to see you there. sfo, you can see that the cloud are lowering this morning and that's when we get delays on some arriving flights. we'll kind posted on that. so far sfo has not checked in with us. they generally do after 6:00 in the morning. meanwhile, temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. pretty uniform along the coast right now. we have that blanket of low clouds and fog hanging tight to the san mateo coast.
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we'll see some burnoff there today. you will have to hang out and wait and the temperatures will be adversely affected due to the clouds. 60s at the shores, 70s at the peninsula, 75 pleasanton. you want 80s, head to santa rosa. concord, clayton and walnut creek 80s. 90s head inland towards brentwood, tracy, oakley and discovery bay. we'll see temperatures there in the low 90s. we'll see a west-southwest breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour. oakland a's have a daytime baseball game today. we'll have that forecast coming up a little later at 18 minutes after the hour. >> thank you. investigators in marin county say that a third suspect is now in custody related to a shooting and stabbing that left a high school student dead. 20-year-old elmer machado rivera is held without bail accused of being an accessory. two students from novato high school were attacked wednesday. one of the victims died and the other was wounded. two juvenile suspects also students at novato high school were arrested on the thursday.
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investigators are still looking for one more juvenile suspect. the motive for the attack is still unclear. on to the race for the white house, democratic candidate bernie sanders is campaigning in northern california this week. today he is set to appear in oakland at noon to allen temple. that will be followed by a 2 p.m. rally in front of city hall. tomorrow senator sanders has stops in emeryville, santa cruz and monterey. wednesday he is scheduled to appear in palo alto. donald trump wind to washington, dc for memorial day weekend. he appeared before thousands of motorcyclists during the rolling thunder rally to honor the nation's military vets. trump voiced his frustration over the level of care that the government provides for illegal immigrants. he says those resources are being taken away from veterans. >> but we have to take care of our vets and in many cases, illegal immigrants are taking much care, really, are taking
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much better -- taken much better care by this country taken care of than our veterans and that's not going to happen! okay? it's not going to happen! we're not going to allow that to happen any longer. >> trump has maintained a loyal following of motorcycle supporters throughout his campaign. today crews will repair a four foot sinkhole. the public utilities commission is trying to figure out how it happened. bay bridge bike riders your time has come. the hours for bike riders are longer. bridge officials extended the hours along the new bike path from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. the new hours began saturday and will be in effect until labor day weekend. time now 6:08. the cincinnati zoo is defending its decision to kill an endangered gorilla after a 4- year-old fell into its enclosure. why zoo officials say tranquilizers were not an option. >> starting today, star gazers
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will get a rare look at our closest neighbor. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody, on this memorial day, we have lots of activities going on. we have that forecast. plus, wait until you see when we hit triple digits. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ golden gate is quiet. clouds are lowering. clouds will affect the coastal temperatures today. we have the beach forecast and the inland highs that's all coming up in less than 4 minutes. a bay area rescue team jumped into action to save a pair of teenagers after their car veered off a cliff in the oakland hills yesterday at fish ranch road near the siesta
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valley recreation area. the caroled over several times before landing on its roof at the bottom of a ravine. rescuers carried the passenger up a steep hillside. the car rolled over several time before landing on the roof. the driver was taken to the hospital. both people in the car will survive. mexican security forces rescued a soccer car kidnapped add gunpoint. he was abducted saturday night. it's a hotbed of drug cartel activity. it's unclear if that's why pulido was taken. the 25-year-old plays professionally in greece. he is part of mexico's 2014 world cup team. he was taken as he was leaving a party this morning near his hometown. doctors are now evaluating him to make sure that he is okay. today in southern california, authorities may re- open a beach where a woman was attacked by a great white shark. she was swimming off the coast of corona del mar yesterday when the shark bit her torso and shoulder. a rescue boat reached the woman
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soon after the encounter. clues closed two miles of the beach. at cincinnati zoo a little boy's eagerness to jump into an enclosure was tragic for a gorilla minding his business. brian webb reports. >> reporter: the little boy is barely visible under harambe the gorilla 15 feet below his mother. for a moment it seems like harambe is protecting him until -- >> oh!! [ screaming ] >> reporter: kim o'connor shot the video and was near the boy and his mother before hearing a splash in the moat. >> the little boy, i'm going to go in. no, you're not. i'm going to go in. no, you're not. the mother turns around to her other children. >> reporter: the 4-year-old boy climbed through a barrier and dropped into the exhibit. two females responded to a command by zoo trainers to leave but the 400-pound harambe did not. o'connor says he ran out of his
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cave toward the boy, dragged him through the moat twice, and then up a concrete section of the exhibit. >> when he scaled him up, his head banging against the wall as he is climbing up. and so that's the part that people didn't see. >> reporter: after 10 minutes, zoo employees shot and killed the 17-year-old gorilla, fearing a tranquilizer might further agitate him. >> it seems very much by our professional team our dangerous animal response team to be a life-threatening situation. and so the choice is made, um, to put down or shoot harambe. >> reporter: in a statement, the family said, we extend our heartfelt thanks for the quick action by the cincinnati zoo staff. we know that this was a very difficult decision for them. and that they are grieving the loss of their gorilla. doctors at a cincinnati hospital treated and released the boy just hours after the incident. brian webb for cbs news, new york. >> the zoo is reviewing
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security around the enclosure. cincinnati police don't plan to charge the mother. well, space enthusiasts get your telescopes out today. today the planet mars is making its nearest approach to earth in 11 years. we say nearest because it's actually still 46.8 million miles away. mars will cruise by at around 5:34 this evening. viewing the red planet from a planetarium is an option. if you missed it, don't stress out. you can get a good view for the next two weeks. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge right now. it looks like mars. no one is there! no one is on the roads this morning. you can see in both directions. but there is some fog there. so you certainly want to keep that in mind if you head into san francisco from the north bay. also, the san mateo bridge in both directions you can see is pretty clear. 880 to u.s. 101, 13 minutes.
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>> no school and no work today so not a lot of people on the road. but roberta is working today. >> you're doing traffic because there's no way i would have been able to read those times at all. i would have just been guessing. [ laughter ] >> let's go with that. >> let's look at the traffic at 6:17 this morning. what i'm looking at are the towers they stand about 747 feet tall. if you are expecting anybody in from around the country or even vegas, typically a delayed flight coming into sfo. you may want to call ahead.
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again, we have fog, we have a little bit of a wind right now. the flag is relatively flat over there. temperatures 47 degrees in santa rosa to 54 in livermore. san francisco at 53. mid-50s in redwood city. we have the low clouds and fog right now. 7-mile-per-hour winds at sfo. pretty calm in pleasanton but we we head upstream fairfield at 14, winds will fluctuate from the southwest to west 10 to 20 miles per hour during the afternoon hours. we are socked in with a deck of low clouds and fog, marine layer roughly about 1500 feet deep at the coast. going to take a while to see clearing at the coast but we'll have partial sunshine but the temperatures will be adversely affected only in the 60s. 60s at the beach. high pressure is building in, warmer temperatures inland into the 90s. i just revised these temperatures because the latest computer model suggests nearly 100 in sacramento today. a thunderstorm possible in the greater lake tahoe area. coast partial clearing 65 month
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month. ukiah 95. triple digits in redding. refreshing temperatures at the beaches. much warmer inland. capitola 70. a string of 90s through thursday. we bump up the temperatures to 90s on friday, triple digits on saturday. we have the sharks playing host to the penguins on saturday. you will want to have some ice and head to the shark tank. it's the triple digits. and sunday a modest cooldown. we have a baseball game today. the oakland a's are playing host to the minnesota twins. we have graveman on the mound for the good guys. clear skies 72 degrees a bit of
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a breeze will be welcome in the sun. for the first 15,000 people who do arrive, a's pet bowl. that's a little bowl for your doggie. we like to use it as a cereal bowl. go a's! speaking of sports -- hey, good morning, everybody. i have never been told a man of few words. i'm going to need several to get through a sports minute in just a bit. like victory tasting sweet for one particular local long shot who made good on a big stage. ,,
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good morning, everybody! this could be the greatest day in bay area play-off history. sharks open up stanley cup finals play at 5:00. warriors and the thunder game 7 at 6:00. i do have video entertainment from yesterday though.
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i have a local 66-1 shot make great. it happened here at the indy 500. over 350,000. that's carlos nunez with the lead. ran out of gas. it opened the door for this fella a rookie auburn native alexander rossi took the lead for good. on his first try he won it on fumes. he became the ninth rookie to win indy. first since 2001. alexander ross sir, a norcal kid. sharks and warriors fans, back to giants in denver yesterday. top 8 against the rockies. hunter pence had a day, three doubles. the team had eight of them in an 8-3 win. giants 15-2 in the last 17 games at atlanta later on. a's starter rich hill picked up win number 8 yesterday against detroit. he left with a groin injury. here's the key play yesterday. 2-1, 6th inning, here's the bloop. not gloved. a's took the lead ove detroit, won 4-2. back-to-back wins for the a's, who host the twins at 1:00 today.
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that's sports at this hour. time to rise up, "dub nation," and the sharks fans, you know who you are, you've waited 25 years for this day. see you later. >> play of the day. meanwhile, from the world of pro golf, jordan spieth looking good in his home state of texas. and deluca invitational." >> perfect! perfect! [ applause and cheers ] >> yeah. perfect indeed. spieth won the invitational golf game . rivers in texas are rising toward historic levels. we'll have more on the deadly floods hitting the central u.s. >> reporter: and there are many events honoring our vets today on this memorial day after the break we'll detail them for you in a full wrap coming up. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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through the bay area. and bart is scrambling to finish up some track work in time for tonight's warriorse a tragic end to the search for a father and daughter last seen on a drive-through the bay area. >> bart scramble to finish up track work for tonight's warriors game and the evening commute. >> it's going to be warm today but wait until you see when we hit triple digits. >> good morning. it's monday, may 30. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:29. warriors fans have to be feeling pretty good about momentum going into this evening's game 7 of the nba play-off series. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us
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live from oakland where the deciding game 7 will take place tonight. jackie. >> reporter: oh, i just got goosebumps when you said that! you know, game 7 it's not a place that a lot of people would make it to after this year's start. just can't wait. counting down the hours. you know who else is excited that the warriors season just won't end is best owners. any sports-relate business loves the fact that the fans keep spending money. a lot of restaurants and bars like owe sullivans in newark are packed. this place gets decked out font play-off season and draws a big crowd for the game. they even have a warriors martini. we caught up with the owner of o'sullivan's expecting hundreds of people in his place tonight for game 7. >> everybody wants to see the game. >> the more the warriors win, the more you win as far as business, right? >> absolutely. the warriors have brought us a ton of business. >> reporter: high ticket prices
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keep some fans from coming here oracle. danny says he partially credits the high cost of seats for this recent boom in business. game time is at 6:00 tonight. doors open at 4:00. warriors are encouraging the fans to get here early so they can start having fun right away. from oracle arena, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> what's the latest on ticket prices? not that michelle and i really care because we'll be watching from home. what's the latest on the prices in the resale market? >> reporter: yeah. i have a nice seat reserved on my in-law's couch to be honest with you because ticket prices $400 for the nosebleeds up to $30,000 for courtside seats. so maybe roberta has a connection. maybe roberta can get me one of those courtside seats. that's my best guess. >> exactly. i have been asking her, does it make me the plus one? but she won't. >> we haven't gotten any invitations yet. >> hopefully.
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>> i'll get mine. >> all right. thank you, jackie. ahead of a make-or-break game 7, warriors fans don't have to worry about bart. the agency is putting the route between san leandro and bay fair stations back in business at 3 p.m. instead of tuesday morning. but until the clock strikes 3:00, riders will have to make due with bus bridges in the area. it's the fifth and final time crews are replacing wornout tracks to make the ride safer and quieter. sharks in pittsburgh for game one in the stanley cup finals tonight. there's a friendly wager between santa clara supervisor dave cortese and allegany county pennsylvania executive rich fitzgerald. both are collecting donations for programs for the boys & girls club for areas. donations will be delivered by
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them wearing the jersey of the winning team. you can contribute to the county government center in san jose starting tomorrow and continuing through the series. more thunderstorms could hit southeast texas today. an area already dealing with devastating floods. six people are confirmed dead in texas from the severe weather. some rivers in the houston area are approaching historic levels submerging cars and stranding drivers. one man died 21-year-old darren mitchell posted a picture on facebook from inside his truck. the caption reads, all i wanted to do was go home. one witness saw mitchell struggling. >> he got back out the bed of the truck, he got on top of his truck. then all of a sudden he got back in his truck and like maybe -- just 15 minutes after he was in his truck, it just flipped and went into the water. [ crying ] >> all that rain has led to numerous evacuations around southeast texas including two prisons. along the east tropical
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depression bonnie brought rough seas to the carolinas causing inland flooding causing parts of i-95 to be shut down. it will now move to the northeast today. the heat is on and you can bet the beaches in santa cruz will be crowded. the folks from save our shores watch beach-goers to pick up trash. they are handing out trash bags to help. tomorrow morning volunteers will be combing the sand for garbage. everyone is welcome to help clean the beach. a lot of palm beach will be heading to the beach with these high temperatures. >> but the beaches, they aren't going to be warm. it's going to be refreshing 60s and approaching near 70 degrees. when you want to escape the heat inland you'll take the beaches. wait until you see the weekend forecast. we are talking about triple digits. not so much today.
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but head to the beach. we'll see sunshine today. we are stuck right now in overcast conditions. we have memorial community concert going on inland at 10:30 a.m. it's going to be 70 some of the while your high at 70 in capitola, at 10:30 this morning in pleasanton for memorial concert there, 70 interesting there. coast socked in at this hour. even some condensation on the camera lens this morning outside the cliff house. temperatures into the 50s. it's 48 in santa rosa. here's how i'm playing your numbers today. 60 pacifica. 67 degrees in san francisco. about 3 degrees above average. across the bay we'll have sunshine low 70s through emeryville. 70s and 80s on the peninsula. low to mid-80s across the car will santa clara. 90s east bay. 80 santa rosa. southwest and west winds 10 to
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20 miles per hour. full forecast featuring triple digits still coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. >> triple digits, that's hot, roberta. all right. thank you so much. take a look at this. the richmond/san rafael bridge -- a few cars. girl. inson police are scaling back the search for a missing vallejo girl. the search for pearl pinson shifted to the town of jenner in sonoma county over the weekend. teams scanned the area from the air and on the ground but didn't find any leads. police shot and killed pearl's alleged kidnapper on the thursday in the santa barbara
6:37 am
county town of solvang. that's 300 miles south of where pearl was kidnapped. a heartbreaking end to the search for a missing father and daughter last seen in the bay area. a boater spotted the body of a small child in the water yesterday in walnut grove about 30 minutes south of sacramento. it's believed to be 1-year-old kaylee jackson found a quarter mile from where her father's body was found saturday night. the father and daughter were last seen here in antioch. investigators say there was no sign of foul play. between cold beers and great burgers it is easy to forget the meaning of memorial day. bay area reports about the true meaning of memorial day weekend. >> reporter: wherever you live in the bay area there's very likely an event in your neighborhood a short drive away. here in the south bay there's a very large event with a couple of hundred people expected at oak hill cemetery in san jose happening just before lunchtime today. in lafayette, there's a special memorial day vigil happening at the crosses of lafayette.
6:38 am
various peace and justice groups will be there playing music and reading poetry. in hayward, today's the last day to see a traveling memorial wall. it features a goldstar for the dead in gulf war an afghanistan. one of the speakers will be a pearl harbor survivor. at the presidio in san francisco, will be the bay area's largest event memorial services including a marching band and a 21-gun salute. a wreath-laying ceremony and a flyover by the u.s. coast guard. the boy scouts will be placing 2,000 roses on the graves of the service members. organizers say it's an important way for scouts and every in several ways. >> number one, we need to remember the veterans that served this country. that's number one of the and number two, it's part of the requirement to practice your citizenship for both cub scouts, girl scouts and boy scouts. >> reporter: here's full wrap- up. events at the presidio, also at 10:30 a.m. ceremonies at the tribute wall in hayward. 11 a.m. the veterans section of oak hill cemetery in san jose. and 1 p.m. there will be a ceremony at the hayward 9/11 memorial. the last event of the day is a vigil at the crosses of lafayette. that's happening at 7 p.m. tonight.
6:39 am
live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> kiet, is this a special time for the buffalo soldiers? >> reporter: yeah. this is the 150th anniversary of the buffalo soldiers. 400 of them in fact are buried at the national cemetery in san francisco and there will be a special mention of them at the presidio later today. back to you. >> thank you. time now 6:39. a puppy is seriously hurt when a highly aggressive swarm of bees attacks. how a neighbor finally got her to safety. >> and the california primaries are just over a week away. how a group of state superdelegates could end up deciding the democratic nominee. ,,
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monday, memorial day, time check 6:42. we are going to take you for a ride today around the bay area. take a look at some of the temperatures you can anticipate. temperatures will be topping off in the 80s and 90s away from the bay today. upper 80s also around the delta. we are talking about byron, tracy, oakley and brentwood, discovery bay, as well. the full forecast in less than 4 minutes. a 7 month old puppy in southern california is recovering after a painful experience. aggressive bees stung this puppy named eli more than 100 times on friday in the town of la habra heights. he was getting stung himself when he tried to save her. >> they kept attacking when i was down the street. >> a neighbor eventually used a makeshift beekeeping suit to get ellie out of danger. with election day around the corner, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are focused on california. >> kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen is here to explain why our state means so much for the democratic nomination. >> that's right!
6:44 am
we're front and center. but first, happy memorial day. i'm so glad we're reporting on that uss san francisco ceremony. i have been a couple of times. it's fantastic. fun fact, the u.s.s. san francisco's often referred to as the fighting frisco. it's the one time you're allowed to shorten san francisco to frisco. to understand why california is important for democrats, you have to think of politics like high school which i'm sure many of you do. it shouldn't be too hard. [ chuckling ] california's election is the homecoming football game. and each candidate thinks that winning that big game is going to get the superdelegates to elect them and invite them to the cool kids table. by cool kids table i mean a major party nomination to be the leader of the world. but before we go furthers for democrats there are two kinds of delegates and pledged delegates. pledged must vote based on the
6:45 am
election results. california has 475 of the 4,000 nationwide. then superdelegates 700 nationwide and at the party conventions, superdelegates can vote for anyone. they can do whatever they want. and this brings us back to the big game here in california. at this point, neither clinton nor sanders can realistically win the nomination with only pledged delegate. just aren't enough left. so whoever wins the democratic nomination has to rely on superdelegates to get across that finish line. now, more than 500 superdelegates have already declared their support for clinton. but that's not set in stone. they could change their minds. by winning california by scoring the big touchdown, sanders is hoping he can say, look, i have the mandate of the huge liberal state. you superdelegates need to change your mind and vote for me. and that's why he is here pulling out all the stops in
6:46 am
california. >> so you mentioned, melissa, superdelegates. are we talking about members of congress? who are they? >> that's right. one is democrat party officials so sort of the head of california democratic party, for example, and the others are members of congress and the senate. so california has a total of 73 superdelegates. they include senators barbara boxer, dianne feinstein, plus all the democratic members of congress. which means all the bay area members of congress. if you are watching this newscast, your member of congress is probably a superdelegate at the democratic convention. [ laughter ] >> and all of them have pledged their support for hillary clinton -- except barbara lee in the east bay and san francisco's own nancy pelosi. like i said before, those superdelegates can change their minds. the sanders people are already hard at work trying to make it happen. >> what does all this mean for hillary clinton? >> right. so she's got to be on defense.
6:47 am
effectively, she is already at the cool kids table but wants to win california to stay there. a recent poll by the public policy institute of california says she is only a few percentage points ahead of sanders and is working hard to win here. sanders is in oakland today and clinton in san francisco this week for a fundraiser as well as all fun to be in the california limelight. >> a fight to the finish between clinton and sanders. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. all right. san leandro to bay fair is on a bus bridge until 3 p.m. caltrain and muni on a sunday schedule. traffic is going to be a little bit of a bear around game time. oakland a's are hosting the minnesota twins at 1:05. then when that game lets out,
6:48 am
the warriors are hosting oklahoma city thunder at 6 p.m. game 7. >> game 7! >> oh, yeah. no, we don't like okc. we are going for the warriors. >> i was just saying -- >> come on, kenny. >> of course the warriors. but i'm just say okc short for oklahoma city. >> so we are talking about the a's. >> i'm not rooting for oklahoma city. let's make that clear. >> we know. >> warriors. "dub nation." >> and sharks. >> we got the a's, warriors, now we got the sharks. san jose sharks viewing party game one of the stanley cup final at 5 p.m. that was close, roberta. >> i just say that he is so ready for a beat-down. [ laughter ] >> i just -- >> hey. >> i think we'll do -- >> officially i'm rooting for the warriors. big doings around the bay area today. lots of wonderful ceremonies including this one. it's a fabulous beautiful ceremony the memorial community concert held at the pleasanton
6:49 am
senior center and it's directly across from pioneer cemetery which does honor all of our local veterans there within the pleasanton area. it will be sunny and warm at 10:30 when this does take place at 70 degrees. it continues until 12:30 so the temperature will climb. a daytime high in pleasanton of 91 degrees. meanwhile, our weather watcher to the north of the bay area, linda is saying in napa right now, a grayish veil of fog and clouds has moved in and this is our live weather camera, it does suggest that we do have the overcast conditions along the bay and the coast. inland clear skies. marin headlands, this view is from sutro tower. the tower is 977 feet tall. so we are looking down at that veil of clouds that continues to surge onshore. temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now. we do have the winds at 8 in san jose. the wind have been picking up towards the delta and also fairfield at 14.
6:50 am
clouds stacked up around the san mateo coast. it's thicker this morning than 24 hours ago roughly about 1500 feet deep going to take a while to see some burnoff today but high pressure is the key component. this is a summertime weather pattern. we have the heat inland, refreshing temperatures along the coast. 65 at the beaches. thunderstorms in the high sierra this afternoon. nearly 100 in redding. 95 ukiah. 97 fresno. sunshine at the beaches at 70 in capitola. our numbers if you like 60s head to the coast. 70s around the bay and peninsula. 80s santa rosa to the north. san jose to the south. 90s inland. hopefully you have a friend who has a boat. a string of temperatures into the 90s each day. then bump up that temperature
6:51 am
to the triple digits on the weekend. t a's pet bowl day you get a pet bowl. have a great day. things should be back on track today at new york's jfk airport. a computer problem last night forced some travelers to wait upwards of five hours to get on their flights. [ pause ] >> yesterday, a server went down in the terminal operated by british airways that forced all passengers to check in manually. at one point, the check-in line was more than 1,000 people. millions of people will travel by plane for the holiday weekend. a third person is now in custody after a deadly attack on two bay area high school students. >> reporter: this is game 7 of
6:52 am
the western conference finals. we wouldn't want it anywhere but right here in oracle arena. we'll tell you how much it will cost right after the break. ,,,,,, sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you ,,,,,, the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ across the country today -- americans are honoring the de five things to know at the :55. across the country today americans are honoring the servicemen and -women who made the ultimate sacrifice. in just about an hour, president obama will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetery. more severe weather could hit the central u.s. today. forecasters are calling for thunderstorms with damaging winds and possible tornadoes. at least 6 people died in floods in texas over the weekend and along the east coast tropical depression bonnie is bringing heavy rain to coastal communities. >> police are trying to determine a motive of a
6:56 am
shooting in houston where a man opened fire. two people were killed including the suspect. police have made a third arrest in an attack that killed a novato high school high school student. 30-year-old elmer rivera is charged with conspiracy after the fact. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders returns to the bay area today. the vermont senator will visit allen temple baptist church in oakland around noon followed by a rally in front of city hall at 2 p.m. the california primary is a week from tomorrow. i'm jackie ward inside oracle arena in oakland where game 7 we are less than 12 hours away now from tip-off. the warriors have rewarded the hometown crowd all season long. let's keep it going tonight. once again the warriors are in a do or die situation and there's no place like home when it comes to winning. as we know to get a seat inside this place costs a pretty penny. some courtside seats are going for upwards of $30,000.
6:57 am
>> play-off so it's going to happen. >> so you're okay spending hundreds of dollars if you need to on a game? >> to watch the warriors play, absolutely. >> reporter: is still the most trusted source for tickets that the warriors tell to you go on. i went there this morning. lots of tickets still available. the cheapest was for $384. tip-off once again at 6:00. doors open at 4:00. get here early. from oracle arena, jackie ward, kpix 5. that's good advice, jackie. thanks so much. taking a look out at the east bay now, you can see that the altamont pass is looking good. 14-minute commute. "holiday light." the bay bridge toll plaza is usually backed up about now. but it's clear. san mateo bridge, clear both sides. going bridge we haven't seen too many cars on the road this morning golden gate either but
6:58 am
we can't see the top of the bridge. >> that stands 747 feet tall. i went throughout with a ruler. a measuring stick. >> and the main suspension 4200 feet. >> and the clouds aren't down there yet. if it was, there would be airport delays. right now we have a low receiving. we an tis delays on some arriving flights -- we anticipate delays on some arriving flights. we'll keep you updated as the morning progresses. clear inland. very summer-like. 40s and 50s stepping out. today a picnic at the beach will be the 60s. you have plans around the bay it will be the 70s. if you are heading to san jose for the viewing party at 5:00 in the 80s. and if you are lucky enough to have a friend with a boat at discovery bay, in the low 90s! we can't do the boat today. we are doing the warriors game. >> can i go out on it? >> yeah. >> michelle and i will take it. temperatures in the triple digits by saturday. meanwhile, we do have a wonderful concert today in pleasanton, 70 degrees at 10:30
6:59 am
a.m., going up to a high in pleasanton today at 91 degrees. but this is a wonderful memorial community concert directly across the street from pioneer cemetery. >> all right, roberta. thank you. stanley cup finals game one this evening? >> the sharks and penguins in his buying at 5:00. if you can't go to pennsylvania, there are a couple of big events in san jose today. s.a.p. center will be open for a viewing party and at 2 p.m. a rally celebrate the sharks will take place at plaza de cesar chavez. all right? so big day in sports. and earlier i mentioned okc. i was going to say something else following that but you guys jumped in. >> i know. >> i was going to say something else but i decided not to do it. it's a family show. >> definitely rooting for the warriors. let' just clarify that. >> going to the warriors game it's a problem because the sharks are playing and they want to watch that. it's a nice problem to have. >> very nice problem. >> go sharks, go warriors, go
7:00 am
a's! >> go everyone in the bay area! captions by: caption colorado captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, may 30th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." severe storms sparked deadly flooding in texas, and tropical weather soaks millions on this memorial day. donald trump rallies with bikers on the national mall. he promises new answers this week on the money he pledged to give veterans. a zoo defends its decision to kill an endangered gorilla to save a 4-year-old boy. animal expert jack hanna will join us. a look at today's "eye opener: your world in 90 seconds." oh! oh! >> i've beener


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