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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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pieces of the old bay bridge. good evening i'm alyssa cook. >> i'm allen martin. they showed up hours at a time and the line stretched for blocks. a bernie sanders rally in oakland has drawn thousands of supporters including a pair of protestors. juliette goodrich at the rally. >> reporter: we are here at the chavez plaza and bernie sanders is talking to supporters and sanders is pulling out all of the stops through the bay and specifically oakland. hundreds of people in long lines to hear him. as you said there was a brief incident during sanders' stage. a protester was disrupting his speech and secret service agents talked and animal rights activists started to take credit for this one protester but that woman was quickly detained and overall the bernie sanders crowd started to boo her.
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they didn't want to see that disruption. overall a pretty peaceful energetic crowd. a crowd filled with a lot of young voters concerned about their future. let's hear from them. i have heard his views. i'm a student at san jose state and the tuition is insane. >> concerned about climate change and incoming equality. i think we need a change in this country and bernie sanders is an honest politician that has been saying the same thing and people are ready for that change. bernie sanders still addressing the crowd here. everyone with their sanders sign and saying a future to believe in. earlier i had the sit down one- on-one and interview sanders and here is what he had to say. >> i'm juliet goodrich how are you. >> the one request to be outside in the sun. >> we are doing a grassroots kind of face to face campaign. >> reporter: the bay area took center stage for sanders on
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this memorial day with several stops through the area. >> a crowd of young supporters lined up outside the allen baptist church to see sanders. i asked him why he has struck such a cord with the younger generation. >> they recognize that they are facing very serious economic problems. i mean i have talked to i can't tell you how many young people that graduate college and they are 30, 50, $70,000 in debt and they are paying off that debt for decades and hard to find decent paying jobs. they are responding to our message to create an economy that work for all of us and not just the one percent. and on this memorial day sanders a veteran's advocate says sits is time to protect the veterans. after all they protected us. >> i want to make certain that no veteran in this country is sleeping on the street. i want to make sure that veterans get the benefits that they earned in a timely manner. >> reporter: a topic not talked
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about in this campaign, california's drought. and future solutions. >> we are still in a significant water crisis. and no one has addressed that. >> because it is a complicated and difficult issue. number one, it goes without saying that given the crisis of today, we need better cooperation for the state and federal and local government to make sure we manage the water. and let's listen to bernie sanders briefly here live in oakland. >> not quite as smart as donald trump. i got that. everybody knows that donald trump after years of intensive stories i have concluded that there is tho drought in california. >> after speaking with bernie sanders in oakland. he came out here to address the job and fairly supportive and energetic. topics about the environment and health care and education
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and about donald trump. and that's the spirit in oakland. i'm juliet goodrich. >> a live event. we can't control the signs that people hol up. bernie sanders in monterey and then palo alto. melissa kain joins us, let's talk about the unconventional strategy. outcampaigning onmem and all over the map in california that candidates don't usually go, lancaster and other places and how does this help? >> there is two reasons he is out there. we might regard as far places. the first within they love him there. a lot of fans there and some of the folks in those places have been hard hit by the economic crisis and that's reflected in the campaign contributions that he has received from a number of these places and the second reason the way democrats award delegates in california, all but one congressional district
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awards either five all the way up to 8 delegates. let's say you go to a district that there is not that many delegates, you will get the minimum five delegates in that region. it is efficient to go out and find places where he can get the delegates. that is why he is all over the place. >> super delegates hillary clinton has it locked in but bernie sanders says they should be able to change their vote. let's listen to what he has to say about that. >> our job is to convince super delegates of one factor, the most responsible thing is to make sure the democratic party has the strongest candidate possible to defeat donald trump and make sure that man doesn't become president of the united states of america which in my view would be a disaster. >> is it going to convince them to change? >> it would be a heavy lift.
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even if he were able to convince 100 super delegates to change he would need to change more than that. it would be a really difficult thing for him to do. and for two reasons, number one, remember the super delegates are made up of two buckets. party officials and his campaign has made no secret of the fact that they think the party officials are crooked and the system is rigged and maybe not a lot of love lost between his campaign and the democratic party officials that he would need. the second reason of course is that the other bucket is elected democratic officials. now those folks have been under a lot of pressure from some bernie sanders supporters that have gone after them on facebook and being hostile and trying to convince them to change their affiliation, not clear that any of that will add up to again the major shift of delegates to bernie sanders and
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a lot of people in the democratic party thinks that bernie sanders has not been subject to the same scrutiny that clinton and that is why he is matching up better than trump because he has not dealt with the negativity. >> we will see what happens. >> that's true. >> speaking of hillary clinton, her campaign says she will be back in california starting thursday for several stops before the california primary. it also says she will be back in the bay area but it is not saying when or where. clinton spent memorial day marching in her parade in her neighborhood. and she was joined by her husband and andrew cuomo. firefighters battling a fire that broke out after four. highway 16 is closed as crews try to put out these flames. that fire has burned several nearby parked cars but you can see that barn is all but destroyed. no word on cause of the fire.
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the f.b.i. is trying to track down a gun stolen from an agent. swiped from inside a car yesterday at pierce street in san francisco. kpix is where the car break happened. andrea. >> reporter: sources tell kpix that this was not an agent with the san francisco office. rather he was visiting on vacation with his family from another division when the gun was stolen. it all happened quickly. someone broke into the car and swiped the gun and badge. it was not far from the famous tainted ladies. it was a glock 27 not a bureau issued weapon but likely registered as a weapon. former special agent in charge of the san francisco office jeff harp says it is all protocol to have all three items with them at all times but agents are allowed to leave a weapon in the car if they follow specific rules. >> you can do it as long as it
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is in a locked box meaning a safe that is bolted to the car and the car has to be alarmed and there has to be a chain lock on the trunk so you got several different layers of security there. >> now, the car break-in happened in just classic san francisco fashion in broad daylight in a ten minute window. the agent left his car at 12:30 and by 12:40 when he came back. everything was gone. now, harp says the agent likely says discipline action starting with suspension and going possibly to termination. this kind of theft has happened in san francisco. dead consequences. last year a ranger had a weapon stolen and it was used to kill a woman. last year a weapon was used to kill a canadian tourist in
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golden gate park and a yoga instructor therapist in morin county. a big night is in store for bay area sports fans. the sharks are competing for the stanley cup for the first time in 25 years. and the warriors looking to make it to the nba finals for the second year in a row. new at 6:00, kpix mike sugerman has the decision of which game to watch? it could be the biggest night in bay area sports history. stanley cup and winner go home for the warriors for the nba finals. same time, what do you do? >> if they win the stanley cup, that's the ultimate win in hockey. >> so lend shapiro will watch the sharks game in his home surrounded by a bay area hall of hockey fame which he has collected over his 55 years working in and watching bay area hockey. >> 1961 was the first
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professional game the seals against edmonton. i was there and still had the ticket and program. >> every inch of his cramped shrine hockey covered with some sort of memorabilia including pictures of the last hockey championship, 1963 when the seals won. >> will it be more exciting to get the stanley cup? >> yes. it would be amazing. >> it is a different story among the sports fans at mostwood park in oakland. >> sharks tonight or warriors? >> warriors. >> warriors, baby. >> and legendary court, the sharks get frozen out. >> i don't care about hockey. most of my friends play hockey but i will watch the warriors. every time on the ice i get hurt. >> an understanding of sports history in the making but it is somewhere in the back court. >> so i am a bay area fan, not a hockey fan but i am rooting
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for the sharks all the way. >> i just grew up playing basketball and the warriors season, i don't know how the sharks season is but it has been a magical season so i want to watch the warriors. >> magical for the shark. >> i don't know. i can't help you there. >> a magical year for bay area winter sports fans. even as we enter june. right now the sap center is packed with sharks fans on the edge of their seats. the shark tank opened for a viewing party for somehows of fans before the game a large crowd gathered for a sharks rally to celebrate with music and games. chris says he has watched every game for the last 8 years and can't wait to see what happens. >> i am almost on the brink of tears. i couldn't believe it. we come out to watch it. it will be great and awesome. the first game. sharks rally and they will
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continue whether the game wins or loses. >> a couple of fanatics taking their love for the team world wide. how this video is for fans to connect. >> a patch of grass transformed to an emotional tribute for 9/11 victims. seven years in the making. second life for pieces of the old bay bridge. we will find out where the steel is going. a high today at the san francisco zoo was 57 degrees. the high today in lafayette was 93. yep, we are doing microclimate. a 35-degree temperature spread and there's the culprit. the fog is on the way back in. we will talk about the warmest day in the next seven coming up.
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kpix weather sponsored by mancini sleep world. visit a deadly memorial day week on the water. two teens died in the water.
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search and rescue crews were called out at 2:30. ruiz was a senior at pittsburg high school and also a part of the pittsburg police explorer program. a go fund me account has been set up. brandon leonardo also died. and still no signs of two boys, believed to be dead after they went missing at woodford reservoir. the two 15-year-olds were seen jumping off a boat and not wearing life jackets. family members searched for them before calling 911. a search team has been searching for them for the last two days. one water rescue at ocean beach. a 13-year-old girl pulled from the surf. in san jose thousands gathered for a somber memorial
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day ceremony this afternoon. the united veteran's counsel sit held the event at oak hills section. veterans date back to the civil war buried there. for walter davis that did two tours in vietnam and one in korea. a day of reflection. >> many people unfortunately and us and i feel like i owe to it them. >> for people to have a veteran in their life ask them about their service. officials gathered in hayward to dedicate a memorial honoring victims. it means more to the families that have had members die in conflict. we learn how to show our respect. >> i see 9/11 as pearl harbor.
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>> ten tons each of solid black granite. we also have 164 names listed here at hay ward kias from the spanish war to the present. >> it just struck me and i couldn't help it. it was so emotional for me to see michael's name here. >> the ones that died and different return. they are heroes. those of us alive. we are blessed. >> some gave all and all about project for our community and
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god, country and family. >> people say why in hayward and i say why not? i am hoping it will last for centuries. in hay ward, don ford, kpix. the memorial now accepting donations on its website, $100 donations will get you an end graved brick and for $5000 you can sponsor a bench. beach lovers flocked to santa cruz on this memorial day. we learn people enjoying the warm weather and marking the unofficial start of summer. a place where the sun is as much of the fun as the coasters and the corn dogs. but after a disappointing string ...
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the santa cruz boardwalk is looking to bounce back. >> the economy is strong and gas prices are down and that's helpful. our outlook is for very strong summer season. >> heavy traffic shows the season off to a fast start for everyone except the drivers marking it scarce but not the crowd. >> i am with my friend for memorial day and might as well kick it back. >> a badly needed break from school. >> time to relax. >> and for others, quality time with the family. >> we have been working hard at school and it is time to hang out for the weekend. >> as if the sun and the surf and the sand was not enough there is one more reason. >> the iconic roller coaster is said to go faster on warmer days because the track heats up. >> it is at 55 miles per hour. but it can reach speeds as 60 miles per hour if it is warm. >> it may be a good marketing
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tool but these riders are buying it. >> did it go fast? >> yes. it is fast. >> speeding into the summer in santa cruz, kpix. and then go jump in the ocean. perfect. dinner time. that's what we want. it is so sunny and so warm for such a big part of the bay area including santa cruz and then let me show you ocean beach. there is summertime for you. low clouds, drizzle and fog and barely made it to the low 60s. most of you are basking in the sunshine but not all. napa you hit 90s and mountain view, 78 degrees. pacifica 62 and montageo bay 61. big temperature spreads because we have a ridge of high pressure centered offshore.
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if it was way offshore we would have a strong west to east flow. it would be eliminating the flow and we would be all hot and in between is this ridge of high pressure and you are cooler with sunshine. at the beach santa cruz a high of 64 and you get away from the water that ocean influence is not there. thunderstorms from montana to arizona back to texas where they have been dealing with flooding and getting that because of the low pressure area centered over arizona. we will not see that because this ridge is going to hang out for the next week! all the way through saturday. if you have been chilly but sunny at the beach you will stay that way, 60s. if you are in that comfort zone you will stay there and if you have been hot, fairfield, concord and livermore and napa if not hitting the 90s you will be there for the next several days. mid 60s along the coast line and close to 100 degrees
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through thursday inland.ed -- friday will be the hottest day and the coast in the 70s. the bay will make it around 85 degrees and we may see the first triple digits on friday. the onshore flow comes back on sunday and all be cooler and cloudier. pick your climate, you can drive to any temperature in an hour. >> and it is $30 a gallon. >> apparently that's cheap according to the folks here. >> only in california. there you go. a close encounter with mars. the red planet would be brighter than ever tonight. how you can get the best view. and they call it puckology. the fans that created a new
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word. there's a place shark fans from across the world can connect. it's called puckology after dark. >> a live webcast created by a bay area man looking to talk
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about all things sharks. kpix john ramos gives us an inside look at the show. the guy who lives in this house in concord wants to spread the excitement of sharks playoff fever to his neighbors. check that. to the entire world! all right. good morning sharks fans. it is a day that we have been waiting for a very, very long time. welcome to puckology after dark. a live online discussion for shark fans before and after the games. >> our goal was to kind of like have a live show to let fans voice things because there was not an outlet. >> it is not on the radio. >> no. >> the whole thing began last year when eric and his buddy began to record themselves on an iphone as they walked back to their car after a game. they posted it online and puckology was born. now eric known as puck guy is
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joined by five other fellow sharks fanatics, they discuss player performance but mostly it is six fans shooting the bull about their favorite topic. >> chris, you and i had a wager. >> we did. >> wait, what? >> and because it is online, its reach is world wide. ian grew up a sharks fan. >> i catch flack but everybody is quiet. >> and it has allowed him to stay connected to the sharks even though he lives in san diego. >> it brings me back home to talk with these guys and it makes me nostalgic for home. >> these guys say the sharks have never gotten much love from the local media so they created their own. it may take awhile for puckology to go viral but that's okay. these guys know something about being patient. john ramos. kpix. puckology after dark started with about 70 followers
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and is now up to 250. it is growing. coming up in our next half hour, the search is call off for a mission teenager. grabbed kicking and screaming. her family desperate for answers. a former f.b.i. agent weighs in on the clues that could help solve what happened to pearl. and the zoo standing by its decision to shoot a gorilla to save a toddler. the expert that says they made the right call. a massive operation to bring down the old bay bridge and where is that steel going. the big plans for the pieces of
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our past. you're watching kpix 5 news. our top stories about 30 minutes ago can a previous scare at a bernie sanders rally. secret service agents rushing the stage to protect the presidential candidate. two people in the crowd detained. bernie sanders not hurt. an animal rights group says its members were trying to send a message. our kpix security analyst says an f.b.i. agent faces discipline after his gun was stolen from a parked car. it happened yesterday near san francisco's alamo scare.
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the thief broke in to the car and took a glock pistol and his credentials. >> a girl missing five days after she was abducted. a search in sonoma county turned up no sign of pearl pinson. the search was in jenner. last wednesday she was kidnapped in vallejo and the next day in santa barbara sheriff deputies killed the suspect in a shoot out. mark kelley looks at what authorities are likely to do now. it doesn't mean they will stop. they are going to come back and regroup and they will look over what they have done in the investigation. >> kpix security analysts and former f.b.i. agent jeff harp says law enforcement searching for pearl pinson are looking harder than ever for the team but their strategies may be evolving. >> your cell phone jumps from tower to tower and creates sort of a path and a line where you went. >> may be looking at cell phone
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data and talking to her friends and looking at where they believe he went to. the he is suspect fernando castro. law enforcement believes that castro abducted pearl at gunpoint at this vallejo overpass wednesday but what happened to pearl after that is the question that everyone is trying to solve? >> who knows, she is hurt and needs help and it is critical that they find her soon. >> unfortunately with the main suspect killed during a shoot out with police in southern california the possibility of a confession is not looking likely but harp says clues can come from online. >> will go back and look at his patterns and possibly see if there is something on social media that would lead them to a place that he visited. >> they will go back from step one to where they are now and make sure that nothing is missed. >> over the weekend the family will keep looking for pearl until they find her. in the newsroom, i'm mark kelley. life guards are warning swimmers to stay out of the
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water in newport beach after a woman was bitten by a shark. it happened yesterday afternoon about 150 yards offshore. the woman suffered large bite marks to her body and shoulder. authorities continued to search for that shark. the woman is expected to survive. the cincinnati zoo is defending the decision to kill a gorilla in order to protect the young boy that got into the exhibit. zoo keepers killed harambe the gorilla when a 4-year-old fell in the enclosure. the video shows he was dragged by the leg animal activists say shooting his was unnecessary but zoo keepers disagree. >> the boy's life was in danger and people that question that are second guesser and don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silver back gorilla. >> officials say they could not use tranquil lieser and would
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have taken too long to knock him out. the director of the columbus zoo agrees. >> the right decision was made and you have human life and animal life. no one loves animals more than the zoo but the officials made the right decision. there is over 200,000 signatures calling for the boy's mother to face charges for not looking after her son. officials hope to open the exhibit by next week. the old bay bridge disappearing over our eyes. chopper 5 flew observe the job as crews lower the 3rd of 5 trusses last week. wilson walker shows us how the pieces are getting a second life. >> reporter: let's cross to the other end of the tunnel for the glimpse at the east bay section. the longest cavalier span was the bridge men's toughest job.
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>> there is a sizeable chunk on the dock in oakland and breaking this thing down will only take about three days. >> and our team is quite methodical. >> scattered across the massive truss, workers torched their way through the depression era steel and 30 minutes the last sparks fly and another chunk is pulled away and lowered and sliced into smaller pieces. this is a deliberate step by step process like the construction of this bridge some 80 years ago. >> the fabricated steel section swing into place with in fa nate care and precision. there's the commute to and from work from those years and i got to tell you kind of a shell of its former cell. in those three chunks of the truss that got here three days ago, they won't last for another two weeks. >> all of the steel from the trusses, they will either be recycled or utilized for a reused art program with the
6:37 pm
california oakland museum. >> it was the working man's bridge. what hundreds of thousands of people went over every day and i think it has such a sense of story and legacy for so many people in the bay area. >> museum director lori foggerty turned it into art and 420 tons of steel will be set aside for projects large and small. >> we have everything from the enormous trellises the iconic work down to the riff on thes and everything inbetween. >> the entire job is picking up speed with more trusses lowering and pier implosions set for the fall. >> you get your rhythm going and the possible in hand. >> a process that will wipe the old bridge from the landscape by the end of 2018. in oakland, wilson walker, kpix 5. so long to build it and longer to take it apart. three woman out for the evening saw something wrong and
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how they saved a stranger from
6:39 pm
a potential date rape.
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>> three women being called heroes after stopping a potential date rape. they were dining in santa monica when sonya saw a man putting something in his date's drink. she followed the woman in the restaurant and told her what she seen. after reviewing the footage they called police. and it was posted on facebook and saying we thank the manager to take action and many people would not have taken what we said seriously. thank you at fig and fairmount in santa monica from keeping this guy from harming someone. that suspect being held on one million dollars bail. it could be a first for a disney film. finding dory appeared to depict a lesbian couple. >> poor baby. let me get that for you. >> the two women are shocked to
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find an octopus in their baby carriage. no context but social media has lit up over what could be disney's first openly gay character. >> people are protesting because they find dory in the trailer. ellen degeneres is the voice of dory. >> how can get the glimpse of mars with the naked eye. skies have to be clear. they are not everywhere but they are in san jose. what a gorgeous shot, nothing but sunshine throughout the day and temperatures in the low 80s. find out which day will be the hottest and when everybody will cool down up to 20 degrees coming up. >> a big night in bay area sports. but early other this memorial day the giants continue the road trip in atlanta. the a's get a game in and jordan spieth says how a fan helped him to win the colonial. all coming up in a few
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kpix mobile weather lab powered by toyota. see your toyota dealer. toyota, let's go places. it would be a good night to step outside and look up
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because you could see mars without a telescope. >> the closest the red planet has been in a decade. brian hackney shows us what to look for and where. >> mars is back and it is bigger than ever. >> long gripping the popular imagination in books and movies. the red planet will shine more brightly tonight than it has in more than a decades. >> the target of 16 robotic missions since mariner 4 in 1965. we sent problems millions of miles and scoops and sample mars. >> but we don't have to go to mars because mars is coming to us. that's because in their lapse around the sun, mars is closest approach to earth tonight. the closest it has been since 2003 and only 47 million miles
6:46 pm
away. gleaming brilliantly from dusk until dawn. there appearing in the constellation score pee us, you will find a triangle of objects and don't be confused by the yellowish one at the left, that is the planet saturn closest approach itself. mars is at the right. gliming with a burnt orange color. >> if you pull out a telescope it will look like this and since mars is at the end of its season you may spot its cap at the martian's south pole. the best viewing for mars and saturn is this week and the week of june. weather permitting on your planet. i'm brian hackny. kpix 5. how many planets was he broadcasting that to 1234. >> no one knows. >> the signal goes far and wide. the towers are tall. you never know what they are
6:47 pm
doing on neptune. we are wearing blue for neptune. we we got a blue sky. the majority will have a chance to see mars but but coast will be the exception. 90 in concord and livermore and you can see the low cloud cover spilling over pacifica and daily city and coming into san francisco bay. like the most comfortable temperature is santa rosa 78. you will be in the 60s at the beach and stay in the 90s and it started today for some of you yesterday. it will last all the way to next sunday. that is the next time you will not hit 90s away from the water. so big time heat but you have to be in the right spot but that's away from the bay. tonight 50s and livermore 55 and san francisco 54. the deal is that we have a light enough onshore that it will get you at the coast. in the 60s.
6:48 pm
the ocean temperature is 58 degrees and the air above it is reflecting the ocean temperature. where we will not see the ocean influence is the 680 corridor out towards the tribe valley and north of concord and napa and sonoma humor. the further away from the water in the 90s. two entirely different climates working hand in hand 30 miles apart from each other. nothing is going to change for the next week. why this is all happening we do have a big strong ridge of high pressure and bashful staying offshore and the ridge is strong enough it won't shove that ocean air inland. everything will change starting saturday. that's when the ridge will move, something new moves in, the low to the south giving us a a south wind and on sunday we will see 80s and 70s for highs. it is only monday night and we are talking about this weekend. cooler near the water. that stays, 90s inland.
6:49 pm
the warmest day is friday and that may spell the first triple digits that we see away from the water. concord tomorrow 13 degrees and 92 but san francisco only four degrees above average. 69 degrees. hay ward nice. and sunnyvale 83 with sunshine and san ramone 91 and vallejo cooler. 82 and kent field 81 and daly city 60 for a high and lakemor 95 degrees but it is almost june and that's normal. hottest day in friday. a few triple digits readings and 70s at the coast and that change cooler and cloudier gets here sunday for highs in the 100s to the 80s. that's the forecast and we will have sports and there was so much going on right now. coming up next.
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now to sports. the scheduling was not kind to the giants on this memorial day. they left to chicago and traveled east for a match-up with the braves and then it was justin marginos combining for 21 letters. brandon bell crushes this shot
6:53 pm
for the 5th homer and the giants lead 1-0 and than samardzija trying to get out of this. alex smith with the big hit and clears the bases and samardzija five runs in five innings and this is buster posey. hits a one-hopper and kelley johnson doesn't make a play and hunter pence scores. two on thomas grounds out and the braves take the opener 5-3, the 5th win at home. rich hill expects to make his next start after a sprained ankle. chris davis trying to stay off the disabled list. cocoa crisp welcomes them with a lead off homer in the bottom
6:54 pm
of the 5th. 5th for cocoa. good thing that davis got that nice stretch because look at the ground he had to cover on this play making the catch and bottom of the 6th inning. tied at two. steven bo rips one to center and it is just out of the reach of danny santana and there's a score on the sack fly by davis and top of the 7th john actford in a jam, runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out and he got the heater. a 98 miles per hour heater right past brian dozier for the second out and the a's go to sean do little to face john mauer and it is hard to get past yonder alonzo. they beat the twins for the 3rd straight win. the st. mary's baseball team heading to the ncaa tournament for the first time in school history. they will head to raleigh for the regionals and open up with coastal carolina on friday. the home run derby is still a
6:55 pm
month away but nelson cruz is getting ready. nicknamed boom stick hit one out of safeco field during batting practice. now that is the first time that somebody did that in seattle. been over a month that jordan spieth melted down but since then the 22-year-old insisted he would put it behind him. >> i am not taking it very hard. i have got ladies at grocery stores coming up to me saying really praying for you, how are you doing and i am like my dog didn't die i am doing okay. he was more than okay yesterday when he closed out his round with six birdies to win at the colonial and won a new jacket although it is different from what he gets at augusta. credited a fan on the 10th hole for his strong finish. >> someone yelling out from the crowd. remember the master's jordan whether he was being positive or negative, i'm not sure like get it back because of it or
6:56 pm
remember what you did. and either way, it was a little red (bleep) to me and came out on the next two holes. two things going on, game 7 of the western conference finals and the sharks game and they have come back to score and tie the game and the warriors are down by 11. but they can always come back, right? they did it at game six and they can do it game 7. if you come down and come back to win will be tremendous. cleveland, here they come. join us at night beat at 9:00 and right back here at 11:00. after memorial day p?p?o?gv
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [applause and cheering] steve: how are y'all? how you doing? thank y'all very much. i appreciate that. thank y'all very much. thank y'all very much, now. wow. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. listen, we got a good one for you today. we got a family here returning for their fifth and final day, with a total of 41,560 bucks, from suwanee, georgia, it's the champs. it's the cox family. [applause and cheering] and from chicago, illinois, it's the siolidis family. [applause and cheering]
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everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and remember, today, if the cox family wins today's game, they're driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge, right there, folks. [applause] let's go meet the siolidis family. hey, jen. jen: steve. [speaking spanish] steve: [speaking nonsense syllables] yeah. i don't know what you said, but i get with it. yeah. yeah. what do you for a living, jen? jen: i am a court reporter, stenographer. steve: oh. you sit there and do the... jen: yes. i can type up to 250 words a minute. [audience "oohs"] ha ha ha! steve: wouldn't have been no problem with me, 'cause all the times i went to court, i said as little as possible. [laughter and applause] how you doing, man? what do you do? >> i'm ilio, and i'd first like to say it's a great honor to meet you, because along with my family and friends, y'


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