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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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. tonight the golden state warriors secured their spot in the nba finals. we're live at oracle next. ,,,,,,
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finals. . and he fires. yes. >> they did. tonight the golden state warriors secured their spot back in the nba finals. >> in celebration of the team's victory fireworks lit up the sky above oracle arena joe vazquez is there tonight. pretty exciting stuff. >>reporter: what an exciting game. and by exciting i meanie emotional torture. people here at oracle were alternating between chewing their fingernails off and screaming their heads off. it was one for the ages. game game 7 at oracle it was a close one and it was --
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>> exciting, intense. >> how nervous have you been throughout this whole game. >> i've been shouting i have no voice. >>reporter: so nerve wracking some in the crowd began to pray. others were near tears when the warriors would miss a shot then would make one and pandemonium. >> would you describe this game right now in. >> very intense. i feel like we're going win. warriors rule that's right right here. >>reporter: the game stayed close. too close and tense. heart attack ten. finally in the 4th quarter the defending champions broke through and got the lead and then won the big game. >> the most amazing thing i've ever seen in my life. i've been a golden state fan for 11 years. this is the best thing i've ever seen. curry number one baby. >> how stressful was there
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game? >> oh, my god 1st quarter 2nd quarter i have biting my nails. nothing left. now we're number one going all the way. with that your golden state warriors are once again western conference champions and dennis o'donnell they are in the fines. >> never a doubt. >>reporter: i never doubted it. >> that was the loudest i've ever heard oracle tonight nothing like a game 7. but the thing about this series joe the warriors completed a comeback many experts thought they could not complete because they were down 3 games to one. but, check it out. intensity board game 7 between steph and russell westbrook. it was up and it looked like disaster again for the warriors in the 2nd quarter. westbrook finds robinson for alley-oop.
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13 point lead. it was a completely different story at halftime. curry's three put them up 5-54 they ask not let the pedal off the gas. they out scored the thunder 28- 12 in the 3rd quarter and the warriors win, hang on to win game one. the nba finals will be thursday right here at oracle. >> i genuinely feel for that team because they were very close and they deserved to be there just as much as we do really but we were able to pull it out and we're moving on. >>reporter: in the locker room after the game allen some of the warriors players felt because they came from 3 games to one down that the adversity will actually make them stronger as they take on the cleveland cavaliers in game one here on thursday. reporting at oracle dennis o'donnell kpix 5. >> the golden state warriors tweeted this picture with the
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#strength in numbers. one of the fans in the stands at oracle tonight democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders surrounds inside the sea of gold. we'll have more on his bay area visit coming up in 6 minutes. switching to the stanley cup finals tough night for san jose sharks they lost in the final few minutes telephone game but the fans are confident their team will win the series. betty yu joins us live from the shark tank in san jose. >>reporter: that's right liz. sharks fans have waited too long some of them their entire lives to lose steam or enthusiasm at this point in the series. tonight thousands turned up here at zap to show their pride. >> it's okay we're going to be back we're going to win this. >>reporter: it's not how sharks fans wanted to walk out of the tank tonight. >> so disappointed. >> it's just one game. >> we were the better team for the second half of the game. we'll get them next time.
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>>reporter: sharks fans had the first official viewing party at sap. and witness the team's first ever goal in the stanley cup finals. >> did you ever think would you experience this moments. >> i always home and dreamed i would be here, but we've always had our doubts but i've always been a true sharks fan. >>reporter: tonight sharks fans got a chance to get up close just not too close. >> it was really coolment got to be careful not to touch that we need to win that. >> i think the sharks can do it. >> what will it take? >> grit. >>reporter: this was the only viewing party held here at sap, the revert will be held at san pedro square in san jose. game 2 will be at pittsburgh on wednesday. live in san jose, betty yu kpix5. >> tonight the fbi is trying to track down a pistol stolen from a federal agent in san
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francisco. andrea barbara in the newsroom. >> the whole incident went down in 10 minutes. the agent walked way from his car at 12:30 and 12:40 it was all gone. and the fbi agent fell victim to san francisco's crime of the times car burglary. in an all too family twist the agent's if i believe badge, credentials and personal weapon i gulf coast 27 were stolen. >> happened sunday near the corner of hays and pierce. the agent visiting san francisco with family left his car for 10 minutes near the tourist trap. that's when it was broken into. jess harp kpix security an list and in charge of san francisco field office said agents are able to leave weapons in their cars. >> you can do it as long as it's in a lock box and it has
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to be alarmed and chain lock on the trunk. so you've got several different layers of security there. >>reporter: this is just the latest incidents of law enforcement weapon getting stolen from a car. in june a bureau of land management gun was stolen from a car and four days later was used to kill cate steinle on peer 14. antonio ramos was killed with a stolen gun from an agent's car. >> if you have someone that can remanufacture fbi credentials you've got a serious problem. >>reporter: harp says the agents will likely face a suspension for the theft. >> if you take all the necessary steps the disciplinary her you are will be much less. if they didn't take necessary steps and the circumstances were completely careless they could be fired for that. >>reporter: this case will be investigated by the san francisco police department and san francisco field office of
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the fbi. live in the newsroom andrea important what kpix5. >> this fire shut down a highway in sonoma county near story point road. authorities closed highway 116 as firefighters tried to pit out those flames. the fire also burned nearby parked cars. the cause is under investigation. secret service agents rushed in to protect bernie sanders from harm. tonight why bay area protesters rushed the stage. new leads in the search for this kidnapped vallejo teenager we're learning about a potential trail of includes. this gorilla shot and killed after a boy entered the
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area. ,,,,,, secret service rushing the e and . >> on to campaign 2016 a rally by bernie sanders in oakland is disrupted by protesters. the secret service rushing the stage and pushing the candidate out of harm's way. the protesters turned out to be members of an animal rights
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group. they were handcuffed and whisked away. sanders was unfazed by the interruption continuing his message that his momentum could propel him to the party nomination. >> my point is that what seems impossible today in fact happens when millions of people demand that it happens. >> the crowd that filled the plaza was stilled at 20,000. people stood in long lines at circle city blocks waiting hours for sanders to show up. before taking the podium the candidate sat down with our very own juliette goodrich to talk about what's keeping his campaign alive. >> i'm juliette goodrich. bernie sanders wanted to be outside in the sun. >> what we're doing is a grassroots kind of face-to-face campaign. >>reporter: the bay area took center stage for sanders on this memorial day with several
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stops throughout the area. a crowd of young supporters lined up odds the allen baptist church to see sanders. i asked him request he has struck sufficient a cord with the younger generation. >> they themselves as a generation recognize they are facing very serious economic problems. i mean, i cannot tell you how many people graduate college they are 30, 50, $70,000 in debt and they are paying off that debt for decades. and it's hard for them to find decent paying jobs. so i think they are responding to our message which is to create an economy that works for all of us and not just the 1%. >>reporter: on this memorial day sanders a veterans advocate said it's time to protect our veterans. after all they have brokeed us. >> i want to make certain that no veteran in this country is sleeping out on the street. i want to make sure that veterans gets the benefits they earn in a timely manner. >>reporter: the topic thought often talked about in this campaign california's grout drought and future solutions. >> we're still in a
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significant water crisis. no one has really addressed that. >> because it's a complicated and difficult issue. number one it goes without saying given the crisis of today we need better cooperation between the federal government state government local government and private sector to make sure we manage our water most efficiently. >>reporter: juliette goodrich kpix5. >> sanders has one more stop in the bay area. he'll hold a news conference on healthcare in emeryville. he head to santa cruz and monterey. he continues to insist the nomination is not out of reach. he says winning over the superdelegates is key but that's another uphill battle according to melissa cane. >> for sanders to do way he's saying ice going to have to change the minds of hundreds of superdelegates not just a handful a huge huge amount. so, it's going to be a really heavy lift for him to make that change. >> hillary clinton's campaign says she'll be back in
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california starting on thursday for several stops before the california primary. her campaign also says she'll be back in the bay area but not saying when or where. still no sign of a vallejo teenager five days after she was kidnapped. friends and family hold out hope somehow 15-year-old per pinson will be found alive. one aspect of the search was called off. mark kelly looks at what authorities are likely to do now. >> they are going to come back regroup and they will look over what they have done in the investigation. >>reporter: security analyst former fbi agent jeff harp says law enforcement searching for pearl pinson are likely looking harder than ever for the abducted teen but strategies might be evolving. >> your cell phone jumps from tower to tower and it creates a path and line where you went. it. >> they are going to be looking at cell to data talking to her friends. they will they will be looking
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where they believe he went to. >>reporter: suspect fern an to castro. they believe they e abducted her at gunpoint last wednesday. what happened to permanent after that is the question everyone's trying to solve. >> who knows. if she's hurt she needs help it's critical they find her very, very soon. >>reporter: unfortunately with the main suspect killed during a shootout with police in southern california, the possibility of a confession isn't looking likely. but harp says clues could come from online too. >> they will go back look what his paths earns were see if there's something on social media that would lead him to a place he frequently visited. they will go back from step one to where her now. >> the pinson family told me over the weekend they will keep looking for pearl until they find her. in the newsroom mark kelly. in southern california stretch of newport beach is closed tonight after a shark attack. warning signs are posted along
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a mile and-a-half stretch of shoreline. the shark bit a swimmer on the upper part of her body and shoulder about 150 yards offshore yesterday. one witness said she saw the victim's husband and children running towards her after they she was rescued. they looked really somber and looked like they were in a big hurry to get over there. >> the victim underwent surgery la last night and is expected to survive. these animal rights activists held a vigil at the cincinnati zoo for a gorilla shot and killed by an animal response team. the zoo's director said they had no choice but to kill that gorilla. after a four-year-old boy got passed a barrier and fell into the animal's enclosure on saturday. >> cell phone video captured the terrifying moments. >> the gorilla has the child and is dragging him around the pen. >> the boy's mother could be
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heard calling to him. then the gorilla's death has caused a furious reaction of those critical of the zoo's decision to kill the ape. >> we did not take the shooting lightly but that child's life was in danger. and people who question that or are monday morning quarterbacks or second guessers don't understand you can't take a risk with a silver back. >>reporter: wildlife expert jack hannah tells cbs he agrees a thousand% with the zoo's decision. >> thank goodness a human being is alive because the decision cincinnati zoo made. >>reporter: the gorilla's death is sparking social media outrage towards the mom. online pets shun calling for just physician has more than 200,000 signatures. it wants the boy's mother to
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face charges. >> . kimmo o'connor says moments before she took this video she heard the young boy and mom arguing. >> i'm going to go in. no you're not. i'm going to go in. no you're not. o'connor heard a splash. >> he was pulling the boy underwater by his ankle his head badging against the wall as he's climbing up. so that's the part that people didn't see. >>reporter: the boy's family released a statement saying he is home and doing just fine. going on to say we extends our heartfelt thanks for the quick action by the cincinnati zoo staff. we know that this was a very difficult decision for them and that they are grieving the loss of their gorilla. the zoo says the exhibit barrier is adequate and officials are looking at whether there's a way to improve. to see hopes to reopen the attraction by this weekend. this is a great time to get a look at mars. even without a telescope. this week the red planet is a
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mere 47 million miles away. the close effort it has been in more than a decade. from now through friday it is visible to the naked eye just look for a bright reddish star in the southeastern sky. >> hope the fog doesn't interfere too much. >> away from the water you're going to see mars just fine. san francisco, yeah not so much. half moon bay you were stuck in the fog for most of the day. memorial day for you is only 59 degrees. danville was 37 degrees warmer. a high of 96. st. helen a 93. mountain view the perfect temperature 78 degrees. look at all the fog rolling over san francisco. amazing video post sunset. the following rages over the city san francisco bay. it's only 52 in san francisco. without the fog it's 68 currently in livermore everybody cools down to the mid 50s. livermore 55 fremont 54. napa 52 degrees. the height every of onshore
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flows any push from the ocean drags the ocean air. you will stay in the 60s. there's nothing blocking friday the ocean breeze. there are several bumps along the road so you're not going to get it. you have been in the 90s you will stay in the 90s for five more days all the way through saturday. two entirely different climates about 30 miles apart from each other and nothing is going to move for the entire week. this ridge is not going to move. it's off shore we get the lightest of on shower flows. we will finally see a change in the pattern when that ridge gets kicked to the north by this building area of low pressure. it's going to give us more cloud cover and strong southerly bend one version of our onshore flow but that will note occur until saturday evening. we're staying cluttered near
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the water 90 through saturday. pacific a warm up to the 70s friday afternoon. tomorrow and tuesday back to work, back to school. staying in the 90s fairfield 93. livermore 93. san jose you're an inbetween area 86 for you. oakland 73 with morning fog but san francisco only 69 degrees tomorrow. we stay in the 60s along the coastline 70s 80s near the bay. look at friday. we're going to see our first triple digits of the year on the first friday of june away from the water. but look at the change by sunday. cloudier and cooler. the hundreds are gone 90s are gone we'll be down to the 80s away from the water. it's going to be a pretty hot week but not for everyone away from the water it's going to stay toasty. >> thanks paul. . i'm dennis o'donnell live at oracle. two teams and their championships highlights and reaction sharks and warriors coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. welcome back everybody. if there was one stat as to describe the warriors incredible comeback against the
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thunder it was the three-point shot. gold enstate had 28 more in the final two games against the thunder. and russell westbrook steph curry not wanting the season to end tonight. it looked like disaster for the warriors in the 2nd quarter. westbrook finds andre robinson for alley-oop 13 point lead. the warriors down 8 at the end of the half. curry complication flings it at the rim gets it to fall. that shot carried momentum into the second half cory with flurry of moves on steven adams and he knocks it down down. the shot ties the game. raining threes at that point. adam flay lack. another three ball to give the warriors a 57-54 lead. they out scored the thunder 28- 12 in the third an they win it curry had 36 points. >> what are questions raised about steph's toughness. >> because he looks like he's
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12. >> winning a championship is the hardest thing to do professionally. you have seen with this series why it's so hard. >> i threw we were ready for the moment. we were a mature basketball team that tried our best not to listen to the noise outside and you know 6, 7 days ago we're down 3-1 everybody thought the wheels are falling off. >> they definitely have never seen a 73 win team down 3-1. let's continue to do the things they have never seen never give us a chance to do. >> nba playoffs come back from being 3 games to 1. cavs and orioles thursday night. we're back with reaction when we come back. ,,,,,,
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. how about a quarter century in the making right. the sharks finally drop the puck on their first ever stanley cup final and pittsburgh won it in 2009. joe thornton finally getting a chance to play for the cup in 18 seasons. pen gills begins up a goal in
11:30 pm
the first. sidney c2-0 pence. but the sharks got a goal from hurdle and then patrick par low on the -- marleau in his 18th year. less than 3 minutes to go. nick benigno bury the shot. penguins hold on to win. they take an early 1-0 series lead. >> you know they played their game for longer stretches than we did tonight. and that's what happens. you don't deserve to win when you don't out play the other team. this isn't going to be easy you don't get to this point have an ease night we know game two i going to be tough. i think we can be a lot better. >>reporter: the giants lost 0 to the braves in atlanta. the a's beats the twins 3-2 next-door and that is their third straight win. the big news once again the warriors are back in the nba
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finals against lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers and the sharks down one game to none. allen it's a biggest. bay area parts fan right now. >> indeed it is. >> can't wait for thursday. >> can't decide which color to wear, blue gold, teal. >> you got to alternate a little bit. >> change with each day. >> change wards reb. thanks dennis. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. . >> late show with steven colbert is next. >> hope you had a good
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holiday. next newscast at 4:30. go look for mars. southwestern sky. >> the red one. >> stephen: hey, chris. >> hey, stephen. >> stephen: hey, man, thanks so much for being here. we're so excited that coldplay is on the show tonight. >> thanks so much. it looks like an amazing show. >> stephen: oh, we're going to have a good time. >> everything looks great. just one thing. >> stephen: about the show? >> about the theme song. >> stephen: what, is there something wrong with the theme song? >> no, the tune is great, the tune is good, but i just feel like it needs words, it needs lyrics. so i've just been working on some, right here. >> stephen: you wrote lyrics? to our theme song? >> yeah, i did. >> stephen: can i hear them? >> yeah, so you know how the show opens with that drum roll? >> stephen: yeah, brr-rr-rap! >> and shoo-be-do-dop. shoo-doo-dop-doo. shoo-be-do-dop. shoo-be-doo-doo-doo-doo. >> stephen: that's our theme song.


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