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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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lights there in celebration of the great win we the warriors. it's tuesday, may 31st. >> they had me a little bit worried. elizabeth, good morning. >> good morning. >> you went to the game last night? >> it's not just a matter of going to the game, it's getting home late and trying to bring down the adrenaline. i'm excited for the cavs. good morning, as you wipe the sleep out of your eyes, this is what you can expect in the area. later today, numbers going all the way up into the mid 90s, but i will talk about triple digits and when to expect them coming up. we are getting reports of a
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downed tree on 101 in the slow lane. there's a lot of overnight road work on interstate 80 in oakland. that's just minutes away. >> thank you, elizabeth. that was the moment we knew the team we love to love made it to the finals. last night, the warriors made it clear they are the best of the west. after wards, the lights were in gold. they foughthearted for the fireworks. some inside could hardly bear it. joe vazquez has more on those who were losing their voices and biting their nails right until the last buzzer. >> reporter: exciting in the arena. how nervous have you been?
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>> i have been nervous, but i know they are going to do it. >> reporter: some yelling, others praying. making this shot and then up and pandemonium. how would you describe this game? >> very intense. i feel like we are going to win. >> reporter: the game stayed close, too close. finally, the team got the lead and won the big game. >> it was the most amazing game i have seen in my life. i have been a golden state fan for 11 years and this was the best thing. curry, mvp, baby, on the way. >> reporter: how stressful was this game? >> oh, my god, first quarter, second quarter i was biting my
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nails. i have nothing left. now, we are going all the way. this picture... to prove thr hurt your eardrums a bit, how exciting, though. after the game, the warriors tweeted this picture to show that the stunning win was a team effort. the #strength in numbers said it all. bernie sanders was there. he stood out in a suit when everyone else wore gold. and now to another game. thousands of sharks fans watched the broadcast together. >> that's okay, we are going to be back, we are going to win
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this. >> reporter: it's not how the sharks' fans wanted to leave. >> we'll get them next time. >> reporter: sharks' fans packed the first official watching party and witnessed the team's first ever goal in a stanley cup final. >> this is what i wished for all of my life to be in the stanley cup final. >> reporter: did you ever think you would get this moment? >> i have always hoped and dreamed we would be here. i have had my doubts, but i have always been a sharks' fan. >> it was really good. we have to be careful not to touch that. we need the win it. [ laughter ] what will it take? >> um, grit. >> and the rest of the sharks' viewing markets will take place at the market. game two is in pittsburgh at
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2:00 pacific time. a lot of us were looking back and forth and both of the games. >> it was amazing how many people were gathered around the stellar area last night. or cal is an extremely old arena, very thick walls, very difficult to get a signal. we were watching when it was 3- 2. there are still more games, especially the game on saturday. good morning everyone, it feels great, you wake up and think, yeah, they won last night in game seven. we have patchy fog hanging over the city right now. in fact, it's a little bit deeper than it was 24 hours ago. 50degrees in livermore slow to
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clear there. temperature wise, well, typically, we should be at 65. 69 in san francisco today. in the 80s up to nearly 90 in los gatos. east of the bay, we are talking about numbers stacking up to 94 degrees in brentwood, tracy, oakland, right around the mountain house area. mid 80s in pedolooma. it's back to work today for everyone after the long holiday weekend and we are taking a check o the roads so far. i mentioned a few minor issues out there. we had a couple of minor wrecks, but nothing major. all is good at the toll plaza right now. we had a few lines in the cash
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lane, but those are cleared out. we have a tree blocking the slow lane in alum rock. if you are heading to sfo, no delays getting to the airport. the southbound lane between oakland and 29th a tree down. thank you. today, san francisco's interim police chief is expected to attend a meeting which comes after recent shooting of suspects, a text message scandal with the officers. tony chaplain met last week with pastors and out reach workers. >> success is engaging the community and finding out who lives in the neighborhood. >> today's is at the play land
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bar on oak street. shock and out rage when this was caught on camera, a driver is seen running over two bikers. the man behind the camera saw an exchange between a man and biker get heated. the man getting run over is a navy veteran. he did an interview over the phone when he was on the way to the hospital. >> i thought the guy was trying to kill it. i mean, he purposefully backed up and tried to run over us. we didn't know what he was going to do. you don't know what's going on. >> the driver left the scene, but the police were able to catch up with him and arrest him. bernie sanders continueses to try to get votes. this morning, he is set to have
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a meeting at the health house and then move onto santa cruz and monta ray. yesterday, a meeting was inter-opted by protesters. protesters are members of ann notarangelo mall rights group. they were handcuffed and taken away. we got a one of one interview. >> reporter: bernie sanders' one request for our interview was to be outside in the sun. >> what we are doing is a grass roots kind of face to face campaign. >> reporter: the bay area took center stage for bernie sanders. a crowd lined up outside of the baptist church with sanders. i asked him why he struck a cord with the younger
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generation. >> they, themselves recognize they are facing economic problems. i can't tell you how many young people are graduating from college with $30,000, $70,000 in debt. i think they are responding to our message which is to create an economy that works for all of us, and not just the 1%. >> reporter: and on this memorial day, he said it's time to protect our veterans. after all, he have protected us. >> i want to make shoe none of the veterans are sleeping on the street and they get the help in the time they need it. >> reporter: and a topic not talked about a lot in the campaign, the draught. >> it's a complicated issue. number one, it goes without saying, we need better
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protection between the state government, federal government in making sure we manage the water correctly. >> bernie sanders says the office is not out of the reach for him. he says he needs to win over the super delegates. >> for sanders to do what he is saying, he is going to have to change the minds of hundreds of super delegates. it's going to be a really heavy lift for him to make that change. >> as for the democratic front runner, hillary clinton campaign says she will be back in the state on thursday before the primary. she will be back in the bay area, but so far, no specific dates, times or locations have been announced. he might be small, but plant earth has a new de fender, 6-year-old henry. how he plans to start an
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environmental crew said. it's the world's largest criminal enter prize. >> we road along with a unit. ,,,,,,,, ,,
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borba on the missi in san francisco, a car break in has put one fbi agent in quite a bind. here's more on the missing gun, missing badge and missing credentials that could spell trouble. >> reporter: in the shad lows of this area, an fbi agent fell victim to the crime. the fbi badge, credentials and an fbi weapon were all stolen. it happened on sunday, the agent visiting the area with family left his items in his vehicle for ten minutes. that's when it was broken into. the special agent in charge of the field office says agents are provided to leave weapons in their cars provided they follow strict inconstructions. >> you can do it.
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the weapon has to be in a locked box connected to the car and it's in a locked trunk. >> reporter: this is just another situation of a gun getting stolen from a car. in september, a muralist was killed with a gun from an ice agent's car. >> if you have someone who can remanufacture fbi credentials, you have a serious problem on your hands. >> if you took all of the necessary steps, the disciplinary steps would be less. if it was aggravated, and c areless, they could be fired for that. >> the case is being investigated by the san francisco police and the fbi
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field office. families are holding out hope even though one of the searches has been suspended. a former fbi agent believes law enforcement is still looking for the missing teen, but the strategies are evolving. >> they are looking at cell phone use. >> the girl went missing while walking to school from her home. the suspect, an awane taint was killed. someone breaks into a church and turns a sacred place into a mess. after a typical sunday night mass, parishioners arrived on monday to find their church had
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been set on fire and vandalized. some are saying they can't understand whew they were targeted, but others are saying, they deserve their prayers. >> and you are asking the question, what have we done? >> it's an opportunity to show mercy to whoever did that. it's a matter of reaching out and praying for them. >> the police are saying it's a hate crime. out rage continues over the death of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. the gorilla was born in 1999 and hand raised. >> i get them when they come from africa. i have been with them their entire life. i have seen all of the babies be born.
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i have seen everybody who didn't make it. >> by now, most of the world has seen this video after a 4- year-old got into haraba's enclosure. the boy's family said the boy is home and fine and they extend their heartfelt thanks to the quick action. >> it's a hard video to watch. you just wonder what you would do in this situation. >> i put this story up on our facebook page. the bottom line is, no matter how you feel about it, it certainly is tragic with no happy ending. >> you're right. well, there was a happy ending last night with the warriors. [ laughter ] i love the dance. >> and just for you, i wore my
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thompson shirt. [ laughter ] what a great game and the skies were so clear for the fireworks after wards. not so clear for today. this is a live look outside. if you can't see the tiptop, that means we have a lowering seeling with delays at the airport. right now, 47 degrees in santa rosa 57 in san jose, the home of the san jose sharks. here's what you need to know today. first, off, overcast along the coast and the bay. slow to clear at the beaches. steady temperatures for now. right now, the cloud deck is stacked up along the coast. some cons -- condensation along the beach being noted. high pressure, strong ridge continues to build in through saturday with the temperatures
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going up. in the mountains, a thunderstorm is possible late day. in the meantime, if you are head tog the beach, maybe you have an extra day to enjoy the holiday. 70degrees, grab the unblock. the sunsets tonight at 8:25 and smack in between today, we will see some burn off at the beaches into the mid 60s. up to a high of 70 in san francisco. 90s in a number of our inland areas. here's your extended forecast, by the end of the week into saturday flirting with triple digits and a moderate cooling. hi, good to see you again. it's good to see you. let's look at the roads. we are starting to see some delays now on the sensors if you are coming up on the northbound 101. it's all due to a downed tree. it's blocking the slow lane.
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i just checked and the crews are out there trying to remove it. we don't have an estimated time on when it was be cleared. 27miles per hour backed up for at least an exit as you approach allen rock. here's a live look at the sensors in the livermore valley. this is really the back to work traffic on a tuesday. the drive time is still about 14 minutes and we can actually show you what it looks like right now if you are heading into the dublin area. there are some commuters out there already heading into the dublin grade. no delays on the sensors. here's parts of the east bay on the san mateo bridge. there's some fog in the area.
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much after that if you are starting off on your morning commute, but the drive time is only about 13, 14 minutes or so from end to end from the east bay to the peninsula, or you can always hop on mass transit. cal tran looking good. >> thank you. many 6 -year-olds will burst into tears for a cell phone or a video game or a happy meal. >> yeah, but henry is crying for our planet. about the environment. it oh, poor thing. when henry mar gets angry, he takes action. he actually wrote his own book about the environment. he stresses that his readers should enjoy the planet.
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>> my teacher showed me and the kids at my school a video and a baby chick was eating trash and i almost cried and that's why i am fired up. >> he is so sweet. henry may have the fame to his agenda because the video of his melt down has been viewed more than 16 million times. >> our world is in good hands with kids like him. >> no kidding. it is a deal.
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bearable across much of the despite fears of overcrowded security lines,
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memorial day travel was bearable across much of the country. travelers were told to brace for long lines at the u.s. airports, but instead, the lines moved fairly quickly. the tsa had placed dogs at the check points, and they will stay passed the memorial day weekend. on the oakland city council meeting today, a new report from the low income housing coalition shows renters in oakland need to eastern over $40 an hour to rent a two bedroom apartment. they are looking for a better solution. nearly 40,000 verizon workers have reached an end to the strike.
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new call center jobs will be opened and a raise over seven years. the members have to vote on the contract by june 17th, but union says it's a victory for america workers. there's now just one week to go before the california primary. next, we talk with the washington insider about what lays ahead. take a deep breath, the warriors did it. enjoy the win until the next game on thursday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning everyone, it's tuesday, may 31st, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm ken bastida.
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we'll get a check of weather and traffic with roberta gonzalez who has been up partying all night because the warriors won. you know, our director mike bruce called on me and said have you looked at the camera as of late and i went, no, and pushed it up. can you see this? guess what it is? >> a black gibon. >> that's good, you have been listening. [ laughter ] it's a 20% wining. the most -- waning. you can see. boy, the visibility is great there. san francisco, 54, santa rosa 47 degrees. we will see the clouds slow to clear from the beaches today. mid


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