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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 31, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we'll get a check of weather and traffic with roberta gonzalez who has been up partying all night because the warriors won. you know, our director mike bruce called on me and said have you looked at the camera as of late and i went, no, and pushed it up. can you see this? guess what it is? >> a black gibon. >> that's good, you have been listening. [ laughter ] it's a 20% wining. the most -- waning. you can see. boy, the visibility is great there. san francisco, 54, santa rosa 47 degrees. we will see the clouds slow to clear from the beaches today. mid 60s pa pacifica.
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a bit of a late day breeze. the full forecast coming up featuring triple l digits. right now,s here's elizabeth. let's go out the door. here's a look at your san jose commute right now. this might be the better route to take because we still have the issue with the downed tree. there are delays, but it's free and clear right now if you are using interstate 280. looking at mass transit, so far, no delays. they should have about 40 trains right now all looking good. 880 right now, also some overnight road work, it should be wrapping up. they said they are going to start picking up cones. it was in the southbound lanes
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of 83rd and 29th. well, if you watched on the tv or court side, either way, they crushed the competition. >> we have more on the game that was too close for comfort and the warriors next step. kit? >> reporter: yeah, is your voice gone? are your nailed bitten down? the warriors are giving the fans gray hair ins the process. thompson not making his first three pointer until late in the first half. durant was shut down and held to just nine pointses in the first half.
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stef curry lit up and put the team up by as many as 11 at one point. the warriors hang onto win it by eight points. >> i knew we were ready for the moment. we were a mature basketball team that tried our best not to listen to the noise outside. six, seven days ago, when we were down 3-1, everyone thought the wheels were off. >> reporter: how stressful was this game? >> first quarter, second quarter, i was biting my nails. now, we are going all the way. >> reporter: yeah, we got the win for the western conference finals. as curry said, enjoy the moment and move on. the tickets will go on sale
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later today. >> the thunders' coach, billy donovan's birth day was yesterday. >> reporter: he turned 51, lost the conference finals on his birthday. he said that the warriors may be the best team to lace up in the nba ever. >> thank you. bernie sanders continues his campaign swing through northern california. jackie is live where bernie sanders has a news conference scheduled. >> reporter: michelle, we have been following bernie sanders throughout the area. yesterday, protesters got a little bit rowdy. the secret service had to get sanders to a safe space. to the crowd, he talked about many things including student
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loan debt. he has been able to connect with hopeful voters. >> i think they have been able to respond to our message which is to create an economy for all of us and not just the 1%. >> reporter: this morning, he will head down to santa cruz. >> is today's event open to the public? >> reporter: actual it's not, it's just a press conference. note to the public, you are not allowed here. back to you. today is the last day to apply by mail for mail in ballots. those who do not make today's deadline can apply in person. today, contra costa will begin offering more voting options out ahead of the june
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7th primary. you can get a list of the sites at our website. california's primary could give hillary clinton and bernie sanders what they have wanted all along, a warm welcome from their own party. >> we go to our washington insider for more. so, mark, why the sudden talk of a third party candidate? >> reporter: it's a tweet that went out over the weekend. there will be an independent candidate with a strong stance. he a former crystal chief of staff. we know crystal has been talking to mitt romney, but he has no interest. who is going to challenge
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donald trump from the conservative side? there was a libertarian party election over the weekend. former governor new mexico gary johnson is that candidate. if he were to poll up to 15%, he could be in the presidential debates this fall. as of this weekend, there may be an imminent announcement of a conservative candidate of donald trump. trump calls crystal a loser an a dummy. >> no real surprise that trump has also had some choice worlds for a few of his opponents. mark? >> reporter: yeah, some of this is trump is the entertainer. he says that romney, who he is
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angry at, walks like a penguin. he referred to elizabeth -- as pocahantas. the judge who is going to preside over his trial, at this point he says he is a hater. he also says he is a mexican. he is a mexican, he doesn't like our campaign. it's true that the judge is from over the border, he is from east chicago right outside of gary, indiana and you know, it would not be objective journalism to say that donald trump is a bigot, that's something the viewers have to make up their own mind, but the
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comments have not been seen since george wallace in 1988. california screaming, that was the big head line in the post today, and they weren't talk about the warriors. they were basically talking about how there's concern among democrats about bernie trump. [ laughter ] here i go, you know the warriors game on the east coast ended mighty late last night. i think his name is bernie sanders. if bernie sanders were to defeat hillary clinton next week, she will still have enough delegates to clench the nomination. that is for sure, but what an
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upset that would be. >> we thought you were talking about a third party candidate, bernie trump. [ laughter ] thank you for your insight. another failed missile launch. it's unclear what kind of missil it was this time. today we'll also get a first look at san francisco's budget. san francisco's mayor ed lee will unvail his budget plan for the year at 11:00 a.m. in the board of super visier's chambers. we are told about every 35 minutes, a chunk of steel is pulled from the ground, and
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chopped into smaller pieces. we found out if it gets tossed or transformed. >> all of the steel from the trusses, they will either be recycled or utilized for an art program. >> we have learned the job is picking up more speed. the entire process should be done by 2018. time now is 5:11. beach goers worried after multiple shark attacks. plus, how facebook plans to help astronauts on the international space station make history today. coming up, we will talk about when we will hit triple digits. we have a stall approaching
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the grand line and look what it's doing for the commute out of tracy. ,,,,,,
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of texas... already ravagedy deadly floods. crews near houston were out, rescuing dozens of people y rivers swallow more rain on the way for part, of texas already ravaged by deadly floodsment crews near houston were out rescuing dozens of people as the homes
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are damaged. about 20-inches of rain have fallen over the past couple of days. a life guard spotted a woman on sunday at the delmar state beach. she was bleeding heavily. the life guards posted no swimming science for the area. beach goers are not taking any chances. >> you never hear about anything like this happening. whenever i go in the water, i don't think twice. >> that was pretty scary. i didn't think a shark would be coming here. >> this is the first shark attack in new ports' history. beach goers are being warned after a shark attack near jacksonville. a boy was swimming in just two feet of water when a shark bit him in the leg.
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experts warn for you to watch for large shadows in the water. >> where we see the sharks coming close to shore, it's not that they are coming for the bathers or people in the water, they are following fish that have broken away. elizabeth, it's always nice when you come to visit. it's nice to be here. i know a lot of you are heading back to work today after a long holiday weekend. you can see the bay bridge is moving along. at 5:16, we are really not seeing any signs of the metering lights. usually, they turn them on in the next 15 minutes. we will see. maybe a couple of the slow downs in the far right lanes. the cash lanes and the pass lanes, you are free and clear. you can see the back ups
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forming now out of tracy. maybe a little bit of improvements in the last couple of minutes, but it's still slow. one lane is blocked and you know it's going to cause problems for the early start to the morning drive. another hot spot at allen rock. they ran a traffic break around 4:35 and we really haven't gotten any new information from chp, but we know something has happened. it's backed up around 27 miles per hour. once you get past the allen rock exit, it's clean and clear. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. everything is pretty quiet. the drive time is averaging 14- 15 minutes for this time of the morning. the golden state bridge is
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looking good. all of the traffic lights, that's heading southbound into the city. this drive time maybe a little bit deceiving. it could be a few minutes longer than that because of the stall. 880 and the freeway are clear. that's the latest. roberto is wearing red which is appropriate for the hot weather. [ laughter ] yeah, it's going to be hot. socked in at the coast and the clearing bay, this is our live weather camera looking at a seamless sky. it was slow to cool in the overnight weather. 58 livermore. it's in the high 50s in san jose. here's what you need to know dodd. a degree or two warmer. it's going to be slow to clear out along the bay. steady temperatures for now and triple digits by saturday.
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we have clouds lining up along the coast back into the san mateo area. you can see the green, that's the condensation from the deep marina there. we have the high pressure nudging closer and closer to california. as it does so, it's re- enforcing the outer ridges. 55 at the beaches. flirting with triple digits today. it's currently in the 60s and going up to 95. we have a sun block need for today. mean while, it looks like the temperatures a t the coast, mid 60s. 70s along the bay. 80s along the pence louisiana up to 94 yesterday. easily, mid 90s. brent wood and tracy. in the new port area, 8 9 degrees. a little bit warmer than this atmore began hill. we will be the recipient of a
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southwest breeze at 10 miles per hour. again, steady temperatures, more of an on shore push. friday, we start to climb toward the triple didn'ts. you know someone's -- triple digits. you know someone's backyard will reach the triple digits. a long turn model wants to suggest rain returning to the area. if that happens, we have to look at the fire danger with the lightning strikes. i'm going to go back and do my homework. [ laughter ] all right, mark zuckeburg is going to be hosting a live call with astronauts on the space station. the 20 minute call will be on the facebook live feature.
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you can get involved. nasa is encouraging everyone to post questions that zuckerberg can ask during the live call. >> reporter: coming up, the sharks in the finals, the warriors in the finals. they overcome a three game deficit. the highlights ahead. ,, everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet.
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>> good morning everybody, from oracle where the warriors completed a come back that many of the experts said they couldn't accomplish. game seven which looked like a disaster for the warriors. a 13 point lead, but a completely different story out of halftime. curry's three put them up 57-54 and they did not look back. they out scored in the third quarter and the warriors win it 96-88. and history for the sharks in pittsburgh.
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the franchise's first stanley cup game in 25 years. they were down, but they fought back. this is as close as they would get. this is buried for the lead. the penguins hold on for the lead. they take the early lead. game two will be on wednesday. so, the sharks lose, but what a moment for the history of the bay area as the sharks and the war warriors are in the finals. by the way, the feeling in the locker room is that the warriors were the better game in the series. i'm dennis o'donnell cbs 5 sports. >> play of the day, back to the warriors game, here's stef curry taking the ball. look at curry working, the ball handling skills, using the
5:26 am
glass, beautiful move. again, the warriors go onto win the seventh and deciding game of the series against okc. yeah, game one versus okc is in a couple of days, but tickets go on sale in just a couple of hours. with e will tell you all about it straight ahead. and in the presidential race, bernie sanders not wasting any time for california. our state primary one week from today. he is in embryville today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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day, issues over millions that donald trump said he raised for vets. good morning from the kpix weather center where we are looking at the forecast where we will be hotter than yesterday. we are looking at the slow down near concord. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny. warriors stayed focused and after sweating it out for four quarters, they pulled it out. >> reporter: this is the hot ticket this morning, the nba finals hat for $35. you can get this on the team's website, that is if they have any left, but yes, this is the thing to get. look agent the arena, you can't
5:31 am
tell that this much confetti was dropped last night. the ticketholders can purchase tickets this morning and others at 5:00 p.m. the warriors were down where clay thompson not making his first three pointer until later in the half. clay thompson's three pointers kept the team in it and steph curry really lit up and put the team ahead by as much as 11 at one point. okc rallied, but it was not enough. warriors hang onto win it by eight. >> why do these questions keep being raised about steph's toughness? >> because he looks like he is
5:32 am
12. [ laughter ] >> reporter: how nervous have you been throughout this game? i have been shouting, i have no voice, but i know they are going to do it. >> reporter: nobody got dumped with water, but it was a great win. they won this series by the skin of their teeth. the warriors hav issued a fraud alert. if you are going to buy tickets on the secondary market, be careful. >> we know okc's coach, billy donovan's birthday was yesterday. he didn't get the win, but did he get the cake? >> reporter: no, he did not get a cake, he lost in the process. >> he got a big win. it was a better night for him.
5:33 am
well, a tough night for the sharks' fans. thousands of fans turned out to watch the first game of the stanley cup finals on the big screen. they came dressed in teal and got to witness the first ever goal the team made in the finals. >> i feel disappointed. >> it was one game. we were the better team in the second half. we will get them next time. >> reporter: game two is in pittsburgh. time now is 5:33. roberta, you have to get one of the sharks' hats. >> i probably have two dozen. >> i like the face paint. >> they do that before the game. hon nestly, when the penguins would come to town, it was
5:34 am
like, we have a long way to go, we don't, we go toe to toe, well, not me, i'm not on the ice. >> it's a we. >> strength in numbers. all right, everybody, check out the bay. we are seeing gradual clearing along the bay. this is looking due east toward oak land. we are seeing gradual clearing here. 47 for the cool spot. livermore is at 58 after a high temperature yesterday of 94- degree. we are talking well above average for this time of the year when we should be in the low 80s. we should be in 65 in san francisco. it will be warmer today than yesterday. coastal highs with the clearing in the 60s. good morning redwood city. we jump up to 90s. east bay numbers up to 95 degrees toward discovery bay
5:35 am
and brentwood. meanwhile, 60s, 70s and 80s. we are talking triple digits. i will tell you more coming up at the top of the hour. things are picking up in the bay bridge. it's just after 5:30. we guessing the metering lights are on. it looks like it's backing up over the first over-crossing in the busiest lane. yeah, the back to work back up has begun with the commute. also, we had an earlier stall approaching grant line. expect slow downs if you are coming 205 out of the tracy area. we are seeing the back ups coming out of the 101. that's traffic, back to you guys. >> thank you. bernie sanders keeps
5:36 am
stumping for votes in northern california. jackie ward joins us live where sanders will speak to supporters. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, we have seen a lot of bernie sanders, but expect to see more of him. yesterday, he was in oak land, today, in emeryville. yesterday, he talked about a lot of things, but one thing we haven't heard a lot about including the ongoing draught in california and how we can fix it. >> it's a complicated issue. numb number one, it goes without saying, we need more support from the federal government, state government and the private sector to make sure we manage our water. >> reporter: sanders also
5:37 am
talked about dead and military. from here, he will head south. >> jackie, some analysts say his campaign doesn't seem to be losing any steam despite hillary clinton being the front runner if r the democrats. >> reporter: yeah, you're right, sanders has said many times that he thinks the democratic presidential candidacy is in his reach. >> thank you. today, donald trump is expected to answer questions about millions of dollars that his campaign railed for vet trans. he stepped out of an event and instead used a press conference to attack hillary clinton. after the meeting, donald trump
5:38 am
was pressed to answer questions about the fundraiser. today's gathering comes after recent shooting of suspects and an officer text messages scandal and the resignation of the police chief. tony chaplain met with community leaders last week. >> correct policing is not going out and arresting people, it's engaging people and getting out in the neighborhood. relatives and friends of 15- year-old pearl penson are still hoping for the best, all part of the search for the missing vie lay hoe girl has been suspected. a former fbi agent believes law enforcement is still looking for penson, but the strategies may be changing. >> they maybe looking at cell phone video and talking with
5:39 am
all of her friends. >> penson was kidnapped while walking from a bus stop. the suspect is describe ed as an acquaintance. he was fatally shot in santa barbara county. the cincinnati zoo says that despite of the unfortunate events over the weekend, the zoo is safe. a 4-year-old boy ended up in the gorilla enclosure. more and more adults are moving back home and snuggling up in the twin bed they slept in for years. >> yes, but chores and issues are coming up. about a third of 18-34-year-
5:40 am
olds actually live with their parents and that's up 20% since 1960. what's behind the big jump? >> reporter: well, if we look at this situation, there are a few factors in play. i think the first one is the postponement of marriage and the second is changes in the economy and labor markets. remember, for some young americans, they are forced to live at home while finding a job, but it's important to recognize this shift starting long before the most recent downturn and it doesn't look like it's slowing down at all. >> so how can parents and kids navigate these arrangements? >> just like a good therapist, i'm going to tell you communication is key. parents, don't get upset, just
5:41 am
communicate the expectations. how long do you expect the arrangement to last? you've got to talk these through. now, if you are the adult child, you don't have a lot of power, right? you are moving into your parents' home. you have to remind them you are going to behave like an adult and you have to behave as such. discuss the ground rules, agree to re-aroach in several months. how about putting it in writing. maybe don't shrieking it's my house, my rules. >> oh, i like that rule. >> make sure you sign the contract and note fies rise -- notarize it as well. [ laughter ]
5:42 am
parishioners at a beloved california church shocked this morning. ,,
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wanna drink more water? with sodastream
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you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. flying onto the concrete...a split second, they were run tires peeling out as two people go flying out in the concrete. in two seconds, they were run down. a navy veteran is the man being seen run over. he did an interview over the phone as he was on his way to hospital. >> i thought the guy was trying to kill us, honestly, he is willing to purposefully back up and hit the bike and keep ongoing. you don't know what's going on. is he going to pass us, is he going to turn around, is he going to stop and pull out a
5:45 am
gun? you don't know what's going on. new this morning, in the valley, someone turned a place of worship into a disaster zone. after a standard sunday night mass, the parishioners arrived to find their church set on fire and vandalized. >> and you are asking the question, you know, what have we done to upset you so much? >> definitely an opportunity for us to show mercy to whoever did this, we don't know. it's a matter of reaching out and praying for that person. >> the police are calling it a hate crime. they have a suspect who says he is upset with the vatican. if you want an up close
5:46 am
look at mar, well, kind of, this week, mars is a mere 47 million miles away. now through friday, you can just look for a bright, reddish light in the south eastern sky. >> there's an app on the iphone where you can map out the different planets. >> it's the second smallest. if u yo miss it -- you miss it this time, it's going to be closer at 25 million miles away. [ laughter ] >> that's still pretty close. if you are driving around martinez, watch out for this, it's a two alarm fire. it's closed some area streets. arnold avenue is blocked. you can use martinez to get around this. we are hearing that smoke and
5:47 am
flames may be visible by highway 4. fire investigators just now arriving on the scene. no word on a cause, but we are sending chopper 5, they are on the way right now. hopefully, we will have live pictures very shortly. other wides, we have -- other wise, we have other areas, the ace train is delayed because of a stopped train. we don't know really when the train is going to start moving or if it's affecting train number three. bart system wide, no delaysment everything is off to a nice start on this tuesday morning. you know, the roads are looking okay. we have a few slow spots out there, but if you are crossing the san mateo bridge, it's pretty quiet. you can see a nice commute. 13 13 minutes is the drive time
5:48 am
between 1880 and the 501. it's backed up just about to the maize at 5:48, so it sure doesn't take long, but the east shore freeway, a 28 minute drive. it's going to be a hot week around the bay area. and it already looks hot, doesn't it? this is our official sun up. today, about 13 hours of sunrise. we have one minute and 14 seconds of daylight available for us and i'm telling you, we are going to feel it. today, 95 degrees, that's beautiful. we are socked in at the coast into this summer time weather pattern. it's june, tomorrow. the june glow has already returned to the bay area. cool on the coast today, the temperatures are going to hold pretty steady for the next
5:49 am
couple of days and spike toward the end of the workweek. there you have the marine area. we are seeing partial clearing around the rim of the bay. the high pressure will continue streaming. right now, 64 degrees. 39degrees on the north shore and truck ky going up to a high of 71. mid 50s with clearing and the skies. heading to the beach today, c apitola has a possibility of rip currents and also the sneaker waves. sun upright now, by the time it sets, 70s around the bay. 82degrees in redwood city. slightly above average. mid 90s, however, in throughout the trivalleys. here, you have the extended forecast pretty much status quo
5:50 am
through friday. modest cool down by next week. enjoy your tuesday. >> all right, roberta, thank you. one little boy sheds tears over planet mars. serious! he wrote his oh, when henry mar gets flustered, he gets serious sp he wrote his own book about the environment. it includes drawings of bluebirds, tall trees and lush grass. he thinks people should enjoy the planet and that doesn't mean tossing trash whenever they please because that makes him sad. >> my teacher showed me and the kids a video and a baby chick was eating trash and i almost cried and that's why i'm fired
5:51 am
up. >> he is fired up. >> fired up. >> yes, henry may have the audience to push his cause, too, because the video of his melt down has been viewed more than 16 million times. still ahead, one beer company wants women to know that beer isn't just for the boys. actually, i came up with it at the water cooler. but i thought you'd like this cowboy story better. the portobello mushroom buttery jack is back.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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5:53, good morning everybody, looking at the forecast highs warmer than yesterday. clearing at the beaches, 70s around the rim of the bay. good morning livermore, your high temperature will be 95 degrees. i want to show you this breaking news that we have been following. a number of firefighters are at the scene of the fire. so far, no reports of injuries, but we do know that a number of streets are blocked off in that area. in fact, arnold drive may be closed in that area. we will give you updated information on the cause. rfk is coming up. new this morning
5:55 am
volkswagon scandal is continuing. the german car maker was accused of giving out false information to pass the emissions test. oak land's city council plans to face a problem head on after a new report from the national housing coalition. it shows that renters need to earn over $40 an our in order to rent a two bedroom apartment. women drink about 30% of the craft beers brewed. on the list, you will find beers like the sling back and
5:56 am
too hot to handle. the company was founded by chris mcquire who used to work for anheuser busch. she wants to create more women beer lovers. bernie sanders continues to visit multiple cities and towns in california. today, he is in emeryville talking about health care. and the warriors are heading heading to the nba finals. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm kenn good morning everyone, it's tuesday, may 31st, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny cho.
6:00 am
jackie ward is live in emeryville where bernie sanders will be talking about the nation's health care system this morning. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, because our state primary is only one week from today, bernie sanders isn't wasting any time. he will be here at the hyatte in emeryville this morning. yesterday, he made a couple of stops in oak land. we caught up with him at the allen baptist church there. he spoke with young people and the student loan debts. >> i want to make certain that no veteran is sleeping on the streets. i want to make sure the veterans get the benefits they earned in a timely manner. >> reporter: after today, he is making stops in santa cruz and san jose. many are saying that his


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