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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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jackie ward is live in emeryville where bernie sanders will be talking about the nation's health care system this morning. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, because our state primary is only one week from today, bernie sanders isn't wasting any time. he will be here at the hyatte in emeryville this morning. yesterday, he made a couple of stops in oak land. we caught up with him at the allen baptist church there. he spoke with young people and the student loan debts. >> i want to make certain that no veteran is sleeping on the streets. i want to make sure the veterans get the benefits they earned in a timely manner. >> reporter: after today, he is making stops in santa cruz and san jose. many are saying that his
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campaign isn't showing any sign of slowing down. >> jackie, is today's event open to the public? >> reporter: it is not. it's actually a press conference, it's not a rally like he has been hodde inning a lot of -- holding in a lot of other places. >> thank you. hillary clinton is due back in california thursday. her campaign says she will be back in the bay area, but so far, no specifics regarding days or locations. in the meantime, bernie sanders took a break from campaigning to attend the warrior's game. >> the team did not disappoint. we have more on the stunning win and the team's next steps. >> reporter: yes, if you walked into the office this morning wearing this, everybody is going to know that you were at
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the game last night trying to keep the season alive. the hats are $35. probably not going to get it if you go to the team store today, so they are recommending that you go to the website to get some of the merchandise. the tickets go on sell at 10:00 this morning for the season ticketholders and at 5:00 for the rest. the dubs were down by as many as 13 points. thompson did not make his first three pointer until later in the first half. clay thompson's three pointers started heating up and kept them in it. the warriors got the lead and never gave it up. steph curry leading the team.
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warriors hang onto win it by 8 pointeds. >> winning the championship is the hardest thing you are going to do professionally, and i think you saw it with this series, why it is so hard. >> i feel like we are going to win. warriors rulings right here. >> reporter: and it was a very respectful celebration as the dubs got the trophy for winning the western conference finals. as durant said, it hurts losing, especially being up 3-1 in the series. >> i so want one of those hats. you have to bring one back for me, okay? [ laughter ] >> reporter: you know, i tried to trick them into it, but they are not buying it. >> well everyone if you are not a season ticketholder, there must be a way to get access to the tickets earlier than the
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public, right. >> reporter: you can be on the season ticket wait list, that costs $50, but here's a caveat, there are 28,000 people on the season ticket wait list right now. >> okay, a lot of people. thank you so much. all right, it wasn't quite the night the sharks' fans were hoping for. they lost the first one in their first ever stanley cup finals. thousands of fans turned out to the shark tank to watch the game against the penguins. they unfortunately lost. game two is on wednesday in pittsburgh. there will be an official viewing party in downtown san jose. we will have highlights and reaction from all of last night's playoff action in just a few minutes. chopper 5 is over breaking news in martinez right now. an apartment building caught fire just about an hour ago.
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the complex is under fire. the cause is unclear right now. and time now is 6:05. let's get a check of traffic with elizabeth. we have learned that the fire crews have pretty much gotten the fire under control. it was right there north of highway 4. for a while, we heard that smoke was visibility from the freeway, not causing delays any longer. arnold is shut down in both directions. let's go out to mass transit. we are getting word that ace train number one was canceled. number 3 is on track, on a normal schedule. ace train number 1 had
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mechanical issues. for your bay bridge commute, this is what it looks like, a lot of folks trying to get in the city right now. it's backed up, jam solid through the maze. if you want any relief, you might want to head to the coast. right now, we are in a deck of low clouds. thises the scene from the cliff house in ocean beach. again, the coast is not clear. temperature wise, 47 degrees in santa rosa with clear skies. 58 in livermore. right now at this hour, we have a beach hazards statement that goes in effect until thursday. we want you to be mindful of strong rip currents if you are heading out to the beaches. today, 70 degrees. 60s, beaches, we will have
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gradual clearing. 70s and 80s. san jose, 10 degrees above average. number wise, five degrees in livermore. hotter weather is coming. another law enforcement officers' gun is in the wrong hands after it was stolen from a car in san francisco. it happened on sunday. an fbi agent on vacation with his family left his car for ten minutes. in that time, thieves got away with his glock .20, his fbi badge. the officer in charge of the field office says it's bureau proto-cal for agents to have all three items with them at all times. >> you can do it as long as
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it's in a locked box, meaning a safe that's bolted to the car. the car has to be alarmed and a chain lock on the trunk. you have several layers of security there. >> the fbi and the ftb will look into the situation. a killer is still on the loose in san francisco. a woman's body was found around 4:00 yesterday morning at the intersection of 18th and alabama and the mission. the sus pects was last seen driving a white sedan. in sacramento, the police are looking for a man who shot others. it happened outside of a memorial day party in daylight. witness say the shots were fired from a car. there's unclear how many were in the car or if there was more than one gunman. >> we were outside relaxing, cleaning things up and then the
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shots were herd hashed. >> -- heard. new this morning, more people are starting to buy solar panels rather than lease them. leasing used to be an affordable way to get the energy. buying panels is a cost effective way to power homes for consumers. today is the last day you can drive up to the overlook. tomorrow, it will only be accessible to the walkers and cyclist. the cars would be limit eds to the west side. it's estimated to cost 60,000- dollar. a shocking case of road rage in florida. we'll have more on the disturbing incident that was
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all caught on camera. from the kpix weather center, good morning everybody. we are shrouded in a deck of low clouds. we have triple digits. i will tell you when to expect them. and we are seeing a slow down coming into san jose. plus, we will check the bay area bridges coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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♪ good morning everyone. this is our live weather camera looking out for the trans- america pyramid due east. we have clouds around the rim of the bay. other wise, clearing out a lot sooner than yesterday. we have a warm day. the full forecast coming up. in florida, investigators
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are look another a rough road rage video. we are looking at a driver who seems to steer straight to two motorcyclists. >> reporter: you can hear the screams as the driver of this car goes up on three wheels when he goes up on the motorcycles knocking the couple off of the bike. the man seen falling to the ground is a veteran. you know what's going through his mind. is he going passed us, is he going to put the car in reverse? you don't know what's going on. >> reporter: the road rage incident happened on memorial day. a witness said he witnessed a heated exchange between the driver and the biker. the driver was arrested a short
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time later and is being charged with hit and run, a moving traffic violation and battery. he is reportedly a habitual traffic violator. a man is charged with killing four of his relatives. the man fatally stabbed several. if convicted of committing four murders, he could face life in prison. ash calra is pushing to provide lactation rooms in city buildings. the council member wants to put up about $55,000 towards each
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room. right now, the only city owned facility that has lactation stations is at the airport. all right, the u.s. women's soccer team will start training at the avia stadium. >> yes, team usa is gearing up for the tournament. the first match will be against columbia in santa san clara. any traffic issues? >> no, that's good. it's quiet. we have some traffic jams to show you, we will show you show in -- those in a minute. we are going out live to the situation. as you can see, everything is flowing nicely in san jose up
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and down 280. let's show you some of the back ups. the san mateo bridge is flowing. that's the commute direction, westbound 92. i assume that drive time will start to pick up, too. right now, it's showing 16 minutes, but our producer pointed that out saying look at that, there's some brake lights. also, some more slow downs on san jose roads on northbound 101. you know, there was this earlier downed tree problem in the 5:00 hour. that has long since cleared. the back up began early and never stopped. the back upright around capitol expressway and heading toward trimble. everything is quiet moving into san francisco and across the
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bridge. that's kcbs traffic. an update on the forecast now. it was hot last night and couldn't bring the adrenaline down from yesterday's warrior's visitly. i wanted to show you this because we saw earlier burn off this morning compared to 24 hours ago. 47 in santa rosa and what you need to know today, cool on the coast, refreshing in the mid 60s. you want 70s into the peninsula. other wise, the temperatures are going to hold steady for the next couple of days before we top off in the triple digits heading in the weekend. there you have the marine land and the high pressure system heading in from the west. right along the coast at lunchtime, still a little bit of stratus, but that will back off as the day wears on. we are going to see less of a
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marine layer due to the shift. some rip currents are possible with this and sneaker waves. if you are heading to the coast for relief of the inland areas, please be aware of the conditions. the high pressure is building. in fact, i revised my temperatures around the state today. 100 in state capitol. this is very summer like, right? we are heading into the first day of june and we are talking about summer conditions. official sun up is 5:50 and today, we have temperatures going all the way up to 95 degrees in discovery bay. you know, if you have a friend with a boat, go for it. 85 in santa rosa. extended forecast, a string of sunshiney days until we spike our temperatures friday and saturday. that's a look at the forecast, make it a good one.
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in southeast texas, concerns as the river continues to rise. six people died in the mist of strong rain and flooding. in the town of rosenburg, about 150 homes were evacuated and the officials are warning it's important to have a back up plan. >> well, at this point, we want our citizens to take this situation seriously. if people think they remember 1994, they need to add about 2 1/2 feet to that. it's probably going to make them uncomfortable. >> more rain on the way, experts are saying that the water could rise another 2 1/2 feet. we'll be right back. ,,
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state's stephen curry... tag th good morning everybody from oracle where the warriors accomplished something many thought they could not accomplish, and that's coming back from a 3-1 deficit. it looked like a dis aster for the warriors. curry's three put them up 57-54 and they did not look back. they out scored the thunder in the fourth quarter and they wan it 96-88. and history for the sharks in pittsburgh. the franchise's first stanley cup game in 25 years. patrick par -- mar low with the equalizer.
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the penguins hold onto win 3-2. they take the early series lead. game two will be on wednesday. so, the sharks lose, but still, what moment of history for the bay area as the sharks are on the finals, the warriors are in the finals. by the way, the feeling in the locker room is that the warriors were a better team as a result of this series. it took them to come back from the deficit. i'm dennis o'donnell. and the play of the di, back to the -- day back to the warriors' game. steph curry. look at those ball handing skills going off the glass for the buzzer batedder before halftime. again, the warriors go onto win this game, the seventh and deciding game. they are heading to the nba
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finals. it is 6:25 right now. silicon valley is a hot bed of production, but now the north bay may be getting in on the action. >> reporter: bernie sanders will be stopping here today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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veterans. today, donald trump is promising to respond to concerns over money he raised for veterans. >> reporter: we are live at the oracle arena, the dubs are heading to the nba finals.
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>> and what a day we have for you, it's going to be hotter. and we are getting initial reports of what sounds like an accident on the san mateo bridge. we are checking with the the k chp to bring you the latest. >> good morning, i'm kenny chou. >> and i'm michelle griego. with the primary just a week a way, bernie sanders is spending a lot of time in the bay area. >> reporter: michelle, health care is what we are expecting bernie sanders to focus on today. yesterday, he was in oakland where things got a little bit rowdy. protesters caused the secret service rushing the stage and getting sanders to a safe space. >> i talk to, i cannot tell you how many people, young people
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who graduate college with $30,000, $50,000, $70,000 in debt. they are paying off that debt for decades and it's hard for them to find decent jobs. >> reporter: our primary is about a week away and sanders is using the time to visit as many places as possible. in emeryville, jackie reporting. >> even though hillary clinton seems to be the candidate, sanders' is not losing steam. >> reporter: he is saying that he has the ability to win the nomination, the key is in winning over the super delegates. donald trump returns to northern california tomorrow. he will hold a rally at the same time sanders will be speaking in davis. later today, trump says he will set the record straight on
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money he raised for veterans. >> we just cracked $6 million, right? >> back in january, trump skipped a fox news sponsored debate to attend a fundraiser for vets. since then, supporters have asked how much money was raised and gotten contra districting information. >> donald trump talking about veterans, the guy who avoided the draft with a series of de fearments. -- deferments. >> trump said he donated $1 million of his own money for the fundraiser. well, early voting happens today in contra costa county. the polling sites will be opened from 11:00-6:00 today
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through friday and on saturday as well. this fire briefly shut down a highway in snow ma county yesterday. a barn burst into flames just before 4:00. several parked cars were also torched authorities closed highway 116 while the firefighters put out the flames. the cause is under investigation. and that's not all that's keeping emergency crews busy. they rescued two people from the waters yesterday. a person was pulled from the water near ocean beach and another on pier 30. let's check the weather with roberta. we have a beach hazard in effect. i have that coming up, but i want to share with you, it's going to be hot in the inland areas, but if you want to head to the coast, this is what you will find. isn't that a blanket? >> it is!
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we have cleared out a lot sooner than 24 hours around the bay. we have temperatures pretty uniform due to blanket that's covered the area. we expect some big breakers, some energetic swells. if you are walking along the coast, please be very mindful of those conditions. today, 5 degrees above average in san francisco. peninsula from the mid 70s to the mid 80s and the santa clara valley in the 8 0s. east bay, up to 95 degrees up from 94 yesterday. you will feel the difference. 84 in novato. here's liz. a busy morning. you know, chopper 5, we sent the chopper over to the san mateo bridge area because we were getting the initial
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reports of a big rig going over the embankment. the reports are saying that it all happened just past the toll plaza, eastbound 92. we have been looking from the view on chopper 5 and so far, we can't see anything and can't see an impact of traffic so it is in the counter direction. we were seeing slow downs for a while at the toll plaza. no longer the case. we are trying to get more details with chp, but we know the emergency units are at least respond tog the initial reports. initial reports of a big rig over the embankment. all right, let's give you an update on mass transit. a train number one was stalled out because of the mechanical issue. now, ace train number 3, a ripple effect. kind of a rough start for the
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commuters. the rest of the mass transit including bart on time. that's the latest kcbs drive on your ride to work. >> thank you. san francisco's interim police chief is expected to hear about controversies involving his department including a text messaging scandal and a resignation. today's meeting will be at the play land bar at 5:30. in santa rosa, the police are looking for three suspects to allegedly stabbed a man walking along a trail. the victim said he was attacked by three hispanic men in their early 20s. he suffered a stab wound in his upper torso. today, the velajo
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officials will discuss building a plant on the north bay. the island was chosen because the proximity to the valley. a prototype car that looks like a batmobile is planned. the city leaders are enthusiastic about the project. >> it's always been the city's objective that we were hoping to attract, um, entities to the island that would create jobs, and an investment. >> the island plant would include a center where the customers could learn about the products and techtology and road test finished cars. all right, we shouted and honestly bit our nails.
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the warriors clenched game seven and they are on the way to the nba finals. >> yeah, look at my nails. they are shattered. >> reporter: yeah, you know, i think i'm going to need some vacation time after the game with the thunder. maybe do some yoga or meditate. we are going to enjoy highlights over the next three days as well get ready for game one with the cavs. the tickets go on sale this morning at 10:00 for the season ticketholders and this afternoon for the others. the dubs were down. only one three pointer in the first quarter. andre igadola there. curry lit up. the baby face in fashion.
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okc serged in the fourth quarter, bringing their team back by as many as 4 points, but it was not enough. >> we have seen down teams, they have never seen a 7-3 team win down 3-1. let's continue to do the things they have not seen. >> it's the most amazing thing that i have seen in my life. i have been a golden state fan for years and this is the best. curry, mvp, baby, on the way. >> reporter: the team gets the trophy. as curry says, enjoy the moment, saver it, and move on against the cavs thursday at 6:00. we are live, kpxi 5. time now is 6: 39, a shark
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attack is prompting precautions along the coast. and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the board right now. you can see the dow is up about five points. coming up, we will have an update. if rs
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welcome back. we are still following this breaking news getting our first picture from chopper 5 of this big rig that went down the embankment. this is the eastbound lanes of highway 92 just passed the toll plaza. we are not sure about injuries to the driver at this point. you can see crews on the scene. they are checking for a possible fuel leak. they think that lane number
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three is going to be blocked for some time. typically, that means a half an hour or more. good morning everybody, 6:44 in the morning, i'm going to take you for a ride around the bay area. stepping out, you can expect 60s at the beach today. mid 80s in clara valley. peaking today in sonoma valley. in china, a massive landslide is caught on cell phone video. you can see the earth is starting to crumble. crews are out clearing the road, but officials say it may take a day or two to clear out the earth. it appears the north may be testing weapons again.
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a failed launch was issued. the united nations has banned north korea from using any missill technology. good news on the economy. americans seem more willing to spend some money. the commerce department reported that consumer spending was up 1%, the strongest game in over six years. the incomes were up as well. that's good news. consumers also dipping into their savings a bit more as the savings rate fell from the prior month. gas prices are high. we did see a pretty good rise in spending on durable goods, longer lasting items made at factories. car and truck sels were up. -- sales were up. this could lead to a rate hike
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at the june meeting. the shoe lar index showed a 5 1/2 point gain. the bay area tied for fourth with dallas. on a month over basis, the bay area continues to see gains with the prices up by 2%. despite the increase in prices, we are seeing the home sales on the rise. the dow is up by 4 points, nasdaq gaining 8 and the s and p up by one' point in the early going. >> thank you, jason. and let's check back in with liz now for that traffic alert. yeah, still problems on the san mateo bridge. chopper 5 giving us some pretty good pictures of the rig on the
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side this is on 92 just passed the toll plaza. we are not seeing a counter delay because of that. the main concern was a fuel leak. they have blocked that lane for emergency crews while they potentially unload the big rig. we are not sure what's inside. it could be blocked for some time. the westbound lanes of 92 appear to be moving okay. we are seeing a touch of slow downs. again, it's a back to work tuesday after a long holiday weekend, so it appears to be a bit more crowded. the traffic alert likely in effect for some time. let's go to san jose now, we are seeing crowded conditions trying to get into downtown. this is northbound 280. you can see the back ups there. the southbound traffic looks okay. to the maps right now, we go to the bay bridge where they active vatted the meters lights
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this morning. it's been pretty solid through the maze. the drive time is at least a half an hour. you can see the drive time in the yellow there. we haven't seen too many incidents, though. 880 traffic looks great, no delays as you pass the coliseum. southbound traffic is moving out the limit. that's the latest kcbs traffic. let's get the update on the trass. i am just loving the weather camera looking out over that blanket of low clouds and fog over the city of san francisco. there you have it right there. the clouds are backed up to the coast. we are clearing out of the bay, the rim of the bay. the temperatures at 47 degrees in santa rosa to 58 in livermore. this is one of the weather watchers who says no wind, but
6:49 am
a heavy marine layer. by lunch hour, easily, the peninsula will be cleared. santa clara valley as well. you will see a little bit of partial clearing, but, the temperatures are effected. 55degrees, so refreshing along the beaches today. downright hot in the inland areas and holding onto the weather pattern until friday when we spike. there you have the clouds stacked up along the coast where you have a beach hazard that went in effect until thursday evening. please be mindful of that as you head to the coast for relief. here you have the area of high pressure. we have temperatures responding. triple digits, sacramento today through ucia. thunderstorms a possibility in
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sierras. 70degrees once the june gloom lists on this last day of may. there's your official sun up and downtown. temperature wise, we have the 60s beaches. here you have the string of sunshiney warm days until blistering hot on saturday. have a great back to workday, everyone. all right, swimmers are not allowed in the waters along the coastline after a shark attack. warning signs are posted along new port beach. on sunday, a shark bit a swimmer. one witness said she saw the victim and the family running toward her. >> they looked somber and in a big hurry to get over there. >> the victim underwent surgery
6:51 am
and is expected to survive. after a gorilla was shot and killed, an inspection is looking to see if anything could be improved. a 4-year-old got into the enclosement and up close with harambe. the staff felt they had no choice but to fatally shoot the animal. the zoo insists it's a safe place for visitors. and we are just days away from our state primary. bernie sanders is doing what he can do connect with as many california voters as possible. ,,,,,,,,
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ more rain is on the way for parts of texas...already hi deadly floods. crews near
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five things you need to know at the 55. more rain on the way for texas after much flooding. monday, the rivers overflowed their banks. about 20-inches of rain has fallen in texas over the past couple of days. anchts fbi agent could be suspend or fired after a gun was stolen from his car. the agent left his gun in the car when ten minutes later, his gun and badge were gone. if you are a warriors' fan, tickets for the nba finals will go on sell this morning. season ticketholders can guy tickets for games 1, 2 and 5 this morning starting at 10:00. others can get them starting at 5:00 on the website. all registered voters in
6:56 am
the county can stop by any of the seven locations between 11:00 and 6:00 through friday. they are open on saturday as well. presumptive gop nominee donald trump will hold a press conference today to discuss the millions of dollars railed for veterans. reporters have not been able to determine how much money was raised and how much has been distributed. >> reporter: i'm jackie ward. bernie sanders will discuss health care today. he was in oakland yesterday where he discussed a number of topics. sanders says he has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people which he believes will result in victory. >> what we are doing is a
6:57 am
grass roots kind of face to face campaign. >> reporter: he will be in santa cruz and monta ray. and back out to traffic in hayward near the san mateo bridge, they are still looking for signs of a fuel leak. it's blocking one lane, rather crews are blocking one lane just east of the toll plaza on 92. it is causing maybe a slight delay as you approach the scene. let's go to south bay right now. we are seeing a lot of slow downs. an update on ace train, it's been a rough morning for some commuters. ace train was canceled after a mechanical failure. ace train number 3 is about 40 minutes behind schedule. it's worse than when we made this initial graphic. it's about 40 minutes delayed.
6:58 am
>> so, does it feel like it's a back to workday? >> yes, it does, lots of craziness out there. earlier there was a burn off, a few clouds stacked up against the santa cruz mountains. the temperature has jumped to 61 degrees in san jose. wow. slow to downtown this morning at livermore, 59 degrees. 48 in san jose. beach hazard statement in effect today, some very strong rip current to the waist. if you are heading to the ocean, please be mindful of those had aireds. 70degrees in san francisco. 85 in santa rosa and mid 80s across the santa clara valley. a string of status weather conditions all the way through thursday, notice very little change then we spike on friday. we begin to see triple digits
6:59 am
on saturday with only modest cooling on sunday. you have to remember we have fire weather danger as far as the potential of a fire danger at any time. red flag warnings will likely be hoisted by the weekend. tonight will be a great time to look at mars and you won't need a telescope. it's closer than it's been in 11 years. this year, it's a mere 47 million miles away. now through friday, just look for a bright reddish star in the sky. >> be question, will we will able to see it? >> if we miss the marine layer, we will be able to see it. coming up, it will be 25 million miles away. >> a lot closer, but still
7:00 am
miles away. >> cbs morning news is coming up next, have a great day, everyone. in the west. it is tuesday may 31st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." rescuers face deadly floodwaters. water is still rising. >> donald trump will try to answer the $6 million question, what happened to the money he says he raised for veterans. >> gawker founder in studio 57. it's his first network interview since losing $140,000 judgment to hulk hogan and allegations peter thiel financed his event. >> your world in 90 seconds. >> she was getting very


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