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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 1, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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they're on the loose. kpix 5's betty yu is outsidn jose police headquarters wi the video cops want everyon see. betty. armed robbers barge into a store and terrorize an employee, tonight they are on the loose. betty is outside the san jose police headquarters with the video that every - - cops want to see. >> reporter: they are armed and dangerous and new video they will heads - - help them to catch these brazen robbers. these men ran out and appeared to know exactly where they were
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going and what they were after, wearing shades and gloves, gloves, this man comes in with a submachine gun. he races over to one of the employees with the gun raised and appears to knock her out cold and then images over to grab cash and other items and he even reaches into her pockets and steals from her. another camera captures a a second man with a black ski mask and a t-shirt. he was ransacking an arm - - and office. the two men make a run for it. and her family live on the same block as the story, she says for the most part, things have been quiet - - have been quiet. >> it is scary, the way that this world is becoming, thinking i have children and this could happen to us in plain sight, just like that. >> they ran in with guns and punched a woman and took the
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money, it is just crazy. >> that car is an early 2000's model with no front license plate. this armed robbery happened in late april. if you recognize them, call police. a worker died in an industrial accident and it was during the bottle rock music festival, festival, a beam next to the man's mainstage fell on top of him, the man is 35 years old and is from richmond. look at the size of it. a major california freeway, a main artery shut down because of a giant sinkhole, this is happening south of tracy, all of the northbound lanes will remain closed for several days. and chris explains what may have caused this sequel.
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>> reporter: crews have already asks - - excavated a large section of the interstate , they are digging through concrete, dirt, and rebar. a - - a crew spotted the sinkhole this morning. it didn't stay small for long, the whole is 15 feet and growing. by 4:00, crews were here ready to take and get to the bottom of the problem. >> we are tearing up the roadway to investigate where weather this sequel started to take place. >> we could have two deep - - dig 20 feet deep. >> at the interstate is closed through thursday. >> there was a lot of traffic coming over the pass. it was backed up. >> drivers were redirected to
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32 and 33 to avoid the sinkhole and as digging continues, some clues are merging about what may have gone wrong. >> we were looking into the fact that an irrigation pipe underneath could have been the cause, we are not sure but we are investigating. >> it is unclear when the interstate will reopen but crews will be out here 24 hours per day. a pair of teenagers will be tried as adults in the killing of a high school plus a - - and high school classmates. they are being charged with shooting death. there are two suspects seen arrested, a sixteen-year-old and a seventeen-year-old. they are also accused of attempted murder in the shooting and stabbing another student. twenty-one-year-old 21-year-old man faces charges
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for helping a suspect a suspect tied. and fbi agent has some expect - - explaining to do tonight after what happened when he was visiting san francisco. andrea has more from the newsroom. >> he will face discipline after the trip to the bay area turned into a run in with a car burglary crime. the tail has taken more twists and turns in the past 24 hours. we've learned that the glock 27 was recovered in an read this morning near the corner of keene and thomas in the bayview. swat teams rated the home after using surveillance video near alamo square to track it down. sources say that the gun and the fbi credentials and a badge all left in the backpack in the
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front seat of a car and 10 minutes after the agent stepped away, everything was gone. and according to a security analyst and special agent, leaving a gun in the backpack is against fbi protocol. said he didn't go here in a government car, so it would not have the necessary safety precautions, precautions, the lockbox, the pepper alarm, the chain on the trunk. >> the agent was on vacation with family from the oklahoma city office and was headed to the last nights game against the golden state warriors and oklahoma city for - - oklahoma city thunder. parks as it does not matter that the agent was not aware of the car breaking academic in san francisco. >> regardless of where you are, you are held to the same standards across all 56 field
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offices, it is unacceptable to leave that weapon in a car unattended. sue the gun was recovered but the credentials were not. the search and investigation are ongoing. >> another gun was left today less than 1 mile away. someone broke into a parked car and stole three guns, the owner had just gone to a shooting range. >> and a patrol officer in san francisco could soon be equipped with a buddy camera. the agreement was announced late today. if he gets the green light, the cameras will be rolled out beginning august 1st. that is all part of the drive to keep officers accountable and repair trumpet - - public trust. and rank and file police
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officers said that - - they see they welcome by the cameras as a tool to effectively strengthen accountability and improve public safety. >> if there is a large turnout, we will win. >> bernie sanders is crossing california and trying to snag every vote that he can. he held a rally in santa cruz this afternoon and earlier today he spoke to some doctors, nurses, and other professionals at the hyatt hotel. one topic is universal healthcare plans. and tomorrow he will say rally in palo alto. and hillary clinton is being endorsed for president. he wrote on his website this is the only path toward pregnancy and stopping the candidacy of donald trump. brown is looking past his
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bitter history with the clintons, check out this clip from 1992. >> he is funneling money to his wife's law firm. >> you are not worth being on the same platform as my wife. >> that is jerry brown and bill clinton competing for the nomination just 24 years ago. the endorsement comes one week before the california primary, 475 delegates are up for grabs. and trump will be back in northern california tomorrow, the presumptive nominee is holding a rally at the sacramento international airport, airport, starting at 7:00 p.m. the enemy has landed, the cavaliers are in warriors territories nice, they are staying at the four seasons, joe was there right no the two teams and their fans are ready for a rematch. >> everybody is getting ready, james and his team arrived late
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this afternoon to a small crowd for a big series of games. >> what are your thoughts about seeing lebron james? >> he is the same old lebron james. >> the cavaliers are here for a rematch against steph curry and the golden state warriors, also an improved team. fresh off of the game seven victory last night. this couple from dallas has mixed feelings. >> we hope he will bring home the championship. >> you are not even from the san francisco. you want golden state to in? snoo yes, i am with you 20 years ago and i want to come back, yes, the golden state warriors all the way. >> i'm so excited. >> you realize this is warriors
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territory. >> i am excited. >> warriors merchandise is already highly popular and now it is flying off of the shelves. nba officials tell me the steph curry jersey is the number one seller for the second year in a row. >> what compels you to get all of the merchandise today? >> support, we want to be there to support them. >> yesterday another team was staying at the same hotel. the oklahoma city thunder hotel guest told me he saw them leaving this morning, looking dejected. a lot of folks are hoping to run james and company will leave the same way. new clues in the search for a kidnapped a kidnapped teenager, snide, however backpack could help to crack the case. >> this bay area lawn is the >> this bay area lawn is the scene of a bizarre crime, ,,,,,,
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amsleep number beds with you with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. bernardino shooter from get a big payout. today federal prosecutors f a lawsuit to keep the famil syed fahrook, from collecti nearly 300-thousand dollarsn life insurance. the suit tonight, the feds are suing the family of the san bernardino shooter to stop them from getting a big payout, they are fighting to keep them from collecting $300,000 in life insurance.
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the suit claims that he had already become radicalized when he took out the policies in 2012 and in 2013 and for that reason, executors say that the money should be seized by the government. >> new clues in the search for a alejo teenager who was kidnapped one week ago, authorities released an image of the kidnappers car with the stickers on the back. they want to hear from anyone who may have seen it so they can get a a better idea where it was and when, and another picture shows a backpack pro was carrying. county deputies are asking business owners to check surveillance footage. >> as the search continues and gets more desperate, local authorities are reaching out to local businesses in the hopes that they can help. >> billy sees hundreds of cars per day whether he is selling them or watching them drive by, but today he was looking
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through security footage for one in particular, this gold standard - - saturn with a yellow bumper sticker - - sticker, sticker, driven by the man who abducted perl. >> i've got great cameras, high- tech security here. >> his camera did not catch anything, but between the backpack she was wearing and her captors card details, they hope it will bring her home. deputies checked down the man they say kidnapped perl and was killed in a shootout in santa barbara county, but they did not find the missing girl. >> we are learning more about a driver accused of running over and killing two dogs at saratoga, it turns out thomas turns out he is a professional dog walker. chris iles owns a dog walking company. police arrested him on
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suspicion of running over these dogs, these labradors on leashes were pulled under the truck and the owner was knocked to the ground. >> he did give us a statement. he stated - - did state that he was in the area but he was not aware that he hits the dog - - hit the dogs or the victim. >> he was found with two of his clients dogs, he did not return our calls. >> a woman did her part to conserve during the drought. it turns out that made her a target for thieves. leah shows us what she is doing to guide guard her turf, that is, her astroturf. >> you know the saying, the dress is not always greener, in greener, in this case it is true. sandy's lawn, rather artificial grass, it was stolen early sunday morning. her neighbor first spotted the gravel yard. >> i said what's wrong, didn't
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you like your grass? and she said i love you - - i love my grass and she said it's gone and i said once? >> this synthetic turf is apparently hot property and it is expensive, nor is it easy to steal. >> you will have to tear and rip something in order to steal it. >> sandy has a security alarm set up and now is going to install cameras outside of her home. until then, she is parking her car on the lawn that they did not take so it won't happen again. >> are you keeping the car there? snoo i've been moving it down during the day but i put it up there at night. >> it will cost her up to $1500 to replace her astroturf and in the meantime, she is keeping her car parked on the line so it stays put. typically these leaves will steal the astroturf and sell it online. >> the mother of a 4-year-old
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boy who fell into a gorilla exhibit in cincinnati could be facing criminal charges. the video shows the guerrilla tracking the boy through the exhibit, it happened over the weekend at the zoo, the superficial so that they had to shoot the animal in order to protect the child. >> police are trying to figure out how he made his way beyond the fence and then threw an additional 4 feet of plants and shrubs before falling 15 feet into the habitat. the incident has raised some question about the zoo you security. >> some barriers look like climbing apparatuses, apparatuses, or jungle gyms, and a momentary scratch - - distraction can have disastrous results. >> there has been a lot of
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online backlash against the mother who has even received death threats. >> a bbc lien is saved tonight after being found stranded in sacramento. it was found least - - late last night, shivering in a stairwell. he was malnourished and only weighed 67 pounds. he was taken to the marine mammal center. s n o w we've seen a lot of that, seals having a problem with the water, ocean temperatures have been offkilter, so the food they normally eat has not been what it is supposed to be. some animals are not doing well with other food sources. half moon bay is 59 degrees for the high, 33 miles away it was 42 degrees hotter. san ramon hit triple digits, 101 degrees. and look at the colors of the sunset, they are gorgeous. still 73 in santa rosa is already down to 54.
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we cool to the lower to middle 50s tomorrow night. santa rosa is at 51, pacific is at 51, concorde at 56 degrees, let's talk hyper weather it - - local weather, we will see a slightly stronger onshore flow. half moon bay is very little difference. you will stay chili with a little bit more of a push. temperatures are about 7 degrees cooler, still hot, still above average, but it is a change tomorrow compared to today. on the bigger scale, the big ridge is not moving. the weather will stay warm and hot until saturday with the earliest cooling winds returning in and the onshore flow returning. some fog in and around the bay. tomorrow, inland, it will not be as warm but it still is hot out there, and the wind will temporarily turn offshore for all of us, with increasing
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temperatures by the end of the week. livermore a degrees cooler than today. san jose at 86, napa at 83, pacifica is only 60 degrees. the hottest weather on friday and saturday, hitting 80s near the bay, and how about widespread triple digits? then staying cooler, 80s, sunday is cloudy, with a slight chance a slight chance of mountain thunderstorms, but it will stay out and away from the water. this fish is foun,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is a pacu. the exotic fish has human-like teeth. it's a close relative of the piranha. 'juan gallo reeled it in - at lucchesi . sent a bay area fisherman caught this at a petaluma pond, this is a pocket guide has human - - chief - - teeth that look like human teeth.
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it was real then at a local park. >> it came out of the water and started flopping on the land. what did you do? >> i just kind of held all - - held it there. so you jumped on the fish? >> no one is sure how it ended up in petaluma. these pocket are sometimes sold at pet stores but are illegal at california. another pocket was caught last year. >> it - - >> i will not be swimming. >> a a giant celebration of a birthday with the best game of the year fo,,,,,,
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greatly exaggerated.. the giants right hander celbrated his 35th birthdayh his best start of the seaso seven-shut out innings allo just one-hit while striking three against atla stealing a line, the news of jake's demise is greatly that - - exaggerated, exaggerated, he starts his 35th birthday with his seventh shutout of the season, lowering his era from nine to 6.34 over his last few starts. his highlight came in the six. scoring all the way from first base, he ran through the stop sign, sign, that is the
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difference maker, they finish with a 21-8 record, perhaps the demise exaggerated as well, and the former twin can't beat for his eighth home run of the year. bottom of the eighth, 5-4, stephen comes up with a huge to the local run the files to run. that is their fourth straight win and when the warriors were down 3-1 to the offender, many wondered if steph curry was healthy. the curry flurry and his head coach saw it coming. >> i could tell he was starting to feel like himself. i told our coaching staff i had no doubt he would have a huge game. he looked right again. >> when is it better to take a drop them a drop in the water?
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[ laughing ] he lost his balance as soon as he lost the golf ball. his buddies got a kick out of it. but what if there was that 15- foot alligator in the ,,
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colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30.
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