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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 3, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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and put them in your bed, too. [ laughter ] captions by: caption colorado jew judo judo. friday june 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a violent scene on the presidential campaign trail. he said hillary clinton should go to jail. she should he could start a nuclear war. a symbol recovers from near extinction extinction.
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america the beautiful. >> but first your world in 90 seconds. >> suffered a tragic accident where we lost five of our soldiers. >> a desperate search for missing soldiers and ft. hood. >> with the continuing downpour we will face sustained challenges. texas will be there by your side. >> trump supporters were taunted and attacked outside a rally in california. >> grabbed me and started following me. >> even if i weren't in this race, i would be doing everything i could to make sure trump never becomes president. >> after what she said in her phony speech i will say this hillary clinton has to go to jail. okay? she has to go to jail. >> the shooting at ucla double murder across two states. >> in minneapolis, a list was located that had professor klug's name on it and the name of the female victim. >> f-18 crashed and burst into flames. the pilot was killed. >> no no no. >> the death of prince self-induced but accidental.
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an overdose from a pain medication more powerful than heroin. >> chaos in an ohio courtroom when a father charged his daughter's killer. >> all that -- >> warriors kick game one courtesy of their bench. >> this it is boy had never been on a roller coaster and his reported reaction. >> all that matters. >> president obama spoke at the air force academy graduation. >> you have more than earned your unofficial moto which is a great moto although it does sound like something out of "game of thrones." >> on "cbs this morning." >> have you ever been downloading something online and halfway through it froze and couldn't go anywhere? think steph curry's puberty. >> look like jar jar binks. i don't know who that is. >> pretty sure reggie miller's
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ears provide wi-fi. >> oh, my god, they do. >> this morning's eye-opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning" this morning. the already bitter fight between donald trump and hillary clinton has reached a whole new level, a day that began with clinton blasting trump ended with demonstrators attacking his supporters. it happened after a trump event in san jose. protesters punched ralligoers kicked their cars and burned trump's signature baseball caps. during that rally, trump hammered clinton for calling him unprepared and unfit for the white house. >> after what she said about me today in her phony speech -- that was a phony speech. that was a donald trump hit job. i will say this hillary clinton has to go to jail okay she has to go to jail.
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>> nancy cordes is in culver city, california, with clinton's new offensive. first we want to go to major garrett at the site of last night's trump rally. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after the trump rally protesters left the designated protest zone and began trying to get to trump supporters. violent action ensued all part of intense environment around the trump rallies, fueled by some intense rhetoric. demonstrations turned violent again outside donald trump's evening rally. the convention center surrounded, attacked by anti-trump protesters many carrying mexican flags. yet another example of a country divided by what these californians view as hateful rhetoric. >> latinos for trump. that's what i like.
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latinos. >> inside the rally trump insisted hispanic voters will rally around him. >> we're doing well with latinos. nobody knows about it yet. >> trump gave more ammunition hours earlier telling "wall street journal" indiana judge presiding over class action suit against trump university had, quote, an absolute conflict of interest because he was of mexican heritage. in march house speaker paul ryan issued this warning to trump. >> this party does not prey on people's prejudices. >> on thursday ryan became the latest high-profile republican to line up behind him. >> my goal is to make sure we're unified, full strength in the fall so we can win the election. >> last night trump again used divisive rhetoric invoking race tensions between clintons and obama. >> remember hillary clinton used to hate obama.
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bill clinton hated him. he called bill clinton a racist. remember that? >> he wait add while for paul ryan's endorsement, he did not even mention it to his rally crowd focusing all his attention on hillary clinton. chairman john podesta took to twitter after the rally denouncing the violence visited upon trump supporters. >> that was tough to watch. thank you very much major. hillary clinton says electing donald trump would be a, quote historic mistake. she held almost nothing back yesterday calling donald trump unfit to lead and saying his foreign policy ideas make no sense. nancy cordes in culver city outside los angeles where clinton supporters will gather in just a few hours. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. trump did not take kindly to clinton's speech. he said if elected he will sick his attorney general on her, and that she should go to prison. the clinton camp said it's just more proof that he's too volatile to be entrusted with the nuclear codes or command of the military. >> i watched hillary today.
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it was pathetic. >> the speech trump found pathetic is exactly what democrats had been waiting to hear. >> he is not just unprepared, he is temperamentally unfit. >> he defended his temperament in san jose. >> my temp ram is so much tougher and so much better than his temperament. >> reporter: he did get worked up during an attack on clinton's use of a private e-mail user. >> she's guilty as hell. anything obama wants she's going forward with. you know why? she doesn't want to go to jail. that's why, folks? >> hours before clinton had given a 35-minute point by point critique of what she called trump's dangerously incoherent ideas. >> they aren't even really ideas, just a series of bizarre rants, personal views and outright lies. >> she says he is too cavalier about u.s. alliances.
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>> nato is obsolete. >> reporter: even as he praises brutal dictators like vladimir putin and north korea's kim jong-un. >> he wibd out the uncle, this one, that one. this guy doesn't play games. >> i'll leave it to psychiatrist to explain his affection for tyrants. >> reporter: former secretary of state argued trump is too erratic, too hot-tempered for a job that requires a cool head. >> bragging mocking, composing nasty tweets. i'm willing to bet he's writing a few right now. >> reporter: he only said two during the speech accusing her of incompetence and reading poorly from the teleprompter. >> to watch her is like sominex. you ever hear of sominex? sleep all night, bing president clinton clinton's democratic opponent agreed but argued she has her own weaknesses on foreign policy including her vote for the war in iraq and her
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support for regime change in libya, which has had mixed results. >> thank you, nancy. on "face the nation" john dickerson talks with donald trump in california. that is this sunday right here on cbs. rescues crews in texas are searching this morning for four soldiers swept away in deadly flooding. five other troops from ft. hood died yesterday in a training exercise. their truck overturned at a water crossing. three were rescued and are in stable condition. rain continues to batter texas much as the state remains under flood warnings and watches. david begnaud outside with the rescue effort. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in the last hour wets an update from officials at ft. hood. right now there's an active search to find those soldiers who remain missing this morning. four of them. five have already been confirmed dead. i asked one of the military officials, did those soldiers know how to swim. we were told they did. it was in the middle of a training exercise when flash
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flooding apparently washed away their military vehicle. >> our priority has been since the first report of this incident and continues to be the search for our four missing teammates. >> the bodies of several soldiers have been pulled from a flooded creek at ft. hood. twelve troops were inside of a tactical vehicle during a thursday morning training exercise when their 2.5 ton truck was washed away from a low water crossing. the vehicle overturned setting off a desperate search and rescue effort. so far the three soldiers rescued are in stable condition. heavy rains have battered central texas and ft. hood area in recent days. a retired ft. hood soldier says in some cases training continues despite the weather. >> no, no no no. >> reporter: severe weather continues to ravage the lone star state. this driver in granbury near ft. worth drove into an overflowing
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creek. the fast-moving water overtook the vehicle and pinned it against a tree. >> get out. get out. get out. >> the driver and a passenger were able to climb out of the submerged vehicle unharmed. across texas relentless rainfall and deadly flooding have prompted a disaster declaration in 31 counties. >> we will face sustained challenges for a few more days and then we will be a part of the process of rebuilding the lives of individuals, of homes, of counties and communities. >> back here at ft. hood you'll notice in the area around the city flags have already been lowered as a sign of respect given the tragedy that has taken place here. the military not yet released the name of the soldiers who died. they have a protocol that says they notify the family first and public 24 hours later. >> thank you very much david. the famed blue angels will not fly this weekend as planned after a deadly accident.
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a blue angels jet crashed and exploded in a huge fireball yesterday during a practice run in tennessee. this is the first blue angels crash in nearly a decade. the pilot was marine captain jeff kuss. he was killed. our michelle miller flew with him last spring. michelle, i remember the story. this must have been hard to hear. >> it was hard for me as well as vladimir who flew with him. good morning. when i met captain kuss it was clear he was living his dream. not only was he decorated member of the military, kuss was friendly, he was steadfast and determined to inspire the next generation to reach new heights. >> no! oh, no no no. >> a crash of the blue angel jet, part of the navy's elite flying force was marked by a plume of black smoke and flames. the most famous flying squad in america was practicing for the great tennessee air show when
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the f-18 hornet crashed just after 3:00 in the afternoon near the airport in smyrna, tennessee. the five remaining jets landed safely. captain jeff kuss was killed. he was piloting plane number six. >> here we go. are you excited? >> a little bit. >> reporter: last year i had the privilege of being a passenger flying along with captain kuss. >> lift off. >> reporter: he was exactly where he wanted to be. >> i got my pilot's license when i was 17. i wanted to get in the military and fly the fastest, meanest thing they could give me and this is it. the hornet is it. >> reporter: early thursday the blue angels had a successful practice flight over nashville. but just hours later, tragedy. as night fell in smyrna, hundreds of people met at this park and held tribute to the pilot. >> i smite every time i get in
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the jet. >> reporter: captain kuss said he was proud to represent the navy and marine corps with excellence. >> i was once the the little kid we see at the crowd line 2 feet tall looking up at the skies. to have that dream realized for me is an absolute honor. >> jeff kuss was just 32 years old. according to blue angels the colorado native was a married father of two children. the u.s. military and faa are investigating this crash. >> so sad, michelle. normally you see these stories but we don't know the people, but you know him. it really does make a difference. >> any idea what happened? >> no idea at this point. i minked to him that lever, that lever. he said i would only eject if everyone on the ground was safe. we'll see. >> 32. thank you, michelle. >> thank you. this is the aftermath of another military crash earlier today that happened near colorado springs. a member of the u.s. air force thunder birds.
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he ejected before his f-16 slammed into a field. it happened after he flew over commencement ceremony for air force cadets and president obama was there speaking. the president met the pilot before leaving colorado shook his hand and thanked him for his service. the man that gunned down a ucla professor had what police say is a kill list. investigators continue searching for the vehicle that mimicked the car from minnesota. that is where they found the body of his estranged wife. the professor's widow shares her grief after wednesday's terror. carter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. sarkar left a note here at the scene of the shooting asking police to check on his cat in minnesota. it was there that they found his so-called kill list. and another victim. when police swarmed ucla campus to find shooter, sarkar.
7:16 am
sarkar former graduate student shot professor klug and killed himself at klug's office wednesday morning. during a search of sarkar's office in minnesota, police found a kill list with three names, professor klug an unidentified ucla professor and ashley hastei sarkar's estranged wife. she was found dead in her home. >> we believe at this appoint she was deceased prior to the ucla shooting. >> police believe sarkar killed her before driving to los angeles to confront the two professors. he was only able to find one. >> certainly he had enough rounds of ammunition on him, enough -- two pistols, he could have caused many more fatalities. >> reporter: sarkar a phd student apparently harbored a grudge against professor klug who he accused of stealing his computer code. back in march sarkar called the
7:17 am
professor a very sick person and told other students be careful. criminal profilers say his behavior fits a distinct pattern. >> this shooter is what i call an injustice collector. my sense is what we'll find is this individual's life was falling apart and he was blaming these two professors from years ago. >> he loved every single one of us. >> reporter: hundreds of students gathered thursday night on ucla's campus to honor professor klug a father of two. his wife issued a statement saying this is an indescribable loss. i will miss him every day for the rest of my life. police say the two handguns sarkar was carrying with him were both legally purchased in minnesota, at least one of them was registered to him. >> thanks carter. iraq's army and allies moving this morning into the isis held city of fallujah. new video shows government troops on the move towards the last isis stronghold in western iraq. retired general david petraeus discussed iraq on my pbs
7:18 am
program. the cia director talked about a time line for recapturing cities held by isis. >> i think we are starting to win, without question. we're certainly making gains. now, in fact it actually allows us and really requires us to focus on the real center of gravity in iraq which is why this went all wrong in the first place, which is iraqi politics. >> it's possible possible that before this president leaves office they could retake fallujah mosul and raqqah. >> i don't know if i'd bet on that. two out of three wouldn't be bad, and that's not inconceivable. i just wouldn't rule out raqqah i guess, because you could see some kind of perhaps collapse at some point when they are cut off from their turkish supply lines, encircled more. wouldn't rule that out.
7:19 am
fallujah is going to go down on this president's watch, can mosul be taken down as well and what kind of pressure can you bring on raqqah. again, you just can't focus on this. you have to keep pressure on islamic state elements in libya that became quite worrisome and troublesome. you can't let the nation islamic state in afghanistan develop any critical mass keep an eye on yemen and all the rest. by and large, there is a pretty coherent effort that is now ongoing, and it is starting to bear fruit. >> he believed that the president has ratcheted up things. they clearly want to have specific objectives achieved before they leave office. >> stop isis in its tracks. really interesting. thank you. a 7-year-old boy survives a week on his own in a remote japanese forest. ahead, how his emotional
7:20 am
an autopsy shows prince died
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from the same painkiller blamed for a wave of deadly overdoses. >> ahead, the search for a reason why the pop star used that powerful drug. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." james drove his rav4 hybrid into no-man's-land... ...and stumbled upon some stranded enthusiasts. he shared his sandwiches. he rescued their rover. he observed their methods... ...and was invited to join the crew for the remainder of the mission. no. james left to discover new frontiers... ...and potable water. how far will you take the all-new rav4 hybrid? toyota. let's go places.
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ahead how users on tax to vote on this november. the half-cent sales tax hike would allow for repairs on damaged roads... plus public it's 6:26. i'm anne makovec. voters in santa clara county have a transit tax to vote on in november. the half cent sales tax would repair damaged roads and public transit improvements. alameda county sheriff's deputies hoping the person who owns these 30 goats comes forward soon. the deputies have been caring for them at a pen near the santa rita jail since they rescued the abandoned animals on a hillside in dublin. coming up on kpix 5, airbnb banned a north carolina host from the popular site. traffic and weather in just a moment. coming up.
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good morning. i'm sandra osborne in the "kcbs traffic center." we are keeping an eye on one crash in sunnyvale. it's moved off to the side of the road northbound 85. delays, speeds down to 36 miles per hour. elsewhere in the south bay you can see our sensors seeing orange and red. 101 from i680 to 237, right now a 23-minute drive time. roberta? >> hey, thanks, sandra. good morning, everybody. we have had a little bit of light fog developing off the coast surging into the bay from the golden gate bridge and now it's already wiping away. we are revealing lots of sunshine today and today will pan out to be the hottest day this workweek. it's currently 52 in santa rosa to 62 degrees in san jose. 60s beaches 70s bay 80s around the peninsula through the 90s to 100 degrees inland. cooler saturday.
7:29 am
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bruce lee would be proud.o and motto. just one hard shot. i bet he grew up taking karate lessons. >> cool last night in game one of the nba finals. cleveland was making the second half rally. said it was better to take his anger out on a white board than a player. the warriors regrouped with solid play off the bench. back-up guard shawn livingston scored 20 points in their 104-89 victory, game two sunday in oakland. what happened last night is the second team of the warriors beat the first team of the cavaliers. >> they were kind of breathtaking to watch. listen cleveland is not by any means. >> do not count lebron out. >> it would be nice for
7:31 am
cleveland and lebron, i get it but warriors are awful fun to watch. >> i stayed it in until halftime, then i was like got to go to bed. >> hit your clipboard when you're mad. "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour an autopsy confirms pop star prince died of an accidental overdose. questions remain over how the music icon obtained the prescription drug and why he was using it in the first place. a frantic search for a missing 7-year-old boy in japan is over. get this his parents abandoned him in the woods as a punishment. had the dad's emotional reaction after learning his child is safe. >> to show you this morning's headlines and this sad news "washington post" reports muhammad ali is hospitalized with breathing problems. an ali supposeman said he's in fair condition and describes his stay as precautionary. the 70-year-old boxes great was first hospitalized last year. he's suffered from parkinson's
7:32 am
disease for more than three decades. "usa today" reports on a disappointing jobs report from the labor department. employers added just 38,000 jobs in may and that is the smallest number in more than five years. analysts say slow growth is making businesses nervous. the unemployment rate fell to 4.7% because nearly half a million americans stopped looking for work. >> the cincinnati inquirer reports on whether there will be charges in the death of a gorilla at cincinnati zoo and botanical garden. the family of the 3-year-old boy who found its way into an enclosure is now under investigation. zoo officials killed the endangered ape. in response they are raising the enclosure, 3.5 feet tall. a lot of people waiting to see what will happen here. many hope no charges will be leveled against the family. imagine the trauma the little boy is going through. nobody is talking about that. nobody wanted the gorilla to die. >> compounding the tragedy.
7:33 am
>> there was no choice. official cause for death of pop star prince. autopsy report shows he died from accidental overdose of fentanyl fentanyl powerful opiate painkiller. officials want to know why he was using the drug. outside his estate in minnesota. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. one of the big questions is whether or not prince had a prescription for fentanyl. if not, how did he gets it? ♪ >> reporter: on stage his style was unique and recognizable but prince's personal life was shrouded in mystery. ♪ purple rain ♪ >> reporter: thursday's autopsy results pulled back the curtain confirming suspicion that drugs led to the death of the music legend. the one-page medical examiner's report says prince died from
7:34 am
fentanyl toxicity that was self-administered and his death was an accident. fentanyl is a powerful opioid prescribed to patients who have built up a tolerance to other pain medication. it's also flooding illegal drug market. drug enforcement administration reports an alarming spike in fentanyl related overdose threats and calls the drug a threat to public health and safety. >> 50 times stronger than heroin, 100 times stronger than morphine. >> an addiction expert said even people with prescriptions are prone to overdose. >> in the last 10 years, the prescriptions for opioid analgesics have tripled. along with that so have overdose deaths. >> reporter: prince's friend and former fiancee sheila e told associated press after his death he had hip and knee issues a as a result of his lively physical
7:35 am
performances. >> all the properties of these opioids can be good. when misused are bad. >> reporter: the days before his death members of prince's inner circle initiated an intervention calling on powerful addiction doctor kornfeld. >> person down and not breathing. >> reporter: the next morning prince was found unconscious in his paisley park elevator. the doctor's son had taken the red eye to begin the recovery process. >> andrew's purpose for being there was to describe the recovery without walls program, familiarize prince with that. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is leading the investigation into prince's death. they will then have to determine if charges should be filed. that could take months gayle. >> thank you very much. a boy is safe after fending for himself in the woods for a week.
7:36 am
yamato had been lost in the forest since saturday. the child's parents left the child to discipline him for misbehaving. that set off a search broadcast all over japan. new nbc news correspondent and anchor is with us. rina, welcome, welcome. >> thank you for that welcome. good morning to you. yamato's parents told authorities he wandered off when they were picking wild vegetables last weekend then they changed their story. they told police they left their son by the side of the road as punishment. a remorseful father apologized in front of reporters in front of a japanese hospital friday morning. his son yamato arrived moments earlier on a stretcher after being found alive in a nearby forest. >> my excessive behavior caused such pain to my son, he said. yamato had been missing since saturday.
7:37 am
search teams, including members of japan's self-defense forces combed miles of thick woods in japan's northern island of hokkaido, home to dangerous brown bears. six days later yamato was found alive in this hutton a japanese base about three miles from where he was last seen. the self-defense forces said a member unlocked the door to the building, and he was there. he asked if he was yamato. he answered yes. the boy apparently found water to drink but didn't have any food. another member said he was health y, standing and answering questions. yamato was reported by hospitalized with mild dehydration and hypothermia. his father admits his punishment went too far. >> translator: i have poured all my love into my son. but from now on i would want to do more together with him. i would like to protect him while he grows up. yamato's father said he
7:38 am
originally lied about what happened because he was ashamed of what he and his wife had done. tokyo broadcasting system in japan said the boys' parents will not face charges for negligence. >> they feel terrible enough i'm sure. they are very lucky. >> yes they are. >> i used to watch you on that other station. so nice to have you. >> great to be here. i love your instagram account, gayle. >> nice people here. i think you'll like us. >> love it already. >> thank you. >> one woman shows us how she changed her airbnb profile to see if she could spot racism. a look at what she found. if you're heading out the door, guess what you can watch us live "cbs this morning" all access app on your digital device. how does it work? >> works really well. >> the remarkable comeback of bison in yellowstone national park. look how beautiful. it's our new series, "america the beautiful." we'll be right back.
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airbnb is investigating claims of rac giant airbnb is investigating claims of racism by some of its
7:43 am
users. airbnb host accused of sending vile messages to a business student. talked to another customer who claimed she saw racism on the site several times. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the latest incident involves northwestern university student, jane needed a place to stay in charlotte. she received messages from the airbnb host that were so offensive, the company decided to ban him from life. proclaiming this is the south, darling. a user identifying himself as todd warner found another place to rest your n word head. the messages were posted on a blog by one of jane's friends. warner cursed and used racist language despite jane telling him to stop. >> i was appalled outrageous. >> global head of policy for airbnb, which tells the more than 80 million people who have used its service they belong
7:44 am
anywhere. >> it's why we took immediate action and have zero tolerance policy on anything like this. >> we feel terrible. it's part of microprogression of being an african-american. >> she said she experienced racial bias on airbnb. she started the #airbnb while black. >> took me several times airbnb each time i would get a random excuse from the host like it's booked. i decided to stay in my place this week. >> you got suspicious. then what did you do? >> that's when i chand my profile. i changed my photo to a city escape in chicago. then i changed my name from christina to tina. after that i never had issues. >> a harvard study confirmed what suspected airbnb guests with distinctly african-american
7:45 am
names were about 16% less likely to be accepted than those with white names. >> the extent of skrim nation is pretty persistent. it holds whether there's an african-american host or white host. >> airbnb's opponents and competitors seized on the issue releasing this commercial last month. >> i'm a black woman. i get declined all the time on airbnb. >> the company says it has begun offering training to employees and host. laury murphy top airbnb official will conduct a comprehensive review to make sure guests and hosts are treated fairly. >> it's a challenge everyone in society is dealing with but we want to do our part. >> do you still want to use airbnb or did it turn you off. >> i don't have a problem with the company airbnb but i do believe they should put action behind words. >> airbnb hopes to complete by september, they reached out to jane in charlotte but did not
7:46 am
get a response tried to contact the hosted to wariner but wasn't successful. >> i'm sure todd warner isn't interested in talking. >> probably hiding in this day and age. >> not the company. >> these things make you angry. >> this one makes me sad and angry. >> exposed. >> thank you, vlad. people all over arizona said what was that made the who
7:47 am
james drove his rav4 hybrid into no-man's-land... ...and stumbled upon some stranded enthusiasts. he shared his sandwiches. he rescued their rover. he observed their methods... ...and was invited to join the crew for the remainder of the mission. no.
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james left to discover new frontiers... ...and potable water. how far will you take the all-new rav4 hybrid? toyota. let's go places.
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7:51 am
was five-feet across going about 40,000 miles an hour. one scientist says pieces of the asteroid almost certainly reached the ground. the space rock may have landed on native american reservation near tucson. amazing. >> yeah, beautiful stuff. bison in this country -- >> bison are beautiful, too. >> they are, and they're big. bison in this country they were nearly wiped out did you know that? how did they make a come back? our series "america the beautiful," travels to yellowstone national park ahead on "cbs this morning." are we ready? >> all that -- >> and all that matters. >> i'm saying this. >> all that -- >> and all that matters. >> an impression of you.
7:52 am
i'm charlie rose. >> all that -- >> all that matters. >> that was good. >> all that -- >> all that -- >> and all that matters. >> on cbs. >> on cbs. >> on "cbs this morning." >> how was that, charlie? >> as good as it's been done. >> all that and all that matters. all that matters. in a good, clean salad every ingredient is the main ingredient. whether it's big... or small. first to go. or best for last. sweet. or not so sweet. whether it's tossed... or twirled. if it's easy prey. or plays hard to get. every last crunch, sprinkle and drip... should be as clean as it is delicious. panera. food as it should be. oh hank, you look red. are you sunburned? no, dory. well, you do look red. i'm supposed to be red. and fish don't get sunburned. what! you're a fish?
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> linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. supporters of donald trump last nigh good morning, it is: . fights between protestors and supporters of donald trump last night after the presidential candidate held a rally in downtown san jose. police say that a few protestors were arrested but there were no reports of serious injuries or property damage. in california, the u.s. senate race state attorney general kamala harris still has the edge in a crowded field. the latest "los angeles times" poll shows her with a 28-20% lead over fellow democrat loretta sanchez. the two top finishers regardless of party will run off in november. in the next half-hour of "cbs this morning," how an
7:57 am
iconic species that nearly disappeared is coming back. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:58 am
good morning. we are keeping an eye on several areas of slow-and-go conditions out there including the richmond/san rafael bridge. you can see speeds down to 13, 12 miles per hour in a couple of areas there. you can see from the toll gate plaza traffic cam we're definitely seeing some slowdowns on the bridge this morning. let's check with roberta on the forecast. >> good morning, everybody. thank you, sandra. we're taking a look west where the transamerica pyramid where we see a hint of a shallow deck of low clouds and patchy fog lined up along the coast. all this is going to back off and we'll have abundance of sunshine today from the beaches inland. we are in the 50s and 60s. already 66 in livermore. going up to 98 degrees.
7:59 am
triple digits inland today. cooler on saturday, partly cloudy over the weekend. nothing was ever handed to cecilia aguiar-curry. she had to earn it. built a business. became an expect in water policy. balanced budgets. and always solving problems. that's how she brought much-needed technology to local classrooms... so every child has an opportunity to learn. and worked to create more local jobs... so more families can get ahead. that's democrat cecilia aguiar-curry for assembly.
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday june 3rd 2016. more real news ahead including angry protestors punching donald trump supporters after trump and hillary clinton traded some of their biggest shocks of the campaign so far. we will talk to jeffrey goldberg about clinton's new offenseive offensive. violent interactions ensue around the trump rally fuelled by intense rhetoric. >> he did not take kindly to clinton's speech. he said if elected he will sick his attorney general on her.
8:01 am
a decorated member of the military inspired the next generation to reach new heights. >> they called police to check on his cat. >> one of the big questions now prince had a prescription for the drug and if so how did he get it. >> driven to right field, retreating going back and leaping, throwing to the corner he slides around second on his way to third and they will wave him around. nunez will score to start the ball game. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle
8:02 am
king and norah o'donnell. another trump rally ended in chaos after he and hillary clinton blasted each other with some of the toughest talk we have seen in this campaign. supporters in san jose were chased surrounded and attacked by anti-trump protestors. >> at the rally, donald trump responded with outrage to hillary clinton's skaiting foreign policy attack and he attacked her for using a private e-mail server as secretary of state. >> after what she said about me today and her phoney speech. that was a phoney speech. hillary clinton has to go to jail, okay? she has to go to jail. >> earlier, hillary said she is temper tempermentally unfit to be president. >> he would lead us to war
8:03 am
because someone got under his very thin skin. he should never have the nuclear code. he praises dictators like vladimir putin and picks fights with our friends including the british prime minister, the german chancellor the mexican president, and the pope. he says he doesn't have to listen to other high officials because he has "a very good brain." he says i know more about isis than the generals do believe me. you know what i don't believe him. >> she said making the right decisions needs a cool head and respect for the facts. >> jeffrey goldberg interviewed president obama, is this perhaps a turning point for the clinton
8:04 am
campaign? >> yesterday was pivotal. this is not a traditional campaign, and she will not take the traditional approach to a candidate. it was not really a -- the question to me is we're only in june where does this go in the next five months? >> it was a point by point indictment using his own words as evidence against him. >> she quoted him 41 separate times, using his words against him. >> the idea that he is unfit to be commander and chief and control the pneumonia lar code. >> i think that what she will do in the next five months is keep hammering that point home that that man is not mentally stable. this was not -- usually this is
8:05 am
the interesting thing to me. usually in a campaign she could come out and give a speech and say he is an isolationist, and you're too liberal, you're too conservative. she was saying i'm sane, and he is insane. in the '64 race you had a little bit of that but this was already dialled up. >> this is way beyond that. >> and what do you think the clinton campaign wants out of it. >> this is the thing. i think a number of things were happening there. it wasn't a form policy speech. it wasn't here is what he has done. it was also an attempt to goad him into saying something irretrievably bad? >> like what? >> this is a family friendly show, i'm not going to go where he goes but i think the goal is to get him so angry that he says
8:06 am
something in a reminds voters or tells voters that -- >> what did we mean by irretrievably, because we thought he has gone there before. >> we're all in deep water here. we're all in the deep end of the pool. we as journalists and people who cover politics we have not really seen this yet. so i don't know where you go that is too far. i think the goal here is to get him to make a mistake. >> she laid out 41 different picks. she said imagine donald trump in the situation room making life or death decisions, whether or not he should send your spouse into war. they are conjuring, they're trying to conjure up an image of this guy in the water. >> this is the gold water, the
8:07 am
lbj play. he told the voters that goldwater will cause a nuclear war that will kill your children. >> they had a kid that showed a nuclear explosion. >> what went on behind the scenes that made them say we have to chance our strategy. >> she was having a good time doing that. finally unleaching this but i think they realize they're in a nonconventional campaign. and they're, you know we're going to do this different listen they we would against marco rubio. >> is this finally a contest of ideas? >> i saw fewer ideas than i saw attacks.
8:08 am
>> how is she different from president obama in terms of foreign policy? >> in many ways she is the hawk in this. she is much more hawkish. more of a biassed action. trump is coming at her from the left and the right simultaneously. she is weak and she uses the military too much. and dealing with issues of stability and temperament. she is definitely on the spectrum. she is much more of an interventionist, a power person than obama, and in a different way from trump. >> it will be interesting to watch, you'll give us that right? >> yeah you keep watching everything though you don't want to. >> could using emoji's replace
8:09 am
text messages.
8:10 am
i'm mark strauss man at >> a heard of hope. >> one of the most successful wild life conservation efforts ever. bison. we'll have more coming up on "cbs this morning." i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains
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8:14 am
♪ perfect music, bruce springsteen. our series "a perfect music, bruce springsteenspring springstein. the bison was officially the first official mammal. the american symbol of the frontier nearly disappeared from the landscape. mark strassmann went to see the come back story of one herd.
8:15 am
>> the timelessness in yellow san antonio spreads through the horizon. where the bear and the antelope play, but the bison dominate. you're looking at what may be the first free ranging purebred herd of bison in america. >> it's part of america. it's as close as what you can get to what this part of the country looked like in the early 1700s and 1800s, it's a treasure. dan wenk is the superintendent of the park. but little about scale impresses america's largest land animal. a mature bison bull is six feet
8:16 am
tall and can weigh more than a ton. >> so imposing and yet they almost disappear. >> how dire did it get? >> in yellowstone there was less than 25 animals. it is one of the greatest conservation stories in history. >> in the 1800 60 million bison were hunted into near extinction. they were the argument and the ugly side of how the west was won. the american bison, the simymbol of the great plains. in the 1800 pioneers pushed west and bison were in the way. tens of millions were killed. sport hunters shot bison from moving trains. as the animals disappeared, so did the native american tripes
8:17 am
that had relied on bison for food clothing shelter. >> we don't call this bison, we say buffalo. >> why? >> bison is the white man word. >> he represents 60 tribes that believe bison also have great spiritual experience. >> buffalo were everything to tribes. we survived on them they sustained us. >> what was the big slaughter. >> if you got rid of the buffalo, you got rid of the indian. >> by 198880 nearly all buffalo were don. teddy roosevelt intervened to
8:18 am
restore and protect the animal. >> this comeback story, how improbable was it? >> it was the first effort to restore what could have been an endangered species. >> you can't see this kind of abundance anywhere else. >> most of america's half million bison today are managed as domestic livestock. many have cross bred with cattle. not yellowstone's herd. >> they have all of the ecological and evolutionary drivers that shape the species. >> this is also the herds calving season. when the bison migrate outside of the park, neighboring ranchers have killed them.
8:19 am
they're afraid they will spread a disease harmful to pregnant cattle. inside the park has grazing limits. under a central state agreement, every year the herd has to be reduced by about 10%. several hurricane are sent to tribes. >> when you see these guys does it make you feel good? >> it does. >> the opportunity approach seems to satisfy no one. he says the animals should room free inside and outside of the mark or be returned to what he calls indian country. ey're part of land. >> reporter: they're also part of yellowstone's future. >> i think there is a middle ground. we can get more bison on the landscape. we can diminish, eliminate the fear of the spread of the disease, and we can honor the cultural significance of bison for the native american
8:20 am
community. >> reporter: think of it as a way of making peace with the past for an american icon. for "cbs this morning," mark straussman at yellowstone national park. >> i'm on the bison's side. >> me, too. with irv carlson let the bufalo roam. beautiful. majestic animals. ahead, a remarkable feat of endurance. the man who survived 20 hours in the gulf of mexico without a life jacket. you're watching "cbs this morning." that's not fair, he should give you your rollerblades back. and, she's back. storm coming? a very dangerous cheese storm. presenting the american express blue cash everyday card with cash back on this. mouth toys. that really takes me back. cash back on
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8:24 am
coast guard base and is a-okay. >> he credits his navy training for getting him through that for 20 hours. sglrthwise his arms -- >> otherwise his arms would have been very tired. >> another reminder wear your life vests on a boat, even if you're a good swimmer. snapchat could be the future
8:25 am
of communication. how the social media app is overtaking twitter and facebook too, and other 49-er dana stubblefield is expected to be arraigned in a santa good morning. it is 8:25. i'm anne makovec. today former 49ers dana stubblefield is expected to be arraigned in a santa clara county courtroom. he is accused of raping a woman at his home last year. his lawyer called the allegations a money grab. the warriors one game closer to clinching the nba finals. they beat the cavs in game one last night, 104-89. game 2 is sunday in oakland. coming up on "cbs this morning," find out how sillicon valley's biggest innovators predict the way we will communicate. next.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. a few traffic incidents this morning. one of these is on westbound 237. this is near lawrence expressway. the crash has been cleared off to the side of the road but some delays are reported right behind that. you can see lots of red out there on the nap. this crash is actually before some of the delays here near pittsburg right after the crash, seeing lots of red on the sensors. this morning on the bay bridge, things are great at the toll plaza but red on the sensors 80
8:28 am
from the carquinez bridge. right now, taking almost 40 minutes for your drive time. all right, roberta, how is the forecast looking? >> you're not going to believe just how mild it is as you get ready to step on out the door. hi, everybody! this is your friday. a little light faint layer of low clouds and fog drifting into the bay. that's about it. otherwise, we're at 60 degrees in san francisco. our average high is 64. 67 degrees in san jose. mid-60s in throughout the tri- valley. it is 66 degrees at the museum in oakland. and meanwhile santa rosa 58. so a few clouds at the coast and they wash away revealing ample sunshine. 65 in pacifica. upper 70s in oakland today. 91 degrees in san jose when the average high is 78 degrees. triple digits today in brentwood, 89 in santa rosa. just a tad cooler for your saturday with partly cloudy skies through sunday. seasonal highs return on tuesday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
we love to show you this stuff. the giant panda cub we love to show you that kind of stuff. a giant panda cub. this little boy and his mom are doing great so far. the first few months are critical. it is the first successful birth in years. >> i'm like i want to see him, there he is. >> i saw a still picture of this earlier and i thought is she eating the baby? >> they're kind of gross looking when they're that little. >> but they're so cute later. >> they say when they're born they're like a stick of butter so little. >> and they grow to be so big.
8:31 am
>> did the mother have the baby in her mouth? >> yeah. >> she has to be very careful. >> that's why you thought the mother was going to eat the baby. >> there it is. >> there you go. it is a panda kiss. >> that is creeping me out a little bit. welcome back to cbs this morning. is the world beginning to move on from the internet? what did you say? >> i didn't say that. >> i say that every night. >> could you roll the prompter back for me. >> it's hard to focus when he starts talking like that. is the world beginning to move on from the internet? it is a prediction from a leader
8:32 am
in the tech industry. nick thompson is here. >> i thought he was an editor now he is a digital expert. >> how video and emojis could change the way we commute. >> right now time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. an american cyclist believed to be the first to back out of the olympics because of zika concerns. he is pulling his name from consideration. he says his wife is pregnant and he doesn't want to take any chances. >> interesting, we'll see how many people make that decision. >> the washington post reports
8:33 am
on the possibility that alaska could have two dan sullivan's in the senate. he will be challenging lisa mur murkowski. >> britain's telegraph says that prince harry was called out by a veteran for wearing an open neck shirt and no tie. after giving harry an earful the man offered his spare tie, but harry said he didn't have his military qualifications. they come to mark the anniversary of the.
8:34 am
>> he was kidding, sort of. >> the founding father of hamilton will leave the smash hit. he created and composed the musical. he has been the star performancer of this off broadway debut. he has an idea for a new musical and will be in the upcoming mary pop poppins movie sequel. and snapchat is now more popular than twitter. it reportedly has more than 150 million daily users. it was launched just four years ago starting with the vanishing photo feature. the user base is up 35% in five months. >> social media is june u just
8:35 am
one aspect of technology in the future. this week, the annual trends report was given. she forecasted a down use in the internet and a up use in videos and emojis. >> i'm using my resources to put in place heavy lifting and infrastructure so the next generation of people can have a dynamic explosion into face. >> before we had pong soon we will have virtual reality. >> in se a ten year time frame, we will have for physical tasks, driving, warehouse work cleaning up rooms, we'll have robots way less expen si than human labor for doing those
8:36 am
things. >> of course there are things to be worried about. we have a responsibility for developing it but we all live longer healthier, better lives because of technology. we believe in that progress. >> nick thompson is the editor of "the new yorker" dotcom. so it is interesting because mary said that internet is downturning and video is growing. >> there is a huge shift from text to video. text was the most efficient way before to communicate. now people love images. and all of the major tech companies noticed that people engage and interact with images more than dex.text.
8:37 am
>> the internet has plenty of room to grow. many don't have access. >> yes, and she started talking about the growth in india. twitter is terrifying they're not adding users. they are in trouble. it is an important company. the fact that snap chat has passed it is a very bad indication. >> and we're talking about views. snap chat has more than 10 billion daily views, and facebook as eight million. >> and snap chat has all of the young people the 13 to 17-year-olds. you think about habits being formed and where they have affinities, that is
8:38 am
disconcerting for everyone else. >> i'm still trying to figure it out. >> they resisted an offer from facebook? >> yes, and they had zero revenue. that is impressive. >> i just want a voice on the other side is someone still making calls? >> you never call you have my number. >> here is a great slide in the presentation that shows young people do not talk on the phone. in the future we'll talk to our computers and we'll talk to each other. there is a massive change. >> you have to do it -- >> you will talk to your computer and text to each other. that is what young people do. >> norah is right, that is not good news. >> i hear there are vacant
8:39 am
emojis on the way. >> i look forward to it. >> ahead the final judgment in a case that shattered a family. >> i'm susan spencer for "48 hours." a researcher is found dead in her bathtub, her son is making sure
8:40 am
8:41 am
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that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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tomorrow now, "48 tomorrow night, "48 hours" has a story of a son whose mom was killed by his pediatrician dad. susan spencer has followed this case from the beginning, pitting father against son for four years. here is a preview on the emotional final chapter. >> oldest son was there front and center and witnessed his father enter the courtroom dressed in prison blues, handcuffs, and leg shackles. >> after the divorce he was more confrontational with my mother. >> he told the crowded courtroom how his father's fatal decision
8:44 am
caused so much damage. >> the fact that my father premeditated my mother's murder making judgment that she was not fit toly live is something i have to carry the rest of my life. >> uta's boyfriend found her life less body in the bathtub. >> i said hello? hello? >> there she was in the water. >> she has superficial knife wounds and a lot of xanax in her system. >> she was at about twice the therapeutic level. enough to make her drowsy maybe unconscious. if she was getting in a bathtub, it's not that hard to drown.
8:45 am
>> the account of his night was sketchy. he had an eye injury that he blamed on his dog. >> it became more apparent to me that he was responsible for killing her. >> if you would like to come to the podium i would like to hear anything you have to say at the time. >> johnny wall a former pediatrician had a message for his children. >> i can no longer assist them or help them in achieving their hopes and dreams or comfort them in their time of need. i hope they know how much i love them unconditionally and absolutely. >> and he denied any involvement. >> i did not kill uta. i am innocent of the crime. >> ehe does not expect his father
8:46 am
to admit to killing his mother. >> two weeks for her death, uta made a breakthrough in childhood cancer. that will be tomorrow night on
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
we want to congratulate our colleague, scott pelley on, five years of anchoring "the cbs evening news." >> go, scott pelley! >> and the highest rankings in a decade. tune in tonight. as we leave you, let's take a look at all that mattered this week. have a great weekend. >> congrats, scott pelley! mr. donald just. trump! >> this sleazy guy from abc. he's a sleaze.
8:50 am
>> reporter: why am i a sleaze? i've watched you on television. you're a real beauty. >> don't you believe you should be accountable to the people? >> i'm totally accountable. >> is this what it's going to be like if you're president? >> yeah, it is going to be like this, david. >> he picks fights with our friends. the british prime minister, german chancellor, president of mexico, and the pope. >> clinton is hoping for a decisive win. >> secretary clinton has won. that is incorrect. >> lapd officers the fbi, even the atf flooded this campus. the shooter is receding. the water has topped 54 feet. >> you afraid it's going to flood completely? >> a little bit, yeah. the young boy's safety was paramount. the animal was so strong. >> there's a male gorilla standing over my son. >> a human being is alive because a decision was made. fierce fight for fallujah shows no sign of a letup. >> audience members were more interested in a good photo than a live performance.
8:51 am
>> please stop filming with me with the video camera because i'm here in real life. a moose on the loose in massachusetts in two towns. a photographer captured her reaction. she was told that she gave birth to a baby boy. she'd been expecting a little girl. this is a president who doesn't have a clue. >> why don't you mention donald trump by name? >> he seems to do a good job mentioning his own name. ♪ [ cheers ] >> we went up to 27,000 feet. i could tell i couldn't quite keep up. >> pretty special to be here together. i'm happy you could make it this time. >> subtle. >> yeah. >> i'll crawl on top of the table. [ applause ] you will! >> to know that your students puts you out there -- >> to consider me for something like that is kind of special.
8:52 am
can't decide whose tennis shoes i like better. between you and -- like charlie's better bye, frank. there are certain golf courses where you know not to try and retrieve your bottle -- your ball. >> first your bottle then your ball. >> what you thinking about, norah? >> they don't have bottles on golf course, as you know. just cans. oh no! [ laughter ] all that -- >> this case was gentle and urgent, hard and soft at the same time. wide right. >> wait until you get to it again -- >> would you stay again? >> wide ride in a yellow dress. the hair by everest thing was such a funny hash tag. this is #hairbyeverest. there you go.
8:53 am
you look like adrian. ♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
brock turner was sentenced to six months in prison... for sexually assaulting a woman who passed out ... five minutes before 9:00. i'm anne makovec. former stanford swimmer brock turner was sentenced to six months in prison for sexual assaulting a woman who passed out after a frat party last year. turner could have faced a 14- year sentence. passions got out of hand at a trump rally. fights broke out after a rally at mcenery convention center in san jose. several people were arrested. the warriors now three games away from clinching the nba finals. they beat the cavs in game one last night104-89. game 2 is sunday in oakland. roberta gonzales has your warm weekend weather forecast. >> i'm still so excited about the warriors and my sharks.
8:56 am
hi, everybody! let's head out the door this morning. this is your friday. lots of sunshine from the city of san francisco looking due east. we have a little hint of a layer of some low clouds lined up around the rim of the bay but that's all going to dissipate and reveal lots of sunshine and a warmer day. we're in the 50s and already the mid-60s. it's 73 degrees at this hour in fairfield. 63 in san jose. later today from the mid-60s in pacifica to the mid-80s in redwood city. we're talking mid- and high 90s away from the bay. 99 degrees in fairfield. bested by 100 degrees in brentwood all the way into discovery bay. a little cooler for your saturday due to an enhanced marine layer and cooler tuesday. a look at your traffic report coming up. nothing was ever handed to cecilia aguiar-curry. she had to earn it.
8:57 am
built a business. became an expect in water policy. balanced budgets. and always solving problems. that's how she brought much-needed technology to local classrooms... so every child has an opportunity to learn. and worked to create more local jobs... so more families can get ahead. that's democrat cecilia aguiar-curry for assembly.
8:58 am
good morning, 8:58. we're watching a few incidents out there causing slow conditions for you. this one is on westbound 237 near lawrence expressway. the crash has been cleared but delays reported behind that. up to about 10 minutes at this point. nimitz freeway things are backing up there up on 238 to the maze. about 33 minutes for your drive time. and the bay bridge at the toll plaza is looking good but behind that, to go from the carquinez bridge to the maze is about 37 minutes. have a great friday and an even better weekend!
8:59 am
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wayne: who wants to look fancy? - go big or go home! wayne: you've got the big deal! but you know what i'm good at? giving stuff away. jonathan: it's a new living room! you've won zonk bobbleheads. - that has to be the biggest deal of forever! jonathan: it's time for “let's make a deal.” now here's tv's big dealer wayne brady! wayne: hey, everybody. welcome to “let's make a deal.” i'm wayne brady. thank you so much for tuning in. you sound great, jonathan. jonathan: thanks, man. wayne: i need somebody to make a deal with me right now. there you are-- the firefighter. come on over here. everybody else have a seat, please. have a seat. have a seat.


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