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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  June 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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stanford frat party has been seen by millions after the victim's impact statement she read to her attacker's sentenceing was released online. devin fehely. >> this young woman who survived this assault said she suffered secretly and largely in silence for over a year. she said she didn't want to burden those closest to her. her sister, her boyfriend, or her parents. in court on thursday and online afterwards, she unburdened herself of the hurt and humiliation and anger and in doing so found an audience of millions. >> reporter: the letter describes in graphic detail, hurt, pain, and confusion of surviving a sexual assault. after being poked and prodded and photographed for a rape kit, the victim reflected i don't want my body anymore.
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i was terrified of it. i didn't know what was in it, if it had been contaminated, who had touched it. >> i could feel the pain as she shared really, really gruesome details. >> reporter: for more than a year she suffered in silence, the nameless victim of a horrible crime. at the heart of a case that was supposed to shine a spotlight on something largely happening in the shadows, campus sexual assault. on thursday at a sentencing hearing she'd find her voice. addressing the court and her attacker, former stanford swimmer brock turner directly. we were both drunk, she told him. the difference is i didn't take off your pants and underwear, touch you inappropriately and run away. her words struck a nerve. millions read her story and urged others to do the same. >> you sympathize with her because she's giving this heartbreaking account with details and it's just heartbreaking. >> reporter: in the end the judge sentenced turner to six months in county jail and probation. his victim argued against a light sentence, fearing it would create a culture that we learn
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is rape is wrong through trial and error. >> alcohol can definitely impact your decision-making. it's still you making that decision and his refusal to acknowledge that he made an error in judgment that night definitely should result in him receiving more time than he actually did. >> brock turner was sentenced to six months. most legal experts agree he'll likely serve half of the time, three months in jail. a lot of the anger and frustration has coalesced around the judge, with some saying he's up for re-election this thursday and urging voters to vote him out of the position. devin fehely, kpix 5. stanford police are investigating a pair of disturbing dorm invasions on campus. investigators say hours apart, two women woke up to find a strange man in their dorm room, peeling back the covers on their beds. both cases happened along campus
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drive early friday morning. police say both times the intruder ran away when the women screamed and startled him. he's described as latino, 18 to 30 years old, about 5'9" with a stocky build. to campaign 2016 now. the california primary two days away and the battle for the democrat presidential nomination is in full swing. mark sayre joins us now with a last minute push for votes. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders spent the weekend here in california. today at a church in oakland, clinton likened her plan to the oval office to the championship run of the golden state warriors. >> reporter: hillary clinton is putting the full court press on in california hoping that a win in the state's primary on tuesday will all but ensure her the democratic nomination. today she spoke to the congregation of the greater st. paul church in oakland, making mention of what's happening in the nba finals. >> the golden state warriors are doing pretty well. >> reporter: clinton says there
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are lessons to be learned. >> you get a game plan. everybody knows their part. people work together. they set the goals. we know some people have different talents than other people. we also know we do better when we're all using everybody's talents. >> reporter: clinton spoke on a personal note, saying she and her husband president bill clinton really got to know one another as she worked as a young lawyer in oakland in 1979. >> i have a lot of really wonderful memories of where we started. right here. right here. >> reporter: as for bernie sanders, he spent the day campaigning in los angeles and san diego. >> if the voter turnout is high, we will win california and we stand a chance to win it with a big margin. >> back in oakland, clinton said it was time for america to come together on issues ranging from gun violence to healthcare and education.
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>> a house divided against itself cannot stand. >> after her visit to oakland, secretary clinton traveled to vallejo, late this afternoon she met with city leaders as part of a listening tour. clinton heard about specialized programs in vallejo schools which steer kids toward law, finance, hospitality. leaders discussed way to decrease crime and increase transparency for law enforcement. new jersey will be holding its primary on tuesday. clinton is so close to clinching the nomination that she could actually declare victory based on the results in new jersey even as the polls here in california close. former president bill clinton also in the bay area tonight. he's got a fundraiser in los gatos at 7:00. then he should probably get some sleep because he'll be all over the place tomorrow hosting get out the vote rallies. he starts at hayward city hall at 10:45. then it's off to the fox theater in london at 12:15 and march elementary school in antioch at
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2:00. he'll continue on to the richmond arts center at 3:45 before wrapping up his day at the joseph lee recreation center in san francisco at 5:30. bernie sanders will also be in san francisco tomorrow with some serious star power behind him. he'll host a get out the vote concert featuring live music from dave matthews. fish bone at john dexter stewart. admission is free. it's also first come, first served. if you want a spot, get there early. you can rsvp through sanders' campaign website. as for donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee took the day off from the campaign trail but not before attacking his rivals. he lashed out at the violent anti-trump protesters like the ones who rioted last week. he accused his opponents of sending them there.
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>> the people that are causing that problem, they're not my people. they're people outside that are thugs and agitators. the bad people, i think they're sent by the democrats. >> do you have evidence of that? >> well, they have the bernie signs. >> so they're bernie support snrz >> -- supporters? >> they've got the bernie signs and they're the same signs they use at the rally. >> coming up in the next half hour, our political analyst weighs in on the candidates' final push for california and whether the golden state will actually be the golden ticket for either democratic candidate. meanwhile, a wildfire burning in monterey county has scorched 3500 acres since yesterday afternoon. officials say it has the potential to triple in size. the coleman fire is threatening about 120 homes in the king city area. mandatory evacuations are in effect for some neighborhoods. an evacuation center has been set up at the lutheran church in king city. firefighters from alameda and fremont left last night to help fight that.
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cause remains under investigation. in southern california firefighters are making significant progress on that wildfire that exploded across an l.a. county hillside yesterday. the fire in calabasas 30 miles northwest of los angeles 80% contained and all evacuation orders have now been lifted but lori perez shows us for a while, sure looks like it could be a whole lot worse. >> reporter: 24 hours later, firefighters remained scattered throughout the calabasas hills, reinforcing fire breaks, and tamping down hotspots lingering after a brush fire swept across 516 acres saturday, forcing thousands to evacuate. as flames, some 50 foot high, overtook steep canyons, more than 400 firefighters and deputies from around l.a. county manning dozens of ladder trucks and helicopters and on foot from high and low worked in 90-degree heat, attacking the fire and monitoring the aftermath as humans and their animals stayed on safer grounds.
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l.a. county animal care and control took in more than 100 creatures great and small from 87 horses to dogs and chickens. many housed at pierce college overnight away from anxious owners. >> because she's my first horse and i don't want her to get hurt in the fire. >> he came from an auction once upon a time. when i left him here, he was really nervous. >> reporter: firefighters say one home had minor damage, one building was destroyed. and three firefighters were hurt. but still, they deemed this a success. in large part they say because of neighbors that stay on top of clearing brush and combustibles. from a distance it's easy to see how it works. >> as soon as things start dying down, it's like let's get rid of it. >> they're doing their part. we're doing our part. >> but wait, there's more. one firefighter was hurt battling a separate brush fire in temecula. spent 60 miles north of san diego. it broke out along interstate 15 yesterday morning.
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it burned about 100 acres but no homes are threatened. back here in the bay area, the warriors are fighting for another win against the cleveland cavaliers in game 2 of the nba finals. kpix 5's maria medina spoke with fans who paid a pretty penny to get in to oracle arena, but money well spent. >> they did it game 1. can they do it game 2? it's pretty quiet out here right now but i can tell you it's a party inside. >> 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? warriors, warriors, warriors! >> reporter: it's the hottest ticket in town right now, watching nba history in person. >> how do you think they're going to do tonight? >> they're going to win. >> reporter: right before the game tickets were going for $430 each in the nose bleed section. courtside club tickets will set you back $6,000. and the fans are not only willing to shell out the cash but they've got their superstitions to make sure their team takes home the win.
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>> i just have a warriors strength in numbers shirt. ever since we were down 3-1, so i finally started wearing the shirt again when we were on the road and haven't taken it off. won three games in a row so we've got to keep it going. >> reporter: now it's up to the team to make it happen. no matter what happens tonight, many fans say watching the warriors get this far is already a win in their books. >> so they're just incredible. it's amazing to witness. >> how do you think they're going to do tonight? >> they're going to take it all. >> the warriors are up right now. i checked how much tickets are for game 5, their next home game. tickets right now are at least $600. live in oakland, maria medina, kpix 5. >> warriors' star draymond green shared his thoughts on the passing of muhammad ali. >> he's probably the greatest athlete ever. i think his greatness stretches beyond the ring because of how
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much he changed in his world. there's not many guys with the courage to do that. some of the stuff he did, willing to put his own career on the line for what he stand for, i'm not talk ing athlete. i'm talking people. there's not many people that would do that. >> of course he's referring to cassius clay's conversion to islam in the 1960s. when the olympic gold medalist and heavyweight champion reintroduced himself to the world as muhammad ali. that change of faith also changed the course of ali's life. >> even if it means facing a machine gun, i will face it before denouncing elijah muhammad and the religion of islam. >> citing religious beliefs, muhammad refused military service in vietnam. he was convicted of evading the draft and stripped of his title. he lost three years during the prime of his career. >> muhammad ali died friday night. after a decades-long battle with
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parkinson's disease. this afternoon the casket was taken by hearst to a funeral home. services are set for friday. a stream of fans have been leaving cards and flowers outside the center that bears ali's name. in southern california people have been lining up for photos outside ali's star at the hollywood hall of fame. it's not like the others. it's the only star on the walk of fame to hang on a wall. when it was presented in 2002, ali said because his name is taken from the prophet muhammad, it is sacred and cannot be stepped on. shark sighting shut down part of a busy california beach not far from where a swimmer was attacked just last weekend. >> muni may be opening a big can of worms. the new way passengers will be able to air their transit grievances from their phones. >> and bay area shoplifters busted with energy drinks to make it to the moon. >> which will be a very thin
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crescent in the evening sky at sunset. as for the week ahead, changes coming. and so are details after a break. s.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a man was shot to death just before three police in san jose have a pair of homicide investigations on their hands. a man was shot to death before 3:00 this afternoon near north 26th street and julian street. the suspect still on the run. and at about 8:45 last night a man was fatally shot on the city's east side near east hills drive and south white road. so far no suspects or motives in either case. a traffic stop led to a massive red bull bust in vacaville. the people in this u-haul van were carrying nearly $5,000 worth of energy drinks. police say they were seen rolling a cart full of cases out of a nearby safeway. they're also suspected of ripping off other stores the same way. police arrested four men and a teenaged boy all from oakland.
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fed up with passengers behaving badly on muni or tired of never getting a seat? soon you'll be able to rate your ride right from your phone. the transit system is upgrading its muni mobile app to allow passengers to rate their trips. you'll also be able to report bad behavior like passengers hogging extra space with bags or refusing to give up seats to seniors. the feature launches this summer. a stretch of huntington beach is closed right now after multiple sharks were shotted just offshore. they're believed to be great whites, about eight feet in length. while they're not showing any aggressive behavior right now, a one-mile stretch of the beach is shut down as a precaution. a woman was bitten on the torso and arm as she swam at newport beach just to the south. she's expected to recover. let's switch from that to the weather as we've got warm weather continuing inland for the next few days but there are
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changes in store. one of the first big changes is what we saw in northeastern california today right up there around the border with nevada and oregon. in susanville, a slew of lightning strikes. this is a little abeam susanville but really coming down with powerful electrical storms. but that's in the middle of nowhere. so at least it's fairly depopulate. all this wrapping around the top of a low moving over northern california. right now concord is still at 92 degrees. oakland, just 66. and san francisco, 62. san jose, 82. in santa rosa, sunshine and 73 degrees. here's how it looks from high atop the west coast. the high pressure that's offshore will be hanging in there for the next few days with warm temperatures continuing inland. it will be cool along the coastline. and that's not going to change too much in the next few days. low clouds packing in along the shoreline will pull back during the day, then back in again at
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night. the fog coming in in the morning and burning back to the shoreline later in the day. in terms of any trend, we'll drop degrees each day. thursday and friday we'll be back down in to the low to mid 80s inland. that's a nice step back from the low 90s we've seen from the last four, five days. al cooing trend in general but not quickly. not cool in the great valley. sacramento valley, 106 in redding. 94 for sacramento. and in fresno, down 99. we're at 103. in the sierra, nice summer day in yosemite tomorrow. 81 degrees. back in the bay area, overnight lows will be in the mid 50s tonight with oakland getting down to 57 degrees. san jose, 58. fairfield, 57. santa rosa, 53 degrees. sun up tomorrow morning at 12 minutes before 6:00. and tonight the moon one day past new moon means we should spot that silver crescent over on the western horizon just
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after sunset. should be a pretty sight. for tomorrow, san francisco dead on average. 65 degrees. concord, cool. all the way down in to the mid 80s. still above average there. san jose, 82 degrees. oakland, 69. in the south bay, numbers tomorrow will be in the 80s. that will pretty much hold true for the east bay as well with readings coming in in the mid 80s. in the north bay, numbers in the mid 70s. still warm though up around ukiah and clear lake. extended forecast, a little bit of a cooling trend in the bay area. plenty warm inland. you have to wait for thursday or friday for it to be distinctly cool. we've got all that and sports too. for that, wait till after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dennis o'donnell live here at oracle. game 2 of the nba finals. warriors leading the cavaliers as we speak. if you're watching us, you're obviously interested in the rest
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of the day of sports. let's begin with the oakland as and baseball scene. sonny gray activated from the disabled list before today's game in houston. yonder alonso hits a blooper to left. two runs are going to score. when you're only hitting .230, you're going to take hits any way you can get them. as up 2-0. carlos gomez, 86-mile-per-hour coming in and 186 going out. solo shot. the only run gray allowed in five innings. bottom of the 7th. astros with a go-ahead run off 3rd. carlos correa took advantage of the high chopper that rolls down the line for a double. the astros go on to beat the as 5-2 and they sweep that series. how do you like it? the sharks right back in their series with the penguins as the
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only overtime win this season. >> what was it like to finally win a playoff game in overtime? >> it's quite different, isn't it? not much fun when you lose. >> first time we've had the lead in the series. then we have to go home. which is all right. i'm not complaining about it. we've got to find a way to get out in front here going forward. huge win. changes the series. and now we've got to take care of business game 4. >> good for the sharks. novak djokovic hoping the 12th time would be the charm at the french open. andy murray looking to deny the joker. looked good early. djokovic bounced back. he beat murray in four sets, creates a career grand slam. also becomes the first man to hold all four of tennis' major titles at the same time since
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1969. jack nicklaus looking on. the final round at the memorial. it went to a playoff. tee shot in the bunker and followed it up by hitting in to the gallery. hide par the 18 for the third time today and beat him on the second playoff hole. the 36-year-old picks up his first career pga win in 165 tournaments. how about that? the st. mary gaels baseball team lost in the ncaa tournament yesterday. nonetheless, a great season for the baseball team as well as the designated hitter. >> kind of funny when we go to summer ball, i tell people we go to st. mary's college. they're like you're the team that gets beat by gonzaga every year. >> reporter: they blew the doors off the tournament. ian mcloughlin was a big part of
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it. mcloughlin's dreams were once nightmares not long ago. >> i was pretty disgusted with who i was, ruining relationships with my family, friends, people that love me. >> reporter: he battled drug and alcohol addiction in high school and was kicked off his team twice, choosing finally to enter a rehab center in southern california to get his life back on track. his scholarship with st. mary's was gone. >> pretty unbelievable, the first 30 days you're in a house with about 15 do -- 15 dudes. half the guys don't want to be there and continue to get high. i wanted to change. i wanted to stop. i didn't want to continue what i was doing. >> to me it's one of the best stories in college baseball if not the country. >> mclaughlin pulled through rehab, walked on with the gaels, and earned back his scholar chp when coach valenzuela got the job. >> i have a little bit of a tough background as well.
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i can relate to what he's gone through. >> reporter: today mcloughlin has one day at a time tattooed on his forearm. its meaning goes far beyond baseball cliche. >> right now i believe it's a conscious decision if i'm going to pick up drugs or a drink. i understand if i do that i'm either going to die or i'm not going to be able to play baseball. it's a pretty easy decision for me to stay away from it. >> great comeback story from mclaughlin. and great year for the st. mary's gaels. warriors leading at halftime. giants leading in st. louis. game day on location tonight from oracle, myself and the great vern glenn will be alongside. >> absolutely. can't wait to see you both. coming up in our next half hour, why you may soon have to start shelling out a monthly fee to save the bay. >> a lot of deceased voters could be casting ballots in tuesday's primary. why there's not a lot the state
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can do to stop them. >> why a vanishing underwater forest could eventually spell disaster for california's coast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dorms at stanford... in the night. campus our top stories tonight. police have been looking for a man who's been going in to women's dorms at stanford in the middle of the night. the man went in to two unlocked rooms on campus drive early friday. in each case the women screamed after waking up and finding him lifting off their covers. then he ran away. firefighters are battling a series of wildfires across california. in monterey county, the coleman wildfire has burned 3500 acres and is threatening more than 100
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homes. mandatory evacuations are in effect in some neighborhoods. in southern california crews are making progress against a brush fire in calabasas. that one has burned about 500 acres and is now 80% contained. evacuation orders were lifted just 30 minutes ago. the campaign for california, presidential hopeful hillary clinton made a pair of campaign stops in the bay area today. in a final push for votes before california's primary. that's coming up in just two days. joining us now is kpix 5 political analyst melissa cane. the big question is does hillary really have enough votes to say i've got it in the bag? and is this whole super delegate argument the big argument bernie sanders is going to make? >> yes and yes. that is a big question. on tuesday that's what we're going to hear a lot of arguing over. it does come down to what you think about super delegates. there are two kinds of
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delegates. there are pledged delegates. those are the folks who are allocated based on election results. they're kind of in the bag. there are about 4,000 of them. then there's the 700 or so super delegates who can vote for whoever they want at the convention. it's nearly impossible for hillary clinton to clinch the nomination just using those pledged delegates. she's ast certain to need some number of super delegates in order to be the nominee. on tuesday what's likely to happen is if you add up her pledged delegates plus the promised super delegate votes, she'll have enough to say i'm the nominee. that's when bernie sanders jumps in and says stop counting the super delegates. they have to vote in july. until that vote in japan, there's no nominee so that's the one we'll be waiting for in the next couple of days. >> why does california matter?
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>> because i really want it to. [ laughter ] if actually california actually objectively matters because the candidates have been spending so much time and money here. for sanders to make his play to change the hearts and minds of the super delegates, he needs to win california so he can go in to the convention and say i won. what he's said is the big enchilada. take a look at the super delegate process itself, and potentially change that process. >> my problem is that the process today has allowed secretary clinton to get the support of over 400 super delegates before any other democratic candidate was in the race. it's like an anointment. i think at the democratic national convention there's going to be a lot of discussion about reforming that issue and that process. >> the better he does in california, the more delegates he can rack up, the more affected his arguments will be
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there. >> what does your gut tell you about what's going to happen on tuesday vis-a-vis clinton and sanders? >> i can tell you definitively it's going to be close. [ laughter ] there's a lawyer answer for you. >> you should go in to weather. >> that's true. presidential politics aside, the biggest contest for california itself is the race for u.s. senate. 34 candidates are vying to replace retiring senator barbara boxer. they'll all appear on a single ballot. voters can make their pick regardless of party. the top two vote getters advance to the november election. most polling suggests it will come down to two democratic women. attorney general kamala harris and orange county congressman loretta sanchez. if that happens, it would be the first time in a century a republican has not appeared on the california ballot for senate. nearly 18 million californians are registered to vote ahead of tuesday's primary. not everyone who casts a ballot will be alive to do it. david goldstein on the unusual
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case of voter fraud that has state lawmakers demanding action tonight. >> it comes one week after our investigation found 265 dead voters in southern california. 215 of those in l.a. county. people like julita aberdeen who died in 2006, but after our investigation, the l.a. county registrar now confirms someone fraudulently used a mail-in ballot like this one to cast a vote in her name in 2014 and 2012. >> voter integrity is very important to us. >> reporter: now state senators like republican joel anderson and democrat ben allen are calling on secretary of state alex padilla to launch a voter fraud investigation. >> ultimately voter integrity matters. that's where we're focused so closely on getting it done and done quickly before tuesday. >> reporter: the senators are asking that we turn over the names that we uncovered but we went one step further and told them how we did it by matching
6:36 pm
voting records from the secretary of state's office with death records from the social security administration. it's unknown if padilla's office is trying to replicate our findings. >> they now know the issue. they're doing an investigation from my understanding and hopefully they'll get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: part of the problem is california is the only state that's noncompliant with a 14-year-old federal law that was supposed to standardize voting records statewide and prevent so-called dead voters. >> i have no doubt that part of the problem that you're running in to in your story has to do with the fact that we've been out of compliance, our computer system has been lousy. >> secretary of state padilla has promised to have a new computer system fully operational sometime this year but not in time for tuesday's primary. in los angeles, i'm david goldstein, kpix 5. >> tuesday voters will be asked if they want to help pay to save san francisco bay. the $12 annual parcel tax would
6:37 pm
include all nine bay area counties, the half billion dollars raised would go to marshland restoration projects. one supporter of measure aa, san francisco supervisor scott wiener who appeared on kpix 5 this morning. >> every single one of us has a responsibility to protect the bay and pay $1 a month to have a healthier bay and protect against sea level rise, that's not a lot to ask. >> opponents of measure aa argue it removes local control because it creates a new tax and that tax would require a 2/3rds vote of approval to pass. tributes continue to pour in for legendary boxer muhammad ali who died friday after a long battle with parkinson's. kenneth craig reports from ali's childhood home in louisville. >> long before muhammad ali became the greatest, he could only dream of greatness, growing up inside this pink house in louisville, kentucky. the home was restored and opened as a museum days before his
6:38 pm
death friday. ali's childhood friends, sonny fishback greeted visitors and shared stories about growing up with the champ. >> we wouldn't believe him when we were kids as he told the same stories he told as muhammad ali. no difference. same guy. >> what were those stories? >> i'll be heavyweight champion of the world. >> reporter: at ali's church, people celebrated his life and mourned his loss. ali's brother broke down in tears. >> loving and kind person to all people. he would help anybody that he could. he was a wonderful man. >> ali's funeral will be open to the public in a downtown louisville arena. thousands are expected and the service will be streamed around the world. ali was great in the ring and around the microphone. george forman, who lost to ali in one of the most famous fights ever says that combination made
6:39 pm
him the greatest. >> he belonged to the art. because he had poetry, form. he had it all. >> reporter: kenneth craig, cbs news, louisville, kentucky. in a stirring act of nature this morning in louisville, thousands of bees swarmed around a tree. it happened right next to a mural displaying his famous phrase, float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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parade in san francisco. thousands of people called r religious freedom as they today marked the 32nd annual sikh freedom parade in san francisco. thousands of people called for religious freedom as they marched down market street. kpix 5's john ramos has their stories. >> reporter: parades are usually held to celebrate some kind of victory. but this one was meant to commemorate a profound loss. >> it's the same thing for us.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: thousands of bay area sikhs marched up san francisco's market street to remind the world of the brutal attack on their community by the government of india. in june of 1984, indian troops laid siege to the golden temple. the sikh religion's holiest shrine. thousands were killed and the temple left in ruins. >> it was attack on the whole religion and a genocide. even the government has acknowledged it was the genocide against the sikh religion. >> reporter: the attack caused sikhs to demand separation from india. they'd like the northern state of pun jab to become a new nation where freedom of religion would be respected. >> do you believe one day this attack will end up resulting in the independence of your nation? >> of course. because as i said, hope is the biggest drive for any goal to reach. >> reporter: they'll also need
6:43 pm
pressure from the rest of the world to help make that happen so for the third year in a row, san francisco has become a rallying point for sikhs seeking religious freedom. >> every year the number is increasing and we hope one day in the coming years this will become the [ inaudible ] in the united states. >> reporter: india often refers to itself as the world's largest democracy but that will be put to the test because sikhs are calling for a referendum in 2020 to let the people of punjab vote whether to break off and become its own nation. a move that many here see as their declaration of independence. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. time for a look at some of the big stories happening in and around the bay area this week. >> two controversial laws in california. terminally ill patients will be allowed to choose their own path. the end of life option act was
6:44 pm
inspired by brittany maynard, a california woman diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. in 2014 she and her husband moved from san francisco to oregon where it is legal to seek medical assistance to end your own life. >> she talked to the governor three days before she died. i'd like to think that that conversation may have played a role in the governor deciding that this is indeed the right thing. >> california will become the fifth state to allow doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to dying patients. starting thursday, you need to be 21 to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products in california. it's just the second state in the nation to raise the minimum age after hawaii. >> i don't run the business but it hurts my commission. >> i think when you're 18 you're an adult and should be able to
6:45 pm
make your own decision. >> they say it will reduce smoking-related illnesses and discourage people to use tobacco products in the first place. they plan to ask for money to put up cameras along contra costa freeways. there have been dozens of shootings along interstate 80, 580, 880 and highway 4 in the last six months. >> i think they're shooting because there are not cameras, people don't hear gunshots at that speed. chaseings are very, very difficult. they either stay in the car or fall out of a car. >> the mayor's plan to ask for cameras capable of zooming in on license plates. they want them posted at all on and off ramps. still to come in this newscast, forests are vanishing and disappearing under the seament >> stressor after stressor after stressor from multiple angles. >> how thinning kelp beds could pose a major threat to california's coastline.
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>> this is not the way anyone wants their caribbean vacation to end. why passengers had to be airlifted off a cruise to bermuda. >> we'll see how long we have to wait for relief to make its way inland. a dramatic rescue off the c,
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where coast a dramatic rescue off the coast of north carolina where coast guard crews medevaced two passengers from a cruise ship. the norwegian breakaway was heading to bermuda when the passengers started experiencing severe stomach pains. they hoisted them to a helicopter and took them to the hospital where they're recovering. an injured hiker being hoisted to safety at skyline park in napa. not clear exactly what happened. the hiker is expected to be okay. and more than 2500 cyclists are pedaling from san francisco to los angeles for the annual aids life cycle. they kicked off the week long journey this morning at the cow palace. they biked down highway 1 today and are resting in santa cruz tonight. the event is expected to raise more than $16 million to help fight aids. >> i think it's important to raise awareness in the community that hiv is still a virus, still
6:50 pm
suffering from it. >> cyclists will bike another $100 down from king city. >> i guess they're going on 101. could go on 25. have you been to the pinnacles? very warm down there. they've also got that fire. extremely warm down there and electrifying weather. their thunderstorm watches are posted abeam susanville. a lot of moisture wrapping around the sierra. the only moisture we have is in the form of low clouds. concord at 92. oakland, 66. 89 at livermore. here's how it looks from high atop the west coast. high pressure kicking in. the combination between the two means a pretty good onshore flow and numbers that willben will-- numbers that will continue to be in the low 90s. low clouds to the rescue. air conditioners kicking in again. the shoreline very cool inland.
6:51 pm
the influence will be felt but we'll have to wait till wednesday, thursday, friday. coastline on the mild side. tomorrow in the city, 65. 82 in san jose. 69 for oakland. in the south bend, highs in the low 80s. 60s at the shoreline. inland will be in the mid 80s. better than it has been lately. brentwood, 95. mid 70s. very pleasant monday on tap. then still warm for ukiah, lakeport, and clear lake, with readings expected to top out of the low 90s. but for most of us the numbers tomorrow will be in the warmest spots, in the upper 80s inland. low 80s by wednesday. down to the upper 70s by friday. so in general, a cooling trend but it will take us a while to get there. got more coming up. we'll have to wait for a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
california's coastline. andria borba t finally tonight, a different kind of deforestation threatening california's coastline. >> in mendocino county scientists are keeping a close eye on the kelp. >> reporter: along the rugged mendocino coast, the crashing surf, weathered cliffs, and fields of wild flowers all compete to hold your eye's attention. beneath these waves and tide pools is a dangerous secret that could put all of this natural beauty in jeopardy. the linchpin of an ecosystem. kelp. >> it's much reduced from our historic levels by about 93%. and we've seen that reduction for the last two years. >> reporter: this isn't a scene after a wildfire. it's all that's left of the forest after years of attack. this is what it should look like. scientists sway the kelp forest
6:55 pm
along the sonoma and mendocino county coastlines were hit with the perfect storm of conditions. in 2011, toxic algae took a swipe. 2013 brought sea star disease. a warm blob off the pacific coast the next year killed off more kelp. then el nino hit in 2015. >> stressor after stressor after stressor from multiple angles. >> reporter: now the barren kelp forest, the food source for so many creatures, is producing an impact that can be seen above the water. so environmental scientists and a team from california's department of fish and wildlife are looking for clues. sizing, measuring, and recording data on every abalone brought up by fishermen in mendocino county. >> thesis others are filling out the shell quite nicely. >> reporter: this is what they didn't want to find. the meat is small. it's not getting enough
6:56 pm
nutrients to grow in to its shell. this abalone is literally starving. remember that sea star disease? the sea stars are natural predators of the urchins. they're munching on what's left of the kelp, making recovery difficult, and denying other fish a hiding place from larger predators. the kelp need cooler water, fewer urchins feeding off of it, and continued monitoring to see if anything can be done to restore it. >> we're more turned now with how the future is going to play out. >> reporter: if it doesn't bounce back, fisheries will continue to struggle. california's already crumbling coastline is protected from the pounding pacific by kelp. with no kelp, coastal erosion will continue to pick up steam, eating away at the shoreline.
6:57 pm
>> the children we're seeing out there today might have a different kind of beach they're bringing their children to. >> reporter: in mendocino county, andria borba, kpix 5. >> we use kelp for a number of food products too in the state. something to keep an eye on. 60 minutes is next. >> latest always on we'll see you back here at 11:00. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> scott pelley: michael botticelli is the president's drug czar. just don't call him that. >> it's actually a title that i don't like. >> pelley: why? >> because i think it connotes this old "war on drugs" focus to the work that we do. it portrays that we are clinging to kind of failed policies and failed practices in the past. >> pelley: are you saying that the way we have waged the war on drugs for more than 40 years has been all wrong? >> it has been all wrong. >> stahl: tonight we pay tribute to muhammad ali by rebroadcasting a story that captured him like none other. at the time he was suffering from parkinson's, yet with his wit and spirit intact as the late ed bradley found out.


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