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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> pelley: terror in tel aviv. gunmen open fire near an outdoor market with deadly results. also tonight, clinton versus trump, the battle begins. it is possible that your biggest obstacle is not your opponent but yourself. >> a cbs news investigation. memb u.s. military drafted into an insurance scam. the attempted kidnapping a teenager, caught on videotape. and, free at last after serving eight years for murders he did not commit. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: this is our western edition. israelis enjoying a night out in tel aviv were cut down by two gunmen who israeli police say are palestinian terrorists. at least four were killed, five wounded. the massacre in a restaurant was captured in terrible detail by a surveillance camera and the images are hard to watch. the suspects, we're told are in custody, and we have more now from jonathan vigliotti. >> reporter: the gunmen went table to table inside a packed restaurant, shooting their victims at pointblank range. surveillance video showed diners scrambling for cover as the attackers continued to fire. israeli security forces arrived quickly, and this cell phone video purports to show police firing on one of the gunmen. a few blocks away, a second shooter was captured. police combed the area looking for a possible third attacker, but found none.
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the two gunmen were identified as palestinians, cousins from the same village in the west bank, which has been a flashpoint for violence in recent months. israeli media said both men were wearing suits, disguised as orthodox jews. at this point, we don't know the exact motive behind the shooting. but, scott, it's one of the deadliest attacks in an eight- month wave of violence where palestinians have targeted israelis. >> pelley: jonathan vigliotti in the london newsroom. jonathan, thank you. now, five months from today, voters will elect the 45th president of the united states. it will be a choice between donald trump and hillary clinton. clinton claimed the democratic nomination last night, and she talked to us today from her hometown of chappaqua, new york. there was a moment last night that you stopped to take it all in. you stretched your arms out wide, and i wonder what was going through your mind at that point.
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>> i wasn't really thinking. i was just feeling the moment. i was so overwhelmed by the energy and the excitement of the crowd, and i knew how many thousands and millions of people had made that moment possible. so i was especially just wanting to feel it because it was historic for me, but i think it was a historic milestone for so many others as well. >> pelley: >> pelley: donald trump just had the worst 72 hours of his political life, denounced by republican leaders, labeled a racist and a bigot. and yet, yesterday, nearly two million people voted for him. who are his supporters, and why do they seem to be unshakable? >> well, you'll have to ask them, scott. because i do not believe his views or his rhetoric will find
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that favorable an audience in the general electorate. because i think that as i said last week in san diego, what he's already said, both words and deeds, disqualifies him from being president. and i have more votes than he does. so i think i have a good, solid foundation to start from. >> pelley: but it is possible that your biggest obstacle is not your opponent but yourself. 52% of the american people who participated in our cbs news poll have an unfavorable opinion of you. that is the highest negative impression of anyone ever nominated by the democratic party since we started asking that question in 1984. do you bear any responsibility for that? >> oh, i'm sure i do, but i think when i was secretary of state, and serving our country, i had an approval rating of 66%, and i think it's fair to ask, well, what's happened? and what's happened is tens of
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millions of dollars of negative advertising and coverage that has been sent my way. i understand that, and i know that it's up to me to take this base that i built and expand it by reaching out to senator sanders' supporters, to many others across our country, including, i hope, republicans and independents. >> pelley: do you think we will look back on your choice of a running mate as conventional or unconventional? >> i don't know because i have no idea yet. you know, i'm looking broadly and widely, and i'm going to begin to really, you know, dive in to thinking hard about this. so i'm going to be looking, first and foremost, as to who i believe could fulfill the responsibilities of being president and commander in chief. >> pelley: there's more in this interview, and you can see the interview with secretary clinton on our 24-hour digital news service, cbsn. well, despite clinching the
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nomination, clinton is still being pursued by the zombie candidacy of bernie sanders. republicans, for their part, rolled out a new donald trump last night, trump 2.0. nancy cordes and chip reid are with us. nancy, sanders declines to be defeated. >> reporter: that's right, scott. and there are half a dozen lawmakers here on capitol hill who are backing him, and even they aren't quite sure what his timetable is. they don't expect that he will drop out of the race before the d.c. primary, the final primary on the calendar next tuesday. but, they acknowledge that clinton is the presumptive nominee, and they say he should do the same sooner rather than later. here's what's going on. sanders wants assurances from the clinton campaign and the party writ large that they won't turn theirs backs on his progressive agenda the minute that he gets out of the race. so the two campaigns are in negotiations. he is sitting down with the president at the white house tomorrow, and, scott, every democrat i spoke to up here today is willing to give him a
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wide berth, because they need his nearly 12 million voters, not to mention his record- breaking donor base as well. >> pelley: nancy, thank you. chip reid, the party shackled trump to a teleprompter last night. >> reporter: that's right, scott. in a speech last night, he was almost unrecognizable. he was calm, thoughtful, and yes, he read from a teleprompter just like the conventional politicians he usually rails against and he promised the republican party he will never let them down. just hours before that, leading republicans were denouncing him as un-american, even racist, for accusing a federal judge of mexican descent of being biased against him. today, that torrent of criticism mostly subsided though there were some harsh words. trump supporter newt gingrich said trump, "made a really stupid mistake in criticizing the judge." trump promised to stop talking about the judge, but sent another wave of nervousness through the republican party when he promptly ignored that promise and discussed it in three separate interviews. >> pelley: chip reid, nancy
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cordes for us tonight. thank you, both. well, a young sexual assault victim's haunting courtroom statement received worldwide attention this week. we've been telling you about it on this broadcast. it happened especially after the judge gave a light sentence to the attacker, a star swimmer at stanford university. well tonight, we're learning more. we learned what the attacker had to say to the judge, and here is john blackstone. >> reporter: before brock rner was sentenced on three counts of sexual assault, he pleaded with the judge not to be sent to prison, and he apologized for his actions. but in the letter obtained by cbs news, turner fails to take full responsibility, instead blaming "the party culture i briefly experienced in my four months at school." at stanford, drinking alcohol, he wrote, became "what i
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expected when spending saturday with friends." in spite of being found guilty, turner insists what happened that night was consensual. the victim's own letter to the judge condemns turner refusal to acknowledge she was unconscious. judge aaron persky's controversial sentence of just six months in county jail was based, the judge said, on turner's youth and lack of prior offenses. the judge also received 39 letters of support. a high school teacher wrote, "i would completely trust brock turner with my daughter." law professor evan lee, an expert in sentencing guidelines expected a much more severe sentence. >> maybe three years, if you take into account the lack of record, maybe if you take into account the intoxication. but six months is... really shocking.
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>> reporter: turner has begun serving his sentence here at the santa clara county jail, but in a letter to the judge, his family asked that he be transferred to a facility closer to his home in ohio. with time off for good behavior, scott, he could be released as early as september. >> pelley: john blackstone reporting for us. john, thank you. tonight, cbs news exposes an insurance scam, and it turns out you, the taxpayer, are the victim. it seems especially egregious because members of the u.s. military are being duped to help pull off the fraud. here's jim axelrod. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: with its pulsing music, this club in west hollywood might not seem like the ideal location for a business meeting. but this was where we were invited by dustin warren, a salesman working with a lab that conducts genetic testing and drug screening. we record the meeting undercover. warren gave us a test of the
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hardball pitch he uses to get doctors to order the tests. >> reporter: with the right contacts, he told us , we could expect to make big money. thanks, in part, to genetic tests that assess cancer risk. he said military insurance, called tricare, reimburses the most for a single test. >> reporter: the tests are conducted and billed by a lab in dallas, cockerell dermapathology, which also offers another test, a drug screening, and that made the lab more than $5 million from tricare last year. to entice soldiers to be
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screened so tricare could be billed, others working with cockerell labs set up a makeshift clinic in this strip mall just a mile from the gates of fort hood. we have learned that beginning last summer and running all the way through this past february, soldiers would line up by the dozens every day in this parking lot and provide their d.n.a., urine, and tricare i.d. numbers in exchange for a $50 walmart gift card. >> it was a lot of people. it was full. >> reporter: linda bozeman, the wife of a soldier, told us she visited the clinic a few times last year to make a little extra money for christmas presents. >> they just said that they had this clinical research going, and that they paid you by walmart cards so that you would give your urine. >> reporter: but it wasn't for research. documents show cockerell dermapathology used linda bozeman's samples to bill tricare 418 separate times,
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unneeded screenings for dozens of drugs, like p.c.p., cocaine, and methadone. nearly $7,000 at taxpayer expense. and this wasn't the only place near fort hood where soldiers lined up. there was this storefront a few blocks away, but they were only there a little while before setting up shop at a more professional-looking site. a couple months ago, they moved a few miles down the road to this location. now, from the looks of things, they're no longer in business here, either. but we found plenty of evidence in the trash they had been. soldiers' social security numbers, medical information, d.n.a. specimens, and more than 60 photo copies of military i.d.s, including linda bozeman's. which left us with a lot of questions for cockerell dermapathology and its owner, dr. clay cockerell, a dermatologist.
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>> i run a pathology laboratory. i have been doing that well over 20 years. >> reporter: our producer caught up with him outside the lab. >> there is a genetic testing lab-- >> i'm going to take off. that's not my laboratory. >> it is your lab, they're using your contracts. >> yeah, but i'm not running that. >> they're using your contacts and your license, sir. >> reporter: and with that, dr. cockerell was off, declining to answer any more questions on camera. in a written statement, representatives of cockerell dermapathology confirmed it is his lab. they also said, "there is a possibility that individuals were operating outside of the organization's strict compliance requirements." the lab says it is voluntary refunding what it calls, "significant amounts of money," but wouldn't say how much or to whom. we asked the pentagon if it is investigating, and they told us, scott, they can't discuss it. ti pelley: great investigative reporting by and you producer emily rand. thanks very much, jim. jim is going to show us tomorrow how marketers have also targeted
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5:47 pm the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases. seriously... double miles... everywhere. what's in your wallet? >> pelley: a would-be kidnapper in a florida store was watching a mother and child and apparently judged they were an easy mark. david begnaud tells us that what he got was the fight of his life. >> reporter: it is videotape that would horrify any parent. surveillance footage shows 30- year-old craig bonello violently grabbing and dragging a 13-year old girl, allegedly trying to kidnap her from a dollar general store in hernando, florida. she resists as her mother immediately chases after them and throws herself on top of her daughter. citrus county sheriff jeff dawsy. >> i give great accolades to the mom. i thought the mom was stellar in
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this case. the mom was on him. he was getting his butt kicked by mom. >> reporter: after a 15-second struggle, bonello gives up and runs out of the store into the parking lot, where off-duty sheriff's deputy jonathan behnen had just pulled up. >> he fought a little bit, but when he realized that i had the upper edge, he kind of complied with everything. he didn't say much of anything to me. >> reporter: investigators do not know why bonello targeted the girl. the teen and her mother told authorities they'd never seen him before. >> it's sad that we have people like that in society. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect told them he had tried this before, but the sheriff insists there's really no way of verifying that. scott, the suspect's attorney says he's a veteran with a history of mental health issues. >> pelley: david begnaud for us. david, thank you. coming up, one of the world's top tennis players is banned. nned. and with her, a flood of potential patients.
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>> pelley: today, maria sharapova was suspended from
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tennis for two years for doping. the winner of the five grand slams tested positive for meldonium, which boosts blood flow. it was banned in january but sharapova said she didn't know and she plans to appeal. in louisville, there were long lines for tickets for friday's funeral for muhammad ali. all 15,000 were gone in an hour. they were free, but some ticket holders turned around and sold theirs. a muslim prayer service will be held tomorrow. ali died friday at 74. the way the story goes, a fairy brought the wooden puppet pinocchio to life, but the truth is, it was animator willis pyle, whose death was announced today. pyle once said he looked into a mirror to watch his own expressions and gave them to pinocchio. pyle also worked on "bambi," "fantasia," and "mr. magoo." the son of dustbowl farmers, pyle was the brother of the late
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if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems, stomach ulcers, a bleeding condition, or take certain medicines. side effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. ask your doctor about pradaxa. and its specific reversal treatment. weather talent appears at wx center with generic >> pelley: an innocent teenager was thrown into prison eight years ago. today, he walked free. michelle miller tells us why justice was so long in coming. >> hey! >> reporter: taminko sanford is talking with her son, davontae, who woke up in prison this morning. it's a phone call they waited for, for eight years. valerie newman is their lawyer. >> the hope is i'm going to be driving up there today to pick you up.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: you lost eight years. is there any way to regain that, that time? >> can't get back. >> reporter: in 2007, then-14- year-old davontae sanford was charged with a quadruple murder at a drug house in his detroit neighborhood. according to a judge's review, police interrogated the teenager without a lawyer over multiple days, allowing him little sleep, until he confessed. >> reporter: the judge also said sanford's trial lawyer, bob slameka, who has since had his license suspended, never challenged inconsistencies in the confession, and a police official may have lied on the witness stand. two weeks after the teenager was sentenced, a self-proclaimed hit man, vincent smothers, confessed to the killings, and told police where to find the murder weapon, but davontae sanford remained in prison.
5:58 pm
>> failure after failure after failure, just systemic failure. >> reporter: a yearlong reinvestigation of sanford's case led to a judge saying he was innocent. this afternoon, sanford, now 23, walked out of a place where he should have never been. his mother waited at home, too emotional to make the two-hour trip. >> i think when i hold him, it will be real. i haven't touched him, hugged him, anything in eight years. >> reporter: but tonight, she did. michelle miller, cbs news, detroit. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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unprecedented tax to restore shoreline. sounds good: but where exactly will your 12 s a year go? new at 6: she's fighting toe hi usually reserved kamala new at 6:00 ponying up to protect the bay. voters give the thumbs up to an unprecedented tax to restore the shoreline. sounds good, but where will your $12 a year go? >> new at 6:00, she is fighting to make history in the u.s. senate. now a usually reserved kamala harris gets candid with our phil matier. her thoughts on the controversial stanford sex assault sentence. >> it was not respected. she was not given dignity in the process. >> street justice leads to a brutal killing. new video gives a chilling look at the homeless culture in golden gate park. >> new at 6:00, imagine standing in front of strangers justifying your effort at school. the nerve-wracking assignment that's changing these bay area students' lives. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good evening, i'm ken bastida.
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>> i'm veronica de la cruz. thanks for joining us. the campaign ad said we all had to do something to clean up the bay. and 69% of voters said yes to measure aa adding another tax on bay area homeowners. this was the first-ever ballot initiative that affected all nine counties in the bay area. kpix 5's emily turner went to find out where exactly will all that money go. emily. >> reporter: that's the big question. it sounds great, right? yes, of course, i want to protect the bay. but the big question is where that money is going to go. it's a question we have yet to find an answer to. it is an estuary that drains 40% of the state's water. it's home to thousands of species of wildlife and now san francisco bay is the soon-to-be recipient of half a billion dollars of taxpayer money. >> i voted for it because well, i want to protect our beauty and all generations need to do that to continue to have the bay th


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