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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> pelley: the president invites sanders in. the pressure's on to get out. >> i'm with her. i am fired up. and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> pelley: also tonight, the government opens an investigation of insurance scams exposed by cbs news. >> these criminals were filling sandbags with cash as quickly as they could, before we cut it off. ♪ ♪ >> pelley: prayers and praise for the most famous muslim in the world. >> ali's silent presence meant mountains of strength to us. >> pelley: and, meet piper the wonder dog-- >> go get him! go get him! >> pelley: --covering ground to keep us safe in the air. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. today, president obama passed the torch to the person he hopes will succeed him, endorsing hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. the president, the outgoing head of the party, would like to clear the field for clinton before the july convention. but democratic don quixote bernie sanders is not letting go of his impossible dream. here's nancy cordes. >> i'm with her. i am fired up. >> reporter: in a three-minute love letter to the presumptive nominee, president obama called clinton the most qualified person ever to run for the white house. >> i have seen her judgment. i've seen her toughness. >> reporter: the clinton campaign posted the video an hour after the president met with bernie sanders, whose prolonged exit from the race has distracted attention from clinton's achievement. >> i look forward to meeting with her in the near future to see how we can work together to
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defeat donald trump. >> reporter: it was his first acknowledgment that the competition is over, though he still wouldn't answer the big question-- how much longer do you intend to stay in the race, senator sanders? the democratic leaders who met with sanders on capitol hill couldn't nail down a timeline, either. >> i'm not pushing him to do anything. i think he needs a little time to just decide what he wants to do. >> reporter: what exactly is he holding out for? >> i think he is somebody who is interested in changing the direction of the country. i think he's done that with his historic election. i think he'll, of course, be involved in the process. >> reporter: and that means pushing clinton and the party to embrace at least some of his positions. >> those might be things ranging from the $15-an-hour minimum wage, to ending fracking in america. >> reporter: oregon's jeff merkley was the only senator to endorse sanders. >> to have the party united, you have to have it embrace these core, fundamental visions that have mobilized the grass roots
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in america to support bernie sanders. so, good policy in this case is good politics. >> reporter: after the president's announcement today, donald trump weighed in with this tweet, "obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does." clinton's campaign responded simply, "delete your account." but that just opened clinton up to a series of republican digs about missing e-mails and her controversial server, scott. >> pelley: nancy cordes for us tonight. nancy, thank you. tonight, we have a follow-up to our cbs news investigation that exposed an insurance scam in which taxpayers are the victims. members of the u.s. military have been duped into getting unnecessary medical tests that are paid for by the pentagon's insurance plan. after our report aired last night, we confirmed that the federal government has opened a criminal investigation. here's jim axelrod.
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>> reporter: this heap of trash dumped into a shed at a clinic near fort hood contains soldiers' social security numbers, medical information, d.n.a. specimens and more than 60 photocopies of military i.d.s. it's outside one of three clinics we showed you last night where marketers offered soldiers $50 walmart gift cards in exchange for their urine and d.n.a. some of those samples were sent to the cockerell dermapathology lab in dallas, which billed the military's insurance, tricare, for millions of dollars' worth of drug tests, many of which were unneeded. pentagon investigators are now trying to find out who made money at their expense, and how much. >> tricare, like many things within the department of defense, is a very large operation. >> reporter: today, pentagon spokesman peter cook addressed our story. >> reports like this, obviously, are of concern to us and something we want to address. dr reporter: this is not the
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first time tricare has been targeted by scammers. >> these criminals were filling sandbags with cash as quickly as they could before we cut it off. providing medical care to our troops. >> reporter: until april, retired two-star general richard thomas ran tricare. as we reported last year, claims for custom-made prescription creams called compounds had grown exponentially, until the pentagon stopped paying for most of them due to their dubious medical value. we spoke with thomas in march. icicare was $1.3 billion in the hole. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: is that largely due to this fraudulent billing of compounded drugs? >> you're right, absolutely, it was. was was the biggest single source of us being over-spent. >> reporter: to cover health care for the troops, the pentagon had to reallocate money from its fuel budget. >> what makes this especially egregious is the fact they were specifically going after our military force, and their families and our veterans. >> reporter: so far, they've recovered about $240 million.
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you've clearly put a stop to one fraud. it appears, from our reporting, another fraud is popping up. what does that say to you? >> it's not over. the fight continues. we have to always have our scouts out and be vigilant. >> reporter: cockerell dermapathology tells us there is a possibility individuals did ndt follow the company's compliance requirements, and is voluntarily returning significant amounts of money. scott, one estimate pegs the number of soldiers duped in the scam to be at least 2,000. >> pelley: jim axelrod with our investigation tonight. jim, thank you. well, muhammad ali's funeral is tomorrow in louisville, kentucky, but at a service there today, prayers were offered for perhaps the most well-known muslim in the world. jericka duncan was there. >> reporter: the body of muhammad ali arrived for the traditional prayer service this morning. ♪ his wife, lonnie, sat silently,
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her eyes covered, her face showed no emotion. it was the first time the family c s been seen in public since ali's death. an estimated 14,000 people packed a louisville expo center, including ali abdulla, who says he converted because of ali. is muhammad ali is the one who actually made people to understand what the true religion was about. >> reporter: muhammad ali wanted this service to be open to non- muslims, like rosetta fackler. >> he was such a wonderful role model for everybody because of the way he treated people, because of his faithfulness to what he truly believed in. >> reporter: ali embraced the islamic faith in 1964. >> i must be the greatest! >> reporter: after upsetting sonny liston, cassius clay announced his conversion and adopted a new name. >> muhammad means worthy of all praises, and ali means most high. >> reporter: he became the most famous and influential muslim in america. wa this man was a messenger of peace. >> reporter: dr. mohammad bobber
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he a leader in the local muslim community. what does it mean to the muslim community to have lost someone like muhammad ali? >> timing could not be worse. at this time, when islamophobia is at its height, when hatred and bigotry is becoming the world of politics, we needed muhammad more than ever. >> reporter: tomorrow morning, ali's hearse will travel through the streets of louisville. scott, the memorial service will follow in the afternoon and include eulogies from former president bill clinton and comedian billy crystal. >> pelley: jericka, thank you. be sure to watch our coverage in the morning on "cbs this morning." and we will be anchoring this broadcast from louisville tomorrow evening with extensive coverage of the funeral. today, the third of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray went on trial, the only officer charged with murder. gray's neck was broken while he
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was being driven in a police van last year. jeff pegues is covering this trial in baltimore. >> reporter: prosecutors say officer ceasar goodson jr., the police van's driver, intentionally took freddie gray on a 45-minute rough ride to jail. typuty states attorney michael scatzow blamed goodson for not ensuring that the 25-year-old was wearing a seat belt. "there was no good reason not to n,lt him in," he told the judge, "except to bounce him around." after a number of injuries suffered by people in transport vans, baltimore police had been reiterating to officers that prisoners be seatbelted in. prosecutors allege goodson ignored the rule. but officer goodson's attorney, andrew graham, told the judge prisoners are virtually never belted, saying gray's death was "a freakish accident" and that convicting a good officer to "satisfy a desire to have someone to blame will just make a tragic situation worse."
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gray's arrest and subsequent death last year exposed long- simmering tension between baltimore police and the community. riots erupted after his funeral. more than 200 police officers were hurt. more than a dozen buildings and business were torched. the state's attorney's decision to charge the officers brought some measure of peace to baltimore, but so far marilyn mosby has failed to prove guilt, and her office's tactics have been maligned. last december, officer william porter walked free after a hung jury, and last month in a bench trial, judge barry williams found officer edward nero "not guilty." both officers faced lesser charges than officer goodson. the same judge will decide goodson's guilt or innocence. today he scolded prosecutors for failing to turn evidence over to the defense about another prisoner in the transport van with freddie gray. the pressure is increasing on
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prosecutors to get a win here. scott, the state's attorney in the city is feeling the heat from members of the community who say they want justice, and many in law enforcement who don't see this as justice at all. >> pelley: jeff pegues in baltimore for us. jeff, thank you. well, tonight, israel has sealed trf the west bank and gaza strip for the next three days in response to the terror attack in tel aviv. two palestinians opened fire in nrestaurant last evening. four israelis were killed, nine hurt. police shot and wounded one suspect. israeli media reports that the other was arrested while hiding in a nearby home. it turned out that an israeli police officer lived there. france is on high alert with the european soccer championships kicking off tomorrow. for europeans, this is as if the super bowl and the world series were being played every night for a month. 2.5 million visitors are expected. elizabeth palmer is in paris.
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>> reporter: unprecedented security for an unprecedented threat. less than seven months ago, isis attacks against a paris soccer game, cafes, and a concert ended with 130 dead. now the french government knows isis wants to strike again. so it's put the police through antiterrorist training with mock attacks. ( gunfire ) this one, staged in one of the huge so-called fan zones where thousands will gather to watch the soccer games on big-screen tv. ( gunfire ) "that's just asking for it," says city councilor denis broliquier. "why take the risks," he says "when all the intelligence services say the threat has never been so great." this is the new normal-- soldiers are just part of the scenery at french tourist sites
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like the louvre museum. sergeant jules tells me three years ago he was fighting terrorists in west africa. if somebody had told you then, that you would be patrolling france against terrorism, would you have believed it? "not a chance," he says. "but that is the reality." in a command center outside paris, we saw police from across europe tracking threats to the soccer tournament, a mega-event that france is determined to go ahead with, even though it is a perfect target. jean francois martins is paris's deputy mayor: >> if we want isis to win, we just have to cancel it and say, "okay, you won." >> reporter: tonight the celebration has begun with a massive concert beneath the eiffel tower. that will be the first big test for this massive french security operation, scott. and after that, 30 more nerve- wracking days until the soccer tournament is finally over.
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>> pelley: elizabeth palmer in the city of light tonight. liz, thank you. a small plane fell from the sky today in houston, crashed in today in houston, crashed into an unoccupied car in a parking lot near hobby airport. all three people on board the single-engine cirrus aircraft were killed. no one has been identified. the plane had flown from normand, oklahoma. there is no word yet on the cause. coming up next on the cbs evening news, the f.d.a. is accused of being too slow with food recalls, and two quick- thinking kids save a little girl from drowning.
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>> pelley: contaminated foods sometimes remains on store shelves for months because the f.d.a. is slow to order a recall. that's according to a report released today by a government watchdog group. anna werner spoke to the investigator in charge. >> reporter: government investigators focused on two
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recalls from 2014 where they said consumers remained at risk of illness or death for several weeks after f.d.a. knew of potentially hazardous food. one was a salmonella outbreak linked to nut butter that caused 14 illnesses in 11 states. investigators found it took 165 days from when the product was identified to the date of the firm's voluntary recall. and in a listeria outbreak later that year, linked to cheese products, auditors determined a series of recalls took 81 days to complete. at least nine people became ill, including an infant who died, and two pregnant women who lost their fetuses. george nedder is lead auditor: >> unless you get all the product off the shelf, people still are at risk. if you were playing russian roulette and you took all the bullets out of the gun and you put it to your head, there is no risk, but if there are still a couple of bullets left in there, you're still playing russian roulette, aren't you? >> reporter: f.d.a.'s dr. steven ostroff says thousands of recalls are handled quickly and effectively, and the case investigators selected were
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outliers. >> i think that we have traditionally done a very good job. >> reporter: you sound though, as if you're saying that nothing went wrong in those two cases, of 81 days and 165 days. >> there are situations in which it's very challenging to be able to take the actions that need to be taken as quickly as possible. >> reporter: but nedder says fixes are needed immediately. >> it's too long. how many days would america expect them to take, to figure out and get this product off the shelf? >> reporter: alerts are highly unusual. nedder says he's only issued three of them in the hundreds of cases he's worked on over the past 27 years. and, scott, the f.d.a. is already responding to this, saying it's setting up a new internal review group to push for quicker action on recalls when needed. >> pelley: anna werner, thanks. when we come back, the vice president's strong support for a victim of sexual assault.
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>> pelley: today >> pelley: today, the federal aviation administration said it will not require psychological testing for airline pilots. there was a call for it after a german pilot deliberately flew a jetliner into a mountain last year. but the f.a.a. says the tests only reveal a pilot's mental health at the moment that they are given and can't predict future problems. in titusville, florida, a three- year-old girl likely would have drowned in this pool if not for her nine-year-old cousin. he spotted her underwater and pulled her out. the surveillance video shows her coming out of the pool right there. the girl had stopped breathing. a teenager used c.p.r. training she learned at school and saved pre child's life. today, vice president joe biden praised a sexual assault victim whose written statement in court drew sympathy from around the world. the six-month sentence given to her attacker, a swimmer at
5:53 pm
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and urinary tract infections which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for more information, visit why she says he made the rit call. next le pelley: we end tonight with the sharpest air traffic controller we've ever seen-- good under pressure, thinks on his feet, reacts quickly. and he's only eight years old. here's kris van cleave. >> well, i don't think there's any denying it. he's got the cool factor down to a "t." >> reporter: it's easy to spot in these pictures why piper, the airport canine, has a global following on social media. the eight-year-old boarder
5:57 pm
collie sits tight with the coast guard hovering only feet away, or as the blue angels taxi by. but those goggles and ear guards he's wearing aren't just a photo-op-- he's on the job. piper protects air traffic at traverse city michigan airport from birds and other wildlife. here, he hones in on geese near the main runway-- and they take off. bird strikes can be catastrophic but often lead to costly repairs d d forced landings. piper has been on the job about two years. have you guys noticed a different in that time? >> absolutely. >> reporter: coast guard pilot lieutenant commander charlie wilson is one of piper's biggest fans. >> quite honestly, i've been in a number of airports that use, usually, shotgun blanks. birds get used to that. they know, hey, it's just a sound. nothing's going to happen. but when you deploy a dog that actually chases after them, and they have that fight or flight instinct, they go running and they remember it. >> reporter: brian edwards is piper's partner. what is the best part of having piper here with you every day?
5:58 pm
>> i get to work with my best friend every day. >> reporter: brian has only had piper for three years. despite not being previously trained, it only took this old dog about a year to get comfortable on the tarmac. >> the airport is his home. i have to drag him out of here wherever we leave. >> reporter: it was edwards' idea to post pictures on instagram. now piper has about 10,000 more followers than traverse city has residents. that's nothing to shake a stick at, and honestly, piper would rather you throw it. dris van cleave, cbs news, michigan. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley, and we'll see you right here tomorrow from louisville. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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in the bay area says there'o constitutional right to car concealed weapon ".gun rights are ours. ever they're trying the decision setting new at 6:00, a huge victory for gun control. a federal court in the bay area says there's no constitutional right to carry a concealed firearm. >> gun rights are ours. every day our government tries to take them away from us. >> the showdown coming up. >> calls to oust the judge in the stanford sexual assault case but a well-known advocate for women is standing in his corner. >> this was a tough decision for judge persky to make. >> why she says it's fair. >> aging trains in need of a major overhaul. the billion- dollar request heading to the ballot. >> good evening. what do you think? does the second amendment give you the right to carry a
6:00 pm
concealed firearm? federal appeals court in san francisco says no. it does not. kpix 5's mike sugerman on what this all means and where we go from here. mike. >> reporter: san francisco is no stranger to controversy about guns. 11 years ago voters here banned all handguns in city limits and that was overturned in the courts. today a court in san francisco today ruled that you can have a concealed weapon, you just don't have a constitutional right to have one. you better have a good reason. in california you can carry a concealed weapon around in public with a permit. the county sheriff has to grant you one. the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled today you don't have a constitutional right to carry that hidden firearm. >> we think the ninth circuit got it right. >> reporter: michael is with the law center to prevent gun violence. the san francisco group worked on the case. >> we elect


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