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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 11, 2016 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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. >> good morning. it's june 11th, 2016, welcome to cbs this morning, saturday. a shock murder of a rising talent. the singer gunned down while signing autographs. plus more violence outside a trump rally as words between the two leading candidates become increasingly tense. >> saying goodbye toot champ. luminaries and leaders gather for a memorial for the late muhammad ali. around the world on the wings of the sun. the pilots of the polar impulse
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2 join us to discuss the final leg of their journey. >> we begin with a look at the eyeopener. your world in 90 seconds. >> you have a president coming out and endorsing somebody that is under criminal investigation. criminal investigation. >> donald trump on the attack. >> police say they squared off with trump supporters. >> speculation of a hillary clinton and elizabeth warren ticket. >> pocohontas is not happy. i hope she will be chosen by hillary. >> i won't be voting for either one. i will be writing in somebody else's name. >> gunshots ring out in love field airport. >> a rising star killed boy a gunman at her own concert. >> she died at an orlando area
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hospital. >> the plane plunged into a townhome. >> the burned out crash site that is now that condo. >> the golden state warriors where they take a commanding lead. >> all that. >> this is going to get get. >> about 12 guys. i put my money on the ground hog. >> about all that matters. >> i must be the greatest. >> this city named for louis the 16th and a send off is befitting of a king. >> the greatest man on earth, that's muhammad ali! >> cbs this morning saturday. >> i can hear him saying now, i thought i should be e lo jazzed by at least one president. >> to live this his time was absolutely extraordinary. he was funny. he was beautiful. he was the most perfect athlete you ever saw and those were his
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own words. >> and welcome to the weekend, everyone. we have a great lineup including a trip to las vegas. sports betting has long been popular, but one multimillionaire has been popular and a plan to bring a major sports team to vegas. >> she took a risk in bringing her talents to broadway and it paid off. we talk to sarah but relis for her new musical, waitress. >> a celebration fit for a queen. the official celebration for elizabeth's 90th birthday. >> sad news. a rising singer shot and killed by a fan in orlando, florida. >> christina grimy, a you tube star who was a finalist on "the
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voice" was signing autographs last night when a gunman shot her. jennifer ortega reports. >> good morning. such a sad ending for what many fans was saying was a great performance. we have been out here overnight as police continue to investigate and the crime scene unit is still out here. 22-year-old christina grimy had just finished performing when she was shot and killed. a video posted showed her excited telling fans to come out. grimy was signing autographs with fans when the suspect walked up and shot her. her brother tackled the suspect and that's when the suspect shot himself dead. many fans shocked to hear what happened. the former voice contestant. they have not released the suspect's name or motive for the
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shooting. >> wkmd in orlando. thank you. >> there was new violence in a trump rally in richmond, virginia. police charged one person with disorderly conduct and four others detained. about 100 protesters marched outside. inside trump attacked hillary clinton and elizabeth warren. we have more on the campaign. good morning. >> good morning. with the primaries basically over, democrats have been falling behind hillary clinton and voicing concerns about donald trump after repeated criticism of a federal judge because of mexican heritage. the latest that mitch mcconnell indicated his support for trump is not iron clad. >> hillary clinton wants to raise your taxes substantially. she wants to abolish the second amendment. she won't issue the term radical islamic terrorism.
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>> campaigning last night in richmond, virginia, donald trumper to into hillary clinton after getting the nomination. you have 18 versus bernie. where are you, bernie? >> the rally capped the week of damage control where they held meetings with donors of repeating the call to ban muslims from entering the u.s. >> we have to tempt rarely stop this whole thing with what's going with refugees where they don't know where they come from. we have to take a rest. take a time out. >> discipline has limits especially on twitter where he
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escalated his feud with elizabeth warren tweeting goofy elizabeth warren has a nasty mouth. hope she is vp choice. >> donald trump is a loud, nasty, thin skinned fraud who never risked anything for anyone and serves no one but himself. >> the messages from the senator is emerging as one of the top attack dogs, regularly getting under trump's skin. >> yesterday i had the great honor of being endorsed by president obama and vice president biden. and by senator elizabeth warren. >> that meeting fuelled speculation that she is considering warren as a potential running mate. they talked about working together to advance the progressive agenda and stop donald trump.
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this is one of the ways she is extending an olive branch and energized by bernie sanders. he is in vermont assessing his next moves. >> we are joined by lauren fox. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me you think we are with the democrats looking like one big happy family and the republicans you have mitt romney saying he will not vote for the republican or the democrat and all the disarray there. if there is an advantage, how big is it? >> unity is a huge advantage when you look at who might be stumping for hillary clinton, president obama is going to be out in swing states campaigning for her in the final weeks and the months leading into it. the republicans have a long way to go before you see a lunch of leadership for donald trump. there is a lot missing. >> i want to ask you about
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elizabeth warren. she could be on the short list for vp. who else is on the list and could it be her? >> it could be. she could certainly combine and unite the bernie sanders fans, but others might be castro, a young up and comer who a lot of them see a a great pick. another is tim kai ne from virginia who might be able to negotiate the hill deals. she would need to have negotiated. i think there a large number of folks who she is looking at. it mains to be seen. the states become for the democrats. >> you get a sense that president obama wants to be a big part of this campaign. what do you think his role will be? >> certainly his approval ratings have gone up in the last year. that gives potential to mobilize voters. she will need a lot of
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african-american support especially in ohio which will be a clinching swing state for the nomination where donald trump wants to play. their relationship and ability to unite over the last eight years made a big difference to be a great surrogate. >> you mentioned support and a lot of people are wondering what bernie's goal is. he wants to work with hillary clinton is. do you think his followers will follow her? >> a lot of them show upwards of 70% of them will support her. there will be detractors and some will support donald trump. the majority will come around to hillary clinton. the progressives don't see donald trump as an alternative. >> hillary clinton has a huge advantage. trump's people try to minimize the significance saying he will not need as much money as she
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does. >> they really have a question. what they don't know about fund-raising, they will tell you when you look at a race like this, it doesn't usually matter. both have lots and lots of money. if one has a lot of money and the other doesn't, we will see a big question on how much campaign finance matters. >> trump has been able to galvanize social media that makes it clear why he needs less money. >> he is constantly in the news. you have to get people to turn out to vote. it's a big story. >> lauren fox, thank you as always. >> face the nation, bernie sanders and trump campaign manager. >> a fitting send off for a man louisville, kentucky. the boxing champ died after a
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30-year fight with parkinson's disease. 100,000 people chapted his name and tossed flowers on his hers. they joined the 3 hour long memorial. david, good morning. >> anthony, good morning. the crowds are gone, but the flags are still lowered in honor of their favorite star. a pastor spoke who said we here in louisville are known for two reasons. what makes us famous is the kentucky derby and muhammad ali. >> it was a ceremony designed for the greatest. >> peace be upon you. >> a message for inclusiveness of all faiths and all ages. >> my name is ali. i was born on muhammad ali's birthday. he used to call me little greatest. we can all learn from his
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example of kindness and understanding. >> two of his nine children spoke at what they called a celebration of their father's life. >> we love you so much, daddy. until we meet again, fly, butterfly, fly. >> president clinton eulogized the man whose boxing career was matched only by the passion of social justice. >> he decided he would not be ever disempowered. he decided that not his race nor his place nor the expectations of other positive, negative or otherwise would strip from him the power to write his own story. >> close friend and comedian billy crystal reminded us of the levity. >> he was beautiful. he was the most perfect athlete you ever saw and those were his own words.
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>> the day started with the procession. by some reports, nearly 100,000 people lined the streets. the procession went past his high school. his boyhood home and stopped at the center that bears his name. during that procession, ali's daughter tweeted a story about a recurring dream her dad had. she recalled her father say i used to dream i was running down brought way and louisville and all of the people were gathered waving at me clapping and clearing my name. i waved back and all of a sudden i took off flying. i dream that dream all the time. pallbearers were across the spectrum. friend and radio personality john ramsey. will smith and boxers mike tyson. >> he had a big mouth and a huge career. and a big heart. he was a soft man in some ways.
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>> what do you take from that? >> he loved people and wanted to bring people together. he looked at himself as a person really doing god's work. >> celebrities like lewis had a front row seat, but the fans filled the sports arena in downtown louisville and honored the man who once said service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. >> it has been a wonderful experience to be here today to celebrate his home going. >> this fresh young man thrilled us, angered us and challenged us and ultimately became a silent messenger of peace who told us that life is best when you build bridges between people, not walls. >> how the story of ali's career and the passion for boxing
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started. he was a young boy, cassius clay when his bike was stolen. he went to a police officer and that officer told him if you want revenge, son, you better learn how to box. that's part of why his wife said when a young black kid talks, miracles can happen. >> a great story in louisville this morning. it's interesting to see all the ali coverage. it's not just celebrities. average people and how he interacted with them. >> i love what billy crystal said. when he came on the scene, he was like a lightning bolt and lit up the world. today millions of americans are in the path of severe storms currently moving across the midwest. high winds and heavy rain toppled trees and knocked down power lines. a restaurant had to be evacuated. no major damage or injuries were
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reported. let's get more on the weather from our chicago station. mary kay, good morning. >> good morning. extreme humidity south of this front. it's along this boundary where we will see chances of big storms today. the highest risk is for this area here. montana and north dakota. a slight risk for the areas in yellow. chicago, new york, bismarck, rapid city, strong storms as we see the day build. high pressure over omaha in the upper levels. cities will soar from minneapolis to wichita to st. louis. when you take the temperature and the humidity it feels like triple-digits. extreme heat and the storms later on. >> mary kay from our chicago station. service is expected to be back to normal at love field in dallas after a shooting at the
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airport on friday. the incident was caught on video near the baggage claim. the man was in a domestic dispute with the mother of his children. he was forcing an officer to shoot. the suspect who is recently out of jail on bond is hospitalized in stable condition. >> the fate of the gossip website gawker is in question after they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy months after former wrestling star hulk hogan won a $140 million invasion of privacy judgment against them and another high profile incident. here's carter evans. >> battle lines were drawn when gawker leaked a sex tape on their website. it became a war when it was revealed that the expensive
5:19 am
legal battle was being cofunded. he spent about $10 million on a series of lawsuit to drive gawker and the ceo out of business. he is openly gay, but claims gawker outed him. he appeared on cbs this morning. >> did they out you? >> i don't believe he did. >> if you read the piece, the piece written by a gay writer and i'm gay myself, the piece celebrates the fact that the most talented capitalist in silicon valley was gay in a largely straight male world. >> they told cbs i am proud to have supported terry bollea against an invasion of privacy. on friday gawker filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and announced publishing companies have bid around $100 million. they are known for the pc magazine.
5:20 am
gawker known for the no holds barred journalism is made up of websites and the sale will fund gawker's appeal against the judgment. hogan's attorney said we have every intention to continue to pursue our judgment against gawker and hold them accountable for the invasion of privacy whether in bankruptcy or another court. he tweeted even with his billions, he will not silence our writers. they will thrive under new ownership and win in court. for cbs on saturday, carter evans, los angeles. >> it is time to show you this morning's headlines. "usa today" believes the hockey ledgent's life was extended and improved through stem cells after a stroke in 2014. he was able to rebuild his title speak and walk with a treatment
5:21 am
not allowed in the u.s. he was 88 years old and he died on friday. he played pro hockey until 51 years old. he retired as the all time leader. >> the commerce department granted approval for six u.s. airlines to start passenger flights to cuba. the carriers will be able to fly to nine cuban destinations from five american cities. service to havana has not yet been awarded. flights could begin in the fall. >> the "new york times" reports a love letter written by john f. kennedy is expected to be auctioned this month. the note was written on white house stationary and the top was cutoff, but a water mark is visible. there is no date, but it appears to be one month before the president is assassinated. it appears to be addressed to a family friend who is thought to be romantically linked to the president.
5:22 am
early estimates are $30,000. >> the oregonian can thank a quick thinking horseback rider. he happened to see a man speed off with a bike on friday. the woman and several others giving chase. he was riding his horse and joined in and lassoed the would be thief. >> something you don't see in manhattan very often. >> a wooden replica of noah's ark collides with a coast guard ship in nor bay. it was being towed into the harbor on friday. it was also no injury and there were no animals on board. >> it's about 22 after the hour. here's a look at the weather for your weekend.
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>> coming up, stopping the fbi from searching your search history. internet companies join forces to prevent the government from gathering online records without court approval. >> they are on a flight around the world without a drop of fuel. the pilots historic and record breaking solar impulse flight just landed in new york and only on cbs this morning, they are here in studio 57 to talk about it. you are watching cbs this morning saturday. ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we will take a look back, coming up on cbs this morning saturday. ,,,, ,,,,
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the farmer said don't worry about rusty he is very friendly. rusty went for me and the guy
5:28 am
had an adjustable wrench and knocked it down on the dog's hind quarters. he said rusty must not like your face. there it was. >> you were a very strange guy with a strange mind. >> thank you. it's kind of you to say that. just saying. >> that's fascinating. i wonder, did you see anything today. you don't have to tell us now, but it leads to a story later. he would really like that. we all want to live. >> you all want to live. >> we all want to live. >> that's a story that may not be possible, gale. >> we don't want you to send us eds in the mail. >> this is a crime fiction drama for you. when people think about you, they think of horror. this is crime fiction. what's attractive about that? >> i read suspense and mystery fiction my whole life and i don't think that i could ever write an ag athy kristi-type. ,,,
5:29 am
5:30 am
>> another surveillance battle is brewing between silicon valley and privacy advocates and law enforcement. it's the latest in the series of cases pitting the two sides against each other with privacy and security concerns. >> various rights groups oppose legislation that expands the legislation using what's called a national letter with a subpoena that would not require a warrant. paula reed is here with more. >> this is a battle between two people and it could affect all of us and give them access to our browsing history and e-mail and the information they are transmitting. >> the fbi wants to be allowed
5:31 am
to see the websites and who is e-mailing you and how often you dog in and out of certain accounts. they want to be able to do this without getting a warrant. they can do it through the national security letters. the fbi said they have this power, but they want congress to make it official. >> if a judge doesn't have to approve them, who has the authority to authorize them? >> the agencies themselves. you don't need to go to a judge. the law enforcement said they need to be able to move quickly and not go to a judge to get authority. civil liberties argue that that's all the more reason why it should be narrow and specific what you can do with these national security letters. there is little oversight. >> so much has been written about the topics because of the question of precedent. a lot of people say it's invading all of these environments.
5:32 am
how do they respond? >> this is a very important tool they need to fight terrorism. they need to be able to get information about terror suspects that they are monitoring. people argue that these have been abused and there is not enough oversight. >> the fbi is basically saying they have the authority already, but there is a typo in the law? >> yes, they said congress meant to put it in the law and they top the make it explicit. these laws are 30 years old and they think back 30 years ago. even if you had a personal computer, you have medical records and everything was stored on that computer. now we have our devices. more information about me on this device than there is in my home. they are so outdated which is why we come back with the tech, privacy and the fbi. both sides want clarification here. >> what happens next? >> they will continue to fight.
5:33 am
they want to make it explicit that they have the power to get this information. the fbi said look, i can't see what you are looking 59 if you are going to we can't see what you clicked on. they argue if you see all the websites i go to and all that i e-mail, even that information is an intimate portrait of religious beliefs and politics and substance abuse. they argue we need to be protected. >> paula reed, thanks so much. >> how sin city is trying to score a big leagues sports franchise. first here's a look at the weather for your weekend.
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time now for morning rounds with dr. john and dermatology, francesca. with temperatures rising and memorial day come and gone, we would focus on how to stay in the summer sun. 5.4 million cases of nonmelanoma cases are diagnosed each year and many will be diagnosed in 2016. skin cancer is the most common there is. there different types. what are the most common skin
5:38 am
cancers. >> the most common are the skweem us and the baizal cell. there are millions that are less deadly. they can be a pain in the neck to get rid of, but the that is deadly is melanoma. the key thing there is to pick it up early and do steps to prevent it. we are seeing a rise in melanoma in young people and young women. it is all about how you prevent it and pick it up early. >> it's good that we have you here. what do you tell your patients? what should they look for? >> we used the abcde. a symetry. a mole should be a mirror image. if you draw the line down the center, it should mirror the other side. the border should be smooth and not jagged. c, color. make sure it's an even color and not multiple colors.
5:39 am
d is diameter. anything larger e stands for evolving and is it something changing, changing shape. that's something new we added which i call the ugly duckling. it's a mole that really stands out. you are looking at the back and chest. there is in particular that stands out. >> that's not very good. we talked about it. that happens. and she pointed out the fact that there are tricks. if you are doing a breast exam, take out a flashlight and a glass of wine and examine each other and you have to look where the moon don't shine.
5:40 am
>> everything has to come off. sometimes you can make a game of it if you have which were. you can make maps and measure it and keep track of everything. what is most important is constant surveillance. what john said, if you live alone, ask your hairdresser to look through your scalp to see if they notice anything. if you go for a massage, mention let me know if you see anything there. >> is there anything who might be at special risk? >> people who had previous history or a family history. if you had multiple blistering burns as a youth. the most recent is if you had five, you double your risk. if you had freckles or moles tends to increase with age, yet we are seeing an increase with people who are younger too. a number of factors. maybe tanning beds. >> ozone layer. >> it is being replenished now.
5:41 am
>> i feel like as a brown person, we falsely believe that we are out of this discussion. it's not really going too affect us. >> but it is. no matter what color your skin is, you are at risk for melan a melanoma. related to that, some believe when they get a tan because of the pigment or using self tanner that this serves as a base that protects them. that's false. >> you have another trick. for women remove the nail polish because she can't see otherwise. >> we all know that sunscreen use is important, but a survey shows 88% still have experienced sunburn. there a lot of missed on. let's start off with the spf. a lot of people believe 30 is double the protection of 15. do the numbers correlate like that? >> 15 is about 93% protection from the rays and 30 gives about
5:42 am
97%. what's important is that it is broad spectrum. uva and uvb and that you reapply every two hours at least. >> at least every two hours and be generous with your application. if you think you a ployed enough, apply a little bit more. people are not applying as much as they should. they may be getting one third the protection. >> what are the keys here? >> apply every two hours and use a broad spectrum all over in places you wouldn't think of. in your ears and go close to the hairline. between your toes. you can get a melanoma between your toes. everywhere you have skin. >> and sunglasses. >> you can't apply it to your eyelids. wear sun protection on your eyes. >> a voyage makes its way to new york city. the impulse touches down here
5:43 am
and the men trying to make the first ever flight here to talk about the latest leg in their journey. how are you doing today? that's how i am. american express presents the blue cash everyday card with cash back on purchases. my only concern is that this is where we put food. a dog's foot is cleaner than a human's mouth. that's what they say. is it? cleaner than my mouth. get cash back with american express. cleaner than my mouth. if you're using this toothpaste, you're probably expecting to get visibly whiter teeth, but it only removes surface stains, and clinical tests show that it only provides about a half-shade of whitening. new colgate optic white high impact white is different. it contains hydrogen peroxide, a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. it goes beyond surface stains to deeply whiten. it whitens four shades, and that is a visible difference in whitening. colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste. the wolf was huffing and puffing.
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>> that is a solar impulse too. >> the cofounders of the mission and also the pilots. welcome to you both. next this is a fascinating trip. you are about to take this plane across the atlantic. tell us a little bit about the plane and this part of the tr, five, six days from new york to europe. >> you basically take turns piloting the plane, right? >> we have the limits today.
5:47 am
at the time of the pyranese when they are cross america and they have the first flight. >> it's a new cycle. >> for sounds like there times when you have 20 minute shifts of sleep. how do you manage that sleep deprivation. we know a lot about it. >> you are going across the atlantic and you will be there for four days or more. >> self hypnosis to be able to go into a very deep regeneration very quickly. he uses yoga. it's a question. >> you think how is it going to be long, it will be very long. if you think it's a great experience and something special, it's different. >> this is a big plane. the same wing span as a 747? >> exactly. you need to be energy efficient. so energy efficient that only
5:48 am
with some can you fly forever. this is the symbol that you have today. liberty and freedom find slavery and gender equality. >> it'ser. 28,000 feet. this part of the plan, we have a great team who is like the center when they launch it. the guy asked and they simulate and they head past to the destination. >> this plane has the wing span of a 747.
5:49 am
light as an suv, am i right? you are sensitive to turbulence. >> yes, we are. this is why we ask for special attention from the traffic controllers and we can really thank the faa for what they have done. >> does it get bumpy? >> it can. this is why we land at night to have calm weather. >> we will tell you about the hangar they use. >> we never know when we get to the destination we choose by the hangar and do we need? we had to find a solution which is know inflatable hangar that we transport to the next airport and the next destination. and they protect the airplane and have to recharge it when we
5:50 am
leave and we have to take off using the initials. >> you finished in august. it's an adventure. to business class. >> thank you both for being here ler's day off next on cbs this morning saturday. after 51 days of the pursuit of four bandits who chose a prius as their getaway car, a new development: prius owners from all over america
5:51 am
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>> bueller? bueller? >> 30 years ago today, ferris bueller. >> he's sick. >> cut class. he became a pop culture icon. on june 11th, 1986, ferris bueller's day off was released. >> this is my ninth sick day this semester. it's getting tough coming up with new illnesses. >> the movie had a strong opening weekend and received mixed reviews from the critics. it quickly became a cult classic because it's a fantasy many could identify with. they told cbs news while promoting the film. >> its popularity has not faded as the years go past. hundreds of people showed up for
5:55 am
ferris fest. per are it blows my mind how much we love these timeless characters. >> so timeless in fact the library of congress added it to the national film ridgistry in 2014. >> this is a dummy on ferris bueller's day off. >> it has been in countless shows and movies. >> anyone? anyone? bueller? >> you are still here? it's over. go home. >> and even by first ladies. >> find the joy in life because as ferris bueller said on his day off, life moves pretty fast and you don't stop and look around once in a while, you're going to miss it. >> what is to account for ferris bueller's long standing appeal? >> fry? fry? >> ben stein might have put it best.
5:56 am
>> i don't know that there ever has been a happier movie. it's a movie that you cannot watch without feeling really, really great. >> r happier or more expensive day off. chicago magazine did the due diligence and put together a list showing you how much each event would have cost. if you look at the estimate, that day off is about a million today. >> the big ticket item would be the car of course. particularly pointing at this week because we lost gordie howe and there is his jersey. >> i want to watch that from start to finish. >> up next the broadway hit waitress is up for best musical here on cbs. we will talk to sarah bareilles about the success of her first broadway show. stick around. you are watching cbs this morning.
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> you write all the time, every day. >> most days. sometimes i'm flying and i can't write. >> it changes and it varies. you become more of a tech ni krat than an artist. it's great. then if it's something that comes from nothing, that's a different process. you are inspired by real life. >> one took people by surprise. ,,,,,,,,
5:59 am
6:00 am
welcome to cbs this morning. >> coming up, thousands of british soldiers are marching in london to celebrate it is official 90th birthday. >> you can see any type of entertainment except for a sports team. the odds of that may change. about life, love, and high. we will talk to the pop singer, songwriter. police and fans are searching
6:01 am
for answers after a gunman shoots and kills an up and coming musician. a star that competed on "the voice" in 2014. she was signing autographs in orlando, florida when the killer opened fire. >> he was tackled by the and the motive is not known. they don't know what security was like or how the shooter got two guns inside. >> one person faces charges and police moved in after propest testers fought and took aim at elizabeth warren. she met with clinton yesterday and rumored to be on the vice presidential running mates. >> it was a packed and emotional punch. 100,000 lined the seats to pay
6:02 am
tribute to muhammad ali. the former heavy weight was remembered in a ceremony with speeches by bill clinton and billy crystal. they held a private service before the boxing legend was buried. >> in san bernardino in a cold case and she said her father took him to mexico with all of his identification. they led investigators to his son and the boy's father can disappear and assumed to have died. >> queen elizabeth's 90th birthday after a small the pal watching that big old party
6:03 am
unfold. right now the fly over is going on as we speak. she is 90 years old and knows how to throw an epic party. this is grabbed and when you are the oldest and longest reigning monarch in the land, the whole country shows up. she celebrated in style when she left in a vintage carriage saved for the most royal of occasions. the husband turned 95 this week donned his bear skin hat. you will recognize him better in the birthday photograph shot by annie leibowitz. prince harry and his stepmother camilla took the lead carriage. holding up the rear, prince
6:04 am
william and prince charles on horseback. trooping the color is equal parts birthday and military pageant. it's a centuries old throw back carrying or trooping the colors on the battlefield said roy a nicka. >> she had the forces and that's the way of inspecting the troops and saying yes, you are doing a wonderful job or saying that. >> for a lot of the 64 year rereign, the queen has been inspecting her troopss on horsebeback. nowadays she let someone elslseo the e driving. no the to s say she iss takinin foot off the gas, yesterday s ignonored a h hand rail whilele walkining upp special service at st. paul's cathedral. and the queen is really showing no signs of slowing down. think about this. she has nearly 400 appearances last year. we are told her schedule is
6:05 am
expected to be just as crazy next year. the queen getting a round of applause. think about this. her mother lived to be 101 years old. >> a lot of parties to cover. thank you so much. >> the party keeps going on. that is an extraordinary day. the golden state warriors are one victory away from repeating the champions. a win over cleveland in game four of the finals. that was the first home playoff loss for the cavaliers this season. they can wrap up at home. >> the reason curry is the mvp, it's about five minutes after the hour. here's a lock at the weather for the weekend. ed for
6:06 am
waitress. we will talk to her on cbs this morning on saturday. feel secure in your dentures...
6:07 am
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sleep train's love your mattress money back guarantee, same day delivery, plus helpful advice from the sleep experts, it's no wonder more than a million people fall asleep each night on a sleep train mattress! ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ next career. now is wants to be something more. a big time and a baseball team to the metropolitan area of two million people. one can be off limits. as mark albert reports, after decades of waiting, the decision could come within days. >> even in las vegas where the
6:10 am
waiters are big and the oughts bigger, they made one heck of a bet. >> they want to bring hockey to the desert. >> foley grew up in ottawa, canada playing hockey and now wants to drop the puck in his adopted hometown. >> you graduated from pest point. is this your latest mission? >> this is my mission. >> how much are you willing to put in? >> i will be majority owner of the team. >> $500 million? >> i won't denotice it either. it's a lot of money. it will be fun. they clt the mobile arena. they opened off the las vegas
6:11 am
strip in april. it has been holding events showcasing entertainers and with bills to host an nhl or nba team. not time of money went into construction of the $375 million and the website is advertising season tickets. >> you convinced people to give you money to a team that doesn't exist. >> the arena wasn't built. >> that was good. i can sell other things. >> they covered politics here for 30 years and felt a seismic shift in how gambling is perceive and by those who have
6:12 am
professional sports leagues. adam silver made this admission about gambling. i don't think the daily fantasy is. is may not be gambling that stopped from lacing up in vegas. money could sack the deal. >> the raters's proposal by mark davis bets on $750 million from the public.
6:13 am
that builds a complex near the las vegas strip. the cash would come from hotel states and be the most public money spent on any of the past 11 nfl stadiums. >> the arguments will be made if you divert that much, use it for the needs that are here. schools and roads. >> he built himself in and the raiders contribute 410 million while they ship in $240 million. that would have to approve. $750 million is too much for the
6:14 am
taxpayer. >> you are skeptical and optimistic at the same time. p>> they get 100% of parking an rights. being at 100% of revenue will be difficult. >> in other words, that means it's not happening. >> it would be hard to get out. >> this long time packers fan said it must be made by an end of july deadline or the talk may run out. >> if this slips away and the raiders were to find a new home, i don't think you will see another opportunity come available for a long time. >> you are not in the fourth quarter. you are in the final two minutes. >> approaching the two-minute warning. >> the nhl and not the nfl may
6:15 am
score first. it's june 22nd in vegas. the nhl's board of governors that must vote to approve is now scheduled to get there hours before. vegas's first team. >> the hockey fans are among the 14,000 who paid to be on bill foley's season addict list. >> how much did you put down? >> $600. >> they track every minute development. >> that always has been something we can say this is what defines las vegas. an nhl team would define las vegas.
6:16 am
cbs this morning saturday, las vegas. >> i love the die-hard fans before they head the team. >> how that profit distribution would work out and it seems integral to the discussion. >> up next, the tony awards are tomorrow night here on cbs and on her first try, sarah borel sis nominated for best original score for the hit musical waitress. you are watching cbs this morning, saturday. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone] >> you can't watch these without smiling. one more day before the tony
6:20 am
awards. the late, late show host and the biggest stars doing les mis. >> hamilton is expected to have a big night and earned 16 nominations. one of the shows it is up against has a star power of its. here to tell us more, good morning. >> good morning. pop music is changing the landscape of broadway, but not songs you know by heart. more and more artists are composing original songs for the stage. that includes pop star sarah bareilles. best original score for waitress. >> rate resz is one of the hottest musical tickets and one of the first composed by sarah
6:21 am
bareilles. >> you are saying it's harder to create than to create it's harder? >> it's an incredible amount of work. >> love song and brave. >> there is a way out of the cage where you live. >> growing up in california, her heart belonged to broadway. >> i grew up listening to so much musical theater and that was the first point at all. besides singing on the fireplace hearth with my sisters, we did community theater. >> so many pop stars who try to
6:22 am
make their work fit in the world of broadway feel out of place when they are asked to be theater people. did you feel out of place? >> completely. >> i don't believe for one second you are as many as you play. you are better than anyone. >> waitress, the musical is based on the 2007 film about life, love, and pie of the same name. it was written and directed by adrian shelly who costars in the movie. >> that was the place where you can write your first letter to your family. right in the middle. >> shelly was murdered before the film's release. >> i talk a lot to adrian shelly in my writing and invite her into the process. >> waitress stars someone who knows all about pop stars on broadway. jesse mueller won a tony for the portrayal of carol king in the
6:23 am
musical. >> i got a sense of early demos she had done. i had an emotional reaction to the music and that doesn't always happen. >> one song was she used to be mine. ♪ ♪ >> i was taken with it and fascinated by it. intimidated for a long time. they have a moment in the course of the play and the character.
6:24 am
♪ ♪ they said the song about lost youth comes from a personal place. >> me if these lines apply to you. she is imperfect but she tries. she is good, but she lies. >> yeah. >> she is hard on herself. >> yeah. >> she is broken and won't ask for help. >> yeah. don't make me cry. >> i'm not trying. i promise. >> sarah bareilles said she is not through with broadway. behind the scenes and maybe on the stage.
6:25 am
♪ ♪ >> do you still have hope? >> i need acting classes, y'all. >> yes. yeah, i do. >> is there talk or thought of that for waitress? >> i wouldn't say there hasn't been talk. i don't know. i never say never. ♪ >> the cast of waitress. >> i love her and i think she is a terrific songwriter and up against the tidal wave in
6:26 am
hamilton. >> it's vulnerable in a couple of spots. i think there is a great performance in the color purple that is terrific and the choreography is to those 13. >> that many nominations, you probably leave smiling. >> it has been an amazing ride already and who knows how long. >> tickets are unbelievable. the tickets are like $1,000 for regular seats. >> too many mark ups. >> be sure to turn in tomorrow night for the 70th annual tony awards. right here on cbs. coming up, award winning chef brings his wide ranging experience with american tooking styles from texas to new england and the most popular restaurant.
6:27 am
stay with us. you are watching cbs this morning. ,,,,,,,,
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6:29 am
6:30 am
it's not often when someone trades in one coat for another. bill broad ski about d just that. new york born, he later lived in texas and the deep south, picking up inside and ingredients he took back to boston. the boston night life ventures with the wink and nod and the incubator for young chefs and his newest southern cook house. we are delighted to host the chef to the dish. >> excited to be here.
6:31 am
>> this is an impressive spread. >> we have amazing stuff here. everyone jumps in the south. we have deviled. >> i see mussels and shrimp. >> we have scallops and potatoes and sausage that has a nice spicy note to it. the family gets and they throw it down on the table and get after it. >> it goes well with bourbon. what is our drink? >> we are doing a taszo-infuszed bourbon old fashioned. we have bourbon and bitters and a splash of soda water and this is a spicy ham and take bacon fat and infuse it into the bourbon.
6:32 am
it has a decadent flavor. >> it feels like it. >> my brother and sister in law is an internist. we were involved in maybe i should be a doctor and pursue that. it was something that i was interested in. going college, i got about 3.5 years into a premedical track and i decided this is not my passion. this is not doing it. >> you lied to get your first job. >> this is true. >> at age? >> age 14 i applied for a dish
6:33 am
washing position. i love that. >> their paperwork was loose in my neighborhood. i was 14 and said i was 16. they took pitto me and gave me the job. that was the beginning of my cook career. >> you got a break? >> i don't think i would call them a chef. maybe his name was tony or something. the cook left after a few months and we got slammed with a bunch of people and i jumped in and helped out. >> being raised in new york, how did your love of southern food evolve. >> i spent time for a while and doing my internship and i wanted to move down after i completed culinary school and i really got in the southwestern cuisine and fascinated by the mix of flavors
6:34 am
and culture. i was recruited to go to charleston, south carolina. that was my intersection and i really learned how to cook southern food from the staff. i had the three breakfast ladies and if i came in and gave a warm greeting in the morning, i got a taste of what they were making and not the guest. that's where we got the beautiful candied yams and the dishes that are authentic and tasty as can be. >> as i get your signature, we want to ask who you would meet past or present? >> my grandfather. he was one of the people when you say him eat food, his face lit up and it was a special moment. it was like a snapshot in time.
6:35 am
that's what diming is about. >> for more info and this wonderful dish, head to cbs this morning. >> here's a look at the weather for your weekend. >> up next, the saturday session and putting out indy records for a session. this spawned a number one song and we will talk to him about his new success and he will perform ahead. cbs this morning saturday. bill's family went to lowe's to find him the
6:36 am
6:37 am
perfect gift for father's day. they have all the brands that dads love. i'm last years... gift. and i wish mikey put in a little more effort. now get this dewalt® 20-volt cordless combo kit with soft case for only $159, at lowe's. if you're using this toothpaste, you're probably expecting to get visibly whiter teeth, but it only removes surface stains, and clinical tests show
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that it only provides about a half-shade of whitening. new colgate optic white high impact white is different. it contains hydrogen peroxide, a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. it goes beyond surface stains to deeply whiten. it whitens four shades, and that is a visible difference in whitening. colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste. >> the first fan, the violators and after building a following, he now reached a breakthrough moment. he reached the moment here in new york.
6:39 am
now he really has a hit maker. >> pretty pimp in, the lead single from believe i'm going down album hit number one from adult alternative charts. >> it feels cool. i don't notice much of a difference. >> as soon as he finished, he knew the song was something special. >> because of the sweet bubble gum harmonies. >> you aiming for that? >> i'm not a natural harmony singer, but when it came out it
6:40 am
was like -- ♪ >> the 36-year-old singer grew up outside of philadelphia, one of ten children. >> my dad gave me a banjo when i was 14. i played it like a guitar. >> another philly musician and the war on drugs. >> we played multily. i played with him in the war on drugs. >> when the war began to breakthrough, the two went their separate ways. >> now he is writing his own success and at the same time he is raising two daughters ages 3 and 6 with his wife, suzanne. >> do you take your kids on the road? >> they have come on the road like a show or two, but it's best that they come at the end of the tour. i can sit back and collect with
6:41 am
multiple buses and sit with my family. for now it's a jungle out there. >> performing his hit pretty pimp in from the latest album, here's the violators. ♪
6:42 am
♪ ♪
6:43 am
6:44 am
♪ ♪
6:45 am
>> don't go away. we'll be right back with more music. you are watching cbs this morning saturday.
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
6:57 am
>> for those of you still with us, we have more music. >> here's i'm an outlaw. ♪ ♪ ♪ ,,
6:58 am
6:59 am
i would kill for something sweet. i know... we could have one of those. one? are you kidding? we'll end up eating like thirty. wanna split that?, soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with each for 150 calories or less! try our chocolatey brownies, tangy lemon bars and creamy cheesecakes fiber one. go on, have one.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix five news. >> right now on kpix five news activists are calling for the judge in the stanford rape trial to be removed and they plan weekend protests to make their case heard. >> plus in the race for the white house, it's now a showdown between donald trump and hillary clinton. the new attacks the two candidates are making on the campaign trail. >> and bart says prepare for weekend delays. what you need to know as you plan to get around the bay area this weekend. >> good morning it's saturday, june 11th and here's live look outside over the pyramid in san francisco. blue skies overhead. shaping up to be a great weekend. >> thanks for watching i am mark kelly. >>


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