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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  June 12, 2016 7:00am-8:31am PDT

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yeah, it's just cool, it's great! hometown had crossed paths with him at one time or another and my tempur-breeze makes me happy. they have been telling tales of my tempur-breeze makes me happier! (laughs) their brush with greatness to steve hartman. discover the new tempur-breeze. >> to really know muhammad ali to sleep happy guaranteed, you need to come to louisville and zero percent apr financing, visit mattress firm. and talk to the people who knew america's number one tempur-pedic retailer. him least. people who had just a brush with the greatest. those random strangers can testify to his true character as they did for us. acids in everyday foods and drinks may weaken and erode your tooth enamel over time. repeatedly. >> you can't swing a dead cat damaged or lost enamel can lead to yellow, around here. >> wayne hollered at him across dull and thinning teeth. a shopping mall. >> hey, ali i'm from louisville, how are you doing? he looks up says, hey, fool, that ain't no way to greet someone. i'm like, okay. i came down to shake his hand. >> kelly jones ran into him at the airport where ali asked to held his baby. >> i can specifically tell you they played patty cake.
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as a dad, you never forget your entire lifetime. >> derrick pulled up next to ali at traffic light and couldn't get away. >> we stopped at the red light together we were side by side he -- we talked maybe through three or four red lights. that's the type of man he was. >> whether you served him soup. >> a class act. >> or rode with him in elevator. >> one of the moments of my life. >> not only accommodated his fans. he enjoyed them. >> you'll remember that. >> we spent full day talking to people who met ali about what made him so great not one mentioned boxing. instead, to these folks, ali was gracious beyond compare. even if you were just a heckler at the mall. >> he made you feel like you were the most important person in the world. now he's passed on. but he'll never pass on.
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relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for... heart failure, or if you have persistent... fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. >> osgood: the classic from
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the grateful dead. band that was headed foreyears by the late jerry garcia. some familiar face is subject of our summer song, anthony mason has been watching the new dead come to life. >> the landmark theater last month, dead and company warmed up for the first gig of their summer tour. the group includes three of the grateful dead surviving core four. mickey hart, bill kreutzmann joined by john mayer. keyboardest jeff and former almond brothers, the line up has changed, the catalog hasn't. the crowd is here. to hear the grateful dead. >> a certain kind that requires a little adventure. you can watch the faces over the
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years. the front is still the same age. >> that's got to feel good to you. >> what we're doing musically is about concert revolution. >> a revolution that in a way started here at the filmore just over 50 years ago. >> you know, it was the first big room we played. we'll take questions after >> dozens of dead poster lined we're finished with prepared the wall. statements. >> the fbi has confirmed the including one of the first gigs promoter bill graham ever look subject involved in this shooting incident at this time booked at the venue in 1966. we're making notifications to the next of kin so we will that >> a journey, because somebody have that name to be officially copyrighted the name. released to you at the next press conference. what i want to pout put out wouldn't print grateful dead. >> why? >> he didn't like it. right now, people come and go to nightclubs such as these what i am asking if anyone out there >> how does it feel now? attended this nightclub then left before the shooting >> feels like home. happened, i would urge you to still call in and come talk to >> the dead are icons here, a our invest give for you don't know what you may or may not giant photo of the late jerry have seen we appreciate everyone
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garcia who died in 1995, hangs coming forward no matter how in the stairwell. small the evidence in your mind may be. >> made us look like church the other thing we're actually almost. setting up family assistance center the at hampton inn at 43 columbia street, we currently >> what was the connection you have it now at rnc but move now two guys had? >> we kept each other amused. to the hotel in order to the whole secret sauce, whether accommodate more family members it be intellectually, musically attempt to reunite people with or just back stage. >> that's got to be pretty either their loved ones or special. >> it was. gather information on people who have not yet been located. it was all i do for 30 years. >> weir joined the band when i >> in addition to 53 in the was 16. hospital -- >> you mentioned earlier that -- drummer kreutzmann was just 16. >> you want to be in a band? sure. >> kreutzmann then brought in >> we have couple more people another drummer, mickey hart. then we'll answer some questions. >> asked him to sit in one >> good morning. as many of you are aware a night, that was that. little after 2:00 this morning, the most important thing about that night i remember garcia we were notified of many said, this is what the grateful dead sounds like. victims, gunshot victims as ♪ central florida's only level one trauma center we immediately
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>> in 1966, the band moved into activated our mass casualty incident plan. a communal home in haight ash we immediately brought in six trauma surgeons to respond including one pediatric trauma bury. >> it was really crowded. >> where deadheads still carve surgeon. we spent the morning operating on a number of victims. tributes in the tree out front. we continue to operate on them, >> he lived right up there. we have found many of them are right at the top. critically ill as result of bus used to come back and forth. their injuries. and we are in the process of this is the home of the grateful trying to reunite families as we dead. he opened window just give them identify the names of these a little moon out there. victims as has been mentioned this will take some time. if that didn't work, bob w,ir we ask for your patience. but we will reunite the families would be up on the roof with of the victims just as quickly water balloons. >> this is house of popular as we can. >> do you need blood donors? local band which plays hard rock >> blood is a wonderful gift. music. they call themself grateful that can all be arranged through dead. >> in the summer of love, cbs the local blood banks. please don't come to the local went inside the house for hospitals. documentary called "the hippie but you can work through the temp picks." local blood banks be able to >> i think personally the people donate that would be a tremendous help. turn out. >> later that year, police thank you. raided the house, arresting two
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band members on drug charges. >> good morning, my nam >> he actually planted two bricks in the house. good morning, i am the could have looked behind the file cabinet and found it. >> on the top shelf. president of the islamic society in central florida. he had something to smoke. i am here today to stand as the ♪ faith leader with all of our law enforcement community and >> last summer on the dead's leadership in this hour of 50th anniversary, the four horror that was brought upon surviving members played their fair thee well tour. our city. i have worked with these billed as hire final concert leaders for over 20 years. i know that they have caliber together for 365,000. >> just pure love if you could and strength, and their determination to make sure that ever imagine anything like. the city is safe. that i've never seen anything like that before. >> with bassist boying out, the i call upon everybody in the others chose to go on as dead and company. community, anybody that has any how do you view this after that? information to please call the >> this a different adventure, fbi, and share what you know. i'm no where near done. >> some folks expecting after
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it may help to answer many the chicago shows going to work on my golf game or something. unanswered questions. i also call on my fellow faith >> you couldn't do that? >> i'm saving that for my golden years. leaders, jewish, christian, muslim, hindu or whatever faith >> dead and company came together last fall. that you follow, please pray the younger members are still learning to keep up with the for the victims and their families in this hour, on the dead's deep jam. sunday morning. this is supposed to be a beautiful morning, and already how often do you get that, where a very heartbreaking morning. the hell is he going with this? >> with this band? i want to praise the courageous where the hell am i going with this? efforts of our opd that have >> there has to come a moment where it's time to play guitar solo and i'm just playing the solo i'm not wondering what bob risked their lives and put their lives on the line. one officer was injured. thinks about it. >> do you feel that out there? >> yeah. first time i played with john that is a risk that they take boy here i ascertained that this every day to protect us. no one could have predicted guy can handle it. >> weir and mayer connected when this. no one could have prepared for this, and this could have happened anywhere. they played together on tv show it is like a lightning, and early last year. >> we were going to have something to say.
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>> it was only time i ever got they have done a marvelous job nauseous with excitement. to save as many lives after >> this is home while you're this shooter began shooting. here? >> yeah. at the risk of being too literal, i live in an rv in bob weir's parking lot while i'm we are glad that the situation playing with dead and company. is completely under control, no >> during two weeks of rehearsal he lived out back of his studio. other shooters that this person is known to be connected with, >> that's work. a network or other people. i defy anybody to show me -- the city residents and visitors can feel safe. >> the 38-year-old singer has put his solo career on hold for the city is safe and is one of the summer tour. >> everybody has left, bob. the best cities in the world. >> what does it mean to you to i want to also caution many in be in this band now? >> oh, man. i have so much more connection the media from rushing to with my guitar than i ever had. judgment. and from sensationalizing the this solidifies musician over story because we do not want celebrity. this story to be shifted from the focus within.
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it roots me in the thing that i it is a horrible tragedy, and love the most. the reason i wanted to be in we are morning, and we are sad. this band was to be able to we are heartbroken. interact with it live. what i imagine an actor saying, i really want to be in a scene it is not time for any with pitino. >> you're pitino, bob, did you , you talking to me? sensational news and rushing to >> actually that's deniro. judgment. we should always use the but the 68-year-old guitarist has been thinking a lot about information facts that come from the investigators, and we legacy. will see what happens, on the road last year, bob weir understand it, and stay together to work together to keep our community strong. had a dome that persuaded him i want to thank mayor buddy the dead's long strange trip has a long way to go. >> what did you see in that dyer, our city leaders and the dream? >> we were on stage. suddenly i found myself like 20 feet behind my own head looking chief, and the sheriff for at myself playing, then i look their leadership, along with over, his hair is grey it's 20 the fbi. i think many times in the past years later, i look back at this is been discussed as the myself there's somebody with brown hair in late 50s. worst nightmare, and we are >> it's not new. >> this is the music going on. sorry to know that this
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happened to us. >> how did it feel? >> it felt altogether right and we do not wish this on anybody felt logical. else, and we hope this is the okay, that's what i've been up to all my life. last of the mass shootings that our country has been going through. i think as a nation we need to look at the issue of mass shootings because we just had one too many today. >> osgood: ahead. i think we should do something about this, to stop these mass i use what's already inside me shootings that are happening all of the time. to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals thank you.>> reporter: [ by activating what's within me question inaudible ] with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. [helicopter above]'s back -- it comes in an easy-to-use pen
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and i may even lose a little weight. >> early on, we had to run trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine everything to find out the to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. individual. it should be used along with diet and exercise. i cannot say exactly who this trulicity is not recommended as the first medicine disease to shooter is, and once to treat diabetes and should not be used by people this is done, and we can share with severe stomach or intestinal problems or people with type i diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. this, most likely from the counterterrorism unit at the trulicity is not insulin and has not been studied with long-acting insulin. fbi headquarters.>> reporter: [ do not take trulicity if you or anyone in your family question inaudible ]>> the has had medullary thyroid cancer or multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2 or if you are allergic to trulicity or its ingredients. stop using trulicity and call your doctor right away weapon was recovered from the suspect, and ar-15 assault rifle and an unknown number of rounds, additional rounds.>> if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as itching, rash, or difficulty breathing; if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe stomach pain that will not go away reporter: can you say whether there was a call prior to the and may move to your back, shooting from 911? with or without vomiting or if you have symptoms of thyroid cancer, >> we have no indication of which may include a lump or swelling in your neck, hoarseness, trouble swallowing, or shortness of breath. this. >> reporter: was there any indication of the suspect before you went in from those medicines like trulicity may cause stomach problems, which could be severe. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and any medicines you take. three hours, shots fired?
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taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, >> there was some communication, but we will not release that information now. decreased appetite, and indigestion. remember this is a situation some side effects can lead to dehydration, involving hostages, involving which may cause kidney failure. things that happened very fast. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. i think it was important for them to know exactly what they if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, had. once the initial shots stopped, they were dealing with a click to activate your within. hostage situation. in that time, we need to set ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. up, reevaluate and reassess what is happening, and make sure that all of the pieces are in place. we have to have enough staffing >> osgood: the actors who wans to take care of any situation. the broad kay casting call probably all hope to win a tony we have armored vehicles that come on the scene, and those some day. first they need to survive that are crucial in the rescue of audition. the hostages. anytime we have a hostage as now shows us even biggest names there are no guarantees. situation, we are definitely >> was that because you were going to use extreme measures female? to make sure that we have enough personnel on the >> i was banking on the fact scene.>> reporter: [ question that -- >> are you at point where inaudible ]>> i cannot speak
7:15 am
auditioning is behind you for every role? >> one would think they would. for that, and all of that will be part of the investigation.>> >> but i really want to do i know they're not thinking of me number has risen to 50. because they think i'm not the queen. i would say, look, let me just maybe show you what i can do is this one of the top five with this. mass shootings in the country? >> for all actors auditioning is >> absolutely, yes it is. part of the job. from veteran dame helen mirren. based him once the initial officers saw without jeopardizing anymore safety, they saw at least 20, and now >> to broadway new comer. it is up to 50, one of the >> i think i always have to worst tragedies definitely.>> audition because i'm not even sure if i'm right for a part. >> this year's tony nominee, reporter: [ question inaudible leslie odom who played leslie in ]>> there is no indication of that right now, but all of that "hamilton." >> something about fighting for will be part of the it that -- got to prove investigation.>> reporter: [ question inaudible ]>> there yourself. i'll never be above that. >> often the first person an actor sees when trying out is was an initial shooting at 2:02
7:16 am
the casting director. am, numerous shots fired and gunshots exchanged between the s.w.a.t. >> what a casting director does team and suspect at 0500 hrs. 0500 hrs.>> reporter: [ is, they are a connectar, they can be a lifeline especially if question inaudible ]>> it is they champion you which bernie does for me for 20 years. unknown at this time.>> reporter: [ question inaudible >> a top casting director. >> nothing more rewarding than ]>> at this point in time we finding new people. >> he sees thousand of actors are conducting a general investigation and we will determine officially whether audition here in his offices this is a hate crime, terror each month. incident or violent crime after the facts are in place. ♪ we are at the very early stages, and we cannot give you things that are not 100% >> find out who the best people accurate because it is not for show the creative team because they don't have the time to see every single actor. >> what do you think? >> such a huge job, there's so news.>> reporter: [ question many really fine talented actors inaudible ] what and changed with the last three hours?>> out there. >> kira knows firsthand she's been on both side of the audition table as actress and as again, since the suspect has not been positively identified executive producer of the recent to the next of kin, there is
7:17 am
tv series "proofer." >> it really takes a special not a lot more we can share with you at this time. casting director not just to hand you a list that has no also keep in mind that we do not want to jeopardize the investigation. there is no threat, and we need imagination to it. >> search wick and her team to be certain before we put more information out.>> couldn't settle on actress. reporter: was anyone injured by jennifer beales was the last to the firing officers? audition. >> i didn't know for myself. >> is unknown at this time. >> she did the first scene it was just that moment where an there was an officer that was injured and he was hit in the actor just goes, that would be my part. thank you very much. and you know, i mean, we read kepro are round helmet -- the rest of the scenes but i wanted to turn around, let's go kevlar helmet, and that celebrate, because there she is. probably saved his life. >> to get to that point casting it is still early in the directors cast a wide net, one investigation, and it is unknown how the suspect got in three hour open call with anyone the club. it appears he was in there and can audition. shots were fired from our >> how are you? >> one of the casting directors luminary investigation. heard more than 100 actors sing
7:18 am
just a few bars of musical theater songs. we have 50 victims, absolutely terrible, actually one of the worst tragedies we've seen.>> ♪ reporter: [ question inaudible ] >> some people ask, how do you sit through hundreds of people when most of them are not right? because, you know what, one might be. >> the office handles multiple projects from theater to [helicopter hovering]>> once it was safe for us to go in, and television, commercials to movies. we determined that there were when director rob mr. shall wanted to create the movie no devices, that is when we were able to discover how many victims were actually in musical "into the woods" fill it with top stars he hired telsy, first they needed one really big their.>> reporter: [ question name. inaudible ]>> that will all come out in the investigation. >> meryl streep that was name. right now we will focus on the >> to other stars once a role is victims and notification of the next of kin.>> reporter: [ past someone like meryl streep. >> yes, when you have someone question inaudible ] how long like meryl streep. >> suggested a rising star was it before you were able to streep already knew. get in there? >> emily blount came in to >> at least a few hours.>>
7:19 am
reporter: [ question inaudible audition. ] ♪ >> it was so magical in the room you couldn't believe it. i remember at the end emily saying to me, are you crying, >> absolutely, definitely a rob? she won the role. >> in fact eight years earlier tragedy, but not only for the city, but for the entire it was another casting director, ellen lewis who cast then little nation. we believe this is a tragedy that could happen anywhere in the united states of america. what we need to do is to known actress blount opposite continue to be vigilant and streep and mid her a star. call if you see something, call >> i don't understand why it's so difficult to confirm. 911 or the fbi if you see >> oil sorry. something out of place, or >> lewis has been the casting someone acting with strange director on 72 films including "a legal of their own" "forrest behavior.>> reporter: [ question inaudible ]>> just to gump and "the birdcage" for 25 years has been go-to casting look into the eyes of the officers told the whole story. director. their first, the 1990 mob obviously some of the officers classic "good fellas." had 20+ years, one lieutenant >> it's ledge encarry.
7:20 am
absolutely. >> italian eat refamous for mob that was the first on scene, 23 year member of the police department, almost 20 years on the s.w.a.t. mystique, it became a casting team, and you could tell that gold mine for lewis. they were all shaken by what they saw inside the club. >> i knew that it was fantastic place to get the overall flavor they did an unbelievable job, courageous efforts, and they of "good fellas." rescued many, many hostages, at least 30 from inside the club. >> how are you doing? after it was all said and done, >> frankie carbone. >> the arrange add dinner so this kind of tragedy takes a toll on everyone, even seasoned lewis could screen real life customers looked the part. >> someone brought over to the officers.>> we will give you of table knowing that we would not be able to use them in the film because maybe they were a little briefing roughly every two hours, and we will have another brief in about three hours, and too connected. we ended up casting about six we will give you absolutely as much information as we can people. disclose. a guy named johnny. we have guidelines for the opd, >> what did i tell you? the fbi, but we will give you everything that we can possibly give to you. you don't buy anything, hear me? right now we want to focus on identifying the victims, and >> they were able to add notifying their families.
7:21 am
i would hope that you will fantastic feeling of veracity to leave with the information and the film. lead with information on how families can call in and check on their loved one. >> in fact, actor leslie odom and if they might think that there loved ones are among junior says there's an upside even in rejection. those missing. >> gets you better at auditioning. you got to be good at auditioning. every single one of them has gotten to this moment. >> 407-246-4357 and people can i'm grateful for all of it now. because it makes you stronger. call if the loved ones would like to call and get information or to help us with information, and you can also call the fbi one 800 call fbi, and then hit option number two getting roid rage. hemorrhoid. these are the worst, right? i'm gonna buy them. boom. i'll take them. back. one more time the hotline for the family members 407-246-4357. impulse buy. ommmmmmmmmmm. presenting the american express blue cash everyday card with cash back on purchases. it's all happening. and no annual fee. here we go! cash back on purchases.
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backed by the service and security of american express. >> we will have another breathing at 1:30 pm, and the cash back on purchases. the tempur-breeze makes me, not cold, but not hot... governor is in route and he may it's amazing! do something before that, and ah, it's like a summer breeze cracked window. we will keep you updated. it's that perfect cooling effect when you sleep. the next law enforcement briefing will be at 1:30 pm. i can sleep the way that i sleep, and he sleeps the way that he sleeps, and we don't disrupt each other. [helicopter hovering]>> if you are just joining us, we are at the scene of the massive shooting that happened last night at a gay nightclub in orlando, florida. more than 50 people were injured in the shooting, the suspect has been identified as omar mateen, and our cbs sources are telling us that he was a u. s. citizen . authorities are also looking at the possible connection to the islamic terrorism at this hour, and the suspect was heavily armed with an assault rifle, handgun and a device that was to his body which may have had explosives.
7:23 am
they are calling on all patrons never at the club to come forward with any information that you can provide to help them with this investigation as we continue to learn this massive tragedies. and they were telling us that they first received a call on the left or 2:00 this morning with a shootout that involved nine officers and the gunman, identified as omar mateen, a u. s. citizen. shortly after the was a hostage situation that may have taken place for at least three hours. authorities said they had no other choice but to enter the club, and what is the polls -- pulse nightclub in orlando, florida. when it was all said and done, again 50 people reportedly dead, and more than 50 injured,
7:24 am
taken to a number of hospitals in the area, at the atlanta regional medical center. taking on a number of patients that are now being treated, and some conditions being upgraded, and we are getting information, and this is the second nightclub shooting, and christina grimmie was shot at the plaza, and this is a situation where we are monitoring this, and let's check in with my colleague, and jeff, where are you as you join us live?>> reporter: we have been able to identify the shooter through our sources, and it is important to have the name out there in these early stages as the investigators rushed together is much evidence as they can possibly find on omar mateen, 29 years old. and trying to trace down who he
7:25 am
has been in contact with over the last several hours before the mass shooting. this is important as investigators tried to determine whether this was an attack inspired or directed by the terrorism organization. however, they have not rolled out other avenues as well, law enforcement sources telling us that they are also open to the possibility right now that this may have been a hate crime. keep in mind that the club targeted was a gay nightclub. they're looking at that avenue as well, but the fact that they come out so early on and say that they have aspects that suggest that this was domestic terrorism, with some sort of islamic radicalization efforts. the fact that they would come out and say something like that
7:26 am
so early on suggest that they may know something that is not yet reached the media. for example, was there something that the shooter said as he was carrying out the act, or whether there was something that the witnesses to this terrible act noticed. we are early on in the investigation, but right now law enforcement has solid evidence to go along as they look for answers.>> have we heard from the family or any other ties her friends to the gunman?>> reporter: we have not heard from the gunman, and there are efforts to locate the family, and we are sending crews to the address listed under the name of the suspect, 29 years old. there are some members of congress that say they have received briefings, and that suggests that the attacker had some sort of weapons training.
7:27 am
again, what we know from the police on the scene is that he had an assault weapon and a handgun. i will try to get more specifics to find out about the exact weapons involved. they have some evidence to work with as they piece together what motivated this act.>> and of course the recent news in brussels and all over the world, would you consider this a sophisticated attack?>> reporter: the fact that anyone can carry out something like this suggests that there is some sort of knowledge of -- operational knowledge, if you will. when you look at the past events, for example what happened in paris attacks in november of last year, the san bernardino attack, there are elements in this incident that can park back to those
7:28 am
incidents. and that is what investigators will look at now, if this is an evolving threat from terrorist organizations. but again, the fact that the investigators of come out so early and talked about domestic terrorism suggest that they know something we do not know as they try to track down leads.>> how soon do you think we can find out whether this is terrorism related or whether it has an international impact?>> reporter: sometimes it can take hours, and other times you wait to see what comes out. for example, egyptair, that incident and there was talk early on after the incident last month that maybe there would be some sort of chatter from the terrorism organizations suggesting a direct tie to the incident. we have not heard that yet in that incident. it is really hard to tell. when incidents like this happen, and there is a direct tie to the terrorism
7:29 am
organization, oftentimes a claim of responsibility could come within 24 hours or within hours, it all depends. what is a critical aspect of this investigation, not only for the media as we try to figure out what happened, but especially for law enforcement. they want to know was there any sort of direct communication, if this is an islam and related terrorism, and if there was direct contact with terrorism organizations overseas. or was this inspired, and those are important aspects, especially when you consider whether there will be at claim of responsibility from some group. investigators want to know could there be someone else that is tied to this, and how far the contacts go with someone that may be an
7:30 am
operative, or it isis, or an al- qaeda. again, it is still too early, and our sources are not talking about a direct link at this point, but clearly that is what they're looking for in this case. whether there is a direct link or whether was an act inspired. >> jeff, you said how authorities were quick to come out a call this domestic terrorism, and how quickly were people coming forward to share what they know what the authorities?>> reporter: investigators want as much information as they can get. and when you start with an incident like this, clearly you have a lot of evidence at the scene, you now know the shooter is and you go to his home and chased down the leads. but from zero, from the start of the investigation, they try not to contaminate the information they are getting with any early hypothesis. they want to look at all of the
7:31 am
facts, and string them together as they try to determine exactly what this was. you will not hear them speculating in these news conference is. what they are telling us, these are the facts that they have right now. and that is why say that if they are coming out so early and suggesting that there was some sort of tie, and there may have been some sort of type to radical islamic event, that says something. that is why myself and others are focusing on what they said in the first news conference. that is important information for the investigators as they try to track down leads.>> jeff, if you could stay with us for just a moment. i want to check in with ron haskell, a former fbi
7:32 am
operative, and what you make of this situation what can you tell us about the investigation and where it goes from here?>> reporter: as jeff was saying, the fbi, joint terrorism task force and orlando police, all the partners will be running back the subject device or devices that he had in the club. they will execute search warrants certainly on his residence and any other properties affiliated with him. they will be looking to dive into his browsing history to see if this was facilitated by someone. was it enabled, and where did the weapons come from, and as we saw in san bernardino, there were charges about other purchasers of the weapons. and our other people complicit in this, and there's a lot of work to do before there is any sort of conclusion reached by the fbi or local police.>> as we continue to learn more about the gunman, omar mateen, can
7:33 am
you tell us if this is the profile of a lone wolf, or someone that could be connected to a bigger network?>> reporter: with the connection to the middle east, and in asia, i think that the fbi has to look at all of the possibilities here. we've seen these instances where you think it is a loan active shooter -- loan active shooter, and it has been someone that is mentally ill, seriously unstable, and does it go in that path, or are these nefarious connections that they uncover overseas or domestically, and we have seen where there is some kind of connection or some sort of encryption, encrypted at -- encrypted app, and that will pop up again, and the question is does the fbi get the
7:34 am
information they need very quickly, or will it once again be blocked by some sort of encryption. and can they see the content in the middle that is concerning to them, and we will see if that develops. >> how in the world, in 2016 is it possible to get into a nightclub or any establish and -- establishment with a assault rifle or any device to your body? -- strapped to your body? back -->> reporter: typically that would be hard to do, and i would imagine that the subject has looked over this facility, looked at his opportunity, and it could be the first shots were on his way in. when we are talking about and ar-15 style weapon, that is a powerful weapon. it will make a lot of noise, and you will clear a path unless somebody has the immediate reaction to go on the
7:35 am
attack.>> of course this is a gay nightclub in orlando, florida, and is it too early to tell whether it is in -- indeed a hate crime, with your expertise?>> reporter: it is too early to tell, and the crime was of course driven by hate, but it is a question as to what type of hate, driven by hate for gay, terrorism, talaban, and that is the focus of the investigation. they have to figure out who the drivers are, and clearly figure out the connection. i don't think we will see hate crime charges against the suspect, or terrorism charges because he is deceased, and now we must understand the bigger picture. >> and with him being disease, what is this process and learning more about this when it comes to the investigation?>> reporter: that is a challenge. it will involved national
7:36 am
security letters and search warrants, as they dive into the databases that the government possesses. it would not surprise me if this person has been at least on the fbi radar in some small way. they will go back and scrub what is currently in the holdings. they will re-interview the witnesses, and they will dive into the circle of friends of this person. actual friends that they can touch and feel, and virtual friends, to try to figure this out. my concern for the investigation is this encryption fees, the unknown that they are not able to access. >> and of course we've been looking at shootings like this for the past couple of years, the shooting in san bernardino, and how can we get our hands around this and stop these mass shootings? is it possible?>> reporter: there are a lot of weapons in america, most of them possessed by law-abiding, constitution
7:37 am
loving citizens that see themselves as a target shooter, hunter or sports man. the difficulty is one people that should not possess these weapons get a hold of them for nefarious purposes. in looking at the history of the active shooters in america, 80 to 90% of the cases there are some preevent indicators, and they will be looking for that here. the question is how far outdo the preevent indicators go, and it has been telegrapher days or weeks, or just a minute? it is the subject of the posting where he says this is what i'm going to go and do, or on my way to do, and that also happens. this is a collective problem, not just a law enforcement problem, others that see and since that something is wrong need to say something. even if it is washed out, it could help to prevent, so it
7:38 am
would not at all be surprising, and i think it is unlikely that that did not happen here. that somebody could see something that was textually inappropriate, rantings on the internet, buying weapons or explosives, talking about explosives, there is something that was contextually inappropriate, and who sought and what did they do about it, and there's a good chance they did nothing about it.>> you said it, "see something, say something." for all of you there were at the club, to come forward. and what questions so the patrons be asking themselves first, and then what information should be handed over to the authorities? >> reporter: it is likely that those that fled the club, and that is really within the fbi teaching, which is to run, hide, fight. the best opportunity to save yourself is that if you can fully, look for a pathway out.
7:39 am
and it could be that some of those folks only saw a flash. they heard the first volley of browns and were able to get out and exit, crawl out in some way and fully. it is the -- and flea. it is important for the s.w.a.t. team and negotiators to learn, what things did we miss, what is collected, and what was known inside the club. all of these questions must be asked by the law enforcement, the tactical folks, negotiators and on scene commanders so that they can say what did we know, when did we know it, and did we take the right steps. they have to reconstruct it, tear it apart and say how can we be better the next time. because somewhere in america this will happen again, but hopefully never on this scale. >> we have a new report, coming into the newsroom, 50 people
7:40 am
dead, one of the worst mass shootings in the u. s. history. >> reporter: to my knowledge it is, and my notes go back to virginia tech, 32. looking at sandy hook, san bernardino of course. i am unaware of anything on this scale. i was in the studio and stunned because from the time i got for my car to the studio, it went from 20 to 50. that takes your breath away.>> we go back to the gunmen, who is now dead, omar mateen . what do you make of this profile?>> reporter: i want to know more as all of us do. were there any connections back to afghanistan, pakistan, or in the middle east. and was saudi watching and with what is going on with isis right now. i saw a report on the internet yesterday about a horrific
7:41 am
atrocity by isis with they are trying to compete with themselves for the most outlandish and pain is forms of killing. -- and heinous forms of killing. and was the into that, and the question is how did he fit into society. there is some that say we are blaming america because we of failed to integrate the person into our society. it will be interesting to see how this person fit in. was it somebody that had a background, like we saw in some places, and chattanooga not long ago where we had the suspect shooter that looked like he did in, like he had a job and fitting into america society, but some trigger occurred. i want to see here how this person fit in. was he an outlier, a loner, or did he appeared to be at in his neighborhood and whether his friends are saying he was a regular guy. the threat, fitting in.
7:42 am
>> it well could be. i think because our world is so big and connected to the internet, we all have access to whatever we want to inspire us, to drive us to focus our thinking. you can find information, particularly on the internet that will hit any narrative in your mind. if you are a conspiracy theorist, you can find conspiracy theories about this event probably today on the internet. it is very concerning. it is a big world of we have lots of weapons in america. there are lots of ways to arm yourself, to do great harm to people, and this is another example. this is not somebody flying the plane into building, you can do a lot of damage with two weapons.>> port st. lucie is where he was living, and what are they looking for inside the
7:43 am
house?>> reporter: first and foremost, the computer and electronic devices, readings that are there, books and magazines, what was his focus and what did he touch. was there a collection of other weapons in the house, collecting other weapons of destruction, explosives like we saw and san bernardino. were there other attacks being planned, and was part of this in his mind, the opportunity for escape, and harm somewhere else, and that goes back to san bernardino. those folks had lots of rounds of ammunition, and it looked like they had other darker plans, and follow-up attacks that was being planned. and is that the existence here, and always in the connections, who is in his contact list and how often was in contact with them? yesterday, last night, and while the events were ongoing,
7:44 am
and who were these folks? is someone is out there, they need to come into law enforcement and put their hand up.>> we've seen mass shootings were the gunman goes on the mass shooting without a a hostage situation. in this situation, for a couple of hours there was a hostage situation in the club, and what does that say about his intentions?>> reporter: that is interesting, and i'm interested to see what the layers are that law enforcement pills back. there was -- peels back. there was an incident, and part of the investigation for the negotiators is to slow this thing down. and you gather your tactical resources, the s.w.a.t.
7:45 am
team begins to develop an emergency assault plan, and see from the negotiation standpoint, to see if you can talk the person out, and to understand what his desire is, what are the goals. is this a barricaded subject, or is this a i'm going to kill everybody in here, and as you try to rescue them. in a time pressed situation like this, presumably you already have many killed and injured, there is an urgency to come in there, but there's also this part where they have a device present, and that will slow the law enforcement down. what you do not want to do is to roll into an explosive device and lucier tactical team, so there is a balance. >> you think that they may have acted too soon and entered the club, and maybe should have held off for an hour or two, or was it crucial to get inside to save the lives? >> reporter: my suspicion is,
7:46 am
when you have people dying were seriously injured, and their lives are slipping away, there is a sense of urgency, very clear. this is a nightmare scenario that all of us that were on s.w.a.t. teams, and i was one of them, you practice this, and you pray that it never comes. and you hope that your judgment is right. i am sure this team, and orlando is a big urban area, and i'm sure they have will practice tactical s.w.a.t. team, integrated would negotiators, talking to behavioral is to have the best possible have the best understand, and at some point they made the decision that they had to go in. >> just letting our viewers know that according to the orlando regional medical center, 46 patients, the majority are in critical condition. we are monitoring their conditions. looking at this video coming into the studio here in new
7:47 am
york, what do you think of this situation, and how large the crime scene has become? a lot of times with focus on where it happened, at the nightclub, but they have a number of major streets blocked off in the area.>> reporter: not atypical, and if you remember the video overhead from san bernardino, literally 100 law enforcement vehicles, and this again is an urban area. we have a lot of agencies that are part of the joint terrorism task force associated with the fbi, orlando police department, county jurisdictions, surrounding jurisdictions offering resources. we certainly have the location itself, and this could likely take days to process from the evidence perspective, understanding who's around went where. the subject rounds, technical officer rounds, and to understand how this battle went down to maximize understanding,
7:48 am
and so you can do better the next time. and so that we can have total grasp of what happened, how it happened, the timetable and why it happened. it takes a lot of people on the front end to determine the number of rounds fired, other crime scenes that they want to examine like the subject vehicle, anything associated with him will have a bubble around it. it will likely take several days before this will die down, and the scene is a block wide.>> how soon do you reach out to other countries where terrorism has taken place to share intelligence?>> reporter: from a national and international perspective, the fbi conversations are already going on. they have legal attaches all around the globe and they will be talking to their partners over seas, sharing what they can share, and that will help to share that information and
7:49 am
from there strike, it flows back into the united states. this is an around the world intelligence agencies, and the fbi will share as much as they can. others are thinking why paris, and the fbi wanted to know immediately if those folks had a connection to united states. what is their network looking like, is there a risk or threat here.>> we are talking to iran, our assistant director into the washington dc bureau. let's go talk to my colleague, jeff, and he is in washington dc, the gunman has been identified as omar mateen, and what can you tell us about him? jeff?>> reporter: thank you for being with us, i'm in washington and we continue with this cbs news special report into this mass shooting in orlando at the nightclub, and it happened overnight.
7:50 am
we are several hours into the shooting, and the investigators have named a suspect, confirmed and identified as 29-year-old omar mateen of port st. lucie, florida. investigators are trying to look into his background, to determine whether he has or did have any ties to terrorism organizations, and whether this act was inspired by either isis or al-qaeda. that is just to name a few of the terrorism organizations, rising to the top of the list, and investigators will be looking at them. there lando police have confirmed that 50 lives have been lost, making this now the worst mass shooting in the u. s. history. 53 more people have been hospitalized, and it is possible that the death toll could rise. we are looking at images of the mass casualty event, em t, ems
7:51 am
working to save as many people as they can. law enforcement sources tell us that the man walked into the club, heavily armed, and you could hear the gunfire in the background of the video. law enforcement sources telling cbs news that the suspect, omar mateen, was heavily armed in the club with an assault rifle, and he had a handgun. there was some concern that he may have had an explosive devices well, but we now hear that that was not the case. there was sustained gunfire between the police responding to the scene and the suspect, and that is what we are hearing from the law enforcement sources, suggesting that this attacker was heavily armed, and early on in the press conference that the orlando police gave, they were quick to say that it appears there are some sort of ties to radical
7:52 am
islamic ideology. that is what they are saying, also calling this a domestic terrorism event. for them to come out so early in make statements like that suggests that they know something about what happened inside the club. did the attacker say something, did witnesses report seeing something that he was doing? questions we are trying to get answers for you. we know that investigators are scrubbing his travel records, looking at his footprints in the days and hours leading up to this mass shooting overnight. it is early on in the investigation, and already law enforcement authorities, a heavy federal law enforcement imprint on this investigation already as they try to track down as many leads is possible. let's go back to some of the video from what happened overnight. it was a chaotic scene, many injured being treated at the
7:53 am
scene outside of the nightclub, a gay nightclub in downtown orlando. you can see from the headline, 50 people are dead, 53 hospitalized. it is conceivable that that death toll will rise. based on the numbers that we have, this is the worst mass shooting in u. s. history. again, this is the cbs news special report. we are gathering information as we speak. as investigators are, they want to know who this man was in contact with, and whether this event was inspired or directed by a group like isis, or a group like al-qaeda, and it is still early on in the investigation, and they will look for whether there is any claiming responsibility. they will look at his cell phone if he had one at the
7:54 am
scene or whether there is one at his home. investigators have been dispatched to his home, they will look at the footprint on his computer. there is important evidence that the investigators are raising together as -- racing to put together, and there is no suggestion at this point that he may have had an accomplice, and that is obviously something they will be interested in, and they are raising together as much information as possible. it is still early on and the investigation is still evolving.>> thank you again, jeffery gates reporting from our washington dc bureau, recalling the massive shooting in orlando, florida, 50 people dead and 50 others injured, and
7:55 am
a lot of victims. the conditions do not eat good at this hour. to give you an update if you're just joining us, the suspect was killed in the shootout with the police, identified as omar mateen, a u. s. citizen. they're looking into the possible connection of the islamic terrorism. he was armed with a assault rifle, handgun and device strapped to his body that may have been an explosive. they are asking all the patrons that were there to please come forward with any information that you may have about the shooting, the gunman, and that could help them more in the investigation. jeff, we know that authorities are at the home in port st. lucie. what are they looking for?>> reporter: they're looking for as much information as they can find about the shooter, and who he may or may not have been in contact with leading up to the incident. they also want to know p was on
7:56 am
a watch list, -- if he was on a watch list. that is something in an investigation like this that you immediately look for as you try to figure out the motive for this mass shooting. as we have discussed at length, the investigators came out fairly early and determined that it appears to be a case of domestic terrorism. the next step is to try to determine whether there is a direct link to al-qaeda or isis. based upon what we are seeing right now, the way this is unfolding, many law enforcement sources that we have been consulting say that this has the hallmark of some type of acted that isis make try to carry out. if you look at what happened in paris, san bernardino, where
7:57 am
there was a sign of inspiration, and investigators have not determined whether there is a direct link to the isis operatives overseas, but we can see the similarities as we look at this incident, and we had this nightclub that was the soft target in it was attacked. it was a gay nightclub, and whether there was symbolism, and that is what the investigators will be looking at for the next several hours and days.>> how long before we hear from president obama?>> reporter: we know that the president has been breached, and that the vice president is canceling a fund-raising in florida. the white house has been briefed, and we have been told that events are being canceled. that speaks to the gravity of the situation when you have an event like this with the death toll rising, now a 50 according
7:58 am
to the mayor of orlando. this is a situation that the federal law enforcement officials to come and are more heavily involved in. you will have the fbi, atf chasing down leads on the weapon, and where did the weapons come from, and there is now a larger federal footprint on this investigation. it appears this was active terrorism, and now trying to chase down who is behind this. >> and thank you, jeff standing by in washington dc. we have our former fbi profiler, marianne o toole. what do you make of this gunman, omar mateen, a u. s. citizen and these terrible acts ?>> reporter: it is important to point out with the shootings, and clearly this is the worst one, there was a lot
7:59 am
of planning that had to go into this. the planning work likely included evaluating a number of targets, not just a single target. and in this sugar -- shooter will decide whether this target will let him get in to impose maximum fatalities. the planning of these crimes is very him port, and law enforcement will be looking for evidence, identifying where the location was, even notations that he would have written down about preparing and contrasting different locations. the planning becomes really important, specifically who else was aware of the planning, and did someone else see him in the planning phases. that is what we always ask people to notify us about, to tell us when they see something like this, and unfortunately that did not happen in this case. >> is this the work of the lone
8:00 am
wolf?>> reporter: if free will could be, but also likely inspired by groups that he is read about, or even tried to contact. my sense is that there were multiple people that he was working with, and if there is, we would see evidence of that, and we have not so far. it does not mean, he is in a nightclub, people are close together, and probably very few exits. that is one of the features, a soft target, very difficult for the victims to escape, and that is the result of what we are saying. >> and with an assault target, we have seen these in movie theaters, and soft targets, and what do you think about this? i hate crime or terrorism?>> reporter: it is too difficult to tear it all apart and say it is 50% this, 45% this, 5% this.
8:01 am
in a crime, especially something like this, there are multiple motivations. multiple emotions on the part of the offender. i don't think we will ever be able to narrow it down to just one thing.>> what do you make of this gunman? a lot of times you hear people say "i never thought he would do something like this." now it appears that the mass shooters are beginning to fit in with the public, and how can we spot someone that has the possibility of performing up mass shooting like this, a rampage?>> reporter: we have families, friends and employers, we asked them to be aware. there is no way that law enforcement can see all of these pre-incident behaviors. we are looking for someone that over a period of time becomes more isolated.
8:02 am
that stops the engagement with other people. in other words, they stop being friends with other people, and they focus on their planning. they go out and purchase weapons, practice with those weapons, and oftentimes they will purchase certain closing go through a dress rehearsal. when you're around them, you can hear them talk incessantly about whatever the ideation is, or what ever political realm that they have. it is a combination of these behaviors that cause them to appear different than they were a year ago. the thinking behind the crimes, that takes a long time are becoming the new norm
8:03 am
unfortunately here in the country? >> yes. the short answers yes. the long answer is, yes. >> wow. thank you. always good to talk to you. >> thank you. >> check back with in jeff pegues in washington, d.c. bureau. give us more on update on background of omar mateen. >> we were talking about perhaps waiting for some sort of sign from terror organization. and there is islamic state, an isis-related twitter account that seems to have a photograph of the man ide there is an isolated twitter account and it seems to have a photograph of the man identified by law enforcement is the person and we still have to do our own vetting and make sure that this is an official isis count and to make sure that the picture matches the name of the suspect.
8:04 am
there is starting to be some sort of confirmation coming from isis, suggesting that there could be some sort of connection. we do not know whether it is a direct connection between the terror organization and the suspect, or whether he is someone inspired by isis online onslaught of propaganda. we have from reporting at length about this over the last couple of years. isis and law enforcement in the u. s. a testing to this, adept at recruiting followers through social media, twitter and facebook. they draw in these people, and they tore them in two accounts -- lure them in two accounts that law enforcement cannot see. that is the debate underway in
8:05 am
congress and on the part of law enforcement. to have some sort of access to the app encrypted in a way that law enforcement cannot get in, and even the makers of the app cannot get in. it goes into the debate that we heard a lot about last year and this year, between the fbi and apple, you may recall that the fbi reached out to apple and eventually filed a lawsuit asking for the company to assist them in getting into the iphone used by syed farook who carried out the san bernardino terror attacks last year. there is a conflict between the technology companies and law enforcement, and how much should they collaborate or can they collaborate when it comes to getting access in the investigation into some of these phones of the suspects. we will see with this investigation, an effort to try together as much digital
8:06 am
footprint as possible by the suspect. again, identified as omar mateen, 29 years old of port st. lucie, florida. investigators are digging into his background, and we want to know if he was on the radar of law enforcement. and the fbi has had investigations in all 50 states at one point. there were investigations of varying degrees, and what we know is that there has been law enforcement and the u. s. trying to prevent people from traveling, they call them "travelers." going to the battleground in syria and iran, and the number of potential travelers -- syria and iraq, and the number of potential travelers has gone down, relative trickle. it was 1000 or so a month according to the fbi, now down to 200 or so.
8:07 am
those are some of the figures that i remember, the fbi director testified to that. an investigation still in the early stages as the investigators tried to determine whether there is a direct link or inspired link to the terrorism organization. ann scott is standing by to take over the coverage.>> thank you for all of that insight, if you are just joining us, cbs news covering what is now the worst mass shooting in american history. 50 people we are told at this point have been killed at the nightclub in orlando, florida, more than 50 people have been wounded, being treated at the hospital's. a doctor told us a short time ago that surgery is being performed in several hospitals, and the number of the wounded individuals are in critical condition. this is the aerial picture of
8:08 am
the bar and dance club in orlando, florida. these pictures were shot very early this morning, the shooting broke out just a little bit after 2:00 in the morning. the police responded immediately, and it was some couple of hours before the s.w.a.t. team made a decision to assault the building, which they did with flash bang grenades and an assault vehicle. the gunman was held up in the building with several hostages, and the s.w.a.t. team was able to shoot and kill the gunman on the spot, apparently saving at least
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