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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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della cruz. >> oakland's police chief has been on the job four days. kpix has the story with the woman at the center of it all that talked with the 18-year- old that claims to have slept with 30 current and former officers in five cities. she says at least three oakland cops had sex with her while she was a minor. celeste says the officer gave her project and officers tipped her off about undercover stings while working as a prosecution. she says this text. stay off of the street tonight. there is a u c undercover prostitution sting. >> i was happy to, wow, you
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know, these men in uniform giving me project. it was mutual. >> so far the oakland police department has launched internal investigations. >> what did the new chief have to say? >> it was interesting. the guy just got on the job and the question was how do you feel about this sort of scandal in oakland? >> we take this seriously. >> while he should after hours sex with a teenager has led to the suspension of five officers and the suicide of a 6th. >> do you anticipate more officers going off? >> not at this time but the investigation is continuing. >> not just oakland. officers from other cities may be involved. >> how widespread do you feel it is? >> who knows. i feel like we have gotten our arms around this and we have identified the majority of who might be involved. i hesitate to say everybody
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because the investigation is ongoing. >> how many officers are involved? >> at this point it is still ongoing and i can't get into the specifics but i feel confident that our investigative team has identified it. >> more than a dozen. >> ongoing. >> what about rank wise, does it go to supervisors and brass. >> ongoing investigation. >> what was your reaction as a police officer to these allegations including the one that officers may have been tipping her off. >> i am concerned. it goes against the core values from a police officer and what he or she does. it is important to remember that vast majority of the men and women in this department work hard every day to go out there and make a difference in our community and while this is a distraction for some and catch attention we focus on the crime fighting rolls. >> this is all new to the chief, has been on the job for
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four days. >> we are taking it seriously and going back and taking a look at thing like our recruiting and training offduty activity is robust. >> you would think some of it would be common sense. you don't concert with street walkers on international boulevard especially if they are teenagers. >> again the allegations concern us as a profession and me personally because i am working to build bridges with our community. >> we have allegations who is involved with her sexually and who knew about it. was this something people observed. did supervision know about it, this investigation will go on for a while and it has cost the police chief his job and this will be around for a while. >> it was internal from the department, they had to go outside the department, they
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went to bart. >> they went to bart and it was short done quickly and they didn't thing anybody could handle it. it is interesting. we are talking up to 30 officers and most of them have not been name. >> what do you know about it? >> virtually except she is identifying as possible -- some are retired. it is interesting and i would like to add he got on the job from bart and between talking with me, had to sit there and figure out crime reports, how to disburse the cops and the warrior game and the idea of possibly what happens if they win and what will the streets of oakland be and if they do win, a million people on the streets of oakland for the parade. welcome to the new job and you still open about possibly going forth full time. >> has the mayor has anything else to say. >> she has issued statements every time something has come out about the latest suspension about the police reiterating
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their concern but she hasn't had another press conference. we will wait to see what will happen and what happens with the warriors. phil, thank you. state lawmakers are using the story of the young women sexually assaulted by stanford student brock turner to raise awareness. members of the legislative women's caucus read part of the statement on the floor today. >> i had no power. i had no voice and defenseless. my memory loss will be used against me and my testimony was weak and incomplete and i was made to believe that perhaps i am not enough to win this. >> state lawmakers want to draw attention to sexual assault on college campuses. turner was sentenced to 6 months in jail and likely that he will serve about half of that. the major story still developing, the nation's worse mass shooting ever. >> more vigils getting under way. a live look at city hall plaza and san jose where people are
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gathering. hundreds, likely thousands are gathering in orlando, a city of a quarter million stunned by the news of a gunman killing 49 people inside a gay nightclub early sunday. >> we have team coverage. kpix julie goodrich is in orlando for us. juliette. >> reporter: i'm outside of the hospital, the trauma center, a few blocks away from the nightclub. we have new information to share. first and foremost on the gunman. omar mateen is described as a home-grown extremist. two previous contacts with him with the f.b.i. but fail to tie him up to a network. for the bodies they have been removed inside the nightclub, 49 people died. all of the injured, 53 injured, many of them taken to the hospital and many of them still in grave conditions.
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surgeons overtime and five in surgery as we speak and we are hearing the heart breaking stories of the patrons inside the club that night. >> oh, my god. after 50 or more numerous shots, i was like jesus how am i going to make it out. >> marcus made it out of pulse nightclub and juan is still waiting for hear from his friend and his name has not appeared of those that survived. >> i am looking for a friend escolante. >> and you are hopeful he is alive. >> yes. >> hope turned to despair. >> i lost three people in the matter of 24 hours. >> gladys and her husband went to the club and left 30 minutes before the massacre. >> here is my picture, me and my husband. that would have been my last time.
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and we left. we left around 1:30. >> and 120 miles to assassinate nearly a whole club of people that is senseless and i pray to god that hell is not bad enough for him. >> and tonight in downtown orlando, there is a vigil taking place at the performance center and they announced all of the names. they read all of the names of the victims. hundreds are there. at the same time we are thinking about a celebration in the next couple of weeks in san francisco. the gay pride parade celebration that will take place every year and because of what happened here, security certainly will be beefed up there and for that part of the story let's go to mark kelley who is in castro. >> reporter: acting police chief tony chaplain says today that there is no specific threat for the pride parade but
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he did say that the threat level in his words for a large scale parade like this is extremely high. >> san francisco police say their presence at the pride parade is to send a clear message to any would be attacker. >> sometimes you have to let people know if you do this, you won get very far and that's what our intent will be. >> former f.b.i. agent and kpix security analyst jeff harp says securing an open parade route has its challenges for law enforcement. >> the parade you are going down a street where people are coming and going so that creates its own set of obstacles that are harder for the police to work with. >> but harp says local state and federal officials will still be able to monitor the crowd. and, in fact, san francisco police say that immediately following the massacre in orlando, bay area federal law enforcement offered their expertise. >> there is a good relationship
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between the local departments and the federal agencies whichever federal agency. they seem to be working well together. >> but there is always the worry that a lone wolf attack could be in the works and not even law enforcement would know about it. >> if they are sitting at home in their bedroom and conducting all of this activity without being watched, they can sympathize and join the group without anybody knowing about it. >> and that's why police give one of the reasons for saying that they need the public's help on parade day. if you see something, say something to police. let's go to juliet in orlando. >> reporter: thank you, mark. again we're outside of the trauma center where there are a number of patients still here and five in grave condition. coming up i will have new information on what witnesses are telling us about the suspected shooter that he actually had frequented that
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night club and also there is some guys that link him to a gay dating app. so we will have more on that coming up at 6:30 and continue to cover this story and for continuing coverage you can watch us onair and line at thank you. san jose's best solution to getting the homeless off of the street but a problem. the battle over what nobody wants in their backyard. >> apple is trying to make syri more useful. not much light in san francisco. a stiff breeze that was with us all day and if anything it is going to get colder. find out when we bottom out and
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have a tiny chance of rain
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coming up. kpix weather is sponsored
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by mancini sleep world. enjoy new savings. visit sleep new at 6. one neighborhood is fighting a plan to get the homeless off of the street in san jose. the project involves building a 162 unit complex for the homeless on center road. kpix reporter devon feely says the next steps is up to city council. >> people suffering from mental health and substance abuse. >> it is permanent housing for the worse of the worse. >> to me it is set up to fail. and a big experiment. >> i support the program to
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help the homeless. they do need had you but not in the middle of a neighborhood that is not conducive to safety. >> homeless advocates say it is not the scourge that people feel, it is medical and mental health and substance abuse will help men and women to transition back in society. >> housing for a stable environment for them to address their needs. it has been proven throughout our country and canada. >> it is not clear it will be enough for council looking for the solution to the homelessness. devon feely. san jose counsel will hear
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the neighbor's appeals tomorrow. protestors gathered outside the chinese embassy in san francisco. they held signs and dogs as they called for a stop to an annual dog meet festival set in china. according to the group, care 2, about 10,000 dogs are killed for the event. more than a million people have signed the petition that will be delivered and the chinese leaders calling for an end to the festival. >> fire crews in contra costa humor have contained a fire. it started this morning in the mitchell canyon and spread to 49 acres. no structural damage. getting information on one of the drivers involved in a deadly crash. the san mateo county sheriff's office is looking into whether joshua maddonaddo was driving under the influence. you can see what was left of one of those cars after it slammed into a tree. >> two people in the car and a
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21-year-old and 18-year-old man died at the scene. >> a traffic change should help morin commuters. starting tomorrow, four lanes going northbound tuesday through friday four to five in the afternoon. since january there has been four northbound lanes thursday and friday starting at 4:30. officials noted morin traffic picking up earlier on tuesday and wednesday. but it is the fog. four lane, three lanes. always the fog. >> traffic not the issue. >> 7 million people, big bay in the middle. lots of jobs. you know what is a problem. you need to find your jacket, if you don't know where it is, it is june, wake up but it is going to be cooler than it normally is for this time of year. the onshore flow will get raw. take a peek. highs in the comfort zone. san jose and fremont 75 and a breezy one and oakland 65 and san francisco 62 and santa rosa 83 and you were the warm spot.
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temperatures versus average aided by the hot days and look at livermore. 5.7 degrees warmer than normal. san jose three degrees above normal but not the warm stuff, it is about a stronger onshore flow and cooler weather that will keep it breezy and drag in the low cloud cover. fog is not that widespread and with the sunshine it won feel normal. after a chilly night watch for the temperatures in the north bay, 40 santa rosa and oakland 55 degrees and san jose 54. chilly but really the deviation from average is tomorrow. temperatures away from the water are going to be running 12 degrees cooler than normal. strong onshore flow making to it east bay and livermore 70s and normal 82 and san jose 73 and oakland and fremont not hitting 70s and napa down to 75 and santa rosa down to 73 and san francisco 65-degree. we will see a warmup but we have to get past wednesday first. the next two days will be brisk. chilly and with a lot of
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morning cloud cover. the warmup begins thursday ironically when we go cloudier with a slight chance of a shower when temperatures climb. for the weekend, warmer weather once again mother nature saving the warmest two days for us. speaking of sunday, remember dad, i know ourling graphic has a tie but maybe he wants something different. 63 on the beach and 88-degree for dad and maybe he will go golfing and next week hotter and a long way away and we are trending cooler. don't forget dad, please, moms do the most. moms you do the most but dads do help out. >> thank you. >> without moms, i don't know where we would be. literally. thanks. making siri smarter, how apple is raising its game in the battle of the virtual assistance. a major promotion for linked in.
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it has silicon valley buzzing.
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apple kicked off the developer conference. kpix simon per ears has more on siri. >> part of artificial intelligence. the idea you can talk to your device and it will listen and understand what you are talking about. now apple is getting behind some of these other developers but they are trying to catch up with what is going on today in san francisco. >> even though they have been behind they are trying to catch up. it doesn't look like they are quite there yet. >> thank you. apple has improvements with siri. working with apps with other companies but not just your iphone. >> it is convenient way to keep my life organized. >> how to use this type of artificial intelligence or a/i with the iphone and amazon echo whose voice is called alexa. >> she will answer my question.
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giving pronouns. >> and it does feel that way. >> this is what we found in the siri and alexa faceoff. reminding her of something she is supposed to do. >> alexa. remind me to walk the dogs at 5:00. >> i have you walk the dogs at five p.m. to your to do list. >> what is the problem with that? >> she is not going to remind me at five p.m. i have to go back to my to do list to be reminded which i probably won't do at five p.m. that defeats the purpose. >> the big difference is in finding music. siri doesn't quite do so well. siri, play adele. >> i can't find that. >> she can find music on the phone but this one searches the web. alexa play adele. >> here is adele from prime
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music. >> order dog food from amazon. >> she did searches for me. >> order dog food. >> based on your order history i found several matching items. >> now of course that was our unofficial comparison. at the developer's conference apple introduced new things to be happening in the operating system for your phone. one is it will get smarter and can tell if you will go on a round and if it does, there will be a play ready for you when you are up and at it. >> i don't need to create my play list. >> it will do it for you. >> or when i shouldn't. >> when you shouldn't. >> and it will run for me, is that the question? >> i don't think they can do that. >> simon, thanks. microsoft just announced
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its largest acquisition, the tech giant buying mountain view linked in. the deal is expected to be finalized by the end of year. linked in stock shares soared 49% and remained strong all day. and i'm julia goodrich. coming up, new information on the shooter and his connection to a gay dating app. among those heart breaking stories including a bouncer killed in the massacre. >> the presidential candidate and trade attacks and firey speeches. the two drastically different
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approaches to fighting terror
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you're watching kpix news. our top story tonight the nation remembering the victims of the orlando nightclub massacre. a live look from walnut creek where a vigil is getting under way to honor those that died. let's go back to kpix julia goodrich in orlando. >> we understand that the city is having its own vigil
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tonight? >> reporter: veronica and allen, yes, a few miles away in downtown orlando, there is a vigil taking place where they announced all of the names of the victims and they had a prayer in silence and tomorrow people in orlando are reaching out and giving blood and wanting to do something to help and we are hearing so many stories about the people inside of the nightclub and i can tell you that orlando and the nation are healing tonight. volunteers wearing red and black t-shirts walk in solidarity with members and the victims shielding them so they can mourn. >> there are families that have football coaches come forward -- not come forward and don't know the status. >> i am looking for juan. >> and it gives you hope he is alive. >> it does. >> the standoff ended several hours after it began with a gun battle between the shooter and s.w.a.t. team.
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they punched holes through a wall and stormed the club. florida attorney general pam bondy visited the scene today. >> i have never seen anything like this in my career. we have bodies piled on bodies. >> f.b.i. director james comey says there are strong indications that mateen was radicalized inspired by terrorists. >> we are going through the killer's life and his electronics to understand as much as we can about his path and whether there was anybody else involved in directing him or assisting him. >> comby says mateen spoke with a 911 operator three times afternoon morning after being in a club with hostages. >> gladys and her husband went to the club latin night and left 30 minutes before the shooting massacre. >> here is my picture. that's me and my husband.
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see, that would have been my last time. and we left. we left around 1:30. hearing the stories from the victims and getting updates from those at the trauma center and learning new information about the shooter and what witnesses are telling us, that he frequented that night club in the past and has been connected with a gay dating app. he doesn't live near the nightclub but drove a distance. 120 miles to get to the nightclub that night. his home in fort pierce is 120 miles away and that's where he worked as a security guard for the county court. he was on the f.b.i. radar twice. in 2013 when co-workers made remarks about terrorist ties and a year later when he made contacts with an american suicide bomber in syria. while the f.b.i.
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found nothing threatening, his dad had his own opinion. >> what he did was an act of terrorist and as far as him being a terrorist, i am not aware. law enforcement is looking into whether mateen had any help. orlando still is mourning and a vigil outside of the hospital where there's still dozens of patients. five of them still in grave condition. we will have continuing coverage live at 11:00 outside the hospital and with a story from one of the victims released with a gunshot wound. we will hear from her. back to you in san francisco. >> live in orlando. julia thank you.
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gunman's former mother-in- law's lives on the west coast. she says the couple divorced in 2011. there are a couple of other bay area ties. the youngest was just 20 years old. the oldest 50. and of those that have been identified so far, 32 are men and 4 are women. one of them is former partner of star shelton. she said about the agonizing hours about getting information from the bouncer at the club and she had to be 3000 miles away. honestly heart breaking. i felt nauseous like i don't know where she is at. is she okay and u nobody heard from her. it was just a scary feeling at that moment. >> sheldon says the family got the word after spending all day
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at the hospital. >> 34-year-old edward suto mayor texted this minutes before dying and this picture was released minutes before he was killed and worked at the harry potter ride at universal and he was 22 years old. what can be done to prevent future attacks? weja jang on how leaders are responding over criticism of gun control laws president obama emerged from a meeting cautioning about putting politics before policy in response to the orlando massacre. he spoke about the need again to address terrorism and gun violence? >> we have to counter this and have to make sure that it is not easy for somebody that decides they want to harm
6:35 pm
people. >> gunman omarma teen brought the assault rifle to shoot 100 people even though there were ties with terrorist groups. >> 91% that tried to act with terrorism buys guns in america. >> senate democrat calling on legislation to prevent people from buying firearms or explosive. donald trump and hillary clinton have different approaches on gun control. >> trump wants to prevent moslems from coming to the u.s. >> the only reason the killer was in america in the first place because we allowed his family to come here. >> while clinton says the only way to stop lone wolf attacks is through cooperation with moslem americans. >> we should be intensifying contacts in those community and not scapegoating or isolating them. >> clinton says she wants to create task forces to find and
6:36 pm
stop lone wolf attacks before they happen. weja jane. cbs news, the white house. lawmakers say the orlando shooting is more reason to close what they call loop holes in state gun laws. proposals will go before the california senate and one allows mental health experts to keep people with mentally sick people to get guns. if this has changed your mind on gun control, let me know your thoughts. we will share your comments on night beat. join us at 10:00 over on our sister station, kbcw. the step forward for a plan to end daylight-saving time. and not all about the money
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for millennials, why more are choosing passion over pay for
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their career. >> no more falling back and springing ahead. californians are thinking about ditching daylight savings time. the goal, a abolish the practice of changing clocks twice a year. it will still need 2/3 of approval and the governor's signature and voters would have a final say. california would be the 3rd state to get rid of daylight savings time behind hawaii and alaska. >> new graduates looking for work and today's kids it is shown will choose passion over pay. >> when paul graduated from college in 2014 he decided to work for a small startup
6:40 pm
instead of a large corporation. >> you have an impact on how the company is going to evolve. i am not going to do a job at a large corporation that i am not interested in what my job will be significant because of the money. >> and this year's graduates feel the same way. in a survey. 70% of students from the class of 2016 say they would take less money to work at a company that provides a positive social atmosphere. that's up 10% percent from last year. >> a significant number has said it is important to work for a company that has a culture. >> and where they can advance and feel passionate about their job. >> sylvia just graduated with a degree in music education. at the ceremony she held this sign, pursue your passion, not a paycheck. >> it is a quote that i have lived by. >> she is now training to become a music therapist for
6:41 pm
kids with special needs. >> i wanted to wake up every day and love to where i was going to work. >> do you love going to work. >> yes. we are a small team and you feel you are with family. >> he says that is the kind of atmosphere he wants to work in. >> jill wagner, cbs news new york. one part of the study does not bode well for 2016 graduates because more half of last year's grads saying they are working for jobs that do not apply their degree. orbiting not just one but two suns, your weather forecast has not one bit of cloud cover in san jose but temperatures below average, why? because of the influence from the pacific ocean, find out when it will be at its strongest and weakest. coming up.
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new trouble for the bay area company p he rnos. walgreen's is cutting ties with
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them. it has been fighting an uphill battle since the blood testing techniques are in question. an astronomer and researchers have discovered a planet that orbits two suns. called kepler 47b and the size of jupiter. it is called the habitable zone of its two sons and though it is believed to be a gas giant that can't support life, further research will soon seen if it will be done. >> we have billions of galaxies and stars. >> a lot of stuff. it will be busy. >> here is what is going on the bay area. your forecast. hang on. it is chilly. you are in 60s as is livermore.
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oakland 65. the exception to the rule is santa rosa. 81 because the wind is coming off of the mountains and giving you are warming you in you in the neck of the bay. santa rosa, the wind from the west warming you as the win comes over the north bay to the valley. napa 49 degrees and vallejo 53 and redwood city 53 and sunrise 5:47 or will it be 4: 47 if we don't spring forward. a strong ocean influence, strong and you felt the breeze outside. a little more humid and you know when it is coming from the ocean and felt that way outside. if anything, we turn that ocean influence on a one to ten with a 6 or 7 and tomorrow is an 8. stronger influence and brisk throughout the day even when
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you get the afternoon sunshine. running below average for the temperature for the east bay and the entire bay area. temperatures will bottom out because of the onshore flow. wednesday, look at the low to the left. counterclockwise and the low is west of seattle and impacting the weather to santa barbara and shoving the weather to california. the entire state below average because of the one area of low pressure and the slight chance of a rainshower on thursday morning as the low passes by. it is gone and we head toward a warmer weekend because of a large area of high pressure. this guy is going to cook the desert southwest. death valley tucson, 120 degrees. a warmer week for dad. breezy with low clouds and windy at times and winnier than today and on the cooler side
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despite the afternoon sunshine and slow warming for midweek. san jose 73 degrees tomorrow and a high of 70 for redwood city and pacifica 62 and hayward your high 66-degree. walnut creek 62 and antioch 73. temperatures hit their bottom wednesday and grab a few degrees extra each day and you add them up and by father's day we will be in the mid-80s inland and should be another fantastic weekend to get outside after chilly weather tomorrow and wednesday. a lot to talk about in sports. we are live from oracle coming
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up next. keeping an eye on the warriors game. >> i got my blue on and now my fingers crossed. >> this is the most bizarre experience. in the stanley cup championship when the penguins beat the sharks. the warriors could win the nba championship. but what of the star players, draymond green is to my left inside the coliseum. he is here to watch the a's game because he got suspend from the nba.
6:52 pm
i spoke with the skipper earlier. >> draymond green was asked to throw out the first pitch. may not know he has been suspended and he declined. >> i heard he is going to be here maybe in his suite. i don't know if that is rumor. he can watch the game in my office if he wants to. >> okay. so maybe draymond is in the office watching the game. the plan is for draymond to race to the arena if and when the warriors defeat the cavs tonight. while golden gate is going for the championship tonight, there will not be two bay area championships parades because the sharks lost last night. >> we are the champions. we are the champions. the champions pick the sharks to win the shark for the 4th time on the road.
6:53 pm
despite the loss san jose silenced the critics that for years questioned that the core group has what it takes to win for the first season. >> i don't think anyone should ever question the leadership or the character or the will of the group of men in their -- i think it has been misplaced for a decade and i would hope that they answered questions. >> a long journey from 13 to 14th place conference in january and the stanley cup finals. >> they are unbelievable. >> it was fun while it lasted. obviously would have liked a different result. >> well the penguins returned to pittsburgh this morning and the sharks were cleaning out their lockers and jumping back into every day life. saw them play 24 games in two months. >> it is a tough day.
6:54 pm
go home and grab some burgers and now i don't feel too good today. >> the kids have to learn who their dad is. >> they are saying grandma and grandpa and daddy. >> what about the beards guys? >> lifestyle beards. >> give credit to the sharks. a well deserved vacation. they made it. good news for the giants, they have activated matt kain and he will start against the brewers. the giants took two out of three from the dodgers and now five games up on los angeles but dodgers new manager dave roberts is confident he will turn it around and saying we will play through ok. how about that one inwrite that one or tweet it out and we will see. if you were busy this week
6:55 pm
turning your pontoon boat into margaritaville. here is what you have missed. >> these two have come down together. creator. >> creator etched it by a nose and the belmont has the first photo finish, the clinton administration. chris davis was named the american league player of the week. and how about the defense, davis makes a catch. jake peavy saw six shut outinnings keeping the dodgers off of the board and williamsop with a diving catch. juan a ribe reminded while they call this the hot corner, down goes frazier. ground ball clocked at 106 miles per hour. >> i don't believe he has had that happened. >> right field. out of here. >> grand slam and did you see
6:56 pm
barber's ticket to the college world series and their first trip ever to omaha. congratulations for them. veronica allen you might think i should be in watching the warriors game. i'm on what they call a stakeout waiting for draymond green to sneak into the coliseum arena. investigative journalism at its best. >> digging down deep to bring us a story. and the weather too. >> it will cool down. take a look at the seven-day forecast. we will cool down and warm up. >> cool down first. 70s in the bay and windy and by the weekend and father's day, near sunny and warmer. sounds good. >> for news throughout the
6:57 pm
night go to see you tonight.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! steve: welcome to the show. how you folks doing? [cheering and applause] [indistinct] [chuckles] thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. boy, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, straight out of marietta, georgia, it's the williams family. >> [cheering] and from omaha, nebraska, it's the--uh-oh. it's the kirshenbaum family. [cheering and applause] all of this is for a chance
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to win some cash and a state-of-the-art ford edge right over there, folks. let's play "feud." give me palmer, give me brad. let's go. all right, gentlemen, here we go. we got the top 6 answers on the board. fill in the blank. you'd be shocked if grandma ever announced to the family, "i'm" what? brad. brad: a lesbian. steve: i'm a lesbian. wow. lesbian. brad: whoo! steve: there's one answer to top that, palmer. palmer: adopted. steve: adopted. brad, pass or play? brad: we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. let's go. hi, anna. all right, let's go. uh, fill in the blank. you'd be shocked if grandma ever announced to the family, "i'm" what? anna: thatas


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