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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

5:30 pm captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: the killer's facebook message. moments before the orlando massacre, he called it islamic state vengeance. the investigation now focuses on what his wife knew. survivors search for emotional healing. >> reporter: how does the cut heal? >> i don't know. >> pelley: also tonight, death at disney. >> we recovered the remains of the two-year-old from the water. >> pelley: killed by an alligator. and is led zeppelin a band of bandits? an alleged case of musical theft goes to trial. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: this is our western edition. we start tonight with an update on the more than 50 wounded in orlando. the number still in the hospital is down now to 30. all are expected to survive, though some will be impaired for life. today, we learned more about the terrorist who shot them, and the 49 who died in the pulse nightclub. our homeland security correspondent jeff pegues has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: moments before the attack, the killer left this chilling message on facebook: it was the precursor for what was to come inside the pulse nightclub. investigators are trying to determine who else may have been involved in the planning of the massacre. the killer's wife is becoming a primary focus. law enforcement sources say
5:32 pm
there is surveillance video of noor salmon purchasing ammunition with her husband. they also say she drove with him when he cased the nightclub. she has told agents she tried to talk her husband out of committing an attack. if she had prior knowledge, she could face charges. in 1995, michael fortier admitted he knew of plans for the bombing in oklahoma city. after cooperating, he served 10.5 years in prison. the f.b.i.'s ron hopper is leading the orlando investigation. >> we are continuing to do interviews to see if there is anybody that was associated. whether that means they were involved in the planning or execution of this act, they will be brought to justice. >> reporter: authorities are digging into omar mateen's background. he worked as a security guard following the b.p. oil spill. when producers of a 2012 documentary spoke with him, he was skeptical of the cleanup effort. >> they're, like, hoping for more oil to come out and more people to complain so they'll have the jobs.
5:33 pm
they want more disaster to happen. >> reporter: according to his employer, g4s, mateen had his security officer license renewed four times, each time requiring a criminal background and f.b.i. check. he also had at least 28 hours for firearms training. records from september of 2007 he was a good shot. last saturday, mateen returned home after working in a gated community. later that night, he drove himself to the pulse nightclub, carrying a backpack. by then, he had already posted the facebook message which also included this ominous warning, "in the next few days you will see attacks from the islamic state in the u.s.a." investigators have found no evidence that mateen was in direct contact with any radical group. meanwhile, the st. lucie county sheriff said he wanted mateen's employer to transfer him out of his court security job in 2013. scott, the sheriff says mateen
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made inflammatory remarks about women and jews, and praised the fort hood shooter. >> pelley: jeff pegues in the washington newsroom. jeff, thank you. the f.b.i. had investigated the killer for possible ties to terrorism. omar mateen was on the terror watch list until the f.b.i. cleared him. it seems hard to justify, but people on that terror list are still allowed to buy weapons, and that has set off a debate that dean reynolds is covering. >> to be silenced, light and short. >> reporter: this advertisement highlights the assault weapon the orlando killer bought just 11 days ago, a sig sauer mcx. >> it's the start of a new era. >> reporter: he bought it and a glock 17 pistol legally, even though he had been on and off the f.b.i. watch list for suspected terrorist twice, the last time in 2014. what's more, under current law, had he actually been on the watch list this month, no law
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would have automatically stopped him from making a purchase. that's because right now, the law bars felons, fugitives, illegal immigrants, or juveniles, for example, from buying guns, but not suspected terrorists. f.b.i. data show that people who were on the terror watch list last year were involved in background checks 244 times, and in 223 of those cases, the firearm purchases went ahead. that's a 91% approval rate. now, in the aftermath of orlando, the presumptive presidential nominees are suggesting the laws need to be toughened. hillary clinton today: >> if you are too dangerous to get on a plane, you are too dangerous to buy a gun. >> reporter: and donald trump tweeted that when he next meets with the national rifle association, he'll talk about "not allowing people on the terrorist watch list or the no- fly list to buy guns." >> senator from connecticut. >> reporter: in congress, senator murphy launched a filibuster to forward gun
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control legislation. >> i have had enough of the ongoing slaughter of innocence and i have had enough of inaction in this body. >> reporter: some in congress worry that law-abiding citizens on the list by mistake would be blocked from buying protection. and, yet, of 323 million americans, there are just 25,000 on the watch list, and 6,400 on the no-fly list, so cases of mistaken identity would involve a small portion of the population. but there is another concern, scott, voiced by f.b.i. director james comey, and it is that if a suspected terrorist is blocked from buying a weapon, it might tip him off that the f.b.i. is on his trail. >> pelley: dean, thanks very much. as shocking as the attack in orlando is, violence against the l.g.b.t. community is common, even sanctioned in some parts of the world. some islamic countries impose
5:37 pm
the death penalty for homosexuality, but none of them compare to the depravity of isis. the first images in holly williams story are honest but troubling to watch. >> reporter: isis propaganda videos like this one show men accused of having sex with other men executed in typically barbaric fashion. and it's not just under isis that gay and lesbian people face the death penalty. same-sex sexual relations are illegal in more than 70 countries, but only in seven predominantly muslim states can you be sentenced to death for it. ramtin ebrahimipour told us he fled iran last year after spending three months in prison for handing out leaflets against homophobia. "they beat me. they tried to suffocate me with a pillow, and they stuck their shoes in my mouth," he said.
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not all muslim societies are intolerant of homosexuality. here in turkey, which is majority muslim, gay sex was legalized in 1858. that's nearly 150 years before it finally became legal in all american states. both the koran and the bible condemn homosexuality, according to some interpretations. but as the west has become more tolerant when it comes to sexuality, it sparked a culture clash with many conservative muslims. the massacre in orlando has been praised by isis and its supporters. but, scott, at this point, there's no indication that the shooter had any contact with the group or its leaders in the middle east. >> pelley: holly williams reporting from istanbul for us tonight. holly, thank you. orlando suffered yet another tragedy today. the body of a two-year-old boy was recovered this afternoon
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after he was taken by an alligator at a disney resort. mark strassmann is covering. >> reporter: in the lagoon behind the grand floridian resort, dive teams searched for 15 hours, and in murky water about six feet deep, they spotted a child's body completely intact. sheriff jerry demings: >> we recovered the remains of the two-year-old from the water, and that body has now been turned over to the orange county medical examiner's office. >> reporter: matt and melissa graves and their two kids, vacationers from elkhorn, nebraska, walked along the lagoon's edge last night. lane, their two-year-old son, waded into water one-foot deep around 9:00 p.m. an alligator then pounced. his father tried but failed to wrestle his son back to safety, and the gator and the boy disappeared into the water. in their search, divers, helped
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by sonar, found and killed five alligators. mark mchugh, an alligator expert said summer is their breeding and nesting season. >> these alligators can pop up almost anywhere in florida. >> they can pop up almost anywhere, and i'm not real familiar with the situation out there but i think there are a lot of canals and a lot of ponds. a lot of lakes that interconnect all the way through the disney property, so it wouldn't be unusual at all for alligators to be moving from one body to the next. >> reporter: gators are part of the landscape at walt disney world. we found some signs inside the park warning against feeding alligators. but at the lagoon where lane graves was killed, signs say, "no swimming." no signs warn about alligators, despite the fact disney has had to relocate gators discovered in the park in the past. disney said it will reevaluate those messages and added, "everyone here is devastated. we are helping this family and doing everything we can to assist law enforcement."
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alligator fatalities are rare in florida. scott, this was the state's third since 2007, and the first in the 45-year history of walt disney world. >> pelley: mark strassmann for us tonight. mark, thank you. well, the presidential primary season came to a quiet close with hillary clinton defeating bernie sanders in the democratic contest in washington, d.c. she now takes on republican donald trump. and a cbs news poll out tonight finds clinton has a six-point lead. trump has been advocating a return to waterboarding terror suspects and c.i.a. has just declassified documents from its so-called enhanced interrogation program. this release of a response to a lawsuit by the american civil liberties union, which claims that the c.i.a. tortured suspects. here's david martin. >> reporter: the heavily censored documents give a realtime look into what the c.i.a. was thinking when it began waterboarding senior al qaeda captains.
5:42 pm
"this is a train wreck waiting to happen" one officer wrote, announcing he was quitting the c.i.a. but george tenet ensured the white house so-called enhanced interrogation techniques enabled c.i.a. to disrupt terrorist plots, and collect critical intelligence on al qaeda. the first al qaeda prisoner to be water boarded was abu zubaydah. a draft memo shows before the waterboarding began, the c.i.a. wanted attorney general john ashcroft to state in writing he would not prosecute anyone for what they were about to do. in a cable from the secret prison where abu zubaydah was held, said he must never be allowed to tell what happened. "we need to get reasonable assurances that subject will remain in isolation and incommunicado for the remainder of his life." abu zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times, but an evaluation by the c.i.a.'s office of medical services said, "a.z.
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probably reached the point of cooperation even prior to the institution of enhanced measures." the same office of medical services also pointed out what appears to be a glaring conflict of interest. psychologists who had a say into whether the enhanced interrogation should continue were getting paid $1,800 for each day they worked. eventually, the c.i.a. stopped using some of the harsher techniques. the c.i.a. director told his staff president bush was, "concerned about the image of a detainee chained to the ceiling, clothed in a diaper, and forced to go to the bathroom on themselves." scott. >> pelley: david martin reporting from the pentagon, thank you. coming up next, the judge who gave a light sentence for a sexual assault has been barred from a similar case. case.
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5:47 pm
published a scathing letter from one of the 12 jurors in the brock turner case, who unanimously convicted the stanford student on three counts of felony sexual assault. when persky handed down a six- month sentence, the unnamed juror called it, "ridiculously lenient." adding, "it makes a mockery of the whole trial and the ability of the justice system to protect victims of assault and rape." "justice has not been served in this case," the juror continued." "shame on you." >> this is someone who is very frustrated that the judge's sentence doesn't fit they believe the verdict what they reached in the case. >> reporter: loyola law professor laurie levenson says jurors rarely speak out like this, even more out of the ordinary is the amount of public backlash persky has received, forcing the d.a. to act. >> there's a rational basis for the district attorney to say, "wow, that came out of the blue. and we cannot take another chance at a brock turner type of result. we want him off these types of cases."
5:48 pm
>> reporter: persky's problems are unlikely to end here. last week, a women's rights advocacy group calling for persky's removal delivered nearly a million online signatures to the state commission on judicial performance. the santa clara county district attorney's office handles about 40,000 cases a year, but, scott, the d.a.'s office tells me last year, they only requested to have a judge removed less than 10 times. >> pelley: mireya villarreal in our los angeles newsroom. mireya, thank you very much. coming up next, was this rock riff ripped off? off? going too often, and the strong sudden need to go. ask your urologist if botox® can help calm your bladder and reduce your daily leakage episodes. the effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away
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could be. me. ♪ >> pelley: for years, led >> pelley: for years, led zeppelin fans have debated the meaning of the mystical epic "stairway to heaven". now carter evans tells us the song's origins are being argued in court. >> reporter: dressed in a suit with his hair pulled back, rocker jimmy page took the stand in his own defense this afternoon claiming it was only
5:52 pm
two years ago when he first heard the song he and robert plant are accused of plagiarizing in 1971. ♪ ♪ at stake, whether led zeppelin stole that famous "stairway to heaven" opening guitar riff from a lesser-known band named spirit and their song "taurus." ♪ ♪ now listen to "stairway to heaven" again. ♪ ♪ spirit's guitarist, known as randy california, first released "taurus" in 1968. an attorney representing his estate claims page and plant heard the tune while the two bands played the same venues in the late 60s. attorneys for led zeppelin say the 10-second riff in question is rooted in a familiar chord progression that goes back hundreds of years. this piece by italian composer giovianni granata is from the 17th century. ♪ ♪
5:53 pm
larry iser is a copyright attorney. >> you've got to remember there are only 12 notes in a music scale. and there's only a certain number of genres. it's almost impossible to not be influenced by what came before you. ♪ i know you want it >> reporter: the lawsuit comes on the heels of another controversial decision that rocked the music industry last year when a judge awarded marvin gaye's family $7.4 million, saying musicians robin thicke and pharell williams' song "blurred lines "copied gaye's "got to give it up." now, "stairway to heaven" is expected to have earned about $550 million over the last 45 years, and, scott, randy california's estate wants a portion of that and future royalties. >> pelley: carter evans on the stairway tonight. carter, thank you, and we'll be right back. this is humira.
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>> pelley: we've told you how doctors are healing the bodies of the wounded in orlando. jon lapook tells us souls need mending, as well. >> reporter: in a small house in downtown orlando, healing starts with a call for help at an l.g.b.t. resource center. >> any other questions? >> reporter: it's also in the work of a performer called blue star. reeling from news of a friend's death but continuing to offer support from her theater headquarters. >> providing love. anything that we can do to ensure that someone makes it through this day, and that when they wake up tomorrow they know they have a safe place to go. >> reporter: and for people like aaron hernandez, healing begins with a vigil for those who were lost. why did you come here today? >> to celebrate my friends. i lost five of them.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: oh, my. >> i think that the best way for me to get better is to be surrounded with people that i love. >> reporter: since 9/11 research has taught mental health experts that the best medicine immediately following traumatic events is not having people relive the events in their minds but instead making them feel safe, calm, and connected to others. all around this grieving city, there are signs of healing. >> when you wake up in the morning and it's your family, it's your community, unless people experience it, you can never explain to them how deep the cut actually is. >> reporter: how does the cut heal? >> i don't know. >> reporter: no one knows, but this is how it begins. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, orlando. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
5:59 pm
captioning sponsored i'm allen martin. new at six... the judge in th rd rape case... now facing an uncertain career . the d-a in santa clara good evening. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. new at 6:00 the judge in the stanford rape case is facing an uncertain career future. the d.a. in santa clara county thinks the judge should not handle other rape cases. as kpix 5's len ramirez shows us, this could cause problems for the judge. >> reporter: sources tell kpix 5 that the district attorney put his deputies on notice to report it if judge aaron persky is assigned to one of their cases. it could lead to more challenges against the judge a practice known as papering. >> it's not something a judge wants because it really renders the judge useless when it comes to dealing with certain kinds of cases. >> reporter: yesterday, d.a. jeff rosen successfully removed judge persky from a case in which a woman was allegedly
6:00 pm
sexually assaulted by a male nurse while she was under anesthesia. persky had earlier dismissed one of the d.a.'s misdemeanor cases. prosecutors are allowed to legally challenge a judge if they don't think he can be fair. >> whether or not he will continue to preside over criminal cases really depends upon jeff rosen. >> reporter: it's the latest problem for judge persky, whose future is now in question ever since he sentenced stanford swimmer brock turner to six months in jail for sexual assaulting a woman who passed out. persky has been the target of an online recall effort and potential jurors have refused to serve in his courtroom. >> you're available, you're on a criminal assignment, and is the trial ready to go? then you just get the case. >> reporter: kpix 5 legal analyst and former ladoris cordell says cases are assigned to judges based on courtroom availability so more rape cases could land in front of judge persky. >> there's no kind of shopping around. >> reporter: which is why she says the next move could come from persky's bosses.


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