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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the police officer bike down -- [ pause ] >> i was out of my truck in two seconds. [ crying ] >> reporter: the cement truck driver dan sullivan was one of two good samaritans who used the officer's police radio to call for help. >> he is bleeding bad, hurt, not moving. >> reporter: while trying to revive him with cpr. >> officers on site. >> proceeded to go into action. um, like i said one guy was on the radio, he had me on the radio. i was on the radio. um, i was trying to, you know, speak to the officer. >> reporter: sullivan, who is the brother of a san jose cop, says he has had a hard time emotionally ever since. >> just want to send my condolences to the wife of officer mike and his kids. [ crying ] >> that was len ramirez reporting. we have new video of a good samaritan pulling a man from a burning car in cupertino. [ non-english name ] was on his
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way to lunch when he saw the black smoke coming from the car. his friend posted this cell phone video. he noticed someone unconscious inside so he ran out to help and pulled the driver to safety. the santa clara county sheriff's department says the man likely saved that driver's life. now some new details are emerging about the orlando shooting. investigators say the killer omar mateen exchanged text messages with his wife and used facebook during the nightclub attack that left 50 people dead. cbs reporter craig boswell is in orlando where the president and vice president showed their support today for a community in mourning. >> reporter: president obama and vice president joe biden brought flowers to the memorial to victims of the orlando nightclub massacre. earlier, they met with survivors and the families of those killed. >> these families could be our families. in fact, they are our family.
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they're part of the american family. >> reporter: senators bill nelson and marco rubio also came to show their support. >> we have just met with the first responders as part of ourville. they are great heroes. we have talked to families on the phone and these are people that are so heartbroken. >> reporter: 49 people were killed when omar mateen opened fire in a gay nightclub. mateen died in a shootout with police and now investigators are working to see if anyone helped plan the attack. cbs news has learned, multiple family members including mateen's wife are being investigated. funerals and visitations have begun for the victims. but many in the city are simply coming to memorials like this to grieve. comfort dogs are helping some deal with the tragedy. >> i'm seeing a lot of people being able to touch our dogs and go, ah, everything is going to be okay. >> reporter: more than a dozen specially trained dogs are here to nuzzle and spend time with people who can use some cheering up. patty frost used social media to gather names of people around the world to show support for the orlando community. >> i be glad when we don't have
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these kinds of sites anymore. >> reporter: frost received messages from the uk, finland and south africa. craig boswell, cbs news, orlando. >> 23 people are still in the hospital from that attack. six remain in critical condition. some vigils tonight in the bay area to remember those killed in orlando. one will be in san jose at 5:30 at seiu local 521's union hall on zanker road. another in oakland starts at 7 p.m. at st. columba catholic church. new at 5:00, in west hollywood, a new pro gun motto is popping up. several rainbow flag posters featuring the don't tread on me snake and the hashtag, shoot back! they were spotted this week. here's one right outside of west hollywood city hall. since the orlando shooting, a guns rights group called the pink pistols has been urging the lgbt community to consider carrying firearms to fight back. officials with the group say
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their membership numbers have doubled since the attack on sunday. west hollywood has long been a hub for the los angeles lgbt community. the debate over gun control is once again heating up, particularly because the orlando shooter bought the guns legally used in the attack even though he had been on the fbi terror's watch list twice. allen martin with a look at the congressional efforts and resistance to changing u.s. gun laws. allen. >> reporter: liz, senator dianne feinstein is bringing back her bill to toughen the background checks before a gun can be purchased. she failed to get enough support last year after the san bernardino shootings. democrats hope it's different this time and republicans have their own version that they are pushing. >> i wish i could say i'm surprised that we're here again. but sadly, i'm not. >> reporter: tina says she knows firsthand what the people of orlando are going through. her father damian was one of the victims of the shooting in san bernardino.
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today she joined senate democrats in calling on congress to pass legislation that would prevent terrorists from purchasing firearms. >> i can't wrap my mind around why anyone in congress finds this acceptable. >> reporter: connecticut senator chris murphy stood on the senate floor for nearly 15 hours yesterday pushing for a vote on two amendments. the first would stop people on the "no fly" list and the fbi's terror watch list from buying guns. the second would expand background checks to include sales on the internet and at gun shows. majority leader mitch mcconnell called the filibuster a stunt. >> we don't need more campaign talk-a-thons like we witnessed yesterday preventing us from actually voting. >> senator blumenthal says more attacks will happen. >> we know that terrorists are enlisting people here to kill people. we need to stop those people from buying weapons. >> reporter: but republicans say fighting terrorism is not about gun control. >> is going after the second amendment how you stop terrorism?
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no! that's not how you stop terrorism. >> you don't defeat terrorism by taking away our guns. you do it by using our guns. >> republicans are pushing their own gun legislation. texas senator john cornyn is proposing an amendment that would require the fbi to get a court order in order to block someone on that terror watch list from buying a gun. a vote on the amendment is expected next week. none is expected to pass. liz. >> thank you. police in san francisco are looking for a 15-year-old girl who they say may be in danger. christine coleman is 5'10", 120 pounds, and black. she is wearing a pink top and bluejeans. she was last seen with her father, 53-year-old derek coleman. he is 6'3", 215 pounds with dark pants and the gray shirt. they are driving a black 1998 toyota corolla with a license plate 4amj436. anyone who has seen them or the car should call police palo alto high school
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biology teacher arrested on four felonies after police say he committed sex crimes against a student. police arrested 46-year-old ronnie farrell of palo alto last night. the school ended on june 2. police say farrell asked the 15- year-old to meet him in his classroom the following tuesday. then he groped her. her parents called dispatchers to report the assault. the next day he allegedly invited the freshman to meet him again at school. this time detectives showed up and took him into custody. the sex scandal plaguing oakland's plymouth continues to grow. we -- police department continues to grow. we just learned the name of the inspector for the alameda county d.a.'s office put on administrative leave for potentially being involved. law enforcement sources say rick orozco a retired oakland police captain is being investigated for exchanging facebook messages with the young girl at the center of the opd shake-up. sources say the two never met
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but the girl could have been underaged when they communicated online. the d.a. says, quote, we do not and will not turn a blind eye to human trafficking or the sexual exploitation of a minor whether the offender is a civilian or a law enforcement officer. nearly 500 firefighters in santa barbara county are battling a fast-moving wildfire there fueled by strong winds the so-called sherpa fire has scorched 1200 acres of dry and rugged terrain in refugio canyon. hundreds of people in nearby areas were forced to evacuate. that fire erupted yesterday afternoon feeding on vegetation that hasn't been burned in decades. so far there have been no reports of injuries and no word on the cause. well, they only need one more. they are getting ready for a big warriors party tonight in oakland. there's a live look inside the oracle arena pretty empty right now. but "dubs" fans will be showing up to watch game 6 of the nba
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finals. a win tonight in cleveland and it is over! >> i was excited. i feel like last year at this time, exactly last year at this time is exact same feeling i'm having right now. i can't wait. i'm ready for the back to back. i'm ready for to us -- for draymond to come back and just -- just show them what we missed last game of. >> fans like that guy and girl are lining up now. the game starts at 6 p.m. sports director dennis o'donnell is here now with a look ahead at tonight's game. dennis. >> elizabeth, ken, it's going to be like a game within a game. you know what i'm talking about, right? the warriors are playing the cavs. we know that. but the subplot draymond green versus lebron james. green will be back in the starting line-up tonight after being suspended monday night. earlier today, espn reported that the cavs pushed the nba to ban green for two games. draymond knows all eyes will be on him tonight and that cleveland and lebron may try to bait him for another
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altercation which would result in another suspension. >> i don't, um, you know, go into game 6 thinking, oh, will my patience be tested, will it not? you know, it's a hard enough challenge trying to win. >> won't get baited into any kind of all the occasions. he won't -- i'm pretty sure he will talkative but in a constructive way so that will be good. >> here's how draymond shows up tonight. right? i saw this as a suit resembling prison stripes. they were screaming free draymond in oakland on monday night [ laughter ] >> draymond green is free. now, draymond is emotional, right? but he is also smart. like a ten pound bass in the dead of winter there's no way he takes the bait tonight. [ laughter ] >> yeah. you better believe that coach steve has sat him down and said, hey, man, a little discipline will go a long way tonight. >> he's smart. he is a smart, smart guy.
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he learned from this mistake. it won't happen tonight. >> looking forward to it. thanks. a california woman loses something inside a bay area airport. and it definitely wasn't her luggage. coming up, the search for her $32,000 engagement ring. >> plus, new details on what happened moments before that alligator killed a boy at disneyworld. >> and chip-enabled credit cards are the new norm. why retailers are saying they are not as secure as they should be. ,,,,,,,,
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care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center. it went missing on friday wn she left it in the bathroom. a woman has san jose's international airport -- at san jose international airport lost a $32,000 engagement ring when she left it saturday at the bathroom. maria medina has the latest on
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the search. maria, did they find it? >> no. bad news is no. i wish i could say something different. libby was in san jose was friday for a wedding -- was in the area for a wedding on friday and lost her own worth $32,000. speaking on facetime from southern california, libby dahl recounted the day she lost what she described as one of her most important possessions. >> at the airport, outside part we were -- -- and i ran to go to the bathroom. >> reporter: she went to the restroom near the baggage claim at terminal b. she said the soap was making her ring loose so she set it down. at the same time, that's when she got a call from her uber driver. >> the uber driver called to say we need to hurry up so i grabbed my bag and ran outside. >> reporter: by the time libby realized the white gold 3.2 5-
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carat ring with 1.2-carat diamonds around it wasn't on her finger, it was too late. >> no one turned it in. when i got there it was gone. >> iphones, laptops, jackets, hats. >> reporter: stan phillips works at the information desk at mineta and says he has seen it all when it comes to the lost and found. but never a ring. >> then we fill up a lost and found property tag we attach to the item and stick it in the box. >> reporter: no one turned in the ring? >> not yet. nope. unfortunately. that's too bad. >> reporter: he does say, however, he sees a lot of honest people who turn in lost items. and now libby hopes someone watching this story can hear it in her voice that she would like to say, i do, with the ring her fiance gave her on christmas day. >> and just going to hold on a little longer to see if anyone turns it in. i'm just hoping that i just have the original back. >> so there is a silver lining in all of this. the ring is insured. but, of course, as she said, she wants the original one. now, if somebody does turn it
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in, she says she will take it no questions asked. live at mineta, maria medina, kpix 5. autopsy results have just been released for the little boy who was killed by an alligator at disneyworld. cbs news correspondent marlie hall reports from lake buena vista, florida, where the tragedy is on the minds of park visitors. >> very tragic and very sad. >> reporter: earl kept a close eye on his grandchildren while they visited disneyworld. >> we were in the swimming pools so we were safe. alligators are very quick and sneaky so you have to be careful. >> reporter: tuesday an alligator dragged 2-year-old lane graves from shallow water as he waded at the resort. his father tried to save him but couldn't. divers found the child's body about 16 hours later. there are currently "no swimming" signs but nothing regarding gators. a review is under way to
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determine if signs popessed near the lagoon need to be changed. >> not easy to forget. >> reporter: paul santamaria says when i was eight an alligator attacked him while he was with family at disney's fort wilderness resort in 1986. >> i was feeding some ducks near the water's edge and there was an alligator submerged under the water where you couldn't see it. and it came up out of the water and hit me and knocked me to the ground. it just started throwing me around trying to pull me into the water. >> reporter: he got free but had extensive injuries to his leg. even after this second attack, he says he will still consider taking his family to disneyworld next year. marlie hall, cbs news, lake buena vista, florida. new at 5:00, several of the nation's biggest retailers are claiming the new chip cards aren't as secure as they should be. and they are now trying to change the way we use our credit cards. as vehicle veronica tells us,
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it's all about money. >> reporter: they were touted as the biggest improvement in payment security in decades. chip cards that are dipped into card readers instead of swiped. now a lawsuit claims they would be a lot more secure if users also entered a p.i.n. number every time they charge a purchase. >> it's easier to forge a signature than to know their p.i.n. >> reporter: u.s. retailers who are increasingly on the hook for fraudulent activity are trying to force a change by filing suit against the two companies that virtually own the payment industry visa and mastercard. >> this lawsuit is all about merchants not being happy as having to spend all this money to accept chip cards but while also not getting the most secure product. >> reporter: and there's something else. schultz say merchants also pay more to card companies to process transactions when the customer signs.
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>> the fees that the retailer pays are higher when somebody signs than when they use the p.i.n. >> reporter: a charge made clear in this suit by home depot. it claims visa and mastercard have been more concerned with protecting their inflated profits than with the security of payment cards used by american consumers. >> the banks have been saying that it was going to be a big enough transition that they didn't want to make it even more complicated by rolling a pin into the mix, as well. >> so how secure is your chip card? while experts say better than the old kind without the chip, but not as good as it could be. now, mastercard and visa contend chip cards are secure for credit card purchases so why are merchants suing now months after the cards were rolled out? some say retailers may finally be starting to get a sense of their vulnerability. >> thank you. today's june 16 if you didn't know it.
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and oakland mayor libby schaaf has issued a proclamation declaring it tupac shakur day in the city. he was born this day in 1971 in harlem and died in a drive-by shooting in las vegas 20 years ago. he once lived in oakland and actually credited the city for making him the man he was. his mother died last month in marin county. rain in june. yeah, it was raining in some places. we'll show you live radar active north of the golden gate. but pretty soon forget about the rainfall. how about 100 degrees? find out when and where coming up.
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we got rain in the north bay. a downed every boundary comes through and we get warmer because we lost the ocean breeze. it's 10 degrees warmer. rainfall in june that was a
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wonderful treat for those of you in the north bay. san jose you didn't get it. oakland you didn't get it. san francisco you didn't get it. i'll show you the radar coming up. but we have gone from the 60s to the 70s. despite the fact it is cloudier north of the golden gate, santas rose is cool at 63 under those clouds. everybody else is running up to 10 degrees warmer. light to moderate rain in middletown, clearlake almost down to santa rosa and ukiah .02." south of santa rosa and saint helena, no rain. slight chance of a shower this evening and overnight but the rain stayed just to our north. mild night tonight. fremont dropping to 56. we have a strong area of low pressure to the north. the showers aren't gone. even though the majority will
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stay north of san francisco. i'm watching this batch of cloud cover wrapping around the area of low pressure. tomorrow will be cloudy. a slight chance of a sprinkle. tomorrow afternoon still kind of cloudy. a little bit of sunshine tomorrow toward the end of the day. but watch what happens. like spraying windex on the futurecast screen by saturday morning here we go with the sunshine. it will be a fantastic weekend to get outside. high pressure builds into the east over the desert southwest. they will be setting record highs for us. a taste of that will get us into the 80s. you father's day should be fantastic. partly to mostly cloudy tonight a little more humid and warmer with showers north of the golden gate. mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. slight chance of a sprinkle.
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extended forecast, cooler over the weekend saturday. sunday a few of you hit 90 for father's day away from the water but 70s at the bay with sunshine. next week hotter. tuesday the hottest day. 100 away from the water. 70s at the beach. and 81 near the bay. we'll be right back. ,, ♪ this goes out to every backyard hero. for all the effort you put into making the perfect barbecue, there's only one grill that's engineered and designed with the same kind of passion, weber. available at the home depot.
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care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center. newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight: it's got one of the worst reputations for crime in thy bay suburb is i'm allen martin.
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new at 6:00 tonight, got one of the worst are especially pewtations for crime in the bay area. but now -- reputations for crime in the bay area. the extra eyes to clean up the streets now. >> have you ever thought about living on another planet? nasa wants you! the mission to colonize mars you may be surprised by the qualifications they are looking for. that and more coming up at 6:00 tonight. >> thank you. the newsroom is kind of like another planet sometimes. >> i thought you were from another planet. >> whole different story. >> isn't he? >> talk about the talk! >> okay. i'm so excited! i will be joining the ladies of "the talk" next month. and you can, too. if you want to join the, post a video or photo on instagram showing why you are the talk's biggest fan. use the hashtag the talk kpix. if you are funny that means you're memorable and that may give you a chance. go to our website,
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>> captions by: caption colorado allen and veronica will seeo ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president consoles orlando. >> i held and hugged grieving family members and parents, and they asked, "why does this keep happening?" >> pelley: also tonight, first video of the nightclub patrons hiding from the killer. >> shhh! >> pelley: shock in britain after a political assassination on the street. and, death at disney. it wasn't the first time visitors had a close encounter with an alligator. >> and then i looked past my son's head, and i saw something rapidly coming on like a submarine. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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