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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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officer mike katherman. kiet? >> reporter: good morning. the funeral will go for 2 and a half hours here at the sap center, and we expect to hear a lot of personal stories describing officer katherman. he always wanted to be a motorcycle officer and got a chance to live his dream but he was killed on duty a week ago, riding on routine patrol when a minivan turned into his path in downtown san jose. in 2009, he received the police outstanding duty award and he was vice president of a club that supports the officers of families killed or injured in the line of duty. he worked closely with the family michael johnson who was shot and killed last year and he was known around the department as a good guy. >> everyone wanted him on his team because he would bring in
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fresh made chocolate chip cookies. everyone was fighting over them but he was just somebody who really took their job seriously but also was friendly and well liked by even. >> reporter: the public is invited to stand along the funeral procession route starting at 9:45 this morning at darling and fischer chapel in los gatos. doors at the sap center open to the public at 9:30 and the ceremony will begin at 11:00. kpix will char the 2 and -- air the 2 and a half hour long ceremoniy on air. and you can send donations to the city's website. kiet do, kpix 5. extremely high temperatures and dry conditions are fueling
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fires in the southwest. in los angeles county, two major wildfires are burning in the san gabriel mountains, combining to burn 4500 acres and forced evacuations in the azusa and duarte areas. >> we hope the best for our friends and neighbors and hope everyone is okay. >> in san diego county, 800 people have evacuated and the fire has burned 7500 acres. roberta, any relief for them? not today with 120 in palm springs and 101 in anaheim and mid-80s in san diego.
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good morning, everybody. we, too, have the heat on but nothing like southern california. temperatures, the cool spot, santa rosa, 52. the warm spot, 60 in oakland and san jose and winds under 10 miles per hour and variable in the afternoon hours to 20 miles per hour which is a good thing because then it will mix up the air mass and therefore, we'll see better air quality but it's a spare the air day with moderate air quality anticipated. a bit of a haze in the atmosphere. 60s and 70s at the beaches and 80s and 90s around the peninsula, and similar to yesterday, 98 in brentwood. otherwise, low to mid-90s around the trivalley. from the 60s through the 80s in the north bay, and a full forecast at 18 after the hour. gianna? thank you, roberta, a few minutes to clear this accident at hopyard, still stuck there and causing backups out of the
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altamont pass. it's in the clearing stages so things should improve shortly but expect a slow and go ride and brake lights are coming westbound 580 from 205 to greenville at this point. taking a look at the drive times, busys on highway 4 and southbound 880. south 880 from 238 down to fremont, reports of an accident so it will slow you down to the san mateo bridge. once you get on the bridge you shouldn't have any problems. and if you are taking 101 north or southbound, no delays. northbound 101 is an easy ride working pretty much from 92 all the way to san francisco. headed to sfo, no troubles right now, but slight delays southbound 101 through pacifica, but no accidents or incidents. back to you guys. >> gianna, thank you. today is a spare the air
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day with hot weather increasing concerns about smog. this is the 4th time this year that the air quality management has issued a spare the air day alert. after last summer's deadly balcony collapse in berkeley, the senate will hear legislation calling for increased oversight for contractors. the accident last year killed six young people, most of whom were visiting from ireland. the cause was dry rot but it was uncovered that the company had a history of questionable work. and oakland's police is getting by without a chief. the city manager is filling the void but a state agency is not sure that is the right idea. jackie ward has more. jacky? >> reporter: kenny, this is confusing and unchartered waters. post, a state agency, said what the city of oakland was doing
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is illegal but now it's saying it's possible that it is legal and and post said once again, the mayor libby schaafa pointed city staff without running it by them. this move leaves no actual chief on staff at opd. instead, david downing, a deputy chief, is now serving in the role. >> the personnel and disciplined decisions will be deferred to the city administrator. >> reporter: an oakland-based group said they are committed to ending state-sanctioned murder of minorities and want community controlled policing and they would like the city to
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address the child sexual exploitation scandal and a full investigation by an outside agency. lastly, they are calling for mayor schaaf's resignation. the city maintains they have not nothing wrong and complied 2 post's recommendations. jackie ward, kpix 5. four decades ago, leslie van houten was convicted of killing two people in the manson murders. in april, the state patrol board recommended her release. relatives of the la biancas and tates turned in three boxes of signatures urging governor brown to keep them locked up. >> this was not accidental. this is a woman who conspired to murder my sister. >> you just wonder who could do
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something like this? what kind of person, what kind of mentality, what kind of heart of someone who could do this? >> the governor has until mid september to decide. customers are seeing a pay out from apple. according to the law firm at the center of the suit, $400 million will be handed out to customers who by the ebooks ebooks from amazon, and barnes & noble and apple. they will receive the refund by account or in e-mail. and it appear that a -- appear that is donald trump's daughter may have played a role in the firing of a key player in his campaign. and a sneak peek into the new dunkin' donuts in the area. good morning from the
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weather center where the heat is on. the alert that you will need to know about. and a look at the bay area bridges coming up in a few minutes. ,, ,,,,,, hey pal? you ready?
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,,,, so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. good morning and welcome to today. the time check, 6:12 and a look at the live weather camera and put your hands together and thank you, thank you, thank you, photojournalist greg. the sun is coming up. the full forecast at 6:18. a bomb threat in brussels this morning prompted an emergency meeting of the belgium government. a man at a shopping mall claims he was kidnapped by terrorists and forced to wear a bomb belt. only salt and cookies were found in the belt. the man was taken into custody for questioning with another man who drove him to the mall.
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belgium has been under a high threat level. donald trump has dropped his campaign manager as he begins to slide in the polls. as hena daniels reports, the major change comes less than a month before the republican convention. >> reporter: a dramatic change in the campaign with donald trump speaking about the firing of long-term campaign manager corey lewandowski. >> he is terrific toward me and he is a talented person and he is a good guy, a friend of mine but i think it's time for a different kind of campaign. >> reporter: lewandowski's combative relations with trump's aides and children led to frequent calls for him to be fired. his daughter, ivanka, urged her father to fire lewandowski. when asked, lewandowski said he has an aggressive style and has
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no regrets. >> a privilege and honor to be a small part of this. >> reporter: the news of how -- lewandowski's firing comes as trump's poll numbers slide. >> i am literally just starting and view the convention as a real starting point. >> reporter: a new poll shows hillary clinton with a 7% lead over her rival. the democratic presumptive nominee will give a speech in cleveland, portraying trump as erratic and unfit to head the nation's economy. hena daniels, cbs news. happening in san francisco, a bay area women's summit for equality and empowerment with a particular focus on the news of middle and working class women. key topics will be workplace
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benefits and child care. subjects is less tangible are part of the conversation because this year, the summit tackles entrepreneurship. a google search may not sound like the best way to get medical advice but the tech giant is trying to change that. google is partnering with doctors to look at the most common complaints and look for symptoms for you "cyberchondriacs." google will roll out the new feature in the next few days. in less than 24 hours, dunkin' donuts returns to the bay area. yeah. you can cheer for that. [laughter] cheers as one family got to take a sneak peek inside the shop on newell avenue in walnut creek. the store opens at 5:00 tomorrow and that is just the beginning. >> developing over the next 8
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days. >> 12 restaurants. >> that's a lot of dunkin doughnuts. >> a lot of coffee i'll be drinking. >> what's wrong with that in they have hired 48 people and i'm sorry. but those doughnuts look so good. no one agrees? [laughter] >> um, really? >> no, how do we get some? how do we get some? >> you can only get some of those at the alameda county fair. >> but we saw that last year. >> a different one. they sent me more. >> and we still haven't gotten a taste? >> no. >> oh, that's how it is. all right. >> so this is the first of it? yeah. thanks. all right. the roadways. let's talk about a brand new accident, southbound 680 at sunol boulevard, we're seeing delays working through there, 44 miles per hour in spots on the southbound side of 680, and sluggish past there.
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the drive times, 31 minutes, and we could see speeds just a little -- drive times just a little higher there. 31 minutes? i will put 5 to 10 minutes on top of that, slow and go because of the accident. southbound 880 to 84, a 15- minute ride and a new accident reported of a motorcycle involved over to the right shoulder at h street and it's causing delays. emergency crews are called to the keen and you are seeing stop and can conditions out of hayward. stay slow working into fremont and we are seeing slow conditions on the san mateo bridge and you will pick up speed heading towards 101. the drive times are moving at a decent rate forwards foster city, and good news for the trouble spot westbound 580 at hopyard, completely cleared, and still slow, 27 minutes altamont pass to 680 but sunny
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skies on tap. here's roberta with details. lots, but don't go away. i have to pass this off. but you can't give it to michelle or kenny. you always have my back. [laughter] good morning. this is the live weather camera -- don't take it all. all right. 50s and 60s, 60 in san jose and the winds, under 10 miles per hour and later today, they will become variable. east northeast and northwest and increase up to 20 miles per hour which is a good thing. calm in napa right now and calm in santa rosa. i mentioned it's a good thing. we have a spare the air day in effect today, the 4th one of the season. we have a lot of pm, particulate matter trapped close to the ground and the
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wind will blow it up. see the clouds last night? a gorgeous sunset. those clouds are pretty much out of here now. the satellite and radar suggesting high pressure over the 4 corner states, southern california with the record heat and for us, the hottest temperatures to the south and east. 104 in fresno and 36 in truckee and going as high as 70 and sunshine and 93 in redding. here is the sunrise and sunsets, 14 hours, 46 minutes, and 1 second less than yesterday which was the longest day of the year. approaching 70 in pacifica, and 70s common around the rim of the bay. 70degrees above average in san jose. get away, kenny. you can't have any. 84 in vallejo. here is the extended forecast. cooling wednesday but, really, it's summertime in the bay area all the way through the extended period.
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make it a great tuesday. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, who is favored to win the nba title next year? and the play that determined the outcome of the giants' game last night. did angel pagan catch it or not? highlights straight ahead. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. when matt duffy took over the 3rd base job for the giants, who knew he would play in 188 straight games but that streak is over. last night, he was placed on the disabled list. eye scream. you scream. this little kid screamed for ice cream in pittsburgh yesterday where bumgarner is usually brilliant but his only mistake, scoreless in the 5th and angel pagan had the baseball in his glove but his arm hit the wall and it dropped
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out. a homerun. that's all that they would get against bumgarner who became the first giant since woodrow wilson was in the oval office to allow two earned runs or less in 12 straight starts. 9th, tying run for buster posey at the plate and this could tie the game but gregory polanco run its down, and pirates win 1- 0 and snap the giants's 8-game winning streak. the cavs returned home and brought cleveland their first championship trophy. >> a lot of people wanted to see us lose. they got their wish. i don't know if they will get it a lot more times but they got it this time. >> i won't watch the film of the game. >> did you watch it last night? >> oh, no. [laughter] no. no, no. i didn't put myself through that yet. >> i had a moment.
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i told riley, you know, we department win and she looked at me, and she was like i know. it's okay. >> it is okay and it's better. the warriors are 2 to 1 favorites to win the title in 2017. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. all right. here's a unique setting for minor league baseball. a retired aircraft carrier. some california league players took part in a homerun derby yesterday. how cool somewhat? they were smacking baseballs into the san diego bay from the uss midway. kyle petty won the contest. the classic is in conjunction with the california league all star game to be held at lake elsinore. and check out the world series. >> center field, going back, and diving catch. what a play.
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>> that was the cowboys' ryan sluter with a great diving catch. oklahoma state beat the wildcats 1-0. it's 6:26. a key decision expected on a $950 million plan to bring more affordable housing to the south bay. and it will be a somber day in san jose as we are just hours away from the funeral of police officer michael katherman. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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agency and an anti-police g upset and confused. e heat is fueling mayor libby schaaf is making controversial moves once again that has people upset and confused. extreme heat fueling out of
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control wildfires in southern california. the latest on the effort to bring them under control. we say it's never a good thing to see the air that you breathe. a spare the air day in effect today. and an accident in san jose. details coming up. good morning. it's today, june 21. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. it's 6:30. a somber morning in san jose as a faller police officer is honored. kiet do is live with more as thousands are getting ready to pay tribute to officer mike kather man. kiet? >> reporter: we are just hours away from that and crews are already putting up barriers. in a couple of hours, it will be a sea of thousands of officers from all around the country, shoulder to shoulder, wearing white gloves and standing at attention for hours, all in honor of officer
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michael katherman who was killed 1 week ago today. he was on routine patrol on his motorcycle when a minivan turned into his path. he graduated in valley christian high and attended college in redding. he was an 11-year veteran and won a outstanding police duty award in 2009 and served as director of the police board. >> everybody that knew him knew he was an outdoorsman, a man of faith and 100% a family man that took care of his wife and two boys. >> reporter: the public is invited to stand along the funeral procession route which starts at 9:45 this morning at
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darling and fischer chapel at los gatos boulevard. the ceremony will begin at 11:00, and kpix will carry the 2.5 hour ceremony live. if you are planning to attend, you are underneathed to use public transportation. kiet do, kpix 5. in southern california, crews are little bay -- battling wildfires in hot and dry conditions. two wildfires in the san gabriel mountains have burned 4500 acres with no containment. people have been evacuated in the azusa and duarte areas. and crews are making headway on the sherpa fire. some evacuation orders will be lifted by tomorrow.
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and this one is among four who died in the heat in arizona. temperatures were above 110 degrees. and let's get a check of traffic and weather. roberta, hot? yes. slightly cooler at the beaches and temperatures averaging 10 degrees above normal in the interior areas. hi, everybody. good morning, a blue sky to greet you on this first full day of summer. it's currently 60 in oakland and the 4th spare the air day of the season, pm, particulate matter trapped close to the ground until the winds will increase up to 20 miles per hour in the afternoon. temperatures in the 60s and 70s at the beaches and 80s and 90s around the peninsula and santa clara, 80s and 90s.
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97 in antioch and pretty much mid-90s in the trivalleys. 60s through 80s north of the golden gate bridge. the full forecast at 48 after the hour. g? a new trouble spot in the south bay 101 near tully, an accident over to the shoulder. the bad news is we have a lot of brake lights as a result. slow and go from the south bay and 280 and guadalupe parkway heating up. northbound 280, 101 to 85, 13- minute ride. 87 still in the green. and south 680 at sunol, an accident off to the side and slow and go approaching the scene. give yourself a few extra minutes. the rest of the hot spots along highway 4, westbound 580 and southbound nimitz, most of the slowing from 238 towards 84
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with a motorcycle accident over to the shoulder. 17miles per hour in spots and it's a bit of a struggle southbound 880, coming away from 238 and you will see delays across the san mateo bridge, and drive times, 18 minutes, sluggish between 880 and 101. here's kenny. >> gianna, thank you. santa clara county supervisors are expected to vote on whether to place an affordable housing bond measure on the ballot to raise an estimated $950 million geared towards low income and homeless people and first time home buyers and would come from property taxes, $12 $12.66 for every $100,000 of assessed value. democrats want to expand
6:36 am
background checks on guns bought online and at gun shows and another measure would stop people on the no fly and terror watch lists from buying guns and republicans back a pleasure that would have given the fbi up to 3 days to obtain a court order to block gun sales to suspects terroristed and the gop wanted the mentally ill to be able to challenge the diagnosis. >> officially speaking, they said we just can't get to an agreement on an accurate, reliable list of people who should not be getting guns. >> only a handful of lawmakers have changed their decision since last year. and an activity group will be organizing a vigil against violence against donald trump. and there will be three events.
6:37 am
a handful of scandals, and now, the oakland police department is missing a chief. the city manager is playing p cop but jackie ward has more on the struggle for order. jackie? >> reporter: what post is saying is once again, mayor schaaf appointed a city administrator before clear it by them, a unique move, putting the city administrator in charge and oakland technically doesn't have a police chief right now. chief david downing is serving as assistant chief. >> the command staff is reporting directly to me.
6:38 am
>> reporter: now, the oakland based group is speaking out saying they are committed to upons toking the state sanctioned order of minorities. they want community controlled policing and they would like the city to address the child sexual exploitation scandal and an investigation from an outside agency and they are calling for mayor libby schaaf's resignation, and the city maintain its has done nothing wrong. jackie ward, kpix 5. after a devastating fire in the mission over the weekend, businesses are figuring out what to do next. so far it looks like the blaze was sparked in a hardware store at mission and 29th. it took five firehouses to put out the flames. nearly 60 people are still homeless and lifelong business
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owners are not allowed to set foot in the stores. >> for the most part, none of the businesses have been through this. >> sadly for the hardware store, the only expectation is an emergency demolition. inspectorssay it's just too dangerous. police make an unusual discovery after a horrible crash in the east bay. the driver had been stabbed before the wreck. and a plan to brink a swanky entertainment complex to a south bay neighborhood isn't sitting there with the people who are living there. and the market opened up 10 minutes ago. you can see that the dow is up 16 points. coming up, an update from jason brooks. ,,
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good morning, bay area. this is the live weather
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camera. wow. is that fabulous? looking out in the northerly direction towards the marin headlands. the golden gate bridge, a little stratus trying to hang tight to the coast. we'll talk about that as the news continues. >> roberta, thank you. a major deal for boeing. >> with details, here is k cbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is historic for boeing and iran with iran making a big purchase. the big score is not just for boeing but this is the first major deal with the u.s. and iran after the easing of sanctions on tehran. there is a record deal in a
6:44 am
mobile game industry. the chinese internet giant that is buying a maker for $8.6 billion. and that tops the prior record for $6 billion last year, and we will be watching a couple of local game developer to see how they are going, zynga. that will be interesting after this purchase. and the latest polls indicate that the united kingdom may not leave the european union. you should see a breather on wall street. opened with modest gains but up 30 points and the nasdaq gaining 12 and the s&p 500 up 3 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason, you, michelle, and i have to start brainstorming and come up with our own game app
6:45 am
to make our own millions. >> reporter: we have to do that quickly. >> we can do that. we're creative. >>thank you, jason. a mangled pile of twisted metal was more than just a car wreck. this used to be a cadillac. the driver ran a red light and smashed into two other cars and then the driver of the cadillac took off running dripping blood nearby. policesay he wasn't hurt in the car wreck. he was also stabbed. >> he was staggering over. i got a good look at him. he was covered in blood. and he mustered up call an ambulance. call police. >> four people were rushed to the hospital including the plan who said he was -- the man who said he was stabbed in martinez. investigators are trying to figure out what happened and why. we have good news and bad news. reports of an accident clearing
6:46 am
northbound 101 at tully making that drive out of the south bay easier and speed are improving but sluggish. we have delays at hellyer. the drive time from the 280 and 680 connector, 18 minutes. yellow on the other freeways, so 280, 87, yellow indicating speeds under 45 miles per hour and it's getting busy as you make the morning drive out of the south bay and over towards the bay bridge, backed up to the maze but it's bearable. the carquinas bridge to the maze, slow and go. and a 30-minute drive time making that commute and other bay area bridges, a backup at the toll plaza and richmond-san rafael bridge and westbound 37 slow and go coming away from 80 and we haven't had any major problems this morning out of
6:47 am
marin. a 14-minute drive time headed into san francisco. highway 4, sluggish conditions out of antioch mostly through pit tsburg. here's roberta. and repeat after me: the coast is clear. take a look at this right now. we have clear skies over the coast and looking from the cliff house into ocean beach and obviously, low tide this morning with high tide at 2:14. and look at all that territory, all that beach and not one person out there playing. there will be later today because the temperatures along the seashore will top off in the low 70s. right now, redwood city at 55 and oakland, mid-50s and now 60 in san jose and the cool spot,
6:48 am
santa rosa. steve is always awake with us this hour of the morning, a weather watcher in los altos, and he said, hey d -- did you see the strawberry moon last night? you betcha. and the strawberry moon is basically a full moon in the month of june that kickstarts the strawberry season and it fell on the official arrival of summer. if you missed it, you won't have the opportunity to see that again until 2062, 46 years from now. not sure where you will be, but just saying. meanwhile, clear skies and able to see the strawberry moon, a few more clouds. otherwise, mild temperatures and it's a spare the air day. the clouds rolled in overnight and made for glorious sunshine but the clouds, lingering but they will be out of here and high pressure over the four corner states, the cause for
6:49 am
the record heat across southern california, 122 in palm springs yesterday. 115 in chino. and 109 in rancho cucamonga. today, the heat will continue. our temperatures from 68 in monterey bay and 97 at the state capitol and 70 in the high sierra where it's 34 in truckee. here is the sunrise and sunset, 14 hours and 46 minutes of daylight. so that's minus 1 second from yesterday, the longest day of the year. 60s at the beaches and 70s bayside and 80s in the santa clara valley and wrapping to the east bay, 98, the outside number today and seasonal thursday and summery. if you are heading out to the alameda county fair, 95 at the midway. enjoy your day but stay hydrated. >> roberta, thank you. residents are worried that
6:50 am
a sports complex will change it for the worst. topgolf would include a high- tech driving range, restaurants, and a nightclub among other things, and locals worry what happened happen to the portuguese and latino mom and pop stores that have been around for a decade. >> besides a normal environment, blood and water runoff, recycling water, it's a shame to change the characteristics of alviso. we don't want bright lights, a lot of noise, and thousands of people. >> locals tell us that the complexes and hotels have been edging closer to the neighborhood. california's lieutenant governor will be in oakland for a cannabis business summit. gavin newsom will be the keynote speaker at the oakland
6:51 am
marriott hotel. he has voiced his support for legalized recreational use of marijuana. today, the california state legislature will discuss a bill that could determine if and when the public would be allowed to see police body camera footage. public safety groups are pushing legislation that would allow three days' notice to officers before their body cam footage is made public, giving them enough time to try and block the release. opponentssay it would tamper with law enforcement transparency. a new bill in response to the berkeley balcony disaster gets its first hearing today. it will be a somber day in san jose getting ready for the funeral of officer michael katherman. ,,,,,,
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad.
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sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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trying to get the upper han wildfires ...fueled by ext heat. two g five things to know at the 55. fire crews are trying to get an upper hand on wildfires fueled by extreme heat. two of them burning just a few miles apart north of los angeles and have prompted evacuations in the san gabriel mountains. another wildfire near san diego has forced hundreds of people out of their homes near the mechanics conborder and has grown to 7500 acres. firefighters in southern california very to deal with triple digit heat again today. attorney general loretta lynch travels to orlando to meet with those affected by the mass shooting. authorities now have a video of mateen practicing with the rifle he used in the attack. state lawmakers will take up a bill in response to the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley from last year.
6:56 am
it would require contractors to tell regulators about misconduct. and the board of supervisors will decide whether to put an affordable housing plan on the ballot. the county would raise property taxes to pay for the measure. i'm kiet do. we are live at the sap center in downtown san jose where at 9:30 this morning, the doors will open to the public for the funeral of officer michael katherman. it will last for 2 and a half hours. the officer was killed riding his department-issued motorcycle a week ago today. he was on routine patrol when a minivan turned into his path. he was very well liked and a san jose native, went to valley crist -- christian high school, served all 11 years with san jose and received an
6:57 am
outstanding police award. the procession route starts at 9:45 this morning. kpix will carry the entire 2 and a half hour ceremony live on the air and on the web at again, it begins at 11:00 this morning. if you plan on attending, yourself in person, it's suggested that you take public transportation. live in downtown, kiet do, kpix 5. westbound 580 near 680, yet another accident, a third one in the same spot this morning, and and over to the richmond- san rafael bridge, look out for delays. we have a backup and the bay
6:58 am
bridge, metering lights are on. westbound 580, the sluggish, but not bad headed across the golden gate bridge. traffic moving at an okay rate of speed into san francisco from 580, 14 minutes. and southbound 880, stop and go conditions from 238. stays slow from fremont to the coliseum area and brake lights towards the bay bridge. and 880 to 101, that will take you 23 minutes and it's a spare the air day. to roberta now. only one of the reasons to love living in the bay area. look at this. we have a finger of fog that has rolled in over the golden gate bridge and it's not going to amount to much. it will back off and clear out.
6:59 am
and it's 62 degrees in san jose. later today, temperatures above average away from the bay into the inland areas and cooling in the coastal areas, 60s and 70s. otherwise, mid to high 90s. a big temperature span there and summery all week long. a $1 price tag sounds like a good deal to buy a house in marin county. but with every good deal, there is a catch. the city of san rafael needs to sell and move the house on 5th avenue to make room for a new public safety building. so the $1 selling price means that the buyer will have to pay for moving costs and renovations to the house that was built in 1905. looks nice. >> do we know how much it would cost to move it? >> we would have to get the estimate. >> and does that red bike come with it ? >> you take the bike. i'll take the house.
7:00 am
>> they don't offer the bike if you don't want it. all right. thank you for watching, everyone. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday june 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump tries to shift his focus after firing his controversial campaign manager. and investigators reveal an apparent assassination attempt on the presumptive nominee. >> vice president joe biden slammed donald trump in an interview with charlie. he warns of making the entire muslim religion our enemy. new wildfires flair up in the west amid a dangerous heat wave. firefighters struggle to control flames in triple digit temperatures. we begin this morning with today's eye-opener. your world in 90 se


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