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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome in. good morning, everybody. rise and shine. here are the numbers that will greet you. we are fog free. good morning, liver more, you have barely cooled overnight. 66 degrees at this hour. some areas will be going up into the triple digits, ball inland. we'll have more details. >> we start off with troubles in the south bay. an overturned vehicle reported southbound 101 at capital expressway. expecting lane go throughs through the morning. right now, we are seeing some
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slight delays. we'll have alternates for you in a couple of minutes. >> pool offerings bloods by the capital building after a white supremecy group held a protest, and clashed with ore protesters. >> reporter: the group called the traditionalist workers party begins their rally on the steps of the capital, and chaos ensued. a larger crowd of counter demonstrate errs moved in. some threw rocks and chased them off the steps. what happens next looks like a battlefield. counter protesters, many wearing masks, begin to clash in hand to hand combat with white stream sift. >> man blind sided a woman, hitting her in the head with a
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stick. >> a sacramento tv news crew got close to the action. counter demonstrators got violent with them, wrenching the camera off the photographerrers shoulders. a bay area group called bam, buy any means necessary, was part of the group of counter are demonstrators. >> the nazis, a couple them tried to come out on the steps for about 20 seconds, and they were driven out, and had to cancel their event. haven't police said they have made no arrests. many of the counter demonstrators were wearing masks, so police say it will be
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difficult to identify them. >> we're told more than a hundred police officers showed up to stop the violence. at least two of the victimles reportedly have life- threatening injuries. >> a bay area mom and her teenage son are behind bars accused of a kidnapping plot involving a 13-year-old girl. now a man hunt is underway for the third suspect, a san francisco man. sandra garcia and her son, mark anthony rokay were arrested. police say they are increasing patrols as the use of illegal fireworks increase ahead of the 4th of july weekend. like most bay area cities, san
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leandro bans the use of fireworks. encouraging people to report illegal fireworks and any other suspicious activities. investigator looking into two oakland police chases that each ended in a fiery crash. the latest happened yesterday afternoon at 38th avenue and kerrington street. one police vehicle t-boned another. one officer was brought to the hospital, but no word on his condition. and just the night before, an officer slammed his suv into a pole while pursuing a suspected car jacker on interstate 580. the suv burst into flames near the high street exit. the officer was not injured. other officers were able to catch up with the suspect, and make the arrest. >> because of increased fire danger, cal fire is us is pended bay area ban permits starting today, and exceptions include camp fires, organized campgrounds, or on private property with the owners
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permission. cal fire said this is also a good time for people to remove dead trees and overgrown vegetation close to their home. bay area firefighters are helps out in southern california, where a destructive wildfire has killed at least two people in kern counties in the lake isabella area near bakers field. an elderly couple is confirmed dead, but human remains may have been found in another home within the fire perimeter this weekend. the fire has destroyed 275 buildings, including the home of the girls family. >> i was pretty much ready to see it all gone, but when you drive up through the neighborhood, and you see, like, everything -- nothing is there. >> crews are making progress on the fire. just yesterday, containment jumped from 10% to 40%, thanks in part to lighter winds. we had a beautiful weekend,
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all of the pride festivities going on. how is the monday looking? ? it's looking good, but very hot. it will be an extremely warm week ahead for many in the bay area, starts to tax our spirits a little bit, and also certainly our electrical system, because it's going to be a week in which we have that a.c. running day after day in our inland areas. right now clear skies from the coast to the bay inland areas. this is the scene looking out to maneta international airport, where southernly in san jose, it is 60 -- where currently, in san jose, it is 60 degrees. 60s and 70s around the bay today, 80s and 90s around the pen inis a sue la -- peninsula.
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106 for the hottest spot of brentwood, oakley, mountain house, back in through discovery bay. full forecast coming up, but right now, morning. >> good morning. we start off with an accident, an overturned vehicle in the south bay, on the southbound side. which is the good news. the bad thing is that fire crews are now on the scene, so expect some delays coming up. right now, though, no major snags. a wind advisory on the san mateo bridge this morning. so keep that in mind. right now a 13-minute drive time out of haves spew foster city -- hayward into foster city.
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west decision last back to you guys. >> . markets around the world are preparing for another uncertain day after britain's stunning decision last week to leave the e.u. today secretary of state john kerry heads to london and brussels for emergency talks with european leaders. tina cross has the latest. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry's visit comes as e.u. and european leaders look at a messy divorce. >> the most important thing is that all of us as leaders work together to provide as much continuity, as much stability, as much certainty as possible. >> reporter: ex-it negotiations are already
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proving complicated. british prime minister david cameron is facing intense pressure to cut ties quickly. but former london mayor boris johnson who is in a bid to replace him, claims there's no need to rush, writing in the daily telegraph today that quote the negative consequences of the vote are being wildly overdone. financial experts remain concerned the brexit could trigger a slowdown in the economy. globele stock markets suffered about $2 trillion in losses last week, and the british pound hit a 31-year low. world markets are bracing for another rocky day today. >> you're going to have your heart in your mouth for a few days this week. you'll see the up and downs, and the trend usually is up ward over time. >> reporter: over the weekend, scotland's leader promised she would do whatever it takes to stay in the e.u. >> i didn't create these situations, i have to try to navigate the best way through
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them. millions of u.k. residents may have buyers remorse. an on-line petition is circulating for a new brexit vote. it has gotten more than 3.5 million participants. >> and san francisco's pride parade showing costumes, and a whole lot of love for the lgbt community, but this year metal detectors made their first appearance. the twist and shout with the crowd, people had to go through long lines of security checkpoints, bag checks, and metal detectors to ensure the party ran smoothly because of the deadly shooting a at gay club in orlando, sfpd put 25% more officers on this year's event than last years, but everyone was glad to be safe, though some didn't like the wait. >> i went to four different spots, trying to find an easier way. >> reporter: how long did you wait in line in?
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an hour, over an hour. >> i would rather them check and make sure that there's nothing that is going to harm people. this is such a beautiful celebration. i would hate for it to be be marred by something. >> 19 people were arrested over the weekend, several for public intoxication, but thousands of pridegoers celebrated, with cheers and music and dance through downtown. in light of the orlando shooting, many signs bore a simple message, disarm hate. >> we need to be more of a family, and love one another, and take care of each other, and that's the only way we're gonna survive. >> san francisco's pride celebration is one of the largest events of it kind around the world. >> well, time is 4:41 this morning. need to brush up on your history? one little boy will teach you a lesson for a price, of course. his story is coming up after
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this break. ,,,,
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passenger plane had to retuo the airport when its right welcome pack. crazy video out of singapore after a passenger plane had to return to the airport when it right engine actually caught fire. it happened while the boeing 777 was four hours into a flight to milan italy. none were injure. capitol hill estimates say the 25-hour sit-in was just the beginning. they are planning more action in hope offers forcing house votes on gun control measures. >> reporter: after their sit- in that eventually drew 170 lawmakers came this promise. >> the fight is not over! this is just one step! >> we said enough is enough. >> reporter: a bay area congressman took part in the protest over gun control prompted by the orlando shooting. >> we sat down on the floor, and the cameras were cut, and i
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thought, well, i've got perry scope, snap chat, facebook live. >> reporter: they turned to their cellphones to stream the event, and caught national attention. >> if you're a suspected terrorists, you shouldn't get a gun! >> you can hear pack from constitutents, you can see how many people are viewing, it was millions,, and you can see in real-time their comments. >> after 25 hours, they ended their are protest. they now go to the districts, and then will go back to the house. >> history show a national up roar can force floor votes.
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and house speaker paul ryan called the sit-if a publicity doesn't a fundraising tactic. >> an 11-year-old boy is recovering this morning after being bitten by a shark. officials is say it happened while he was surfing at atlantic beach on saturday. the boy was rushed to the hospital after the shark bit his foot, causing severe injuries. well, this is the second shark bite in two weeks at that beach, but it remains open even after those two incident. >> state wildlife officials are hunting a black bear that attacked a camper in his tent over the weekend. this happen friday night at a campground north of los angeles, while the man was sleeping, the bear clawed his head, leaving him with severe cuts. the victim didn't have food or other item near by that would have affected bears, shy say the attack is very unusual. >> very rare. the california black bear, the species, is very docile, very skittish. they really don't want anything
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to do with human interaction, but it is a wild animal. if they are hungry or thirsty, the term wild is there for a reason. >> the canyon has since been closed, as wildlife officials look for the bear. fit found, it will have to be put down because of its aggression. a camper received at least a dozen stitches, but he is expected to be okay. >> wow, that is scary. >> i know you're afraid of mountain lions, but how about bears? >> i've done some camping in alaska, and you have to walk around with bear bells, just so they can hear you. >> so you don't startle them. >> exactly. that's when they usually attack, and when you're cooking bacon. don't want to do that out in the open either. we do have some clouds lining the coast this morning. otherwise clear skies in our inland areas. let's head outside right now. it's our live camera in san jose, where today's high
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temperature will top off in the 90s. right now it is 60 there. san francisco will get up to 73 degrees. liz -- livermore, 66 degrees right now. all of our winds are roll gively under 10 miles, except for the delta. winds will be variable and rotate to the west, and increase 10 to 15 miles per hour during the afternoon hours. a little bit more of a northerly wind in san jose. here is what you need to know on this monday, june 27th. we too have areas of low clouds and fog along the coast, but becomes sunny and bright and all the way to dun right hot in some areas. we're talking about the holiday weekend coming up. some tropical moisture from that blowup over the arizona
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area. otherwise, we do have some clouds shelling the entire sea shore of the west coast. the coast will be clear today, a little bit of a fill-in with clouds in the overnight hours. 94 degrees state capitol. 5:50 is your sunup. by the time it sits tonight, we'll have realized this, temperatures 70s, 80s, 90s, triple digits. 106 will be a high. that will be well inland, near brentwood. >> it's battle of the bay tonight. >> that's right, at at&t this evening. that should be really fun. you should come hang out with me and check out the a's and giants going head-to-head. here is a live look at conditions as you work your way off the shore freeway. heavy volume, but not seeing any major delays.
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once you get to the babies, this is what condition -- bay bridge, this is what conditions look like. let's take a look at trouble spots out of the south bay. right now 101 at capital expressway. good news it's on the off ramp. san mateo bridge, quick look at this. high wind advisory still in effect for the san mateo bridge. back to you guy. >> did you ever do a lemonade stand? >> all across america, many kids feel special with a plan to run a let me need stand. >> but an 8-year-old from
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michigan was a bit brainier, because he decided to sell history. yeah, history. gabe is so proud of america that he is teaching history to anyone who will listen. gabe is dreaming up a career in the military. his dad and grandpa served, and he can't wait until he's old enough to do the same. his mom, meanwhile, is very proud of gabe's go-getter ways. >> one day he just came down and said, mom, i would like to make a booth, and for 25 cents tell history, and tell people stories. >> they usually pay me a quarter or more. if they gave me more, i tell 'em a lot. >> cute. >> and i'll bet he knows his stuff. as for the money he makes, he gives it all to veterans, or his local church. >> maybe a history professor in the making. these kids go at big surprise this weekend as they hided to the movie theater.
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how an anonymous donor stepped up to help victims of a massive wildfire. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. everyone. let's take you around the bay area. 66 degrees if half moon by a. once the clouds lift. san jose, above average at 91 degrees. hotest temperatures will be east of the bay. yes, the 106 degrees in brentwood, 103 in antioch. flirting with triple digits in danville, blackhawk, and alamo.
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working on on accident at capital expressway off to the right shoulder. they did call out tow crews, so hopefully this will be cleared in the next couple of minutes. >> now to combine 2016. a new poll shows hillary clinton holding a narrow lead in every states over productive republican nominee donald trump. the clinton campaign is releasing this new ad in key battleground states, stating rival donald trump has unpredictable. it comes as a new cbs battle ground tracker finds clinton slightly ahead in four key swing states. she is ahead by 5 points in wisconsin, 3 points in florida, 2 in north carolina, and marginally ahead in colorado. >> i think there's no question he has made a number of mistakes over the last few weeks. the they're beginning to right the ship. the burden license be be on him to convince people that he can
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handle this job. >> no surprise trump is shooting back at clinton, saying she is trying to distract from what she calls quote her bad judgment call on brexit. some die beltics injure set over changes being made by their health insurance provide person the nation largest insurer, united health, will be restricting the incy listen pump options from 9 to 3. a piece of normalcy for families affected by the erskine fire. a free showing this weekend of finding dory. one ever the women there came with her two kids, and she said they were evacuated because of that wildfire, but believes that their house actually survived. >> i've never experienced
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survivor's dealt until this. >>ist hard. it's better -- it's hard. it's better sweep. >> they theater manager said the free showing was made possible by an anonymous donor. >> and a long awaited day buy of independence day resurgence, but it wasn't enough to splash finding dory out of the number one spot. >> holy neptune. and >> the film landed in first place for the second straight weekend, with $72 million, and that gives dory the honors of best second weekend for an animated movie, and 8th highest second weekend for any movie ever. >> dirty, dusty, and a threat to public health. that's what some say about a report to import coal to
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oakland. the decision the city is making tonight. ,,,,
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and i'm mark kelly in for ky choi. let's get a look at weatherd traffic. here's roberta gonzales > that is gorgeous. >> it almost matches your tie, mark. >> and i'm usually sleeping right now, so i never see that. >> it's uncomfortable sleeping in w like that. 53 in san francisco. we do


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