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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a controversial plan to bring coal trains through town. we is are more on the concerns. >> well, it is a day bite between environmental worries and potentially thousands of jobs. the vote tonight would prohibit the storage and handling of coal at the terminal being planned on the outer harbor of the bay. would throw a serious wrench into that $250 million plan to export coal at that port. a new report says shipping coal through oakland would pose a serious health risk to people who live in west oakland, and workers a at the terminal. that report was commissioned by the city. >> as a resident, i'm totally appalled that we have to go through this extreme. >> but plans were strengthed early this year when the state of utah voted to invest $53 million of taxpayer money for a
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coal shipping facility in oakland. so now its up to the oakland city council to decide whether to try to put a stop to that plan that some say has become a bit of a runaway train. >> where does council appear to stand on the issue? most are against a bulk coal export business, but there is the threat of very expense andive litigation if they try to stop it. today in marin county, the national park service will hold a meeting to talk about solutions to the parking west. as the crowds get bigger this summer, be the rob is only expected to get worse. >> we're trying to spread out the arrivals so we don't have 6,000 people coming on a single day. >> so parking reservation
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system is expected to help, but it won't start until next year. so tonight's meeting is at 6:00 at the student center in mill valley. >> and it's a holiday weekend this weekend, too. so it will be crowded. >> let's check in for a quick check of the morning traffic. how is it looking out there? >> touch-tone getting crowded along 101 as you he out of the south bay this morning. look out for an accident block at least one lane. getting word of another accident, not too far from there, northbound 101, right around 880. looks like we'll see our drive time start inching up in a few minutes. elsewhere, looks like traffic a little slow on that southbound hideside of 880 through hayward. traffic is pretty light adam you work your way across the
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span. here is a beautiful shot as you hid into san francisco this morning. >> did you see that fog? now i want to take you up high. we're looking due west. you see that layer. it's a thin layer of low clouds and fog. what a beautiful view. inland, where we do have the clear skies, it's 62 in livermore. down from 100 degrees experienced yesterday.
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high tells today well above average. concord toweled should be at 85, butted the, 105 degrees there today. very similar to yesterday. 80 degrees if oakland. that's 9 degrees above average. 60s and 70s will be common at the beaches today. 896 in santa rosa. it feels like summertime and winter at 100. the full forecast is still coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. >> the u.s. supreme court closes out it's term today. you're taking a live look from washington, where justices will rule on an abortion case from texas that's being closely
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watched nationwide. the clings argue that the -- if the supreme court splits 4-4, the law are l remain in place. ? a bay area congressman is urging immediate action after another shooting on a local highway. a pickup was hit by gunfire friday night on highway 4. a woman suffered cuts from broken glass. some want the federal government now to get involved. they believe that the more than 20 freeway shootings are gang related. >> we want to make sure they catch the people and stop it. ordering the murder of a man southern california...
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police say 18- year-old a nap too pa teenager is accused of ordering the murder ore off man in southern california. police say the 18-year-old was at a party with the victim over the weekend in glendale. he reportedly said something to insult her, ask that's when police say lyons told two friends to ambush him outside the party. lyons and both men accused of carrying out the shooting are now behind bars. >> today the palo alto city council is expected to approve a partnership aimed at presenting the city's last mobile home park are from closing. the family who owns the but enin a vista mobile home park has been trying to close it since 2012. about 400 people live at the park. >> palo alto decided if businesses should play a role in funding public transit today. kpix 5's jackie ward has a live
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report. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning work mark. if approved, this tax would be then second tax imposed on local businesses within the last 7 years here in palo alto. the money would be used for various transportation prompts, including ones that would hopefully improve traffic problems, this would be a local tax, the city would be able to control how the money was spent. some polls recently showed that 2/3 of voters support the measure, but it is getting push back from local businesses. how much would those businesses have to pay up. those two 10 or fewer would be exempt. those with 10 to 50 would pay $50, ander that that would pay $100 per employee. >> jackie, besides the additional costs, what other concerns are there? >> reporter: invite mayor greg sharp is one of those people a
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little skeptic ail bout this proposed tax, because he wants more city outreach to be done, and also more details on the project the city has in mind. back to you. >> thank you, jackie. today san mateos clean water program will host a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new waste water treatment plant. officials with the program say the project will improve operational reliability pep it starts at 10:00 on detroit drive in san mateo, ands open to the public. >> second sect of state john kerry is in europe as world leaders deal with the fallout from the brexit vote. why negotiations are already proving complicated. and and federal help is on the way for west virginia homeowners affectedpy deadly flooding, but there is one big concern. >> good morning from the kpix 5 weather center. today another scorcher. i'll just tell you how long the heat will last. >> busy on the south bay traffic, and a new accident on highway 4. all of that coming right up. ,,
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. it happened yesterday eveni at the "castles n coasters" theme park in phoenix. the "des they're is a case of a thrill ride that provided more films than anyone expected. was in phoenix. the desert storm roller coaster got stuck, leaving the people stranded in the air. rescue crews had to guide them over the seats and on to a ladder. >> we had to climb over the
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seats, and take our time so we wouldn't fall. >> the ordeal lasted about half an hour, and no was hurt. >> in colorado, authorities are investigating a collision between an amtrak train of and a van that left five people dead, including three children. colorado state patrol said the variable was hit yesterday after it did not yield the right of way to the train. the driver and four pangs were killed. another passenger, a girl, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. to one on the train was hurt. the cleanup from deadly floods in west virginia is expected to take weeks, maybe even months. u.s. senator joe manchon said the federal government will need to help rebuild damaged roads and bridges there. federal dollars will also help rebuild some home, but only if they rebuild outside of that floodplain. >> you have to look and say what do we do now, how do we move people around to make sure it stunt happen again, or predict them. >> at least 25 have died if the philadelphiaing over the past
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week, and more heavy rain is expected today. >> secretary of state john kerry is meeting with british and european leader this morning to discuss emergency action in response to britain's stunning decision to leave the e.u. tina has the latest from london. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry's european visit comes after british and e.u. leaders continue to way the impact of a messy divorce. he expressed support for both sides. >> the most important thing is that all of us, as leaders, work together to provide as much continuity, as much stability, as much certainty as a be possible. >> reporter: exit negotiations are already proving complicated. david cameron, who announced he would step down in the fall, is facing intense pressure to cut ties quickly. but former mayor boris johnson said there is no need to rush, writing in the daily telegraphy today:
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financial experts worry that the brexit castled create a slowdown in the economy. stock markets suffered about $2 trillion in losses last week. and the british pound hit a 31- year low. >> you're go wrong have your heart in your mouth for a few days this week. you'll see the ups and downs, and the trend is usually up ward over time. >> reporter: scotland's leader promised she would do what were it takes to stay in the e.u. >> i didn't create these situations. i've got to try to navigate the best way forward through them. >> reporter: it's expected to take at least two years for britain to break from the european union. >> secretary kerrgy also there to discuss how the decision will affectests to coordinate security across europe. he said nato will likely play a much larger role. >> a couple of giants players will try their hands at pizza making later today for a good
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cause. panix and belt are teaming up to create some custom pies. the players will be there at 1:00 to talk about the partnership and toss a little dough around. $1from each slice, and $4 from each full pizza will go a charity. >> you need good eye-hand coordination, and they've got it.
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head heads up, an accident eastbound 92 right at 880. a lot of activity there with
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injuries reported. again, you'll see a few break lights. westbound 880, now 17 minutes, so start ting to get a bit busy. and this is our live weather camera. lock at the low clouds, the thin layer of fog, also just rolling into the city by the day bay, the city of san francisco. we will have these clouds retreat, refreshing tells at the peaches today. sunshine from the coast, all the way into our inland areas. that is just screaming san francisco, isn't it? it's just beautiful. lock at numbers right now. yesterday in livermore, it was 100 degrees. everybody is reporting winds under 10 miles per hour, except right there, fair field, and also back into the delta.
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we're unfortunately's under the influence of high pressure. we will be under that huge dome of high pressure, and that will provide us with temperatures again in the triple digits, away from the bay, the hottest spot will be the east bay. we have areas of low clouds, with fog along the coast, becoming sunny and warm. there's a shield of low clouds and fog stacked up next to the coast. you len joy the sunshine, and an enhance $marine layer. 106 for a high in fresno. 21 seconds less of a day length than yesterday today when the
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sun sets. we have for the a's on the mound, and for the giants, we have the shark. nice, 66 degrees at game time for the battle of the bay. >> at sonoma raceway, two great finishes. one on this racetrack, and one at at&t park, straight ahead.
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good morning, everybody, from sonoma, a great finish yesterday to the toyota save- mart350. tony stewart announced his retirement at the end of this
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sprint cup season, and he won't out in style in the wine country. final lap, tony stewart leading, but then denny hamlin goes under stewart in turn seven to take the lead, and then adam they come around the last curve, stewart takes the lead, and wins the most exciting finish in sonoma history, for his first win since 2013. third career victory in northern california. another thrilling finish where the giants conner gillespie drives in pena for the walk-off hit in the bottom of the 9th, as the scripts beat the phillies, and take 2 out of 3 in that series. another walk-off twin in anaheim, as the angels rally from a 6-2 deficit against the a's. jeffrey marti wins the game with a game-ending sac fly, and the copa america, chile wins it
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in penalty kicks over argentina. it started in san jose, and ended in new york. a great, great race here, tony stewart is the champion. see you tonight. >> play of the day from major league baseball. st. louis at seattle. take a look at this defense uv play for the mariners. >> fantasy camp championship. martin, will it carry? gutierrez, a tremendous catch! >> franklin gutter indianapolis with the great -- gutierrez with the great catch at the wall, put his team still ends up losing. vote today... as a new repo out calls it a public safety hazard... what at stake, next. a plan to ship coal out of the port of oakland faces a major vote today, as a new
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brawl breaks out between a e supremacist group and angry counter- pro ather ad libs chaos at the capital, when a brawl breaks out between a white supremacist group and angry counter protesters. >> the heat was on there, and the heat is definitely on in our inland areas. i'll show you where it's going to be the hottest. >> and you'll see delays as you head into san francisco. details coming up.
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>> good morning, everyone. >> the idea of shipping and storing coal in oakland faces strong opposition, and the city council could make a key decision on it tonight. the resolution up for a vote tonight would prohibit the storage and handling of coal at the terminal being planned on the border of the bay. a city commissioned report said that shipping coal through oakland would pose a serious health risk to those people who live in west oakland, and workers at the terminal. >> the problem is with the product that was introduced after the last eir was constructed. a product which is known to
6:31 am
have environmental impacts, cole. >> but -- coil. >> but plans for bulk coal were strengthened when the city of utah invested $53 million for a coal shipping facility in oakland. the facility would ship about 9 million tons of coal each year. >> what about the jobs that the fronts could bring? and that is a big part of the argument here, the environmental concerns versus hundreds, possibly even thousands of construction and longshoremen jobs,ost oakland could certainly use those jobs, but at what cost. mark? >> at the state capital, white supremacist try to show their point of view, and protesters show up in the hundreds, and then things get violent fast. people brandished sticks, and tracked the other side like
6:32 am
prey, even pulled knives on their political rivals. starting today cal fire is extending burn permits in the bay area because of increased fire danger. cal fire also said now is the time for homeowners to protect their properties, that here. s removing dead trees and overgrown vegetation around their home. >> calmer winds are helping firefighters make some progress in southern california. a deconstructive wildfire has killed at least two people northeast of makersfield. 275 buildings are damaged or destroyed 234 the lake isabella area. despite that, more cooperative weather, the wildfire has grown to more than 45,000 acres.
6:33 am
it remains 40% contained. . we is have temperatures in the bakers field area approaching 109 degrees today, and just about all the way through thursday. here, our temperatures continue to climb into the triple digits, as well. morning, everyone. rise and shine. this is a view. i'm just thinking keeping it on this particular view from the transamerica pyramid, looking out to the west, because that tells you what kind of morning it is. powerful refreshing temperatures along the sea shore with a line of low clouds and fog that has been pushing onshore. 49 degrees in santa rosa, to 62 in livermore, where yesterday it was 100.
6:34 am
100 again today. that's about 15 degrees above average. oakland, you'll top out about 90 degrees. so 60s and 70s at the beaches today. 80s and 90s around the peninsula, topping off at 100 degrees in gill more. 106 in brentwood. 100 in livermore. 96 in santa rosa, and upstream, also some triple digits. we'll tell you when it will begin to come down. >> couple of things brewing on the roadways. possibly blocking at least within lane. not seeing any delays on that southbound side, but northbound really starting to feel it. northbound 280, right at geneva, rook out for an accident with injuries blocking one lane. the 280 extension, no delays
6:35 am
there. your drive times not too bad. no delays eastbound 92 between 280 and 101. still van accident in the clearing stages. now over to the should wish but busy anyway, as you travel between highway 85 and 286. >> if you're planning to travel by car next week for independence day, prepared for those crowded roads. aaa estimates a record 43 million people will travel 50 miles or more for that holiday weekend. the holiday travel period is from this thursday through next monday. one reason so many drivers are expected to hit the road, gas prices are down about 46 cents from this time last year. >> pal low alf tow makes a tough call about public transit. the city council will decide if businesses should help ship in to get businesses running on
6:36 am
top. jackie ward is live in palo alto to break town the fine print. >> reporter: the city council here wants to propose this tax as a general tax, which means it would be part of the general fund. hope in the fund and projects that would resolve traffic issues. this would be a local tax, so the city would be able to control how the money was spent. especially appointed committee head some poles that showed 2-3 of -- 2/3 of voters supported it, but it is get something push back from local businesses. those with 10 or fewer employees would be exempt, and 10 to 50 people would pay $50 per per employee, and bigger than 50 employees, would pay $100 per employee.
6:37 am
it will be up to the voters to decide in november if it is approved. >> jackie, isn't palo alto one of the few bay area cities without a business tax? >> yeah, mark, that's true, and i guess if this was approved, that status would be upgraded to include them as part of bay area businesses, but do have a business tax, but it is important to note that they already pay a fee annually as part of the business registry. back to you. >> >> at san francisco's pride event, slinky costumes, and tipsy tourists, and plenty of love for the lgbt community. there were thousands of pridegoers who managed to avoid arrest and still have a blast showing support for thulias community. this year was the 46th annual parade, starting on market by the ferry building, and bringing cheers and dance moves through down untown, and many people had the orlando fighting victims in mind as they sell
6:38 am
braided pride. 49 people in new york city's parade wore all white with their faces veiled to honor all 49 killed at the orlando nightclub. new york's governor and nobody city's mayor were joined on the parade route by hillary clinton. >> a paper of new polls have hillary clinton ahead of donald trump in the race for the house. a washington post survey showed clinton leading a among registered voters by 12 points. a wall street journal nbc news poll pegs clinch's lead at 5 points. time now is 6:38. the orlando shooting rampage is putting new attention on the impact of guns on the already community. how this could affect the national gun control debate. >> and trading underway on wall street this morning, where investors are hoping for a recovery. we're going to have the latest fallout from the brexit vote. ,,
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are hoping for a rebound afr huge losses last friday... at today in san rafael. ininvestors around the world are hoping for a rebound after huge losses last friday.
6:43 am
you were markets tanked after the uk's decision leave the european union, and they're down once again today. john kerr by mights today with leaders from the uk and the e.u. as they try to form late a plan for aing into transition, but some believe the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better. >> financial services is what runs the city, and makes a a lot of the wealth we have in this country. >> an on-line petition for a new brexit vote has gotten more than 3.5 million signatures. and the u.s. markets open just a little over ten ago. let's get a quick like at the big board. the dow is down about 229 points. >> let's get a quick check of traffic. >> let's jump over to the roadways right now. we have a couple of things out
6:44 am
there. first off, some bright spots. they are making that trek towards san francisco. you'll have nice speeds when you get to this portion, just before that, there is an accident along 280. it is blocking at least one lane, and looking at our sensors, we are seeing some yellow, which indicates speeds dipping below 40 miles per hour. at least one accident with a possible injury, so they will be having to clear this one out of the roadway. so far we haven't had any delays on 101 to the peninsula, and out of half moon by a, pretty easy this morning. to the south bay right now, let's look at the conditions. pretty go slow and go traffic conditions northbound. still clearing an accident. it's been busy, though, be throughout the morning in that area. northbound a little sluggish past 880. your drive time, 101 monterey
6:45 am
to 85. 29 minutes and a little slow from 285 to -- >> it is national sunglasses, right? >> yeah, and you will definitely need them in the inland areas, but not this morning. check this out. looking out over ocean beach, we are overcast there, and look at the con sensation, the drizzle on the camera lens. i'll take that. i was at 103 in my backyard in pleasantton yesterday. ouch. san jose, you're at 59. it's 49 degrees in santa rosa. winds have been fluctuating today, but ginly under 10 miles per hour throughout most reporting stations. winds will be westerly today, 10 to 20 miles per hour. so they're onshore winds, the coast remains cool. 64 to 66 at half moon by a. weather watcher tim woods said
6:46 am
it's going to be a hot won there in have a niesha. -- vinitia. we'll is that giants and a's forecast coming up. temperatures again, triple digits inland areas. this is what you need to know as you kick start a brand-new workweek, on june 27th. areas of low clouds, becoming sunny, warm to hot, and then remaining pretty dry all the way through the holiday. next monday. clouds and go fog holding tight to the close. futurecast illustrates coast will be clear by lunch hour into the early afternoon hours, and then we begin to fitter the sunshine on tuesday with the return of a thick erma ryan there. 67 in monterey bay. our numbers, 60s, 70, 80s, 90s. about a 42-degree temperature span today from the coast to our inland areas. where else, what other state do you have that kind of a
6:47 am
temperature span all within 45 miles? almost a repeat performance on tuesday, and a string of hot weather all the way through friday. here is your game forecast for tonight. you couldn't ask for better weather at at&t park. very nice at 66, falling to about 60 by the end of the game. enjoy your monday. >> and roberta is rooting for? >> i'm an east bay girl,ar's. i love my giants, but an eastbound girl. caen. this weekend was san franc's pride parade but there was w message this year - hastag #disarmhate. last year, this weekend was the pride parade. a new message this year, though, the hash tag disarm hate. last year, you may recall that marriage equality seemed to be on everyone's mind after the
6:48 am
u.s. supreme court ruled in favor of same sex marriage, like right before the parade. this year, the color was orange, that's the:of gun control movement, and the message was hash tag disarm hate. nancy pelosi announced that house temperatures are going to stage another sit-in demanding gun control measures. now, granted the lgbt community is quite diverse, and certainly not everyone is in favor of gun control, but after orlando, the democrats seem confident that they can find support in the lgbt community for gun reform. and we are about to see this tested with lots of june coming legislation. >> talk more about that. could we see more gun legislation here in california? >> yes, california and abroad. about to see nancy pelosi being not the only democrat connecting herself with the issue. evidence to the assembly is voting on 8 laws that rig lace guns and blitz at our state capital. we'll be hearing more about
6:49 am
those if they pass, but i'm here to tell you, you and i will get to vote on our own on the gun issue, because we all just learned that they are guyling to be a big fat gun control initiative on the ballot this november. that is right. the safety for all act of 2016 has just qualified for the election. now, there's a lot going on in this safety act, but here are a couple of things that it does. number one, it requires background checks for people trying to buy bullets,, and also out laws the possession of large capacity mag designs right now you can't buy large capacity magazines, but this law would make it illegal to even have them, right? and third, the law would require the state to share day to do with the fbi, so we can create an accurate database for background checks, and the sponsor of the safety act is is lieutenant governor gavin newsome who is running for governor in 2018. now, the safety for all act, like any ballot measure, it
6:50 am
needed hundreds of thousands of distincts to be on the balance ballot, the signatures have been verified, it's good to go. we'll be voting on it in november, californians. >> november will be a big election across the country. so are there other states where they will be deciding on gun laws? >> yes. that's true. not over state allows voters to put initiatives on the pal lot like we do in california, but with and do, and voters in nevada and maine will also weigh in on gun restrictions this november. that's just one more reason why this upcoming election is going to be a defining moment for so many americans. >> all right. we'll have it here. thank you. >> so after $5 billion, nearly a deb aid of time, the panama can al expansion is complete, and now open for business. the first shift through was a chinese freighter with more than 9,000 con tapers. could handle ships with 5500
6:51 am
con tapers, but no newly built lobs can accommodate boats handling more than double that amounted. >> tense moments today a on a passenger plane enroute to italy. the lane had to go around and back to singapore. it happened while the boeing 777 was four hour into the flight. there were 241 people on board, and none were injured. >> well, time is 6:51. the national parks service is meeting today to address a growing problem at a popular north bay tourist spot. >> dirty, dusty, and a threat to public health. that is what a new report says through oakland. the decision the city council is making tonight. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco,
6:52 am
and you bring out the best in us. care.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! british and european leaders today to discuss the u-k's decision to leave the europn union. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with british and european leaders today to discuss the u.k.'s decision to leave the european union. a despite is already -- a dispute is already taking place over how disk lip the translation take place. -- how quickly the transition
6:55 am
will take place. if crews in central california are making problem flog their effort to bring a diddley wildfire under control. the fire has burned more than 40,000 acres and killed two people in the lake isabella area. >> the problem started earlier this year when almost 300 mark parking spaces were eliminated. >> today the palo alto city coup is expected to seek funding to buy the city's last remaining mobile home park. the city council will vote tonight on a measure that could stop coal from passing through the port of oakland. but there is a plan to ship coal from it out to asia through this facility, but
6:56 am
environmentalists and lawmakers have been trying to stop it through the past year. they say that shopping coal through oakland would cause a serious health risk. that report was commissioned by the city, but stopping the plan could really prove costly. there is the threat of litigation if the council tries to stop it. the developer signed an agreement with the council three years ago, but at that point, there was no mention of coal. >> and to the traffic center, let's show you some of our drive times, be our hot spots. westbound 4, through pittsburgh, still pretty busy, and 101 out of the south bay, you're going to see some problems if you're traveling through that area. just a little bit bitter once you pass that area with no delays along the 280 extension. east shore freeways struggling. westbound, looks like brake lights begin around herculies.
6:57 am
all the way towards the bay bridge. in just about 10 minutes, they're going to escort goats across the freeway through the tunnel for traffic control and for, you know, eating the brush off the right side. so that's going to slow everyone down on 24, so they're going to have traffic control. yes, goats traveling across the freeway in just a few minutes. >> i would love to see that. >> me, too. >> glorious fantastic monday morning. this is our live camera looking out towards alcatraz. that lou low cloud bank has drifted into the bay area. right now, it is 64 degrees in livermore, after 100 degrees yesterday. today, our numbers will be hot. sizzling. inland areas, 100 around the tri-valley, but 106 towards the delta. we're talking about the brentwood, byron, discovery bay area, 70s a at the beaches, 80s
6:58 am
and 90s around the peninsula. it's taxing on our energy, it really is. 105 on tuesday. flirting with triple digits on wednesday. still very warm weather each day all the way into the holiday. if you're heading out to battle of the bay, it couldn't be nicer, 66 degrees at first pitch. >> a month after taking to twitter to scoff at madonna's prince tribute, last night the benefit e.t. award lived up to hits promise to pay tribute to the he purple one in a big way. jennifer hudson belted out an emotional rendition of purple rain. stevie wonder, and sheila e also took the stage to pay tribute. your nex local update is at 7:26.
6:59 am
okay. we do have to mention something here, because we often ask roberta when her birthday is, right? which s&p and what does she always tell us? >> i don't know. >> i don't know, i'm not saying anything. >> today, a little birdie told us -- >> yeah, well, that's why it's so hot, there are so many candles on the birthday cake. need to call out california's department of tire, because, yeah, it will be a hot one today. >> happy birthday. >> thank you so much. >> 32 years ago today, roberta was born in barstow. >> was it barstow? >> yeah, pretty much. yeah, thanks. >> happy birthday. >> thanks, be guys. >> you deserve it. >> nice to be gainfully employed on your dirt day. >> nice to be here. >> thanks for watching, everyone. remember, cbs this morning is coming up next with a special
7:00 am
report from the u.s. supreme court, where justices are expected to rule a texas abortion case this morning. have a good day. welcome do "cbs this mornin morning". new political and market turmoil after britain decides to leave the e uk. today, members of parliament will try to plot a path forward. here in the united states, hillary clinton and donald trump sharply disagree on the impact. >> passenger jet bursts into blames, video from on board shows an entire wing on fire. >> west virginia braces for more downpours after historic flooding. on a rescue mission with the national guard. a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds.


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