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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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living out of their car. and you can watch all of those stories on right now, tonight we want to look at what one big city in the u.s. has done about its homeless problem. it's a city that has a lot in common with san francisco including the high cost of living and a big tourist economy. we're talking about honolulu, hawaii. you know things are bad when this happens. that's a hawaii lawmaker taking a sledgehammer to homeless people's shopping carts. that was three years ago. the homeless problem had reached a breaking point. there were so many homeless around the famous waikiki beach businesses were worried tourists would stop coming. that's when honolulu took action. grace lee is in waikiki and grace, you used to be an anchor and reporter here at kpix 5. welcome. you're now an anchor at our cbs sister station in hawaii. great to see you tonight. explain, please, what has honolulu done about this? >> reporter: well, good to see you as well, allen.
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this city has adopted a series -- a policy a hard-line stance against the homeless. some say it's mean. but the business leaders here were screaming that something had to be done. here in waikiki a couple of years ago you would see a lot of homeless around. out here today, you don't really see any. they are really not that visible. city leaders say this is a success. well, there are some homeless advocates who are saying that this at what price are we taking this to be able to accomplish something like this? driven out of waikiki by a wave of new laws, raynell now calls this small corner her home. she has been living on the streets for years. do you want to be out here on the streets? >> no. no. i want somebody to help us, not judge us because we addicts or criminals. we are human beings. >> reporter: she is just one of thousands forced into a migrant life after honolulu officials stopped allowing people to sit or lie on sidewalks or sleep
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overnight in the city's parks. she says the worst part, the regular sweeps that break down homeless catches. >> they cannot replace the things they took from me. my dad's pin, me jewelry, my clothes, my bags. nothing. >> reporter: honolulu's mayor says that the city had to take these extreme measures. >> we call it compassionate disruption and yes, we are disrupting. >> reporter: he says the homeless are threatening the $15 billion tourist industry, the backbone of the state's economy. >> we are the aloha state. our residents and our visits. i don't want to be the aloha state for our homeless. i want them to feel the tough love and to seek shelter. >> reporter: when the initial laws were passed in waikiki, many of the homeless ended up here an area called [ non- english language ] about two miles away. the "tent city" grew so large it became a public health
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concern. city crews rolled in launching a massive sweep last august something that has become a regular practice. >> it's heartbreaking. it also pushes people further and further into poverty. it's a crime to be homeless in hawaii. >> reporter: the legal director of the aclu hawaii says the new hard-line stance punishes the poor and is only a cosmetic solution to an ugly problem. he filed a lawsuit after the initial sweep getting a court order requiring the city to give notice 24 hours before and then store whatever they take for 45 days. >> i think our bigger concern is that they keep spending money on a very ineffective program. the city spent upwards of $750,000 a year just to shuffle people from place to place. >> reporter: the mayor said that the regular sweeps have kept the large camps from re- forming. here's what it looked like 10 months ago. and here's what it looks like now. just a fraction of what it was. the homeless are definitely
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less visible. now you only find them in small packets outside waikiki. >> [ indiscernible pass judgment, criticize and keep them off the streets. that's the attitude. it's not tough love. love is patience. love is kind. love is genuine. love is understanding. love is above all. it's not love. >> reporter: very emotional interview from raynell there. now, it's not just the sweeps. the city brought a $16 million building to turn into a hygiene center with showers and laundry facilities and the state has just appropriated $600,000 for rental subsidies. they are hoping to get 100 homeless families off the streets. allen? >> grace, looking at that backdrop behind you it's hard to imagine homelessness there as it is for some tourists i'm sure in san francisco but now both cities well. could you ever imagine that compassionate disruption happening here in san
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francisco? >> reporter: well, you know, allen, both cities are similar in that they have the high cost of living but they are democratic, both very progressive as well and it would probably work in san francisco up to a degree. i thinked underlying problem in both cities is that the numbers are growing. just today the state released some new numbers for our homeless population. our numbers have increased 4% across state despite all of the efforts. the truth is that the price tag to help and to house the homeless indefinitely may be out of reach for both cities. >> thank you, grace. in san jose, city leaders just approved several plans to help the homeless there. one includes building a 162- unit permanent housing complex on "senter road." it will be up to the county to determine how long people can stay there. the approval comes despite concerns from neighbors, who say it would make home values plummet. >> the challenge here is we have a lot of homeless to
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house. we have various ways to do that. it's making sure that we look at places to build all across the city and work with neighborhoods to make sure that we can get those approvals. because there's a certain amount of resistance to putting these kinds of projects in various districts. >> council members approved a $5 million plan to compensate landlords who house homeless veterans and voted to extend a policy to allow churches to shelter the homeless without permits for another year. council members did, however, table a housing project in willow glen. new at 6:00, you pay your trash bill every month but do you know where that money goes? as kpix 5's phil matier found out, in oakland, a third of the tab goes directly to the city not to the trash company. and phil, that's leading to lawsuits, right? >> reporter: that's right. as a matter of fact, they have found a way in oakland at least city hall has to turn garbage
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into gold. but it could wind up costing them. according to a just released alameda county civil grand jury report, a third of what oaklanders pay on their monthly garbage bills winds up going straight to city hall. >> i didn't know. >> reporter: it's called a franchise fee and in this case the garbage company pays the city $30 million a year in return for having an exclusive monopoly on service in the city. >> typical of leadership in oakland. >> reporter: other cities have similar franchise fees. alameda has a so% fee. san jose has a 20% fee. alameda has a 10% fee. san jose has a 20 percent fee for commercial garbage. why is oakland so high? >> we needed to raise money and that was one way to do it. the 30 million plus goes to public works. what you see here today where they are fixing potholes, picking up illegal trash. >> reporter: no one cared for years but with the latest
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contract it with the garbage contracts and rocketing rates people started to scream. >> one-third? not too cool. >> reporter: the rates really went up for landlords like robert whose rates on his 31- unit apartment building here went up $9,900 in a year. >> i went from june of 2015 where i was paying $736.85 to today i'm paying $1,562 a month for even less service. when new tenants come in, it will, unfortunately, get passed on because somebody has to pay. >> reporter: he and other landlords have filed a suit challenging the fee. >> the contract is in fact a disguised tax. >> oakland continues to do it. and the argument i have been given wait until someone sues
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us. >> reporter: now it looks like someone has. the civil grand jury report raised a number of questions about the latest garbage contract. and it's -- the contract has just been a mess since it got started. not only are landlords upset but restaurant owners were upset when rates went up as well for recyclable compost. they shifted them over to the landlords and now the landlords are screaming, as well. in oakland, phil matier, kpix 5. >> the grand jury report also faulted the city for not following its own contract guidelines and awarding the garbage contract and for setting the $1.5 billion deal behind closed doors. firefighters are cleaning up after a brush fire in martinez. chopper 5 over the scene about an hour ago has the helicopters were dropping water trying to stop the spread. it was burning near rankin park on a hillside. 5 acres burned. no word on the cause. a driver in oakley now
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identified as 50-year-old christina sal aviti. she was probably under the influence. one of the pedestrians struck was 15-year-old rochelle [ non- english name ] she died at the scene. she was a student at freedom high school in oakley. it happened yesterday afternoon along east cypress road. police say she was walking with a friend when the car hit them. the second victim was a 16-year- old girl. she is in critical condition. in southern california, a san francisco family was involved. er ring ing's wife and two children died along with a daly city woman and her two children. their van got into a crash along the grapevine on i-5. then a semi truck crashed into them sending the van into a ravine. ing and the other father tried to save their families but were the only ones who got out alive. controversial bike lanes along a main road in san jose are here to stay. city council members voted to make the road diet project permanent. the lanes are located on
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lincoln avenue in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. kpix 5's len ramirez explains why not everybody is too happy with the lanes. >> reporter: it's a trending topic in willow glen since it went into effect as a pilot program and now as a permanent project. people have been giving us an earful. on lincoln avenue through the heart of willow glen drivers are feeling the loss of the lanes. >> kind of a pain in the butt taking out the extra lane that they have. >> reporter: a so-called road diet in which the city trimmed four lanes down to two one in each direction was designed to, quote, calm traffic and make the avenue safer for people on foot and cyclists who now have extra wide bike lanes. >> overall it's just better for the neighborhood. >> reporter: after a year-long pilot program, the city council voted to make the changes permanent. >> i actually agree with it because i'm a big pedestrian as well as a bicyclist and i mean i think that cars should go
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slower. >> reporter: but drivers say traffic calming is just a fancy way to traffic jam. >> it looks good. we have bike lanes, aren't we great? come down here when you have a semi parked in the middle and you can't get through here. >> reporter: more chants say the road diet is tough to swallow especially when the car lanes are bottled necked, the merchants say. >> nobody uses the bike lane. >> reporter: it may be the way of the future but some say it's a shard slip for the here and now -- hardship for the here and now. >> it's the same old story with government. they always know better. >> reporter: the mayor of san jose calls lincoln avenue the most is studied street in the city. and as part of one of those studies there is a slight uptick in traffic on adjacent streets heading in the same direction. it is alleviating traffic here but it means that the drive- through and foot traffic is avoiding the area. len ramirez, kpix 5. new video surfaces of a bay area teacher rioting against
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neo-nazis at the state capital. she is seeing thrown punches at a man in front of officers! the attack police are now investigating. >> and amazon shot in the arm for the east bay economy. the expansion bringing new jobs and why it is just the beginning. >> we have seen some pretty crazy stuff on bay area freeways but now this. that's a go-kart chase on 880. >> and something we have become very familiar with in the summer in the weather department, fog by the coast, cooler temperatures inland, seems like nothing but good news. we'll have the forecast all the way into the 4th of july as we look live now towards coit tower. all happening after a break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they're trying to build support for new gun control laws. minority leader nancy pelosi joined democratic leaders rallied outside san francisco general this afternoon to get new gun control laws. nancy pelosi joined other
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democrats to push for what they call is common sense gun bills. they want universal background checks as well as a law that would prevent people on the terrorist "no fly" list from buying firearms. >> the american people have to weigh in. that's what gives me head coach. if they can't change the mind of the legislators they are going to have to decide on how they vote. >> this should be a shame upon the leadership of the republican party for not addressing gun violence prevention. >> republicans say the demonstrations are political posturing and that they are more interested enforcing existing gun laws than creating new ones. a climber was airlifted off mount diablo today with two helicopters. the man fell about 40 feet while climbing the rock face on the mountain. a sheriff's helicopter had to lower a rescue team to him. they had to navigate between tree line and steep rock face in order to reach him. the man suffered significant injuries, had to be rushed to the hospital in a medevac chopper.
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a tractor sparked a brush fire in contra costa county. chopper 5 over the scene this afternoon. the tractor caught fire on a hilltop in blackhawk. flames quickly spread across the hillside. 50 firefighters worked to put out the fire. it burned 5 acres. firefighters cleaning up after a brush fire in san jose. it broke out by happy hollow park this morning. flames quickly spread into heavy brush then burned into a pile of railroad ties. the thick, black smoke made it difficult for firefighters to put out that blaze. other bay area headlines. thick, black smoke and flames poured out of a home in the east bay this morning. two boys and a 16-year-old girl were injured in the fire. crews pulled the teen out throug a window taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. firefighters checked for hot spots and assessed the damage. they say up to 75% of the inside of the house is destroyed. the cause is under investigation. a santa cruz community facing a midnight deadline. they have been told to take
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down a gate that blocked access to a private beach. until now people had to buy a key for $100 to enjoy the sand and the surf. the coastal commission ruled that violates california law. santa clara city council just approved plans for a $6.5 billion megaproject north of levi's stadium. it includes five million square feet of office space, one million square feet of retail, 700 hotel rooms and 1300 apartments. construction is expected to start by the end of 2017. right now, a city golf course and dirt bike track sit on that land. it used to be a landfill. there is a building boom going on in richmond. there's some condo projects but a lot of what's going up is commercial warehouse space. online retailer amazon just leased a huge new facility and that's not the only project. kpix 5's don ford on why businesses are betting big on richmond. >> reporter: this brand-new richmond warehouse is huge.
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nearly a quarter million square feet of space. more than 30 feet high. amazon signed a lease to use every, single inch of it and the city of richmond is thrilled. >> that's a big name. >> yeah. >> smart to choose richmond. >> reporter: amazon calls these fulfillment centers and even though it will certainly be highly automated, it will bring many new jobs to richmond. they are not the only ones setting up shop. >> we got one million 300 square feet of industrial and commercial real estate land that's being developed right now. >> reporter: whole foods has also opened a large distribution center in richmond and so has restoration hardware. it's a combination of affordable land, helpful city government and access to less congested freeways. the building boom is on! warehouse and distribution centers are being filled almost as fast as they are being put up. one of this man's clients says the eastshore freeway and
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macarthur maze was why he moved to richmond. >> you had a facility down there south of the maze and their delivery trucks couldn't make it in reasonable amounts of time back and forth on their routes. >> reporter: the price of undeveloped commercial land is going up. while the historically high crime rate is coming down. >> yeah. a lot going on in richmond. great time to be here in richmond. >> reporter: the new amazon fulfillment center should be opened within the year. in richmond, don ford, kpix 5. >> as for jobs, richmond is working with contra costa college to train skilled workers for the facilities. brian hackney joins us now. what's going on, up or down? >> we're way down. we're like 16 degrees cooler -- >> it's freezing outside. >> they are loving it in the east bay because temperatures yesterday and the day before were near 100. right now livermore is 16 degrees cooler than at this time yesterday. that's a step in the right direction there as we look toward mount diablo and all the blue out there. the numbers got up to 90
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degrees at concord, fairfield hit 86. livermore 83. san jose 73 degrees. hayward, mid-60s was the best we could manage there. it's a tale of two systems. low pressure that's off the pacific northwest combined with that high that's spinning over 4 corners giving us an good onshore flow so by the shoreline it is freezing, it's pretty cold with the fog and the clouds and the drizzle. and in the futurecast, probably more sun tomorrow as high pressure prebounds a little bit and -- rebounds a little bit and numbers inland rebound a little bit but nothing big time. we'll just have 90s again inland and probably earlier clearing and better clearing along the shoreline than today. alameda county fair thursday 90 degrees, pleasanton will live up to its name. and forecast highs for much of the rest of the baarea will do the same. fairfield 92 degrees. concord up to 90. livermore 91 degrees tomorrow.
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santa rosa 87. san francisco 65. oakland 72. over by the shoreline plenty of low clouds and drizzle tonight. in the extended forecast. "stratus quo" the usual low clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon in the mid-90s in the warmest spots on thursday and friday. and then saturday and sunday, the numbers will be near 90 degrees. then we get toward the 4th of july. and on the 4th we'll be looking for numbers to be fairly pleasant but still will contend with the low clouds but in the meantime there's that sunshine and we're loving it. >> loving the disparity. 30 degrees or more from coast to inland. >> summer in the bay area >> thank you. it sounds like a deal. 35,000 bucks to own a property in a high-end bay area neighborhood. but, of course, there's a catch. and this one is bizarre. >> there's always a catch. speaking of bizarre. go-kart chase on a bay area freeway. the video is going viral. >> and buying movie tickets
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with a big group can be a hassle. the app that makes it easier for friends and saves you money. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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go-kart.. on the freeway! he drove you are used to seeing them on a closed course but one guy took his go-kart on the freeway. witnesses cheered as he drove on 880 in oakland sunday. [ chuckling ] you will notice there is a black suv flashing its lights behind him. but chp says it wasn't them. and, of course, go-karts are illegal on an interstate freeway. drivers will need more green to cross the golden gate bridge soon. starting this friday, the toll will cost an extra quarter. so it will cost you $6.50 if you have a fast track. $7.50 for pay by plate. and $4.50 for car back to school vehicles. it carpool cars. an ad offers 7200 square feet of property on lake street
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between 22nd and 24th avenue for just $32,000. the only problem, it is just a driveway and you can't build or even park on it because there isn't enough space. the average piece of property in san francisco goes for about $800 per square foot. this one is just $486. low price. >> bargain. >> grab it. coming up in our next half- hour, a bay area teacher said she had no regrets about an ugly protest at the state capital. now she is caught on camera throwing punches. the video that has police taking a closer look. [ screaming and cursing ] >> the istanbul airport reopened. new details on the coordinated attack and anxiety for bay area travelers taking off today.
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do you k our top stories at 6:00, we are talking trash. really! do you know where the money in your trash bill goes? well, we found out in oakland a third of it goes right back to the city. and now some landlords are suing saying the so-called franchise fee is making their rates go up. bike lanes in san jose's willow glen neighborhood are here to stay. the city council voted to make
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the so-called road diet project permanent, trimming four lanes to two to make it safer for pedestrians. businesses are unhappy. a berkeley middle school teacher caught on camera throwing punches during last weekend's rally at the state capital. kpix 5's cate caugiran says police are taking a closer look at the video. cate. >> reporter: they certainly are, veronica. the sacramento chp is handling this investigation, said they are reviewing multiple videos from this incident. the sacramento police department said king middle school teacher yvette felarca is now on their radar. the school that she works for has now received threats. >> a lot of people have like really huge misconceptions. >> reporter: this youtube clip shows a man holding a neo-nazi flag walking near the capital saying he wants to meet the antifascists. after he sees them he calls
6:31 pm
them over, one protestor takes his flag another sprays something at him and that's when the man starts swinging his flagpole at protestors. [ yelling and cursing ] >> reporter: later he walks over to law enforcement standing nearby. that's when king middle school teacher and antineo-nazi protest organizer yvette felarca comes over yelling profanities, telling him to get off the street. he holds his hands up, she starts punching at his stomach and then it gets ugly with law enforcement intervening only after the man is on the ground. >> get back! get back! >> reporter: later that day, yvette and other protestors celebrated on the steps of the capital. [ screaming and cursing ] >> yeah!! >> reporter: one was heard in had periscope video saying [ inaudible ] >> they never done that. they are usually accosting us before bee even try. >> reporter: on sunday yvette said this. >> we have a right to self- defense. we have an obligation to that. and that is why we have to shut them down by any means
6:32 pm
necessary. >> reporter: is violence the answer? >> the nazis are the violent ones. we have a right to defend our suggest. >> reporter: but she also went on the offensive at one point. with both sides bloody and bruised police and chp are still investigating. there was damage on both sides multiple people injured. some of them stabbed. i called yvette to ask her about this new video because yesterday she told me everything that happened was in self-defense. but she did not respond to my requests for comment. live in berkeley, cate caugiran, kpix 5. renewed calls to remove judge aaron persky from the bench. he is the judge who sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner to six months in jail for sexual assault. in san francisco today, survivors of sexual assault shared their stories an held up a folder which they say contains a flash drive with more than a million signatures. that petition is asking the independent state agency that investigates judicial misconduct to look into judge persky.
6:33 pm
this as the commission on judicial performance met behind closed doors. >> the judge is like you know what? it's fine. it's not fine. it's really not fine because one in four women at college will be raped. >> while the commission cannot change a decision made by a judge, it can remove a judge from office. and there's already a petition to recall judge persky and the local district attorney saying he is considering blocking all sexual assault cases assigned to persky's court. southwest airlines flight made an emergency landing in san jose this afternoon. the pilot noticed trouble on the flight from burbank and engine oil temperature light indicating a problem. the pilot declared an emergency. fire crews were standing by at mineta airport as the plane landed safely. the plane will be checked out before being put back into service. the number of dead from the terror attacks in turkey has climbed to 42 and more than 200 are hurt. turkish officials say three suicide bombers struck
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yesterday in different areas of istanbul's main airport. they say that all three arrived by taxi at the arrivals area. the first assailant entered the terminal, opened fire then blew himself up. during the chaos the second attacker went upstairs to the departure level and blew himself up. the third waited outside and detonated his explosives last as people fled the airport in a panic. airports like sfo joining others around the world beefing up security in the wake of these attacks. but it was business as usual at the turkish airlines counter where people were checking in for the even flight to istanbul. one passenger who is a student at sf state says his family back home was so nervous, they wanted him to cancel the trip or at least wait it out. >> they said at least stay two weeks until you see how everything is going. but, you know, i have to go back to college and i don't have time to waste. so i must go today. but i'm actually, you know, just praying hopefully i get there safe to see my family.
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>> hope he does. in the hours after the terror bombing the u.s. suspended flights headed to turkey but that stop was lifted last night. so tonight we're asking you do you feel safe with the current security setup or do tsa security checkpoints need to happen sooner like upon entering the airport? vote right now weigh in at my twitter page at #veronicadlcruz. we are going to have some of your comments as well as those poll results tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. coming up, the miss teen usa pageant makes a change and some say it's about time. >> and when was the last time you went to the movies with friends? the new avalanche that wants to make it easier -- the new app that wants to make it easier and cheaper. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ditching the swimsuits.. for athletic gear. the beauty pageant says it's dropping the swimsui the miss teen usa pageant is ditching swimsuits for athletic gear. beauty pageant says it is
6:38 pm
dropping the swimsuit competition. the 51 contestants will now be judged in athletic wear. organizers say this competition will promote physical fitness and won't be as exploitive. reaction is mixed. some people say it's a step in the right direction. others are saying, you can objectify a woman in a bikini or in yoga pants. well, the movie industry trying to boost ticket sales to a new program to offer discounts to large groups buying multiple tickets. the friends and family sales pitch. >> reporter: summer is one of the most popular time for movies but around the country theaters are empty. >> there are 1.5 billion tickets purchased every year but over 5 billion unsold seats. >> reporter: matthew bacall and others are hoping to change it. >> we wanted to make it easier for people to get to the movies with their friends and family. >> reporter: the two southland men bacall a former exec and the other a former amazon exec created the app. >> can we bring the best of ecommerce techniques, the best
6:39 pm
developed at amazon and facebook and google and bring them all to bear on the ticking space to help more people go to the movies in a more convenient way. >> reporter: showed us how it works. >> you can see that there's a beautiful wheel here that you can jog through all the content in. and the wheel is customized to you so the more you use it, the smarter we get about what movies you are going to like. >> reporter: you can see all your favorite theaters and showtimes as well as a list of your friends you may want to invite. >> i invited five friends. i'm not paying. i'm going to add my own ticket. they are going to get invitations sent to them to able to buy theirs and join me at the movies. >> reporter: it's not just about ordering the movies. it's about ordering the concessions. what's a movie without a drink and popcorn? make them large. when you get to the theater no long lines. they are ready to go. >> sounds convenient. >> reporter: we got plenty of movie-goers who like the idea
6:40 pm
especially avoiding long lines. >> yeah. very convenient. especially when you have a lot of people. >> reporter: it's available at regal and amc theaters in southern california but will be nationwide by labor day. and as a welcome gift you get a free movie ticket when you sign up. amy johnson, kpix 5, downtown los angeles. >> oh, how did we ever do it before? today temperatures in the bay area about 10 to 15 degrees cooler so do we get a breakthrough the weekend? that's the question we'll answer. but first, we are going to general operate some revenue and we'll see you after a break. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, if iceland can pull off a major upset why not a tennis player ranked over 700? >> winning is one thing. living is another. >> i was clinically dead. >> and a stanford man is now i every the highest paid player in the nfl. some guys have all the luck.
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and more parents are taking an active role in their children's education. some of the successes fewer students are truant, kids are reading at higher levels and more parents are taking an active role in their children's education. those are some of the successes coming from an oakland-based nonprofit. sharon chin is here to introduce us to the woman who leads this who is also this
6:44 pm
week's jefferson award winner. >> that's right. >> reporter: chris stoner-mertz gives families the support they need to break them out of the cycle of poverty and trauma helping them thrive at home and in school. reporter: parents and kids learn computer basics at this family resource center on the campus of new highland and rise academy in oakland. it's just one example of how chris stoner-mertz empowers low- income families. >> for every family we can do that for, i have made a difference in somebody's life. it gives me meaning. >> this great partnership. >> reporter: prince a license the social worker is the president and ceo of lincoln, the 133-year-old nonprofit began as an orphanage but it's evolved into a more comprehensive program that builds strong families and keeps children in school. chris has led its transformation in the last decade. she moved the headquarters from the oakland hills to west oakland and put staff members
6:45 pm
in more than 30 schools and child development centers. >> we needed to be near where the children and families are. if we were truly going to serve them effectively. you love math? >> reporter: as chris added more programs in low income neighborhoods, lincoln tripled the number of children it served to 4,000 kids in alameda and contra costa counties. its wide ranging services for parents include support groups so mothers like shante abner can destress. >> i'm able to let it out, let it go and go about the day. >> reporter: for kids, field trips, tutoring and creative science classes changed jontae pace's view that school was boring. what did you think about school after that? >> that it was really fun. >> reporter: some students have jumped a whole reading level. another program saw 90% of the worst absentees improve their attendance. at the family resource center, coordinator annie flores says lives are changing. >> we have improved our truancy
6:46 pm
by about 5 to 6% which might not seem large but in urban education it's a big deal. >> fantastic. >> reporter: she gives chris the credit. >> working for someone like chris is phenomenal. >> perfect. >> reporter: so for strengthening families and keeping their kids in school, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to chris stoner-mertz. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> when it comes to truancy she addresses the problem with bus passes and bicycle repearce and others time it's more serious and she provides or refers them to whatever the service the family needs. >> great job. >> thank you. you will find the nomination form for the jefferson award online at and as we approach 7:00 tonight, we have a very strong sea breeze.
6:47 pm
low clouds are relief for the east bay. boy the frigid air close to the shoreline. san francisco has been at 55 all day. concord warm at 80 degrees. not nearly as warm all week. overnight lows in the mid-50s and sun-up bright and early in the morning at 9 minutes before 6 a.m. low pressure in the gulf of alaska and high pressure over the four corners, in between we'll shift to a northwest flow. probably for sun at the coast than today. temperatures might not jump a degree or two inland but nothing big time.
6:48 pm
near seasonal temperatures in fact holiday weekend. can you believe it already the 4th of july? san francisco is close to average.
6:49 pm
very warmth at ukiah. the rest of the bay area a bit of a welcome break. in the extended forecast the numbers will be 90s inland right now through monday. and then the all-important 4th of july forecast with temperatures topping out on the 4th with some low clouds at the shoreline will be from the low 60s to the mid- to upper 80s by the time we get to monday. so all that is looking good and it's going to be touch and go as far as fireworks go on monday as per usual. sports is next. ,,
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when free agency begins in the nba and nhl... but today, it's the nfl with a new record setting co millions of dollars will be handed out friday when free agency begins in the nba. and nhl. but today, it's the nfl with the new record setting contract. >> show the money!! >> playing that a few times over the next three weeks. >> broken record. >> andrew luck signed a new six- year deal with the colts worth up to $140 million with over $80 million guaranteed making him the highest paid player in
6:53 pm
league history. the sharks have reportedly re-signed forward tomas herdl. logan couture congratulated him. now tommy wingels doesn't have to buy you dinner every night. the giants put joe panik on the seven-day concussion dl. he is the third starting position player on the dl. injuries aren't to blame for the giants losing two straight in the bay bridge series. the pitching is slapped around for 21 runs. ouch! roger federer has won 17 career grand slams. but he was not the main attraction on center court today at wimbledon. instead it was his opponent. 772nd ranked marcus willis. >> i'm going go out there and try and win a tennis match. i probably won't. i might not. >> he grew up about an hour away from the all england club. he had the crowd on his side.
6:54 pm
first set willis far court shot for shot loses his footing. but recovers in time to chase one more down send a lob shot. willis jacked out of his mind. the box can't believe it! but federer of course would spoil the party. he said it was the least fan support he has had at wimbledon since he played pete sampras in 2001. federer advance to the third one of the despite the loss it was a day willis will never forget. >> amazing. just not my time to win. [ laughter ] >> next time might be different. when deion sanders signed with the cowboys he bought a bmw for another player just so he could get the number 21. when 7'6" sean bradley was drafted by the 76ers, his number of course was 76. but for one san francisco
6:55 pm
pacific baseball player the number 26 it was a lifesaver. >> i had a dream when i was 10 to play professional baseball. until something in my heart says to stop playing i won't stop playing. >> reporter: jr knows how to listen to his heart like nobody in baseball. he can is just happy it's still talking. >> i'm first off lucky to be alive. >> reporter: he played college baseball at the university of portland where his life changed forever in 2012. >> i went for a sprint at the track, felt faint, did one sprint and everything went black. my heart stopped. in sudden cardiac arrest terms i was clinically dead. >> reporter: he wore the number 26 for the pilots and it was the first responders at firehouse 26 in portland that restarted his heart. >> we presented them with my college jersey so it's hanging up with the number 26.
6:56 pm
for me, personally, it just wasn't my time yet. >> reporter: bunda was still alive but after a lengthy hospital stay, baseball seemed like a long shot. >> i guess when i woke up, i asked when i could go back to practice. [ laughter ] >> reporter: not only did he get back to practice, he got back to the mound only this time with a defibrillator installed in his chest. here in san rafael, he is trying to beat the odds in independent baseball. he has already beat the odds in life. >> his mindset is so strong that we figured it was between him and a couple of other pitchers for the spot we were bringing in and a guy like that who can overcome something like that, baseball is pretty easy for him. >> good perspective on life. >> good reason to have number 26. >> good night. captions by: caption colorado
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? how is everybody? i appreciate you, now. thank y'all very much. ha ha! well, welcome to "family feud," everybody! i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. listen, returning for their second day, with a total of $20,000, from gary, indiana, it's the docks family! [cheering and applause] and from staten island, new york, it's the pierro family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new bold ford edge right there.
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let's play "feud"! let's get it on! give me joanna. give me michael. let's play "feud." hey, guys, here we go. top 7 answers are on the board. we asked 100 men. in the movies, name something that looks sexier when you see a woman do it in slow motion. michael. michael: run. steve: run. pass or play? michael: we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. vernon, you all right today? vernon: yes, sir. steve: good. got that scared look on your face. here we go. we asked 100 men. in the movies, name something that looks sexier when you see a woman do it in slow motion. vernon: eat, steve. >> good answer, v. eeka: good answer. steve: eat. eeka: yes! michael: eat a banana. vernon: all right. >> all right, baby. steve: that's very true, though.


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