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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 5, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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with impunity even as police and firefighters work to institute a crackdown. ((pkg)) natsot fireworks it's a sure thing every you wouldn't know there was a crackdown in oakland by looking at the skyline out here. look across my shoulder. you can see little flashes of light here and there. it was much worse just an hour ago, fireworks going off all across the city, people setting them off with impunity even as police and firefighters work to institute a crackdown. it's a sure thing every independence day, an explosion of illegal fireworks across the east bay skyline. tonight we found relative humiditiers lighting up in broad daylight -- revelers lighting up in broad daylight boldly setting off illegal fireworks in the street undeterred by a crackdown that
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has firefighters patrolling the streets of oakland and police out in force threatening fines up to $10,000. >> we want to advise everyone to not use fireworks in this town. they're dangerous. they can cause fires as we see today. >> reporter: that was the warning tonight from the oakland fire department after this. flames shooting from the roof of a home in the oakland hills early this evening. >> it was really hot and it went up so quickly. it started from this little kind of small flame on the side of the house to just engulfing the entire side of the house. >> reporter: the woman who lives here was not home when it happened and neighbors rescued her dog. authorities are still investigating whether fireworks sparked the blaze. >> all options are on the table and, of course, being 4th of july fireworks could be a cause. >> reporter: another thing we heard a lot of tonight was gunfire, people just firing into the air tonight. oakland police are warning celebratory gunfire will be punished with jail time. reporting live in oakland
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christin ayers, kpix5. take a look at this, chopper 5 over the tri-cities area near fremont tonight as illegal fireworks lit up the sky. people were shooting off fireworks from the middle of the street. they came dangerously close to nearby homes and busy streets. not all tonight's fireworks displays were illegal. we is not reporter cate cauguiran to the big show along the san francisco waterfront. >> reporter: if you got a chance to watch the fireworks show from the water front, you also got a good view of the san francisco fog, but even that didn't keep crowds away. san francisco's independence day celebration ended with a colorful bang. the 23 minute light show threw up the united states' proud red, white and blue over the bay. >> it's the 4th of july like it's the 1 time of year that i'm supposed to see the night sky all lit up. >> reporter: earlier at pier
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39 the massive crowds passed the sound to local '80s cover band tainted love. ♪ oh we're halfway there ♪ ♪ >> reporter: closer to show time locals and visitors were wondering if there would be a show. what happens if you can only see half the show because of the fog? >> i'd be devastated, hope it doesn't happen. >> i didn't really think it was like a thing with the fog. >> i'm going to watch it. >> reporter: no matter what? >> no matter what. >> reporter: high pro spectaculars put on this year's show and told us it was designed keeping the bay area fog in mind with fireworks set to go off at different altitudes so that no matter what the show would go on. this year pyrospectacular offered an app that people could download to listen to patriotic music synced to the fireworks show. in san francisco cate cauguiran, kpix5. san jose police are stepping up efforts to crack down on illegal fireworks. only on 5 tonight betty yu rode
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along with the cops as they look for violators and found some. >> reporter: this year the san jose police department has more manpower on the ground to battle firepower in the sky. >> fireworks used throughout the city of san jose i would say is on a very grand scale. so there's no special area in san jose that either is or is not greatly affected by fireworks. >> reporter: we were there as san jose police and fire joined forces to beef up fire works patrol. last year there was no organized effort. this year there are 13 police officers dedicated solely to the crackdown and some fire inspectors will ride around with officers. this afternoon this was part of the haul from a bust, a 15-year- old being charged with a misdemeanor. they believe their enforcement program is working. before the sun went down tonight its team handed out six citations for possessions of
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illegal fireworks. >> i'm looking for neighborhoods, block parties, road closures, places where somebody might be setting up to prepare for some kind of fireworks display either on their street or in their courts. >> reporter: for the first time the city's new fines range from $500 for the first offense to 1,000 for the third. the challenge for officers is always getting to every offender in time. >> it can be the case. sometimes it's just about proximity, where is the officer related to where is the call for service? but as of tonight, there have been several instances where the citizen has called and the officer has been very close and we've issued a citation or seized i fireworks. >> reporter: in san jose betty -- illegal fireworks. >> reporter: in san jose betty yu, cbs5. also in san jose police shot and killed a teenager. veronica de la cruz is here tonight to explain what happened. >> liz, police opened fire just
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off feller avenue near story road in the east foothills before 5:00 this afternoon. the victim has been identified as anthony nunez. police received a call for a welfare check on a potentially suicidal man. when they arrived, sources tell us they found nunez with a self- inflicted gunshot wound. at this point he may have only grazed himself with a bullet. we do not know exactly what prompted the police officer to open fire, but we are told there was some sort of confrontation. no officers are injured and the shooting is still under investigation. about three hours ago the sheriff looked at all so-called mandatory evacuations for the trailhead fire. tonight it's 50% contained. it's burned over 5,000 acres so far, but no structures have been damaged and no injuries
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reported. the san francisco fire department pulled out all the stops to rescue a woman and her dog stuck down a 200-foot cliff. rescue crew there's to pull the woman up with a -- crews had to pull the woman up with a harness. the dog was close behind. he wagged his trail as they walked him across the sand to reunite him with his owner. both owner and dog were not injured. the golden state warriors adding one of the nba's best players to its already star studded roster. former mvp kevin durant is joining the doves. tonight joe vazquez shows us some of his fans are burning mad. >> reporter: the 4th of july fireworks -- >> see you later. >> reporter: -- have begun angry at his announcement he's leaving oklahoma city for the golden state warriors. some of kevin durant's former fans are setting his jersey on fire. >> they shouldn't be mad at
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kevin. >> reporter: they 00th? they're burning his jersey. -- they shouldn't? they're burning his jersey. >> not like they did lebron's. >> reporter: durant, a nearly 7-foot tall giant who moves as gracefully as a guard recently has been hinting he might not stay in okc. >> two most important things for me is being around great people and having fun playing basketball. >> reporter: now that he's a warrior four of the five starters are all stars. steph curry and durant are both likely future hall of famers. >> reporter: what does it mean for your team the wizards? >> my team? not good, not good at all. >> reporter: some fans are complaining it's unfair. >> i don't think they're upset with the warriors. i think they're upset with the whole let's make a team out of money. that's going to ruin the whole sport. >> you can't do nothing about the haters. we'll just say hi, haters and
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smile at them. >> if you don't got no haters, then you're not doing your job. >> andrea nakano is here. tough losses for oklahoma city, though. >> it is a tough loss, but it's a hard business in sports. as of right now, a repeat trip to the western conference fines looks nearly impossible for the thunder. as you can imagine, in oklahoma city there is a little shock and disappointment when durant announced his departure, but unlike openly criticizing lebron when he left in 2010, a very classy response from the thunder front office. >> we need to realize what took place here over the last eight years and recognize it and celebrate it. they should feel thankful, grateful. i can't tell them not to be disappointed, but the one thing i would also say is the city
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should be incredibly proud. >> next year's free agency will be interesting. steph will be a free agent and durant's deal is basically a one year deal with an option for a second year. so they may both leave, but this is how sports are and right now the warriors are on an up note. >> thanks. >> that's it. a driver got trapped inside this flipped suv. tonight the drag action it took to finally get her free. >> pigs and protesters, we'll tell you about the bay area 4th of july tradition that some call a cruel game. >> an outer space mission years in the mission culminated just
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at least 215 people were killed. reporter charlie d'agata has the latest on the worst attack on tonight isis says it's responsible for a devastating truck bombing in baghdad. at least 215 people were killed. this was the worst attack on iraqi civilians since 2003. >> reporter: even in a country awash in bloodshed this was bad, the isis suicide bomber knowing just where and when to strike to kill as many civilians as possible. the holy month of ramadan ends this week and cafes and shops along the boulevard were packed full of families enjoying the cool of the night after fasting through the long hot day when the car bomb went off. even as they carried more body
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bags away from the rubble and wreckage, it was already clear that this was the worst single terror attack to hit the capital in years. translator: i swear to god the government is a failure this woman says. they are the ones who brought terrorism here. >> reporter: the attack came about a week after iraqi government forces completely recaptured the nearby city of fallujah in a fierce battle lasting for weeks. as they hold vigils for victims in iraq, there are many questions but one dead certainty, that another isis attack will come. with public anger mounting the iraqi justice ministry announced its five convicted terrorists were executed this morning. officials said they wanted bereaved families to know they're continuing to deliver punishment to those whose hands are stained with iraqi blood. 20 hostages died... including a >> isis also claims responsibility for an attack
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friday in bangladesh. 20 hostages died including a uc berkeley student who was doing an internship in that country, 19-year-old tareshi john, a sophomore and indian citizen. tomorrow the school will hold a memorial for her at noon in sprole plaza. bay area gun control advocates held a sit-in in the middle of a 4th of july festival in redwood city. congresswoman jackie speier led a group of about 50 sitting down inside the fox theater. speier said she wants people to declare independence from the gun lobby. she was shot five times in jonestown, guyana back in '87. >> i know what it does to you every day to, your body and emotionally, and we don't want to see any more of this unnecessarily. >> we want to stand up against gang violence. >> a former gang member also
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suffering the effects of gun violence, today's demonstration lasting over an hour. firefighters saved a driver trapped in our car caught on camera. this car crashed and flipped onto its side on 12th and solano streets in vallejo about 8:30 this morning. crews eventually had to cut open the windshield to free the woman. three people were taken to the hospital. tonight bay area animal activists are fighting to stop a 4th of july tradition, kids chasing after pigs. protesters told our mark kelly the popular event in woodside is nothing more than animal cruelty. >> reporter: it's called the pig scramble, kids under the age of 10 race to be the first one to snatch a pig by its hind legs. parents say it's a harmless game, but these protesters call it something else. >> very distasteful. we don't think it's right what they're doing to the pigs. >> i think there are other forms of entertainment for children. >> reporter: but parent terry
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hicks says his family loves this event, that the mountain patrol of san mateo has put this on for decades now. his 9-year-old daughter even won first place in the pig scramble a fuel years back. >> as long as it's well supervised and well managed and pigs don't truly get hurt, i don't think it's cruelty. >> reporter: not even if they're squealing? >> i've never heard a pig that doesn't squeal. >> reporter: how much do you love animals? >> i love them a lot. they're really fun to be with. >> reporter: protesters say the event is also sending a scrambled up message to kids how to treat animals. >> it's teaching them it's okay to use animals for entertainment to treat them like toys and kneels are live very intelligent beings. >> reporter: -- these are live very intelligent being. s. >> reporter: road -- beings. >> reporter: rodeo organizers
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say they don't believe it's animal cruelty. >> i've competed in many pig scrambles and it did not teach me to be cruel to animals. >> reporter: here's something we don't see often, the rodeo organizers and protesters agreed to meet in a couple weeks to see if they can find common ground on the pig scramble. in woodside mark kelly, kpix5. the 7 is on for the driver who sheer -- the search is on for the driver who sheared off a fire hydrant in san ramone and sped away. this is at morris canyon road and san ramone valley boulevard. the water got turned off in about 15 minutes. police are looking now for a white car that looked like a vw jetta. a couple hours ago the solar powered spacecraft juno got into jupiter's orbit. it took five years to get there and entering the orbit was no small task.
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[ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: joy and relief from police station control as the most critical moment of juno's trip to jupiter is a success after five years of traveling 1.8 billion miles. the solar powered spacecraft is closer to jupiter than ever before. >> i'm excited and it's just an honor to be part of something big. >> reporter: at 8:18 a.m. juno slowed itself down significantly as planned and by 8:53 p.m. scientists cheered as juno officially entered jupiter's orbit. juno will now be able to reach cloud level of a planet larger than other the others in our solar system combined. engineers say its elements are also the most treacherous. juno just faced massive amount of radiation and a ring of dangerous debris but so far handled it perfectly. now scientists are promising
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close-up views of the giant planet that will help answer questions not just about jupiter, but about how our solar system began. >> we're representing nasa, our country and humanity out there exploring. it just feels really special as a scientist to be part of that. >> now juno will take part in a 20 month mission to gather information. { toss to sports tease} { toss to sports tease} >> threading the needle. >> isn't that something? they planned on it having a 35 minute and two 2nd rocket burn which four or five years after launch it's tough to thread that needle that closely, but it burned within one second that it's supposed to and now it's in orbit above jupiter, so great success for nasa and lockheed martin and scientists that manufactured the spacecraft. the big story tonight was the
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foggy works in san francisco. still they pulled off a pretty good show. tomorrow morning there will be plenty of leftovers burning back to the shoreline by midnight. here it comes gone, there it is live in full view at 20 minutes after 11:00 in the bay area. concord has 60 degrees and in the city it's 55. low pressure is subsiding slowly over western canada and with high pressure shrinking south we've got some pretty good onshore breeze the next couple days keeping inland areas mild, in the low 100s a week ago. tomorrow low 80s inland in the warmest spots. so coast and bay fog tonight and drizzle. temperatures remain about the same. it will cool by the weekend a little but no dramatic changes. overnight mid-50s and sun-up tomorrow at seven minutes
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before 6 a.m. on your tuesday morning will find redding at 95 degrees. forecast mies are below average with 61 in the city, 78 in concord and 66 in oakland tomorrow, santa clara mid-70s for much of the south and east bay, 90 at brentwood, 82 pittsburgh, north bay low clouds and low to mid-70s and still warm for clearlake and lake port and cloverdale. extended forecast low 80s inland through friday and it cools a bit into the bay. we'll be in the 60s right through the weekend. the fog is hard to call, but you want to talk about an ace forecaster? she's right there. she called kevin durant yesterday and said what do you think? >> according to my sources in my gut i had this feeling. coming up in sports kevin durant announces his decision
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to join golden state, but now the time must part ways with several players. we're have all of the day's we're have all of the day's developments,,,,,,,,,,,,
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us.
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care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center. conference finals... the basketball world weighed in on where kevin du season. ma as soon as the warriors beat the thunder in the western conference finals the basketball world weighed in on where kevin durant should play next season. many including charles barkley thought he should stay right where he was in oklahoma city. >> he'd be a fool to leave. >> reporter: why would he be a fool? >> there's no other team in the nba he could go to where he's got more talent than he's got now. >> that may not be true. he will team up with steph curry, klay thompson, draymond green and andre iguodala for two years for $54 million. durant was a seven time all- star and won the mvp in 2014. in an essay on the players tribune durant wrote moving out of my comfort zone to a new
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city and community offers the greatest potential for my personal growth. with this in mind i have decided to join the golden state warriors. in response to durant signing with the golden state warriors the warriors reportedly agreed to trade center andrew bogut to the mav vicks and also headed to dallas -- mavericks and also headed to dallas is harrison barnes and festus ezeli is an unrestricted free agent and zaza pachulia will likely be the team's new starting center. . we've got much more as the a's try to snap their losing,,,,
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why are you deleting these photos?
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because my teeth are yellow. why don,t you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it,s bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> san francisco giant jake peavy trying to rebound from his third shortest outing of the season. he got some help in the field and at the plate. durant fever already hitting at&t park tied 1-1 in the 3rd inning. angel pagan connects with his fourth home run of the year to give the giants a 3-1 lead. that was the final in this game and the giants now have won four of their last five. this little guy at the a's and twins game all ready for the holiday tied 1-1 in the 7th with the bases loaded there's a two out single giving the a's the lead. they win 3-1 snapping a four game losing streak, so a badly
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needed win for them. they'll be ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a good night!
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