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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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smell the fire for miles away. they are concerned about smoke burning for so long. >> i was just sitting in my house watching tv and i came outside and i saw the big cloud of smoke and i grabbed my little brother right here and we just got in my truck and drove as fast as we could to see what was going on. >> it looked horrible. it was very horrible. hope nobody got hurt. >> reporter: now, we do have late information that the newark police department has issued a "shelter in place" for residents to the south of this area. previously, police and fire department personnel had gone through some of the local businesses and asked those folks to evacuate because this is mainly a business area. but in the short most recent information we have is that that is now extended to residences. the alameda county fire department, they called for mutual aid. crews from hayward, fremont, dublin-pleasanton here now helping to knock the fire down. the police department asking people to "shelter in place."
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we are also told that some bulldozer crews are en route to help fire crews move around from this to get better access to actually what's burning. we haven't seen the bulldozers yet but we'll keep an eye out for that. an active situation. once again more than two hours since this fire started in newark. believe in newark, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. >> one of our directors was flying over the scene of that fire today and he got this video from the sky. the faa said that they have not restricted flights yet. they may impose flight restrictions however which would impact local aircraft but not flights arriving at oakland. now to the latest on the dallas officers ambush. here's what we know right now. among the five officers killed, a newlywed and iraq veteran. we also know more about the gunman. we know his name and that police now believe he acted alone. we're also learning there have been targeted police shootings in georgia, tennessee and missouri. >> we have a series of reports.
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our team coverage begins with kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez in dallas. >> reporter: just as the peaceful march was winding down last night, bullets rained down on to the crowd. [ gunfire. >> somebody is really armed to the teeth. >> get back! >> reporter: police say a sniper took elevated positions and targeted officers. >> i would say probably about 20 gunshots rapid succession. >> i was screaming run, run, run, active shooter. >> somebody turned around and we got hit, boom! >> boom, boom, boom, boom! kept going! >> reporter: police surrounded 25-year-old micah johnson but after a long gun battle and hours of negotiation he refused to surrender so officers made the decision to deliver a bomb by a remote-controlled police robot and blew the suspect up. johnson lived in the dallas suburb of mesquite. he was a decorated private first class with the army reserves who served in afghanistan. before he was killed, johnson told negotiators he acted alone. >> he said he was upset about
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the recent police shootings. the suspect said he was upset at white people. the suspect stated he wants to kill white people, especially white officers. >> reporter: hundreds gathered in dallas's thanksgiving square for a prayer vigil and to remember the officers shot down by sniper fire. the police officers who were shot didn't have much of a chance. an army veteran took a sniper position and fired away. dallas police now reporting at least a dozen police officers fired at johnson during the gun battle. >> officer shots fired. code 3. stop the radio. officer down. >> reporter: the entire metroplex is grieving the loss of the officers trying to understand what happened. >> to say that our police officers put their life on the line every day is no hyperbole. we as a country must come together. >> reporter: president obama promised to send more federal support if dallas needs it. >> there's no possible justification for these kinds of attacks or any violence against law enforcement. >> reporter: the city's police
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chief made a more personal appeal. >> we don't feel much support most days. let's not make today most days. >> that was joe vazquez reporting from dallas. also today, a report that officers in other u.s. cities have been targeted including an ambush shooting in georgia. in that case, authorities say a man called 911 reporting a break-in. when the responding officer arrived on scene, the man opened fire. other officers were called to the scene sparking a shootout. the suspect was also shot. he and the officer were taken to the hospital to be treated. a suburban st. louis police officer in critical condition this evening. he was shot in the neck during a traffic stop in the community of ballwin, missouri. the suspects a black man opened fire as the officer was walking back to his police car. police there are calling it an ambush. and in bristol, tennessee, investigators say a man behind
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a deadly shooting was targeting white people. he said he was troubled by shootings involving black people and law enforcement. this one happened yesterday morning. one person died, three people were injured, including a police officer. after dallas, a very different feel for bay area police officers who woke up and went to work today. our team coverage continues. kpix 5's da lin in oakland with officers under a new kind of pressure. it's never an easy job. now they have to worry about something else, da. >> reporter: yeah, ken. i talked to re-- oakland retired police chief howard jordan. we talked about the kind of pressure officers are under these days especially now. you have a lot of officers worried about their safety but also trying to balance that with the kind of policing that the community demands and sometimes that goes against their own training. despite the animosity, the broken doors at opd headquarters and the police killings in dallas, oakland officers are back at work just
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like it's another day. >> our number one priority is stay focused and remain on the task at hand and that is providing public safety service. we also are balancing that with making sure officers are taken care of. are we meeting their needs? >> reporter: some people understand the emotional toll and made it a point to show their support by dropping off flowers at opd. >> those flowers are white and yellow for friendship and love. >> reporter: these college students treated officers to donuts. >> everyone needs to be together especially at a time like this. >> we don't care if it's a donut, handshake or hug. because every relationship is important. >> reporter: the dallas killings brought back bad memories for retired police chief howard jordan, who oversaw the deadliest day for police in oakland. in 2009, gunman lavelle mixon killed four officers. >> it's extremely difficult. i remember when that he marched
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for lavelle nixon. we had officers who were providing security for them. >> reporter: he said officers will be professional and even more vigilant. you go given the two recent high-profile police shootings of black men, police and city leaders worrisome officers will second-guess their own training. >> i have seen incidents where officers have shown a great number of restraint -- much to their detriment, as well, where an officer was injured, perhaps he was a little too hesitant to be involved and use force because they were concerned about the aftermath. >> reporter: now, the retired chief talked about the gap, the gap between the community and the police is very fluid. it shrinks and expands. right now with the police killings and the dallas attacks, that gap is pretty wide right now. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. also today, san jose's police chief ordered officers in that city to pair up in patrol cars. in light of the violence in
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dallas, they normally ride solo. the change is just one more measure to try to keep cops safe. >> there was some veiled threats made generally against officers. so i would imagine every law enforcement agency is on high alert right now after what happened last night. >> and a bay area transit agency displayed solidarity today for the police officers who were killed in dallas. the vta held a moment of silence and all vta buses and trains stopped for one minute at 11 a.m. the idea, to quietly reflect and to honor dallas area rapid transit officer brent thompson, who was one of the five officers killed. the dallas shootings happened as protestors were on the streets of oakland. about 1,000 protestors blocked the freeway for four hours last night. some even climbing on to a big rig. earlier an estimated 2,000 marched through the streets and took over frank ogawa plaza. they were mostly peaceful. but a group smashed windows at
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businesses and someone painted anti-cop graffiti on the door of police headquarters. five were arrested for vandalism and graffiti. and it's not over. more anti-police protests are set for tonight. these demonstrations will likely have a much different feel. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward with cautious police officers and those who say their fight for justice must go on. jackie . >> reporter: ken, tonight's planned protest has nothing to do with what happened in dallas last night. in fact, organizers say this was all in the works long before that. they will continue their mission but in a peaceful way. before congratulating the recent graduates in san francisco today, acting police chief toney chaplin said his force is treating tonight's protest like any other. >> we're going to have the same staff we have for all the events. we always staff for safety reasons to make sure, you know, we have enough people out there for the size crowd we anticipate. >> reporter: he says he wants
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his officers to facilitate's rights and expects a peaceful safe event. various social justice groups from the bay area like "black lives matter" and others are rallying to continue their fight against what they say is police brutality. >> we have seen in san francisco the changes now that they fired chief suhr that the people on the street that real justice can be achieved. >> reporter: frank volunteers to the answer coalition and is organizing the event. he doesn't condone what happened in dallas. but he didn't condemn it it, either. he says his focus is the same. >> why did two persons get shot? those of us doing this strong difficult work in organizing the community have a very clear message, justice. >> reporter: organizers expect several hundred people to come to justin herman plaza in a little more than an hour where a rally will be held until about 7:00. and then they plan on marching down market street to city hall. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5.
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>> in los angeles, rapper snoop dogg led a police march where groups from the latest academy graduated. they watched the ceremony peacefully from a distance behind barricades. snoop dogg and the marchers shook hands with the new recruits. he says the goal of the march was not to bash officers but to open communication between the police and the community. >> can't match hate with hate. you have to match it with love. the first step is to get dialogue with the new recruits so we are not killing our police and the police are not killing us. >> the two rappers then met with the mayor and police chief. the mayor says the meeting was extraordinarily powerful. minnesota police have identified the officers who were involved in that deadly shooting of a black man during a traffic stop this week. police say that officer jeronimo yanez fired the shot that killed philando castile
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wednesday night. castile's girlfriend streamed the aftermath live on facebook. investigators say her video and video from the police car are critical pieces of evidence now. the justice department is monitoring the investigation. yanez and the other officer joseph kauser are on administrative leave. the mother of alton sterling's son says she doesn't believe that sterling was carrying a gun the night that police shot and killed him. officers struggled with him outside a convenience store in baton rouge, louisiana on tuesday. they said that he was armed and a witness said they pulled a gun out of his pocket stay with us for the latest information on these officer-involved shootings and the ambush in dallas. we'll have much more coming up at 5:30 on a special hour long edition of the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" live from dallas. that's followed by kpix 5 news at 6:30. traffic on a bay area freeway snarled for hours. >> coming up, the nightmare for drivers after this big rig
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burst into flames. >> coming up, a growing dispute over tree maintenance in san francisco. whose responsibility are they? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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afternoon on the i-880 connr ramp to east a big rig fire causing a traffic nightmare in the east bay right now. this happened about 1:00 this afternoon on the i-880 connector ramp to eastbound interstate 80. the trailer somehow caught fire sending black smoke over the freeway. firefighters had it under control in about 15 minutes. but the clean-up, that's taking several hours. >> we are getting word that the ramp won't re-open until closer to 7 p.m. tonight. and that's going to mean slow going for east bay commuters. other bay area headlines right now, a suspicious death
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in palo alto is now being investigated as a likely homicide. last night swan went looking for a rel -- someone went looking for a relative at a home on creekside drive and found the body. investigators say evidence points to foul play. the victim was an asian woman in her 60s. an inmate escape from santa cruz. he was working in a kitchen this morning at the county jail on water street when the 20- year-old fled behind the about. he was in jail in watsonville and traveled to other jails as part of a kitchen crew. more than 100 cases of possible voter fraud have turned up in contra costa county. officials there say 113 people exploited a loophole in the state law to vote twice in the june primary. they allegedly turned in vote by mail ballots at polling places and then voted again later. the district attorney is investigating. in san francisco there's a dispute over tree maintenance. for years, the city has been shifting the responsibility of
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caring for trees on to homeowners. but as julie watts reports, residents are now trying to shift it back. >> reporter: if a tree falls in san francisco, who is responsible? well, according to this sign, not the city. at least not for now. >> just really bothered me. >> reporter: bw lee was outraged to see these signs popping up in the trees outside her apartment. >> basically it's a transfer of money from the city's responsibility to the people. >> reporter: this tree is among the latest batch officially being handed over to homeowners through san francisco's tree transfer program. the root of the problem? if a tree falls in the city, the people living next to it are now responsible. they are also on the hook for watering, pruning and caring for the tree which used to be done by the city. >> so we really didn't want to do this but we did not have the funding available for us to take care of street trees in the way that they should be taken care of. >> reporter: rachel gordon of san francisco public works says the trees are supposed to be pruned every three to five
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years but due to funding are on a 10 to 12-year cycle so in 2011, it began transferring ownership to homeowners on adjacent properties. but gordon says the future of the tree transfer program is up in the air. several proposals are now aiming to put the trees and their upkeep back in the hands of the city. something bw thinks is long overdue. >> let's don't do something so basic as not take care of the plant life in this city. >> reporter: supervisors scott weiner proposed legislation to transfer the maintenance back to the city by charging homeowners a small parcel tax 30 to $40 which he points out is much less than hiring ann arborist or paying the deductible after a tree falls and damages property. the board is set to considerate legislation on tuesday. if passed, it could end up on the november ballot. in san francisco, julie watts, kpix 5. >> those trees in san francisco have been whipping around all week long. it has been windy and chilly. but a change today away from the water. the 80s are back.
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a weekend forecast with one cloudier day and one sunnier day. we'll discuss it and talk about when the 90s are coming back. it's all next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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our weather in the bay area is so sensitive all we did today was decrease the onshore flow about 3 or 4 miles per hour change the wind direction a little bit and for some of you that meant 10 degrees warmer. look at the 80s returning to the bay area for the first time this week. concord 82. livermore 81. santa rosa 85. san jose 76. i'm watching that smoke dissipate a bit. but staying close to the surface if you are watching us in milpitas or parts of newark or northeastern san jose. not the best air quality from the fire burning in newark. oakland 68. san francisco 61. a little warmer tonight. we'll cloud up a bit and it was milder today.
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so we are going to hang out close to 60 in fairfield and concord. vallejo tonight 58. san jose 58. napa overnight low 54. so many things going on, it is summertime in the beautiful bay area. sunday street block party the tenderloin a mixture of sun and clouds. the warmer day over the weekend will be sunday. but even that will only be the mid-60s which is average for san francisco this time of the year. an abnormal weather pattern now. strong area of low pressure off the pacific northwest coastline. that's not abnormal but the time of year is. we would expect about 10 months outof the year but not july or august. but here we are july 8. we actually have some rain falling in far northern california up towards smith river and crescent city. even around mount shasta picking up some rain showers right now. we'll likely not see anything close to widespread rain around here but what this will do as that low makes a close pass to the bay area going to drop temperatures down again tomorrow because the onshore flow about get stronger and it will be foggy tomorrow morning. 9:00 in the morning the fog will spill into san francisco
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bay getting you in hayward and union city and fremont and milpitas. we'll see the clouds hanging on tough at the beach if you are planning on a beach day tomorrow half moon bay bring a thicker jacket. it will be cloudy with temperatures in the mid-60s there but the rest of us will get sunshine tomorrow afternoon. more sunshine on sunday. next week the weather pattern changes again. this ridge of high pressure to our south and east will take over limiting the onshore flow. that means more sunshine and warmer weather. 90s away from the water, upper 80s low 90s, beginning next monday. so increasing cloud cover tonight. some areas of drizzle especially right along the coastline. we are dropping the temperatures down a five degrees tomorrow with an increase in the breeze. then we are sunnier on sunday and we'll be warmer next week. so a lot of 70s out there tomorrow. livermore 78. oakland 71. santa rosa 77 degrees. sunday sunnier and milder. then next week warmer widespread 70s near the bay. 60s at the beach. 80s and 90s inland. that's your forecast. a preview of our 6:30 news
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from dallas... joe, how's the city doing 24 hours after the deadly poli ambush? and back to our top story tonight, kpix 5's joe vazquez is leading our coverage live from dallas. >> joe, how's the city doing 24 hours after this deadly police ambush. >> reporter: not too well, veronica. i mean, look, it's a warm sunny night here in downtown dallas. but make no mistake about it, it's a gloomy day. take a look behind me. this is el centro college. this is where police say a
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sniper was perched last night and unleashed a hail of bullets in the middle of what was until then a peaceful protest. five officers were killed. nine others were wounded. the gunman micah johnson refused to surrender for hours and was locked into a gun battle with police. officers finally sent in a row meet controlled robot bomb and killed him. as you can imagine, it's a gut- wrenching day here in dallas. the community is doing its best to come together. every hour brings more strange news about the gunman and people who died. it is a supreme challenge for the dallas/fort worth area right now struggling with getting their heads around what happened here. we mentioned president obama earlier in the newscast. now we're told he will be cutting short his european trip and coming here next week. >> all right, joe vazquez, live there in dallas. joe, we are going to be speaking with you again at 6:30. thank you. i'm allen martin in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:30 tonight, as the events unfold in dallas, we of course are keeping an eye on a
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new round of anti-police protests planned tonight here in the bay area. and a live update on the recycling center fire that continues to rage in newark sending smoke across the east bay. those stories and more tonight at 6:30. >> thank you. that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. a special hour long edition of the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," who is live in dallas tonight. that's coming up next. >> and alan and i will see you at 6:30 right after that. remember, the latest news and weather, always on ♪[ music ] captions by: caption colorado
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ambush in dallas . [ gunfire ] >> it's a sniper? >> get down. get down. get down. >> pelley: a gunman angry about police shootings of black men can kills five cops and wounds seven. >> the suspects say they want to kill white people, especially white officers. >> pelley: police use an unprecedented tactic to take the killer down. >> we saw no other option but to use our bomb robots. >> pelley: as protests continue against the violence that's sent american into mourning, the father of a fallen hero makes a plea for peace. >> stop, please! let's all get along don't matter i y


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