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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 15, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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for some of you the news continues, for others, check it's friday, july 15, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." mass casualty in france. a bastille day terrorist attack leaves dozens dead in nice when a truck flies through a crowded street and the driver opens fire. good morning. this is cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm meg oliver in for anne-marie green. an evening of national
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celebration turned into a scene of horror when a truck plowed into a crowd in southern france. the large, white truck mowed down people gathered in bastille for a fireworks display. at least 84 people are dead including two americans, shawn and his 11-year-old son brody. the texas family was on vacation. the attack went a mile. the driver was shot dead by police. the french interior minister said we are at war with terrorists. france extended the state of emergency. tina kraus is in london with the latest. good morning. tina, good morning. >> reporter: meg, good morning. the truck was loaded with guns and grenades. the driver plowed through the crowd for a mile as people ran to get out of the path. some held on to the doors of the truck trying to get it to stop. forensic teams in nice examined the bullet-ridden truck overnight. the driver mowed down dozens of
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people celebrating bastille day just hours before. one eyewitness captured the truck picking up speed as it barrelled down the promenade. mike lives in nice and heard the screams as people ran for cover. >> we looked out our window off the balcony and there were people screaming down the pedestrian mall and knocking over the tables at the cafe. >> reporter: a family from texas were among those killed. ben terry captured the video as he and others hid in a storage room of a restaurant. he says the driver opened fire on spectators before police eventually shot him. >> we wanted to believe it was just fire crackers going off or fireworks, but it became something more sinister than that. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: hours after the attack, french president, francois holland said terror hit
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the country, again. president obama condemned the attack. french officials are looking into who else may have played a role. so far, no group claimed responsibility. it's possible to death toll will grow. authorities say at least 20 people are in critical condition this morning. meg? >> tina kraus in london, thank you. investigators are working to identify the man behind the nice attack. they report the truck driver was a 31-year-old born in tunisia. cbs security consultant says u.s. authorities were already on high alert ahead of next week's republican convention. they will coordinate with french officials to learn more. >> who was this person? what was around him? what did the network look like? is there something we can learn from this other than the obvious, which is a truck that is in america and can do a lot of damage against this civilian
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population with no other weapon. the truck is the weapon. >> french president hollande is trying to figure out if the truck driver had any help. france suffered major terrorist attacks over the last two years. in november, militants linked to isis opened fire inside a concert hall and other sites across paris. the coordinated attack killed 130 people. earlier that year, a gun assault on police officers, satirical magazine and a kosher grocery store killed even people. al qaeda claimed responsibility. coming up, we speak with former cia director, michael morell about the investigation into the nice truck attack. donald trump spoke out about the nice massacre and postponed the rollout of his running mate, indiana governor, mike pence. another attack. when will we learn, it is only gets worse.
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we are covering the trump campaign. >> i support donald trump. he has the right vision. >> reporter: donald trump spoke with mike pence as he settled on the indiana governor to bring conservatism and low-key personality to the ticket. he was born in indiana with a law degree from indiana university. he served six terms in congress and carved out a record that tea party republicans fancied long before they became a force within the gop. pence initially endorsed texas senator, ted cruz, in the indiana primary that clinched trump's status as the nominee. >> a principled conservative who dedicated his career to advocating the reagan agenda. >> reporter: earlier, he opposed trump on two issues, temporarily banning muslim immigration and a trade deal in asia called the transpacific partnership. pence came around to team trump
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and has been singing his praises since he laid claim to the nomination. >> he's a builder, a fighter and patriot. >> reporter: a new poll shows 86% of voters are undecided or do not know enough about pence to form an opinion. he's not been touched by scandal as a member of congress or governor. he came under fire for a bill allowing businesses to deny service based on beliefs. after swift opposition, he had the law redrafted. >> it's been a tough week in the hoosier state. >> reporter: long standing ties to the koch brothers, wealthy conservative brothers who shied away from the trump campaign. pence does not guarantee he can change their minds, but creates a possibility where none existed before. major garrett, cbs news, new york. face the nation moderator, john dickerson is in cleveland
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for the republican national convention. he looks at what pence brings to the ticket. >> he is not of washington but has some washington experience. donald trump wanted to pick somebody who could help him get something done in washington. he has strong ties to the social conservative part of the republican party. he helps trump cinch that unity. it's part of what he is trying to do at the convention. unlike somebody like newt gingrich, mike pence is not somebody who is going to cause issues or probably not somebody who is going to cause issues for the person at the top of the ticket in terms of behavior and staying on message. >> trump did not say when he plans to announce the running mate decision. the republican convention kicks off monday. an effort by conservatives to derail trump's nomination suffered a blow. they voted to reject a proposal to let delegates vote for any candidate they like. that would have thrown the convention into disarray. the outcome all but ends the
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so-called never trump movement. hillary clinton condemned the attacks in france saying we will not be intimidated. clinton campaigned in virginia with senator tim kaine, a potential vice president pick. a closed door meeting with democrats included other possible running mates, elizabeth warren, brown and sanders. religious leaders in minnesota called for healing of racial profiling. 3,000 mourners filled the cathedral in st. paul for castile's funeral. his girlfriend live streamed the aftermath of the shooting. president obama says bridging the gap between blacks and whites will take time, much more time than he has left in office. he addressed the deaths of black men at the hands of police during a town hall yesterday at a washington theater.
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>> i think in that sense, what is true for me is true for a lot of african-american men. there's -- there's a greater presumption of dangerousness that arises from, you know, the social and cultural perception that has been fed to folks for a long time. i think it is not as bad as it used to be, but is still there. there's a history to that. >> the white house says the president met privately afterward with erica garner, the daughter of a black man who died in a confrontation with police. a 9/11 report is expected to be released as early as today. the government withheld two dozen pages of the congressional
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report for nearly 15 years. it is believed the pages detail possible connections between the attacks and the saudi arabian government. coming up on the morning news, expressing regret. a supreme court justice admits making a mistake in comments that fueled with war with donald trump. the zika threat. the worse may possibly be over. this is the "cbs morning news." i think it's important for everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout. that these residents still have lives and their lives still matter and that they are still living their lives. that they're not locked away and that they still have a lot to live for, you know, that they have people that care about them and they have people that love them and i love them, so (laughs). call now to find out how we can put our 30 years of understanding to work for your loved one today. i don't want to put whenmy life on hold.he, i've got a big night planned with my friends. and i want to enjoy every moment of it.
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finally, i discovered new tide odor defense. it eliminates the yoga aroma. so i can breathe easy hummmmm. don't just mask odors. eliminate them with new tide odor defense. if it's gotta be clean, it's gotta be tide. after the latest attack on french soil, the interior minister says the country is at war with terrorists. dozens of people were killed in nice by a man that mowed people down with a truck as they celebrated bastille day. at least two americans are among the dead. a witness who lives nearby, describes the aftermath. >> there were people streaming down this pedestrian mall that our apartment is right over, you
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know, knocking over the tables at the cafe that were out all along here, knocking store displays over. >> at least 18 people were hospitalized in critical condition. here at home, the zika epidemic may have peaked and a high court justice backtracked. those are some of the reports. "the washington post" reports ruth bader ginsburg regrets making remarks about donald trump. she acknowledged they should not comment on political candidates. the statement did not include an apology to trump who she called a faker. national public radio says the zika epidemic may have peaked. cases are now declining after hitting a high in february. an expert says the virus will lay low and remain a threat in the u.s. for years. "the new york times" says average health spending this year will top $10,000 a person. that would be a first. the obama administration said the figure will rise because of
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here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs moneywatch," how the brexit vote might affect your flight plans. oil jobs poised for a comeback. we are at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning. >> good morning, meg. nothing feeds investor confidence like earnings. that kept the stocks in record territory. the dough jones rose 134 points yesterday, the s&p 500 climbed 11 points. the nasdaq finished short of an all-time high hit a year ago. the labor picture is brightening. analysts at goldman sachs predict the oil and gas industry will need to add up to 100,000
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jobs by 2018 to keep up with the growing demand. a slump in oil supply led to layoffs. delta plans to cut flights between the u.s. and britain this winter. the pound dropped 12% since britain voted to leave the european union. that's hurting delta's bottom line. they will scale back 6%. the government says airlines are giving travelers less headaches. 85% of flights on 12 biggest u.s. carriers arrived on time in april and consumer complaints dropped 20%. hawaiian airlines and delta were the most punctual. spirit was last, landing late more than a fourth of the time. meg? >> thank you. coming up, more from nice, france. an attack on a deadly truck attack that left dozens of people dead during bastille day celebration. during bastille day celebration. t they're daughterst was set on going to the zoo.
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the reaction from around the world. plus, both hillary clinton and donald trump respond to the attack in france saying we are at war with terrorists, but they differ on how to fight back. plus, police in hayward still need your help answering questions -- after a dad is shot dead in his truck ... in the middle of the street. join us for kp s this morning... beginning at 4:30. ,, ,$8drw
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here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. the latest now on the bastille day attack in france. dozens of people were killed after a man drove a large truck into a crowd. at least two americans are among the dead. tina kraus is in london with more. good morning, again. >> meg, good morning. at least 20 people are in critical condition this morning. the death toll may climb according to authorities. so many people hurt after the terror hit the french riviera last night. police say the truck was loaded with guns and grenades as it plowed through the streets. people watched in horror, some taking pictures on their cell phone as it barrelled down the promenade mowing down everyone
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and everything in its path. they watched people desperately try to get out of the way. people running, some hanging on to the doors of the truck, trying to get it to stop. the truck tore through the crowd for over a mile before police opened fire on the driver who would open fire on the crowd before that. they did kill the driver. thousands of people were in the streets last night celebrating france's bastille day, a french national holiday similar to our american fourth of july. they were watching fireworks, celebrating when the truck driver went on this deadly rampage. a father and son from texas are among more than 80 people killed. shawn and brody copeland died in the attack. brody was a little league baseball player in texas, just 11 years old. they were vacationing in nice, celebrating a family birthday on the streets, enjoying themselves, until, at random, this truck came out of nowhere. french officials are looking
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into who else may have played a role in this. so far, no group claimed responsibility. interesting and important to note, two years ago, the then spokesman for isis issued a statement relating to, quote, the fill think french, telling muslims in the country to attack them in any way they can, including, quote, crushing them with your car. meg? >> as you mentioned, nobody claimed responsibility for the attack. have authorities learned anything more about the man who drove the truck into the crowd? >> there are reports he is tunisian. it's not confirmed at this point. the authorities have been combing through that truck overnight and this morning trying to pull any forensic evidence from there. there were, of course, weapons inside the car along with grenades, possibly meaning this could have been worse. meg? >> tina kraus for us in london, thank you so much. coming up after your local
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fantasy and reality got nearly equal billing in tv nominations. hbos "game of thrones" is up for 23 awards. with 22 was the fs epic, "the people versus o.j. simpson." acting categories have at least one minority nominee. the awards will be presented september 18th. people from a mexican village are waiting to see if a wildfire spared their home. they evacuated when the flames approached. the governor says more than a dozen homes were destroyed. crews say the fire still isn't under control. baltimore police officers who fatally shot a man say he was firing at them with an
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assault rifle. officers in plain clothes returned fire last night while investigating gunshots at an apartment building. the suspect has not been identified and motive is unknown. voters think donald trump would do better on the economy than compared to hillary clinton. tough times are drawing voters to trump. >> reporter: there was a time when johnstown, pennsylvania led the nation in steel production. that industry and its thousands of good-paying jobs have long since left. >> this is a small town. used to be like a small pittsburgh. it's a hard hit area. >> reporter: this welder works at the last remaining factory. his faith in the future has been shaken. you were a lifelong democrat? >> yes. >> reporter: you are wearing a trump shirt. how did that happen? >> if he does half of it, it's the right direction. you can only go forward with him. i don't think you can go backwards. >> reporter: you lost faith with
4:27 am
the democratic party? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: another resident, registered republican, for the first time in his life and plans to vote trump. >> way too many regulations. donald trump talks about letting the local industries do what they do best and create jobs. >> reporter: restoring his former glory is a tough order. the average income is less than half the national average and 34% now live in poverty. >> our economy obviously has not recovered from the crisis in 2008. we have to start worrying about home. we have to take care of this place first. >> reporter: pennsylvania favored democrats in every presidential election since 1992. this year, the ghosts of long dead industries could have their final revenge. cbs news, johnstown, pennsylvania. coming up, your local news on "cbs this morning."
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the latest from nice, france. we'll speak with a former cia deputy director michael morell and we go to cleveland where security is ramped up for the republican national convention and steven colbert joins us in the studio. thanks for watching. i'm meg oliver, have a great day. oliver, have a great day. ,, ,,
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s and i'm michelle griego. good morning, it is friday, july 15. a live look at the pyramid. can't see the top of it, foggy to start this morning.
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good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. there are clouds out there. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. we have a subtle change in the forecast today. it's the return of the marine layer. inland temperatures coming down a couple of notches, you will barely notice the difference. right now in the 50s from the coast to the bay to the inland areas. it's mild in livermore at 59 after 99 degrees yesterday. air quality report the third consecutive day of us needing to "spare the air." a lot of pollutants trapped close to the grounds. 60s at the beaches, 90s inland. we have that full forecast including your weekend outlook. let's say good morning to gianna. >> thank you, roberta. let's jump to the bay bridge. traffic off to a good start. cars in the cash lanes but an easy ride towards the toll plaza with no delays


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