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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  July 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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those who suggest that somebody has left them because of their tribe or ethnicity or their faith or their color. and those impulses exist in all our countries. and those impulses when we do not speak out against them and build strong institutions, to protect people from those impulses, they can take over. they can be unleashed. so that all of us have responsibilities. not just a few. i want to say that even as we are relentless against terrorists, it's also worthy for us to recognize that our nations have worked together for security and peace and human dignity around the world. i want to thank so many of your countries for the partnership that we forged, the progress
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that we've achieved together over these past eight years in rescuing the global economy and securing vulnerable nuclear materials, a comprehensive deal to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, helping the spread of ebola and thereby saving countless lives. in paris the most ambitious agreement in history to fight climate change. a new sustainable development set of goals. to end extreme poverty and promote health and education and equality for all people, including women. and through the efforts of am of you, we've continued to try to move beyond conflict, supporting the transition of democracy in burma, forming a new partnership in vietnam. deepening our new chapter of engagement with the cuban people. helping to support the efforts in columbia to end decades long
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conflict. that's the power of diplomacy. that's what's possible in our nations and our peoples work together in the spirit of mutual interest and mutual respect. we're a contrast to the death and indemnif awe indemnify lism. >> pelley: president obama speaking live in the whitehouse speaking to a previously scheduled meeting of diplomats but at the beginning of his remarks talking about the u.s. war on isis or isil, as he calls it. and in reference to the attack last night in france that killed 84 people and has left 52 people critically injured. margaret brennan is at the whitehouse for us today. margaret. >> well scott, the president very quickly said he vowed to france's president holland will
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defeatizes and not deterred. u.s. authorities has not determined isis is behind this particular attack. the president was very quickly to talk big this chronic violence whether it's bang derby, saudi arabia, iraq, a string of terrorist attacks seem to be happening in a near weekly basis. he said these kinds of acts of violence should not divide us. he then moved into the political space warning those who use hateful rhetoric against american muslims saying when you speak like that, when you divide americans, you are letting the terrorists win. the president there making an appeal to diplomats who are working to try to defeat isis, not just on the battlefield but here at home and around the world. >> pelley: margaret brennan reporting for us from the whitehouse. margaret, thank you very much. there will be more on your local news on this cbs station on our 24 hour streaming news service cbsn, and of course right here, we'll have a full report on the cbs evening news. until then, i'm scott pelley, cbs news in new yor
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. that was a cbs news live special report. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. we just heard from president obama talking about the terrorist attacks in nice, france and he said that by winning this fight against terrorism, we have to maintain our country's values. some of those values include pluralism, rule of law, diversity and freedom. he spoke to diplomats this afternoon about the terrorist attacks. here's a recap. this is what we know about the attack. as soon as the final fireworks ended, the terrorist drove down
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the road. he is a 31-year-old tunisian national living in france. his deadly rampage stretched over a mile before he was killed by the police. among 84 dead, 10 were children. more than 200 others are children, 52 of them in critical condition. 28 children remain hospitalized. two americans were killed in the attack, a relative confirms 51-year-old sean copeland and his 11-year-old son brodie were visiting france from the austin, texas, area. a 20-year-old uc-berkeley student remains unaccounted for following the terror attack in nice. nick leslie from southern california avoided being hit by the truck but he got lost in the chaos that followed. the university says it is assisting in the investigation. and we are also learning three cal students studying abroad are hurt including diane wang, who broke her leg. reporter jonathan vigliotti is in nice and spoke with people
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who lived through the horror of last night's bloodshed. >> reporter: this was the moment police stopped at tack. moments before, the white truck was barreling through the crowd watching the fireworks on the mai promenade. >> i saw the struck smashing a girl under and i noticed behind the truck there waa lot of people down on the earth. >> reporter: people ran for their lives as the truck traveled about a mile. >> we saw a truck coming down the down the road going side to side. i every jumped over a wall and landed on concrete. >> reporter: the man behind the wheel was mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel a 31-year-old french citizen been in tunisia. he was in trouble before for petty crimes including theft. police shot and killed bouhlel. he wasn't religious and was
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fired from his job recently. the father of three was also in the middle of a divorce. police detained his estranged wife. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: french president francois hollande says 50 people are between life and death after the attack. an american father and son, 51- year-old sean copeland and his 11-year-old son from austin, texas, died. three days of mourning in france begin tomorrow. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, nice, france. the attack in nice comes eight months afternoon the attacks that killed 130 people in paris. after yesterday's attack france's president francois hollande ordered a three-month special of a state of emergency. about the same time as the attack in nice, a fire caused concerns in paris. a truck carrying fireworks burst into flames next to the eiffel tower leading to false rumors that the landmark was on fire after a terror attack. the eiffel tower was not damaged.
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in response to yesterday's attack, some telecommunications companies are giving customers a big break so they can check on the welfare of loved ones. sprint, verizon, t-mobile, at&t, and mountain view-based google are temporarily offering free phone calls and text messages to france. another sillicon valley company, facebook, is also trying to help by activating its safety check feature. that allows everyone near the attack site to post messages about whether they're safe. donald trump and hillary clinton wasted no time condemning the attack. trump says they are getting worse and that he would do extreme vetting before allowing muslims into the u.s. from areas where terrorists operate. clinton would have an intelligence increase if elected. she says iot's critical for americans to work with allies to find attackers before they strike. >> this is, um, a war, um,
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against, um, the terrorist group, the radical jihadist group. it's a different kind of war. we need to be smart about how we wage it. >> this is war! if you look at it, this is war! coming from all different parts. >> law enforcement officials in cleveland are adjusting their security plans following the attack in france. meanwhile, trump was supposed to make his vp announcement in person today but postponed it after the terror attacks but he sent out this tweet this morning officially naming indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. the two will have a news conference tomorrow morning. pence has also officially withdrawn his name from the indiana governor's race. he had been running for re- election but state law prevents him from running for both offices at the same time. the pence announcement comes just three days before the republican national convention in cleveland where final preparations are under way. inside the arena, production crews are working to get the stage ready. outside, a team of security
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experts is taking every precaution to make sure it goes off without a hitch. there is one obstacles officers will face. ohio allows people to open carry their legally purchased and registered firearms. dozens of marchers are expected in san francisco and in oakland to show solidarity with the "black lives matter" movement. it's part of a so-called national day of rage organized by the group anonymous. it starts at 4:00 at civic center plaza and frank ogawa plaza. good afternoon, everyone. live from our kpix 5 weather center, this picture says it all. we have the low clouds. we have some high clouds. and we have some blue skies. and we have a change. just in time for your weather forecast for the weekend. the details coming up. ,,,,,,
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warriors will be allowed to build an arena in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood. critics sued to we could learn later today whether the warriors will be allowed to build an arena in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood. critics sued to stop the arena off 3rd street saying that the city and developers were skirting environmental rules. the team hopes to complete the arena by the fall of 2019. judge could issue his ruling today or monday at the latest. more confirmed cases of zika in the bay area. the san francisco department of health confirming three new cases bringing the total number of infected people to five. they say that the new cases were all contracted during travel outside of the united states. and new england patriots quarterback and san mateo native tom brady says that he will not appeal his four-game suspension for the "deflate- gate" scandal. his last hope to avoid
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suspension would have been to appeal to the u.s. supreme court. brady will miss the first four games this season after an nfl investigation determined that he was aware of patriots' attendants deflating footballs. funeral services are under way for alton sterling the man shot and killed by baton rouge police. 10 days ago, his death was recorded on camera sparking national outrage and protests. today, mourners braved the louisiana rain to pay their respects. he leaves behind a wife and five children. the fbi has taken over the investigation into his death. drones are taking on a new frontier changing their flight paths from up in the sky to under the water. kpix 5 reporter devin fehely on how these eyes under the surface could change what we know about rivers and reservoirs. >> reporter: if aerial drones made millions into amateur pilots, open rovs trident promises to transform us into under water explorers. >> you would be surprised how
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many reservoirs and lakes and streams you will find amazing things in. you don't know what's there until you look. >> reporter: engineer designed his first underwater drone five years ago to explore a tall tale of the wild west involving lost treasure and an underground lake. >> in 1800s gold was thrown down a bottomless water filled pit and no one found this cave that has this stolen gold at the bottom. >> reporter: he never found it but may have stumbled upon a gold mine of his own. he started selling do it yourself under water drone kits and later this year, his company will release the trident, one of the first commercially available underwater drones that's ready right out of the box. >> nothing like this exits at the consumer level. you have to spend many thousands of dollars to have equipment in a can do this. what we're trying to do is democratize exploration. >> reporter: the trident can travel to 100 meters about a football field under water. it uses a tether connected to a buoy on the water's surface to
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send back video in real time. and if aerial drones give us a bird's-eye view of the world, stack pole says the trident helps us see what lies below. >> we think our under water drones will be cooler because now you're seeing things that no one has seen before. >> reporter: in berkeley, devin fehely, kpix 5. it is the weekend! time for a check of the forecast with roberta. >> i'm loving me some friday, july 15th! looking outdoors towards alcatraz. what you cannot see is angel island. it's shrouded in a deck of low clouds and fog. temperatures right now across the board you want 60s, you have san francisco. you want 20 degrees warmer? you head to livermore. 73 currently in santa rosa. it's approaching 80 in redwood city. the winds have been fluctuating slightly now up to 10 in san francisco. we need a good stiff wind east of the bay to the south where it's calm in san jose to blow out pollution. nine-mile-per-hour winds in vallejo.
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dana a weather watcher at kpix 5 has a great observation. first of all, she said it's 80 in novato right now. yesterday, 20 miles outside of moss landing which is just outside of monterey bay with blue whales. maybe head we'll watching this weekend if you don't have other plans. localized drizzle at the coast. average temperatures inland above normal. meanwhile, this is our futurecast. we'll see a little hint of some sunshine around the san mateo coast but notice we quickly fill back in again and a trough breezes through the area in the overnight hours. that's going to mix things up and try to bring in some cooler air mass just in time for the weekend. our satellite-radar does indicate that that trough is still to the north. it's going to sag to the south as high pressure begins to exit. we'll finally see our temperatures cool ever so gently in our inland areas. 99 today, state capital. 63 at the beaches. 81 degrees in the high sierra. 104 in fresno. our temperatures banking
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between the 60s at the beaches, 70 bayside, 80s around the peninsula. 90s inland, by the time the sun sets we'll pick up a bit of a breeze cooler tomorrow, additional meltdown on sunday and seasonal through thursday. tonight the a's play host to the toronto blue jays game time temperature 63 degrees. we will be there. i'm so happy you goose -- i'm avenue so happy you guys are joining me at the park. >> throwing out the first pitch. >> thank you. >> how's your arm? >> kind of hurting l.a. laugh. >> i'm on the injured reserve list. but we'll have a great time. >> just go left. >> oh, sure. >> southpaw. >> go, a's! let's check wall street right now. the dow is down about 3 points with about 40 minutes to go before the closing bell. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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color all the way around. nice and green. a little bit of rust marking is okay but not too much at all. it's got to feel nice and fresh all the way around. when you bring them home, store them in the refrigerator right away. now, i love these sauteed. i go to other vegetables. when you put them in a soup i cook them a little first to bring out some of the sugar and then put them in the pot. there you go. okra, you don'ti'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. it's also great in gumbo. krispy kreme is getting into the soda business. the company's teamed up with a cherry flavored soda company to create a special drink called wine cream. the hybrid has hints of donut and so far it's only being sold in the carolinas and savannah, georgia. sound good? >> um, i guess you can try everything once, right? >> i guess. buying a light bulb isn't
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so simple anymore. halogen compact fluorescent and l.e.d. options are gig consumers more choices these days. but which ones are right for which conditions? here's our report. >> reporter: cfl, l.e.d., halogen, whatever happened to just light bulbs? >> we answer so many questions about bulbs every time somebody comes in because they are so confused. >> reporter: globe lighting expert tells me one big change is this. watts are out. lumens are in. >> you want to look at the lumens. so this says 43 watts. but this is 750 lumens. so this is a 60-watt equivalent. >> reporter: there are 3 main types of bulbs now. halogen, which still has that filament inside. compact fluorescents or cfls and l.e.d.'s light-emitting diode with a tiny computer chip producing the light. >> the higher the color temperature, the whiter the light. >> reporter: cfls and l.e.d.s cause several dollars more than
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a traditional bulb but they are energy-efficient and last a lot longer. here's something else to watch out for. the dimmer switches. what you have on the wall at home may not be compatible with the new bulbs. you will have to pull it apart and check. cfl bulbs are not dim-able. l.e.d.s are. it's just another thing to consider. >> cost of the bulb, cost of the replacement of the bulbs and the energy that you're saving throughout the year. >> reporter: here's a tip. there are lighting facts now on every bulb box which makes answering all these questions a lot easier. ♪[ music ] ,,,,
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>> steffy: granddad, you are looking really good. i'm liking it. >> eric: pam said the same thing to me the other day. was i really that miserable before? >> steffy: no. no, you were just adjusting to life without grandma. >> eric: not an easy task. >> steffy: it was hard for all of us, especially for you. i mean, she was your wife. she was your best friend. i know you're grieving. you're always gonna remember grandma. you're never gonna forget her. but i'm happy to see this change in you. you really stepped up as c.e.o., and you got a new woman in your life. >> eric: well, you're all busy. you all have your own lives, and


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