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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  July 17, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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and i'm phil matier. turkey's government is cracking down on political dissidents after a failed military coup that left hundre 7:30 am on this sunday, july 17, and good morning. the turkish government is cracking down after the failed coup that is left hundreds dead. no sign of the 20-year-old cal student as is classmates hit an unexpected roadblock in the search. a new subject coming to the california classrooms, the lgbt history to be added to the curriculum, but first let's take a look at the weather. and what is supposed to be the golden gate bridge, but you can see there is a lot of fog as we start the morning.
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san francisco at 53, san jose at 56. we will have your full forecast in a moment. the turkish government has detained more than 6000 people in the wake of the failed military to. -- military coup. at least 265 people were killed when a faction of the turkish military tried to take control of the government, and the embattled president was bowing -- vowing to crack down those behind the plot, and he also says that the person responsible is a cleric living in pennsylvania.>> the concern is that the failed coup will allow him to pursue the same policies, the concentration of power much more thoroughly and much more extreme. the faa has temper early band lights
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between the u. s. and turkey, and the u. s. state department has travel warnings for american citizens traveling in europe.>> it is very sad and frightening, but at the same time, we have modified our way of life, and i think we will win. the faa department of homeland security and state department are monitoring the situation in turkey and will update the current travel restrictions as they develop. the parents of the cal students that with missing are traveling to france to help with the search, no one has heard or seen from the 20-year- old nick since the terror attack on thursday. the last time anyone saw him he was running away, trying to survive the attack, and his friends are searching for him, but ran into trouble when the french police detained them for distributing flyers. the officers later apologized and released the students calling it a miscommunication.
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in addition to the friends and relatives, the fbi is also searching for nick, and so far they have come up empty.>> when something happens and they cannot find an identification on you, it takes a while to figure out who you are and where you belong and i'm sure that the hospitals in nice are a whim. they say that this student from the uc berkeley is one of 85 students studying abroad in nice. one of four that died along the promenade at the mediterranean in nice, no clear motive has emerged for the attack of the 31-year-old man that was then killed by the police, and isis is claiming responsibility on social media. a push to ban russia from the summer olympics in rio de janeiro after a doping scandal, and the track and field athletes from russia are already out of the competition, and this week at least 10
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countries will ask the ioc to extend the band -- the band to every sport, and the new investigation will confirm the evidence, that russia has a doping program. the u. s. and canada among those seeking evan. more than a dozen wounded in bakersfield early yesterday morning, and a teenager advertised a party on social media. dozens showed up and the parents of the teenager broke it up, but not before three people walked up the street opening fire on the crowd on the front lawn, and the shooters may have been gang members. >> we need to get together as mothers and fathers, come together and we need to come out here and try to save the lives of these young kids.>> two of the victims are in
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critical condition but are expected to survive. a close call for the walnut creek police officer, a driver that was involved in a hit-and- run last night crashed his car into the officers patrol car intentionally at the parkside drive on hillside avenue, and no word on the extent of the injuries. the san francisco board of supervisors sets of both -- vote on the mayor budget proposal, and it could be sent back with the changes, and the idea to encourage police reform within the department. that involves creating $200 million in the reserve fund, about one third of the police budget. but if these reforms are not met, the money would stay frozen until it does.>> this is putting in place clear standards and metrics about how we will hold the department accountable to the promises they've been promising to make for years but have not made. >> supervisors will vote on the
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budget when they meet on tuesday night.>> what do you think this political play is, if any?>> there are board of supervisors unhappy with the progress that the police department is making on the use of force policy. they are saying to set the money aside until they see concrete changes, and the mayor is saying that they are making great progress -- not making great progress on that front, but they have curved the crime rate. and the mayor says they need the money right now. i would not be surprised if those sides are gearing up for a public fight over the public safety in san francisco, so it will get very interesting in san francisco this week. and gay rights, soon in the classrooms. >> working on creating an lgbt history curriculum that will be adopted at all of the state
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public schools. lessons on the new subject matter will start in the second grade with students learning about diverse families. in the fourth grade they will learn about the california place in the gay rights movement, and in fifth grade eighth grade and high school, they will learn about gender roles.'s back we may not agree with all of the history and experiences, but i really want my children, and i would hope that all parents would want their children to learn about everything that is out there and did make up their own mind.>> the law requiring the schools to teach the lgbt past four years ago, but opposition dissolved the plan. the city council is expected to allow voters to vote on the plan for the city requiring landlords that petition for rent increases over a certain amount, it would make them tougher and provide
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relocation assistance for the tenant when they are forced out by the lease. the council will consider the plan on tuesday night. at this same meaning, oakland city will finalize the decision to abandon shipments of cold -- coal from the port of oakland. and they want to build a shipping terminal that would send the coal from utah overseas. the utah lawmakers have approved $53 million to help to fund the project in oakland, and the coal would be delivered in covered trains, but still raising questions about the environmental impact of the coal dust. >> we have been talking about this for wild, but you think there's more than just a health concern?>> no doubt about it. you had the health concern but this is part of a national, all most international movement to ban or get rid of the use of coal, the biggest carbon output in the world. the idea is to keep the coal
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from getting to china from the united states, and this is one of several ports that the sierra club is targeting, and we have politics here and possible pollution at play. the warriors are stall draymond green heading to court this week.'s back and the hearing set for thursday before he heads to the olympics in rio, draymond green is accused of assaulting a michigan state football player during a confrontation at a bar in michigan last weekend. according to the police, jermaine edmonson claims that draymond green bumped into him at the bar and date exchanged words, and the next night they crossed past at another bar and green allegedly hit edmonson in the cheek.>> i think with things happen you meet it and on. -- head on. my legal team is handling this and it will be resolved quickly. as a public figure, i cannot
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put myself in certain situations.'s back days after the incident, michigan state announced the edmonson is leaving the football team to play elsewhere, and they said that edmonson wanted more playing time. we all hear about economic development, bringing businesses to the area.>> hustler magazine could hold a theater revitalizing the aging shopping center in san jose. >> larry plan is interested in opening a hustler hollywood store and the building would be used -- it used to be a bank of the west branch, known for selling a wide range of risk a product, the neighbors and nearby business owners are split whether it is a good idea.>> they are going to run is away from this place, and we have to go someplace.>>
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personally, it will probably help his business.'s back the pink poodle strip club an adult bookstore and been in business for decades across the street, so maybe they have something working.>> i am wondering what hustler will put in that building, that is a pretty big building. the police in turkey are running at government upon its in the wake of the bloody attempted coup and we will have the latest fallout from the military uprising. on face the nation at 8:30 am today, one more day until the republicans gather in cleveland for the gop convention, a john dickerson will talk to the former house speaker newt gingrich on the donald trump vice presidential shortlist, coming up on kpix 5 news. ,,,,
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♪ light piano ,,,, today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (hawk call) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing".
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someone was cutting the grass just before 11:00 yesterday morning at the marin 'rod and gun' club. the fire burned about 3-acres. no one was hurt -- and no investigators believe that a lawnmower started this fire in san rafael, and that is near the gun club and the fire burned about 3 acres. no one was hurt and no
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structures were damaged. a toddler is hospitalized in san ramon after a routine dental procedure. the child was undergoing treatment at the dentist office when there was some sort of complication, and authorities are not saying exactly what happened, but the situation went from bad to worse when this three-year-old had to be revived by paramedics. >> a female juvenile going through a procedure and had dental complications. the fire was on scene performing cpr when we arrived. >> december own -- san ramon police said they will release more information sometime today. a man stabbed two dogs that the bay area park, and we spoke with the dog owner about web -- what led up to that attack.>> reporter: otis maybe wondering where his pal, ruth, is, and has not seen her since
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sunday.>> i was talking with the neighbor right here. >> reporter: the human took otis and his pals to the spartan empty lot that access a dog park in the rural neighborhood in oakland, and the dogs saw a puppy on the other side of the fence.'s back my dog went up to sniff his dog, and his tail was wagging, and the diet -- the guy just flipped out. >> reporter: the guy took a 9 inch double-sided knife and started slashing ruth and carol lina, and otis stayed back. back -- >> my dog was cut from one shoulder down to the other side of his body. >> reporter: the two dogs were slashed all over his body's, and robert got nicked in the head, and the guy did picked up his puppy and ran. it's the tall, dark, wearing shorts and a panama hat.
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>> no one wants to see someone cut their dogs down like they were meat, the most horrible thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: the police took a report but nothing else sense, and a page has been set up, and $3000 in debt bills so far -- vet bills so far. you may come across environmentalists spreading the word on the oilfield wastewater, and we first expose this ardor the sure, and the "food and water watch" at the grocery stores in an attempt to educate people about the technique of using the water. this is big oil companies selling wastewater from the oil fields to the farmers and they use it to your gate the crops. environmental groups are calling on the government to stop these new irrigation projects until the potential impact of the water can be studied more closely. >> some of these products are
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taking the oil wastewater, and there's no way to know whether it is in the crops or not, or whether it is safe or not.>> the panel of experts is looking into the safety of using that oilfield produced water for irrigation, and they hope to collect 100,000 signatures supporting the ban on the practice, and this is up for debate. the oil companies, they used to shoot the water back into the ground, and cleaned up this way, but given the drought and the economics of it, the water districts were willing to purchase it and use it for irrigation. >> is weird that they are doing the study after it's been sold. >> and what is it exactly they should be looking for because on one hand you have oil and oil products, and there are also agitated -- additives in the water, and it is unknown. it could be safe, but the ideas to get more information out there. voters would get a chance to learn -- i think we're gonna
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go to the weather now first. good sunday morning, starting off with fog and low clouds, and here, ladies and dimming, is why with that low pressure over the pacific northwest. that trump will deepen and thicken the marine layer to cool things down, well below average for this time of year. plenty of sunshine inland, and along the shoreline you can see the low clouds going back to the peninsula. and the forecast hanging in there much of the day, overcast and foggy along south san francisco and up to the city, and later tonight we have fog and low clouds again, typical summertime for the bay area. and when the a's take on the jays at take on the jays at 1:05 pm, partly sunny was 66 degrees at game time. fog in clouds clearing the shoreline, a mild day and 90s will return inland by thursday. we have a warming trend.
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and lots to do today with that aids walk in san francisco, fog and drizzle and 61. california state fair, a temperature of 89 degrees in sacramento. at home, san francisco is low clouds and a grow festival for the afternoon. summer fest will seem like it at menlo park and 76 degrees with lots of sunshine. your travel weather forecast out of the bay area, 79 in lake tahoe, 83 at yosemite. 78 for napa, 82% of rose, fairfield and 81 and 83 at livermore. bring your poncho at livermore with 66 degrees. 65 in san francisco, 77 in redwood city. and san jose a mild and 79. today looking okay, monday through wednesday will be a repeat performance and by the time we get to the latter part of the week, things will get toasty. inland in the 90s by thursday and friday, and as for today,
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have a good one. coming up, voters getting a chance to learn more about donald trump and his vice presidential pick for the gop convention. what you need to know about indiana governor mike pence. ,,,, (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health.
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we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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rounds with his new running mate ahead of this week's g-o-p convention in cleveland. the presumptive republican presidential nominee formally introduced indiana governor mike pence as his pick for v-p yester donald trump making the rounds with this new running mate, the presumptive presidential nominee formally
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introducing indiana governor mike pence for his pick as bp yesterday, calling the two term congressman his first choice.'s back -- >> i have found the leader that will help us deliver a safe society in a very prosperous society for all- america.>> people that know me well know i'm a pretty basic guide, a christian, conservative and republican in that order.>> trump praising mike pence as a problem saw her -- a problem solver on the economy and national security.'s back in the first test of his candidacy, and we sit down with our former mayor willie brown and our analyst melissa caen to see how he did.>> he needed somebody to daily explain him to the conservatives. and [ laughter ].>> and he
7:54 am
bought himself a spokesperson to say, "exactly what trump meant to say was this. those court --">> i don't know that it is appropriate to say that, he is an apologist.>> a standard republican conservative, not going off of the reservation.'s back -- >> he did have some challenges with the family values, at some point, and he was looked at for a presidential candidate in the previous cycle but for some reason, something to do with something he had done with somebody created a problem for the evangelicals. maybe he has asked for forgiveness and been remade. >> and the next thing that will happen is that he will pop under the microscope and that is where the problems could arise with the vice presidential pick. it is the follow-up moments.
7:55 am
and sarah palin, initially they were excited about her and then she did the interview with katie couric and people got more familiar with our and it ended up to be at big down slide to the campaign. mike pence will have to go under the microscope, and whatever that thing is may come back up. >> you have to make sure that you do not grant interviews. if sarah palin had never granted the interview, the myth about this thing that came out of alaska, no one would have known that she looked out of her bedroom at the downtown mosque. nobody would have known that.>> and is it a question of getting something out of the deal, or are you making that selection in deciding whether something could hurt you in some way.>> you are trying to bridge the gap, but with someone that is not going to make it worse, and someone like mike pence can calm down the truck followed
7:56 am
worse -- followers for trump. >> but sometimes you consider picking someone that needs no vetting. everybody knew more about land and then they did jk, -- jfk, and lyndon was chosen to neutralize the south, and that is what he did.>> and sometimes the person that you pick is the one that brings reasonableness to the ticket. >> especially in a year like this when things are so crazy, and you have the republican party regulars.>> newt gingrich, it would've been wonderful, the ticket of the six wives. [ laughter ].>> there is a good
7:57 am
balance, that we did the story about how trump was questioning himself on whether to pick pens -- pence as his running mate.'s back -- >> but you would have two people competing, and i don't think that trump likes to compete in any way for his time.>> it was a good half-hour before he even introduced pence. and by the way, watch the interview tonight on 60 minutes, and they will address the negativity and the tone of the presidential campaign, and catch 60 minutes right here on kpix 5. a man dies trying to save his 11-year-old daughter. the warriors are mourning the loss of the basketball legend and the legacy of nate
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thurmond. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, i'm phil matier. i'm maria medina. france's prime minister is addressing the possibility that isis was responsible for the welcome back to kpix 5 this morning and it is 8:00 on the dot. and ice is responsible for
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the attack in nice, and our congressman is going to join us and talk about the international response to that massacre. a recall for san francisco mayor ed lee and some are jumping to his defense already. the warriors and the entire nba community are morning the loss of nate thurmond who is passed away, and more on his glorious career. let's start with the forecast and a live look outside at the bay bridge. if you are in san francisco, you can see the gloomy start to the day, and 56 in oakland, san francisco at 53, san jose 59, santa rosa 53. your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. breaking news, multiple police officers and baton rouge, and shot. it happened less than 1 mile from the police headquarters, and baton rouge was the scene of the class
8:02 am
are's between protesters and police last weekend after the police shot and killed a black men outside of a convenience store. and the video has sparked protests all of the country, and no word on those responsible for the update on those police officers. more details on the arrest of been -- no other details have been released after man was killed by the police after driving a truck through the crowd watching fireworks on bastille day. isis has claimed responsibility, and they are looking into whether he was radicalized. 84 were killed during the attack and four more were injured. the parents of nick leslie are heading to nice to look for him, a cal student seen running frantically from the truck and the fbi is helping in the search. a funeral service held in turkey for those killed on
8:03 am
friday in the coup, an estimated 265 people were killed when a faction of the military tried to impose martial law and institute a curfew in major cities around the country. more than 6000 people have been detained as the turkish government rounds up the opponents of the president. about an hour ago and arrest was issued for the president's top military aid. this happened in a split second. the father and daughter from california, swept out to sea in hawaii by a rogue wave and they both drowned -- they both drowned. they were on the rock looking at the tidepools yesterday. the 11-year-old alien and the father was pulled in after jumping in to save her. rescuers went into the rub serves and they did perform cpr but it was too late.'s back -- >> the conditions were not
8:04 am
favorable for anyone to be down there, and it was too windy, and there was a high surf advisory. >> last year two others were rescued from that same spot. the warriors and the entire nba community remembering a true legend of the game, nate thurmond died yesterday in san francisco after a short battle with leukemia. this seven time all-star player for the warriors from 1963-74, one of three players ever with 40 rebounds in a single game. and he had his number of 42 jersey retired by the warriors and the cleveland cavaliers, nate herman was 74 years old. -- nate thurmond was 74 years old. coming to the rescue of the oakland raiders. we will know more after the tuesday open city council meeting, and alameda county board of supervisors has given
8:05 am
a unanimous endorsement to begin associating with the investment group to build a possible new stadium for the raiders in oakland, and tuesday the city council will discuss the nuts and bolts of developing the 120 publicly owned acres, meeting with the oakland city council members and the mayor over the past few months. it will be interesting, and it all comes down to money. we had the fans and the enthusiasm, but there is a $400- $600 million gap in financing for the stadium, and they put together the atlanta investors, and the nfl appears to be interested in them coming into the deal as well. a lot of it depends on the raiders owner mark davis who we have yet to hear from officially. with the raiders it is always something, and this is the latest in the up and down. and he was once called the teflon mayor, and now things appear to be sticking to the
8:06 am
mayor ed lee. let's take a listen to the sound bites.'s back -- >> he has failed his own community. he has failed every community in san francisco.>> dozens of angry citizens gathering in from the city all on friday, and demanding that mayor lee kallick quits over the upset over the police shooting and skyrocketing rent and the city and some came up to show their support for the mayor.>> they are blaming him for the homeless and the problem with the housing. the situations existed 20 years ago.>> members of the group, "recall and lee -- ed lee" and they say they will circulate recall petitions next month.>>
8:07 am
the mayor's polls have been dropping significantly, under 30%, a redline for politicians. but on the other hand, no replacement in the wings, and he is not the only one in the red, oakland mayor libby schaaf as well.>> we thought with the chief, and now we had the mayor and a lot going on at city hall. be nice and turkey and we will talk about the u. s. response to these recent events, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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last week's terror attack in france... authorities detained two more people in the city of nice earlier today... neighbors told reporters at the seven people in custody in connection with the last week terror attack in france, and authorities have detained two more people in the city of nice today. the attackers, the estranged wife of being one of them, and investigators are looking for any potential accomplice was -- accomplices, and the tunisian national drove a truck into the
8:11 am
crowd. this is a series of violence we've seen across the globe and the united states, and we have congressman eric swalwell with us to discuss this, and how do you possibly create security when it involves trucks? we are moving in a direction where it is wide open. >> there are so many tools in the toolbox that they can use, encounter -- counterterror strategy will not keep us safe from these kinds of attacks.>> we see the attacks and then after the fact isis claims responsibility, but in this when they have not seen any firm lanes between the driver and isis, and they say he was radicalized instantly or quickly over the internet. are we pointing the finger in the right direction?>> the root cause is that isis is having a lot of success in syria and iraq, and it to you take away that, they will be able to go through as they did in brussels, or their success will inspire individuals as it did
8:12 am
in san bernardino.>> even if we knockout isis, this type of radicalism, or this type of violence whether it is timothy mcveigh or anybody is an idea. we cannot bomb an idea and bomb out racism, or about anything if it is an idea that is floating around out there independent of the borders. >> the best way to describe these radical islamic things is to create economic and political stability in the country in which it is originating, and in many countries it is getting worse. >> this is homegrown out of france and the united states, and we are doing well economically. i was looking at the new york times yesterday, and in france, the prime minister said something that people could find disturbing saying that the times of change and that france will have to get used to terrorism. we will have to get used to this.>> we will have to come
8:13 am
together, france, the united states and other native allies, and some that we don't necessarily talk with like russia and those that have an interest in making sure that isis is not ruling the neighborhoods. we have to come together and to say despite all of our conflicts that we have in our area, this is the most pressing issue, and if we do not address it, we will see more like we saw in nice. we have turkey that has gone under a coup, and it is a linchpin area, a bridge between nato and is strategically located in this area-iraq area. what effect this is having.>> this could not come at a worse time or worse place in the world, and turkey is critical for us to defeat isis, and they have called on us to help, and we have air bases, and the instability in turkey makes this problem worse.>> what is
8:14 am
your opinion of the current leader in turkey and this coup? people say that he is more -- could be an ally, or he could not be an ally. >> having been over there last year, we do not see turkey is being cooperative in stopping people from going in and out of turkey into syria and iraq. but he is squashing the press and freedom of speech, leading to distress.>> a typical american situation. what are we do when we have somebody that is squashing freedom, freedom of the press, and looking for that "stable government" and backing him after that attempted to? >> unlike other countries that we have to do with, turkey is a ally and that is what it's going to take. right now it looks like the president has put the country back together, and i think that the nato allies need to come to turkey in say if you need is where there for you and that is
8:15 am
the deal, but you have to put your own house in order. >> we will see this and see what happens, as the news continues to break, and we will now change the tone and look at the forecast. looking pretty good. good sunday morning, starting out with the fog and low clouds, and here ladies and him and his wine, -- is why -- who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara® tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough.
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always tell your doctor if you have any signs of infection, have had cancer, if you develop any new skin growths or if anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions can occur. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. most people using stelara® saw 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®.
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good sunday morning as we start off with fog and low clouds, and at least that is the forecast. and here is why, low pressure's out of the pacific northwest and that trough deepening over the coast, and pulling things down, well below average for this time of year. not unpleasant, plenty of sunshine inland, but along the shoreline, low clouds melting
8:18 am
back to the peninsula. but on the peninsula, they will hang in there much of the day, overcast and fog around san francisco and up through the city, and later tonight here comes that fog and low clouds again, typical summertime for the bay area. when the a's take on the jays this afternoon, 1:05 pm, partly sunny skies and 66 degrees at game time. fog in clouds clearing the shoreline and a mild day, 90s returning inland by thursday. we have a warming trend but we will have to wait. a lot to do with that aids walk in san francisco, fog and drizzle, 61. california state fair with the temperature of 89 degrees in sacramento. at home, san francisco with low clouds and the stern grove festival this afternoon, and summer fest will seem like it at menlo park, 76 degrees and lots of sunshine.
8:19 am
your travel weather forecast out of the bay area, 100 degrees in fresno, 79 at lake tahoe, and 83 at yosemite. 73 in napa, 82% of rose, fairfield at 81 and 83 at livermore. take your parka to livermore -- and 65 in san francisco, 77 in redwood city. san jose mild at 79. as we look ahead, today looks okay, monday through wednesday will be a repeat performance and by the time we get to the latter part of the week things will get nice and toasty. inland in the 90s by thursday and friday. for today, have a good one. the crews and cleveland are putting the final touches on the stage where donald trump will officially become the republican presidential nominee. the gop national convention begins tomorrow and cleveland, and in the last 24 hours, take a look, the area is a security fortress. all of the eyes on cleveland in the coming week, and we spoke with willie brown
8:20 am
our kpix 5 political analyst and tell us what we will or will not see. back i am so excited to go.>> this trump movement has been diffuse, rather the nether trump movement. and there was still be some rumblings, but not as crazy as we would have thought. in terms of who we will not see, former presidents that are still alive, folks like rice, and sarah palin, and a lot of folks are not coming to this one. >> would this be a republicans mention or a trump convention?>> a trump convention and he is ensuring that it will be a trump convention, and dennis rodeman may give the keynote address. -- dennis rodeman -- rodman,
8:21 am
and if you look at the speakers on any given day, it is trump, trump, trump right down the line. >> these are becoming more infomercials that the networks are covering, and the politicians get out there and try to present as a salesmanship product, giving trump and his history in sales, what do think we will see?>> he is a master at selling. believe me. if he allows himself to just be trump, and if he tries to be a politician, or he tries to be joe biden in terms of his presentation, or even if he tries to be john kerry or al gore, and this dolezal gore was, it will hurt him. -- al gore was at that time, it will hurt him. if he remains on being the star that he has been all the way through, and democrats have to fear his electibility if he remains donald trump.'s back -- >> helicopters, zoo animals and i understand they are intimately involved in the
8:22 am
details. you have to believe that he is a master showman and will put on a good show. >> and if he puts on a good show and his people watch it, what will get downplayed is the republican platform. all of those platform fights in skirmishes that the democrats and republicans are famous for, where they make their speeches, but still, the platform process has not determined the final vote in a long time. and i'm talking about taking up television time, not about controversial issues, but about trump. >> look at the shiny thing over here, a lot less about the substantive republican values in the platform.>> he is not cutting it.>> trump will have a look in order to drag people off if they try to talk.>> i don't think it will be very good tv unless the 1000 news shows up, or the rather the
8:23 am
thousand news -- nudes, oh, that is crazy. >> naked people?>> yes.>> i would so like to be inside the convention center that happened. >> it will be naked people on the outside just like it is in san francisco.>> and they talked about the bay area when trump was here, and we all saw them.>> multiply that by 1000 and that could be the opening act, and we will be covering it here on kpix 5, you can bet on that. this week's jefferson award winner is the self-proclaimed nerd bringing diversely to the field of science, technology, engineering and math, and sharon chen says that anything is possible if you dream big and you have the sports system behind you.
8:24 am
>> reporter: candy and diet coke. there to help you learn about science, and an explosion of fun. to peak their interest, and this 10-year-old wants to be a scientist.>> it felt really cool and hal you can make it something big by adding a polymer.>> reporter: this is a service project for cal nerds, the program that she started at the uc berkeley in 20 she started at the uc berkeley in 2006 -- 2006. nerds, new experiences for research and diversity in science.>> i love for them to inspire future generations of nerds.>> reporter: at cal nerds, she guides more than 100 minority and low income students into the career, serving up a buffet of support that includes scholarships,
8:25 am
mentorship, research programs, leadership training and even professional clothing for the interviews.>> my hope is that my community of nerds will find a path that resonates with them.>> reporter: cal students say they are amazed at her commitment to them, committing 4.5 hours round-trip between her home in davis and uc berkeley a few times a week. and they say that she helped to grow the dream from studying mental health in a lab to starting her own foundation.>> we sat down and treated it like a dream timeline. >> reporter: and when deonna had cancer surgery she never wavered. >> she was always there for you.>> reporter: so forgiving the cal nerds support toward their careers, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to deonna lisa rayam a --
8:26 am
lesuraga. ,,,,,,
8:27 am
"face the nation" is next here on "k- p-i-x five." let's take a last look at the highs for today. we have 79 and 66 by the coast, and in santa rosa 82, inland we are talking about comfortable in the 70s. and it will reach up into the 90s inland later this week, and i believe a high of 70's in the city. >> thank you all for joining us and get out there and have some fun. and face the nation is next on kpix 5. thank you for joining us and don't forget we will cover the big convention in cleveland, and stay tuned with kpix 5 for the latest and what is going on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, and welcome to "face the nation", from inside the quicken loans arena cleveland site of the 2016 republican convention. donald trump formally announced his pick for vice president yesterday and he and running mate mike pence are getting ready too head to cleveland for official coronation of the party nominee. while the terror attack in nice and the attempted coup in turkey highlights the stakes for the next president. we will hear from him tonight. from here in cleveland we will talk at that paul manafort, calvin williams and check in with one of the finalists for vp pick, newt gingrich. plus we will have new battleground poll numbers showing where the race stands heading into the party's convention. all coming up on "face the captioning sponsored by cbs


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