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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  July 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news one of the most-watched presidential primary seasons coming to a head today. as donald trump arrives in cleveland for the republican national convention. good afternoon i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego.
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can a donald trump ticket perform well on the national stage? kenneth craig at the quicken loans arena in cleveland with what you can expect from the first day. >> day one of the republican national convention kicks off today. >> a real opportunity to control the dialogue and narrative. >> today's message is all about national security and immigration. but the overreaching goal for the campaign will be to soften trump's image and introduce vice presidential candidate mike pence. trump told 60 minutes he selected pants -- pence to help bring republicans together.>> now they are saying what a great pick. he has helped bring the party together. >> many political pundits describe the chemistry between the two as awkward, but senator john brasso who worked with pence in congress says the differences will work well
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together. >> donald trumps speeches are lofty and big picture but mike can dig into the details and get the job done. >> nominees typically don't appear until the last day, but donald trump isn't your typical candidate, he plans to take the stage tonight to introduce his wife melania trump when she speaks. >> she came into the country and gained legal status and she is a terrific person and a terrific woman. she is going to give a great speech. >> the rest of the lineup includes politicians, the star of duck dynasty and former teen heartthrob scott bayeux. kenneth craig cbs news cleveland. >> melania trump will be the first trump family member speaking, his children are slated to speak during the four day event. outside the rnc a small group of protesters have gathered saying they are there to denounce hate, representatives from the council on islamic relations and other protesters are holding banners and
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chanting. a pair of march is underway in cleveland activist groups pushing for economic justice and an american first unity march sponsored by citizens for trump hitting the streets. >> hillary clinton in ohio addressing black leaders at the annual naacp conference in cincinnati. >> we all know about that other convention happening up in cleveland today. now, my opponent in this race may have a different view, but there is no where i would rather be than right here with all of you. >> the naacp invited trump to address the annual conference but the presumptive nominee has declined. >> french officials have many bizarre discovery at the home of a suspect held in an investigation looking into the bastille day massacre.
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they found telephones cocaine and cash at one of the suspects homes, he is among seven people in custody in connection with last week's attack leaving 84 people dead, officials did not elaborate on the person's relationship with the attacker. he was killed by police after ramming his truck through the crowd watching fireworks last thursday. a vigil is planned in honor of a uc berkeley student killed in the deadly terror attack in france, 20- year-old nicholas leslie was one of 85 uc berkeley students in nice for an entrepreneurship program, he had not been since the attack thursday night. the university told students about his death after the fbi notified campus officials. the vigil is set for 4:30 this afternoon at uc berkeley. americans in turkey being warned to stay away from the u. s. consulate in istanbul because a possible protest after a deadly military attempt friday night. a deadly shootout this morning
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added to the chaos across turkey. a soldier shot and killed the driver of a vehicle and hijacked it before police arrested him. more than 7500 arrests have been made in a massive round up of judges soldiers and civilians, foreign leaders including john kerry are warning about the scale of the crackdown.>> we will certainly support bringing the perpetrators to justice. but, we also caution against a reach that goes well beyond that. >> at a funeral this weekend, angry mourners chanted bring back the death penalty to punish the military faction that plotted that the rover. it was abolished in 2004, bringing it back could mean the country would never be able to join the eu. investigators in baton rouge trying to determine what motivated a black former marine sergeant from missouri to open
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fire on police officers, killing three and wounding three others. chris martinez has the latest from louisiana. >> a police chaplain put up crosses. and read scriptures near the baton rouge convenience store where a gunman ambushed police officers on sunday. >> the community is torn up, too much violence. >> the shooting began when officers responded to a call about an armed man dressed in black.>> police say the former marine gavin long was targeting police, he died in a shootout with officers, three officers from two different apartments were killed, a 45 father of four and a former marine as well as another who had just become a father, three other officers were taken to the hospital, one in critical condition. >> the city had been on edge for nearly 2 weeks after police shot and killed a black man during a struggle. another police shooting in
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minnesota and the killing of five dallas police officers has added to tension. >> we have to do better in terms of our dialogue but we can't pretend that will be enough. we need new strategies. >> cbs news has learned long was part of a group that believed government and law enforcement do not have any authority. he frequently posted videos online. >> i thought my own thoughts, i made my own decisions. i am the one who's got to listen to the judgment. >> long carried out the attack on his 29th birthday. chris martinez cbs news baton rouge. after police officers became targets in dallas and baton rouge, the san jose police department is getting all officers the choice to work in two person patrols. they have doubled up everyone after the shootings in dallas earlier this month but now they are making it optional. the san jose police officers association issued a statement saying it is past time for our political leaders to step up and support law enforcement with the necessary staffing and
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equipment to keep our neighborhoods safe. >> and east bay park open to the public two months ago has suddenly closed being called a victory by neighbors who complain about parking. we explain it is a huge loss for the public. >> back in may the vargas plateau regional park first opened. not everyone was happy. >> there is going to be either a serious injury or a death on the road. >> that is christopher george who owns a ranch near the park. george and another neighbor are the ones who filed the lawsuit that shut down the park not even three months after it opened. they argued the east bay regional park didn't do enough about traffic and parking problems. a judge agreed saying the park would be closed until they could figure out a solution. >> the road is narrow if you drove up the. >> tony lives at the bottom
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abortion county road which leads to the park and he understands the concern. >> that is really narrow. but the hikers and bicyclists are trying to work with the cars. >> he hopes the battle over the park can be resolved and it can reopen this time for good. >> we live in this area so there is always traffic. they need more parks for people to do stuff. the park bought the land. they have to open it up to the public. >> the park district general manager called the closure extremely unfortunate on their website and he hopes to open to the public soon. in the meantime they will have patrols making sure the public stays out. >> a portion of the road was widened and they removed vegetation but that didn't seem to be enough for some neighbors, the park general manager said they plan to appeal the judges decision. claims that electric automakers like tesla are speeding through development
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process and in turn putting the public at risk. kpix 5 jackie ward is at the vehicle symposium. >> reporter: developers and carmakers will be meeting all week long that is why auto safety advocates are here calling them out. this large white truck clearly explains their argument, tesla don't hit me. it was parked in front of the hilton this morning, the consumer watchdog president said carmakers and the feds have rushed into driverless technology, that is why the group wants to make tesla require drivers to do software updates to keep their hands on the steering will when autopilot is engaged. >> the equipment being used is the result of a voluntary process, not motor vehicle safety standard regulations. >> reporter: the national highway traffic safety administration is currently investigating the first fatal autonomous car accident
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involving a tesla that killed joshua brown in florida, the camera on his model s sedan failed to distinguish a whiteside of a turning tractor- trailer. tesla stresses the autopilot technology is new and drivers must control their vehicle and maintain responsibility. in san francisco, jackie ward kpix 5 news. a string of scandals rocking the oakland police department. next the action city council taking this week that could lead to another big shakeup. the final bids are due for sunnyvale-based yahoo, why financial experts say the sale could mean a slip for the company. it was a drizzly start to the day, it has cold today but we will hit over 100 degrees again. i will tell you which day to expected we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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oakland.. are considering giving broad powers to an independent police commission. powers that could include.. firing the chief. this comes in the city council members in oakland are considering giving broad powers to an independent police commission, power that could include firing the chief coming in the wake of a misconduct scandal that has rocked the department and the fact that the three chiefs got the ax over nine-day period. it will be voted on tomorrow night if approved voters could to get up in november. san mateo workers could see an increase in pay four years ahead of the minimum wage hike. city council proposal raising it to $15 an hour by 2018 is being voted on today. small businesses with 55 or fewer employees will get an extra two years to phase in. legislation signed by the governor in april would require cities to adopt a 15 to --
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minimum wage by 2022. $200 billion property assessment for the stars -- first time, the cumulative value sits at $208 million this fiscal year nearly 9% increase over the previous fiscal year, each property is assessed and value serves as a basis for property tax bills. a cluster of earthquakes kept people up most the night in the south bay, at least 16 struck near hollister and gilroy. the strongest earthquake was magnitude 3.8 which hit around 2:30 this morning. time for a check of our weather forecast. >> i was awake and i didn't even feel that one. we were all awake. hi everybody, when we did wake up we had so much drizzle it even streamed inland, 40 miles very deep marine layer, this is
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just some of the reminisce around the bay, we can see alcatraz, we cannot see angel island. the clouds will stick around the coast all day long, right now only 59 in san francisco. 60 in oakland, it feels raw outside in some spots and neighborhood, currently 70 degrees in redwood city. it feels raw because when you factor in the winds, 10 in oakland, 11 in berkeley. 13 antioch, 25 in the fairfield area, livermore picking up a wind gust of 34 miles per hour, it is a cool day across the area. hello to our weather watcher, he said he had some light to early morning mist. reporting low 60s, a cool day with that deep marine layer pushing back onshore overnight and it will expand locally inland while below average temperatures in the inland areas, that breeze contributed to decent air quality, here's
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the futurecast, as the night wears on we have the clouds there around the san mateo coast filtering into the hayward area, lifting out to the north and to the south as well. everybody will wake up with a gray slate and a drizzly start to your tuesday as well. same for wednesday, that area of low pressure hanging off the west coast, it is over there now, enhancing the marine layer until it kicks out thursday we are stuck in the weather pattern, 80s and 90s across the central valley, 72 degrees where it is pretty gusty as well, temperatures today in the 60s and no sunshine at the beaches. 70s in the peninsula, 80 the fairfield area, my outside number today 85 in brentwood, we are saving of one minute 21 seconds of daylight off of yesterday. it is not bad really, turn off the ac in the inland areas but then triple digits on sunday.
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game forecast and i 7:05, 63, dress in layers. all right, a big day for sunnyvale-based yahoo, the 21-year-old tech giant is steps closer to being sold, final bids are due today. analysts predict yahoo will be split up while competitors like google and facebook grow, yahoos problem was that it didn't innovate quickly enough. >> the success of pokimon go has been unexpected and abrupt, now it is causing controversy with nintendo, the redwood city- based company market value has rose by $17 billion in one week thanks in large part to pokimon go. nintendo said it hoped the game would draw attention to its core business gaming consoles, but a major nintendo investors said it shows the company should focus more on the games for smartphones. >> looking at the financial markets on wall street, the tao looking to score a fifth
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straight record close, up 22 points. the nfl going high-tech this season, what the league will be using data chips to keep track of. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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these are the ones you want , the sweet pepper, these have some heat to them, they are wonderful.
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especially in chicken. many dishes, you want to add the nice flavor to it, give it some heat, like fresh cherry red peppers. when you buy them make sure you come in here see that nice and read they will feel nice and fresh, when you bring them home in the refrigerator right away it looks like they will hold up , but they've don't, three or four days at the most, what i like to do is i put this in my chicken to give it some heat, cook up the chicken, cut these up at the very end and throw them into each and heat them up, you don't want to overcook them and then enjoy. i love these red cherry peppers, i use them in so many different recipes. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. taking their prescribed medications correctly.
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belgium researchers looked at about five--hundred ad now in our healthwatch many elderly people not picking up prescribed medications and taking them correctly, researchers looked at 500 adults more than 80 years old scientists found more than half of the older people were under using or misusing the medicine, the study found a link between under using essential medication and an increased risk of death or hospitalization. another new study on what works and doesn't for people who suffer chronic sinus problems. according to a canadian medical association journal report, nasal irrigation improved patient symptoms but steam inhalation did not. the nfl is going high-tech for the upcoming football preseason. finalizing plans to insert data chips into game balls, the data will be used for research such as determining the potential impact of narrowing the goalpost in the near future, officials hope the tips will help improve the placement of balls.
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the plan to use the new balls during the preseason and thursday night regular-season games. the nba in the off-season several star players turning their attention. the players union is hosting the inaugural technology summit in san francisco led by warrior star andre iguodala. throughout the three-day event players watch presentations from major tech companies and visit campuses in silicon valley. a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question email our hotline. you can call the hotline, 888 5 helps u.
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beautiful is next. ken and liz will see you at five a quick check of the forecast. >> we're going to hit triple digits by the weekend, sunday 101. >> have a great day, everyone. ,, ,,
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>> steffy: why are you hesitating? you can't possibly be thinking about rehiring quinn. >> quinn: i just want my job back. is that so horrible to ask? >> steffy: after everything you have done to me and my family? really? >> quinn: what have i done to your family, steffy? >> steffy: granddad, tell her. tell her to get out. better yet, i'll call security and have them throw you out. maybe then you'll understand how much we forresters despise you. >> liam: quinn can'tp


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