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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  July 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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ask he now at noon, donald trump makes his entrance in ohio and what's on tap for the republican nominee at the party's national convention. >> fallout from melania trump's
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speech. a writer taking the blame for words similar to michelle obama's speech four years ago. >> kenneth craig is live from the republican national convention. this speech writer is coming forward so she is just a scapegoat? >> reporter: michelle and kenny, this is the first time we have gotten an explanation about exactly what happened. yeah, she is taking the blame for this. it comes a few hours before donald trump's vice- presidential pick takes center stage here tonight for a very big speech. something the trump campaign would rather focus on. the trump campaign is still dealing with the fallout of melania trump's speech from monday night that had many similarities to michelle obama's 2008 speech. >> your word is your bond. and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> that your word is your bond that do you what you say you're going to do. >> today the campaign said the speech writer took responsibility, saying she felt
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terrible and offered to resign. but mr. trump rejected it, saying people make mistakes. trump himself doesn't seem upset. he tweeted out, good news is melania's speech got more publicity than any in the history of politics, especially if you believe that all press is good press. trump may not be upset. but his campaign is ready to put this behind them. they are preparing for indiana governor mike pence to accept his vice-presidential nomination tonight. pence did a walk through today ahead of this big speech tonight. he is expected to focus on his accomplishments in congress and governor of indiana. those conservative credentials are why he he was parked. >> because of his popularity in the country, he help us to accelerate the unification of the party. >> reporter: eric trump gets a prime time speaking slot to
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personalize his father to the american people. >> is that was kenneth craig reporting live from the republican national convention. turning to a standoff in oakland, a shooting and police standoff situation unfolded this morning. anne makovec is live there with the latest. >> reporter: it looks like there's no more danger to the public and nobody was badly hurt but it was a dramatic morning in oakland. it started with gunfire at 3 a.m. at east 12th street and 15th avenue. a person was shot. police got into a standoff inside a warehouse closing down streets around the neighborhood that lasted for six hours. hostage negotiators were on scene to see what they were
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dealing with inside. two people arrested, 12 people emerged. >> 12 people have exited from the being. we'll see who they are. >> reporter: we don't know the extent of the charges for the two people who were arrested. back to the one person who was shot. that person was treated at the hospital and released. that person is going to be okay. police did find a shotgun and a replica handgun inside of that warehouse. one man on scene did tell us this is a gambling operation and that there were slot machines inside. no confirmation by police. anne makovec, kpix 5. we're learning the identity of a man murdered in san jose over the weekend. 49-year-old gilberto garcia was stabbed to death on sunday on 401 block of north first street. no motive and no arrests. pacifica police need help tracking down this man. they say he walked up to the
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cashier at the 7-eleven on manor drive, showed a handgun and demanded money last night just before 10:00. he got away with an unknown amount of money. he was last seen running behind the store toward ocean shore school. oakland is among one of the most expensive plays to live in the country. now the city council is taking steps to prevent long-time residents from being priced out. the city council unanimously passed the renter protection act. it would require landlords to petition for rent hikes above 10% a year. it also limits the amount that property owners can charge tenants for capital improvements to a building. >> we are in the middle of a very severe housing crisis and [ indiscernible ] new supply of housing and this keeps the [ indiscernible ] is one of the pieces that is needed in the housing crisis to protect tenants from the rise in [ indiscernible ]
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>> opponents say that the new measures unfairly ties the property owners' hands. voters will have the final say november. a bay area highway with a reputation for trapping drivers in gridlock for hours just got a makeover. kpix 5's maria medina is in antioch where tens of thousands of commuters can finally breathe a sigh of relief. >> reporter: that was 2012. this is now. >> that looks pretty bad. >> reporter: richard is one of nearly a quarter million who live in east contra costa county and use highway 4 in antioch. >> just stayed in line until you got a ways down. it's terrible. >> reporter: so as soon as you knew you were going to hit highway 4 in this area, did you know you were always going to hit traffic. >> we would avoid highway 4 and take back roads. >> reporter: traffic would get so bad, anthony had highway 4 figured out down to the minute. >> monday, tuesday, wednesday, pretty good. thursdays not bad.
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friday was bad because everyone wants to leave town. >> reporter: you knew when to avoid it. >> being in a moving company, we come down 4 every day. >> reporter: experts a 130,000 cars use the section of highway 4 every, single day. and they waste 60 hours in traffic a year. it even made the top 10 list of the worst communities in the nation. >> then if you live around here, now where the shortcuts are. so you take them. >> reporter: that all changed this month. a big celebration today off highway 4 marked the completion of a years long $1.3 billion widening project. the six mile stretch from pittsburg to antioch went from two lanes in each direction to four. >> helped a lot. >> reporter: once a nearly hour-long drive for anthony is now just 20, he says. that's not the only thing they celebrated today. besides the highway 4 corridor widening project, there's a new bart station here for
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commuters. maria medina, kpix 5. >> that bart station at hillcrest in antioch will be open in about a year. speaking of bart, the agency says it's trying to fill 62 vacant jobs by november. they face a staff shortage while dealing with age infrastructure. the opening includes computer systems engineering and other skilled jobs geared toward commuter rail systems. bart owes board of supervisors approved a million dollars to recruit and vet new workers. nurses will picture this afternoon at seven kaiser permanente hospital in california. the california nurses association says that kaiser has not increased staffing levels as directed by a 2014 contract. the hospital says otherwise starting at 2 p.m., nurses are set to picket at 4 locations here in the bay area. santa clara, oakland, san francisco, and vallejo. but all hospitals are expected to operate as normal today.
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today prosecutors are expected to wrap up their case in a criminal trial against san francisco-based pg&e. an fbi agent testified yesterday that the utility increased pressure in some gas pipeline beyond the max. those pipelines include the ones that caused the 10 -- the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. prosecutors accuse of the company of poor recordkeeping and obstruction of justice. we are hearing from the parents of the cal student killed in last week's bastille day attack in nice, france. 20-year-old man was in nice for a study program abroad and planned to major in environmental sciences. his parents went to france to find him but they found he was killed when the attacker killed the crowd watching fireworks. >> the students that we met his
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classmates in the program were here and they greeted us. we were so -- overwhelmed by the love and support that we got from nic's friends from the university, from the u.s. embassy. >> leslie is the second cal student killed in a terrorist attack this month. on july 2, uc-berkeley sophomore was among 20 people killed in an attack in bangladesh. just when thought the trouble for volkswagen was sorted out, new lawsuits against th carmaker. more coming up. >> the "pokemon go" craze getting bigger in san francisco. where to expect tons of digital players later today. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good afternoon, everybody. [ no microphone ] >> we're looking at our live weathercam from towards san francisco. weather is up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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three states... claim top executives were involved with creating the devices that new problems for volkswagen and the carmaker's emissions standard. lawsuits by three states says top executives were involved in creating the devices that allowed the vehicles to cheat the tests. kris van cleave has the story. >> this was not a corporate decision from my point of view. this was a couple of software engineers who put this in for whatever reason. >> reporter: that was the u.s. volkswagen ceo in october giving congress what was the volkswagen emissions scandal party line. some found it hard to believe. >> vw is trying to get the you stays of america to believe -- the united states to believe these are a couple of
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engineers? i reject that. >> reporter: defeat devices were discussed with managers and concealed from regulators. >> this cover-up was deep, wide and long lasting. >> reporter: volkswagen, audi and porsche sold nearly 600,000 vehicles in the u.s. with software designed to cleat emissions standards. the lawsuit says vw developed six defeat devices to get around engineering challenges with its clean diesel engines and get a cost-benefit analysis over potential penalties for getting caught. joe bought a 2011 audi a3 equipped with a defeat device. >> how do nine guys sit around a table and go, hey, let's cheat, and no one else goes, that's a bad idea? >> reporter: in a statement, volkswagen said the allegations are essentially not new. it is regrettable that some states have decided to sue for environmental claims now. kris van cleave cbs news. >> they stopped short of saying the ceo was aware of the devices. these cases can move forward because the $15 billion
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settlement last month didn't deal with the penalties that vw could face. turning to wall street now, the dow is up 45. a major merger in the shaving world. unilever is buying dollar shave club for $1 billion. the club is a startup based in santa monica. it offers razor delivery subscriptions to more than 3 million members. you will recognize unilever for its consumer products like dove soap and body spray. facebook's instant messaging service has paid off. the social media company reports its messenger app has received 1 billion users five years after its debut. facebook's other messaging service "whatsapp" hit the 1 billion user milestone in february. if you are tying the knot, you may want to move to fremont. a new study conducted by wallet hub found the east bay city has the lowest divorce rate in the country. the study analyzed several factors that caused stress on a
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city including the divorce rate. other california cities also have bragging rights for low stress. irvine is the lowest number of violent crimes. and fresno has the highest number of psychologists per capita. san francisco police are gearing up for a swarm of people playing "pokemon go." the city's first-ever "pokemon go" crawl kicks off tonight at 6:00. there are several starting point including dollars park and delores park and the embarcadero. so look up every so often. will we have good conditions for the game? >> take a look at this beautiful view. it's a sea of low clouds and fog streaming in over the north bay. you can see the top of the
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marin headlands there. we have some partly sunny skies baywide. otherwise 77 degrees with clear conditions in livermore. it is 75 in santa rosa. and also mid-70s around the peninsula and redwood city. our weather watcher dana, 84 in novato. she worked in the garden before the bees arrived. i know what you're talking about there. winds are increase. all my weather watchers have been reporting beautiful conditions this morning. and dana, our minnesota on. winds are increasing in san francisco. across the bay in oakland as well, 11 in redwood city. 17 sfo with no reports of any local airport delays. calm at the delta through fairfield. a little sunshine for whale watching at the coast today. clear skies around the bay and pleasant conditions, inland near perfect temperatures. here you go. a swath of cloud gather around the san mateo coast. 7:00 tonight before they "pushhhh" onshore and locally march inland a good 50 miles. the marine layer will intensify
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and expand overnight and thursday starts similar to today. temperature-wise pretty spot on, as well. high pressure comes in on the weekend and temperatures go up. triple digits modesto, fresno. low 70s in the high sierra. breezy 63 at the coast and monterey bay through carmel. 60s at the coast. 70s at the peninsula. concord, clayton and walnut creek all about 85 degrees. a couple of degrees off the mark. again the sun does set tonight at 8:28. and by then we'll see the cloud "pushhhhing" back onshore. each day from here on out, warmer conditions, summer returns and with it so does joey chestnut. he has a parade honoring him at the hot dog float. he started at pier 52 at 12:00 going down the embarcadero up
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to at&t park all around san francisco until they end up at the presidio bowling center at 2:00 eating hot dogs, dancing to the sounds of live 105 and kevin klein and a good time for all. >> 70 stations along the route to represent each hot dog he ate. well done, joey. >> we want to see him do it begin. >> i want to see the parade! >> watch him get sick out there. [ laughter ] coming up, rocking out with a very special passenger. sneak peek at first lady michelle obama's ride on carpool karaoke. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well-being. just email, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. == ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now to a snack indulgence... if you can't travel overseas this well, today's tip of the day is going to be chinese eggplant. now, it's summertime with all the summer fruit, i grill these all the time. i cut them in half, i put some garlic inside there. garlic cloves. olive oil, salt and pepper and then put them on the grill. that's it. a little bit longer than other vegetables, maybe three minutes per side. but when it's done, delicious! selection and storage is very important. when you buy them, beautiful light purple all the way around very important. green up here, a little discoloration is okay but free from any shriveling and they feel to feel nice and fresh. when you bring them home, store
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them in the refrigerator. so important. chinese eggplant, on the grill, don't forget that garlic! it will bring out the wonderful flavor and a little bit of oregano on top, too. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. now to a snack indulgence. if you can't travel overseas this summer, lay's potato chip wants to bring some international flavor to you. it's rolling out four new flavors. brazilian picania, chinese szechuan chicken, greek and chinese. the new flavors will be available starting monday. >> nothing beats sour cream and onion. >> or sour cream and cheddar. there's been no shortage of memorable carpool karaoke guests on the late late show. james corden picks up michelle obama at the white house. ♪[ music ]
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>> corden and the first lady sing and dance along to girl power songs like beyonce's single ladies. obama also revealed this was only the second time in the past 7.5 years that she has been in the passenger seat jamming out to music. the last time she was teaching daughter sasha how to drive. >> hm. >> all right. you can catch the full carpool karaoke segment on tonight's "late late show" at 12:37 a.m. right here on kpix 5. we'll be right back.
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how "third eye blind" tricked the r-n-c into getting them to perform... that story and more at five. a '90s rock band crashes the republican national convention. how third eye blind tricked the rnc into getting them to perform. that story and more at 5:00. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. have a great day. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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