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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  July 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hillary clinton and her running mate, tim kaine, made their first please join me in welcoming the next vice president, my friend, senator tim kaine. [ applause and cheers ] >> hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine made their first joint campaign appearance today. how kaine it trying to appeal to voters especially those who never heard of him. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. clinton and kaine spoke at a rally in florida. clinton called him a progressive who likes to get things done. jamie yuccas has more of this event ahead of the democratic national convention. >> reporter: hillary clinton introduced her pick for vice president in a rally in miami saturday.
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>> senator tim kaine is everything donald trump and mike pence are not. >> reporter: virginia senator tim kaine showed off his fluent spanish skills hoping to appeal to latino voters. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: clinton said unlike donald trump, kaine is qualified to do the job. >> from atlantic city to his so- called university, he leaves a trail of broken promises and wrecked lives wherever he goes. >> reporter: the newly formed democratic ticket is looking for momentum heading into the convention in philadelphia. clinton needs to shore up support among single women who will be key players in this year's election making up more than 20% of voters in the united states. >> that's what hillary brings to the table is concrete ideas, and a path forward to get to them being accomplished. >> reporter: meanwhile, donald trump called kaine a career politician and said he was owned by banks. kaine has a reputation for reaching across the aisle.
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republican senator jeff flake of arizona said, trying to count the ways i hate action kaine drawing a blank. congrats to a good man and friend. >> you can watch the clinton/kaine rally by going to our website, donald trump is reacting to this morning's democratic rally saying just saw "crooked hillary" and tim kaine together. isis and our other enemies are drooling. they don't look presidential to me. want their first joint interview tomorrow night on "60 minutes" on kpix 5. newly released emails show top official from the democrat national committee criticizing senator bernie sanders during the primaries sanders complaining that the committee was not treating him fairly. now the emails reveal disparaging comments. one dnc official raised the idea of urging reporters to describe the sanders campaign as a mess. another questioned sanders'
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commitment to the jewish religion. wikileaks got the emails from hackers. melissa caen will be in philadelphia for the convention. look for her live reports beginning monday. a fast-moving brush fire in southern california threatening more than 1,000 homes. massive plumes of gray smoke hovering over the los angeles skyline. the fire started yesterday afternoon on hillside near santa clarita. this is about 30 miles north of los angeles. fire burned 11,000 acres. that fire comes at the same time as a sweltering heat wave. in monterey county an evacuation issued as wildfire has burned 2,000 acres in a state park north of big sur on highway 1. san francisco firefighters are going to the scene to help. at least 1,000 structures are threatened by that fire. a group of young people who turned a vacant san jose home into a frat house got some unexpected visitors, a s.w.a.t.
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team. kpix 5's devin fehely on how the students trashed the neighborhood. >> i saw kids scattered around the neighborhood. reporter: neighbors say the rowdy bottle throwing crowd spilled into the street. when police arrived they scattered hopping fences and running through the backyards. >> a whole bunch of cops started to come here. i heard bottles crack and then i heard a big thump and they hit the back window of my car and it broke. >> reporter: alexi avellar replaced his broken windshield this morning but the owners of the home which was empty and under renovation when party- goers broke in have only now begun to assess the damage. >> it's scary. you don't know what's going to happen, what kind of people is out there. >> reporter: erwin lives next door and saw everything as police called in the s.w.a.t. team to disperse the increasingly hostile crowd. >> i just hope they have the people in custody the ones breaking into these houses because, um, this house is about to be ready for rent and i heard it's going to be setback. >> reporter: a spokesman for
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the police department says many of the party-goers escaped through the backyard. several neighbors who didn't want to talk on camera for fear of retaliation say they were deeply troubled by last night and that the party left them with little to celebrate. in the san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> the police department says no officers were injured during the incident. coming up, learn how a bart worker is being praised for quick action after a truck was on the tracks. >> we caught up with a bay area athlete going to the olympics in rio. his thoughts on being on the international stage. ,, ,,,,,,
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kabul. hundreds more were wounded. police say two suicide bombers detonated bomb vests near a huge protest. 80 people are dead in kabul and hundreds more wounded after
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suicide bombers detonated a bomb near a protest with demonstrator demanding a major electric power line be routed through their poor province. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. we are learning more about the teenager who killed nine people in germany yesterday. the 18-year-old identified as david was fascinated with mass killings and suffered from psychological problems. investigators say he acted alone. the gunman who was the son of the [ indiscernible ] from iran killed himself with a gun. and the city of paris shows solidarity with germany's eiffel tower in the colors of the german flag this weekend. in baton rouge hundreds of members of law enforcement gathered for the funeral of sheriff's deputy brad garafola. the 45-year-old father was one of three officers shot and killed last sunday. today mourners sang hymns and spoke words of peace. he was remembered as a man of his word who took honor in
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protecting his community. >> strength and courage, every day, all the way to the end. >> surveillance footage showed him exchanging gunfire when he suffered a fatal wound. several san francisco police officers traveled to louisiana to attend the funerals of the fallen baton rouge police officers. they took these photos with the message sfpd stands with you bart officials are praising a train operator for preventing a crash this week. on wednesday night a truck crashed through a fence on to the tracks in oakland. the operator of the train coming from the 12th street station was able to make an emergency stop and prevent a collision. that man will get a formal commendation in his personnel file. the olympics are fast approaching. and one san francisco native who has competed twice before is getting ready to go. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward caught up with him before he leaves for rio tomorrow. it wasn't hard. he is jackie's brother-in-law.
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>> reporter: the road to rio is getting shorter. >> feel great, yeah. we have been getting some really good training sessions in and we're all ready and excited to get there and get situated. >> reporter: 25-year-old garrick mine heart has been here before. in 2008 he made history by being the youngest u.s. olympics fencer ever and the youngest athlete to represent team usa that year. fast forward eight years later, with two olympic games behind him, garrick has medals on his mind. >> now being older and a more experienced veteran on the team, it's an interesting role and something i'm looking forward to. hopefully i can use some of that experience and help our team get on the podium. >> reporter: fencing has been part of his life for 15 years. the sport helped him earn a full scholarship to notre dame where he got his bachelor's degree and mba graduating with
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couple lady latin honors both time. a lot of his studying was on planes as he faced world fencers and consistently being one of the highest ranked fencers himself. >> an exciting fast paced lifestyle right now and i'm enjoying it. >> reporter: but that lifestyle won't last much longer. he is retiring from fencing after rio. it will be a change of pace one that will take time getting used to. >> i always feel like i have something else i should be doing. thankfully, there's a lot of packing that i have to do right now. >> reporter: the men's foil event is two weeks away but the u.s. men's team is meeting in houston tomorrow where they will get all the olympics swag, from there to brazil. >> i'm just appreciating the moment. so few people get to experience that and i feel so fortunate and grateful that i've been able to, you know, have all these experiences in my life and opportunities through fencing. >> reporter: jackie ward, kpix
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5. >> the games begin on august 5. still ahead, some california beaches look more like salad bars this weekend. learn what's behind a strange look. >> the heat is on in the bay area. but there is a break ahead. both in the hot spell and in this newscast. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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republican national convention. donald trump is hitting the raw note with more artists over music use at the republican national convention. ♪[ music ] >> the late george harrison's estate is upset the beatles' song here comes the sun was used as the entrance music for ivanka trump on thursday. but the estate didn't suggest all his music was off limits. they said if trump used beware of darkness the estate may have approved it. "pokemon go" has captured our national attention and just broke a pretty impressive record for apple. according to apple, "pokemon
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go" had the most successful launch of any app in the app store's history. and as of tuesday, the game had more than 30 million downloads. it's not showing any signs of stopping. apple says in-app purchases could generate a cool $3 billion for the company over the next year. well, for the second year in a row, a mysterious green slime is washing up on some local beaches. that doesn't look like slime. it's happening on the southern end of monterey bay just near the seaside city line just below highway 1. we sent kpix 5 reporter len ramirez to get to the bottom of the bizarre beach takeover. wat. >> ew! >> reporter: that's not the normal reaction when your toes hit the sand on monterey bay beaches. >> it's weird. >> reporter: it's anything but normal. a sea lettuce bloom is turning parts of bay into a sea of green and the beaches have become a natural salad bar.
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>> it's slimy and like crunchy kale. >> a whole salad out here. >> pretty much. [ laughter ] >> need some chicken and croutons. >> reporter: she is only half joking. sea lettuce is edible and can be used a a nutrient-rich salad. it's a naturally occurring type of algae that grows in oceans around the world. this is about the sixth time in the last 20 years there's been a bloom like this of sea lettuce on monterey bay beaches. reasons for this bloom may be the slightly warmer water temperatures and increased sunlight but this is a first time they say it's ever bloomed like this two years in a row. a similar bumper crop warned up in the same places last year near seaside in monterey. it may be a pattern of unusual occurrences including an invasion of tiny crabs earlier this summer that turned the beaches red. >> first time i have been on the beach. it's green. >> it's green. [ laughter ] >> reporter: gerald rose of salinas brought his sister from arkansas to see the beach.
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but he didn't think it would be so weird. >> i have never seen it like this. i thought it was grass, but that was kind of unusual. >> reporter: sea lettuce bloom should eventually pull back and what's on the beach will crumble into the sand but for now it's a sideshow giving the picturesque beaches a little extra color. in monterey, len ramirez, kpix 5. we are aren't the only ones dealing -- we aren't the only ones dealing with extreme heat. how people in southern california are trying to stay cool. >> reporter: triple-digit temperatures have arrived for the weekend. >> it's nice. you get to wear your sumner clothes. >> reporter: a grape growing hot spot in southern california gearing up for a surge of wine tasters ready to sample in the summer heat. >> if you going down to wine country, hopefully people are drinking lots of water, not drinking too much and driving. you know, stay close. >> today was extremely brutal. it was really bad today. >> reporter: toby mcdonald works for the wine tour bus company, rocking wine tours. >> when they get on -- every,
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single person that gets on the bus we give them water and make them drink it or they are not getting on the bus. >> reporter: he is loading up with extra water and make sure his clients are taken to air- conditioned tasting rooms. with the ground so hot, even the pets are needing protection. >> the concrete is about 115, 117. maybe 120. >> reporter: and for the kids, it just means time for sweets. the cowgirls and cowboys still plan to line dance the night away. >> it's harder. water? >> water. >> all night long. >> reporter: even in the 100- plus degrees. >> it was brutal down there. it was 100 in san diego. i just came up. water is at the top of the drinking list. we have microclimates out in full force with a distance of only 35 miles between pacifica and livermore with a difference
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of 45 degrees. 103 in livermore. here in the midwest and if you have a cold front that pushes through, it would be a dramatic cold front that would drop temperatures 45 degrees. i mean, that is almost unheard of. 58 in pacifica. 103 in livermore. we get it every day in the bay area in the summer that kind of differential. 95 at livermore. san francisco at 69 degrees right now. the seabreeze will strengthen a little bit tomorrow and monday and that means we'll bring temperatures down ever so slightly inland. you're probably not going to notice it. it's a step in the right direction, though. high eases up but not for long. it will get warmer tuesday, wednesday and thursday. temperatures will again approach mid-90s to near 100 degrees by then. meantime a little bit of a break. low clouds packing in along the shoreline and tomorrow morning at 7:00 we'll see clear skies for much of the bay area. but low clouds will linger offshore. the rest of the day on sunday looks sunny. so the oakland a's are taking
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on the tampa bay rays. game time temperature tomorrow 74 degrees. looks like a nice day for baseball. looks like a nice day for everybody tomorrow. fog and low clouds tomorrow only serve to cool things down a little bit. sunday and monday the numbers dip and then it will warm up again midweek. still tomorrow nice day for the sonoma county fair in santa rosa. 91 degrees there. sacramento 103 for the california -- it's summertime. stern grove festival 63 with low clouds. the free san francisco symphony concert the favorite word in that being free. sunday at pier 27. overnight lows temperatures in the mid-50s as we bottom out tonight. tomorrow morning at 6:07 a.m. heading out, 108 redding, 103 sacramento, 107 fresno. tomorrow in the bay area we'll have mid-90s inland, and about 96 at fairfield. 67 in the city. so we are going to cool down a little bit in the city. pacifica 69 degrees. extended forecast, a little bit
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cooler tomorrow and on monday. then tuesday the numbers bump up a bit and we'll keep them in the mid-90s inland. around the bay we'll be in the low 80s and at the shoreline, relief there, temperatures not much better than the 60s. so expect things to get hot again beginning early next week. that's weather. as for sports, here's andrea nakano. >> coming up in sports, newly signed warrior kevin durant makes his team usa debut and the giants try to end their six- game skid in the big apple hoping to avoid another extra inning disappointment. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this afternoon... johnny cueto... the giants wins leader... takes the hi the giants have the worst record in the makes since the saul star break, 0-6. this afternoon the johnny cueto the wins leader takes to the hill to get them out of the funk. dave dravecky going to new york. scoreless in the bottom of the fourth. yankees mark teixiera singles to right and williamson bobbles the ball trying to throw it in allowing gregorius to score from first and an unearned run for johnny cueto but williamson atones for it in the next inning. leading off the fifth, matt with his third home run, tied at one. johnny cueto looked sharp again no earned runs in the 6th inning. he strikes out the side in the fifth and finished with nine ks. game goes to extra innings. yankees load the wastes in the tenth. starling castro out to right and williamson has to battle some of the fans to make this great catch to end the inning.
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top of the 12th inning now, we go in this one. williamson through the middle scoring trevor brown giving the giants the lead. right now it's 2-1 in the top of the 12th. to tennis. first semifinal of the bank of the west classic down at stanford. dominica and johanna and she ace it. [ non-english language ] wins the first set 6-4. in the second set match point. [ two opponents with foreign names ] >> she advance to her first- ever wta tournament final. the wars fantastic haven't yet to see kevin durant step on the court in a "dubs" uniform but they are finally getting a glimpse of how he plays with his new teammate. hehe played for team usa in the exhibition opener and his team
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won. he makes his oracle arena debut when team usa plays cline on tuesday. durant has faced criticism since signing with golden state and he responded to this comment from charles barkley this week. >> going to kind of gravy train on the terrific warriors team. kevin is trying to kind of cheat his way into a championship. >> what they say is uninteresting to me. [ inaudible ] [ very low audio ] >> it is what it is. and if you are in oklahoma city but are still a fan of durant, you can now buy a thunder jersey for 48 bits at an okc store. the jersey is 99% off its original price of 69.99.
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what a bargain. speaking of barkley he is all smiles although he is in last in golf. steph curry playing better with playing partner . mardy fish is the leader into tomorrow's final round. the pga north of the border for the third round of the canadian open snedeker his second shot on par 5 18 lands close with an eagle to cap off his 6-under 66 leading by one shot going into tomorrow. snedeker will be pairedded with canadian native amateur jerry dueclaw who eagled 18 with this long putt. he will attempt to become the first canadian to win the tournament since 1954. when jim harbaugh left the 49ers, he took his winning ways and a catchy slogan with him to
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michigan. 49ers fans no longer chant who's got it better than us but harbaugh once again entertains as he stars in this rap video. >> i got one question. >> who's got it better than us. >> nobody! >> who's got it better than us? >> nobody! >> that's right. [ rap lyrics ] >> blue, go blue. go blue. i ain't got a question, but the coach do. >> who's got it better than us. >> nobody. >> he is a fun coach. fun to watch. >> he should do that for us when he was here. >> he kept us entertained but i think he had to show a little more composure being in the nfl. but a lot of bay area ties in that video. bailey the rapper is from oakland or the bay area. >> still has the khakis on.
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>> yes. >> never get rid of that. >> see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: is it a democrats' return ticket to the white house? hillary clinton formally introduces virginia senator tim kaine as her running mate. >> you want a trash-talking president or a bridge-building president? >> ninan: also tonight, why did a teenager go on a deadly rampage in munich? we're there with the harrowing stories of survival. a dangerous heat dome smothers the united states, fueling wildfires in the west. and a growing trend in immigrant communities-- satellite babies. born in the u.s., sent overseas away from their parents until they're ready for school. >> how many children in this room are satellite babies? this is the "cbs weekend news."


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