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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  July 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> the expectation is verizon is going to buy yahoo. it's going to be very interesting to see how they use it. a lot of people expect it's going to be folded somehow with aol which verizon bought last year. >> reporter: yahoo still gets about a billion visitors to its site a month including flickr and tumblr. >> it's really interesting because when you look at verizon, it's becoming a media company. >> reporter: it's unclear what this means for the 9,000 employees at yahoo. >> it's anyone's guess right now what's going to happen to yahoo. it's really going to depend on how the terms of the deal play out. we'll find those out as the deal solidifies. >> right now there's also a lot of talk about what this means for current ceo marissa mayer. a lot of analysts say she'll probably walk away with $50 million in severance pay.
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jessica flores, kpix 5. oakland police officer is now recovering after being targeted. someone fired shots at her from close range last night and missed moments after a car accident. this comes as officers were already worried about being in the crosshairs. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez is at the east mont section in oakland. >> they've been very concerned about this. that's why for the most part patrol officers are riding two to a vehicle these days. but sergeants are usually on their own. >> reporter: it started out as a traffic wreck between an officer and another driver but it got ugly fast. listen to the recording of the police radio as the sergeant tells the dispatcher someone has begun firing shots. >> i just got shot. [ bleep ] i can't get out of the car. >> reporter: who exactly was shooting at the officers?
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that's not clear. investigators say it appears to be unrelated to the traffic wreck. no bullets connected. the sergeant did not get shot but she was hospitalized for injuries related to the crash. >> i heard the audio. it put a chill down by spine. >> reporter: the sergeant is going to be okay. he said he's proud about how she and other responding officers kept their poise in a shocking situation. >> oakland police officers do a very difficult job in a very difficult environment, certainly when it comes to crime. attacking them is unacceptable. an attack on a police officer is an attack on all of us. not just law enforcement. all of us. officers need to be valued. our elected officials need to understand that. >> reporter: police cordoned off an area looking for the gunman near 73rd and holly but never found him. right now his officers are reeling from the fact they've been targeted. >> we're very fortunate that this cowardly attack didn't
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result in much worse injury to our member than we actually have. >> police sergeant was shaken up but she's been released from the hospital. the man who fired those shots at her, he's still out there and you can bet this department wants to try to track him down. joe vazquez, kpix 5. we're continuing to follow breaking news from overseas. one person was killed and ten others hurt in an explosion near an open air music festival in southern germany. the blast happened near nuremberg. this comes days after a deadly shooting outside a shopping mall in munich. back in california right now, evacuation orders are in place for 1500 homes mostly within los angeles county. the santa clarita fire has burned more than 2200 acres
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since it began two days ago. one person died. firefighters are attacking the blaze from the ground and from the air. they've got it about 10% contained but with extremely hot temperatures and dry land. the flames are still spreading. >> i understand the residents have seen fires before, but these are not normal times. when we say evacuate, that means evacuate. >> an evacuation center has been set up at a high school. they're taking in families and their pets tonight. well north of that fire, another blaze is raging in monterey county, burning more than 10,000 acres. the burn zone stretches through garapata state park, north of big sur. devin fehely is outside the cal fire command post with their effort to knock this one down. >> cal fire says it has assembled a massive response to match this fire. 800 firefighters from across the state and counting. and yet the fire continues to
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grow and threaten some of the central coast's best known communities. >> reporter: the fire nearly doubled in size overnight, having now burned more than 10,000 acres and is threatening more than a thousand homes and buildings in its relentless march down california central coast. >> with the drought we're having, the tree mortality, the fire is burning in a critical fashion. >> reporter: because of the remote and rugged terrain, firefighters have largely battled the blaze from the air with helicopters in a seemingly endless loop. from the coast to collect water to the fire lines to release it and back. it's pushed away from more populated areas like the carmel highlands which remain on alert but have not been evacuated. >> we never want to lose any bit of land to any type of fire. so it's good because it's moving away from the homes, but bad because it's moving in to the wilderness area. >> reporter: cal fire warns its -- it can be days, possibly a week before they get the upper hand.
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they're at the mercy of mother nature. a shift in the winds could spell catastrophe for areas that have been spared. >> we want people to be ready and prepared. we want people to get all their important things in their vehicles so when they actually get a phone call or the sheriff's department comes and tells them to evacuate, they need to get in the vehicle and leave. >> cal fire is hoping for help from nature. cooler temperatures or fog could significantly slow down the fire. devin fehely, kpix 5. >> they'll get a little bit of help tomorrow. cal fire has set up an evacuation center at carmel middle school. so far about 10 families are using it. in san jose police are looking for the suspect who stabbed and killed a man early this morning. it happened near the intersection of south second and martha street. police arrived, they found a male victim suffering at least one stab wound. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. neighbors are rattled after waking up to a crime scene.
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>> i'm getting chills that i never would have imagined. at 2:00 in the morning or around the time it happened, i was in my bedroom right across the street sleeping at 2 a.m. and someone was getting murdered across the street. >> police say the death marks san jose's 28th homicide this year. a stranger likely saved the life of a man in danger of being crushed by an suv on the peninsula. a good samaritan was approaching redwood shores in redwood city last night and saw the man pinned underneath the suv. other people were calling 911 but it looked like something needed to be done right away where the victim might die before emergency crews arrived. so the man who doesn't want to be identified jumped in to action. >> at some point in time he wasn't breathing. as i started jacking the car up, i think his breathing got better and he started breathing. i just heard her say on the phone, oh, the guy is breathing. >> the victim was able to say a few words at that time. an ambulance showed up and took him to the hospital. the victim was a pedestrian and
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police are trying to figure out exactly what happened. a rough beginning to the democratic national convention and it hasn't even started yet. >> coming up, why the chair woman of the democratic national committee is stepping down hours before the convention gets underway. >> we'll have unconventional weather in the week as temperatures begin to climb way above average. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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convention controversy already overshadowing the start of the democratic national convention in philadelphia. >> the convention starts tomorrow and democratic national committee chair debbie wasserman schultz says she's stepping down. danielle nottingham is live in philadelphia with the newest information. >> good evening. one of the goals of this week is to convince voters democrats are the ones to unite a divided
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country. so a controversy within the party isn't the way democrats wanted to start this convention. >> reporter: thousands of democrats including bernie sanders supporters have arrived in philadelphia for the democratic national convention. and there's already drama before the gavel falls. >> hello, south florida. >> reporter: dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz announced her resignation. it comes days after an e-mail scandal appeared to show party leaders showed clinton favored in the primaries and questioned bernie sanders' religion. >> i think the e-mails reiterate right why she should not be chair. >> the dnc was skipping the scale the entire time for hillary clinton. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama will be here at the wells fargo to address the crowd monday evening. the theme is united together. but that could be a tough sell
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for some sanders supporters who say they won't vote for clinton. >> we have 2,000 confirmed reports of election fraud across the united states and those e-mails that are released prove it. >> reporter: another sign some issues need to be resolved if democrats want a unified party in november. >> wasserman schultz will step down at the end of the convention. vice chair donna brazil will serve as interim chair through the election. live in philadelphia, danielle nottingham. >> coming up at 7:00 here on kpix 5, hillary clinton and running mate tim kaine sit down with scott pelley for their first joint interview. melissa caen is in philly for the democratic national convention. her live reports begin tomorrow afternoon here on kpix 5. olympics officials are stopping short of handing down a total ban against russians at the rio games for doping. but a lot of athletes are likely
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to be out. a recent investigation found russia sports ministry oversaw a vast system of doping over several years and already russia is banned from track and field events at rio. the ioc said global federations in other olympic sports will decide which russian athletes to accept and each competitor will have to meet strict criteria. >> every human being is entitled to individual justice. there we have set the bar to the absolute limit for how russian athletes can achieve to compete in rio. >> those federations will analyze the record of each athlete using what the ioc calls reliable tasks. the summer games start in 12 days. a whale of a sight offshore this weekend. >> why we may be seeing more and more whales off bay area beaches.
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whales are putting on quite a showdown in pacifica. and our cameras are rolling as one of them breached. according to marine biologists, an upswell of cold water is causing schools of anchovies and mackerels to swim right by the shore, making it an all you can eat buffet for whales. tourists are feasting their eyes on the incredible show. >> they've been coming to our coast about 200 million years. so they're smart. they know where to find the cafe so to speak. >> marine biologists at the aquarium of the bay predict the whale buffet will last through winter. >> that is pretty cool. >> holy mackerel. [ laughter ] >> how did that ever become a saying? we're ending up with clear
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skies except for along the shoreline. it's been quite a swing in microclimates famous for it. here's why. pacifica at 4:00 this afternoon was at just 54 degrees. just 35 miles away. it was almost 50 degrees, almost. 47 degrees. warmer over in livermore. that's such a broad spread and it's going to continue this week. you can see the low clouds coming through the bay area right now. still warm in concord. 97 degrees. livermore's got 92. here in san francisco, a refrigerated 60 degrees. sea breeze will strengthen a little bit tomorrow. as it does, it will bring some of the cool marine influence inland but it's not going to cool much. you'll still be in the low 90s tomorrow. better than 100 i guess. futurecast. you can see low clouds packing along the shore lines. tomorrow we've got low clouds that go in to golden gate and berkeley hills. predominantly sunny tomorrow
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especially as the day goes on. afternoon highs will still be in the low to mid 90s inland. around the bay will be in the upper 70s and at the shoreline, mid 60s. here's what's happening. high pressure off the southland will build in midweek. it's going to bring temperatures back to near 100 degrees. it's an up again, down again kind of week. coastal fog will cool a little bit tomorrow. but it will rebound to near 100 degrees inland on tuesday. and here's what's happening. reds are taking on the giants tomorrow at 7:15 p.m. if you're headed to the game, it will be fair but breezy and a game time temperature of 62 degrees. overnight lows tonight will be in the low to mid 50s. sun up tomorrow morning on monday at 6:08 a.m. and if you're heading out of the bay area for your monday. 106 at the end of the sacramento valley. fresno, 105. nice and mild along the shoreline with the usual low clouds. san francisco dead on cue for average. concord, a little bit warmer
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than average. we're back to near seasonal norms for much of the bay area including san jose's 84 degrees. tomorrow, plenty of sun in the south bay. mid 80s in a broad brush kind of way will do it for the south bay. low 90s generally for the east bay. you can get to brentwood, near 100. in the north bay, very nice tomorrow. summer-like, 80 in san rafael. 87 for santa rosa. they're smoking in ukiah and lakeport. 100 degrees up there tomorrow. extended forecast, we're going to be looking for temperatures to be in the low 90s inland tuesday and wednesday. we've got about 100 degrees for highs. as we get toward the end of the week, numbers remain near the upper 90s. so after we get this little notch in high temperatures tomorrow, the numbers come down 5 to 7 degrees inland. then they'll rebound. rebound you'll notice is a sports term. and we happen to be going to dennis o'donnell. >> hopefully the giants can rebound, keeping with that theme. the giants were the hottest team
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in baseball. what happened? venus reaches the finals at stanford. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's the deal. they just need to come home. just bring them back to the bay area and that's the ticket. >> this was kind of a strange road trip. they had two off days. they're completely out of sync. both pitching, all over the place. had to be a quiet cross country flight home for the giants who went in to the all star break on fire, came out of it playing anything but. like a first place team. starters allowed 13 home runs in 43 innings. the offense, 9-72 with runners in scoring position. masters winner danny willett throwing out the first pitch. jeff samardzija continues to struggle with the long ball away from at&t. bottom of the 1st, carlos beltran takes advantage of the short porch in right field. that's his 21st of the year. 2nd inning, mark teixeira, he's
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hitting only .188. connects for a solo shot. samardzija has now given up 15 of his 19 home runs on the road. and this pretty much sums out the way things are going for the giants. starling castro, great diving stop, gets the out. mack williamson for some reason takes off for 3rd. down by three runs. that run is not going to do you any good. dead duck. yankees win 5-2. jesse hahn and the as looking to remain hot against the as. striking out four. he left in the 8th. as up 2-0. the first batter, logan forsythe, ties the game. two-run shot meaning no win for jesse hahn. but in the bottom of the inning, billy butler goes deep for his third home run of the year and that turns out to be the game winner. good weekend for the as. they win and are 7-3 since the
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all star break. this is strange. chris sale has been suspended after he refused to wear the throwback uniforms chicago was scheduled to wear then prevented the team from wearing them by cutting up all the jerseys. apparently he didn't think they were comfortable. venus williams made her professional debut in oakland right here when she was just 14. 22 years later, venus is back in the bay area and still looking like her teammate self. venus going for her 50th career singles title, facing johanna konta, first brit to reach the finals since the reagan administration. pulled away late to take the first set 7-5. looked like it was going to be a quick match when venus fell behind 4-1. but she'd mount a comeback. she takes the lead. she'd win the set 7-5. after the set konta left the court for a bathroom break. but the extra rest would not help venus williams.
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instead it was konta, seizing momentum in the third and final set, she broke venus' serve twice and went on to win 6-2 in that set for her first career tour title. how about nascar. jeff gordon coming out of retirement at indy, replacing dale earnhardt, jr. who is out with a concussion. finished in 13th place. final seven laps featured two cautions and a red flag stop but all those stops could not slow down kyle busch who led 149 of the 170 laps to win at indy for the second straight year. picks up his fourth victory of the season. how about lake tahoe. final round. american century championship. steph curry, not great golf this weekend but showing off his rim protecting skills. blocking justin timberlake's shot. made management a little nervous with that diving catch. former athletic mark mulder shot to win the tournament for the second straight year.
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pros, final round, pgas, canadian open. par 4, 17th, second shot lands on the green. vegas shot a time round 8 under 64. that's going to win you a tournament, especially on 18. steve wyckoff goes for the beach to the water. and that gives vegas his second career pga win and his first since 2011. miguel jimenez trying to run away from the field at the british senior open. the mechanic who sees the four-stroke lead disappear. he finished with a 75. and paul took advantage. clinging to a one-shot lead on 17. gets out of the bunker. sets himself up for a par. shoots a 68 to win by two. his first career major title on the champion. i spent the last week in sierra
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nevada. former head coach. he's going to break down the raiders and the 49ers. >> when you were hiking you just ran in to him? >> he was preparing to play in the american century. >> american century, what's the oldest classic? >> i would say tom watson is probably one of my favorite golfers of all time, remains competitive, just finished up the british. >> thanks for watching. see you at 11:00. ,,,, ,,,,
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♪ light piano ,,,, today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (hawk call) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing".
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> i just want to do everything i can to make sure that, a, we win, and, b, the presidency of hillary clinton is fantastic. with my two crepts, i think i can help that happen. >> i do. too. >> pelley: hillary clinton and tim kaine joined us for their first interview just after their debut as rung mates to talk about their vision for the country and their opponents. >> i often feel like there's the hillary standard and then there's the standard for everybody else. >> pelley: what's the hillary standard? >> well, it is, you know, a lot of, as you saw at the republican convention, unfounded, inaccurate, mean-spirited attacks with no basis in truth. >> pelley: why do you put yourself through it? >> because i really believe in this country, and boy do i


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