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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 28, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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there's a pokemon at the dmz border you can't go there and get that one. oh, no. >> captions by: caption colorado n the west. this is thursday, july 28, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." we're from philadelphia for the democratic national convention. president obama passes the baton to hillary clinton, with a ringing endorsement. tonight, clinton will deliver her biggest political speech ever. her campaign manager is with us. democrats it is convention launched blistering attacks on donald trump and his vision for america. vice-president calls it a bunch of -- >> malarkey. >> and trump calls on russia to -- today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds.
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america isn't about yes, he will. it is about yes, we can. we're going to carry hillary to victory this fall, because that's what the moment demands. >> president obama and the democrats take down donald trump. >> that's why anyone who threatens our values, whether homegrown demagogues will always fail in the end. >> he is trying to tell us he cares about the middle class, give me a break. that's a bunch of malarkey. >> donald trump has a way of saying the same two words. believe me. it is going to be great. believe me. there is nothing suspiciousti i my tax returns. believe me. >> he wants to run the nation like he is running his business. god help us. >> i want to see a woman become president, but it can't be here. she is a disaster. she'll set you back a long way,
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women, if that happens. you better be careful what you wish for. >> pope francis is in poland, and just a misstep there. >> what is that? >> a fireball streak as cross the sky in the western u.s. >> all that -- >> nothing truly prepares you for the demands of the oval office. you don't know what it is like to manage a global crisis or send people to war. but hillary has been in the war. >> i'm pretty sure she used to sit at my desk when i was asleep. >> and all that matters. >> to hack into hillary clinton's e-mail accounts. >> you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. let's see if that happens. >> no, let's not see if that happens. >> on "cbs this morning." to be clear, mr. trump has no financial relationship with any russian olagarks. >> that's what he said. that's what the proposition is.
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>> remix. this morning's eye-opener is presented by toyota. et's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." we are at the national constitution center in philadelphia. hillary clinton will layout her plans for america's future tonight, at the democratic national convention. and she was there last night to take the baton from president obama. the old adversaries from 2008 embraced after the president praised clinton's readiness for the oval office. >> the president and other speakers hammered donald trump with some of the toughest talk of the convention. nancy cordes is above the floor at the wells fargo center, and
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is with us there all last night. good morning, nancy. >> reporter: good morning. pretty remarkable. the president of the united states, essentially pulled the rhetorical fire alarm. describing trump as a homegrown demagogue, and said he is trying to scare people for voting for him. that was only after michael bloomberg questioned trump's sanity and the vice-president called him clueless. >> people outside the united states do not understand what is going on in this election. >> reporter: president obama described trump as a would be autocrat, who builds himself as a savior. >> we don't look to be ruled. does anyone really believe that a guy who spent his 70 years on this earth showing no regard for working people will suddenly be your champion, your voice. >> reporter: vice-president biden had harsh words too. >> he is trying to tell us he cares about the middle class. give me a break. that's a bunch of malarkey.
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. >> reporter: taking issue with the bleak view of the status quo. >> we are america, second to none, and we own the finish line. >> reporter: it was also a night for clinton's running made to introduce himself to the country. >> i was a hard time governor, i had to steer my state through the deepest recession. >> reporter: former governor, tim kaine, talked about his son, a marine who deployed to europe on monday. >> i trust hillary clinton with our son's life. >> reporter: he mocked one of trump's signature phrases. >> he says believe me, well, his predators, his contractors, his laid off employees and his ripped off students did just that and they all got hurt. >> reporter: former new york mayor, michael bloomberg, also brought up the lawsuits and bankruptcy. >> he wants to run the nation like he is running his business. god help us.
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i'm a new yorker. and i know a con when i see one. >> reporter: mr. obama argued the world is too dangerous to trust the country to trump and that the choice for president is clear. >> that's why i can say with confidence, there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america. i ask you to do for hillary clinton what you did for me. >> reporter: he said after nearly eight years in office, he was ready to pass the baton. and here is how the hometown papers are billing it this morning. the philadelphia enquirer, called it presidential seal of approval. "philadelphia daily news" he is with her. hillary clinton speaks tonight, if her speech writers weren't
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already feeling the pressure, they probably are after hearing what everybody had to say last night. >> yeah. >> that's right, nancy. they may have been up late last night. >> time to go to school. >> bring it tonight. hit it out of the park. >> he did, homework and walk to bases. nancy, thank you. the clinton campaign hopes to tap into the president's popularity. a recent poll shows 53% of americans approve of the job the president is doing. julianna goldman is on the floor with a primetime speech that looked back, but also ahead, too. july i don't kn >> reporter: president obama laid out his accomplishments, and saying more work to be done. made the case for hillary clinton to become the 45th, a fighter, and patriot. >> i am more optimistic about the future of america than ever before. >> reporter: president obama reminded a devoted crowd of
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democrats last night they need to fight for hillary clinton as hard as they fought for him eight years ago. >> we're not done perfecting our union. that work involves a big choice this november. >> reporter: obama called last week's republican national convention, pessimistic and trump's america. >> america is already great. ronald reagan called america a shining city on a hill. donald trump calls it a divided crime scene. anyone who threatens our values, whether comm uni st, demagogue. >> he held her close, after illustrating why their robust 2008 primary a stronger
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candidate. >> we battled for a year and a half. it was tough, because hillary was tough. was worn out. she was doing everything i was doing, but just like ginger rogers, it was backwards in heels. she never, ever quit. >> reporter: as he wound down his 45 minute long speech, the lame duck president returned to a familiar refrain. >> the audacity of hope, america, you've vindicated that hope these past eight years. now i'm ready to pass the baton. >> reporter: that speech was a preview of what's to come in the fall. the president is expected to hit the campaign trail hard in october. norah, donald trump lashed out on twitter, saying the country does not feel great, to the millions of wonderful people living in poverty, violence and despair. >> julianna, thank you so much. donald trump shook up many democrats and republicans, trump
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suggesting yesterday if russians are responsible for hacking democratic party e-mails, they can also find deleted e-mails that clinton used when she was secretary of state. the republican candidate said he wasn't serious. major garrett is here with the claims and angry response. major, good morning. >> reporter: one of the busiest days in months, in two swing state rallies, to find by a dare that russia hack its way, if had already had, leak its way through the presidential contest and on trump's side. >> help is on its way. in the form of donald trump. >> reporter: toledo end the the night for hillary clinton in philadelphia. >> that's a lot of cameras going on, considering we have a democratic convention. that's a lot of cameras. >> reporter: his day began with his bizarre appeal to russia. >> russia, if you're listening,
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i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> reporter: imagining hackers may already have what was in her private servers. >> you'll probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> reporter: later, he tried to back pedal. >> of course i'm being sarcastic. we don't know if it is russia, china, who knows. >> reporter: but democrats did not waste time digging in in front of a nationally testify advised audience. >> donald trump is asking one of our adversaries to engage in hacking. >> we cannot elect a man who belittles our closest allies, while embracing dictators like vladimir putin. >> he has called for better relations with russia, but denied the clinton campaign that moscow may want to help him win the white house. >> what do i have to get involved with putin for. i've never spoken to him.
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i don't think anything about him, othern he will respect me. >> reporter: in years past, trump has said they have spoken directly and indirectly. he has denied having business interests in rush sla or them having russian backed loans in his businesses. now, of course, trump's tax returns may clear all this up, but trump said again yesterday, charlie, until irs audits are complete, they will not be released. >> thanks, major. robby mook is hillary clinton's campaign manager, and with us here at the national constitution center. welcome. >> thank you so much. >> we want to talk about that story, but first, this is the biggest speech she has ever made. what does she need to do? how will she do it. >> well, first and foremost, she needs to layout a vision for where she wants to take the country. this is something donald trump didn't do in his speech. he talked about a lot of doom and gloom, everything he could think of that's wrong with america. he didn't talk about what how he will lift up and help families,
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crea create more jobs. she'll talk about the choice that voters face. are we going to succumb to these forces that are dividing us or work together to solve these problems, and move this country in the future. >> did the president up the ante, or is she rewriting, 7:13, is she rewriting somewhere? >> some days it is hard to be the campaign manager, some days it is harder to be the speech writer. >> there was a lot of news by donald trump, who called on anyone, including arussians to put the e-mails forward. after he said that, he said he was just joking, and sarcasm. >> look, donald trump is running to be president of the united states. inviting a foreign power that has -- that is aggressor at times towards the united states
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to commit espionage for whatever reason to influence our election is unacceptable. this is unbecoming of a president of the united states. this further proves that he is unfit and does not have the temperament to serve in this capacity. >> to norah's point, he said it was an obvious joke, and hillary clinton supporters, like yourself, are using to deflect about the dnc e-mails. that noun with is talking about that any more. >> look, i think this is issue has moved beyond politics and ret particular and that sort of thing. this is a matter of national ask you arty. >> the fbi is investigating. >> that's what we're told. that's what we've read in the papers. >> we heard from the vice-president that said that donald trump's business record, his character, his commitment to the middle class is a bunch of malarkey. but he is doing better among middle class voters.
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why isn't hillary clinton doing better, and does she need them to win. >> people are hurting, no question, and donald trump is making a lot of really big prmises. some people find them attractive. what we need to do as a campaign, what hillary will do tonight, what we've done at this convention is make sure people know the facts. every turn of his life has made more money, become more famous, at the expense of working people. and folks need to understand that. >> will she specifically name him and attack him. >> i'm going to let the speech speak for itself. she got right back to work with her appearance with the president. she'll layout very clearly the choice that people face in this election. are we going to let these economic forces to rig the economy, work together to create more jocks a more jobs. >> will she -- >> she needs to earn the voters trust. what you've seen is people speaking about how know they can trust hillary, because she has delivered for them.
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>> robby, thank you. >> thank you. we'll bring you hillary clinton's acceptance speech beginning at 7:00 pacific time and you can find coverage all day on our streaming network cbsn. new questions this morning about the freddie gray investigation, after prosecutors decided to end their case against baltimore police officers the charges were dropped against three officers awaiting trial. three other officers were acquitted earlier this year. baltimore police arrested gray back in april 2015. he was severely injured during a 45 minute ride in a police van and died a week later. outside baltimore city hall with the prosecution's defiant statement. good morning, jeff skblnchts fo. >> reporter: good morning. this city's top prosecutor was unapologetic as she tried to explain why these trials aren't going forward.
7:17 am
>> the judge who is within his right has made it clear that he doesn't agree with the state's theory of the case. >> reporter: baltimore's prosecutor, marlin mosley, called the likelihood they would be convicted in the death of freddie gray, but defended her decision to prosecute. >> we do not believe he killed himself. >> reporter: baltimore's mayor agreed with the decision. >> she is an officer, she has to look at the case and make a decision. >> reporter: in april of last year, gray was arrested, handcuffed and placed in a police van without being buckled into his seat. the 25-year-old suffered severe spinal cord injuries while being transported to jail. he died a week later. after his funeral, several days of protests and riots erupted in the city. six officers from charged in connection with gray's death. a mistrial was declared in one of the cases, and three officers were acquitted. >> without real substantive reform to the criminal justice
7:18 am
system, we could try this case 100 times, and cases just like it, and we would still end up with the same results. >> reporter: but the police union and the officers attorneys called mosby's comments outrageous and accused her of a rush to judgment. >> to do an investigation and run there and quickly want to automatically say that these officers are guilty because they're the police, perpetrating dividing our country. dy there - >> any prosecutor at this stage of the game would have said it is time to pack it in. the question is, would any prosecutor have looked at the evidence differently at the very beginning. >> reporter: four of the six officers are back at work, but there is an administrative review underway right now that could lead to dismissals. laura. frightening moments on an american airlines flight from dallas. passengers saw flames shoot from
7:19 am
the jet. the pilot made an emergency landing. the airline says a compressor stalled and the engine itself was never on fire. but boy, that's scary when you see that. >> that's an intense moment. things you never hope happen to you. glad everybody is okay. people in several states spotted a mysterious fireball that was streak ago cross the sky last night. the possible explanation, and it involves
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. on one is named clinton, the other trump, but these two are defying skeptics. chelsea as in clinton and ivanka as in trump find common ground off the campaign trail. the news is back right here on "cbs this morning."
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ahead the new weather forecasting system that should be able to predict storms weeks in advance. the president's convention, the speech writer who helped
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write it and a senior advisor. you're watching "cbs this morning." we're live in philad francisco's glen park... an elderly woman caused quite a mess after sufferina medical emergency behind the wheel and slamming into sev cars. three people were hospitalized, bu good morning. it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. in glen park, we got quite a mess after suffering a medical emergency behind the wheel and slamming several cars. three people are hospitalized and okay. >> the powerball jackpot will be the 10 biggest in lottery history. the top prize is $478 million after last night's drawing did not produce a winner. >> and in the next half-hour of "cbs this morning," a look at the daughters of two presidential nominees and how they might play into the issue of equal pay. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, ♪
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the usual slowdowns in the usual spots the scene of a fatal accident this morning. everything is long since cleared out. and now everything actually looks great from san leandro into downtown oakland. here's a live look at the bay bridge at the toll plaza. it is backing up closer to the maze now. the metering lights have been on since 5:30 and all mass transit is on time including bart systemwide. no delay. here's roberta. >> this is our transamerica pyramid looking east. usually we can see across the bay towards the eastern portion of our bay area and all we have is a very deep marine layer continues to drift onshore. temperatures right now are in the 50s and 60s. later today, numbers stacking up in the 60s at the coast, no sunshine there. 99 livermore. 103 in brentwood. we look like we have a warning
7:29 am
trend continuing through friday. gradual cooling over the weekend.
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♪ it was a stunning sight in the sky last night across several western states. it sent social media into a frenzy big-time. several images posted from california, utah, and nevada showed light streaking across the sky. some of them believe it was a meteor breaking up but one harvard astronomer says it was debris from a chinese rocket entering the atmosphere. whatever it was, it was very cool looking. all is right with the world. welcome back to "cbs this morning." what were you going to say? >> johnny's rocket blazing across the sky? >> yeah. that could be a little >> it could. from philadelphia, coming up this half hour an inside look at
7:31 am
president obama's endorsement of hillary clinton. former white house speech writer jon favreau helped the president draft last night's speech. he joins us along with former senior adviser dan pfeiffer to discuss the tone of this convention. plus, chelsea clinton and ivanka trump both have big stakes in this turbulent election season. ahead what may keep their friendship strong. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" reports on pope francis saying the world is at war, but iis not a war of religions. the pope made the comments on the way to poland after a priest in france was murdered by isis. following the mass today, the pope caused a scare when he stepped on a step. the vatican spokesman said he did not see the last step, but he says the pope is very well. >> the "miami herald" reports on two new zika cases possibly spread by mosquitoes here in the united states and reported in miami-dade and broward county.
7:32 am
zika cases are reported in all but four states and including 1,400 related to travel. "the san francisco chronicle" reports on the death of a worker fighting a wildfire around big sur. a driver was killed when his bulldozer rolled over in steep terrain. the fire is only 10% contained and we have new information about the eight men rescued from the fire this week. an official says the flames trapped them while they were apparently working as illegal marijuana growers. "the washington post" reports on an ambitious plan to improve forecasting by the national weather service. the service says its new global model will predict extreme events three to four weeks in advance. it is looking to improve the accuracy of forecast beyond eight to ten days. the system will be in place within three years. democrats this morning are gearing up for the last day of their convention. in his speech last night, president obama said donald trump will not win the white house with a campaign based on fear.
7:33 am
>> he is selling the american people short. we are not a fragile people. we are not a frightful people. our power doesn't come from some self-declared savior promising that he, alone, can restore order as long as we do things his way. we don't look to be ruled. >> dan pfeiffer and jon favreau know president obama's message well. dan is a former senior adviser to the president and jon helped with the president's address last night and together they host a podcast calling it keeping it 1600. good morning. a good title there. >> 1600 is a gift that keeps on giving. >> i call it 16 hun. >> jon, the president brought you back to help on this speech tonight. what goes into the construction of this speech? what were you trying to convey? >> i mean, i think a couple of weeks ago, i know he met with cody keenan. they both sort of drafted most
7:34 am
of the speech together. he had three things he wanted to do. he wanted to, you know, make sure that he showed his support for hillary clinton and talk about what it was like working with her, what it was like personally knowing her and why she is ready to be commander in chief. and then he also wanted to take on trumpism. more than just trump but sort of trump's whole philosophy. and also the speech was a book end to 2004, his first convention speech which was all about patriotism and american values. >> in the past, he has not mentioned donald trump. whenever he is speaking he does not mention him by name and even saying i see no need to. but last night he did. what was the thinking behind that? >> i think you start saying the other opponent, everybody knows who you're talking about. >> what did you say? >> it's awkward. >> dan, let's assume for a moment you are head of communications for hillary clinton. what do you have to do tonight? because you've seen a big night last night and even a big night with michelle obama before that.
7:35 am
what do you have to do? >> i think the -- i think hillary clinton's audience tonight is undecided voters but not voters undecided who to vote for but people are undecided whether to vote. she needs people to be as fired up for her as they were for barack obama and stand in line on election day and get an early admission to vote. the math is simple. zerp people who voted for mitt romney and voted for barack obama and she still wins a large election. without raising the stakes and give people a reason to go vote. >> he won 53% to 47%, gwynne mitt romney. >> they can help but she has to close the deal. >> jon, some of the phrasing in there. this was about when he said that donald trump is a home-grown demagogue. can place him in the same sentence as fascist and communist and jihadist. there must have been a debate about that how about it is
7:36 am
stumping for hillary clinton to continue that legacy? >> this is his last major speech. he could have spent 20 minutes talking about himself, going through all of his accomplishments. but, instead, he spent just opening of the speech talking about what he accomplished, and spent the rest of it stumping for hillary clinton and, against donald trump. the reason for that is to actually cement his legacy. it's critical important for hillary clinton to win. >> is he rare to go because he has a special animus about trump because he is propelled by trump's view? >> it's not personal about trump. a lot of people ask that question. he raised the birth certificate. it's not about that. people said horrible things about him. he is deeply disturbed by trump's vision of america. the thing i see the president is what makes him the most mad when
7:37 am
someone in a position of power kick down those who aren't in power, whether it's muslims, immigrants, women, he sees that and takes it upon himself to fight for them and you can feel the passion in what he has said about trump's views and how he -- >> if hewe felt that passion to. there are reports he was up until 3:00 reediting and -- >> 3:00 a.m. >> she tweeted that is my man. dignity and grace reminds us what real leadership looks like and i'm all proud of our potus. >> he raised the bar, for sure. >> to write for him, what is his skill? >> i think his skill is story telling and not just like individual anecdotes. >> what was the story last night? >> it was a story about america
7:38 am
what american values really are and how you define patriotism, what it means to be an american. >> he does good aspirations. >> he does. >> the other paragraph, gayle and he talked about this. nobody else did this, we don't think. what he saw in cleveland. it wasn't particularly republican and it sure wasn't conservatives. it was a deeply pessimistic vision for the country. i know you because i covered the white house in terms of messaging at a convention. it was a stark contrast between the two conventions. >> it absolutely was. the president made a very specific outrage to those republicans, those conservatives who are very uncomfortable with trump but have not yet decided they are -- they write someone in or stay home and create a permission structure for them to come forward and support hillary because donald trump has not the right temperament experience to be president. >> turnout is a huge issue in this election because of both candidates going at it. >> that's right. if we turn out september of 2012
7:39 am
hillary clinton will win by a larger margin by barack obama. if we don't, donald trump could be president. all comes down to who votes and win. >> congratulations on keeping it real, 1600. >> we could talk to you guys a half an hour. >> we really on could. dan, congratulation on your upcoming marriage. >> and jon too! >> i just saw his fiancee back stage. hopefully, yours is as nice as she is. this election season is personal. coming up next, how chelsea clinton and ivanka trump are facing a clash of ideas while still remaining friends. take us with you through the all-access cbs app and it's there on your digit device because we know you don't want to miss california governor jerry brown who will be here at the table. we will be right back. trol. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts
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chelsea clinton will introduce her mother tonight at the democratic national convention and that speech will come days after chelsea's friend
7:44 am
ivanka trump made the case in cleveland for her father, donald trump. this week, chelsea sponsored part of ivanka's speech asking how the republican nominee would accomplish some of the things that e civanka proposed. julianna goldman, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning. ivanka trump took the prime time stage to make the case for her dad. now it's chelsea clinton's turn to do the same for her mom. you mentioned the two doubts have been friendly for year, but when it comes to this campaign, it's family first. >> as president, my father will change the labor laws that were put in place at a time when women were not a significant portion of the work force. and he will focus on making quality child care affordable and accessible for all. >> reporter: chelsea clinton bluntly weighed in when asked about those remarks made by her friend ivanka trump at last
7:45 am
week's republican convention. >> how would you father do that? given it's not something he has spoke about and there are no policies on any of those fronts that you just mentioned on his website. >> reporter: tonight, chelsea will introduce her mother, hillary clinton, as she acceptses her party's nomination. >> he is colorblind and gender neutral. >> reporter: as ivanka did for her father donald trump. >> they are both highly impressive. >> reporter: joanna coles is the editor in chief of "cosmopoli n "cosmopolitan" magazine. >> ivanka is trying to make the women voters more attractive to her father and chelsea has a challenge because we know that young female voters were very compelled by bernie sanders. >> today, i'm here to talk about my mom. >> reporter: throughout the campaign, the two women have been their parents's biggest supporters. >> she proved again and again why she should be our next president. >> reporter: and defenders. >> look. i'm not in every action of my
7:46 am
father has but he is not a groper. >> reporter: the common threads between the famous daughter transcend politic and corporate world where they both hold leadership positions at their parents's firm. >> they both live in new york and their husbands know each other. ivanka and chelsea are both working moms and ivy league grads. >> reporter: but they say the two are different in a crucial way. >> ivanka was a model as a young woman. she was on her father's television show. chelsea, on the other hand, was sort of thrust into the public sphere and she has been living a publicly private life for many years. >> reporter: last september, clinton spoke about her friendship with trump. >> ivanka and i talk about everything, which i'm sure you do with your friends. >> reporter: chelsea clinton will only be speaking for a few minutes tonight but in that time, she will be able to talk about hillary clinton as both a mother and as a friend.
7:47 am
norah, showing a side of hillary clinton that nobody else really knows. >> indeed. yeah, julianna, thank you very much. >> she is the only one who can do that. >> only child and daughter. interesting to see that. the stars of broadway bring a special performance to philadelphia. ahead the powerful political statement from more than 40 performers. first, it's time to check your local weather. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! ♪
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7:56 am
monterey county destructive wildfire in mony county continues to spread. although at a slower pace. it's burned more than 27-thousand acres, south of ... and is still j >> good morning. that we have in monterey county is spreading although slower. it burned more than 27,000 acres south of car member. the wildfire burning in monterey county is 10% contained. cal fire says 34 homes have been destroyed. today san jose hosts a major league soccer all star game at avaya stadium. the team includes top players from mls including chris wondolowski and david bingham from the earthquakes. they will play arsenal. english me mere league game time 4:30. >> in the next half-hour of "cbs this morning" governor jerry brown at the democratic convention in philadelphia. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a
7:57 am
moment. ,,,,,,,,
7:58 am
good morning, checking commute conditions across the san mateo bridge, still slow on westbound 92. let's check the drive time right now. it's still in the red. it is approximately 26 minutes to take you center 880 to 101. but at least no accidents across the span. similar story in the south bay. no major hot spots but a lot of slow traffic. traffic jams on northbound 280 from bird and northbound 101 as you approach capitol expressway towards de la cruz. bay bridge traffic thinning out. here's roberta. >> thanks, elizabeth. always great to see you. good morning, everybody. look at this. i think this is so refreshing so inviting. i cannot believe those people at the beaches don't use their air-conditioners, socked in right there at ocean beach this morning. 63 in san jose. later today, no sunshine at the
7:59 am
beaches. ,,,,,,,,
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, july 28th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning" from philadelphia, home of the democratic national convention. >> sounds familiar! >> the president's rousing convention speech for hillary clinton. >> she speaks for herself tonight. we'll look ahead with california governor jerry brown, bob schieffer, and scott pelley, but first, here's the eye opener at 8:00. >> the old adversaries embrace after the president praised clinton's readiness for the oval office. >> the president pulled the he described trump as a home-grown demagogue.
8:01 am
>> the president made the case for the president, calling her a public servant and a patriot. >> it was one of the busiest days and months for donald trump. all of it more or less defined by an odd, possibly real, possibly fanciful dare that russia hack its way to the presidential contest. >> he says hillary clinton supporters like yourself are using this to deflect about the dnc e-mails. >> i think this is now a matter of national security. >> the fbi is investigating? >> that's what we've read in the papers. >> he said trump is a home-grown demagogue. in the same sentence as fascists, communists and jihadists. there must have been a debate about that line. >> no, that was his line. >> uncle joe wasted no time going after donald trump. >> he's trying to tell us he cares about the middle class. give me a break. that's a bunch of malarkey. >> malarkey. joe, please, don't drop the m word, we're live.
8:02 am
>> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. we're at the national constitution center in philadelphia. tonight, hillary clinton will accept the democratic presidential nomination. her speech follows the enthusiastic endorsement from president obama. >> the president rejected donald trump's view of the country. he said, "the america i know is full of courage and optimism and ingenuity." >> time and again, you've picked me up. and i hope sometimes i picked you up, too. [ cheers and applause ] and tonight, i ask you to do for hillary clinton what you did for me. because you're who i was talking about 12 years ago when i talked about hope. it's been you who fueled my dogged faith in our future, even when the odds were great, even when the road is long. hope in the face of difficulty,
8:03 am
hope in the face of uncertainty, the audacity of hope. america, you've vindicated that hope these past eight years. >> scott pelley joins us at the table to discuss last night. scott, good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everybody. >> one of the most interesting things i thought was when hillary clinton came out. a lot of people didn't know that was going to happen. the hug and embrace between the two of them seemed to say it all. together. thank you so much. and here we pass the baton. did the president deliver last night? >> such bitter rivals eight years ago. bitter rivals. and then she comes into the administration, and it ends really with him, as he said, passing the baton to her. it was a remarkable moment of party unity, absolutely. you know, you can agree or disagree with the policies of the president, but that was a well-written speech. >> well-delivered. >> incredibly well-delivered.
8:04 am
it was sunday, go to meet and barack, and he delivered to the crowd. very impressive. i think she's going to talk a lot about the history of women's rights. you know, seneca falls in 1848 and how it took 52 years to get to the 19th amendment in 1920. i think we're going to hear a lot about that. i hope so. >> and if she's president, she'll preside 100 years later. >> that's right. the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage, whoever the next president is, is going to be presiding over that anniversary. >> scott, you've had the only interview with secretary clinton and senator tim kaine, and we also heard from kaine last night. his first big address to the american people, another introduction to the american people. he spoke spanish for part of it. but he also used a rhetorical device of mocking donald trump, and saying believe me, believe me. what do you think the aim was there? >> well, what they're trying to do, and you saw this, norah, as you and i were both standing there, and charlie and gayle too
8:05 am
the other night with president clinton, bill clinton. they're trying to recast hillary clinton as the believable one. in our cbs news polling, as you know, 67% of the american people say she's not trustworthy. they're trying to make donald trump less trustworthy. so that by default, she becomes the person that you can trust. >> it's her birthdyour birthday. charlie says happy birthday. >> i deny it. >> hopefully you're doing something else. >> it's going to be one of the most memorable birthdays of my life. >> i'll say. >> i'm going to be standing there watching hillary clinton become the first woman to accept the nomination of her party. and i'm going to have my wife there, too. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> so when she ends with "happy birthday, scott", you just take a bow. >> i'll handle it graciously. >> thank you, scott pelley. >> great to be with you. >> thank you. one of america's longest-serving progressive democrats was a late convert to the clinton campaign.
8:06 am
california governor jerry brown addressed the convention last night for the first time in 24 years. brown endorsed clinton, even though his political causes appear more like those of bernie sanders. back in 1992, brown battled with bill clinton when they both ran for president. >> he is funneling money to his wife's law firm for state business. that's number one. >> let me tell you something, jerry. i don't care what you say about me, but you ought to be ashamed of yourself for jumping on my wife. you're not worth being on the same platform as my wife. >> here in philadelphia last night, jerry brown praised clinton and her work on one of his issues, climate change. >> what america needs today are not deniers, but leaders. not division, but common purpose. not bombast, but bold action. that's why we need hillary. >> governor jerry brown joins us now. welcome. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> good to be here. a beautiful spot. >> is this convention different than those you've attended?
8:07 am
>> i think this one, for a democratic convention, is very well run. thinking back to the mcgovern convention, i don't think he started talking until 3:00 a.m. and the republican convention is pretty disorganized. so it does show a competency, which i think will serve hillary well in the campaign. >> how wis the democratic party changing? >> how is it changing? well, over what period of time? >> well, from '92 when bill clinton was a centrist president. >> well, it's moved more to what i would say -- more concerned about inequality. climate change has come to the fore. it's far more inclusive and diverse than it was in '92. >> and is it unified? >> i think it's pretty unified. look, the democrats -- you know, we're not a group of -- the division is energizing.
8:08 am
people are going to combine hillary, because of the big issues. like climate change, inequality, working people, minimum wage. she is very much at the heart of what democrats and i think a lot of independents feel. >> and they're certainly unifying against donald trump. many speakers were on the podium explaining why donald trump would be a dangerous president. you called him a fraud. you said trump lied. but the race is still tighter than ever. why do you think that is? >> somebody asked me that question and i'm trying to figure that out. hillary is taking a lot of criticism. one of the ways the campaigns are different, the relentless news coverage in the attack. here it is now. hillary's got the endorsement of all the major democrats. she in her own personality and presence will deliver now in the next couple of months. i think trump is a one-man band, it does wear on you. so i think over time, you're going to see experience, integrity, and unity behind hillary.
8:09 am
and you'll see those polls move in her direction. >> governor brown, you were sitting next to somebody pretty important last night, weren't you? >> i was sitting next to hillsack, but right next to him was bill clinton. bill and i have had some very good conversations. >> what were some of his comments about the speeches last night, particularly when president obama spoke? >> well, he was very responsive. i think he's shocked at trump's calling for espionage. i think he really felt that went over the line. >> how would you characterize that? he said it was a joke or sarcastic, but if it wasn't -- >> trump said it was sarcastic. >> whether it's sarcastic or not, he was making a declarative sentence. but i think it's the loose cannon quality that over time is going to reinforce an impression, which i think is accurate. >> asking another country to commit espionage. >> well, first of all, literally, that's a crime.
8:10 am
but politically, it's another indication of the instability. and that is going to wear down trump. >> earlier this week, you said she should be worried about losing this election. what do you think she needs to do tonight to show how urgent this is? >> i actually said she should be on alert. what i was really thinking was what my father, another governor of california always said. never be complacent. never take it for granted. be on alert. you have to run as though you're behind so you win at the end. she should be ready for anything. she should be ready for an onslaught of insults and negativity. >> is that what happened to pat brown, your father, when he lost to ronald reagan? didn't take him seriously? >> well, they took him seriously the last month, but by then, it's too late. >> yeah. >> but in june -- >> does the democratic party risk that? >> well, anybody makes sure your
8:11 am
opponent has experience in politics. unpredictability, surprise. and that's more true today than it has ever been in the past. it's a competitive election. you never know what's going to show up in the world of events and terrorism and all the rest. i'd say the democrats have to be on guard, on alert, and on the attack. >> governor brown, good to have you. please come back. >> i will. >> there you go. cbs news will bring you hillary clinton's acceptance speech. we'll be in the convention hall with special live coverage tonight at 7:00 pacific time. and nonstop coverage continues all day on our streaming news network, cbs in. how the decision to let john ,,nckley jr. out of a
8:12 am
you can't spell
8:13 am
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and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. today, shots have been fired at president reagan.
8:17 am
you are watching it for the first time as i am. >> mr. plague! >> mr. president? >> i remember that. that is how cbs news first reported. >> i remember that. >> you remember it very well. >> in d.c.? >> yes. >> in d.c. >> that is how cbs first reported it in 1981, the assassination attempt on president ronald reagan. the gunman john hinckley jr. was found not guilty by reason of sanity and confined to a psychiatric hospital but has been allowed time to spend time away from the facility and now the a judge has decided to let him go home. paula, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when john hinckley leaves this psychiatric hospital where he has been a patient for 35 years, he'll head to williamsburg, virginia, where he will live full-time with his elderly mom.
8:18 am
a judge says he no longer poses a threat to his community and under the law medical you be released from full-time outpatient care. on march 30th, 1981, a then 25-year-old john hinckley jr. shot president reagan. and three others in washington, d.c. hinckley was reportedly motivated by his obsession with the movie "taxi driver." and was trying to impress one of its stars, actor jodie foster. hinckley's lawyer applauded the recent decision to expand his freedom but it was met with mixed reaction from ronald reagan's children. ronald reagan presidential foundation and institute wrote the following. reagan's son michael says he is not concerned for his safety. >> i don't know what other families of others that were shot that day, what they may think, but haven't felt that -- i haven't been safe in any way. >> he urges forgiveness and
8:19 am
tweeting my father did more than say the lower's prayer. he lived it in forgiving john hinckley jr. maybe we should do the same. but reagan's daughter patti davis disagrees saying forgiving someone in your heart doesn't mean that you let them loose in virginia to pursue whatever dark agendas they may still hold dear. for over two years, hinckley has been allowed to spend 17 days a month living with his mother. the court requires that he continue psychiatric treatment during his release but tim mccarthy, the former secret service agent who took a bullet during the assassination during hinckley's assassination attempt is still worried. >> i am still concerned and worried if they let him out he is not going to injure anyone else. >> reporter: under the terms of his release, he asked to gary a gps -- carry a gps enabled phone
8:20 am
and he cannot google himself or his crimes. hinckley could be released as soon as august 5th. norah? >> very interesting story paula. thank you. >> it is interesting. >> i could see why the family would be split on it. >> i agree. one of the country's best-known victims of gun violence endorser is hillary clinton. up next, gabby giffords' powerful words. you're watching "cbs this morning." rs. the more you pour the more scent you'll savor. toss into your wash before your clothes for luxurious scent for up to 12 weeks. and introducing unstopables fabric conditioner by downy giving your laundry a bold, captivating scent with luxury you can feel. for long-lasting scent, just pair with your in-wash scent booster. unstopables by downy. the ultimate in long lasting scent. good is a catalyst,ue diamond almond. good is contagious. and once it gets going
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8:24 am
♪ he will stand up to the gun lobbies. that is why i'm voting for hillary. speaking is difficult for me. but come january, i want to say these two words -- madam president. >> very brave. that was former congresswoman gabby giffords who gave hillary clinton a rousing endorsement last night at the dnc. she survived a 2011 shooting in arizona. >> when you see how far she has come from that day and how she can deliver a speech with inflection is great to see. >> standing by her husband, the astronaut. >> always with her. >> hillary clinton will try to win over the skeptical voters tonight d it is the biggest speech of her
8:25 am
> linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, it's 8:25. i'm kenny choi. as soberanes fire fire in monterey county is pushing smoke into the bay area, today marks another "spare the air" day. some local emergency rooms have seen an increase in patients coming in from respiratory problems. fisherman's wharf in san francisco will be packed with pokemon hunters tonight. a full-fledged crawl kicks off at 6 p.m. local businesses are offering drinks specials as you try to catch 'em all. coming up on "cbs this morning," california governor jerry brown joins the dnc "conversation." traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
america thought our pancakes were pretty great. but as much as you loved them, we didn't. so we made them with fresh buttermilk, and a hint of vanilla. are denny's new pancakes flufflier, tastier, better than yours? only you can decide. good morning. isn't this a nice sight? everything is cleared out early at the bay bridge. metering lights are on but traffic is almost nothing right now as you approach the toll plaza. everything looks good now into san francisco. let's go out to the san mateo bridge. traffic is still slow on this approach as well as southbound 880 heavy through hayward. once you get on the span, it should take about 24 minutes from 880 out to 101.
8:28 am
it's a "spare the air" day so maybe everyone is using mass transit. you are encouraged to use bart. all trains are on time, no delays. all mass transit is on time. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. >> i have an idea. maybe everyone stayed home because they are sick of the heat. how about that? hi, everybody! look how refreshing it is along the coast and into the bay this morning. actually, that marine layer is beginning to thin out. temperatures 53 san francisco. 63 san jose. later today, temperatures coming down just a couple notches inland. down to 99 in livermore. but still 100 in pleasanton. also in danville. 66 san francisco. 88 san jose. 89 degrees in the santa rosa area. here's a look at your extended forecast. we have the temperature span today of 60 at the beaches with really no clearing just a hint of sunshine. 70s beaches, 80s around the peninsula. 103 in your inland areas. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning" from philadelphia. we are at the national constitution center with independence hall right behind bob schieffer and the atlanta senior editor alex wagner will join us at the table. >> philadelphia's gourmet revolution is ahead. mo rocca showing us restaurants are raising their game with help from the middle east and the midwest. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the "chicago tribune" says president obama has chosen jackson park as the site for his
8:31 am
library. the historic park is on the south side of chicago. it's near the university of chicago and next to an african-american neighborhood. construction is expected to be finished by 2021. "the new york times" reports on bill o'reilly defending his controversial statement about slaves and in response to michelle obama's convention speech which when she said slaves built the white house. on his fox news program on tuesday, o'reilly spoke about the slaves working edition. >> slaves who worked there were well-fed and had decent lodging provided by the government which stopped hiring slave labor in 1802, however, the feds did not forbid slave contractors from using slave laborers. so historical fact.
8:32 am
michelle obama has not responded. >> something tells me she is not going to respond. >> the phrase from her speech, when she go low, we go high. >> what i'm going to do right now and keep reading. new york "daily news" reports on evidence that people can control their voices similar to the way people do for apes. that is rocky, torangutan grunting responses to a human voice. it is prompting second thoughts about how speech developed. most scientists previously thought that vocal cord from the apes. rocky is showing us otherwise. lawmakers and special interests at the democratic convention, despite talk of a
8:33 am
political revolution party, k dignitaries received if invitations. they work within the system a spokeswoman says. president obama's speech to the democratic convention was likely his last as an elected office holder. a recent cbs news poll shows that just a quarter of voters want the next president to continue his policies. 21% want more liberal policies. and nearly half want more conservative policies. alex wagner is senior editor of "the atlantic" and with us today and along with bob schieffer, our former washington chief correspondent and we can't let him go. he is a former moderator of "face the nation." good morning to you both. >> great to be with you guys. >> reporter: bob schieffer, what did you think of his speech and was he effective and did he do what he needed to do? >> i thought it was a fine speech. >> everybody says that today. >> barack obama knows how to make a speech. i do not believe that hillary clinton could have asked for
8:34 am
more than what she got from him last night. but, you know, going back to what alex and i have been talking about all week on various programs, donald trump, whether he meant to or not, set the table last night, and we phon found out what the democratic strategy is going to be. they are going to make it as much about donald trump as it is about hillary clinton and they are going to go, as you saw last night, go straight at him and they are going to say basically he is too dangerous to be president. >> we had some people from the hillary camp and they said that was carefully coordinated the way they put together those speeches to make those messages. >> yeah. i mean, leon panetta heard trump and rewrote his speech to double-down on that. i mean, that is how serious they took it. they really think they found an opening here. >> donald trump suggested yesterday in trying to do some cleanup that it was sarcastic, his remarks about whether russia should or anyone else try and find the 30,000 missing e-mails
8:35 am
from hillary clinton's private server. >> sir, you know -- >> hold your face straight out. >> i think the fact that mike pence, his running mate, was releasing statements completely to the contrary at the same time as donald trump was making his sarcastic comments lead to a lot of questions about how much coordination there is between the candidate and the running mate. i want to add one thing to what bob said about last night. this is also a moment about barack obama and his relationship with hillary clinton. i think you'll see hillary clinton staples to barack obama's side as much -- >> the question is if this is seen as the third term of the obama administration, is that good for her? >> i think the democrats and the clinton campaign believe that the strategy right now is not really appealing to the middle, it is about turnout among the democratic party and he is a surrogate like no other when it comes to that. >> charlie made an interesting point. you don't remember the last time you saw an i am couple bent
8:36 am
president so praised like last night. >> what occurred to me last night, because i was in san francisco in 1984 when they put geraldine fa regard rah on the ticket with walt monday deer mo dell. they said when you're on the stage you will not touch each other and you will not hold hands. last night. >> like they were married. >> they said look at how hillary clinton put her head down on his shoulder. >> you and i remember jimmy carter tracing and trying to follow ted kennedy on the stage and kennedy running away? >> yeah. but i just thought, man, time marches on. >> jon favreau said it was a full circle moment for both of them. also a big night for tim kaine and a lot of bad jokes we are getting on twitter saying tim
8:37 am
kaine is a soccer dad who can sing along to any to any rap song but hums the cuss words. he is a dad who catches you smoking weed at a sleepover and doesn't rat you out but talks to you about brain development. >> i feel he is like an attack dog and a beagle i heard last night. i know it was an animated speech. he did his best trump impression but i felt it landed more like rodney dangerfield than donald trump. that said, he is an enthusiastic booster to her. >> that is a secret to attack politics when you can stick that needle it and make peel kind of giggle when it hits home. and you can come out there with a sledge hammer. >> yes. >> and it doesn't always go over well, but when you can do it kind of the way he did, i think, this is opinion clearly stated,
8:38 am
i think that is the most effective kind of attack in politics. >> i want to ask you about i know you think trump's comments where he is accused of inviting espionage are a turning point in this campaign but also something that didn't get a lot of attention was in the same press conference, mr. trump was asked about whether we should reconsider sanctions on russia and whether we should recognize crimea as a russian territory. he said, yes, we will be looking at that. >> well, i mean, this just plays to -- i would just guess democrats could not be happier. we all talk about all of these things that donald trump has been able to say and get away with. this is maybe one bridge too far here. maybe -- maybe it won't hurt him, but, i mean, it's surely not going to help him. i mean, when you say, you know, he's in cahoots with the russians, whether he is not or there is all of these connectsions, i think all people in all demographics, as we look at it here -- >> and not just democrats.
8:39 am
>> it's easy to understand. this is not like explaining mortgage rates or something like that. >> chelsea clinton will speak tonight and big night for her. what do you think about the comparisons between her and ivanka. >> i think accurate comparisons. they are both incredibly great women and great surge at-bats for their mother a-- surrogates their mothers and father in chelsea clinton's case. >> aren't they friend? don't they actually know one another in new york? >> yes. >> and sometimes show up in the same places? but, again, i go back to this. this is an election about hillary clinton and donald trump. and, you know, both sides are going to make it about the other one and it's going to be them. that's what it's about. not about the kid, not about the wives. >> can't wait for the debate. >> this is going to be one of the roughest, nastiest campaigns in the history of american
8:40 am
politics and we have had a couple. >> thank you both. >> thank you. >> great to have you. mo rocca is getting a real taste for the city. >> hungry in philly? take a pass on the cheesesteak. the philadelphia revolution has begun. coming up on "cbs this morning." i'm never leaving!,,
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the delegates here in philadelphia have had several days to experience all that the city has to offer a eesesteaks in philadelphia but there is so much more to this stcity's culinary scene. historically, what kind of a food city is philadelphia? >> historically, i think it is a blend of sort of comfort foods, like sandwiches and meat and potatoes. >> reporter: sandwiches are obeying part of philly's culinary history. >> huge.
8:45 am
this is the best sandwich in the country. >> reporter: his namesake restaurant was named one of the top 50 restaurants in america the year after it opened. >> the growing season dictates a lot. once things come into season and they are delicious and we can get them locally we put an emphasis on the menu. watermelon cocktail. >> reporter: where is the gin from? >> where is it from? on. >> reporter: who cares. are you particularly proud of your success because you were raised here? >> well, i don't consider myself a success. i don't feel like we are a success. i still feel like we are kind of junior varsity playing in a bit of a varsity game in phillie. >> reporter: in case you haven't heard, it is a major scene. the hob earned an award. >> i moved here from florida,
8:46 am
sort of like on the way to new york, you know? and i stopped in philly and never left. >> reporter: when you say on the way to new york, you mean that literally. >> literally and figuratively. philly is an easier place to live and things cost less. the housing is more affordable. this is a hummus restaurant. >> reporter: in a city serious about its street food, solomon offers his alternative. this is very interesting to me because she is making? >> she is making pita and making it by hand. >>reporter: look at that piping hot pita. >> so different than what you get like in a bag or the back of a like a supermarket. >> reporter: this is an american take on the hummus foods that are commonplace throughout the middle east. and just across the street, his federal doughnuts offers coffee, along with an array of handmade
8:47 am
doughnuts and, wait for it! fried chicken that is simply irresistible! >> i know so many people hate this word but so moist. >> i know. it is a pretty strange word to say outloud but we are happy you're saying it. >> reporter: there is nothing worse than dried-out chicken. i mean, some things like a tsunami would be worse. don't call his of solomon's restaurants trendy or buzzi. >> people don't care about hype that much. like if you're not great and not providing a good experience or good food or good service or whatever that is per restaurant, nobody cares. >> this was not happening. it was totally desolate. >> reporter: while a number of chefs have elevated the philly food scene, marcy and her partner valerie transformed a
8:48 am
neighborhood. >> we wanted our own shops and then, all of a sudden, the neighborhood supported us and philadelphia supported us. and so it was like, what else can we bring? >> reporter: the couple now own nine restaurants and boutiques along philadelphia's 13th street. former red light district. who are bud and marilyn? >> bud and marilyn with my grandparents. >> reporter: the latest is bud and marilyns and to marcy's native wisconsin. anything distinctive about the clientele, the diners in philadelphia? >> the diners are loyal in philadelphia and philly is proud of our chefs and our restaurant. >> reporter: why stop now? you should open another restaurant. what would it be? >> i actually don't even know what it would be. i think we have kind of covered everything and now we ar trying to relax a little bit. yeah. and i'm getting old! >> reporter: attention must be paid to the cheesesteak.
8:49 am
i'm standing in front of pat's which is the birth place of the cheesesteak. look at the meat. it's not shredded up and it's a terrific sandwich. norah? >> thank you! >> you sent some stuff too. >> we got this. >> this is from by george. i didn't have dinner so i'm ready to eat the paper. what i like about the look of this, the bun is sesame and it's warm and cheese is melt and caramelized onions are always good. >> charlie, thank you for taking gayle and i out to lunch. >> it was delicious. >> we went to dandelions. i would go back there. by george, this is awesome. >> good food in philly. >> we will be right back.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,
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powerball ticket. there weren't any winners in last night's drawing... making t four hundred 78 mill i'm kenny choi. if you are feeling lucky you might want to get a powerball ticket. there were no winners last night making the next jackpot $478 million. fisherman's wharf will be packed with pokemon hunters tonight. full-fledged crawl starts at 6 p.m. and local san francisco businesses are offering drinks specials as you try to catch them all. and san jose hoping the major league soccer all star game -- holding the major league soccer all star game including mls stars including earthquakes's chris wondolowski and david bingham. they will face arsenal. english premier league. game time this evening at avaya stadium. it will be cooler, too. but they will need to stay
8:56 am
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good morning. let's go to the peninsula. we are watching a wreck on southbound 101. unfortunately, it's kind of all jammed up through there as you approach third avenue. it is blocking one lane. traffic right now trying to head towards the san mateo bridge. completely different story if you are heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. i believe the metering lights remain on but traffic thinned out early about half-hour ago. no delays so far heading into san francisco. looks great. 880 the nimitz freeway, still a bottleneck right there as you pass the oakland coliseum. 31 minutes between 238 and the maze. and san mateo bridge traffic is still sluggish as well out of the east bay.
8:59 am
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