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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> breaking news tonight. a man with a knife goes on a deadly stabbing spree in london and police are are investigating a possible -- are investigating a possible link to terrorism. >> veronica de la cruz with the details. >> witness saying she heard a scream and then saw the blood. one person was killed in the stabbing. a woman in her 60s and five people were wounded. the suspect just 19-years-old. police arrested the man about 5 minutes after the attack. that is in central london. they used a taser on him. the man is now at a hospital where he is guarded. mental health was a factor in the stabbings but they are not
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ruling out terrorism. >> we should keep an open mind regarding motive and terrorism as a motivation remains. >> reporter: they will increase security on the streets throughout london. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. smoke and flames, cal fire racing to stop the wildfire in yolo county. it will be a tough night for firefighters. it is called the cold fire. it broke out yesterday on the east side of lake berryessa. here is the latest. the fire scorched 4600 headachers. it is now just -- acres. >> reporter: the fire scorching its way through yolo county and
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suffocating the community has become a all too familiar scene. >> been evacuated last three summers. >> last night it was no, this morning it was no. >> reporter: many passed on the home evacuation order and decided to take the risk. >> most people stayed because this is the third year. >> the fire continued over night towards dozens of homes. luckily they were able to stop the fire right there and potentially saving this home. >> we want to make sure it is stife go back -- safe to go back home. >> reporter: 700 firefighters are battling flames and hot spots in and around. almost the same scenario a year ago as the rag fire forced some of the same residents out. >> last year it was almost the
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same place. >> reporter: now hoping for another break. >> every does everything they can. they have grass cut down. trees trimmed. everything you can. so hopefully we will come back to clear skies and no smoke. >> reporter: 4600 acres burned. no telling when they will be allowed back in their homes. hope to have an update for you tomorrow morning. to the south in mount ray county a wildfire is 47,000 acres. and -- monterey county a wildfire is 47,000 acres. the soberanes fire is responsible for one death. investigators say an illegal camp fire ignited the wildfire. new information on this deadly bus crash. we are uncovering details about the bus driver's record. and the victims. andria borba with what she found. >> reporter: we learned most of
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the people were headed to washington state to apple picking jobs. ntsb is hoping the 1998 bus has a black box. >> reporter: with the bus crash that left four people dead on highway 99 cleared today the focus moved to investigation. >> was the driver fatigued. was there potential medical episode. was there distraction by a phone or other means or was another vehicle involved. >> reporter: the ntsb is running a investigation with the chp. among the things that will be looked at, the driver mario david vasquez's record. he lost his license for two months in 2015. he was cited for driving too fast in oregon.
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he was busted for an illegal lane change and he was 2-1/2 hours over his 10 hour driving limit. and didn't get enough rest. mario david vasquez's granddaughter said he is a safe and cautious driver. >> he is very responsible. when he got tired he told the other driver take over from here because he knew it was important for him to come home. >> reporter: kpix 5 learned the bus from tuesday's crash was inspected during the two months he wasn't allowed to drive it. in february 2015 whoever was behind the wheel was cited for driving on a suspended license. >> i knew something was wrong when he didn't come back in the morning. >> reporter: family members said he worked long hours and may have been losing sleep after the death of his wife to
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cancer. andria borba, kpix 5. campaign 2016 and donald trump in denial as his running mate goes his own way. betty yu joins us. another chaotic day on the campaign trail. >> reporter: the republican ticket is split whether to over endorse the highest ranking republican for another term. depending on who you listen to donald trump's campaign is doing well -- >> never been so well united. >> reporter: or it is chaos. and those close to his campaign say it is a combination. even vice presidential candidate mike pence doesn't see eye to eye with him. yesterday donald trump refused to endorse house speaker paul ryan and he said this. >> i support paul ryan. >> reporter: yesterday donald trump ripped john mccain for
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failing american veterans. >> i have never been a fan of john mccain. >> john mccain provided the kind of leadership throughout his career that has stood up for our military, for strong america. >> reporter: some republicans have turned their backs on the party's nominee. hewlett-packard executive meg whitman said she will vote for and donate to hillary clinton. she rougherred to trump as a demdog -- referred to trump as a demgog. >> . >> they are in jeopardy. >> reporter: it hasn't helped that donald trump clashed with the gold star khan family. supporters like newt gingrich said trump is making himself
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unacceptable next to hillary clinton and has to become more disciplined or he runs the risk of losing the election. a new poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by 10 points. and experts say it is still early. we are three months out from election day and donald trump can still turn things around but it is getting more difficult to do so. >> who would have guessed this would happen. crazy. >> i know. i don't think it is the last we heard of the drama. >> okay. thank you. 300 sclera court employees walked off the job -- santa clara court employees walked off the job today. they want a raise. the courts are doing the best to get things done. >> the judge filling out the
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paper work themselves. there is no way he will do that with 100 folks. >> a majority of the cases will be continued to a later date. that includes the hearing for the man suspected of murdering sierra lamar. antolin garcia-torres was supposed to be in the court room this morning. $9.9 million is a lot of money but a family says it is not enough. they want caltrans to do more after the a father and husband was killed. >> i don't want another family to go through what we are going through. >> reporter: six years ago her husband was killed. chris chandler was struck by a car while walking in this crosswalk. six years later he missed a lot. >> he wasn't there when our
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daughter got married and for the first grandchildren. >> reporter: this week a jury awarded her and her daughters $9.5 million in damages. holding caltrans 90% responsible for the death. the driver who struck and killed him held 10% responsible. the family says they want more. not more money. but more down to protect the public along the road so it never happens again. >> already happening since chris. >> we asked why is it that you have all these crosswalks when you know they are dangerous. >> reporter: he was handling the lawsuit against caltrans. >> what they told us was we know they are dangerous but we can't do anything unless there is an accident history. we need 4 injuries or fatalities. >> reporter: you can see how busy it is where the crosswalk
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is. we reached out to caltrans about this case and about the safety of crosswalks and are waiting to get a response. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. this airliner exploded and caught fire and tonight first clues as to what may have gone wrong. >> dog drama at university of california at berkeley. and how this bay area dajay blasted beats so loud people thought they were having an earthquake. ,,,,,,%,,
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jetliner fire shut down traffic for hours. veronica d dubai international airport is back open after a deadly jet liner fire shut down traffic for hours. salon cud -- veronica de la cruz has more. >> reporter: one firefighter
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died but all three hundred people on board survived. the plane erupted into a fire ball, blowing off one of the wings at dubai international airport. firefighters hosed down the foslodge. -- fuselage. everyone was evacuated in about a minute. [ indiscernible ] >> immediately we -- they are -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: passengers say the pilot made an announcement he maded to make an emergency landing -- needed to make an emergency landing. the cause of the crash landing is still unclear tonight. the ntsb is sending a team to assist in the investigation. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. this news surprised us. two years after the fact. napa is still rattled by after chalks from the 6 -- shocks
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from the 6.0 earthquake. 4,000 aftershocked rippled through the valley -- aftershocks rippled through the valley. >> if earthquakes are on your mind it is a good time to prepare. make sure things at home -- you have a plan. you have some way of surviving a large earthquake. so these are reminders. >> the napa earthquake was the big to say hit it bay area since 1989. speaking of earthquakes the bay area deejay made the earth move or it felt that way in colorado. kpix 5's mark sayre explains this one. >> reporter: one of the biggest names in the music scene. he got his start here at uc santa cruz. the campus and this city is what nurtured his creative spirit but when he brought his concert to colorado people up
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to 5 miles away complained. >> it made my windows move a little bit and kept me up. >> reporter: some brought their complaints to the city council. >> i thought it was an earthquake. i went outside and i looked. >> reporter: the mayor says the city thought it had done enough. >> imposed the most stringent regulations. >> reporter: on twitter he promised a new home in colorado and made promises that yes, it would be loud. one neighbor measured the sound at 72 decibels. the city of santa cruz canceled the performance in 2012 over similar noise concerns. mark sayre, kpix 5. when it comes to men and women tonight apple says it
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erased the gender pay gap. men and women in the united states are getting equal pay for equal work. previous women were making 99.6 cents for every dollar men made. after a string of dog attacks at university of california at berkeley tonight there are new rules about dogs on campus. so is everyone following them? not exactly. here is what kpix 5's christin ayers found out tonight. >> she was bit by a dog. >> reporter: it happened to her dog not too long ago while she was off leash. >> came out of nowhere. >> reporter: one of the reasons why she is fine with university of california at university of california at berkeley's new ban on off leash dogs. police issuing warnings. a spokesperson said the policy had to change after an off
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leash dog bit a service dog, one of seven attacks. >> sometimes dogs can be really dangerous when they are off leash. >> the policy went into effect a few days ago. but not everyone is crazy about it. one family says they don't care. even after we told them about the ban they let their dog run free. but now the university has taken her dog. one of a few off leash areas in berkeley away. >> i don't know if it is needed. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. firefighters in north san jose rescued a cat in distress. they found it stuck in this rain gutter on the roof of an apartment. someone heard a meow. firefighters set up a rescue response and scooped out the cat. they turned the pet over to a maintenance worker and he
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promised to reunite the cat with the owner tonight. i love this story. shows the bears are loved by everybody. who says bears can't have down time. check this out. a mother bear and two cubs cooling off at lake tahoe. they went into the water. not too far from kayakers. after swimming they played on the beach. they are playing blackjack -- [ laughter ] >> that guy on the kayak, i think he was paralyzed with fear. >> yeah. >> i am going to choose not to move till they leave. beautiful shot. marina green. 50alize day long in san francisco today. fog and low cloud cover. 10-degree change tomorrow. oakland and coun cord right now 60. livermore 58. tonight low 50s north bay.
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mid-50s south bay. concord 55. sun up 6:16 a.m. best air in two weeks. the onshore flow is getting stronger. taking the smoke and pushing it in the other direction. towards the central valley. good air quality tomorrow because of a stronger onshore flow. it is there. howling tomorrow. winds at the coast 15 to 20 miles per hour. that will rush all the way inland. from the 90s to low 80s tomorrow. some away from the water won't hit 80. a low-pressure system that will park itself over northern california. as that happens the low is close to us. doesn't mean rain. keeps us cooler. temperatures running below average tomorrow. san jose 77. normal is 83. concord 8 degrees below average. high of 80 degrees tomorrow. nice outside. morning clouds. nice breezy afternoon.
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sunnyvale 76 for you. pacifica 58 degrees. clouds will not part at the coast. danville 77. pittsburg 79. pleasanton 80 degrees. san francisco tomorrow 62. a foggy start. novato 74. petaluma 71. 90s in lake county tomorrow. extended forecast, cooler through the weekend, weekend chilly in the morning. sunny in the afternoon. and warming next week. we had the hot stuff over the past week. done starting tomorrow. >> cool down. good. >> enjoy it. >> like the bears. cooling off. >> cooling off in the lake. >> thank you. this guy spent 10 days at the airport by choice. tonight we will tell you what he was waiting for. >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with
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stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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those swings are making that music. you can take a ride on the musical swing in san jose. the art project opens tomorrow. today we get a sneak peak. the swings will be at the park for two months. you can ride for free. man spent 10 days for a date at an airport. she didn't show but he refused to leave and slept there for 10 nights. eventually passed out and hospitalized for exhaustion. the woman told reporters she turned off her phone because she was getting plastic surgery. she claims she is still willing to meet the guy later. okay. >> we will have to keep you
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tuned on that one. >> okay. >> let's go to sports. coming up in sports, a deal that could make him a 49er for his entire career and the losses keep piling up for the giants. this one may top them all. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the mo closing the de since the all star break the giants only have one win on the road. johnny cueto having a hard time in philadelphia. nothing to cheer for if you are a giants' fan. jake peavy deserved better. tie game in the 12th 12th. he can't make the play. he had rough defense behind him this season. next batter ropes one up the middle. a run scores. the winning run and the giants are 4-13 since the all star break. the a's had more squander chances tonight than this guy has moves. bottom of the 9th. albert pujols hits one. a walk off shot. a's lose their fifth straight,
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8-6. 49ers linebacker suffered that awful any injury a couple years ago. tonight his work to get back paid off. signed a 4 year contract extension, $20 million guaranteed. he is signed through the 2022 season. no guarantee the raiders are here after this season. this could be their final training camp in nampa. head coach is well trained in answering questions about that topic. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i am lunching it right now in napa and looking forward to playing in the coliseum this year. last year i didn't talk about those stories. >> an olympic opener for the u.s. women's soccer team. hope solo was booed for every
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time she touched the ball. the boos did not effect team u.s.a. morgan scores the second goal of the game. they win 2-0. off to a good start. >> all right. >> olympics starting already. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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late show with stephen colbert next. >> next newscast tomorrow morning 4:30 a.m. we will see you bright and early.
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>> stephen: hi there, welcome to "the late show." now for those of us in the comedy business, donald trump's last few days have been an embarrassment of riches. much like the man himself. and you may have noticed, while the trumpster fire burns, hillary clinton has completely disappeared from the news. now, a lot of people are saying she's living by the old adage, "never interfere with the enemy while he's in the process of destroying himself." well let's find out. here for an exclusive comment is cartoon hillary clinton. thank you for being here, madam cartoon clinton. >> thank you for having me, stephen. i'm appropriately enthusiastic to be here. hi, hey! hello up there. >> stephen: now, madam secretary, are you so certain that donald trump is destroying himself that you are avoiding


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