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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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michelle. it's thursday, august 4. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. [ laughter ] >> um, did the bridge just wink at him? >> you know -- >> the bay bridge brings it every morning. >> it's like we opened up the bottle and the genie popped out! isn't it like that? we love it! good morning. rise and shine! out the door the bay bridge does look fine although we have some overcast conditions from the coast to the bay. in fact, that marine layer has marched locally inland a good 50 miles. it's overcast in livermore at 55 degrees. later today, numbers are coming down by a good 10 degrees away from the bay. you will feel the difference today from the cloud cover in pacifica in the mid-60s to the partial clearing across the bay to the sunshine and refreshing temperatures inland. the full forecast is coming up. we have a traffic alert out there northbound 680 at monument boulevard. all lanes are blocked. and there is an injury involved so we'll get more updates on that later in the morning.
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and then moving on to southbound 101, at capitol expressway, there is a four-car crash on the shoulder causing some delays so keep that in mind. back to you. >> thank you. new developments on the deadly attack in london. cbs news reporting just that the woman who was stabbed to death is an american. the attack happened last night in russell square. a 19-year-old man was arrested after he was tased. they say mental health is a significant factor. they are not ruling out terrorism. >> at this stage we should keep an open mind regarding motive and consequently, terrorism as a motivation remains but one line of inquiry for us to explore. >> five other people were hurt in the attack. two are still in the hospital. the soberanes fire isn't the only blaze keeping cal fire busy this week. crews are now hard at work fighting flames in yolo county
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at an area east of lake berryessa. the blaze burned more than 4600 acres. for now it's only 10% contained. cal fire is using helicopters to drop water over the flames and for people forced to leave their homes. reporter jennifer mcgraw said they felt this threat before. >> reporter: the fast-moving fire in yolo county and suffocating the community has become an all-too-familiar scene. >> lived here 38 years. been evacuated last three summers. >> reporter: residents trying to go home only to be turned away, which is why one person decided to stay home. >> most people i think stayed in this year because over the last -- this is the third year of mandatory evacuations. >> reporter: the fire continued to rage towards homes on the southeast side. they were able to stop the fire right there and potentially saving this home that's just a few hundred yards away. >> we want to make sure it's safe to go back home so they don't have to be uprooted again and have to leave again. >> reporter: more than 700
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firefighters are battling flames and hot spots around the area, almost the same scenario a year ago as the "wragg fire" forced some of those same residents out. >> last year, almost the same place except over that side of 128. >> reporter: now prepared more than ever and hoping for another break. >> everyone does everything they can now. they have grass cut down, trees trimmed, so everything you can. so hopefully we'll come back to clear skies and no smoke. back to the soberanes fire in monterey county, the wildfire has torched 47,000 acres and crews have it only 225% contained. it's destroyed -- 25% contained. it's destroyed 57 structures. a worker lost his life in the flames, a dozer operator. officials say it could be months before they figure out what caused a deadly bus crash on highway 99 in merced county. meanwhile, sources have told kpix 5 that most of the people aboard the bus were headed to
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washington state for seasonal apple picking jobs. the latest developments from kpix 5's andria borba. >> reporter: with the bus crash that left four people dead on highway 99 in merced county cleared, the focus moves from triaging those injured to investigation. >> was the driver tired? was there a potential medical episode? was there some type of distraction by a phone or some other means? or was he possibly involved with another vehicle? >> reporter: the ntsb is running an independent and parallel investigation with the chp. among the things that will be looked at, the driver, mario vazquez, record. he lost his license for two months at the beginning of 2015. he was cited for driving 75 in a 55 zone in oregon in 2014. that same year he was busted for an illegal lane change in washington state. on top of that, there was a violation in his federal log book.
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he was 2.5 hours over his 10- hour driving limit and didn't get enough rest. his granddaughter says he is a safe cautious driver. >> he is very responsible. when he got tired, he told the other driver you can take over from here because -- [ crying ] -- >> it was important for him to come home. >> reporter: kpix 5 has learned the same bus from tuesday's crash was inspected during the two months vazquez legally wasn't allowed to drive it. in february 2015, whoever was behind the wheel was cited for driving on a suspended commercial los angeles. the bus that crashed was -- license. the bus that crashed was pulled from service because the oregon inspection. >> i knew something was wrong when he didn't come back in the morning. [ crying ] >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> family members say that vazquez worked long hours and may have been losing sleep after his wife just died of cancer. in santa clara county, hundreds of court workers still don't plan on clocking in. it's set to be day 2 of a union
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strike. the picket comes after more than 2.5 years of negotiations between workers and the court. them three raises in their next contract and the court -- they want three raises in their next contract and the court will every only offers 2. the court is trying to offer limited services with so many people off the job but most cases will be postponed. that includes the hearing of antolin garcia-torres accused of killing 15-year-old sierra lamar who went missing more than 4 years ago. he was supposed to be in court yesterday morning, but the jury selection in his case is still set for september. time now 4:36. weekend is approaching. how's the weather looking, roberta? >> i was completely happy this morning. >> oh. >> joyful when i walked out the door and saw the stratus all the way to the inland areas. i'm like yes, that trough is right on schedule. these are the things that go through your mind at 2:30 a.m. >> that's what makes you completely happy. >> completely overwhelmed. >> made your day. >> it did at 2:30 a.m.! [ laughter ]
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>> hi, everybody! so the rest is all "buttah!" the marine layer is going to continue to intense five as the morning progresses even by sun- up the marine layer a good 60 miles inland. we have our temperatures right now 54 santa rosa, 58 degrees in oakland. good morning, san francisco, at 55. according to our profile map right now this marine layer is roughly about 1600 feet deep. 24 hours ago we were at 1300 so it's going to be slow to clear around the bay today where we'll have temperatures pretty much in the 60s and 70s. at the coast today, i wouldn't bank on any kind of clearing. 58 degrees half moon bay. also in pacifica. 70s will be common around the peninsula today. we jump up to 81 in morgan hill. but notice san jose. 77 degrees. that's down from the average high of 84. you want 80s? head well inland. 85 in brentwood down a good 12 degrees from yesterday. 60 stinson beach, 75 napa. the full forecast is minutes away. right now, let's say good morning to roqui. >> good morning, ro and
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everyone. let's look outside right now at your traffic this morning. we have a couple of traffic alerts now northbound 680 at monument boulevard. all lanes are blocked but as you can see there's some traffic moving so hopefully they will get that cleared up right away and then southbound 101, at capitol expressway, four-car crash is moved on to the shoulder. you can see some yellow arrows there. cars moving about 54 miles per hour. and then let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. should be looking good. it is pretty early this morning. so not too many cars on the road. but there were some cash lane delays but the maze to downtown will take about 8 minutes. not too bad. back to you. more disarray for the presidential campaign of donald trump. his running make mike pence who endorse paul ryan after trump wasn't ready to do so this week. another republican lawmaker won't vote for trump. more from hena daniels. >> reporter: campaigning in florida wednesday, donald trump
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sought to refocus attention on rival hillary clinton blaming her for the creation of isis. >> she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. >> reporter: and tiger had to ak -- tying her to accusations that the u.s. made a ransom payment to iran around the same time american hostages were released. >> $400 million. how do you do that? this was something all started by "crooked hillary" clinton. >> reporter: the attacks came amid signs of a deepening rift between the gop nominee and some of members of his party. yesterday, illinois representative adam kinsinger became the latest republican refusing to support trump in november angry over his feud with a gold star family. trump's own running mate mike pence also split with him and endorsed house speaker paul ryan. >> i'm strongly supporting of paul ryan strongly endorse his re-election.
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>> reporter: a fox news poll shows trump trailing clinton by 10% nationally. hillary clinton attacked him. >> i really would like him to explain, um, why he paid chinese workers to make, um, trump ties. this is one of them. it's got his name on it, of course. >> reporter: today clinton will continue to talk about jobs and the economy at an event in las vegas. hena daniels, cbs news. >> and there's growing concern among thans trump's controversy could damage the party. kpix 5's political analyst melissa caen says that congressional races could also be affected. >> somebody has to get through to him that if he continues to have 48 hours like the one he just had, then not just his presidency but other members of his party, the down ballot tickets, the senate, the house of representatives, are in real jeopardy. >> there's some encouraging news for donald trump. his campaign says that the
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republican national committee raised a combined $82 million in july as well as his campaign. that's almost as much as reported by the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee. clint eastwood is jumping back into the political realm and once again causing a stir. in an interview with "esquire" magazine, the hollywood legend had a message to those upset over donald trump's divisive rhetoric. get over it. quote, he said a lot of dumb things, so have all of them, both sides but everybody, the press and everybody is going, oh, wow, that's racist. and they are making a big hoodoo out of it. he said just get over it, it's a sad time in history. end quote. you may remember back in 2012 eastwood had the most memorable moment of the republican national convention when he debated an empty chair on stage. if you want to walk your dog around uc-berkeley, you better have a leash. the campus enforced the new rule after a strong of attacks but not everyone is happy about it as kpix 5's christin ayers
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explains. >> just bit by an off leash dog. >> reporter: it happened to rose's dog minnie not too long ago while she was off leash. >> he came out of nowhere and bit her on the side. >> reporter: it's one of the reasons why she is fine with uc- berkeley's new ban on off leash dogs. campus police out issuing warnings for off leash dogs. cal had been an off leash campus since 1960s but the policy had to change according to a university spokesman after an off leash bog bit a service dog, one of seven recent attacks. >> sometimes dogs can be really dangerous when they're off leash. >> reporter: the policy went into effect a few days ago but not everyone is crazy about it. we talked to a family out here on campus, playing with their dog off leash. they said they don't care. even after we told them about the ban, they let their dog run free. >> he can run around. it's like a sanctuary here. >> reporter: but now, this person says the university has taken her dog's sanctuary one of only a few off leash areas
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in berkeley away. >> i don't know if it's needed. >> reporter: in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix 5. time now is 4:42. what felt like an earthquake turned out to be music. the bay area deejay at the center of the controversy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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earthquake. the quake, in august 2014, injured two- hundred people and half-billion napa valley is rattled by aftershocks two years after a 6.0 quake in 2014. it injured 200 people and caused more than a half billion dollars in damage. among the latest aftershocks is a magnitude 3 tremor tuesday. it's just one of more than 4,000 that have shaken napa valley in the past couple of years. >> if earthquake is on your mind, it's a good time to prepare, make sure that things at home are -- you have a plan. you have some way of surviving a large earthquake. so, um, these are reminders. >> the napa earthquake was the biggest to hit the bay area
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since the loma prieta quake in 1989. many people in colorado fear that an earthquake was under way when they heard a terribly loud booming sound this weekend. but kpix 5's mark sayre explains, one bay area deejay is to blame for all that bass. >> reporter: bass nectar is one of the biggest namings in the digital and electronic music scene. he started at uc-santa cruz. he says this campus and city is what nurtured his spirit. but when he brought his concert to commerce city, colorado, people up to five miles away complained. >> it did make my windows move a little bit. kept me up, i couldn't go backs to sleep. some brought their noise complaints directly to the city council. >> i thought it was an earthquake. i went outside. and i looked. and i realize the base. >> reporter: the mayor says commerce city thought it had done enough. >> commerce city imposed the stringent regulations you
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understand our current ordinances to permit the events. >> reporter: or twitter bass nectar promised a new home in colorado and made promises that, yes, it would be loud. one neighbor said it was 72 decibels on a porch about like a freight train 50 feet away. >> this was not a friendly event. >> reporter: the city of santa cruz canceled a similar performance scheduled for the civic auditorium here over similar noise concerns. reporting in santa cruz, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. a company in silicon valley is making history. moon express is the first private organization to get approval to send commercial missions to the moon and they plan to do more than just fly. the feds also granted them permission to bring back whatever they find on the moon. the company is currently testing their lunar lander. the ultimate goal is to mine for precious resources like platinum, water and helium 3. helium 3 is a rare isotope that's been accumulating on the moon and can ultimately be used
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to generate power on earth. > it's not because it's easy, it's a good business. >> the company hopes to get there next year. good morning. we have a deeper marine layer saturating the coast. it's marching into the bay and locally spreading inland. this is the scene towards sfo. there may be delays in the airports. whenever the ceiling is lowering with only two runways we have had delays with sfo each day. this is because we have that
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blanket of clouds now pushing into the bay area. this morning it's breezy. west-southwest winds at 11. northwest at 6, 12 pleasanton and in livermore. 30-mile-per-hour winds right now in the fairfield area. we'll see the winds blow this afternoon and more than an onshore push a westerly 10 to 20 miles per hour. clouds are slow to clear around the bay. much cooler temperatures by 10 degrees in inland locations. this is fabulous. i have been watching that. that's the monsoonal moisture lifting up out of arizona. pushing into las vegas. we have a flash flood watch in effect in the phoenix area. two inches of rain in one hour caused a lot of flooding. if you can only imagine that. satellite and radar, you can see just how extensive and expansive that marine layer is. it's all due to that right there, that trough.
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it's enhancing the marine layer until it begins to kick out by the tail end of the weekend. we'll see cooler temperatures in the bay area. 102 fresno today 101 ukiah 83 on the south shore 62. monterey bay. official sun-up this morning is at 6:15. by the time it sets tonight, these are the numbers we will record in our weather books. 60s in oakland, low 70s in mountain view. 70s around the area. we'll have a repeat performance on your friday. just gradual warmup by the end of the weekend. that's your thursday forecast. here's roqui. thank you. time now 4:50. we had a traffic alert earlier this morning but they have now cleared that out. so let's take a look at that.
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pleasant hill all lanes were reopened. san jose southbound 101, at capitol expressway, there was a four-car crash on the shoulder there moving that along and cars moving about 59 miles per hour. so not too bad there. let's look at your mass transit update. there are no delays. so that should be easy enough this morning and then also, the bay bridge -- san mateo bridge 880 to 101 westbound will take 13 minutes and the bay bridge toll plaza looking good this morning. i'll send it back to you. thank you. in florida, two tortoises have a chance to find love. walt and his friend just moved into a one acre plot in a conservation park and everybody is hoping they come out of their shells because walt and his love match could really use a little joy. besides being threatened species, one of these gopher tortoises was abandoned in a vet clinic parking lot and the other was hit by a car. walt also had to stay for six
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weeks in the parks and rec supervisor's office before moving yesterday to his new digs. walt has a sense of adventure and his new roommate might be dazzled by it. >> i had him in my office and twice he escaped from his pen and my heart would drop's realized i had just lost a threatened species. but would find him later on and the other side of another room. >> they are fine letting hundreds of other animals share their habitats. time now 4:52. a popular dog breed could be in trouble. the study done locally that could help save the english bulldog from extinction. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a ground breaking d-n-a study at may the english bulldog as we know it could be in trouble. a groundbreaking dna study at uc-davis finds pure breeds may not be around forever. researchers say the problem is extreme inbreeding. the most in demand bulldogs have big wrinkled heads and skinny waists but researchers say the problem with that, almost all of the dogs come from the same paternal line and most of them have to be delivered through a c-section. >> english bulldog is more or less considered the poster child for what can go wrong if a breed is -- is pushed too far. >> researchers at uc-davis say regulating crossbreeding into the english bulldog line could ultimately save them. there may be a serious security flaw with new chip based credit cards and a chip
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card that will tell the machine -- it can be rewritten and appear like a card without a chip so they can keep counterfeiting. retailers have paid millions up to grade the payment machines are complaining because they aren't helping with security in the end. makers of the payment machines are working with retailers on protecting customers. tesla is looking beyond cars and getting into a new technology as the company tries to make up for huge losses. elon musk announced yesterday tesla will unveil plans for a semi truck and minibus in the next nine months. they won't enter production for as many as 5 years. tesla's quarterly earnings report shows the company consistently loses money. in the quarter ending in june it was $150 million. back to school is around the corner and most parents spend about $273 on school shopping per child. you don't have to sweat the school supplies. there are a number of apps out there that can help you save some money. for example, red laser uses the
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bar code of a product you need to help find the best deals. shop kick gives you points just for walking in stores which can then be redeemed for a gift card giving parents a little something, as well. and retailmenot highlights discounts and sales at some of the top stores. >> it's actually going to see prices increasing and parents in particular are going to be buying their kids electronics for school, tablets, laptops, even smartphones. and those things add up. >> according to a national survey, nearly 30% of parents say back-to-school shopping puts a strain on family finances. it is 4:57. new dramatic video out this morning shows hundreds of passengers trying to escape a plane with just seconds to spare after it crash lands on the runway. >> reporter: it's day two of the santa clara courthouse strike. how the justice system in the south bay is coming to a standstill without 400 of its workers. ,,
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's roberta gonzales i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. good morning. it's thursday, august 4. let's check the bay bridge. time now 5:00. >> i think kenny has a love affair with the bay bridge. >> i appreciate its beauty. >> i believe it's only fair because the golden gate bridge gets all the love. >> i love the golden gate, too. >> well, i think he likes it -- the stepsister the bay bridge, a little bitter. >> now it has lights on it. >> equal love. >> we can see the lights this morning even though we are experiencing overcast skies from the coast into our inland areas. this is the scene at sfo. look at that gray slate and whenever we do have clouds lowering at sfo, we have the possibility of airport delays so we'll keep


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