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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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off the job for a second day... nearly bringing the south bay justice syst now at noon, hundreds of court workers off the job for a second day nearly bringing the south bay justice system to a standstill. good afternoon, everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose with how the strike
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is slowing down the courthouses countywide. >> yeah. workers believe this strike behind me is crippling the system. the union president says she believes that it's actually impacting law enforcement and suspects who belong behind bars. more than 24 hours after walking off the job, the impact this strike is having on the santa clara court system is music to the workers' ears. >> we practically shut down this courthouse. >> reporter: is that what you wanted to see? >> yes. ingrid stewart is the president of the union that represents about 400 court workers on strike demanding more pay after nearly a decade without a raise. >> i'm very disappointed especially after working here for 36 years. i thought we were a court family. but i guess i'm finding out that might not be true. >> reporter: and they say they may continue to strike until the court gets the message.
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>> this he didn't have his clerk there that is usually his right hand person. >> reporter: attorneys say without the staff pushing important paperwork, judges are postponing hearings or filling out paperwork themselves. >> i think it will have an add worse effect of cases -- adverse effect in terms of cases. people are frustrated. >> reporter: ingrid believes the strike is creating a backlog in search and arrest warrants which means suspects are out on the streets and she says it's up to the court to make this all go away. have you heard from the court about negotiations? >> no. >> reporter: are you surprised? >> i'm very surprised. i'm very disappointed. >> reporter: now, the santa clara sheriff's department says they are seeing no impact on their arrests and search warrants but the union president says if they are out here then who is filling out paperwork? i haven't heard back from the
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court spokesman. maria medina, kpix 5. new at noon a motorcycle accident on highway 101 in palo alto has left at least one person dead. there's no word on what caused the accident. but it had all northbound lanes south of oregon expressway closed. one lane has since reopened. and in san jose, a chp motorcycle officer is recovering after being thrown from his bike. investigators say he was on the way to a multi-car accident when the driver of a toyota cut him off on 280 near winchester. the officer had no time to stop and rear-ended the car. he is being treated for minor injuries. from racketeering to murder, the former chinatown crime boss known as "shrimp boy" was convicted of 162 organized crime charges this year. now he is set to be sentenced at any moment. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at the san francisco federal building and tells us he could be spend life behind bars. anne. >> reporter: yeah, it is d-day for raymond "shrimp boy" chow. but he came into the courtroom with a huge smile on his face,
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then spoke for about an hour and continues to speak this afternoon. he said the court has been prejudiced against him. he says, i feel as if i'm the victim in this case totally dogging his former legal team. but his convictions do carry a minimum life sentence. raymond "shrimp boy" chow the leader or dragon head of chinatown's chee kung tong fraternal association. his conviction in january followed a five-year undercover investigation. an fbi agent pose the as a member of an east he could mafia recording conversations about drugs, guns and political favors, posing as a member of an east coast mafia recording. he was indicted with others in 2014 along with leland yee and political consultant keith jackson. raymond "shrimp boy" chow was convicted of 162 counts including the 2006 murder of his predecessor as dragonhead. conspiracy to murder another rival, racketeering and money
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laundering. he maintains his innocence. we're waiting the judge's decision. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. new at noon, the mayor of stockton has been arrested. it happened this morning while he was at a city-run youth camp in amador county. mayor anthony silva was arrested on four charges related to photographs found on his phone and a taped conversation with a male 16- year-old in 2015. investigators believe the recording was done during a game of strip poker at the same camp within silva was arrested. the charges include eavesdropping, contributing to the delinquency of minors, furnishing alcohol to a minor and cruelty to a minor by endangering health. this is a developing story and we'll have an update at 5:00 and 6:00. it's been a long day for some san francisco police officers at a standoff that started 24 hours ago. a wanted suspect has been holed up at a home on miramar avenue in the ingleside district since about 1:30 yesterday afternoon.
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officers believe that he is alone. they have not released his identity, however. no word if the suspect is armed or what he is wanted for. police in brentwood want your help in identifying a suspect who stole three dirt bikes from an enclosed trailedder last month. here he is -- trailer last month. here he is on surveillance. the suspect was spotted riding one of the motorcycles in antioch the day after the crime. anyone with information is asked to call police. a wildfire in napa and yolo counties is showing no signs of slowing down. it's burned about 4700 acres near lake berryessa and is just 15% contained. the fire began tuesday afternoon. the cause is still unknown. evacuations are in effect for canyon creek campground and a stretch of highway 128 closed in this area. today governor jerry brown is expected to attend a memorial service for the san diego police officer killed in a shooting a week ago. officer jonathan deguzman was shot five times at close range while sitting in his patrol car. his partner was also shot.
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he is in the hospital and is expected to recover. the suspect was shot by police. he pled not guilty to murder and attempted murder charges. deguzman will be buried tomorrow. costs related to a major gas leak in orange county are now estimated at $717 million. that's the word today from southern california gas company. the leak was first reported at a canyon in october of last year. it spewed an estimated 107,000 tons of methane forcing thousands of people out of their homes over four months. investigators say they believe the suspect in yesterday's london knife attack was mentally ill. the attack left one american woman dead, five others were injured. the suspect went on a rampage in london's russell square. investigators interrogated the suspect who is a norwegian citizen of somali descent. they also interviewed his family. they say they don't believe that the suspect was motivated by terrorism. a day after 30 people
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survived a -- 300 people survived a crash-landing at dubai international airport, there are heavy delays. dozens of flights have been canceled or diverted as the airport operates with one runway. investigators hope the plane's black boxes might provide clues about what went wrong before the plane crashed and exploded yesterday. one firefighter was killed while fighting the fire. right now, president obama is at the pentagon for an update on the fight against isis. in an hour he will hold a news conference and we plan to carry it here on kpix 5. with less than 100 days until the election the latest poll numbers show donald trump losing ground. there are reports of division within his campaign. craig boswell has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: donald trump says reports of chaos within his campaign are completely false. >> and i have to say, our campaign is doing so nicely. >> reporter: just this week, trump has attacked the family of a u.s. army captain killed in combat, denied russia's military involvement in ukraine, said his daughter
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ivanka should quit if she was harassed at work, refused to endorse leading republicans in congress, and lost the support of other prominent republicans. >> nobody has ever seen anything like this. it's a one-man band. it is not a real campaign. >> in the last couple of weeks he has been remarkably underperforming. and we'll see whether or not he can take a deep breath and learn these lessons. >> reporter: hillary clinton now has a 10-point lead in a national poll from fox news. but perhaps what's more troubling for the trump campaign is what's happening in the swing states. in florida, clinton now has a 6 point lead over trump coming out of the democratic convention. she has a 9 point advantage in michigan part of the industrial midwest. and in new hampshire trump had a two-point lead in may and is now at a 15-point deficit. >> we don't plan on winning in august. we will win in november. in another week or so the polls will even out. we always thought that. >> reporter: clinton is going after the one area trump leads her in the polls, the economy
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pointing out that the businessman already outsources jobs to make his neckties and other trump products. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> clinton will continue to focus on the economy today. she will unveil her plan for a new apprenticeship program while campaigning at an electric company in nevada. still ahead the zika virus hitting home. two cases of birth defects related to the illness here in california. >> plus, a different kind of beach. how some artists are bringing the water and sand indoors. >> i don't know, i think i would still rather head to the real beach even though it's overcast there. we do have drizzle along the immediate seashore and right there around the bay. we have the full forecast on how these clouds will affect your weekend coming up. d... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,
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infants have been born in california with zika virus- related "microcephaly." s a condition th new at noon, state health officials state two infants have been born in california with microcephaly due to zika virus. the condition cause small heads. in both cases the mothers came from countries where zika is active. one mother has since returned to her home country. officials say that mosquitos capable of carrying zika have been found in 12 california counties including san mateo and alameda. meanwhile just hours ago health officials in south florida started working from the air to try and wipe out the mosquitos that carry the zika virus. weijia jang on the fight and the work towards a vaccine. >> reporter: spraying from the air to try to stop the zika virus began early thursday in a ten square mile area in miami. the target, the mosquito that's proved tough to get rid of.
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miami-dade county is using an insecticide to spray them from the air. in puerto rico, where nearly 5,000 cases have been reported, officials rejected using the chemical over health concerns. but the epa insists the pesticide is safe. the wynwood section of miami is ground zero for health officials. at least 15 cases of locally transmitted zika have been reported in south florida. the attack on zika from the ground is also being ramped up but health officials acknowledge the spraying isn't working like they hoped. the national institutes of health is now testing a zika vaccine that uses dna similar to research on other mosquito- borne viruses including west nile. 80 healthy volunteers are involved in the first round of testing. if successful, up to 5,000 more contested starting in -- could be tested starting in january. a doctor says stalled funding in congress could compromise
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the research. >> the president asked for $1.9 billion in february. >> reporter: pregnant women are at greatest risk because zika can cause devastating birth defects. all pregnant women in florida can now be tested for free. weijia jang, cbs news, miami. hurricane earl is a tropical storm but not before dropping heavy rain on belize. much of that country is without electricity as people began assessing the damage. take a look at this image of the storm from space. forecasters say earl could dump heavy rain on southern mexico through saturday. where did you get that mask? >> i took it from you. >> hi, everybody. the beach is not clear. we have low overcast, condensation, drizzle into the bay. high tide in a matter of minutes from now. you can see people at the sea authorize where currently air temperatures in the mid-50s along the beaches, the water
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temperatures at 54. san francisco now at 58 degrees. go to santa rosa for 60s. still socked in with low overcast. you want 70s? head to redwood city. the fog, low clouds and marine layer are extensive at this hour. roughly about 2200 feet deep and this morning, it's extended inland at least a good 60 miles. in fact, dana in novato she is our weather watch -- our weather watcher says it still hasn't cleared. we have a trough on the coast enhancing our marine layer. the rush of an onshore push westerlies reaching into san ramon at 15. southwest winds at 25. we have our wind profile today suggesting the winds rotate to the southwest near the "cold fire" near lake berryessa with the temperature of 80 degrees. about 25% containment -- actually 15% containment with that particular fire. 25% with the fire across the
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monterey county area. clouds clear today along the bayside. we do indicate that the clouds will peel back to the beaches today but otherwise fill back in rapidly overnight. when you see the green that's condensation some drizzle. heavy drizzle by tomorrow morning when we wake up. again, that's the low enhancing the marine layer and as it does so, we are going to be stuck in this weather pattern until saturday into sunday. currently 90 going up to 100 in fresno. temperatures 60s, 70s and 80s. we are out of the 90s. 87 degrees our outside number. by the time the sun sets at 8:15, repeat performance for your friday and then just a couple of degrees warmer on saturday and a pretty stagnant weather pattern each day all the way through wednesday. we have a big concert as well starting tomorrow. 62 outside lands in san francisco. lots of fun. duran duran and lionel ritchie. third eye blind also this weekend. >> good show. this is kind of cool.
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a different kind of beach in tampa. it's not about sea and sand. it's about interactive art. a new york design studio filled a 15,000-square-foot arena with a million balls made to represent water. they are made from recyclable materials and it's like a ball pit only bigger so people of all ages can jump in and pretend to swim or float. starting tomorrow the "beach" is open to the public for free for three weeks. >> looks like fun but they have a real beach, right? happy birthday, mr. president. commander-in-chief turns 55 and celebrates his final birthday in office. the first lady tweeted this photo with the caption, 55 years young. and that smile still gets me every, single time. happy birthday, barack, i love you." one big present for president obama, a cnn poll this week found that 54% of americans approve of the job he is doing. still ahead, helping immigrant families adjust to the bay area. we'll introduce you to this week's jefferson award winner. >> and what's cool about your summer camp? email your nomination to, and we may come and feature your camp on
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it's like to adjust to a whole new culture. so she's made it her life s ca one east bay woman knows what it's like to adjust to a new culture. so she has made it her life's calling to help immigrant families in concord settle into their school community. sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner.
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>> reporter: martha potts prepares families for the first day of classes at oak grove middle school in concord. she is handing out uniforms and backpacks to those who can't afford them. as oak grove's community school coordinator for 17 years, martha's worked with about 50 newcomer families a year who have come from afghanistan, mexico, central and south america, china and mongolia. martha herself a peruvian immigrant knows how to make them feel welcome. >> when people come and say i just arrived and i see in their face the fear, i go like, oh, i remember how that feels. you know, it was in me, too,. >> reporter: these uniforms come from donations martha's received through the assistance league of diablo valley. but day to day, she serves as translator and guide, navigating parents like maria flores through registration, parent-teacher conferences, and referrals to other resources. >> she is so sweet all the time, you come in and ask for help for some help she is opening all the time, never she
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say i no have time. >> reporter: this person says martha taught his mother english and helped him apply successfully to de la salle high school. >> she is like a family member that we have for about 12 years. >> reporter: martha is available beyond office hours. she is visits families at home and gives out her cell known. -- her cell number so they can reach her whenever they need her. >> if i make myself available during only office hours i don't hear what's going on firsthand in the community. >> reporter: she knows who needs socks, groceries, or school uniforms laundered. >> she is the heart and soul of this school. >> reporter: the principal says martha goes beyond her job description to make sure families get the most from school and give the most back. >> martha is able to find a niche for everyone, um, find something that they can contribute, help them to understand ways to help their students succeed in school. >> this is --this is my mission.
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they are going to come with me along with me. i'm going to guide them, going to hold them hand. i'm going to take them along with me. >> reporter: so for taking immigrant students and their families you understand her wing, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to martha potts. sharon chin , kpix 5. nominate your local hero for a jefferson award at we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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noon. an increased risk of identity theft? the consumer alert comi chip credit cards are supposed to be safer but could you actually be at an increased risk of identity theft? the consumer alert coming up today on kpix 5 news at 5:00. and that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. the "the bold and the beautiful" is next. >> yes. we'll see you at 5:00. have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado
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>> wyatt: steffy, i am so sorry. if i had any idea what my mother was up to, i -- >> steffy: that's just it. no one knows what sick, vile thing quinn's gonna do next. but this? targeting my grandfather? playing on his vulnerability? >> wyatt: i -- i know. have you even talked to eric yet? >> steffy: yeah, he said he's sorry, but this is all quinn's doing. honestly, wyatt, i just don't know how much more i can take. >> quinn: if i'm putting you on the spot, i'm sorry. but i need to know if we can survive this. i know we have all -- all the odds against us. but i love you. and i know we have huge


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