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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 5, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. this california mayor is at the center of an fbi investigation tonight for a strip polk are scandal involving under-- poker scandal involving underage kids. the mayor of stockton was arrested at a summer camp today. >> kpix5's andria borba has dug up some new information tonight. >> stockton is one of the biggest cities in northern california. now the mayor is accused of crimes against children. tonight there are calls for him to resign. this is video of stockton mayor anthony silva after he posted a $20,000 bond in amador county. mayor silva was arrested at camp silver lake, a camp for disadvantaged kids that the city runs, also the place where his crimes allegedly occurred. it's alleged in an affidavit from san joaquin county where
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silva lives last august he recorded a strip poker game that included underage teens in his bedroom at the camp on his cell phone. a transcript from the affidavit of that incident on august 7th, 2015, indicates those playing strip poker did not want to be recorded. did you take a picture? oh, you're trying to record. i didn't sign nothing to be recorded. the investigation into silva has been ongoing for a while. in september the stockton mayor was stopped at customs at sfo following a trip to china and his laptop was confiscated. kpix5 security analyst and former special agent in charge of the san francisco feel house, jeff harp, says it wasn't an accident. >> it didn't just happen, you know, to get lucky at customs. they didn't just happen to stop him and say we'd like to look at your computer. he was already on the radar. >> reporter: the laptop was eventually returned to silva, but harp says agents with the fbi and i.c.e. likely made a copy of i had hard drive for the
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investigation. >> mirroring the hard drive can take an hour. it can take longer than that, kind of depends on the complexity of the piece of equipment, but once it's mirrored then they have all the information necessary to do their forensic analysis. >> in total according to the affidavit 23 photos and four videos from the camp were found on silva's cell phone. harp says cases like this one involving minors are slowly and meticulously investigated, but because of silva's office things may have been sped up. >> this is a person of trust and confidence in a public official. so the bar is probably set a little lower. nor contribu >> now here is a breakdown of the charges. felony eavesdropping, misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor, furnishing alcohol to a minor and cruelty to a child. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5. >> this gun that the mayor owns raising more questions about him tonight.
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less than a week ago investigators revealed the weapon was used to kill 13-year- old ra'shon harris last year. silva says the gun was stolen but didn't report it until a month after harris' death. tonight we're hearing from the boy's father. >> it's hurting me. i'm crying. i'm steady crying. i really thought he was on my side, but now with all this coming out what's really going on? >> now the stockton d.a.'s office says silva refused to talk to investigators about the missing gun for weeks. silva's political consultant denies that claim. to first time a baby with zika related birth defects has been born here in the bay area. kpix5's betty yu is in berkeley with those details. betty? >> reporter: a kcbs radio source says the baby was born here in berkeley with zika related birth defects, most notely a smaller than normal head which generally means that
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the brain didn't develop properly. a source tells kcbs radio one of the two babies born with zika related birth defects in california was born al alta bates medical center in berkeley in the last six months. the mother had traveled from guatemala. >> it's a good reminder essentially that the zika virus infection during pregnancy can cause bad pregnancy outcomes like microcephaly which means a small skull and the most important prevention is for pregnant women to really be aware of, you know, right now our guidance is to not travel to areas impacted by zika. >> reporter: hotspots include parts of latin america and the caribbean even though the types of mosquitoes that can carry the virus have been found in 12 california counties. health officials stress there is no evidence of mosquitoes transmitting zika in the state at this time. still uc berkeley clinical professor john schwarzeberg says pregnant women or women
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trying to get pregnant should use repellant. >> you don't want to be the first case. so therefore the only way we'll know if they're mosquitoes that are carrying zika is when there are cases here in california. then we start looking and seeing how many infected mosquitoes there are. >> reporter: health officials warn that the virus can also be passed through sex and men who travel in active zika areas should use condoms. >> currently we're saying men should avoid sexual transmission if they've had symptoms using barrier methods for six months and if their partner is pregnant, actually they should use barrier methods throughout the pregnancy. >> reporter: as of last friday, state health officials confirmed 114 cases of travel- related zika viruses. 21 of them were in women who are pregnant. they add the disease is considered mild in people who are not pregnant. live in berkeley, betty yu, kpix5. tonight the president is
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pressuring congress to approve $1.9 billion in emergency funding to fight zika. on the fight against isis. >> in addition, congress needs to do its job. fighting zika costs money. helping puerto rico deal with its zika crisis costs money. research into new vaccines and by the way, nih just announced the first clinical trials in humans. that costs money. >> the president updated us on the fight against isis. he says advances by coalition and local forces are working. isis is declining in syria and iraq, but the u.s. still has to do a better job disrupting the terror networks. tonight we know one of the people hurt in a knife rampage in london is from the bay area. marty honish is a retired san jose firefighter. another american, a woman in her 60s, darlene horton of florida, was killed last night. according to the guardian, she tried to warn others about the attacker as she laid dying in
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the street. a 19-year-old man is under arrest. investigators say they're ruling out terror as a motive because there is no sign he was radicalized and the suspect who has mental health issues chose his victims at random. tonight we learned the tour bus driver who crashed in the central valley killing four passengers never should have been behind the wheel. reporter kurtis ming explains how he slipped through the cracks. >> reporter: we've learned mario vasquez was caught driving the same bus involved in tuesday's crash during the two months in 2015 when he was not allowed to commercially drive. california dmv records show vasquez was disqualified from driving a commercial vehicle from january to march of 2015 based on a serious traffic violation. federal records show the same bus involved in tuesday's crash was inspected during that window. on february 5th of 2015 in oregon, that's the same day vasquez was cited for being an unlicensed driver. license expired, not in possession, driving out of
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class or failure to display on lawful demand. we've learned vasquez pled no contest and paid a $260 fine. however, the california dmv never took any more acquisition against his license. why? the dmv -- more action against his license. why? the dmv said the information provided to california does not indicate the offense involved a commercial vehicle and was assessed a zero point count value. therefore, the citation did not trigger any further action against driving privileges. the oregon dmv admit there was a clerical error. either the officer or court did not put down vasquez was driving a bus that day. the california dmv said had they known that, he would have been barred from driving a bus another four months. if you were driving through downtown san francisco tonight, you know traffic was absolute gridlock. there was a widespread power
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outage, about 20,000 pg&e customers who lost electricity before 6:00. it lasted about an hour. firefighters had to rescue someone stuck in an elevator at adobe during the outage. the cause is unclear at this point. wildfire spreading fast held to 15% containment. 4,500 acres have burned near lake bare he is is. nearby the canyon creek -- berryessa. nearly the canyon creek campground remains closed. at the soberanes the fire is contained at 30% and has scorched more than 51,000 acres. investigators say an illegal camp fire started that wildfire nearly two weeks ago. a judge threw the book at former chinatown crime boss raymond shrimp boy chow.
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he will spend the rest of his life in prison. >> that's right, liz. a federal judge sentenced chow to two life terms today, 1 for ordering the murder of his predecessor, the other for racketeering. the judge also sentenced chow to terms changing from five to 20 years for 160 other counts. tonight for the first time we're hearing from howl's girl friend. >> i b -- chow's girl friend. >> i know from personal experience that raymond has not done any of the crimes that they have claimed that he has. i would never risk my daughter's life, her safety or mine or my family's, anybody for somebody who would be committing any kind of crime. >> chow maintains his innocence. his legal team plans to appeal. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. from the outside nothing really stands it out, but tonight you'll see where tenants of this bay area apartments say they are living in a house of horrors. >> these bay area firefighters
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rush to an unusual emergency, tonight the tricky rescue mission aboard a military ship. >> only on 5 tonight we found out why hundreds of visually impaired people in the ,,,,,,,,
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how totally selfish and un-toddlike of you. come on, todd, come on, man. in dry dock. firefighters shot this video a challenging rescue in san francisco after a man fell from the deck of a ship in dry dock. firefighters shot this video from below deck during the rescue. they used a rope to get the man out of a tight and pitch black space inside a military ship, this after he lost his footing and fell as much as 15 feet from the deck of the guadalupe. the space where he got stuck had no ventilation adding to the difficulty for everyone involved. the victim is now at a hospital with injuries that are not life threatening. tonight people who live at the sunny apartments in san jose say there's nothing sunny about this place. mark sayre on the awful conditions and the fight to get the city to do something about it.
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ay both the landlo >> reporter: here at the sunny apartments on story road you don't have to look far to see the problems. the oven vent is so clogged with grease it drips on the food. there are plumbing problems, mold by a bedroom closet and the bedbugs are so bad that 12- year-old fernando arroyo says he is forced to sleep on the floor. >> there's bedbugs in there. i can't sleep in the bed or the couches. so. >> reporter: on the floor. >> yeah. we are sleeping on the floor. >> reporter: residents made poster boards with photos and took evidence of these problems to city hall. >> they have 109 violations and we've been working for this for a whole year and nothing has been completed. so we're very dissatisfied with the work from code enforcement. >> reporter: residents have now filed the lawsuit and are also coming together as a group to express their concerns. translator: because when just one person complains, they usually get kicked out of the apartment. >> reporter: when more than a
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dozen complex residents tried to deliver their complaints to the city's code enforcement office, it was closed. the city says no appointment was made and staff was at an offsite meeting, but in a statement the city says, "we take code compliance issues seriously since this can be a matter of health and safety for san jose residents. our goal as always is to achieve compliance as quickly as practical" in san jose mark sayre, kpix5. >> of course, we reached out to the attorney for the owner of the apartment complex but have not heard back. there's a toxic algae alert tonight along the russian river for people and dogs. tests this week revealed the presence of a harmful toxin in the water near four public beaches. but beachg precautions. today officials started putting up warning signs. you can still swim in the river at least for now, but beachgoers are urged to take precautions. tonight it's a case of modern day ransom in marin, a company that provides medical
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billing services to physicians was hacked. if that's not bad enough, the marine i.j. is reporting the company paid a ransom to regain access to their own computer system. a company official says there's no evidence that any patient data was compromised. only on 5 an east bay nonprofit that offers life changing services for the blind is on the brink of shutting down. kpix5's christin ayers shows us organizers have less than a no to keep that from happening -- less than a month to keep that from happening. >> reporter: it's afternoon and classes are in session at oakland's lyons center for the blind. >> good. make sure you cover both sides of your body. >> reporter: an instructor gives a lesson on the finer points of using a walking stick. inside a braille tutorial. ains some of high- tech devi and a woman who struggled to see her e-mail learns to have siri read them. >> you can see how she's just reading through the whole e- mail. >> reporter: these are just a few of the center's roughly 500
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clients learning life changing lessons, both small. >> i learned how to make my own cup of coffee. >> reporter: and large. >> i have found long term employment. >> reporter: kevin jordan works at a lucky supermarket and might get a promotion soon, a remarkable feat considering about 70% of the blind population is unemployed. >> i don't think i would have gotten the job without the help the lyons center gave me. >> reporter: the center trained some of its clients on hi-tech devices like this one called the vision eye. it helps visually impaired people use bubble magnification to see the world around them, but the center's ceo says all those innovative programs are on the brink of being shut down. >> we will cease providing services to clients by the end of the month. >> reporter: that is, if the center can't close a of had million dollar funding gap by august 31st. the center has raised a few thousand dollars on its gofundme page and is scrambling
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for more donations. >> it's tragic and devastating, but we are doing our best. >> reporter: they say it's something that doesn't happen fast. hundreds of visually impaired people in the east bay could lose what has become a lifeline to the outside world. christin ayers, kpix5. talk about paying it forward tonight, a retired man in southern california is making a big difference for some local kids heading off to college. dale stoner of victorville had success in real estate. he's now 86. he and his wife decided to pay for college for eight students. he just needed to figure out which kids to help, so he looked in the phone book he says and called a high school called university prep. the principal there was pretty skeptical, but then she met the couple and realized they were serious. >> i talked to our counseling office and two counselors and leadership team and they pulled two names and they said these two kids are deserving. >> the money is there. there's no need on my side of
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my kids and so i just said swell. >> the first two students chosen are going to cal state fullerton and cal poly pomona. one of the biggest music festivals in the country kicks off tomorrow in golden gate park. outside lands crews were out early this morning to set up. headliners include radiohead, lcd sound system and lionel richey. local bands are filling out the rest of the lineup. people in nearby neighborhoods are anticipating huge crowds right outside their doors. >> it's been fine. i've had no problem with it. most of the kids have been really good. it's great for the neighborhood. >> we got a crush of people early on, a crush of people after the concert, a lot of happy people looking to have a good time, got a huge lineup this weekend and it's going to be a blast. >> officials urge people to take public transit to cut back on traffic. the festival runs through
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sunday. we posted a complete outsidelands guide on our website it was definitely noticeably cooler today and more of the same is to cool. already outside the marine layer is making its way inland. we've got a little drizzle along the coast. you can expect more of the same when you wake up tomorrow morning, temperatures overnight dipping into the 50s pretty much areawide. we'll likely keep cloud cover along the ast and see clearing inland later in the day. why are we seeing this cooldown? low pressure sitting offshore dominating the forecast helping to really enhance that marine influence and that's helping keep temperatures on the cooler side of average increasing our onshore flow and keeping temperatures below average inland. you will see more clear sky and sunshine inland than on the coast and by the bay. temperatures remain below where we normally are this time of year. here's what to expect. home clouds tonight with a
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little coastal drizzle, staying cool for friday and the weekend. cloudy near the coast tomorrow, though we'll see a little clearing elsewhere tomorrow. sunshine is in store for folks inland. temperatures are only topping out in the low to mid-80s for the warmest locations in the east bay, mid-70s for many spots in the south bay, 50s along the coast with a couple of 50s in places like pacifica. around the bay temperatures topping out in the upper 60s. up north temperatures top out in the mid-70s like santa rosa and napa. your extended forecast shows more of the same heading into the weekend. sunday is the slightly cooler day of the two. we do have a warm-up monday and tuesday early next week. back to you. >> thank you. women say this california guy is dining and dashing on their dates. tonight we're told he has struck again. >> and
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. you don't see this every day. a pelican in the back of a chp car. he's tired, needed a ride. highway patrol rescued the injured bird from interstate 80 in truckee. wildlife rescue is taking possession of that bird. last night we told you about the victim of a dine and dash dating scam. >> tonight another woman has come forward and she says she was ripped off, too. this is paul gonzalez. he's scamming people all over the los angeles area. after last night's story another woman came forward. she was too embarrassed to go
2:03 am
on camera. she said gonzalez left her with another $100 bill. apparently he wasn't even charming. >> this guy is obnoxious. so first of all, who orders two entrees, but he excused it by saying he was a bodybuilder. >> wow. gonzalez also walked out of a hair salon in burbank and get this, a second hair salon has also come forward. police say he was arrested july 23rd, but it's not clear if he's still behind bars. wow, what a prince charming. >> paul gonzalez. >> i love these tosses to sports. last night it was some man stuck in an airport for 10 days. now it's dine and dash. coming up do the giants make the right move at ,,,,
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for matt moore. many giants fans had some doubts about the trade that sent matt duffy to tampa in
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exchange for matt moore, but moore may have erased some of those doubts as he led the team to just their fifth win in 14 game. matt moore making his giants debut in philly started out a little shaky, but moore went six innings allowing just two runs with steven strikeouts including this one with runners at the corners to end the 6th. for the second straight day the teams went into extras. in the 10th denard span with the go ahead home run. the giants win 3-2 to stay two up on the dodgers in the nl west. the a's coco crisp flashing someletter in anaheim in the 5th with the game tied 5--- some leather in anaheim in the 5th with the game tied 5-5. chris nearly flies into the stands robbing choi of a homer. this also went into extras, 6-6 in the 10th. there's a double and the a's win 8-6 snapping their five game losing streak. two of the young foundations of the raiders are
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their first two picks from the 2014 draft, derek carr and kahlil mack. the two developed a great relationship, but that didn't stop carr from grilling mack at today as he press conference. >> who is your favorite quarterback? >> favorite quarterback, really aaron rodgers. stay in oklahoma city... despite his former teammate ing the rival to the nba thunder star russell westbrook has signed a three year deal to stay in oklahoma city despite his former teammate kevin durant joining the rival warriors. >> not only kevin left, but it was to golden state. did that make it sting even more? >> sting for who, you? >> no. >> apparently it didn't sting for him, but i'm sure if you asked him off camera -- >> it's going to be a great rivalry. >> isn't it? take lot of tras,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. late show with stephen
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colbert is next. colbert is next. >> our ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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