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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  August 5, 2016 3:12am-4:01am PDT

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>> her use of personal computer servers for emails while she was secretary of state and what she told the american people, congress and the fbi about that. >> reporter: on the emails, the fbi director has called her actions careless. >> yeah, he said that and i think she would acknowledge that. look, it was a mistake and i'd do something different. i think this taught a lot of people that others have done similar things or been careless in similar ways -- >> but when hillary clinton was asked that question, she said that's not what the fbi director said. doesn't that feed those
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perceptions that she's not answering truthfully. you heard what the washington post fact checker said. that she relies on legalistic answers to explain her actions. >> hillary and i have talked about this personally and sat down and she said i mate a mistake. and i think that's the honest response that i've heard her say that a number of times. severe storms broke out today in the south. a possible tornado tore through downtown new orleans. a number of businesses and homes were blown aparticula in the tr area. it is not known if anyone was hurt there. a hub in london became a
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huntin ground when a teenager went on a stabbing spree. an american woman was killed and five others were wounded. not far from where bombs went off in palmer is there. >> reporter: darleen horton, who was here with her husband, a professor at the university of florida state. the random attack wounded five other people including american martin. minutes later, the police had tasered the suspect who's been arrested on suspicion of murder. there have been six terrorist attacks in europe since june alone. and they wondered whether the attacker in this case too had extremists links but he was, they say mentally ill. still, this is a city on edge. yesterday the police announced that hundreds more armed officers will soon be on duty
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ready to respond to threats. though more than 90% of the police here will continue not to carry firearms. london's mayor, sadeek khan says terror threats can come from anywhere. and guns are only part of the answer. >> he wasn't shot dead. he was tasered, which means justice. he'll be dhacharged and prosecu. >> reporter: telling the british people, it's not a question of if, but when. elizabeth palmer, london. >> coming up next in u.s. gymnastics officials ignore allegations that coaches were sexually abusing athletes. and the search for an mia, a veteran missing in america. ♪ music
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♪ one day before the rio olympics, there's a troubling report in u.s.a. today network and the indianapolis star, the governing body for american gymnastics is accused of routinely protecting coaches accused of sexually abusing gymnastic athletes. >> reporter: they failed to report years of allegations of coaches to the authorities, potentially leaving young gymnasts at risk. she says her 12-year-old daughter started receiving sexually explicit emails from her gymnastics coach back in 2005. >> i felt like somebody was definitely closer to my daughter than i wanted them to be. >> reporter: she later discovered that u.s.a. gymnastics were aware of other
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complaints going back to 1998, they include one from a florida gym whose owner said he has no right to work with children and should be locked in a cage before someone is raped. and in court depositions obtained, u.s.a. gymnastics officials admitted not reporting allegations and dismissing them as hearsay unless they came directly from a victim or a parent. and u.s.a. gymnastics had abuse complaint files on 53 coaches. mccabe was later convicted of sexually exploiting children and now serving 30 years. kalen said her coach, james bell, started abusing her at a gym in rhode island when she was 7. >> my mom asked me did gym ever touch you in your private parts? i remember it like it was yesterday. >> reporter: he pleaded guilty
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to molestation charges last year. today, u.s.a. gymnastics issued a statement saying it has encouraged anyone who believes abuse has occurred to contact law enforcement and frequently works with law enforcement on these matters. for lisa ganser, that's little. as to the other 53 complaint files, they are being held under seal. both newspapers have filed motions to get the contents made public. >> thanks so much. when we come back in just a moment, in the battle of soft drinks, soda pop has fallen flat.
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the mdylan roof was walking towards the showers when another inmate started punching him. roof suffered bruises to his face and back. he goes on trial for murder in january. soda is fizzling and bottled water is sizzling whethn it com to sales. they expect to ship twelve.6 million gallons of water compared to 12.4 gallons of water. and mama and her two cubs cooling off in lake tahoe, california. they seem to blend in with everybody else. the guys looked like they couldn't care less. the bear sniffed around but with
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no picnic baskets, they headed no picnic baskets, they headed back to the woods where they ,,,
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. it is a national tragedy. the government estimates more than 47,000 veterans are homeless. more than 13,000 live on the streets. german leon was one of them, for decades, and then came fate and facebook. >> reporter: in 1984, herman
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leon, a 24-year-old army vet disappeared. marta sally, his younger city. >> he decided to go to atlanta to work. i got worried after i saw it here in two years and then when they got to five years, i was like huh a, something is wrong. >> reporter: a series of part-time jobs, and homeless shelters. he kept radio silence with his family. >> he was like a gentle giant. >> reporter: a social worker met leon at a homeless shelter last apr april. like so many veterans, he had untreated mental health issues. >> i asked where is your family and he said i don't know. >> reporter: he messaged online
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including four facebook family members. when were you convinced? >> when i heard his voice and i knew it was real. >> reporter: this army family's reunion was 32 years in the making. >> i hugged him and told him that we -- i never gave up on him. >> i was crying. >> reporter: she says it's a miracle. >> it's a miracle to her but it's a miracle to me too. because i don't want to ever go through this. >> reporter: his sister says all the questions he can't answer don't matter. he's home. mark strassman. >> for some of you the news
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continues, for others, check back later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city. ♪ this is the cbs overnight news. >> welcome to the overnight news. the eyes of the world turn to rio de janeiro tonight as the olympic caldron is lit, ushering in the start of the 2016 summer games. more than 200 countries will be vying for medals in more than 32 different sports. it's the first olympics in latin america and there are problems. the president is being impeached, there are massive traffic jams, polluted waterways. just yesterday a maintenance team had to use a bolt cutter because somebody lost a key. ben tracy is on copacabana beach with the latest. >> it's keys.
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who needs keys to the olympic stadium. >> reporter: we found serious olympic bling down here. this has become a very popular picture and selfie taking place for tourists and even athletes now pouring into rio and at least one u.s. team is already getting its olympics on. >> and it goes in and carly lloyd has the opening goal. >> reporter: the u.s. women's soccer team kicked it off for team u.s.a. wednesday beating new zealand. the largely brazilian crowd booed hope solo because of her out spoken concerns about the zika virus. and this picture she recently posted in full mosquito gear. >> we're in rio at the olympics. can't believe it. >> reporter: but tourists are
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tooer busy buying and capturing olympic memories and trying to snag tickets. >> we just got tickets to see beach volleyball. very excited. >> reporter: the most decorated olympian ever, 22 medals, was chosen to carry the flag at friday's opening ceremony. >> i probably shed a little bit of tears, just of joy, just the honor and the opportunity to do that was -- it's incredible. >> reporter: hopefully it won't be as hard as carrying the olympic torch is turning out to be. police used rubber bullets near the torch route as brazilians continue to protest the money spent on the games. but then serena williams did serve up a subtle dig when asked about donald trump at an olympic press conference. >> i think it's important love as opposed to hate.
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>> reporter: nothing to hate for the u.s. men's basketball team, instead multimillionaire stars including kevin durant will live on this luxury cruise ship in rio's port, called the silver cloud. but despite the well documented problems in rio, it doesn't seemed to have dampened the olympic spirit. >> it's a trip that not many people can say oh, i've been there, it's really fun and i'm 12. so, it's fun to say that. >> another problem, the threat of the zika virus. brazil is ground zero to the outbreak that can cause serious defects and in florida, they have begun to spread pesticides. >> reporter: the piled is going back and forth flying kind of low and we can see the chemical trails from behind the plane.
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aerial spraying is known to not be very effective but the ground spraying isn't as effective as officials had hoped either. why not try anything that we can? meanwhile, this morning, local officials are all but begging the federal government for mo y money. fighting the zika virus is chal fging and expensive. the first zika vaccine is being tested by the national institutes for help. this uses a dna approach. it is similar to how the west nile virus vaccine was develo d developed. 80 volunteers are the first phase of testing, if successful, up to 5,000 people could be tested in a second phase. >> the president asked for 1.9 billion thein february. >> reporter: stalled funding in
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congress could stall that process. >> if we don't get that money soon, that could interfere with the phase two trial. >> reporter: miami dade county is use an insecticide called naled to spray from the air. in puerto rico, officials rejected using the chemical over health concerns but the epa insists the pesticide is safe. last year an estimated 50 million people visited miami and they spent about $24 billion. for the city, zika's threat is more than just a health crisis. do you think there's reluctance to act more aggressively because of what they fear it will do to tourism? >> i haven't seen that. i don't think the state would put public health behind tourism. >> reporter: it's not just the
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public, it's also the u.s. military. 44 service members overseas contracted the virus and one of them is a pregnant woman. >> we're learning more about the washington d.c. cop conspiring to help the islamic state. when he appeared in a virginia court room, he was shackled in a t-shirt and his trousers. he's phasing a charge that he attempted to provide material support to isis. young came to the attention to law enforcement because of his association with known terrorism suspects. according to court documents in 2011, young and kahlifi met in a restaurant. >> the biggest reason this arrest is a concern is because it was a person in law enforcement in a position of
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trust. >> reporter: this is the senior national security consultant for cbs news. >> if he had helped plan an attack, all those things were certainly possibilities for someone in his position who wanted to actively support isis. >> reporter: they do not believe young, who had been a transit officer for 13 years was planning an attack on washington's public transportation system but allege he had expressed support for terrorist organizations. court documents state young admitted traveling to libya twice in 2011 to join rebels attempting to over throw the gaddafi regime and knew how to avoid detection and recommended the use of a burner phone from wireless hot spots. he didn't know but the person he told was an fbi source. it wasn't actions but words that led to his arrest.
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with the olympics set to get underway in rio, there's a scandal here at home involving u.s.a. gymnastics, the organization that preps young athletes for competition. they found cases where they were warned certain coaches were abusing the kids and they kept it quiet. >> reporter: the paper is reporting that on multiple occasions, u.s.a. gymnastics refused to share the information with police. most often dismissing it as hearsay because the complaints were not made by the victims, those young athletes, or the parents. the question is why? >> this coach we thought was our friend. this coach had thanksgiving dinner with us. >> reporter: her daughter first
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stepped into a georgia gym in 2002. and someone began sending the girl inappropriate emails. >> my mind was reeling. i had no idea what we were up against. i felt somebody was closer to my daughter than i wanted them to be. >> reporter: she shared the emails with federal investigators who identified the sender as gymnastics coach, william mccabe. he's serving years in federal prison. >> he knew where we lived, our habits, a lot of things that scared us and her. >> reporter: and u.s.a. gymnastics had a file of complaints on mccabe dating back four years before her daughter met him. >> because they considered certain allegations hearsay unless they came from a victim or victim's parent. >> reporter: they report u.s.a.
3:42 am
gymnastics compiled so called "complaint files" on more than 50 coaches. >> we don't know how prevalent the issue of child sexual abuse is in gymnastics, because we don't have access to those sexual misconduct complaint file said and many may not have been reported to authorities or u.s.a. gymnastics. >> reporter: her coach, james bell, started abusing her at a rhode island gym when she was 7 years old. >> my mom asked me did jim ever touch you in your private parts? i remember it like it was yesterday. >> reporter: more than a decade earlier, police fielded complaints of the coach's alleged sexual misconduct. >> any corporation that puts a reputation above safety isn't something i would want bto be a
3:43 am
part of it at all and i was part of u.s.a. gymnastics for a long time. >> reporter: he ran from police until his sentencing and capture last year. and steve penny released a statement saying . >> reporter: but for ex-gymnasts like kalen, those efforts so far have fallen short. >> it doesn't matter who you are protecting or you want to save face, how about saving me? >> reporter: u.s.a. gymnastics just released a statement this morning. says it provided the
3:44 am
indianapolis a star with substantial information on its policies and fprocedures. american investigators have joined a probe into the firry crash of an emirates airline crash in july. the remarkable part, all 300 people on board got out alive. chris van cleev has those details. >> reporter: we know it was cleared to land and moments later, air traffic control recording seemed to indicate they were to climb to 4,000 feet, moments later, the plane came down anyway. cell phone video shows the chaotic evacuation of emirates flight moments after it crash landed, what appears to be smoke starts to fill the cabin. the captain is heard telling the
3:45 am
crew to evacuate and watch as passengers first get their bags from the over head bins. a flight attendant tells flyers to hurry out of the plane. as this passenger exits from slide, another slide is seen improperly deployed. a nearby engine is already on fire. >> ammed all 300 people on board, including six americans got out before this fire ball quickly engulfed the plane. a firefighter on the ground died trying to put out those flames. the plane was seen skidding on its belly before coming to a halt, leaving a big question, what happened to the landing gear? >> inspection, the checks and all of that. >> reporter: this is video of an
3:46 am
a 380 super jumbo jet getting ready to be evacuated. >> it's incredible how fast you can get people out of an aircraft. once you learn the procedures, you don't forget them and you just go into that mode and it's very unusual kind of experience but it basically saves lives. >> reporter: only a handful of minor injuries among the passengers and the crew -- a team of five is joining the investigation, the first goal will be to uncover the flight data and voice recorders. the airline has rule out terrorism in this incident. the cbs overnight news will be right back. toilet germs don't just stay in the toilet. disinfect with lysol bathroom trigger... ... and lysol power foamer.
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3:50 am
close to donald trump admit his lack of discipline, quick temper put the prospects against hillary clinton in real jeopardy. and even in florida, trump has no plans to battle the virus and no ideas on how to move stalled funding but he insists everything is just fine. >> i have to say our campaign is doing so nicely. >> reporter: donald trump insisted all is well, even though his mosta arardant suppos fear his fall could be irreversible. >> it's very self destructable. >> reporter: trump tried to pree. attacks from hillary clinton and her allies. >> blood's coming out of her -- wherever. >> i meant her nose. or her ears or her mouth. but these people are perverted. >> reporter: rehashing comments
3:51 am
about megyn kelly and a disabled reporter, he only brought more attention to hillary clinton's talking points. in an interview, trump admitted that his critics have a point about picking unnecessary fights. >> i think that's probably right, more focus on hillary clinton. she's a disaster. >> reporter: by a wide margin, voters feel clinton is more qualified to be president. the two candidates are tied on national security and handling terrorism. >> hillary clinton should get an award from them as the founder of isis. >> reporter: and a lengthy criticism of the cash transfer to iran at the time four u.s. hostages were released. >> it's being shipped overnight to iran, $400 million.
3:52 am
>> reporter: but then veered way off track, describing a so-called secret videotape. >> and the tape is of the people taking the money off the plane, right? that means in order to embarrass us further, iran sent us the tapes. >> reporter: trump mentioned what he called a so-called secret videotape twice. but his facts don't line up. according to the trump campaign, this is the video he was referencing. this is u.s. hostages landing in geneva. no government officials we have talked to know of the existence of any tape of a cash transfer, even though trump likes to refer to it. >> hillary clinton's campaign is trying to stay on message, blastic trump for making his signature ties overseas and encouraged companies here at home to use apprentices. >> she wants to give businesses that hire apprentices a tax
3:53 am
credit. they say plans like this or the fact that she has plans at all separate her from donald trump. >> reporter: in denver, clinton visited a company called naughty ties. she wasn't shopping for bill. she was there to make a point about trump and out sourcing. >> he paid chinese workers to make trump ties. this is one of them. it's got his name on it, of course. and instead of deciding to make those ties right here in colorado with a company like naughty. >> reporter: it's part of a week-long assault on trump's business practices that include this new ad. >> ties are made in china. >> reporter: made in colorado, not china. >> reporter: clinton argued she, not trump would launch a jobs plan as president. >> we're not going to let him do
3:54 am
to america what he has done to so many other people. >> reporter: she got back up from an unlikely source who encouraged fellow republicans to reject donald trump this november. whitman join as growing list of high profile republicans who aren't just backing away from trump, they're embracing his opponent. >> the clinton campaign certainly has a number of others in their pocket. >> reporter: analyst says the gop defections could have a chilling effect on would-be trump donors and send a message that it's okay to switch sides. >> ask yourself a basic question, how many prominent democrats have endorsed donald trump? >> reporter: we're already starting to see new movement in battleground states. a new poll in new hampshire has clinton leading by 15 points. in may, trump was leading in a
3:55 am
similar poll by two points. >> the cbs overnight n,,,,,,,,,,
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thousands of the world's best computer hackers have gathered for the annual black hat conference. it's to show off their latest ways to break into computer networks and how to defend yourself from being hacked. >> reporter: in today's technology driven world, everything from your medical information to your bank acount is available online. heavy metal and hackers a pair only sin city could put together. at the 19th annual black hat conference, an expected 11,000 hackers from 108 countries are trying to solve the cyber security problems of the future. >> they come here to show off some of their craziest hacks but
3:58 am
it's to raise awareness of how vulnerable these systems could be. >> we are the good guys. the bad guys don't tell you what they're doing. >> reporter: they stole the show last year when they showed how they hacked into a vehicle. this year they're raising the stakes. in these video, they connected their laptop directly to the jeep's computer system. how are you able to turn the steering wheel? >> we tricked to car into thinking we were the computer telling it to steer. >> they were able to steer it from their laptop in the backseat, causing it to swerve across the road and crash into a ditch. >> without us doing what we do,
3:59 am
no one knows about these issues. >> this whole thing takes less than a minute. >> reporter: it's supposed to be more secure than swiping, but todd shows us how they could send your information to a rigged up atm machine waiting to withdraw your money, it all happens during the endless seconds you're waiting for your chip card to be read. >> it's that window that allows them to beam it from the internet to an a device like this. >> reporter: more personal information is finding its way online and possibly into the wrong hands. one tip, they say you should not install your devices that allow insurance companies to track your driving habits. that makes it easier for the hackers to access your car's computer. >> and that's the overnight news for this friday. for some the news continues, for others check back a little later for the morning news and cbs
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this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city. captioning funded by cbs it's friday, august 5th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." donald trump continues to raise allegations the election is rigged, and the president fires back. >> that is ridiculous. that doesn't make any sense. i don't think anybody would take that seriously. plus, trump tries to get his campaign back on track after a week of damaging headlines. rift with republicans and plummeting poll numbers. despite a double-digit lead in some polls, hillary clinton's e-mail scandal still haunts her


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