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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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in south san jose was recruited out of 8th grade by the head coach at king's academy in sunnyvale and was even offered rides to school and financial aid. he excelled on the field but was unhappy academically and socially. >> when i was only thriving in one party no matter if it was football or school it was never balanced enough for me to enjoy being there. >> reporter: then after an assistant coach whom he bonded with was fired his momemailed the head coach and he transferred to his public homeschool oak grove but there was trouble brewing. >> that email was sent directly from the coach to ccs. >> reporter: that's the central coast section part of the california interceo scholastic federation and that private email was exhibit a of a protest by king's academy. rules stayed students canada transfer to other schools for athletics purposes. he lost the appeal because of the email.
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>> intentionally send the emails knowing it would jeopardize his further career. >> it makes me question their character. >> reporter: i reached out to the king's academy its coaching staff and its administration to be a part of this report. but what i got back was a no comment. but others in the community are starting to talk about it. >> he made a decision because he wasn't comfortable. now he is at a school where he is comfortable, excelling better in his grades and just let him play football. >> reporter: the naacp is looking into the case. >> because the coach was mad that his golden goose was leaving, he then reports the kid to the school officials. that's wrong. >> reporter: now, this ruling could have long lasting implications for maurice's education and his football career. he recently attended a football camp at ohio state university and the coaches there were reportedly very interested in him possibly for future scholarship opportunities. that may be up in the air with
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him being able to play his entire junior year. it has the family considering moving out of state because of this ruling he can't play anywhere in california this year. >> interesting rules, len. king's academy lost a highly recruited player. there's no doubt coach sent the email off. i'm wondering, oak grove, are these schools, um, do they play each other? are they big rivals? is that why he got upset? >> reporter: that's one of the crazy things about this. you could almost understand why this might have happened if they were rivals. they don't even play each other, not in the same league. it makes you wonder why this happened. incidentally, in looking through some of the documents today it looks like the ccs is now looking into the practices at the king's academy and whether or not there was any financial aid given if that was all according to the rules so we may have a follow-up story here a tangled web here maybe. >> len ramirez reporting live from san jose, thank you, lenny. so exactly what is allowed when it comes to student athletes transferring between schools? we have a link to the rules at
5:03 pm we are following a developing story in hayward. a s.w.a.t. team went into a home on tho rup lane in a neighborhood in the hills today and found a man dead inside. there was a suspect inside that home who would not come out. then about an hour ago, police came out of the house with a woman. s.w.a.t. team members led her away. she was handcuffed and then taken for questioning. new at 5:00 a member of the san francisco fire department is under arrest for possession of an explosive device. james novello is a paramedic with the department facing felony charges. a neighbor reported hearing a loud explosion early wednesday morning in the excelsior neighbor. that neighbor's flower pot was blown up. police say evidence led to novello and he has been placed on nonworking status as the investigation continues. the mayor of stockton is insisting he never endangered
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children. his denial comes one day after being arrested for playing strip poker with minors giving them booze and secretly recording the whole thing. >> number one, everyone there was 18. number 2, i never, ever, ever, ever, endangered a child, ever. number 3, i never provided alcohol to anyone. and i certainly did not secretly record anyone. >> prosecutors say it all happened last summer at a city sponsored summer camp run by the mayor. and it's not mayor silva's first scandal. back in 2004, he was accused of secretly filming underaged girls changing in a bathroom. no charges were ever filed in that case. a few years later a woman accused him of sexual assault. he claims she was just a disgruntled employee. according to police reports, in 2013, he was accused of secretly recording conversations with a city
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manager. and just recently, a gun stolen from hill va's house was use -- from his house was used in a murder. the mayor didn't report the theft right away. the stockton police union is demanding silva's resignation. he claims the whole thing was politically motivated. if convicted, he could face up to three years in prison. another deadly police shooting caught on camera this time chicago. police body cameras show officers firing as they tried to stop a suspected car thief. the driver an 18-year-old black plan was shot in the back. the incident was captured on nine different videos. we want to warn you that some of it may be a little hard to watch. reporter derrick blakley says that the video seems to show officers violating police policy. >> reporter: police body cam video shows what happened when chicago police spotted a stolen jaguar driven by 18-year-old paul o'neill. [ sirens and gunfire ] >> reporter: and dashcam video shows much the same, an
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apartment violation of department policy. but o'neil's jaguar wasn't stopped until he hit another squad car head on. [ crash ] >> reporter: o'neil fled the car and police pursued on foot finding and shooting him behind a home. >> hands behind your back! >> reporter: but there's no evidence o'neill fired at police. no weapon recovered. and police handcuffed o'neill even though he was dying or dead. >> i shot at the car after it almost hit me. >> reporter: department policy clearly prohibits firing at or into a moving vehicle when the vehicle is the only force used against the sworn member or another person. >> reporter: where were you when you inside. >> back this way, one of these courtyards. >> reporter: this from one officer who thinks he may have shot o'neil. >> man it's so [ bleep ]'ed up. i don't want nothing to happen to that guy. [ censored ] man -- i'm going to be crucified, bro! [ inaudible ] >> they never found a weapon in
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the car? i'm not sure. don't worry about it. >> reporter: police wary of letting the officer who fired the first shots say too much while being recorded. today was the first time the chicago released video under a new policy. it requires the footage of a deadly police shooting be made public within 60 days. the sheriff's deputy who shot and killed a teenager in santa rosa has now been promoted. that shooting in 2013 prompted public protests about use of force and a lawsuit. the department said today that deputy erick gelhaus was promoted to sergeant in may and got a pay hike. he now supervises 8 to 10 deputies on patrol. gelhaus shot andy lopez in of course of 2013 as the 8th grader was walking along a sidewalk. he was carrying a bb gun that resembled an ak-47. he thought it was a real weapon. an investigation cleared him.
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but the boy's parents are still suing for negligence. people heading to the russian river this weekend will see signs warning about toxic blue-green algae. kpix 5's wilson walker went up to show up to show us what it looks like and what this means for swimmers and rafters. >> pretty green. it was all over my shoes yesterday. >> reporter: for the second time in as many years, the caution signs are up along the russian river. >> it may be present and we want them to take precaution with their pets. >> reporter: blue-green algae blooms produce potentially dangerous toxins which have been detected at low levels here in the river so for now the real concern is dogs and young children, anyone who might consume mouthsful of river water. we are seeing more and more of these toxic blooms here and everywhere. >> they are becoming more common across the country and this summer, the department of health services here in sonoma county we launched a pilot program to do monitoring of the
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river to keep track of it. >> reporter: it's not uncommon to see algae in a natural body of water. if you come up to the russian river you won't have any trouble finding some green slime which is kind of ominous, given the caution signs over there on the beach. but there's no way of knowing whether or not this algae is the algae that causes the toxin. you can't tell by looking at it. so the county is out here going up and down the river trying to figure out what's going on. >> no one identified the exact factors that cause it. >> reporter: one important point the river is still open for business. you can boat and swim. just remember two things. first, keep the dogs away. second, don't drink the water. on the russian river, wilson walker, kpix 5. firefighters are strengthening the containment lines against the wildfire in
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yolo county. the "cold fire" has burned nearly 5,000 acres since it started on tuesday afternoon. it is now about 15% contained. that fire had forced a shutdown of highway 128 in both yolo and napa counties. it's now open to traffic again although only with one lane in some areas. the weekend is getting a kick-start. outside lands started this afternoon. it's one of the country's biggest music festivals. that means hundreds of thousands of people will be packing into golden gate park. kpix 5's andria borba is live at the park where crowds are getting pumped for the three- day festival. >> reporter: things kicked off in the past few hours. this annual festival here at golden gate park, well, it always sells out quickly. this year was no exception. some of devoted fans mark it on their calendar every year and to make a long drive for it
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like mary and paul. they are in san francisco from los angeles and make the trek part of their annual summer vacation. >> it's the best festival. great food, great wine, great cocktails. and nice chilly weathe. >> reporter: now, among the artists playing tonight duran duran and the night sweats. speaking of sweating you won't do that out here for the next few days. it's already chilly in golden gate park. make sure you bring your layers. and make sure you allow extra time. i left my place at 2:30 and i still got stuck in traffic. >> it's a mess out there on the streets. that's for sure. thank you. we posted a complete outside lands guide on our website. everything from how to get there to the line-up. it's on what should you wear heading to outside lands? let's check in with chief meteorologist paul deanno. >> whatever you choose to wear,
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jacket on top. maybe even umbrella. it's going to drizzle out there especially in the morning. we are looking at temperatures that are not reflected but that wide temperature spread because we are cooler inland, as well. concord only 77. santa rosa 73. chilly on the water at oakland 61. san francisco 62. as a matter of fact, it is right now only 57 at the exploratorium in san francisco. 58 at the zoo. and potrero hill the warm spot if you wanted to call it warm at 62 degrees. this weekend, at most, we make it to the low 60s. but hey, it's august, it's san francisco, it should be chilly. we'll talk about which days will feature a modest warmup coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. a south bay swimming hole is getting some attention. >> coming up how social media is drawing more and more people to the water. and the dangerous activity getting people hurt or even killed. >> plus, cutting back on click bait. how facebook is working to show you the posts that you really want to see. >> and fans around here loved her but turns out adele had a
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pretty embarrassing experience at a bay area shopping mall. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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two cars and a motorcycle g tangled up near a big crash this afternoon on the san francisco side of the bay bridge. two cars and a motorcycle got tangled up near the 5th street off-ramp. chp says it looks like the motorcycle slammed into the car that stopped on the freeway. the motorcyclist was taken to the hospital, with serious injuries. the crash blocked the three westbound lanes causing serious backup on the bay bridge while crews cleared the scene. lanes opened up an hour later. list are looking for the owner -- police are looking for the owner of a .22-caliber winchester rifle under a bench
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at the macarthur bart station, unload the. police are reviewing surveillance video from the station and officials haven't linked it to crimes. a long time swimming hole in santa cruz county is getting overrun with visitors. sometimes with dangerous results. the garden of eden is in henry powell redwood state park near felton. two days ago a young man died when he jumped off a cliff and missed the water. kpix 5's keit do has more on that incident and why the natural pool has gotten a bit too popular. >> reporter: the man had climbed up to this spot about 40 feet above the water when he jumped. instead of landing in the pool below, the 23-year-old hit the rocks. paramedics were on the scene quickly and he died. >> we had reports he had been drinking earlier this is day. but i have not seen the coroner's report to verify that. >> reporter: the garden of eden swimming hole has been a popular place for years but thanks to social media, the number of visitors has exploded. emily heard about it on
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snapchat. >> so pretty. i need to know where it is. i text them or call them up, where is that? i'll get directions and take my friends and go. >> reporter: sergeant joe walter noticed the spike in visitors in may. since then, the number of citations for things like alcohol, campfires or dogs has gone up by about 50%. people are leaving more litter behind and the parking lots are jammed. you don't think social media has ruined garden of eden? >> i don't, absolutely not. our weekends are more popular and our visitation spikes. but definitely has not ruined it at all. >> reporter: doug lynn took it upon himself to haul out a bag full of other people's garbage. you could have left it? >> i could have. but -- >> someone has to do it. >> reporter: sam has been coming here for a few months and says there's a caution nairy tale about social media. >> everybody can see everything. >> it's good and bad. most people can share it and ke like really enjoy what
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people see. but i think it's bad because more, like, people come, it's bad. >> reporter: in the santa cruz mountains, kiet do, kpix 5. >> san jose officials are recruiting drivers to help them make the roads safer green ever and cheaper. they are testing a new app that tells the driver when a traffic signal will change rather than speeding up. they hope drivers will slow down. they think it can reduce the risk of causing an accident and use less gas and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10%. some new numbers out on the july jobs report. according to the labor department, 225,000 jobs were added last month. that's more than experts predicted. there was also an increase in wages. the jobs report led to a surge on wall street. the dow closed up 191 points. nasdaq finished up 54. and the s&p was up 18. facebook is working to cut down the number of so-called
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click bait posts on its newsfeed. it's a misleading online headline that with holds information to grab readers. the more people click on them, the higher they go on the newsfeed pushing down legitimate news items. facebook now plans to limit the reach of those posts and the publishers who post them. the mercedes is hoping to be a driving force in the electric car industry. the company announced four new models of electric vehicles two sedans and two suvs. executives for mercedes are hoping the new fleet will put them head to head with tesla. if you get embarrassed when your credit card is declined, imagine how adele feels. the singer's card was declined at a san jose h & m store. nobody recognized her at the store. but she told her audience at a concert over the weekend, about the experience. she says she was mortified. an h & m spokesman declined comment. a lot of you are commenting on social media how chilly it is right now in san francisco. some of you did not escape the
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50s today. coming up, which two days out of the next seven look to be the warmest and look at the blue sky. it's kind of tough to see that and think it's only 58 degrees. but it is. i'll have your forecast coming up. >> and coming up, all new at 6:00 tonight, black labs matter. a bay area police union under fire for fueling tensions with this parody photo. some calling it a slap in the face to a serious cause. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," donald trump takes his campaign to battleground states as polls show hillary clinton widening the lead. plus, answering the call. after a gunman killed 5 dallas police officers, an overwhelming response from those who want to serve. >> and steve hartman with the little one horsepower engine that could. tonight on the "cbs evening news."
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so this goes out to all the tourists visiting san francisco right now.
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nobody told you about the fog. did they? >> no, they didn't. >> and the 59 degrees. >> not sure that was in the tourist shops. >> they don't pack that in most places, when you travel in august, shorts, bathing suit. not here. you'll remember next time, won't you? outdoors we made it to 61 in san francisco so we're warming up a bit. livermore 80s so even inland is 10 degrees cooler than average. san jose good evening to you at 72. oakland only 65. concord and santa rosa in the 70s. so everybody is cooler than average. maybe you're not going to outside lands. want to take your family to a cool fair? it's the last weekend of the sonoma county fair in beautiful santa rosa. sunshine but below average, very comfortable 79 degrees. overnight tonight as you begin your weekend sunrise 6:18 tomorrow. oakland your low 55. vallejo 55. napa 51. mountain view overnight 57 degrees. here's the key to all of this. you know we get a flow from the ocean but what is the ocean temperature? the last couple of years, the ocean temperature is 65. when we got the ocean breeze it's humid.
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not that chilly. not this year. the ocean temperature sitting at 58 which is actually the warmest i have seen it in the past months but that ocean breeze has a bite so upper 50s, low 60s near the water and even away from the water, not going to be a warm weekend. it will be mild inland but warm is a word we're not going to use for a while. the low pressure is close and raining in far northern california and southern oregon up toward klamath falls and ash lands. we won't see rain but cloud cover in the morning widespread tomorrow. in the afternoon still cloudy at the beach. half moon bay mostly cloudy all day long and even places like livermore and concord and napa, santa rosa, even ukiah below average when it comes to temperatures for the next several days. so widespread fog and drizzle a lot of you had drizzle this morning. plan on a repeat again tomorrow morning. we'll stay cooler than average through the weekend and even though it warms up the beginning of next week, i don't see any real heat like we had last week anytime soon. vallejo tomorrow, only 74. lots of clouds for you in the
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morning. san jose 78. san francisco only 63 for a high. fairfield 83. livermore 82. warmest weather will be monday and tuesday. a few of you away from the water will hit the low 90s and low 70s near the bay but then we cool down once again toward the middle of next week so. we say hello to august and our chilly summer weather. we'll be right back with more news. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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brazil's own "pele" says be unable a world soccer legend is missing out on his key role in the olympics in rio. brazil's own pelee says he will be unable to attend the opening
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ceremony due to health concerns. the three time world cup winner was expected to light the olympic cauldron to signal the start of the 2016 games. in a note to his countrymen he said, i have always tried not to disappoint my family and the brazilian people. at this point, i'm not physically able to attend. pele is 75. the american swim team is pumped up for the start of the rio games. >> yeah. it's not part of their training, but some of the swimmers took time to record their version of carpool karaoke. ♪[ music ] [ disco music ] >> hopefully the swimmers singing didn't tire them out before the competition. you have seen scenes like this of course on the "late late show" with james corden here on cbs. now it's in rio and moving around the world. >> he started something. >> hilarious. >> can't wait to watch the whole thing. well, that's it for kpix 5
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news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news" is next. and veronica and i will see you back here at 6:00. and remember the latest news and weather, always on ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: battling back... >> i've been told by so many people that know me-- under pressure, donald, that's when you do the best. >> dubois: donald trump takes his struggling campaign to battleground states, as polls show hillary clinton widening her lead. also tonight, chicago on edge as video is released in the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager. another infection in the miami zika zone as fear grows among pregnant women. >> my one job is to protect this baby. >> dubois: and steve hartman, on the track? >> steve hartman, owned by brian carsey.


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