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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  August 6, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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right now on kpix 5 news: a tense standoff ends with one woman behind bars... live, this is kpix news. >> right now, attends standoff ends with one woman behind bars. the charges she is facing after her husband's found dead. plus ending a terrible week, donald trump makes endorsements for gop leaders he is criticized. they were notable see absent when he made his bed. more cases of zika in san francisco. is just about 7:00 on saturday, august 6th. i am marine medina.
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>> and i am julia walsh. let's get started with a check of our forecast. looking outside it is stockton basically what you saw yesterday is what you can expect today. a little drizzle along the coast. temperatures right now in the 50s areawide. also a chilly start especially by the bay and along the coast. visibility map shows we are stockton in the low clouds have made their way all the way inland.inland folks you should see sunshine later today but we will likely state stockton along the coast. heading for the city grab a jacket maybe a beanie, definitely bundle up chilly this weekend in the city at 51 degrees. that is your high for today and maybe a little drizzly and damp. warmer conditions up north with 79 and your full forecast coming up in just a minute? >> thanks, julie. >> the deadly shooting under investigation and hayward. it marks the six homicide of the year for the city the
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shooting happened just before 11:00 last night near keating world. police say a man was found inside his car with gunshot wounds. he died at the scene despite life-saving efforts by officers and right now no arrests have been made. also and hayward. domestic dispute turns into a tent standoff outside the home and end in a dramatic arrest. woman was dragged away in handcuffs after they found her husband's body in the home. it was a disturbance call. officers managed to enter the home at they tried to rescue the man who had been shot but it was too late. his wife was arrested after standoff that lasted about four hours. maybe -- neighbors tell kpix five the couple lived in the home for about 30 years and police are investigating what led up to the shooting. a san francisco paramedic off the job this morning and this after setting off a bomb like explosion in the excelsior neighborhood earlier this week. 32-year-old james novello is charged with possessing a
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destructive device or possession of incendiary material. neighbors told police they heard a loud noise around three and police say it blew up a planter and left the debris field. it blue out the tires of atop -- of the truck. novello has been plate -- please the nonworking status. police in san jose looking for three suspects wanted in connection to a carjacking that left a woman seriously hurt. they released this surveillance video. the woman left her car warming up the middle court and when she got back one of the suspects hit her up before driving away in her car. she is expected to be okay. moments before the carjacking cameras caught the suspects walking around trying to open cars in the parking lot.
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dozens of protesters took to the streets after video released showing the moments before and after police fatally shot an unarmed black teenager. the protesters faced off at officers outside chicago police headquarters. they faced a diane and they laid down to pretend to be dead like familiar chance rang through the air. >> the tensions stem from the fatal shooting of 18-year-old paul o'neill by chicago police officers last week. when you was in the back after leading officers on adjacent a stolen car before running away. we have the officers involved have been placed on administrative lead -- leave. police are investigating by the body cam of the officer who fired the fatal bullet was not turned on. camping 2016 in the search -- in the race for the white house. donald trump is wrapping up the worst week of his campaign. stopping in the midwest he finally endorsed house speaker paul ryan. >> is a good guy, actually.
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now, it's a good guy. trump also endorsed john mccain. wisconsin's three top ranking republicans were noticeably absent including ryan, governor scott walker and senator ron johnson hillary clinton is still playing defense regarding her e-mail scandal. she tried to clarify comments made about the eye director james comey. clinton said she was truthful when talking to investigators about the use of her private e- mail server. >> i was pointing out and both of those instances that director comey had said my answers and might have to be -- and my fbi interview were truthful and that is really the bottom line here. >> the controversy has continued to dog lindens presidential campaign as they indicate a wide spread perception among voters that she is not honest or trustworthy
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. new polls show clinton pulling ahead by 15 points according to this new national poll and a brand-new nbc wall street journal has a former secretary of state up by nine points. with these new numbers are tomorrow morning, we ask our political insiders if the race is over? >> a lot of time and a lot of stuff can happen. top strategists said this will be a 49-49 the ball and decided in the 4th quarter. >> i have to disagree. i think it will be close. the kind of change required for trump to get back on the rails seems to be something he is not capable of doing. and that's all coming up tomorrow morning at 7:30 right here on kpix five. two more cases of zika confirmed in san francisco bringing the total number of people infected here to 10. health officials say of all the patients who contracted the virus they contracted out traveling in other countries.
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this comes days after we learned two babies born in california have birth defects linked to zika. one of those babies was delivered in berkeley. the mother contracted zika outside the country. still ahead. consumer reports joins us live to talk about increasing zika scams and how to best protect your family. vector control will take another shot of getting rid of mosquitoes officials will be fog parts of south san jose monday at 11:00 p.m. and wrap up early the next morning. they recently found mosquitoes infected with the virus. if you live in the area you are encouraged to close your windows and stay inside to minimize your exposure to the spray. now to a traffic alert if you're heading to santa cruz this weekend do not try cutting
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through the town. they kept the south santa cruz street closed on weekends through the rest of the month. that includes labor day the goal of course to eliminate the backup from drivers taking shortcuts through the city suggested by the traffic app waived. in some cases the closures are causing more traffic as people still attempt the shortcut only to find it's closed and they have to turn around. >> night owls will soon have more options to public transportation. san francisco city officials along with regional transit experts devised a new overnight bus network to serve san francisco, the east bay in the peninsula. the nuisance -- the new system consists of 20 bus routes that run from midnight to 5:00 a.m. overnight buses are scheduled to run until the summer of 2017. rolling art hit the streets of san francisco for the second year 10 finalists competing to get their artwork on the side of the bus. the public is invited to vote
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in the winner receives a $2000 price plus the opportunity to have their artwork displayed on multiple buses. it was so successful last year that muni has doubled the buses displaying art. still ahead. concert chaos. overnight doesn't hurt during a snoop dogg concert. what went wrong as fans spilled over a ledge. opening ceremony is in the books and now the games begin. i am jamie lucas with the latest coming up. a live look outside this morning at the bay bridge. shrouded in low clouds and fog and drizzle along the coast. your weekend forecast coming up and you are going to be chilly. first you can check out the 22nd annual watsonville strawberry festival that opens at 10:00 a.m. in downtown watsonville. also today the santa clara county failed this fear continues and saturday check out the italian family fest at history park and that starts at
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through a bar.
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investigators say so far, the blaze appears to be accidental. 80-firefighters rushed to the "cuba libre" bar in normandy. people were celebrating a birthday party when the fast moving fir developing and northern france, 13 people dead and six wounded wounded after a fire swept through a bar. investigators say so far the blaze appears to be accidental. 85 fighters rushed to the bar in normandy. people were celebrating birthday party when the fast- moving fire broke out. >> a new video shows the chaos at a -- when a railing in front of the stage collapsed. when a partition gave way concert goers crashed to the concrete below. it happened in camden new jersey and nearly four dozen people were rio de janeiro where the eyes of the world are focused on the all the games as they get underway. the country is putting on the games at a time of economic and political turmoil. jamie lucas takes us inside the brazilian cities big opening
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ceremony. >>reporter: will -- millions around the world tuned into the olympics opening ceremony at the marquette stadium that highlighted resilient culture with the help of 5000 performers and volunteers. along with about 11,000 athletes, supermodel gisele pension participated in the three hour ceremony. peli stayed home because of health problems. those who scored a ticket at the check in item of their bucket list. >> all of the excitement builds and sodas the frustration of locals who believe olympic games have not been good for the country. a 20 minute walk from the opening ceremony stadium, people protesting gathered and researched by a strong force of police officers. protests erupted throughout the day and supporters of the ousted
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president block the main road that runs assault -- alongside hope up banner pull each and forcing the path to go elsewhere. >> more fireworks are likely at the, on the streets. not far from the real burst friday night from above the stadium. in real these in a row, jamie lucas, cbs news. men's cycling road race women's swimming finals amen. . back in he was a wildfire continues burning out of control in western montana but so far at least 16 homes have been destroyed, 49 other buildings about -- also damaged by the fire. it started southwest of hamilton last sunday. the fire has burned more than 12 square miles and is only 15% contained within 600 homes have been evacuated but owners of
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400 homes were told this week that could return. scottsdale arizona two men are okay after being rescued from rushing waters. the u-haul truck they were and quickly filled with water friday before crews came to the rescue the wet weather's prompting the shutdown of several roads but scottsdale should see some relief of the weekend with a sunny forecast. with that we send it right to julie. >> we do not have a sunny forecast here. at least not in san francisco or along the coast. starting off once again with fog, low clouds and drizzle along the coast. we do have drizzle if you are crossing the bridge this morning. temperatures cool in the 50s. pretty much areawide to start out the day. futurecast is showing some good news for folks in wheeling. it looks like it will pullback later today and you'll see sunshine and it might even warm a couple of degrees inland today but overall we stay on the cool side of average,
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especially in san francisco. why? the onshore flow is still robust and that will keep temperatures cool. we still have a cool air mass in place as well. temperatures ranging below average, five to 10 degrees below average depending on where you are. all of this because an area of low pressure is holding steady rate out to our north. it is the tail end of that, the flow, helping to increase our onshore flow. here is what to expect. starting off with widespread fog and drizzle. an average for this weekend, no real heat anytime soon. the heat waves some of us enjoyed, some did not, a couple of weeks ago and they are now gone and we remain below average for today, pretty much across the board. high forecast is below average for today. south bay topping out in the 70s for most folks. a couple of outliers 80
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degrees. 50s and 60s along the coast. 71 in union city and temperatures warming into the low to mid 80s for the east bay 82 in danville around the bay we are only getting into the 60s today and you'll be lucky if we see temperatures in the low 70s with temperatures around the pay proper. mid to upper 70s and the warmest part in the north bay and temperatures upper 80s lake -- near lakeport -- near lakeport. more of the same for sunday but maybe a slight rain. not noticeable along the coast in the bay. we do warm back up to near average monday and tuesday, before cooling once again midweek. overall i hope you like our traditional san francisco summer because what you see is what you get. >> to do -- a good reminder fall is around the corner. >> wait for the indian summer is coming right around the corner in october. thanks, julie. shoppers in marin avenue place to get their goods.
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target is planning construction of a new store in marin city and it is set to open by next march and another new target store in the bay area is looking to hire workers the new cupertino location will hire about 100 team members. events are planned at the location on stevens creek bar at the next for monday's in the store set to open in early october. coming up a zika virus wake- up call for california. growing fears the spread of the virus will only get worse after two babies are born with defects. next, consumer reports joins us live with how to best protect yourself and your family. coming up in sports hours away for the hall of flame -- hall of fame and the giants struggles continue. we will be right back.
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for up to 60% less than what you'd pay at traditional grocery stores. - and check this out. lois: we've got meats and produce, naturals and organics, at prices that'll make you wanna sing. - good thing we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head. been born with zika related birth defects. welcome back. two babies in california have been born with zika related birth defects. it is important to note that the mothers contracted zika outside of the west but that is not stopping scammers for -- for bring on -- it's not stopping people and scammers from preying on fears.
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>> they show a baby with the wristband and that's as low as you can go. >> new york attorney general is saying no. >>reporter: products like wristbands, repellents, patches and ultrasonic pest repellent. >> some of the marketing campaigns aimed at people's desire to protect their children are absolutely shameless. >> about those products have been proven and effective, there are plenty of others like anti- zika condoms that the cdc simply lack evidence is there any more effective than non- zika alternatives. another concern, specifically in areas with zika infected mosquitoes, natural alternatives like citronella and lemongrass. >> they don't repel the mosquito that carries the virus. >> they put a variety of repellent to the test. the cdc recommends deet at a
7:23 am
concentration of 15% to 30%, security and a 20% according to the e.p.a. has a soft -- the for risk profile or oil of lemon eucalyptus at a concentration 30%. not recommended for kids under three. >> there are no known zika infected mosquitoes in california however, there are -- several counties with the type of mosquitoes that can carry and transmit the disease. the greatest concern is for pregnant women and their spouses. joining us live from new york, tricia caldwell from consumer reports to talk more about the recent bug spray test. thank you for joining us, tricia. >> morning. >> so now you tested the effectiveness of mosquito repellent specifically for this type of mosquito that is known to transmit zika can you tell us more about how you set the test up specifically for this type of mosquito and what you
7:24 am
found? >> the test is done in a lab and you have a bunch of mosquitoes in a cage. volunteers put their arms in and their arms have been covered with mosquito repellent. >> i think we have video of the actual test here. >> you never want to stick your arm inside the cage. >> no, no. >> so to summarize what you found, the most effective products against this type of mosquito, he found the ones that worked the best getting 20% for keratin, products with 30% deet and those with 30% lemon eucalyptus which -- was stopped mosquitoes for about seven or eight hours. even though it is on the list you do not recommend the ir
7:25 am
3535 products and that's the chemical the cdc recommends and you also advise skipping most products need -- made with natural plant oils because they don't last for more than an hour. in some field almost immediately we talked a little bit about what to get and what not to get. is there anything else you would add or anything else we should be concerned about when shopping for protection for zika mosquitoes? >> do not trust your health or waste your money on zika scams. >> there are a lot of them out there, right? >> a good repellent is better. >> how do you know if it's a scam. >> the wristbands and stickers have all been shown not to work. if you have a good insect repellent and you cover-up with long sleeves and long pants, that's all you need. >> okay and then for folks,
7:26 am
it's important to know we don't have the infected mosquitoes here. folks are saying i want to wear the deep until we know there are infected mosquitoes here. any advice for that? >> if you are afraid of deep you can use the oil of lemon eucalyptus product but all have been proven safe for children, women, adults, everyone. >> thank you for joining us and now let's get to your sports roundup. here we go. he started the season going 7-two with a 3.5 earache but nowhere near his early season form. since the brexit-three with a 625 erie contributing to the giants major slot. giant fans could use a few of these at the moment. already three-one in dc in the 5th inning when rookie trey turner sense when into the bleachers. they give up five runs and seven innings of work. quite the opposite for his counterpart geo gonzalez was struck out seven and seven and
7:27 am
just allowed two hits. and that's when five-one and the giants five-14 says the i'll start break. villanova turned back to start last night against the cubs. it got ugly early. a three run blast for the fourth nothing lead and over 10 went three giving up nine hints, seven earned runs and chicago winds up in the final a seven-two and the a's have lost six of their last seven. in canton, number 49ers or eddie demarlo will be enshrined into the hall of fame, an honor bestowed way too late according to many former players. a couple of nights ago they finally had him slip on the gold jacket. former raider quarterback will be posthumously inducted and represented by his grandson justin moore eight. john madden will present it at today's induction ceremony. that does it for sports and
7:28 am
have a good weekend. this weekend outside lands off to a strong part. who is taking the stage today at the music festival? we have details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ good morning, i'm maria medina. and i'm julie watts. let s get started start with our forecast this morning maria, back to you. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix five news.
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welcome back. it is just about 7:30. good morning i am marine latina . >> good morning. an update on your forecast. take a look outside, gray skies and drizzle along the coast. that's what you are waking up to cool temperatures across the board and the 50s if you're heading into the city for outside lands grab a jacket. folks inland also seeing gray skies and that typical bay area summer weather we will feel a little cool for the 1st half of the day. folks inland you should see the clouds clear up later on today as the fog continues to pull back we will likely stay socked in and again temperatures only warming up into the 60s in san francisco. if you want to join head up north. temperatures in the upper 70s. your full forecast coming up in just a bit. maria? as you mentioned, tens of thousands of people will flock to golden gate park today for the two of the music festival. the first performance kicks off
7:32 am
today at noon and you can see festival clothing including layers of fleece to survive a foggy night some celebrities were also spotted yesterday including brian closer -- closer brian wilson. tickets sold out quickly on the official website. if you can find a way to sneak in, sf pd has a warning. >> we have officers who are out here in all capacities, like foot in plain clothes and if you are trying to break in no we are out here and keep an eye out? >> radiohead is the big headliner. they make the main stage at 8:00 p.m. >> the wristbands are impossible to counterfeit. just so you know. a warning for bert riders. no service between glen park and daly city. a special -- especially if you're heading to ssl that the take an extra hour. they're adding sound dampening equipment to reduce noise.
7:33 am
park says the main purpose is to make its trains more reliable and safer and they say reducing noise is an added bonus that is the second weekend of repairs expected to continue for several weeks into october. right now it appears no end in sight for strike and fiving santa clara county court employees. central services has come to a halt since hundreds of workers walked off the job. they are demanding a boost in salary after going eight years without a pay raise. limited services are also expected on monday should the strike stretch into next week. tomorrow morning union leaders will sit down and talk about their demands for wage increases and that is coming up tomorrow night at 7:30 right here at kpix. a member of the oakland a's coaching staff is suspended for spying on players. the coach was sent home early from a road trip. a player found a hidden camera while the team was away in the
7:34 am
weight room. use the camera to watch the players working out and rehabbing. an independent investigator has been hired to look into the incident. the mayor of stockton is accused of hosting a game of strip poker with teenage campers. mayor anthony silva was arrested by the city of stockton thursday morning. he posted a $20,000 bail. so the plate -- faces allegations from august of last year that he secretly recorded a strip poker game with a group of teen counselors, including a 16-year-old. he is also accused of providing alcohol to some campers under 21 years old. he told a reporter from our sister station in sacramento he is innocent and called the charges political in order to ruin his re-election campaign. >> the two political weapons used in stockton is usually law enforcement in the media,
7:35 am
unfortunately. it's not like things that they can improve on people. a lot of times it is something to create a cloud. >> of the claims everyone involved in the strip poker game was 18-year-old -- 18 years old and denies providing alcohol or secretly recording anything. at this time he has no plans to resign. developing this morning. police arrested a person of interest after several women were attacked. investigators released two composite sketches after three eerily similar incidences were reported in the last year. at least two women were attacked last night a tip led them to the man they say may be involved. investigators credit the victim for coming forward with helpful information. >> have these victims and in detail especially in the software it's traumatic but they are able to pull through
7:36 am
and give us enough information to focus in on one suspect. investigators asking for the public's help because there could be more suspects involved in the case. firefighters making progress in the cold fire and napa county. crews are building containment lines around nearly the 5000 acre fire and have research 30% containment. broke up tuesday off highway 120 east of the dam. highway 128 is open to traffic control is an effect. the cause of the fire is under investigation.another wildfire burning through the mountains north of big sur. it has grown to nearly 54,000 acres. right now nearly 6000 firefighters are working to stop fire which is about 40% contained. while the fire is still threatening 2000 structures, many homeowners have been allowed to return to certain parts of monterey county. however some evacuation orders to remain in effect. investigators say the fire was
7:37 am
ignited by an unintended campfire nearly two weeks ago since then there has been fatalities. a new video shows monterey county deputies questioning three men believed to be part of an illegal pot grow in carmel valley. it is one of for incidences reported since the wildfires started. the men were later released because authorities could not link them 20 specific crime. the sheriff's office says usually it busts 12-15 illegal grows a year. two years later and aftershocks are still being felt. next the movement seismologist are now checking. a camera captured where images of a bear coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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-- where images of a bear, coming up. -- prayer -- rare images of a bear coming up . ,,
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(whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait. still being felt in napa since a powerful earthquake rattled wine country nearly two years ago. more bay area headlines. aftershocks are still being felt and napa since the powerful earthquake rattled wine country. the magnitude six-point earthquake injured 200 people and caused more than put $5
7:41 am
million in damage when it struck on august 4th. recently napa has felt more than one dozen.oh aftershocks near the epicenter in the most recent significant aftershock was felt tuesday. napa valley quake was the largest in the bay area since 1989. if you're heading to the russian river this weekend watch out. >> there has been another toxic algae bloom. they are not saying stay out of the water just yet but warning to keep kids and pets away expert say blue-green algae is becoming a problem all over the country and they never know -- when the next bloom will occur? >> no one has identified the exact combination of factors that causes a bloom it any different -- given time. >> it took three dogs last year and no health issues have been
7:42 am
reported yet. the state is mobilizing to respond to an increased number of algae blooms. a biologist with the academy of sciences is revising a rare native butterfly. the number of smaller tales have dwindled but aquatic biologist tim wong have been spending free time trying to increase the population. he found out the rear butterfly only eats one hard-to-find plant the california pipe line. they planted it and in two months he made a discovery. >> i noticed caterpillars around the plant and i was kind of shocked and awestruck because it was such a short period of time from when we planted the plant. >> they've already improved the habitat and you can now find caterpillars. some originally -- he
7:43 am
originally planted it in his backyard and ended up with thousands of butterflies because anyone can planted to attract the rear tales. a camera captured images last month. take a look. the first time a bear has been spotted there and more than one century black bears are typically seen in the san gabrielle and santa susanna mountains but for them to reach malibu they would have to cross a couple of busy freeways. >> we don't think there's ever been a resident population of black bears in the santa monica mountains. there were grizzly bears back in the 18 hundreds but for black bears this is a new thing. >> black buyers are non- endangered animals but they want people to stay away and not leave out food or water for the bears. all right, julie, it's chilly out there. >> grab a jacket.
7:44 am
drizzle over the coast. if you're grabbing -- if you going to outside lands grab a jacket. temperatures in the 50s the areawide. futurecast shows news for folks inland. the clouds you are seeing will pull back later today and we will state sucked in along the coast and see speak -- pics of sun. it rolls back in for sunday and in fact these two days will feel similar we still have a strong onshore flow and that helps keep conditions cool even inland remaining below average today and tomorrow and not until monday until we see temperatures warm back near average. still on the poolside, why? this area of low pressure helps us to enhance the onshore flow. no rain but we are staying cool. what to. >> ? wide spread fog and drizzle
7:45 am
. cooler than average throughout the weekend. no real heat anytime soon. we do not have a heat wave on the horizon. the temperatures we enjoyed a couple of weeks ago are gone. here is what to. >> .here is what we will see -- hopefully sunshine. self-pay warming up into the 70s you could reach into the low 80s today. east bay we saw it triple digits not long ago, 81 concord, 74 for leo and 80 in dublin. around the bay today temperatures in the 60s. not even breaking 70 for most spots around the bay. san francisco in the 60s as well as oakland upper 60s there. 50s along the coast for many locations and 70s and the northbay and temperatures in the upper 80s for places like
7:46 am
clear lake more of the same tomorrow and carbon copy and we warm-up back to near average and inland staying cool along the coast and bay through the end of the week. maria? hopefully the concertgoers are watching our forecast. grab a jacket. >> it should be a rule of thumb. anytime you come into the city have a partner with you. thank you, julia. linkedin reported a loss this week despite the number of active users totaling up to 450 million users, up from 433 million users in april. and 80% increase from the year prior. earlier this year the company announced it will be a required by microsoft and it's costing microsoft $26.2 billion in expected to close at the end of the year. over the next year tesla
7:47 am
will add a new store every four day -- days on average compared to the company's a quarter reports, elon musk wants to see more stores and malls and shopping centers. the new stores could help solar cities grow. tesla bought the company for $2.6 billion earlier this week. the carmaker will open its first san francisco store and service center next friday on van nuys avenue now and her health watch simple text messages help dieters keep the weight off. researchers in england said obese teens who receive text messages that reminded them of their commitment to eat healthy eight times more likely to keep their weight down compared to teens who did not receive the text. still ahead, your pet of the week. find out how you can help make cupcakes part of your family and where you can go to help other dogs in need of home. cute. ,,,,
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skills they need. wendy tokuda shows us how a good writing is one of the keys to succeed at school. many low income kids don't get the skills they need. >> a new teacher is teaching those skills. >>reporter: it takes some imagination to write a story involving a catapult, but that is the assignment at a 26:00 -- at 826 valencia that teaches under resourced kids how to right. >> what do have in mind? >> students are rising above. >> i never thought about being a teacher. >> as a person that cares, it really speaks to me like i am
7:51 am
really loving what i am doing. >> the philosophy here is kids learn more with one-on-one attention and having interns and volunteers makes it possible . students need to be able to write to be able to see you succeed professionally or just function in the world. the kids here learn something else as well. >> everyone has a story to tell and their story matters and it is valuable and it can last and the world. >> for students rising above like money, internships like this are the first to step into the professional world. we first met her when she was a senior at west high in oakland. >> i waited for years. >> she graduated with honors even though she had to change high schools four times but her goal never changed. >> i remember being in that -- an elementary school and watching tv and seeing kids in
7:52 am
college and seeing how happy they looked and i just always wanted to be that student. >>reporter: like on tv was so different than hers.kamani's father was shot and killed in the family squeaks by. now kamani is a senior at san francisco state university. she is always wanted to work with kids at this internship is helping her develop confidence and sharpen her goals. >> having that teacher position, you know and being able to put that on my resume. i never thought i would do that. >>reporter: for the kids here working with someone like kamani sent a message. >> it's a good role modeling opportunity, is that? >> absolutely. it is all about showing what is possible to the kids into the interns like kamani as well. kpix five. to help students rise above like kamani had to our website.
7:53 am
time for our of the week him a cupcake. joining us with more is sherry franklin. thank you so much for joining us. i've met cupcake for the last couple of minutes and i'm already in love? >> she is special. she came from los angeles.we got a call about a really sad case and as you can see she has wrapped her arms around me. all she wants is to wrap her arms around somebody and love them forever. she has not had a good life. >> you have an event that right? >> we an all month event. we have free adoptions to qualify applicants of our dogs. august is a slow month for adoptions and we need to adopt out dogs and we can save more.
7:54 am
>> so you can adopt cupcake if you want to. >> absolutely. she is looking for the special home. it's got to be somebody really good. >> i have a question for you. what do you need to be qualified? >> a loving home, of course, and we want to make sure the home is a safe place for any dog and that we make a good match. >> i hope cupcake finds her match. >> thank you. >> cupcake, head to are website for more information. >> can i keep -- can i pick out a cat and be on my way? >> let's do this. from friendly friendly to action-packed. a breakdown of what is showing near theaters near you this weekend, coming up. ,,,,,,
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and despite being action packed, one isn't getting rave reviews. 02 - 10 "i wanna bui if you're looking for something to do this weekend two new movies hit the theaters. >> one is not getting rave reviews. >> i want to build a team of bad people who i think and do some good. >> among, and you have something better to do? >> suicide squad is about villains recruited for dirty dozen style mission. box office watchers are predicting the film could hole and $140 million or more which would easily be the biggest august debut ever. it is rated pg-13. what do you think? >> it was okay. >> if you don't want to see just okay, kevin spacey and christopher walken and jennifer garner. the family comedy about a billionaire businessman who has
7:57 am
turned into a cat to spend more time with his daughter. most experts don't see the movie topping $10 million but at least it is something you can take the kids to and rated pg. adele wrapped up her bay area concerts and is now in l.a. she performed eight shows at the staples center. the concert is are part of the grammy winner's north american tour. she held sold-out concerts at sap center and oracle arena. both reviewers gave her high marks but some said she was very chatty during her performance. >> i kind of like chatty. when you get to know the artist's personality. >> i want to hear you sing. >> fair enough. >> and i want your final forecast. this is a great forecast. cool with drizzle and come prepared if you're heading in to the city. not everyone likes it but a lot of people enjoy our typical
7:58 am
summers. >> take a look at that. so much for joining us and we will see you tomorrow. ,, and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom!
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