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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  August 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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-- no stranger to authorities. good evening, i'm brian hac. a skydiving tragedy kills two people near lodi. the call came in around 10:00 this morning. the men had taken off from the parachute center at the lodi airport. the two men jumped in tandem. authorities say the bodies were found in a nearby vineyard. they say there was no sign the parachute opened. it was operated by a company in acampo which has seen trouble and tragedies. it's face the multiple fines by the faa. one had a forced landing in may and a professional skier timoney dutton died in a midair collision with another skydiver while jumping with the company
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two years ago. a spike in crimes on the cal campus has students and administrators alarmed. da lin shows us how serious the problems become. >> he suddenly , like, grabbed at my shirt and then we, like, stumbled backwards and he was standing over us. he said he had a gun and we should give him our backpacks and wallets. >> reporter: uc-berkeley junior nick describes the violent robbery that happened to him and his friend while walking home on ellsworth street. they handed over their backpacks money and nick's lap to the. >> heart was beating fast andist just nervous and tense. even afterwards once we started walkings of shaky. >> reporter: the south side of campus has always been a hot spot for robberies. on monday, berkeley police responded to five separate pedestrian robberies there in two hours. on thursday, police asked for help to catch this guy, suspected of groping a female
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student on campus. >> it's hard not to get out late and if i do i might call an uber to go home. i wouldn't walk. >> reporter: a study released shows uc-berkeley has the highest robbery rates among california universities, a different study showing when it comesoverall crime like burglaries -- comes to overall crime like burglaries and sexual assault it has the second highest rate in california universities. they are not surprised. students get almost daily email alerts. >> probably three to four a week describing sexual assaults nearby or robberies nearby. >> reporter: police remind students to stay vigilant. they say best to avoid walking at night. robbers have even targeted people walking in pairs. in berkeley, i'm da lin, kpix 5. in other news, hayward police are investigating the city's sixth homicide of the year. a man found shot inside his car
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just before 11:00 last night near gating road. he died at the scene. police are looking for suspects. vallejo police are looking for suspects in an early- morning shooting. a man was found in the street on vw williams drive about 5:30 a.m. he also died at the scene. his name is being withheld until family is notified. beach-goers in sonoma are being warned to take care around the waters of the russian river. another toxic algae bloom has appeared. the blue-green toxin can cause muscle tremors, seizures and in extreme cases death. a dog died after drinking the water last year. the county health department has posted warnings to keep animals and kids away from the bloom. chicago's police superintendent says he is concerned about what he saw in the video of the officer- involved shooting that left an unarmed man dead. [ siren and gunfire ] >> the video shows officers tried to stop suspected car thief 18-year-old paul o'neill.
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you can see them shoot at him when he flees and takes off on foot. he was shot in the back and died. protestors demanding swift action against the officers. >> you guys shot him down. y'all asked about did you get a shot, did you get a shot? they shake a hand, smoke a cigarette. i didn't see no remorse! >> every cop is not the same! some cops want to protect and serve! they want to serve us! they have families too! >> reporter: three officers have been stripped of their duties pending the outcome of an independent investigation. more on the chicago shooting coming up at 6:00 and why we shouldn't expect to see this kind of video in california. two police officers in belgium are recovering after a man attacked them with a machete outside a police station just south of brussels. authorities say the man shouted "allahu akbar" as he lunged at the two officers. a third man shot and killed him. in rue en, france, a birthday party in a bar rocked
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by an explosion. police say at least 13 people are dead after the bar's basements caught fire. most of them in their late teens and early 20s. french media reports the candles on the birthday cake may have sparked the blast. a bomb squad blew up a suspicious package in rio near the finish line of the olympic men's cycling road race. a federal police truck blocked a road next to the copacabana beach. the security forces cordoned off the area and carried out a controlled explosion. no one was hurt and the bike race that had already started was not disrupted. american teenager has won the first gold medal of the reyee games. 19-year-old ginny thrasher won the women's 10-meter air rifle event. she beat out a two-time gold medalist from china. security is tighter around the venues but jamie yuccas shows us even with police on every corner around rio there are still some noticeable gaps reporter: from the famed
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copacabana beach to the sports venues at olympic park, more than 80,000 officers and military personnel are on the ground in rio de janeiro protecting some 500,000 tourists visiting for the games like this person from wisconsin. >> there's a cop car on every corner with the lights on. it makes me feel safe plus the army is walking around and driving trucks around all the time. i don't think there should be any problems. >> reporter: there are renewed concerns about security lapses after brazilian authorities arrested 10 suspects plotting a terror attack. >> this is a fullback pack just wandered right in with. >> reporter: with a fullback pack, this journalist walked into olympic park, no questions asked. >> there was only one person manning the security tenth and he wasn't even facing the screen that shows you what's inside the bag as it goes through and we walked through the metal detector even though again there was nobody on the metal detector and i had my cell phone in my pocket and it didn't go off so i'm not sure the metal detector was on.
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>> reporter: on the flip side residents claim police brutality is on the rise because of the olympics. >> they really want to threaten and make poor people stay away from the tourist areas. >> reporter: just outside friday's opening ceremony police used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up protestors of the games. jamie yuccas, cbs news, rio de janeiro. >> the u.s. state department is warning americans about a risk of theft and armed robbery in rio as well as credit card and atm scams. but so far, no problems have been reported. and president obama and the first family are taking their annual summer vacation in martha's vineyard. mr. obama says he plans to spend the next two weeks playing golf and biking and going to the beach with his wife and children. daughter sasha's job at a popular seafood restaurant on the island ended today. a chill day for music fans. we're now the talking just about the music. why the frigid temperatures are welcomed by the nearby
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neighbors. >> and alarming attacks in a popular tourist area of denver. what the mayor blames for the recent surge in beatings. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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snoop dog concert last nigh this was the scene at the b at least 43 people injured after a barrier gave way at a snoop dogg concert last night at the pavilion in camden, new jersey last night. it was pressed up against the fences, it buckled. hundreds of concert-goers fell on the pavement below. most of the injuries were minor. the concert was stopped. in golden gate park right now thousands of music lovers are bundled up braving the chilly weather for the outside lands music festival. kpix 5's sharon chin found out the cold weather is actually a blessing in disguise so people who live near the park -- to people who live near the park. hi, sharon. >> reporter: hi, juliette. when you get here, one of the
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first things that you notice is the fog. so neighbors say that's a good thing. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the music of lewis del mar just one of 39 performances today at the sold- out outside lands festival. >> incredible. >> reporter: uniformed and plainclothes officers provide increased patrols on foot, horse and wheels. san francisco fog is also taking center stage. >> a lot of, especially folks from out of town, a lot of folks come to california not expecting this kind of weather but it's like a nice way to welcome folks like this is the real san francisco. >> reporter: in its ninth year here the festival has proved it's not just about the music but also the environments with boots on urban planning an even water to fill one's personal water bottles and then there's the food like liquid chocolate melted in a gooey cup and donut cheeseburger. just outside golden gate park in the residential area, we're told some neighbors get out of town this weekend to avoid the
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noise, trash and traffic they have experienced in the past. but one neighbor tells us it's better this year thanks in part to the weather. >> of course, this year's it's not warm so people don't have their windows open so they don't hear as much. i find that the acoustics are better this year than the last couple. >> reporter: police report two arrests yesterday for drugs and trespass. they got a report of sexual battery and issued several citations for ticket scalping and dozens more for parking and moving violations. live in san francisco, sharon kpix 5. target has announced plans to build a new store in marin city. construction begins in march. meanwhile, another new location is hiring. the cupertino store looking for about 100 people. hiring events are planned on the location at stevens creek boulevard for the next four mondays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. that store in cupertino set to open in early october.
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target might not be tesla's speed but they want to put more sales centers in shopping centers and malls. elon musk wants four cars every day. tesla is buying the company for $2.6 billion in stock. tesla is going to open its first san francisco store on van ness avenue next week. amazon is unveiling its first cargo plane with the company logo. amazon one is one of 40 planes that will make up the seattle- based company's air network. the online sales giant is working to improve delivery speeds and move away from airfreight services. there are growing concerns over the spread of zika virus. the popular tourist destinations some fear is the next target. >> a little sting in the air here too with cool weather along the shoreline and temperatures forecast to remain fairly cool all week long. we'll have a look at the foggy forecast as we look at it now after a break. ,,
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a man who's apartment overlooks the sixteenth strt mall captured one if the beatin a series of attacks in denver have people alarmed. a man captured a beating on his cell phone. people tackle a man and punch him. there have been several similar attacks this summer in the area. the mayor blames what he calls urban travelers attracted by legal marijuana. police have stepped up foot patrols in the area. and the number of zika cases have local mosquitos in florida has increased to 16 all in north miami. as dan simon reports, efforts are ongoing to stop a wider spread. >> reporter: as florida health crews work to rid the state of zika-infected mosquitos, other parts of the nation are nervously bracing for the virus to spread. it's the height of mosquito season and cities like new orleans with hot, muggy conditions are particularly vulnerable. >> our mentality should not be a matter of if we will face a
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locally transmitted case but rather, when because it is likely that we are going to have one. >> reporter: with similar climates, louisiana, alabama, mississippi, georgia, and texas have all crafted plans to combat zika. but the threat goes even farther. this map from the national center for atmospheric research shows all the states at risk with yellow being low risk orange moderate and red being a high risk. still, health officials say they don't expect widespread outbreaks. >> but we cannot be complacent because we do expect to see more zika cases. >> reporter: with florida the only state thus far to have local transmission of the virus, it may offer something of a template to the rest of the country on stopping its spread. it's begun using airplanes to spread chemical insecticide across 10 miles. the early results seem promising with a high kill rate in the traps used to gauge effectiveness. it's been mopping up water to deprive mosquitos from laying
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eggs while health officials have fanned the community administering more than 2400 tests to residents to see how widespread the virus may be they have waged a fierce public relations campaign police officers handing out zika information pamphlets to tourists and recommending bug spray. stores are running out of it. >> that was dan simon reporting. california has seen 114 cases all contracted in other countries. in the weather department, we shall leave the topic of mosquitos' stings behind and introduce another fairly tropical topic and that's the thunderstorms that break out this time of the year over the desert southwest just east of kingman arizona. and they might even be slowly working their way to las vegas. it's cool by the shoreline, very pleasant pleasant inland. we suffer at the shore so you
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can enjoy 80 degrees in concord and not 106. 77 in livermore. san francisco 58. san jose 72. head to the shoreline for relief which will have mostly cloudy skies for the remainder of the weekend and much of next week, too. they will be partly sunny and inland sunny and warm 86. low pressure just means low temperatures and we have this low sagging over the west coast and as long as that remains in place, nothing is going to change. especially the low clouds. that also influences the temperatures. a layer of low clouds are just offshore will spread over the bay tonight go across the bay into the east bay by tomorrow morning. and then as the day goes on the clouds return back but south san francisco stern grove anywhere by the shoreline, you're going to be in fairly leaden overcast. the ocean temperature is 55. it's going to remain cool along the shoreline. it's not going to be a warm weekend, although 86 in livermore, juliette, you're native of the east bay. would you say 86 degrees is
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warm or do you go, oh, nothing. >> i would say it's perfect. 86 is perfect. >> i think it's warm. but then i'm a wimp. low clouds at the shoreline. unusually cool temperatures through midweek and just perfect in the east bay. [ laughter ] >> oakland against the cubs tomorrow 67 degrees and partly sunny skies. sonoma county fair happening as well 79 there. and for the outside lands, in san francisco, it will be as we have already pointed out a little cool. and stern grove festival happening as well a lot of music tomorrow, chilly conditions. tomorrow morning sunrise at 6:18. central valley temperatures in the 90s. for the bay area, we'll have readings ranging from the 60s along the shoreline to the mid- 80s inland. 76 in vallejo. 70 oakland and 84 degrees in santa rosa. seven-day outlook calling for things to change heartily a
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whit through next weekend with temperatures remaining mountain mid-80s inland. mid-70s around the bay and even friday and saturday, sun but unusually perfect weather especially if you are within four-block radius of juliette. but right now, i'm very close to this young lady, andrea nakano with sports. brian, coming up in sports, tim lincecum may have pitched his final game in major league baseball. the a's lose to the cubs and their best starting pitcher. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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games... and now some more d
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news. sonny gray leaves today's ge in the 5th with so oakland has lost six of the last seven games and now more bad news. sonny gray leaves today's game in the 5th inning with soreness in his right arm. the a's taking on the cubs on turn back the clock day. love that pictures. oakland wearing their 1981 uniforms. top of the third former a zobrist the first two runnings of the game. the cubs drive one off healy's glove and it's a double scoring former oakland prospect addison russell to make it 4-0. that was plenty of support for jake arrieta. the reigning cy young award winner three hits and struck out four in eight shutout innings. chicago wins 4-0. the a's lost seven of the last eight. former giants tim lincecum has been designated for assignment with the angels. he went 2-6 with the 9.16
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e.r.a. in nine starts. not so good. the raiders hit the jackpot in 2014 when they drafted khalil mack in the first round and then followed that up with the pick of quarterback derek carr. in their two seasons together, they have formed quite a bond. >> we have the great piece, the great one, the foundation, david carr. >> glad he's on my team. >> yeah, glad they picked him first. >> despite the two cornerstones of the franchise forming a great relationship, that didn't stop carr from grilling mack at his own press conference. >> who's your favorite quarterback? >> my favorite quarterback? um, really, um -- [ laughter ] >> my favorite quarterback -- [ laughter ] >> it's a little different at 49ers camp. 49ers wide receiver eric rodgers is out for the season after tearing his acl in
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practice on thursday. rogers has defied the odds from the canadian football league. he chose the 49ers then at one point he was so afraid of losing an opportunity with the calgary stampeders he decided to miss the birth of his own daughter to stay with the team. toward the end of the year i told him in negotiating as far as coming back next year, i told them, you know, i missed out and that, stay here, stuff like that you should have told her, we would have been fine with letting you go so i miss the out on that but as a young kid i didn't really know and, um, i'm making up for it every day now. it's something that i [ indiscernible ] probably shouldn't have but she's good now. she's all good. >> we were set to profile rogers leading in the first preseason game on august 14th. he had an outside shot at becoming a starter for the 49ers. hopefully he gets another chance next year. andre ward will be back in
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the ring tonight at oracle. the man named sog will put his undefeated record on the line against alexander brand. >> on saying tonight we gonna put a sog brand on alexander brand. [ laughter ] >> all right. brand comes in with only one loss on his resume'. for ward to win tonight would put him in line for a title match in the light heavyweight division. while most boxers dream of being the main event in las vegas, ward prefers to fight right here in has backyard. >> i have gotten a lot of heat in the press about fighting here. but i won't apologize. i dreamed of fighting here. i dreamed of being the headliner and, um, we don't -- this is the super bowl. because it's his super bowl this has to be my super bowl. my ribs are showing. i'm hungry. [ laughter ] >> see y'all saturday night. >> okay. to golf. third round of the pga
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championship in connecticut, ernie els on the par three 16 from 176 yards out. his shot lands right on the green and this one bounces in for a hole in one. he ended the day tied for 6 this. berger carded the low round of the day at 8 under62 with nine birdies leading by three shots heading into tomorrow's final rod outfit. so the giants in action right now. >> they are in action. all right. when andre ward says he is hungry, better watch out. oh, my goodness. >> a local guy. >> he is tough and it should be a good match. >> it will be good to see, yes. absolutely. >> we shall see. >> do you like that squareoff when they look at each other? >> do we have time? i wanted to ask you something, is there any way -- is there any cable channel that shows a baseball game that is not littered with data? that doesn't have all the tech stuff? it would be nice to be a game perfectly clean. >> the a's game did the chiron for 1981 so it was very minimal. >> ah.
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>> i do miss those days. it's so distracting. >> you couldn't tell what anything, what pitch counts. >> you had to pay attention like the good old days. see you at 6:00. captioning s y cbs >> ninan: zika damage control. the the growing outbreak in miami sends a chill through florida's tourism industry. >> cheese! >> ninan: also tonight, following the trump campaign's worst week ever, the republican ticket tries a more pensive approach-- mike pence, that is. dozens are hurt in a concert collapse as snoop dogg and wiz khalifa bring down the house. ( cheers ) and a tale of two lucys. the so-called scary statue and the new one that looks like the lucy everyone loves. this is the "cbs weekend news."


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