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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  August 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> now at 11:00, two people killed while sky diving at a northern california site plagued with problems. >> bay area problems stuck bumper to bumper, what's to blame for turning your weekend drive into a messy commute? i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. crowds of people are leaving the outside lands music festival at golden gate park and hitting the road. emily turner shows us these events are just one factor in is what is becoming a regular wait a second nightmare. >> reporter: these folks are taking public transportation, but not all of them are and the roads are going to reflect that. on any given weekend, a lineup of taillights stand between you and your destination. but never more so than during the summer month ins the bay area this year.
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>> we have seen a lot of high profile events that will clog things up. >> reporter: events bring people into the city from outside and those folks have cars and the cars cause traffic and the backup on the bay bridge doesn't look much different than a monday morning. this weekend seems to be especially driving people crazy. >> we have been bad. last night i was driving here for uber and this road took me 45 minutes. one block. >> the weekends were not always this way. saturday and sunday drivers used to have smooth sailing. success is what the city says is to blame. >> because of the economy growth, we are seeing more people coming into the city whether it is a weekday or a weekend. we are seeing more people coming in and out of san francisco. you throw in special events or two on the weekend, you will see more people trying to get in and out.
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that does cause congestion. >> reporter: this week, the city added more late night and early morning bus routes and is encouraging people to take public transportation if possible. >> we just got here. >> what do you think of the traffic? >> it is not as bad as new york. >> reporter: the push for public transportation, they are making sure people get out of here safely. they hopefully say that will roll into other events. on the site of golden gate park, emily turner, kpix5. police say 18-year-old wahalio torres ii was killed in his car just before 11:00 last night. it was the city's second homicide case in less than 24 hours. no arrests made. a day of parachuting turned trannic for two men.
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they died when their chutes didn't open. reporter denise wong takes us through what happened. >> reporter: a group of sky divers boards the plane to jump and drop flowers in tribute to the two men who died jumping together when their parachute didn't open. >> it is sad when anybody losing their life. >> reporter: the men are in their 20s . one a instructor, the other a student believe today be jumping for the first time. the owner of the parachute center didn't want to talk about the instructor out of respect for his family. for those who still wanted to jump, the business remained open. >> we got here about 12:30 and we found out a couple of hours later. >> we didn't stop because we didn't like the guy. we didn't stop because we were not interested in the guy. we didn't stop because life goes on. >> this isn't the first time tragedy has landed here. in 2012, a man was killed when his par suit died in the same
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vineyard. a plane carrying sky divers crashed just after take off. in that incident, no one was hurt. >> if you do your research, you will find sky dive ing is a high risk activity. >> reporter: as for why the parachute failed to open, the san joaquin sheriff's department and the faa are investigating. as sky divers here try to move on. >> you have to be careful out there. >> reporter: and get ready for the next jump. the parachute center has been opened since 1981. it is open every day. near lodi, i'm denise wong, kpix5. >> someone got video of the fatal jumpment it appeared the instructor may have pulled the chute out of sequence of the . and there have been at least ten sky diving deaths at that parachute center in the past 15 years. the latest last february back
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in april of 2012. a 71-year-old veteran sky diver died crashing into a vineyard next to the parachute center. and in september of 2009, two sky divers died while performing a formation jump when their parachutes became entangled. the highway shut down for days because of a wild fire is back open. just about three hours ago, both lanes of highway 128 near lake berryessa were reopened but the wild fire is still burning. the cold fire broke out in yolo county tuesday afternoon. it is 45% contained. more than 5,000 acres are charred. tonight, a larger and more devastating wild fire in monterrey county is 45% contained. the soberanes fire has killed a heavy equipment operator. investigators believe an illegal campfire sparked the fire. an unusual site on 580 near
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livermore. a medical helicopter landed on the freeway. a woman was air lifted after she slammed her motorcycle into a stand. you can see pieces of the motorcycle on the side of the road. witnesses say traffic in front of the rider slowed down dramatically and she didn't have enough time to stop. she has a broken leg. but she is expected to be okay. homicide investigators in vallejo are looking for the suspect in a deadly shooting early this morning. around 5:30, officers found a man fatally shot on vw williams drive. by that time, the suspect had taken off. police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to come forward. well, students at uc berkeley head back to class later this month, but it is not the new academic year making some of them nervous. da lin reports cal tops the state in one type of campus crime. >> he said he had a gun and we should give him our backpacks and wallets. >> reporter: uc berkeley junior nick describes the violent robbery that happened to him
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and his friend while walking home on ellsworth street. they handed over their money and laptop. the south signed of campus has always been a hot spot for robberies. on monday, berkeley police responded to five separate pedestrian robberies there in two hours. on thursday, police asked for help to catch and this guy suspected of groping a female student on campus. >> it is really had not to get out late. if i get out late i call an uber to get home. >> reporter: a recent study released by shows uc berkeley has the highest robbery rate among californian universities. when it comes to overall crime including burglaries and sexual assault, cal has the second highest crime rate among universities in california. they are not surprised. >> i get an e-mail maybe three
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to four a week. describing sexual assaults nearby or robberies nearby. >> reporter: police are reminding students to stay vigilant and avoid walking late at night. robbers have targeted the people walking in pairs. in berkeley, i'm da lin, kpix5. >> police in san jose are looking for a pair of suspected carjackers who were caught on camera. it happened back on july 18. investigators say a woman left her car running on meadow court. when she got back, one of the suspects hit her before speeding off in her car. police are looking for the woman seen here and the man in the red shirt. tensions are building in chicago after the release of footage showing a deadly confrontation between police and an unarmed teenager. protesters hit the streets this morning demanding justice for victims of police brutality. the police superintendent says he is unhappy with what happened. but emphasized that being a police officer is a hard job. the badges of the three officers involved in the
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shooting having been revoked. >> the legality of releasing video from police body cameras varies state to state. maria medina looks at california's strict guidelines. >> reporter: eight days after chicago police shot and killed paul o'neal police released the video that captured the deadly confrontation to the public. in chicago they have a body camera policy showing the video had to be released within 60 days. >> reporter: kpix5 legal analysts say that would never happen in california. >> in the bay area and california in general, body worn camera footage is not available to the public at all unless the chief decides in his or her discretion to release it. >> reporter: though more police
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and sheriff's offices are using it, it is not often the public gets a chance to see the footage. the san jose and oakland police department policy says if the public wants to see footage, they must request it. but according to the san jose police website, the request is not a promise you will get it. the policy says the video is likely part of an investigation which affects whether it will be released. >> if you don't have a good policy with transparency, your body worn cameras will not get you where you need to be which is forward with accountability. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix5. the prime minister of belgium says an attack on two police officers today may have been an act of terrorism. it happened outside a police station just south of brussels. authorities say a man shouted an arabic phrase saying god is greatest as he lunged the officers with a machete.
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authorities are still collecting information. but, investigators believe the attack was terror related. a bomb squad blew up a suspicious package in rio de janeiro. federal police truck blocked a road next to copacabana beach. they carried out a controlled explosion. nobody was hurt and the bike race that had already started continued on. that incident did come amid heightened security across rio now that the summer games have begun. more than 80,000 officers and troops are on guard to reflect half a million visitors. there is a cop on every corner. but, there appear to be gaps. one journalist walked into olympic park with a backpack. no questions asked. >> there was only one person manning the security tent and he wasn't even facing the screen that shows you what is inside the bag as it goes through the conveyer and we walked through the metal
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detector and i had my cell phone in my pocket and it didn't go off. >> near last night's opening ceremony, police used tear gas and rubber bullet to break up a protest. an american gone the first gold medal in rio. ginny thrasher won the air rifle. secretary of state john kerry is leading the u.s. government's delegation to the rio games. he dropped by the men's cycling event today and later he also watched a beach volleyball game. and, still ahead, chaos at a rap concert. >> a railing comes crashing down. how the concert goers and their cell phones may be partly to blame. >> back in the bay area, what a cool change this week as we look toward the transamerica pyramid and cloudy skies. we will have the forecast coming up in a minute. >> later, a huge honor for a couple of bay area legends as they get their place in the hall of fame. ,,,,,,
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down. reporter demarco morgan -- >> scary moments at a snoop dogg concert. dozens were left injured. do we have the story? we don't have the story. but we do have another breaking news item right now about hayward police that say a 17- year-old was shot and killed
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this evening. in the 2500 block of muir street. it is unclear if it was related to the shootings that happened yesterday and late last night. more breaking news. a deadly shooting in the aquatic park area of san francisco. police found a male victim who had been shot in the torso. they tried to give him first aid, but he died at the scene. police have not released any suspect information. >> it is time to tell you about the snoop dogg concert. demarco demarco morgan has the story. >> reporter: snoop dogg was rocking the stage when a metal railing came crashing down. abby was one of the people who fell in camden, new jersey. >> it was so hard to move. i thought i was dying it was so scary. >> reporter: they were
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performing close to the line when a crowd in her section rushed toward the stage. the barricade broke causing a crush of people and a concrete pit below. >> security guards started rushing over trying to help people up. and, i still couldn't move so equipped of, i was trying to push myself out. i couldn't move. >> reporter: audrey was just a few rows back from the railing. >> all of a sudden, i see everyone is like rushing around. people are pushing me too. and then, suddenly, people started just falling off the edge. i see all of these people just come off the edge. >> reporter: more than 40 people were injured. only one was seriously hurt. but everyone has been relieved from the hospital. demarco morgan, cbs news, new york. >> witnesses say the railing just was not strong enough to hold all of the people who were pressed up against it trying to record video of the two singers. now to the race to the white house where donald trump is trying to move past one of the toughest weeksover his campaign. wendy gillette says he is going
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after his main rival as he trails in the polls. >> reporter: while donald trump's runs mate mike pence shook hands with voters at an ohio restaurant, the candidate himself rallied for support in the battleground state of new hampshire. >> the last time i was here, we won. right? big win. and we are going to win again. i tell you. >> reporter: the republican nominee officially endorsed new hampshire senator kelly ayat's reelection bid to appease party leaders. he also threw his support behind house speaker pall -- paul ryan and arizona senator john mccain after initially failing to make endorsement. he is trailing hillary clinton nationally by 7%. clinton was put on the spot for suggesting in an interview that fbi director james comey had characterized her comments about the e-mail server as truthful. >> i may have short circuited. and for that, i will try to
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clarify. >> the people of the country don't want somebody who is going to short circuit up here. >> reporter: looking to paint themselves as better alternatives, green party nominee jill stein and libertarian candidate gary johnson are eyeing the spot in the first presidential debate. both fall short of the 15% required in five national polls to take the stage. wendy gillette for cbs news. hillary clinton and tim kaine are off the campaign trail this weekend. clinton will be in florida on monday. she will be here in the bay area on august 24 for a fundraiser hosted by apple ceo tim cook. a little boy just got to live his dream. thanks to the california highway patrol. six-year-old tristan has been battling leukemia nearly half his life. he want to be a chp officer when he grows up so the golden gate division put him on patrol. >> are you going to take
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everybody's calls today? yeah? >> tristan started tough day keeping drivers honest using a radar gun. after that, he went out cruiseing the streets for lawbreakers and made a traffic stop. >> we have already stopped one bad guy. might have more at the airport. >> at the airport, tristan learned how to fly the chp plane and got a visit from the chopper. he collected a lot of new toys from his fellow officers. people are loving his story since this video was posted yesterday. it has been viewed at least 57,000 time. >> that is a sharp little uniform he has there. >> not bad. >> little pint sized affair. good for him. back in the bay area, we have, oh, clouds around the shoreline. and clear skies inland. a chilly night around the bay with gusty winds up to 25 miles an hour in the east bay. looks mighty tranquil as we gaze from high atop san francisco. the transamerica pyramid. 59 degrees in concord.
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oakland 60. concord has gusts of wind up to 28 miles an hour. so, windy night in parts of the bay area. and, cool too. that ocean temperature is right down there with 55 degrees. as a result, it is not going to be a warm weekend. but it will not be bad either. tomorrow the mid 60ed to the mid 60s around the bay. inland, mid 80s so the usual summertime spread. the fog along the shoreline. low pressure in the gulf means low temperatures for all of the rest of us. in the futurecast for tomorrow, we are seeing low clouds reform overnight. and then clear back to the shoreline later in the day. so a mostly sunny day on tap for sunday. sunny, but mild. so, summing it up, we have the low clouds along the shoreline. unusually cool temperatures through midweek. usual summertime pattern all week. beautiful day for the as taking on the cubs tomorrow. game time 1:05 p.m. under partly sunny skies. things will warm up at the sonoma county fair. it will be cool at outside
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lands just like at the stern grove festival. 61 degrees. partly cloudy skies. overnight lows in the mid 50s . 90s in the central valley. the bay area will be in the mid 70s tomorrow. 84 livermore. 86 fairfield. extended forecast, stratus quo, the usual low clouds in the morning. sun in the afternoon. and then, temperatures remaining pretty much where they are today right through next weekend. sports is more complicated. >> coming up in sports, tim lincecum facing the possibility his major league career may be open. and the giants may have found exactly what they needed on the mound and at the plate. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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strasburg... and ask matt cain... >> on paper this matchup looked pretty bad for the giants to face the 15-1 pitcher in stephen strassburg against matt cane. the giants, hunter pence, he fouls a ball off his face. but somehow, stays in the game despite the swelling around his right eye. amazing. matt cane pitches five shut-out innings striking out four. cane has noted allowed a run in his last two starts. the nationals starter stephen
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strassburg entered the game. buster posey singles eduardo nunez home. his second triple of the game. nunez finish it is game going four for five and a home run short of the cycle. next batter up, brandon belt loops the double down the left field line. scoring nunez to make it 3-0, nunez hustling around the bases today. and strasbourg left the game after just four and two third innings. in the ninth, now, 6-1. belt crushes his 13th home run of the year into the second deck. he was three for five in the game and the giants win 7-1 to stay two games ahead of the dodgers in the west. tim lincecum has been designated for assignment by the angels. after signing with la in may, lincecum went 2-6 with a 9.16 e.r.a. in nine starts. the as taking on the cubs on turn back the clock day in oakland wearing their 1981
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throw back uniform. top of the third, former a ben zobrist off sonny gray to give chicago an early lead. gray left the game in the sixth with arm soreness and that was plenty of support for jake arietta. he struck out four in eight shut-out innings. the as have now lost seven of the last eight. still to come, andre warren looking to stay undefeated as he fights in his own backyard and the super bowl winner in the hall of fame. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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his football life finally gs the ending he deserves. and th >> tonight, lisa debarlo says her dad's football life gets the ending it deserves. eddie debarlo jr. was inducted into the hall of fame in canton. they won all five super bowls during his 23 year tenure. but the first might not have happened if not for the catch, a play that debarlo didn't even see. >> i was just trying to see what was happening. but i was behind the biggest horse that you could ever imagine. with the police officer on him about 12 feet above me. i heard the screams of the crowd and looked up to the
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officer. he put his thumb up and winked and said clark, touch down. that is how i found out. at our moment of glory, i was literally blocked by a horse's ass. >> yeah, it was a pretty good catch. also inducted tonight, kenny stabler who passed away last july. his bust was unveiled by his two grandsons. he led oakland to their first title in super bowl 11. oakland's andre ward fighting alexander brand tonight. he dominated brand winning by a unanimous decision in the 12 round fight. ward improved his career record to 30-0. we'll be right back. thanks for watching.,,,,,,,,
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ws and weather u >> thank you very much for watching. the any objection newscast is at 7:30 tomorrow, goodnight. ,,,,,,,,
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